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aunnokokyuu · 2 years
this whole taylor swift joe jonas sophie turner thing is just. so funny to me. like imagine you’re taylor swift and you’ve just released a song from eleven years ago that publicly calls your ex boyfriend at the time a cheater and drags his name through the mud for picking up other girls the moment after he dumped you in a 25 second phone call, and HIS WIFE who is YOUR FRIEND loves the song enough that she shares it on her instagram story with the caption ‘it’s not NOT a bop’. can u imagine being joe jonas having to listen to your wife play your ex girlfriend’s song abt how you were a piece of shit boyfriend in your own house eleven years later. i would cry
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andichoseyou · 4 months
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a word that shows up on all 9 of taylor swift’s albums: a series
word of the week: break
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lipsiusedtocallhome · 2 years
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theres-no-you-and-i · 2 years
glad we're all on the same page today <3
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sawthetruthinme · 2 years
taylor describing 2008 joe jonas as looking “so dignified” in his “well pressed suit” is sending me because
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cruellesummer · 2 years
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Hello Mr. “Perfectly fine”
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Joe having to watch Sophie teaching their child to love hate filled songs about their own father
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snownonthebeach · 9 months
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Last Kiss (2010) | Mr. Perfectly Fine (2021)
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cardiganv · 2 years
mr. perfectly fine be like:
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iwasbored777 · 1 month
Omg not me imagining Marinette listening to Mr Perfectly Fine by Taylor Swift after Chat Noir broke up with her, I officially have a Love Square episode relating to this song
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missegyptiana · 7 months
if taylor could only perform 3 vault songs on her next tour, which 3 would you want them to be?
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aslowmotionlovepotion · 4 months
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…and you’re mr. perfectly fine
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andichoseyou · 3 months
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a word that shows up on all 9 of taylor swift’s albums: a series
word of the week: go
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Taylor Swift - Fearless
debut / fearless / speak now / red / 1989 / reputation / lover / folklore / evermore / midnights
all artists
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junsai-tree · 4 months
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title ➳ mr. perfectly fine
pairing ➳ jungkook x reader
genre ➳ angst, fluff
summary ➳ he had promised to never go away.
word count ➳ 959
warning(s) ➳ none
disclaimer ➳ this is a work of fiction and no character depictions are supposed to represent the actual people.
a word from mills ➳ hey there! thank you for choosing to read this fic. this piece of writing is inspired from ‘mr. perfectly fine’ by Taylor Swift. i hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
taglist ➳ @sunshinerainbowsbts, @miscelunaaa, @coffeemightkillme, @koostarcandy​ 
Tumblr media
oh no
this can't be happening
no no no you tried to be so careful
you can’t have 
feelings for jungkook
no no
this was bad
there was nothing wrong with jungkook though
he was actually a really sweet guy
he loved two things in life - music and banana milk
how could you eVEN THINK you could be a part of that list
"y/n's staring at you", jimin whispered
jungkook broke into a bunny smile
he turned around and smiled at you
your eyes widened and you looked some other way
the walls of the canteen look sO Beautiful all of a sudden
jimin laughed
you two were crushing on each other so hard
he asked, "when will you tell her?"
koo pouted and replied, "I do not have any feelings for y/n."
taehyung, their other friend, smirked and said, "we never said anything about feelings"
it was koo's turn to blush
he did have some feelings for you
some tEENY TINY ones
alright who is he trying to fool
he has a huuuuuuuuge crush
he never thought he could love anything or anyone more than music and his beloved banana milk
but you had successfully managed to sneak into
jungkook remembers the day he first saw you
he was hanging out with namjoon in the library
and then you entered
he felt like he could hear bells ringing
you were so pretty
he got to know that you were namjoon's best friend
ah how cool it would be if you were something to him which was more than a friend
so here's the thing
both of you are chickens
namjoon would sigh at this
one day he threatened you, "if you don't tell him, i will"
you threatened to poke his eye out if he did anything like that
he simply stated, "if you don't tell him, someone else might. then don't regret that you had the chance and you just let it go."
you sometimes hated your best friend 
because he was ALWAYS right
the dreaded day was here
you had finally decided to tell him
what you dIDN'T know was that he was planning to tell you about his feelings that very day
both of you were in the library
surrounded by encyclopedias
...why did you two decide to meet there again?
well that doesn't matter anymore
oOH alRight
here goes nothing
wait what
both of you were staring at each other with wide eyes
did the other just reciprocate the feelings?
you smiled
so did he
before you two could realise, his lips were touching yours
were you dreaming
you must be
this can't be true
your crush just said they like you too
life could not have been better
Tumblr media
you were right
life could not have been better
in fact, it was just worse
two years had passed since you had started to date koo
two whole years
the heartbreak was still fresh
you were right when you had thought that it was dream
really, being was him was something that was too good to be true
you were going through the cheesy letters he used to sneakily slide down the desk in between classes
one boasted, "i will be by your side till the end"
another one said, "i had waited for you all my life"
you scoffed
all of them
he didn't sound like mr. here to stay when he called you and broke up on call
"y/n i have a confession to make"
"is it that you love me more than before?" you giggled
there was a brief silence
you asked, "what is it koo?" in a scared tone
"i don't love you anymore. i am breaking up y/n."
and the call disconnected
you kept staring at your phone
it took him just sixteen seconds to break everything
to break the relationship you two had been building
to break your heart
you did not even realise you were crying once again
you folded the letters and kept them neatly in your diary
you accompanied namjoon to the canteen that day
for a long time you avoided going there, worried you might see soMEONE you don't want to see
and you did
you noticed someone walking up to him and kissing his cheek
your heart clenched
it was so easy for him
you knew that girl
she was way prettier than you
of course she would be chosen over you
namjoon tried his best to distract you
to say that he was pissed would be an understatement
how could jungkook do this to you
did he not say that he loved you
all of them
your mind kept wandering back to them
you had noticed them around the campus many times
he was busy picking her up while you were busy picking your heart
was it as tough for him as it was for you?
did he feel difficulty in getting out the bed every day like it did?
you never got an explanation for why he did it
did the love affair maim him too?
after that dreaded phone call, he never even glanced your way
his casually cruel attitude shattered you, even after two years
unlike him, you were miss here to stay
will he ever regret doing this to you?
however, it would be wrong to say that you hadn't recovered at all
slowly and steadily you were becoming the y/n you used to be
maybe he will realise his mistake
but it would be too late
you knew you could never be the same again
but you wouldn't remain miss misery all your life
one day you would also be like him
miss perfectly fine
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cruellesummer · 2 years
Tumblr media
I've been Ms. "Misery" since your goodbye And you're Mr. "Perfectly fine"
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