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And 2 besties who support each other and their interests. Alicent and Criston y’all had one job
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Rhaenyra Targaryen ⚜︎ House of the Dragon
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Queen [E. M]
Eddie Munson x fem!reader
word count: 1.7k
summary: Eddie hates the sudden crush you're having for a celebrity and when you find out why it turns out to be the cutest thing in the world
A/N: okay I have to confess that this one shot it's pure self-indulgence because I have been so obsessed with Queen lately
I liked them a lot when I was a teenager and I think this love had only been dormant in me, lmao
Anyways this is short but I hope you like it!
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Eddie walked around the cafeteria, looking around at you. When he found you, you were holding a magazine in your hands and as he walked towards you, he swore he heard a sigh of love.
"Hey, girl," he exclaimed as he plopped down next to you, watching you jump startled.
“Hi,” you said excitedly, as you closed the magazine and put it aside. Eddie took the opportunity to glance sideways and he couldn't contain an annoyed groan when he saw the cover. It had Queen, the group you've been obsessed with lately.
"Seeing that band again?"
"Yes!" you replied, not noticing the annoyed tone your friend had used "I found this magazine at Mitch's stand near my house, can you believe it?" you exclaimed, as you opened it to a certain page. Eddie rolled his eyes when he saw the photograph on it.
"That blond again?"
Roger Taylor.
Eddie vaguely knew the group, he had seen them on television and he didn't dislike them, he could even say that he liked some songs. But now it was different, because your fascination was directly proportional to the hatred he had for them. He didn't even have a valid reason, he just felt extremely angry that you liked them so much. It was difficult to understand and much more difficult to explain. But of all, the one he hated the most was Roger.
“He's not just a blonde, he's the most handsome man on earth. Just look at it!” you screeched, showing him the photo. "I'm in something like a fan club and they just sent me these pictures of them in Brazil, look at them," you continued, handing him three small polaroids. There were two groups and one with just the bassist and drummer “He looks so handsome in white. And he just looks at her hair and her smile and her eyes…”
"Isn't this guy like 40 years old?"
“36!” you corrected him, completely offended.
"Which means he could be your father."
"And what does that matter?" you insisted “If he were here right now, I would let him do with me what he wanted”
“Y/N!” Eddie exclaimed, suddenly modest, but you giggled.
“I could literally melt from how hot he is, have you seen him as a young man? With that long hair that looks so soft. I swear I could…”
"Hello!" Dustin greeted, arriving just in time to prevent you from saying another obscenity out loud. Eddie felt completely ashamed of your thoughts. Sure he knew what sex was and he had a couple of dirty magazines in his bedroom, but it felt so weird to hear you saying those things.
The matter faded as lunch progressed, but he still felt strange looking at the magazine and photos lying next to you, a feeling he tried to ignore.
The days passed, then the weeks, and Eddie felt calmer when you hardly even talked about the rock band. Only an occasional mention or when you took off your headphones and because of the volume so high he managed to hear a little of one of their songs.
Until one day he was waiting for you outside your house to go for a walk and you approached with the biggest smile you've ever had. Eddie thought you were excited to see him until he saw a cassette in your hand and he was oddly disappointed.
"Check out what I just bought!" you exclaimed euphorically, without even greeting him, while you showed him the little plastic box that had The Works written on it accompanied by an image of four men "I'm going to put it on your stereo"
“Hello to you too, how are you? I'm fine, thanks for asking,” he said wryly, but you just laughed softly. The first song started playing when Eddie was already driving down the street; It was something disco.
"Oh, this song was written by Roger," you told him excitedly. It was catchy and good, but Eddie wasn't going to admit it and decided to say something impolite instead.
"Didn't he also write a super weird fuck-a-car song?"
"What? Nope!" you laughed "It's called I'm in love with my car and it's like, huh, a metaphor"
"I repeat, it's weird and that guy is weird too," he snorted, but you didn't register his angry tone because you were too busy nodding your head to the beat of the music.
You had decided that you would go for ice cream and so you did. For most of the afternoon you were talking and talking, while Eddie just ate his ice cream and answered in monosyllables. You thought it was just a passing thing but he kept silent even on the way to your house, which if he was out of the ordinary.
"Why are you so quiet, Ed?" you asked, genuinely interested.
“It's nothing” he lied, even though you knew it wasn't. He reached for you and you thought he would hug you, but instead he opened the glove compartment and pulled out a cassette which he reluctantly tossed into your lap. “I recorded that song for you. I hope you still want to hear that kind of stuff now that you're a Queen fan,” he muttered without much encouragement. But you smiled when you realized what was happening.
“Is this why you are mad? Is it because I like Queen now?”
"I'm not mad," he defended himself, but his crossed arms and the pout on his lips said something else.
When you looked more closely at the cassette you realized that it was covered in purple foil and had both your name and his written in that boy's ragged handwriting.
So in a second everything seemed to click and you understood why Eddie was upset every time you listened to the band or talked about your crush. He wasn't angry, he was jealous.
"God, it can't be, are you worried that I'll stop listening to your music because I like Queen?" you said, trying not to sound mocking, but with a smile you couldn't hide.
"Again I don't know what you're talking about, please go now, it's late and your parents are going to be angry"
"Ed, you can't be serious," you insisted. The whole thing was so silly "Or is it that you're mad because I like Roger?"
“I already told you it's nothing! OK?" he muttered. He really looked upset and you felt bad for a moment, until you heard him speak again “I don't even understand what you see in that guy. He just plays drums and he's white, it's not a big deal” he said grumbling “And lately you just talk and talk about him and how handsome he is and all that shit and he's like 20 years older than you!”
If it had been someone else, you probably would have laughed and told him to go to hell. But it turns out that the one who was sick with jealousy at your crush on a rockstar was your best friend, the same guy who was trying to be a rockstar himself and didn't want to share the job with anyone else. That's why you found the whole thing totally cute.
“Eddie, what the hell are you talking about? I like him, yes, but it's not like he's my next-door neighbor to run away with. He's thousands of miles away from here because he's a fucking Brit who has a huge bunch of fans just like me. And besides, he's married and has kids,” you laughed, punctuating this last part.
And suddenly Eddie felt so dumb. He was being an idiot being jealous of someone you didn't even know and wouldn't know anytime soon and all because he had a bit of a crush on you and hated it when someone else stole your attention. He wanted you at band rehearsals, hearing and complimenting their songs, but that need for attention had gone too far. So he continued to fold his arms and fled from your gaze, but this time out of sheer embarrassment.
"Eddie, could you at least look at me?" said. You were very persistent and he knew it, so he had no choice but to turn to see you. You weren't the least bit upset, on the contrary, you looked the most amused "Does that calm your jealousy a bit?"
"I'm not jealous" he spat, as if you had just done him the worst offense in the world, but you kept talking with that smile on your face.
“Well, in case you were jealous, I have to tell you that you have nothing to worry about. I prefer guitarists, before drummers”
"Really?" he asked, oddly hopeful, but still feeling like an idiot.
"Of course! There is one in particular with very nice curls and brown eyes” you exclaimed. Eddie let go of that angry frown and smiled at this, almost blushing, “His name is Brian May, do you know him? He is part of the band Queen”
"Okay, now get out of the car and go home," he said suddenly, returning to that frown that made you laugh out loud.
"I'm kidding! Obviously I mean you” you exclaimed, approaching him and putting one of your hands on his arm to ease the tension “Corroded coffin will always be my favorite band and I'll be at every concert. And you will always be my favorite musician, I promise you,” you said sweetly, as you closed the distance further and hugged him. That's when he relented and wrapped both hands around you as he breathed in the scent of your hair. Even though it was already clear that it was nonsense, he felt calmer now “What do you say we listen to that song together, huh? I want to know what my pretty boy wrote,” you continued. Eddie wanted to die because you had called him yours and pretty in the same sentence.
Without waiting for an answer you took the cassette and placed it delicately in the player, still with your body leaning against his to assure him that you were serious.
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It wasn't metal, it was just Eddie playing the acoustic guitar from his room as he sang in a soft, husky voice. The song spoke of friendship, love, and joy. From a person who was lucky to have another and didn't want to lose them. As the words echoed through the car, your head rested on the boy's chest, and your arm wrapped around his body, a tender smile spread across your face. And so you stayed for a long time, just enjoying the warmth and affection that Eddie emanated.
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I can see what you want me to be But I'm no fool It's in the lap of the Gods
Queen - Live in Budapest '86
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Welcome to the biggest chart I filled up until now, because it’s bi visibility day and I won’t shut up about it. (Tag yourself)
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Twilight maiden by VESANIA
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Dhmis Spoilers Without Context
Episode 1: Jobs
Tumblr media
Episode 2: Death
Tumblr media
Episode 3: Family
Tumblr media
Episode 4: Friendship
Tumblr media
Episode 5: Transport
Tumblr media
Episode 6: Electricity
Tumblr media
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Here ya go kids, more of the divorce m3m3 bs! ENJOY! Link to Addison one : LINK
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Japan, 1979.
Via deakycheaky on Instagram.
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I had a bunch of ut/dr shitposts woopsie
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Burn in hell you stupid monarch
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anzu you agree reblog
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