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tondw0o · 2 days
Little coloured sketch before bed
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I regret to inform everyone that I have contracted gold sickness (a bagginsheild obsession)
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beardedmrbean · 3 days
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littleguysdaily · 1 day
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Requested by @anunexpectedfanboy
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Bilbo: You know, Thorin, I thought you were the one person in this company who wasn't crazy.
Thorin: Me, not crazy? I hired the others!
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iheartthilbo · 2 days
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Bedhead Bilbo for your morning! Have a good one!
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seleneakp · 3 days
I would've followed you, my brother. My captain. My King.
-Boromir, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"
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LotR + Hobbit Characters as (Even More) Things I’ve Overheard (Part 1/3)
Frodo: For the past six months, I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis. You know, super sexy.
Gandalf: Hmm, I thought I was going to say something more optimistic, but I guess not.
Éowyn: I mean, I’m more afraid of failure than the devil, so…
Gimli: Three likes and I’ll set my social security card on fire.
Saruman: He just has a need to continue consolidating his phallic power.
Bilbo: Yesterday, first thing, I had such a discouraging bagel.
Thranduil: No one’s talking about the loss of bourgeois status in Mr. Potato head losing the title of mister.
Arwen: You need a husband. Let’s ask the ghosts!
Théoden: We must now be our own vikings.
Bombur: That’s what happens when you eat too much pizza. You become French.
Thorin: I’m sick of God’s bullshit. We should just let him die death-of-the-author style.
Bard: No need for therapy when sea shanties are free.
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lordoftherazzles · 9 hours
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I am so excited to share a bit more of this fic - you’ve read the plot bunny from back in the summer, but now I can cross one of those off of my list!! (Once I finish, we’re almost there!) In a WEEK the Hobbit Collab will launch and you can see the amazing collab I’ve gotten to do with @consultingpacha​!
→ Plot Bunny
Here’s a little sneak peek from “The Night We Met”, which will fully launch on Dec. 6th!
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“I have to get back to the vegetables, but if you need anything–”
“Yes, I’ll holler,” Thorin insisted as he cut Bilbo off, watching the hobbit’s face visibly wilt. Swallowing thickly and feeling a tug on his tunic, Thorin glanced down towards his nephews who gave him that stern look that Dis often wore if he stepped out of line. It was a gentle little reminder to try to make light of the moment–something his sister insisted on time and time again. “Thank you, Mister Baggins. We appreciate the hospitality.” Thorin even forced the corners of his mouth upward.
Wouldn’t Dis be proud?
That seemed to brighten Bilbo’s mood. His pointed ears nearly stood straight towards the sky. “Of course!” At least Thorin didn’t seem to hate this arrangement entirely, and perhaps the dwarf was growing more comfortable now that rain wasn’t dumping on his head constantly. Whatever it was, Bilbo took a little pride in it as he exited the washroom, not quite closing the door, but giving the dwarves their privacy and returning to his duties as proper host and tending to the food.
“Uncle? Are you okay?” Fili asked, flinging his tunic aside and picking off his socks before pulling at Kili’s.
“I’m fine, Fili. This is all just very…”
“Strange?” Fili’s big blue eyes stared up at Thorin’s own, a frown on those tiny lips, only to be accompanied by Kili’s wide-eyed stare.
“What’s…strange?” Kili stammered, struggling to get his voice around the words. “Is it bad?”
“It’s not bad, just different, now let’s get you two washed up, you look like you’ve been rolling in the dirt.” Poking at Fili’s bare belly and Kili’s side, earning squeals and giggles from the young pebbles, Thorin was happier to distract them than to dive into his uncertainty. Even if it meant he got another dose of being soaked–but at least this time it was by lavender scented soaps and bath water versus the rain from outside.
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k10tokima · 2 days
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It's been a long time since I drew these lovely people.
Bilbo and Bofur
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Bilbo: how do you usually get out of these types of messes? Fili: we don’t. We make a bigger mess that cancels out the first one
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tondw0o · 3 hours
Two Screenshot redraws I did today :)
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quality-street-rat · 3 days
Y/n: I just got a sudden burst of energy, and I think it's my body's last hurrah before finally shutting down.
Bilbo: What???
Fili: Are you okay?
Y/n: No :D *promptly passes out*
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consultingpacha · 2 hours
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Re stocked! Get your Bagginshield sticker before it runs out!
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impalatardisandacab · 12 hours
That time in the BOTFA where they went through characters mourning the loss of/suffering separation from their loved ones and then they just cut to Bilbo sitting by himself, looking like THIS.
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