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Jensen Ackles as Beau Arlen | Big Sky 3x09 “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire” Promo Pic [x]
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Classic Jared & Jensen 🥰
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Y/N, holding a python: Guys I impulsively bought a snake, what do I name him?
Sam: You did what
Dean: William Snakespeare.
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Beau & Carla | Big Sky 3.08
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N°3 Big Sky 2x18 - Catch a Few Fish - Beau Arlen
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This is so sweet. Literally anyone who has ever met that man says he's nice (and pretty) and i love that so much because Hollywood is weird [X]
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Misha’s two arms surround him like a warm blanket 🥰 😉
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Sam Winchester. Spn 3x11 Mystery Spot
STEVANA PAIN EVENT | November 30 | Sam and loss of a loved one
@theincesters @trials-era-sam
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Jensen Ackles as Beau Arlen || Big Sky 3x06 'The Bag and the Box'
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If It’s Meant to Be
Pt. 5
Tumblr media
Summary: Bad things happen to good people, that’s just the rule of thumb. But sometimes, things happen for a reason, and that reason is so you can find the person you’re meant to be with…
Pairing: Alpha!Beau Arlen x Omega!Reader
Warnings: 18 + ONLY!!! *Spoiler Warning* Use of plan B/morning after pill.  Angst. Language. Beau is an asshole. (Ducks before you guys start throwing things at me).  Multiple Viewpoints. 
Word Count: 2080
A/N: This fic is completely unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine! Please do not copy my work! Enjoy!
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Tumblr media
Y/N’s POV: 
Two days, that’s how long Beau’s rut lasted after Y/N got there. Though, she had a feeling that if he’d just claimed her, his suffering would have ended much sooner than it had. Still, no matter how many times he would take her, which was quite frequently over the course of two days, he never once even attempted to claim her. It kept her up at night when he’d finally fallen asleep. Honestly, at this point, it was hurtful. 
Was she not good enough? Did she not perform in a satisfactory manner to meet his needs? Did she do something wrong? Did he find her unattractive? He seemed to not have a problem sleeping with her through his rut, so he couldn’t find her that repulsive, could he?
He also spoke very, very little. Which scared her a little. Beau was a talker. Everyone in town knew it, and Jenny complained loudly about it to anyone that would listen frequently, but with her, he'd barely spoke at all. By the time she fell asleep the second day, his knot locking the pair of them firmly in place, now in his bed rather than the couch, she couldn’t help but lay awake and wonder if maybe she’d make a mistake in coming here? 
The more her suppressants wore off, the more she’d been sure he was her true mate. He smelt like home, brought her all the feels they all wrote fucking stories about?! But apparently, she didn’t do it for him. Because no matter how many times she’d offer herself to him, present to him, he’d never claim her. Clearly, she’d let attraction get in the way of good sense, and she was wrong. Now, she felt used. Dirty. No matter how much like home he smelt. 
When she woke up to an empty trailer on the third day, and no note as to where he’d gone, it did nothing but solidify the fact that she’d indeed, made a huge mistake. 
She sat up, alone, and looked around the dimly lit trailer, taking in all the pictures of Emily, as well as the three of them, Carla, Emily, and Beau, that lined just about every surface and wall of the trailer. They portrayed a happier man, one she’d never really gotten to see in person. He looked whole, complete; nothing like he’d looked the whole time she’d been with him. It stung. Alot. 
Swallowing back the sudden onslaught of tears that threaten to overtake her, Y/N stood on sore, shaking legs. She refused to look at his marks he’d left behind on her body as she dressed herself in stoned silence. These were marks she thought, at the time he’d made them, she’d have worn with pride. She was wrong. Now, they seemed to be a source of a constant reminder of her shame and rejection. At least he did her the courtesy of not claiming if he wasn’t going to keep her, and was just using her as a rut bunny. She didn’t think that level of rejection would have been survivable if just this one hurt this bad. She could see why people didn’t survive it. 
She had just staggered through the empty little space to find her shoes, as well as her phone that was dead on the counter by the little sink, when the front door suddenly opened to the blinding light outside, and Beau’s tall frame stepped into the trailer, his jaw set tight, and a small brown bag in his hand that had the local pharmacy’s emblem printed on the front of it.
His dark eyes landed on her, deep bluish circles underneath them, sporting his lack of sleep, but aside from that, he was dressed with his full attire of sheriff gear, and clearly ready to get back to his life; his rut finally passed. 
“Beau, I—”
“It’s okay,” he cut in, placing his own phone on the counter as he reached to pass her the small bag, which she took tentatively from his large grip. He very clearly was keeping his distance from her. “I’m glad I caught you before you left, that way we can handle this in private.”
She looked at him with deep confusion, and more than a little hurt as she opened the bag, finding a small, purple box that contained one Plan B pill inside of it. 
It would have been kinder if he would have just put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger. She was gutted. Not only had he rejected her, but apparently the sheer thought of having a pup with her disgusted him enough that he had gotten up before her, just to go get a Plan B for her. It was beyond humiliating. She’d never felt so dirty before. Not ever. 
“I just thought, you know, you might want the option too… we weren’t exactly careful, and we didn't have time to—”
Y/N shook her head in disgust, not only at the man she thought was her Alpha, but also herself as she ripped the box open, only holding the small white pill in her hands for a moment before she swallowed it dry in front of him, and threw the empty container on his counter. 
“It’s fine Beau,” she stated coldly as she reached next to the couch, and grabbed her jacket. Beau’s eyes shifted from the empty container on the counter to her, an unreadable look on his handsome face. “I get it, message received; loud and clear.”
She made to step around him, grabbing hold of the door handle, but his hand on her own stopped her, the close proximity and his scent halting her only for a moment before she looked away from him. She refused to let him see her cry. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction. She’d mourn when she was not here with him, where she was safe. 
“That’s not what I meant when—”
“Goodbye Beau,” Y/N cut in, jerking her hand from his grip and making her way out of his door and trudging through the rain and thick Montana mud alone towards her car. She didn’t know what hurt worse, the fact that he brought her a Plan B, rejected her, or made her take the walk of shame towards her car all alone? 
Tumblr media
Beau’s POV:
Beau shuttered at the cold as he stepped into the mostly still empty police station, earning the wide-eyed gaze of the few police officers that were already there, waiting to start their day. Surely Jenny had told them all he’d be taking the leave given by law to Alpha’s during the bonding period after they’d found their mates. He’d never felt so naked.  So ashamed. 
“Beau?” Pop’s surprised voice sounded from somewhere to his left as he made his way to his office as quickly as he could with his head down. He didn’t look his way, just grunted as the man followed him into the office before he could close his door. It was going to be a very long day. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with your—”
“I’m right where I need to be Popcorn, I got a lot of work to catch up on. So if you wouldn't mind...”
Beau’s voice was cold, void of any emotions, even though since he’d watched Y/N swallow that little pill he felt like his chest was about to cave in. He thought that once he’d finished puking his guts up when she’d left that the feeling of utter loss would let up, but it didn’t. It still fucking hurt. It hurt so fucking deep. 
“Okay,” Pop said, clearly he got the hint that Beau didn’t want to talk about it. So he backed out of the office and left him alone, closing the door quietly behind him. 
Once again Beau found himself alone with his thoughts, and the pain. He thought when Carla had left him, when she’d taken Emily from him, that he’d felt his share of pain. He was so wrong. It would have hurt less if he’d just poured gas over his head and set himself on fire. What he felt right now was excruciating beyond words. 
Just when he thought that his day couldn’t get any worse, he’d heard Jenny’s distant voice echoing through the closed door as she made her way closer to his office, and he clenched his teeth so tightly that it made his jaw hurt. He knew he was in for it; whether he wanted it or not. 
“We need to fucking talk Beau,” Jenny roared at him as she rushed towards his desk, anger etched into her pretty features. But he couldn’t look at her, not in the eye, so he just looked back at his computer, biting the inside of his cheek hard enough to make it bleed, and the taste of copper flooded his mouth, making him even sicker. Still, he’d throw up in front of her before he let himself cry, Alphas didn’t do that, no matter how bad it hurt. Especially in front of other Alphas.  
“Actually, I don’t think we do,” he voiced through his teeth, keeping his eyes glued to the mug shots on his screen. “Now, unless you have something for me that will help me with these suspects, you can see yourself out.”
“Beau!” she yelled, and he stood with a growl that had the female Alpha cowering, the look of fear overtaking the angry look on her face. 
“My personal life is no longer any of your business Hoyte, it’s not up for discussion. My decisions are my own, not yours, now either work, or get the fuck out of my office!”
Jenny nodded, gritting her teeth as she stood boldly, and crossed the floor to stand toe to toe with him, delivering a hard slap to the side of his face, and he sat in the chair behind him in surprise. He didn’t think she had it in her, though he should have known better. 
Silence fell over the pair of them, and Jenny turned on her heels to march out of the substation, Beau watched in silence as she went. He deserved that, he knew he did. He wasn’t angry at Jenny. It was himself he hated. 
Tumblr media
Y/N’s POV:
“We can kill him,” Donno stated with his usual, creepy, monotone voice as he paced angrily in front of her. “We can kill him, and make it look like an accident.”
“Donno,” Y/N said with a shake of her head, sniffing slightly. “As weird as this is gonna sound, I don’t want anyone to hurt him… Even if he does deserve it. I just want to take a few days off and recover, ya know.”
“Sure honey, anything you need,” Tonya said, her red painted lips a thin line as she watched the Omega that had just finished recounting the tale to the pair of them. They were almost the only people she knew here after all. “But if you change your mind, just remember we know how to hide a body.”
She wanted to point out just how fucked up that was, but thought better of it. 
“I can’t believe he brought you the pill to take,” Tonya stated again in disbelief. “I would have never thought that out of Beau.”
“Guess I wasn’t good enough to carry his pups,” Y/N choked out, a fresh wave of emotions gripping her as she tried to whip her face from the fresh wave of tears. “Just like I wasn’t good enough to claim.”
“There’s got to be more to it sweetheart,” Tonya tried, “maybe you should just talk to him—”
“I think he’d said all he wanted to say. If so, he wouldn’t have stood there and watched me take it without a drop of remorse.”
“Go home,” Donno stated suddenly, his gaze fixated out the window, and a far off look on his face. “Take all the time you need, and when you’re ready, your job will be here.”
Y/N nodded, and stood, giving Tonya a said smile before she made her way towards the door. 
She knew that she’d changed, that her heart was Beau’s. She knew things would never be the same again the moment he touched her. Still, she never would have thought the change would be this, or that it would hurt so bad.
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Jensen and Dean’s Babes
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Beau Arlen and Jenny Hoyt | Big Sky 3x09 “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire” Promo Pics, airing on November 30 [x]
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Jensen Ackles >>> Ryan Reynolds🥃💯
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Jensen and Danneel spelled it out in small words.
spn and tw are about love. There's a center heart duo, but it's about family, a team, different heart bonds on both spn and on tw.
Why center duo as the engine? Because it's about love, and it's good structuring to have a show center to hook things on, even when you're building an ensemble. Why other relationships? Because it's about love. What's the engine, whether it's "bromance" or romance, two people or the people on their team they love, whether it's spn or tw, love is the engine.
Jensen: Danneel was very adamant when we started this journey, this was not just going to be a sandbox to live out my Supernatural wish-list. This was a love story. And that had to be at the center of of this whole show and this whole journey so…you can kind of speak to that.
Danneel: I think when we had started discussing it early on, the reason that people love Supernatural it’s because it’s the love story of two brothers, it’s a story about a family. I wanted to tell that part of the story, you know, the more grounded real part of the story. Because I think people are going to be very attracted to that. Like they were attracted to the love between Sam and Dean and Castiel and those friendships and those bonds. So that part was really important to me.
Jensen: She was very much like it has to always come back to the heart of the show is the love story between these two characters and the journey they go through to find one another. And it is. And I agree with her in the fact that Supernatural, given all the ghosts and the goblins and the demons and the car and the music and the dark alleys and the vampires, all of that stuff is great and fun but it’s all being painted on the canvas of the relationship that the two brothers have, and it you can always bring it back to that and make that the engine of the show that’s really the winning formula.
--TV Insider interview, 10/7/2022
Danneel: I kept driving home the love story of this, you know, because that’s what I’ve heard him say over and over again, that Supernatural is not loved because it’s a show about monsters, it’s a show about brothers
Jensen: It was the love story of two brothers, to be honest
Danneel: and family…this seemed to us like we’re following another love story and not just John and Mary
Jensen: This is a romance instead of a bromance
Danneel: But there’s other characters that when you see the gang together you see that love between Carlos and Latika and Mary and all those other relationships which reminded us a lot of Supernatural. Because you brought in Castiel and the love that was created there and all these different parts, I think we have a lot of those similarities
Jensen: It’s a team that’s not only fighting the good fight but also fighting for each other. And I think that was really important, and she kept keeping that north star
Danneel: It’s about the love
--Whedonopolis round table, NYCC 2022, 10/11/2022
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Beau Arlen | Big Sky 3.08 
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there is just something about this image that makes me insane
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