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The Boys season 3 bloopers (x)
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Tumblr media
gerard giggling about a “gerard way transed my gender” flag being shown on the big screen btw. if you even care
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ok his arm is blocking it but i think they were biting something on the soundboard??????? (via altered_perception’s tiktok livestream)
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New Interview with the Vampire (2022-) sneak peak Jacob Anderson as Louis and Eric Bogosian as Daniel
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Via @/SuperstarnewsTH Twitter
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Chocolate dragon🐉
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Jensen Ackles, Steve Carlson, and Louden Swain perform Feel Like Makin' Love in Kansas City, Missouri on September 24th, 2022
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Falling in love, speed run
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ok best vampire money intro of all time
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Tumblr media
screaming crying throwing up dialing 911 because i just witnessed a murder
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Via @/leisureprojects Instagram
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Scott: There are PG streamers in event.
Tommy: Who is a PG streame??
Scott: All of the Hermits.
Tommy: Oh dude fuckin- I bet Mumbo Jumbo said some fucked up shit of ca- You know when Grian went on that trip down fucking... Where was it? Normandy? York, type deal, I bet he said (sighs dramatically) I'm telling you.
Scott: You think Grian went to York and just swore like a sailor?
Wilbur: Oh yeah he got to York and he was like (in a very high pitched voiced) “Where's my fucking latte?!”
Tommy: (laughs and says in a worse high pitched voice somehow) “Where's my fucking capuccino?!?!” That's what Grian says.
Tommy: Not me and Wilbur though. Me and Wil, we ask politely. We go (in a soft voice) “Uh, do you you know when it'll be ready?” they go “in a minute ” and I go “That's fucking brilliant, thank you,” and I tip them 800£. Grian fucking strangles the waitress. Says (high pitched voice) “Give me my fucking latte!!! I asked for a medium rare!!!”
Wilbur: Grian's just slamming his fists on the table, (hight pitch) “Don't you know who I am?!?!!!!”
Tommy: (high pitch) “I have survived eight season of Hermitcraft and I have done that (incomprehensible screaming)!!!!!
Wilbur: He's actually only survived three season of Hermitcraft.
Scott: Yeah he's only survived two but also can-
Wilbur: No it's THREE Scott! Learn your Grian lore.
Scott: Why did you say it like he's survived like he's forced to do Hermitcraft every season?
Tommy: “I'm gonna build a statue of you in Minecraft and blow it THE FUCK UP!!!”
Scott: His family is held at like gun point every time?
Tommy: “I'm gonna put a redstone door down your throat (In a threatening low voice) and watch the pistons crush your neck...”
Philza: (loosing it) Wwwhat?
Scott: What have you-?
Tommy: That's what Grian would say.
Scott: (sarcastically) Ah, that's what Grian would say. Ok. I thought you were threatening me with that for a second.
Tommy: Grian's a king.
Philza: (From far away) Jesus fucking Christ.
Tommy: no, not me. That's a real Grian move.
Wilbur: Someone comes up to Grian and is like “Grian, sorry to interrupt, your car is parked badly in our car park-” and he's like (in low threatening voice) “Do you like the taste of blood?”
Philza and Tommy: (Loosing it)
Wilbur: “No sir, I was just wondering-” (low threatening voice) “Then shut the fuck up. Or you're gonna be tasting your teeth down your throat.”
Scott: it's so funny because Grian is the least like this person ever so it makes it even better!
Wilbur: I think he, on set-
Tommy: Ok, so we can swear around Grian, we solved that. Who else can't I swear around?
Wilbur: I can't swear. I actually did really well not swearing around Grian.
Scott: Yeah..
End Transcript]
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