pinkiepig · a day ago
Kudos to all the artist who make art look fun
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briseise · 2 days ago
realizing that renscardubs is a niche ship is so funny because i'm just so stuck in my head with my own imaginated content that i don't realize there are maybe less than a hundred other people that enjoy this ship ToT
soooo true i’m in my echo chamber having an absolute ball smushing my barbie dolls together
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mingiswow · 2 days ago
The microphone The Eclipse the series is using to record the scenes:
Tumblr media
Istg is getting worse day by day
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nastiiuu · a month ago
Wilbur, the God of the night, ruled alone bathing the world in darkness. The people learned to live with it, but created small lights to see and keep warm from the dark and the cold that looms over them if they aren't careful. One day the many lights create something new
Tumblr media
At first it's not very noticeable. Sure Wilbur feels his powers become weaker at small timeframes. But they always come back after a while and then he notices that it happens in a circular time frame.
And one day he meets a small way too bright kid
The kid smiles up to him and calls him partner and floods the land with light and warmth and Wilbur should be mad.
Or maybe even get rid of this kid
But everytime they meet its like an exchange of power. The kid takes and gives and they start to build a system.
It's nice.
The people, Wilbur realised, are happier and they are both thankful for the light and now even for the darkness Wilbur provides. It's harmony.
And while Tommy's shift is just as energetic as he is, people being busy and and loud and active. Running around bathing in the warmth,
Wilbur's shifts are quiter, just like he is. They offer comfort with a soft blanket of sleep instead of the cold that was before.
And now the sky's are sprinkled with starts, lights that Wilbur started to grew fond of
His favourite times where dusk and the sunrise. Bc Tommy would be at his side just for a little time to catch up and go about his way.
And Wilbur enjoys those moments a lot, for he too was missing just a bit of light in his world
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save-the-villainous-cat · 5 months ago
A overworked Supervillain listening to the Villain, their dramatic assistant talking about how hot the Hero is and just simping for the Hero. Basically tired parent watching their child talking about their crush for multiple hours.
“How was your mission?” the supervillain asked calmly.
The silence between them and the villain was choking them. Even though they were too tired to get up from their chair, even though they were too exhausted to lift a finger, even though they were in no condition to endure, to survive talking, they needed to listen to the villain.
Because the villain was comforting. There was so much going on in the supervillain’s head, so much anxiety floating around, that they sometimes didn’t even know how to breathe.
This job was slowly killing them and they knew it. But the villain helped. They were cheerful and they were sweet. They were like a sibling, like a kid the supervillain would’ve had in another life.
“Oh, it was okay,” the villain answered, focusing on the machine they were working on again.
Strange. The villain was always in the mood for talking but today they seemed…off.
“Everything went smoothly?” the supervillain asked. They looked up from the flyer of the newest heist-worthy museum they had been reading.
“Yeah, mostly.”
“You seem distant.” The supervillain observed how the villain’s muscles in their jaw jumped.
They were nervous.
“I’m fine…I didn’t even get hurt. I’m okay, I really am,” they answered but the supervillain still caught sight of the villain’s gently shaking hand.
“What’s going on?”
“…I can’t tell you.” The supervillain didn’t answer, they just kept on staring at the villain. Apparently, that was encouraging enough. “I…please don’t be mad.”
“Why would I be mad at you? You can make your own decisions.”
“You’re my supervisor.” Ouch.
“I’m your guardian. Tell me.” The supervillain had always wanted to be eye to eye with the villain. They wanted to be a family. The villain was their family. The only one in their life who needed protection. Whatever had happened—
“I like the hero. Like, I like like the hero.”
Oh. Oh.
“I was on this mission and they were there and I was just blushing the whole time and couldn’t keep my eyes off them. The way they talk is so cute and their smile is a bit crooked and I like how they move. They’re predictable and a bit awkward. They aren’t good in a team. They need to fight alone. I like that. They’re independent.”
The supervillain’s heart was warming up a bit.
“I just…I had so much fun on this mission. It made me happy to bicker and banter with them. They weren’t mean like other heroes. They were funny.” The villain’s eyes looked heart-shaped. “God, they smiled and even flirted with me? I think? I hope? It was so enchanting…”
The villain looked into the supervillain’s direction, blushing and smiling. However, their smile faded when their eyes met the supervillain’s.
“I— why are you looking at me like that?” The supervillain didn’t answer right away.
“I know how you feel and I’m so happy for you. But please be careful, this can end tragically.” With a questioning look, the villain returned their guardian’s gaze.
The supervillain only smiled back sadly.
“I had a hero once too.”
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Studying the anatomy of the anemo boys made me realized i am very homosexual
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Tumblr media
Yara Flor’s design is 😗🤌🏾 chefs kiss
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westywallowing · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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maranello · a year ago
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Tumblr media
I hate you- (/j)
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taeyong ♡ analog trip nct 127 ep.5
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Tumblr media
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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Laszlo voice "🎵 New York city 🎵"
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date a fanfic writer. they basically wrote you a manual :)
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wortverlust · 5 months ago
HI MY LOVEEEE!! Just randomly dropping by to your asks again HAHAHAHAHA may I request Statistic Professor Levi tutoring S/O in his office?
PS I hope you have a good day!! <333 *sends plenty of kisses* and stay hydrated :3
Tumblr media
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