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boogiejuice · 2 months ago
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“If I do a next collaboration, it’ll probably showcase my ultimate weapon, which is dancing.” 220731 j-hope to Rolling Stones 
RUSH HOUR + BTS DANCE PARALLELS ››› Part 1 |  from Crush (크러쉬) - 'Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS)' MV
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sailortaro · 9 months ago
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I think about these outfits 24/7
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livelovecaliforniadreams · 3 months ago
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hoonamjoon · 5 months ago
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Never concerned with status but still leavin’ them star struck // for @noninultuspremor
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dailywilliams · 9 days ago
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awesomefringey · 26 days ago
I don't think Harry's costume had anything to do with Louis though ? Harry has also mentioned being in grease musical and loving it. Why are people connecting his costume to Louis ?
You want to know why?
Because Louis’ love for Grease and his performance as Danny Zuko gave him the confidence to try music as a career!
Because Louis as Danny Zuko is a god damn legend in this realm!
No! NO! Because Louis as Danny Zuko is a god damn legend to Harry!!!
Because Louis as Danny Zuko *chest heaving* *eyes twitching*… I’m not crying! I’m not!!!
Because… HE SMASHED IT!!!!!!!
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steveshairychest · a month ago
Season one Steve having a 'Friend' crush on Eddie and being jealous of the way the Hellfire clubs friendship is, is like.. much yes
Eddie's distrust and Steve nopping conflict immediately makes it better and adding an extra level of yed
I love it as well !! Steve definitely hated his friends, they were only 'friends' because they were part of the same crowd. He totally had a friend crush on Eddie. He saw the way he openly cared about his friends, he didn't smack them on the shoulder and tell them to toughen up when they cried, he held them tightly, his hand rubbing down their back soothingly, and didn't let go until he felt they were ready. Steve's never been held like that by anyone, not even his parents, he couldn't help but stare and wonder what it felt like to be held so gently. Eddie noticed him staring and that soft, caring look was gone. Replaced with a stony expression that said, 'don't fuck with me'. Steve never tried to do anything more than watch from a distance because he knew that Eddie wouldn't let him get close. Steve knew that was his own fault. They way Eddie spat his title of 'King Steve' at his feet made it abundantly clear that he was never going to be able to do more than watch Eddie from afar and wonder what it would be like to simply be his friend.
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adankrivervalleynearyou · 18 days ago
"Eddie was flirting with Chrissy in the woods."
my brother in christ. he was literally being himself, trying to put a smile on her face because she was clearly upset. he was basically acting the way he acts with Dustin, are you gonna say he was flirting with him? if you think that making some jokes and trying to lighten the mood is 'flirting' then he's flirting with everyone.
he was being actually flirty with Steve. you're gonna tell me that leaning in close and calling him "big boy" is totally platonic, but comforting someone who's upset is romantic? make it make sense.
I'm just gonna say it: if Chrissy was a guy, no one would ship them. if Steve was a girl, everyone would ship them.
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quotergirl19 · 17 days ago
Give me Colin calling on Penelope, wanting to check in since she hadn’t replied to any of his letters, thinking she’d be happy to see him. He enters the Featherington drawing room and Portia immediately offers him some refreshments but Pen interrupts her insisting that won’t be necessary because Mr. Bridgerton will not be staying long enough to enjoy them.
Everyone looks at Penelope, shocked by how rude what she just said was. Colin asks if everything is alright because he’s genuinely shocked that Penelope just made it insultingly clear that he was not welcome in her home. He’s never seen her this way. And Penelope goes in.
She’s rehearsed this speech for months and this is it. She tells him off right in front of her mother and Prudence. No need to spare him the disrespect or embarrassment of being reprimanded so soundly by last person on earth he ever expected to turn their back on him.
Penelope tells Colin that this will be the last time she acknowledges him. That he should never darken her doorstep again. Never take her by the hand again, or touch her or ask her to dance or send her any more letters.
She tells him she trusted him. That when Marina, her sister and her mother all tried to warn her that he didn’t see her for who she was, that she didn’t matter to him, that he was no friend of hers, she didn’t heed her own family because she believed she knew him better than they did. Because he said they were friends. Because he made such a show of protecting her. Because he told her that he would always look after her. Because he told her she was special to him.
She tells him that he fooled her into thinking he was the best person she knew. That he was a true gentleman. That he was kind. And that she mattered to him. But then she heard him mocking her with his friends.
She tells him that he can see himself out. Because she does not wish to be in his company a moment longer.
Colin is stunned silent and almost looks like he’s going to be sick.
Prudence’s jaw is on the floor.
Portia nearly faints.
When Colin escorts Penelope home a few days later asking Portia for her daughter’s hand, she assumes he must mean Prudence because she can’t imagine him wanting to marry Penelope after everything she said to him. When Colin seems insulted by the idea that he wants anyone other than Penelope, Portia realizes he’s in love with her daughter.
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sahind · a year ago
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VENOM: Let There Be Carnage (2021) Directed by Andy Serkis
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gloss1306 · a month ago
Yoongi mic drop performance
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lucy-byers · 4 months ago
Hot take people aren't ready for:
In season 1, Steve was a major asshole, even going as far as to publicly shame Nancy with the movie theater graffiti for the whole town to see and gawk at, among other acts of shitbaggery, and now he stopped doing that and everyone loves him and moves past his bad behavior, seemingly acting like it never happened and is no big deal.
Jonathan takes one picture he wasn't supposed to, acknowledges his wrongdoing and apologizes, never does anything weird or creepy like that again, and yet he's still shat on regularly by the fandom for it six years and 4 seasons later. I still see jokes on tiktok, etc about him acting like a pervert and shit. He's been through enough, cut the guy a break.
Wonder why that is, though. 👀
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chimchimmarie · a month ago
Micdrop is still my go to hype song. I don’t think there will ever be another song that can replace it to be honest.
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livelovecaliforniadreams · 6 days ago
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twingh0sts · 7 months ago
shadow’s fluffy chest
reblog if you agree
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fullmetalfisting · 10 months ago
The opposite of sex pollen is corn flakes
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