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tis the damn season…
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she’s a 10 but what a shame she’s fucked in the head
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they're only champagne problems if they come from the champagne region in france, otherwise it's just sparkling emotional damage
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You won't remember all my champagne problems.
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"This dorm was once a madhouse" I made a joke, "Well, it's made for me" champagne problems -- t.s.
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just your daily reminder that in champagne problems, when taylor says “til someone's on their knees and asks you,” she says knees instead of knee, meaning he wasn’t down on one knee asking if she would marry him, he was on both knees. he was begging her. have a great day.
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Taylor Swift: NO PROBLEMS TODAY JUST CHAMPAGNE 🥂 I wanted to share this video with you from when @aaron_dessner and I were doing our fittings for the video and there was a piano, so ofc this happened. SO stoked evermore has been honored like this. Congrats to all our fellow nominees #GRAMMYs
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web weaving // part 1
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champagne problems
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Something about Taylor singing the lyrics “she would have made such a lovely bride what a shame she’s fucked in the head” while WEARING A WEDDING DRESS is making me feel fucked in the head
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“she wouldve made such a lovely bride what a shame shes fucked in the head they said” deserves a grammy on its own
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what a shame she’s fucked in the head
barbie photo
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It's Nice To Have A Friend
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Champagne Problems pt. 3
gif credit @dansebs
Part One, Part Two
A/N: Part 3! I hope you all enjoy! Thank you to my bestie @haterpenny!
Word count: 5.2K
Warnings: Smut, idiots being idiots, alcohol, swearing!
Lando placed his golf ball on the tee and stood back, trying to decide exactly where to position himself. Carlos watched, mostly annoyed with just how long Lando was taking. 
“Vamos.” He muttered, earning a dismissive wave from Lando as he continued debating with himself just how hard the wind was blowing. Finally, Lando took his stance and swung- the club connecting with a satisfying wack. He raised his hand to shield his gaze from the sun as he watched the small ball land and roll impressively close to the hole. 
“Thank you.” He said, flashing a smug grin at his friend. Carlos feigned annoyance before setting his ball down and eyeing the distance to the hole, much like Lando had. 
“So, any progress with Y/N?” Lando asked nonchalantly. Carlos was surprised with the sudden new topic and pursed his lips. 
“I told you. She’s with Daniel.” He replied simply, not bothering to meet his former teammate’s eyes. 
“See, I don’t think she is. I mean, they’re together a lot. They’re definitely weirdly touchy. But it’s Daniel. If they were together, why wouldn’t they just admit it?” Lando said- clearly he had thought this through. 
“She’s afraid people won’t take her seriously. Can- can we talk about something else?” Carlos sounded a bit uncomfortable- like the pain was still fresh. 
“But have you actually asked her?” Lando pushed, his curiosity making it nearly impossible for him to drop the subject. 
“I saw his text. It told me everything I needed to know.” 
“So you were snooping?” Lando challenged, sounding a little incredulous that Carlos would stoop so low. 
“Dios mio,” Carlos muttered under his breath, finally standing up straight and turning to meet Lando’s eyes. 
“I wasn’t snooping. Her phone was out, it was on her screen. Leave it alone or you’re walking to the next hole.” He said sternly. Lando put his hands up defensively, and Carlos turned back to the task at hand before finally taking his swing. 
“Didn’t know you were a quitter, is all.” 
Lando said with a shrug. Carlos clenched his jaw and moved quickly towards the golf cart. 
“That’s it, you’re walking.” He announced, hopping into the driver’s seat and speeding off, leaving an open-mouthed Lando in the dust.  
Daniel had invited you to attend the launch party for his new wine back in his home of Australia. You knew absolutely nothing about wine, and he’d often go on long tangents about the subject- during which you would  nod along enthusiastically. He was always discussing the “tannins” and aromas of different wines, but it all tasted like grape juice that burned to you. Still, it was something he was passionate about and you were just happy to be a part of it. 
You were there in support of him, dressed in a short black cocktail dress, one that he’d picked out for you. He had watched you eagerly as you took your first sip, eyebrows raised in anticipation of your reaction. You tried to look like you knew what you were doing- you swirled it in the glass and everything- and told him it was incredible and he should give up racing to be a sommelier. Now you were about three glasses in, and you didn’t dare tell him that you couldn’t tell the difference between the Cabernet and Shiraz. You loved seeing him like this, speaking passionately with all eyes on him. Soon you realized you were eyeing him like he was dessert, and you were craving something sweet. 
You mostly kept to yourself, occasionally making small talk with some of the other guests. It was a bit of a relief to take a break from discussing the championship fight, and you relished seeing Daniel thrive. When he caught a break in his borage of compliments and adoration from the crowd, he snuck over to you and slipped his arm around your waist. 
“Playing the wallflower tonight?” He whispered, a grin tugging at his lips. 
“This is about you, Dan. I’m just here to support you, get drunk and look good doing it.” You answered, looking at him a bit too affectionately for being in public. 
“And may I say, you’re doing a splendid job.” He commented, so close to you his nose was practically nudging at your cheek. 
“If you get any closer I’m going to have to take you in that bathroom.” You told him, raising an eyebrow in a suggestive but completely serious manner. 
“Oh, sugar, how could I say no to that?” He said in that stupid accent that made you clench your thighs ever so slightly. 
“Meet you in five minutes.” You said, throwing back the rest of your glass of wine. 
“That’s really meant to be sipped, but yes, I’ll meet you there.” He chastised lightly, slapping your ass in passing and hopefully discretely enough for no one else to notice. You jumped slightly at the contact and rolled your eyes before sneakily making your way to the restroom. 
You took a moment to study yourself in the mirror, your drunken gaze only giving your confidence a boost. You made sure the bathroom was empty and waited impatiently, swaying slightly with excitement. 
After what seemed like far too long, the door was opening, catching Daniel mid-laugh. He quickly locked the door behind him and you were practically throwing yourself at him and pulling him into a deep, hard kiss. He grabbed your ass and pulled you flush against him and you could already feel how hard he was getting. 
“You taste even better than usual.” He told you before pulling you back into another kiss, your tongue fighting his for dominance. 
“I love seeing you like this.” You told him, running your fingers through his perfectly tousled curls and then down to his chest, trying desperately to unbutton the flannel shirt he had on. Once you had access, you trailed your fingers over his toned stomach, making him clench at your cold hands. He spun you around, bending you over the sink and pointing at your reflections in the mirror. 
“I want you to watch.” He instructed, grabbing at the hem of your skirt and pulling it up over your hips. He kissed and sucked at your neck, likely hard enough to leave hickeys. You had a rule where you weren’t allowed to leave visible marks on one another, but you were happy to make an exception this one time. He palmed your ass before pulling your panties down and slipping them into his pocket. You wiggled your butt as enticingly as possible- earning one swift smack from him. You let out a surprised moan, and his hand moved quickly to cover your mouth. 
“Keep that pretty mouth shut, sugar or we’ll get caught. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Imagine what people would say.” He whispered into your ear, which did little than arouse you further. Thankfully he kept his hand in place, hiding another one of your pleading moans. 
“Unless you want to get caught.” Daniel said, eyebrows raised. His hand moved from your mouth to your hair, wrapping his hand around it in a makeshift ponytail. He tugged it a little harshly, exposing more of your neck for him to assault. You watched him in the mirror, his eyes dark with desire, as his free hand snuck up and cupped your breast. 
“You came here, dressed like this, and expected me not to fuck you?” He muttered, his appetite entirely insatiable. 
“I need you to fuck me.” You finally replied, finding your words through the fog of lust that had settled around you. 
“How can I resist, princess?” He put some pressure on your shoulder, forcing you down to your elbows on the vanity. It felt like it took an eternity for him to undo his fly and you watched him stroke himself for a moment in the mirror. His flannel hung open, exposing his gorgeous tanned skin and that tattoo on his collar that you loved. He reached down and rubbed circles around your clit, nearly driving you wild. 
“Danny, just take me,” You sighed, growing impatient at the little distance between the two of you, that you felt was still far too much. 
“Whatever you say, hon.” He said with a slight smirk, finally pushing into you. You sighed at the way he perfectly filled you, and he wasted no time setting a harsh pace. You watched the concentrated expression on his features, but when his eyes met yours a big, satisfied, smug grin working its way across his lips. He grabbed your wrist and pinned it behind your back, eating up every ounce of control he could. It felt so good to be focused on nothing but pleasure and sharing it with someone who you could trust to take care of you. Following through on basic, carnal desire was basically the easiest thing in your life right now, and you were happy to turn your mind off and succumb to Daniel’s touch. His thrusts were hard and fast, his grip on your hips bruising. He snaked his hand back between your thighs and began to move his fingers in little, quick circles- the way he knew you liked. You could feel yourself tightening, walls dangerously close to fluttering around him. 
“I’m gonna,” Was about as far as you got before you were coming undone around him, his hand moving back to your mouth to trap the high sighs that threatened to escape. 
“Such a good girl for me,” He praised, keeping up his pace as you melted into him- nothing felt quite as good as Daniel buried inside of you during your post-orgasmic haze. 
“You feel so good, Danny.” You said in that high, breathy voice that you knew he loved. The compliment seemed to push him over the edge, his hips faltering at the sound of your voice. He stilled, his cock still buried inside of you as you stood, turning your head to catch his lips in one more, tender kiss. After a moment, he pulled out and you both groaned at the loss. He dropped to his knees and gathered some of the cum that had dropped down your thighs and pushed it back inside of you. He rose to his feet and helped straighten out your dress. How was it possible you already wanted him again?
“Fuck, that was good.” He said, earning a happy hum from you in agreement. 
“Thank you so much for inviting me.” You said, turning to meet his eyes, his mouth falling into a goofy grin. 
“Oh, trust me, it’s been my pleasure.” He insisted, shooting a cheeky wink your way. 
“You should get back out there.” You said, nodding back towards the locked bathroom door. 
“Reckon you’re right. I’ll meet you back out there- and I’m keeping these.” He said, pointing to your pink panties peeking out of his pocket. He pressed a quick kiss to your lips and he was slipping back out the door. You giggled and turned back to the mirror, trying to decide just how obvious it was that you had just been ravaged. Your hair looked like sex hair, but that was easy enough for you to manage. The hickeys on your neck, however, may be a bit more difficult to explain. You hoped that the dim lighting for the occasion would be a suitable enough environment to keep it hidden. You stepped back out of the bathroom and snuck a peek around before rejoining the rest of the guests, another glass of wine already in your grasp. 
Soon, Daniel was moving to the middle of the room, a microphone in hand. You loved seeing everyone’s eyes on him and knowing that when he looked at the crowd of faces- all he saw was you. Daniel thanked everyone for attending the event and began to discuss his collaboration with St. Hugo. What you were not expecting was the wine decanter modeled after his race boot. When it was unveiled with all of the pomp and circumstance of a race winner’s trophy, you couldn’t help but laugh. Daniel had failed to mention the ridiculous object, and you rolled your eyes, but found yourself thinking “Wait- why do I want it?”
Once he was done speaking, he found his way back over to you and you shook your head with feigned annoyance. 
“You are a ridiculous man.” You announced, trying your best not to laugh at him. 
“Thank you.” He accepted it as a compliment and smiled widely.
You spent the next half hour mingling with those in attendance, carefully dodging any questions you were asked about the championship fight. You wanted to enjoy your time off as much as possible. The next day, you and Dan would be back on your way to Monaco, and then on your way to Imola. Before too long, Daniel was in front of you, offering his arm. 
“You ready to get out of here?” He questioned, glancing down at you affectionately. 
“Yes. If I have another glass of wine I’ll puke.” He looked offended and you quickly clarified: 
“Because of the volume! Not the quality.” 
“Acceptable answer.” Dan agreed, holding your arm in an effort to make you appear just a bit more sober. No one seemed to notice your hickeys- so you’d consider the night a roaring success. The two of you wandered outside to where a car waited.
“You really are very talented.” You told him as he helped you into the backseat before sliding in beside you. 
“Thank you, my little troublemaker. And you are very distracting. Trying to seduce me in a room full of people.” He chastised, as soon as the car door closed, making you scoff. 
“I tried to seduce you? Sure, that’s what happened.” You replied sarcastically. You slumped into his shoulder, fighting to keep your eyes open. He slipped his arm around you and you were in and out of sleep for the duration of the 20 minute drive back to the hotel. 
He helped you up to your shared room, washed your face and put you to bed. 
“Thank you for coming.” He said, sneaking a kiss to your forehead as you drifted off. Your last waking thought was about how happy you were to have him. 
The rest of your week absolutely flew by. Before you knew it you were at the track in Imola, speaking with the press doing yet another conference. You had had a good qualifying session, and thankfully snagged pole. Especially after your DNF at the previous race, you were desperate to launch a revenge tour. One of the first questions was for you. 
“Y/N, congratulations on pole. Are you hoping for another celebratory dance with Carlos this weekend?” You felt your cheeks flush at the question, a bit embarrassed by it. You didn’t dare sneak a look over at Carlos. 
“I’m hoping for a race win, to stay in this championship fight. That’s my biggest concern at this point.” You answered politely, nodding with a polished smile that your PR team liked. 
You glanced over at Daniel, who flashed you a sympathetic smile.
“Well there’s a good chance you’ll be sharing a podium this weekend with Ferrari’s pace.” The journalist added, making your faux smile widen. 
“Yeah, I just try to focus on what is in front of me. And wherever Lewis is.” You added, bringing a grin to your competitor’s cheeks. 
After the weekend’s racing questions were out of the way, they were asking Daniel about his wine releases, and it seemed you had successfully hidden the fact that you attended from the press. You breathed a sigh of relief at that, happy that you didn’t have to answer anyone’s questions or explain the extent of your involvement with Daniel. 
When the press conference was over and you and the guys dispersed, you bumped into Lando and Carlos, talking quietly in a corner. 
“Hey Lando, good to see you.” You said politely in passing, completely ignoring Carlos’ existence. Was it petty? Yes. But you were feeling petty. 
“Hey,” Lando replied with a furrowed brow. You didn’t stick around to see if he’d say anything else. What you didn’t see was the wounded way Carlos’ eyes followed you. 
You went back to your room, grabbed a novel and climbed into bed. You slipped into the sheets, desperate to relax a bit before the race the next afternoon. All you seemed to be able to think about was your brief interaction with Carlos. You felt guilty for being so short with him, but as much as you hated to admit it, your feelings still hurt. You hadn’t allowed yourself to open up to anyone on the grid about your insecurities- aside from Daniel- and surprisingly, Seb. Seb had made quite the effort to welcome you to Formula 1 upon your debut. He had been one of your main supporters when you were coming up through Formula 3 and 2, seeing your talent early on. He had offered you advice, invited you to be his personal guest on race weekends before you made it to F1, and met with Horner on your behalf more than once. Truthfully, you owed your career to Seb. You remembered watching him become the youngest ever WDC and the hope it filled you with. 
You decided you should talk to Seb. His advice had literally never steered you wrong before, and he would certainly understand the pressure you were under better than most. You grabbed your phone and shot him a text. 
Y/N: Anyway you’re free for dinner?🥺
You asked, his response popping up before you’d even locked your screen. 
SebVet: Sure thing. Just let me know where. 
You already felt better. A soft smile spread over your cheeks and you texted him a restaurant and a time. You gave up on your novel, unable to concentrate enough to read more than one line. You hadn’t spent any alone time with Seb in quite a while. He had COVID and missed the first two races of the year, and you had only been able to visit him once over break. You grabbed your bag, and a hoodie to try and be as inconspicuous as possible. 
When you arrived at the restaurant, he was already there, sipping a drink and scanning the menu. Once he caught sight of you he rose and pulled you into a tight hug. It felt so reassuring, like hugging a family member. 
“How have you been?” He asked as you took your seat across from him, an easy smile falling over your lips to be in his company again. 
“It’s been… it’s been fine.” You replied, nodding slightly, as if you were trying to convince yourself. 
“Bullshit.” He replied, letting out an actual chuckle. 
“Come on, tell me what’s going on.” Seb pried- really, he was able to read you like a book at this point. 
“Fine. I want to win. I want to win so goddamn badly.” You said the words out loud. Saying just how badly you wanted to win felt dangerous- like a jinx. 
“So win.” Seb replied with a slight shrug, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. 
“Thanks.” You responded through gritted teeth, annoyed by his casual tone. 
“I know how you feel. But you can do this. I’ve known that since we first met. You will win, because it’s what you’re here to do.” If you were alone, you likely would have burst into tears. Hearing how adamantly he believed in your ability meant the world to you and was exactly what you needed. 
“Thank you.” You replied simply, almost unable to find the proper words. He only nodded in response before sipping his drink. 
“There’s… something else I’d like your advice on.” You began awkwardly, his brows raising in curiosity. 
“Is it about Daniel?” He asked, causing you to sputter a little in confusion. 
“Dan- what do you know about Daniel?” You asked, nearly choking on your ice. At almost that exact moment the waiter appeared. After Seb ordered you frantically turned to the waiter and said “sounds good, I’ll have that too,” even though your mind was moving too fast to know what he had ordered. 
“Daniel and you. You’re sleeping together. Come on, Y/N.” He laughed slightly, as if it were common knowledge. 
“How do you know?” You asked, worried that maybe he’d seen the two of you together or someone had told him something. 
“Because I’m not stupid?” Seb replied. 
“Fine, who else knows?” You questioned anxiously. 
“I don’t think anyone does. You guys do a good job denying it.” You breathed a sigh of relief at that. 
“Thank God.” 
“I’ve known Daniel for a long time. He’s happier with you around.” He commented thoughtfully, almost as if you weren’t even there. You felt a little smile form on your face. 
“I’m happier with Daniel around.” You agreed. 
“But… a couple weeks ago, something happened with Carlos. And… I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Daniel and I… we’re not a couple. We just… enjoy each other’s company.” You stumbled through your thoughts, trying to find the best way to phrase them. Seb raised his eyebrows in shock, another laugh coming from him. 
“Carlos? Didn’t see that coming.” He replied nonchalantly, his lips pursed in consideration. 
“Anyway, things were good, and then they got weird, and I’ve just been having a hard time focusing. I don’t know if I should talk to him or just try and focus on the season.” He looked to be at a loss for a moment as he thought about your situation. 
“Do you remember when we first met?” He asked suddenly. Of course you did. You were 8 and Seb was at an event to promote women in racing, and you were so excited you could hardly stand it. You stumbled your way up to him, shaky with nerves and excitement. You then mustered all of your strength to confidently announce that you would one day race beside him. Seb didn’t laugh like other adults did when you shared your dream. Instead he gave you a confident nod and said “I have no doubt I’ll see you on the grid.” After that, you spent all of your time honing your skills on the track, studying clips from his races, and attending every event he put on. The second time you met him, you were amazed that he remembered you. He mentioned the progress he saw in your performance and how you could surely achieve any goal you aimed for. From that moment on, he was very involved in your career and development as an aspiring driver. Seb was where your passion for racing began to feel like a possibility and not just a far-off dream. 
“Of course I remember.” You answered, feeling gratitude and affection for your mentor in your chest. 
“You’ve always known what you wanted. It’s in reach now. Don’t lose sight of that.” You had no idea when Seb got so goddamn wise. You wanted to groan and throw yourself into the chair like a child having a tantrum, but of course he was right. You started karting at three years old and it was all about to pay off. You couldn’t afford to be distracted now by hunky Spaniards. 
“Yes- yeah. You’re right. Of course you’re right.” You confessed, sounding defeated but feeling relieved. 
“I know I’m right.” Seb replied smugly, flashing a brilliant, self-satisfied smirk your way as he raised his scotch to his lips.
Soon your food arrived and the two of you enjoyed much lighter, more casual conversation. You asked about how his girls were doing- they’re karting now too- and you told him all about your little trip to Australia for Daniel’s wine party. Okay- you didn’t tell him all about it. But it was good to catch up with someone that meant so much to you, and appreciate how far you’ve come. 
“This is what you’ve been waiting for. I know what you can do, so do you. But this won’t be your only chance. Just enjoy where you are and don’t get lost in the fight.” Again, you were annoyed with this wise, fatherly role that suited him so well. You remembered the old Seb that used to get drunk with Kimi Raikkonen and flirt with reporters at award shows. Maybe you were all growing up. 
“Thank you for meeting me tonight. I really needed this. I’ve just… felt like I’ve been drowning.” He reached across the table and rested his hand on yours. 
“You’re never alone. Next time don’t wait until you’re drowning to call me. I’m always here.” He responded sincerely. You knew he meant it. He stood and pulled you into one last tight hug and then you were headed back to your room to get as much rest as possible and hold onto your clear mindset. 
Lando: Have you talked to her?
Carlos checked his phone and immediately felt annoyance surge through him. It was not the first time a text from Lando had elicited that reaction. 
Carlos: No. 
Lando: You should. Dan said she’s seemed sad. 
That information intrigued Carlos, and he quickly replied. 
Carlos: What did Daniel say?
Lando: Just that she’s been off. He said it started when you blew her off for breakfast. 
Carlos: The breakfast she went to with him? 
Lando: That’s the one. 
Carlos groaned and fell back on his bed, his phone still tightly in his grasp. Maybe he had made a huge mistake. He should have just talked to you instead of running for the hills. But the icy way your eyes avoided his made him feel like maybe it was too late. He slipped his phone into his pocket and pulled up a light jacket before going out in search of an apology he could give to you. Maybe Lando was right. It would be better to put all of his feelings on the table then always wonder what could have happened. 
When you returned to your room, you had a text from Daniel waiting. 
Big Dick Ricc: Nightcap? 
With Daniel, that question could truly mean anything. You hadn’t spent much time with him at all since your little trip down under, and you decided some company may not be the worst idea. 
Y/N: Please. 
Before too long he was standing at your door, a bottle of one of his wines in hand. 
“Oh, I don’t know if I can drink anymore of that.” You said, remembering just how drunk you’d been last time. He shrugged slightly and pushed past you. 
“More for me.” He replied cheekily, pulling a corkscrew he had stashed in his pocket and opening the bottle with the kind of ease that comes with experience. 
“How’s your day been?” He asked, grabbing one of the hotel’s wine glasses from the fancy display they had put together for you. 
“It’s been good, actually. I’m finally feeling like myself again. Had dinner with Seb.” You told him, plopping yourself onto your bed. 
“Ah, that explains it. I don’t even think you like me as much as you like Seb.” He said with a bit of a chuckle before taking a sip. 
“Jealous?” You joked. 
“No, Seb is definitely better than me.” He agreed, making you laugh. 
“Stop. Anyway- he just reminded me why I’m here. What I’ve worked for. I’ve been focusing too much on the wrong things.” You explained as Daniel sat at the foot of the bed. 
“Good. You’ve seemed… in your head more than usual. And that’s saying something.” He replied, making your roll your eyes. Although he was definitely right. 
“I know. That’s why we work so well. It’s easy and fun, and we can both focus on our jobs.” You gestured between the two of you and assumed you wouldn’t have to elaborate anymore for him to get your meaning. 
“And I’m great in bed.” Daniel said, again making you laugh. 
“Yes, that too.” You decided to let him have the win. 
The two of you sat and joked for a bit before you realized what time it was. 
“I’m going to go grab a shower. You can stay over if you want.” You offered, thinking that sleeping beside Dan sounded comforting. 
“Is this a fun shower or a business shower?” He asked, a single brow raised in question. 
“Hmm. I think I’ll let you decide.” You smirked. 
“It’s a fun shower. I’ll finish this and be right in.” He answered almost too quickly, raising his glass as if to give you an opportunity to gauge how long it would be. You headed into the bathroom and started the water. 
Carlos wandered up to the hotel room door that Lando had believed belonged to you. He had another can of Pringles in his hand, although he wasn’t sure if it would be enough. He knocked and stood back, so as to not appear as eager as he felt. The door opened, and he thought perhaps Lando was playing a joke. Daniel stood there, a rather blank look on his face. 
“Can I help you?” He suddenly asked, sounding awkwardly formal. He crossed his arms over his chest- if Carlos didn’t know Daniel better he’d swear he was trying to look intimidating. 
“Uh- where’s Y/N?” Carlos asked, trying to peak past Daniel and into the room.  
“She’s in the shower.” The four words felt like a punch in the stomach. Again- he felt like an idiot. He stuck the can of Pringles behind his back, realizing this whole thing was a huge mistake.
“Well… I just came to wish her luck tomorrow.” He replied awkwardly. 
“Alright. I’ll let her know.” Daniel paused, waiting for the Ferrari driver to speak again. He didn’t. 
“Have a good night. And good luck tomorrow.” Daniel said, Carlos simply nodding in response. Then the door was closed, and Carlos felt frozen to the spot. That was the last time he would take any advice from Lando. 
“Who was that?” You asked when you felt a rush of cool air, signaling Dan had entered the bathroom. 
“Room service had the wrong room.” He said simply before pushing the curtain aside and joining you under the hot spray. You thought that was a bit odd, but didn’t push the question any further- especially because he was pressing his lips to yours and nothing else seemed to matter. He broke the kiss and paused for a moment, taking your hand. 
“But, I have been worried about you. You’ve been… not exactly yourself since the whole Carlos thing.” You were surprised he was bringing it up. 
“Yeah, it was stupid. But for whatever reason it upset me.” He pursed his lips.
“It’s not stupid-" He interjected.
“But it’s behind me now. I’m moving on- focused on me, focused on this season.” You said, nodding reassuringly- as if to prove to yourself and Daniel that you meant it. 
“Glad to hear it. Now come here.” Daniel smiled, pulling you into him by your ass. You reached your arms up around his neck, capturing his lips in a kiss. 
This was what you needed, not the drama that came with feelings. You were going to stay right where you were until you had that WDC trophy in your hands.
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BUT LISTEN, No one could touch the way we laughed in the dark. talkin' 'bout your daddy's farm and you were gonna marry me // Sometimes you just don't know the answer 'til someone's on their knees and asks you // He wanted a bride, I was making my own name // You got shiny friends since you left town // So I'll go back to L.A. and the so-called friends // My town was a wasteland full of cages, full of fences pageant queens and big pretenders, but for some, it was paradise // And that's what these tears are for 'Cause we were happy // And the heart I know I'm breakin' is my own // A tiny screen's the only place I see you now // And he never thinks of me except when I'm on TV // "She would've made such a lovely bride what a shame she's fucked in the head, " // Talkin' 'bout your daddy's farm we were gonna buy someday // All the love we unravel and the life I gave away
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goldaggers · 9 months
i don’t think i’m ever recovering from taylor singing champagne problems in a fucking wedding dress
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