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f1incorrects · 2 days
Yuki: Do you love Pierre?
Lance: Yeah, I do.
Yuki: Charles! I told you I knew it! You owe me 100 bucks!
Charles: We all love Pierre. You should've asked if they were IN love with them.
Lance: I thought that was implied.
Charles: ...
Yuki: ...
Lance, looking straight at Charles: Congrats Yuki, you just won 100 bucks.
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formola1 · 3 days
Tumblr media
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gyudons · 5 hours
pierre: “mr tsunoda-san, you’ve been misbehaving last night?”
i’ve written fics like that in my head
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Pierre: I'm trying to redesign my signature, can you give me your opinion?
Yuki: Sure, here, use this to practice
Pierre: Thank y-
Pierre: Wait is this a marriage certificate??
Yuki: And? What about it?
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vividvexations · 3 months
monza holy trinity, 21' 20' 19'.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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daddy day care | PG10
Tumblr media
PAIRING: dad!pierre gasly x mom!reader
REQUESTED: [X] yes [] no
SYNOPSIS: you and charlotte leave your children home with their fathers to go and enjoy a day out. what could possibly go wrong?
WARNINGS: fluff!!!, dad!piarles (need i say more?), piarles banter, kids being kids, french + translations
as always, don't be a ghost reader!
Tumblr media
“are you sure?” you couldn’t hide the worry seeping out of your words, “i can cancel if you want, we could just spend a night in with the leclercs.”
pierre’s hands rubbed up and down your arm in an attempt to soothe you, “mon coeur, we will be fine. you and charlotte have been planning this day out for weeks, you deserve to go out.”
to ease your apprehension, he couldn’t help but crack a joke, “i feel like i should be insulted you think i can’t handle being at home with anthoine.” 
you let him pull you close, resting your forehead just under his collarbone. you couldn’t help but feel guilty, “it’s not like that, i promise. i’ve just never been away from him for this long.”
pierre squeezed you into a soft hug, “i know, ange. we’ll be fine, though. really.”
you felt small hands wrap around your leg, and a small voice called out from beneath you two, “maman! tenez-moi!” hold me!
you opened your eyes to see your mini blue-eyed devil staring up at you, hands tugging on your pants. you felt all your worries melt away, a smile replacing your earlier frown as you pulled away from pierre to pick him up.
“you’re getting to be quite the big boy, twannie, i don’t know if i can hold you anymore.” you teased the four year old in your arms. the younger boy looked rather confused, looking over at his father for some help.
“ta maman se fait vieille,” pierre couldn’t help but laugh when not one, but two hands swatted his chest, one significantly smaller than the other. your mommy is getting old.
anthoine wrapped his arms around your neck, a pout on his lips, “maman est petite! vous êtes vieux!” mommy is small! you are old!
you giggled at his words, and the shocked look on pierre’s face, planting a kiss on your son’s head, “merci, mon grand. et c'est jeune, pas petit.” thank you, big man. and it’s young, not small.
the boy in your arms basked in your affection, “maman est jeune!” mommy is young!
pierre tsked, hands reaching out to take his son out of your arms, “look at what you’ve done, y/n.”
“tu as passé trop de temps avec maman,” he frowned at anthoine, who giggled and tried to unfurrow his father’s eyebrows. you've been spending too much time with mommy. 
“papa n'est pas vieux,” daddy is not old, pierre turned to you with a pout, “what are you telling him? i’m only a few months older than you!”
anthoine grabbed his father’s cheeks, turning pierre towards him, “papa! je ne comprends pas.” i don’t understand.
before anthoine was born, pierre and yourself had decided that you would raise him up to be fluent in french, before integrating english into his day-to-day life when he began school. pierre had been the one to bring up the idea, and after four years of pierre blurting out the most inappropriate sentences in front of your unassuming son, you could easily tell why.
you smirked, “papa dit qu'il est beaucoup plus âgé que maman.” daddy said he's much older than mommy.
pierre rolled his eyes and grumbled, “i’ve had it with you. you need to leave so i can unbrainwash our child.”
anthoine’s pout intensified and you cooed. he was so much like pierre it was entirely unfair. 
“twannie, papa est jaloux que tu sois le petit garçon de maman.” daddy is jealous that you're mommy's little boy.
anthoine gasped, turning around to wrap his arms around pierre’s neck, “c'est bon, papa! je t'aime aussi. je peux être le petit garçon de maman et de papa!” it’s okay, daddy! i love you, too. i can be both mommy and daddy's little boy!”
pierre’s expression was utterly soft, his eyes filled with adoration for the little boy in his arms, “te t'aime plus que tu ne le penses, mon petit coeur.” i love you more than you know, my little heart.
the beautiful moment was interrupted by the doorbell chiming.
anthoine gasped, kicking his legs as a sign to be let down, “juliette est là, papa!” juliette is here, daddy!
you followed the speedy four-year-old to the door, moving him aside to open the door. on your porch stood a pierre’s best friend, his wife, and a little girl. juliette leclerc.
said girl exclaimed loudly when she saw your son, “tony!”
the two met in the middle, arms wrapped around each other as greeting. your son pulled back first, intertwining his hand with juliette’s before tugging her further into the house.
“mon dieu, they’re like two peas in a pod,” charles shook his head at the two kids before giving you a smile and a hug, “nice to see you again, y/n.”
“likewise,” you returned the hug, “and don’t act like you and pierre aren’t the same.”
charlotte stepped inside the house, giving you a quick hug and greeting, “yeah, you two are just as bad, if not worse.”
“yeah, yeah. if it weren’t for us, you two wouldn’t be the best of friends either.” pierre came around, giving the couple a nice welcome, “come on in, guys.”
in the living room, the two four year olds had already pulled out all of anthoine’s blocks, building a large building.
“papa, look!” juliette had all but shrieked when she saw charles walk through the corridor, “regardez ici, c'est un podium!” look here, it’s a podium!
unlike pierre and yourself, the leclercs had decided to integrate some english into little juliette’s vocabulary, but with the amount of french-speakers in her life, she tended to only speak in french.
“wow, ça a l'air tellement vrai! est-ce que ma voiture va être sur le toit?" charles gasped to entertain both kids. wow, that looks so real! is my car going to be on the top?
anthoine shook his head, pointing at the alpha tauri car held in juliette’s hand, “non, tonton ferrari! c'est papa! il est le plus rapide de tous!” no, uncle ferrari! it’s daddy! he’s the fastest of them all!
initially, charles had been dubbed “tonton char”, until anthoine found out that his aunt was “tatie char” and felt that they both deserved to not have to share the same name. since then, charles became “tonton ferrari” and honestly, the monégasque couldn’t have been happier to be called as such.
“papa?” charles was flabbergasted, “mais, anthoine, tonton ferrari est tellement plus rapide! il conduit une ferrari!” but, anthoine, uncle ferrari is so much faster! he drives a ferrari!
“papa, tonton pierre is super fast! très rapide!” juliette took the car in her hands and pretended to drive it in the air, ultimately stopping at the top step of the podium.
charles gave pierre a dirty look, the frenchman smiling smugly, “you’ve brainwashed my daughter.”
“she’s just got good taste, charles.”
before the two adult children could start arguing, charlotte clapped her hands, “alright. so, y/n are you ready to go?”
you couldn’t stop your eyes from trailing to pierre, who nodded his head and threw a thumbs up. you took a deep breath before turning back to charlotte and gave her a curt nod, “yeah, i just need to go grab my bag and jacket from my room,” you smoothed out your outfit, “this is fine, right?”
“more than perfect. you’re the hottest mama!” she threw you a wink and you laughed when you heard pierre pipe up with a damn right, she is! 
with your jacket on and bag over your shoulder, you kneeled down next to the two kids playing, calling anthoine over. on the other side, charlotte did the same with juliette.
you fixed anthoine’s shirt and hair, “maman s'en va, d’accord? je vais passer un peu de temps avec ta tatie char,” you gave him a soft smile. mommy is heading out, okay? i'm gonna go spend some time with your auntie char. 
“vous partez?” his lips slipped into a pout, hands reaching out to play with the button of your jacket. you’re leaving?
“oui, mais tu seras ici avec papa, tonton ferrari et jules,” you lightly pulled his hands away and gave them a squeeze, “tu vas t'amuser comme un fou!” yes, but you will be here with daddy, uncle ferrari and jules…you will have so much fun!
“je peux vous appeler si vous me manquez?” can i call you if i miss you?
you couldn’t help the soft coo that escaped your lips, “bien sûr, tu peux m'appeler quand tu veux.” of course, you can call me whenever you want.
anthoine had always been rather attached to you, seeing as you two would spend a lot of time at home together while pierre would be out for his work. you and pierre had been working on his separation anxiety little by little, and he had gotten a lot better, but as pierre would softly smile and say, “anthoine loves his maman a lot, he wants to be with her all the time. just like papa.”
and so, with a kiss on the cheek from anthoine, and one on the lips from pierre, you were off, getting into the car with charlotte to enjoy a day out.
at home, pierre and charles gave each other a look.
“well, let’s hope this is easy.” charles sighed, heading straight to the gaslys kitchen, “did you by any chance stock up on those pudding cups that anthoine eats? they’re really good.”
“that anthoine eats?” pierre scoffed, following charles into the kitchen, “you singlehandedly finish every pack we buy. tony eats only like, one a week.”
charles stared at him expectantly and pierre sighed, “top left cupboard, next to the pantry.”
“you’re saying that this delicious, processed cup of sugar,” charles took a big bite of the pudding, “tony only eats once a week?”
pierre nodded, “sometimes, not even.”
charles gaped, and pierre groaned, “close your mouth, c'est nauséabond.” that’s nauseating.
“i’m sorry, how does anthoine exist without this?”
 “same way juliette does,” pierre sat down next to charles.
“but that’s only because charlotte doesn’t let me buy anything for jules,” charles waved his empty spoon in the air, “something about organic and healthy food; no processed sugars, that sort of stuff.”
“who do you think told y/n about that stuff?” pierre smirked, “but y/n is less hard on the healthy eating than charlotte is. she says that we weren’t held on that strict of diets and we turned out fine.”
charles laughed, “her? sure. but you? you are anything but fine.”
pierre smacked charles’ head, “don’t forget that both jules and tony think i’m faster than you. i wonder why?”
charles’ face instantly dropped, “it’s all because of that day we left her over at yours. i can’t believe you would teach a kid lies like that.”
“oh, shut up,” pierre rolled his eyes, “it’s not a lie, i am better than you. who started in f1 first?”
it was charles’ turn to roll his eyes, “that’s because you’re old.”
“papa! maman says it’s not nice to talk about ages!” juliette walked into the kitchen with anthoine trailing behind her, tugging on her dress as if asking her to translate. she turned towards him, “mon papa a appelé ton papa vieux!” my daddy called your daddy old!
it was as if a lightbulb went on his head, “papa est vieux!” anthoine continued, “même maman le dit.” daddy is old!...even mommy said so.
charles laughed loudy, and the younger leclerc looking visibly confused. her mother had never prepared her for such a situation. next to the older leclerc, pierre visibly slumped, head coming down to rest against the cool counter.
“ta maman est très intelligente,” charles leaned over to ruffle the young gasly’s hair. your mommy is very smart.
anthoine smiled widely before turning to his dad, “papa, jules et moi avons faim.” jules and i are hungry.
juliette nodded hurriedly, “si affamés que nous pourrions mourir!” so hungry we could die!
charles pulled juliette up into his lap while pierre got out of his seat and placed anthoine on it instead, “nous ne voudrions pas ça maintenant, n'est-ce pas?” we wouldn't want that now, would we?
both kids shook their heads, giggling behind their tiny hands. 
pierre searched through the kitchen, unsure what to feed the kids, “qu'est-ce que vous voulez manger?” what would you guys like to eat?
anthoine bounced in his seat, “spaghetti!”
“yeah! yummy spaghetti,” she turned to her father, “on peut avoir celui que tatie y/n a fait?” can we have the one auntie y/n made?
charles looked at pierre who pulled his phone out, “well, can we?”
pierre held up a finger, holding his phone up to his ear, “hey! hi, amour…no, no! everything is fine…well, you see the kids are hungry an-...no, i didn’t…but jules said she wants the spaghetti you make…then what do i do now?”
charles watched pierre in amusement, his everchanging facial expressions making him chuckle lightly.
“alright,” pierre put his phone back into his pocket, “je viens de parler à la maman de tony et elle a dit spaghetti pour le dîner, pas pour le déjeuner.” i just talked to tony's mama and she said spaghetti for dinner, not for lunch.
both kids slumped down in their seats and pierre opened the fridge, “alors, à la place, pourquoi pas des sandwiches?” so, instead, how about we have sandwiches?
“okay, can we play until you are done making the sandwiches?” jules asked, already moving to get off her father’s lap.
charles laughed, “okay, but come when we call you okay?”
anthoine copied his friend’s movements, nodding–though he didn’t understand a thing–before running off with the leclerc girl.
“he did not have a single clue what i just said,” charles threw away his pudding cup.
pierre nodded, “nope, but jules will probably explain it to him.”
“do you not forget that he can’t speak english sometimes?” charles grabbed two pieces of bread to make juliette’s sandwich.
“mm, occasionally,” pierre smiled, “but tony always has the cutest face and then goes ‘papa, je ne peux pas vous comprendre!’ and it’s the cutest thing ever. i hate to say it, but sometimes we do it on purpose because his pout is just so adorable.”
charles hummed, “anthoine’s gonna be the biggest heartthrob when he grows up.”
“i mean, he’s already got jules wrapped around his finger,” pierre elbowed charles.
“absolutely not.” charles stopped assembling the sandwich, “if anything, jules has him wrapped around her finger.”
“as if!”
the argument continued on for the rest of the sandwich making process…and the clean up process. by the time the ingredients had been put back, charles and pierre had just barely ceased their banter.
“anthoine! juliette! les sandwichs sont prêts!” the sandwiches are ready!
charles’ helped both kids with washing their hands. while pierre helped them get seated and put their sandwiches in front of them.
the two fathers sat down across from their kids, snacking on their own sandwiches while participating in the discourse between their children.
not long after, the kids had migrated to playing outside in the backyard. their plates had long since been abandoned, bread crusts and crumbs littering the colourful plastic. pierre had tried so hard to convince the two to eat the crusts but lost the battle.
the frenchman, alongside the monégasque, moved to the outside as well, monitoring their children as they went up and down the slide, and played with their cars. conversation flowed smoothly between the two, bouncing from one topic to the next.
after a few bathroom breaks and trips to the kitchen for some water, the youngest pair of best friends retired to anthoine’s room, bored of the sun and playground outside. 
“they’re so energetic when they’re together.” pierre groaned, head tossed back in exhaustion.
“they’re four,” charles retorted, nearly in the same position as the frenchman, “i can’t help but feel bad for our mums. we were probably just as bad.”
“yeah, but we weren’t four. we were at least seven and higher,” pierre yawned.
“you were seven. i was six. you’re old,” charles laughed when pierre’s hand blindly tried to hit his arm.
“i’m sick of you and y/n calling me old. you’ve got my son doing it, too. what has the world come to?” 
charles’ laughs grew louder as pierre complained, never not basking in his friend’s misery, “you’ll live…”
“oh, for fuck’s sake,” pierre huffed, “do not make another old joke. i will literally kick you out.”
before charles could get a word out, juliette came running back out, anthoine hot on her tail.
“papa! papa!” she grabbed her father’s arm and shook it hard.
charles winced, pulling his arm away from her hands and instead grasping her hands in his, “on ne secoue pas les gens comme ça, juli.” you don't shake people like that, juli.
she stopped, a pout on her face, “okay, but papa, guess what! devinez quoi!”
charles hummed, “je ne sais pas. pourquoi tu ne me le dis pas?” i don’t know. why don’t you tell me?
the girl shook her head, “no, vous devez deviner,” she turned to pierre, “tonton pierre! vouz devinez!” you have to guess…uncle pierre! you guess!
the frenchman made a show of thinking by rubbing his chin, “hmm, tu as mangé tout ton pain?” you ate all your bread?
anthoine giggled, “non! papa, c'était si mal!” that was so wrong!
pierre abruptly rose, grabbing anthoine and hoisting him into the air, shrieks of laughter erupting from him, “une mauvaise estimation? comment osez-vous!” a bad guess? how dare you!
juliette looked at charles expectantly. charles scratched his chin, stumped, “vous avez cassé quelque chose?” did you guys break something?
juliette stomped her small foot, “no! you guys are so bad at guessing.”
she moved towards anthoine, who had just been placed back on the ground, and pulled him in front of her dad, “anthoine a dit que nous aurons un mariage!” anthoine said we will have a wedding!
charles choked on his spit, and pierre’s eyebrows raised at his son. 
anthoine nodded, bouncing on the balls of his feet, “je vais épouser jules! tout comme toi et maman, et tonton et tatie!” i’m going to marry jules! just like you and mommy, and uncle and auntie.
“absolutely not,” charles reached over and pushed pierre’s shoulder, “pierre, get your heartbreaker of a son away from my daughter.”
“but papa!” jules frowned, having heard the refusal, “je l'aime et nous allons avoir beaucoup de bébés!” i love him and we’re going to have a lot of babies!
“merde,” charles felt like his heart was going to explode. 
on his left, pierre’s face was turning red from how hard he was holding back laughter. he did not want either kid to think he was laughing at them.
charles chuckled awkwardly, “vous n'êtes pas un peu trop jeunes pour discuter de ça?” aren't you two a bit too young to be discussing this?
“l'amour, c'est l'amour!” anthoine pumped a fist up in the air, “c'est ce que dit maman.” love is love!...that’s what mommy says.
pierre couldn’t help it, the laughter bubbled out of his chest. charles sat next to him, slack-jawed, unable to believe that the gasly boy had proposed to his daughter so soon. he hadn’t even had the chance to tell her no dating until she was thirty.
with the way charles sat there unmoving, pierre decided to do some damage control, chuckles still escaping his lips, “et si on attendait que vos mamans soient rentrées et qu'on puisse en parler?” how about we wait until your moms are home and we can talk about this then?
both children nodded, running back into the house hand-in-hand.
charles placed his head in his hands, and pierre slapped his back, “mon ami, i think we’re going to share the same grandchildren in the future.”
“pierre, je vais devoir vous demander d'arrêter de parler.” i'm going to need you to stop speaking.
Tumblr media
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leclercskiesahead · 4 months
formula 1: you have 2 minutes to design a t-shirt
charles: MONACO pls support me
alpine drivers: el plan
mick: *the kid who only practices drawing one thing and is very good at drawing said thing in detail*
lance: CANADA
max: *about to recite the entire history of dutch NT kits*
alpha tauri drivers: we have literally been training our entire careers for this
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evstostuff · 1 month
Pairing: Pierre Gasly x Reader
Warning: 18+, language, unprotected sex, little bit of nipple play, lots of fluff, public sex, bit of dirty talk, outdoor sex
Word count: 3,512….may have gotten carried away with the story on this one
Tumblr media
Summer in Britain was hitting different this year, the heat was suffocating. 
“You will definitely be feeling the heat throughout the week as we are potentially going to be experiencing a thirty five degree heatwave.” 
A sigh left your lips as you switched the news off. 
“Mon chéri" Pierre’s French accent laced one of the many pet names he had given you. 
The frenchman wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder. You wanted to lean back into him but with the temperature already high and the extra body heat, your body began to sweat. 
“Too hot baby.” You muttered as you shuffled out of his grasp. Pierre huffed, annoyed at the climate.
“Are you ready to go to the airport?” You questioned looking at the suitcase Pierre had put at the front door. 
“Yeah, just missing you.” Your stomach felt uneasy from the guilt of lying to your boyfriend.
Pierre’s parents always held an annual family bbq where all the siblings, their partners and their families would get together for the week at the holiday home in the South of France. It was always held the second week of the F1 summer break. Last year was the first year you went with Pierre, being introduced to his entire family as his girlfriend. The week was filled with amazing food and a massively warm welcome to the family. 
Unfortunately, this year your boss hadn’t authorised the time off from work. Pierre was gutted. You felt extremely guilty and felt like you had let your boyfriend down by not securing the time off. It wasn’t till a few days prior that one of your colleagues had over heard you talking to Pierre on the phone telling him your boss was still unwilling to give you the holiday, that they came over and said they’d be willing to cover all of your hours that week. Both of you approached your boss and discussed the proposal. Much to your surprise your boss went with it and allowed you the time off with the catch you’d be working overtime for the next couple of weeks.
A few phone calls were made to Pierre’s mum and Charles to complete the secret plan. This year Pierre had invited Charles and Charlotte as his mum had been asking how little Charlie had been getting on. You had yet to meet Charlotte, constantly missing each other at race weekends and never being able to get your schedules to match up when the boys spent time together outside the race track.
The plan was to give the illusion that you were still going to work but you were dropping Pierre off at the airport beforehand but instead of going to work you’d be driving back home to get changed and to be picked up by Charles and Charlotte.
“We better get going Y/N or I’ll miss my flight.” Your boyfriend huffed and made his way to the door.
“Pierre you know how sorry I am that I can’t come.” You pleaded with him.
“I know mon coeur, it’s just not going to be the same without you.” 
You wanted to tell him then and there. His eyes held a genuine sadness to them, it was really pulling on your heart strings. Silently you both walked to the car.
The journey to the airport was pretty quiet, just the low hum of whatever radio station you had on. Normal car rides with Pierre consisted of him taking control of the aux and you both singing along to whatever playlist he had put on. 
“I’m going to miss you.” The Frenchman hugged you extra tight.
“Once you get there and see everyone, you won’t even realise I’m not there.” You sighed into his chest.
“Don’t be silly Y/N, you consume my entire being. You are on my mind twenty four seven whether you like it or not.” Pierre had moved you away, hands resting on your hips.
He moved his fingers to grasp your chin as you both looked at each other. You were captivated by his eyes, the bright blue orbs capturing you body, mind and soul. He moved his lips closer to yours.
“I love you Y/N.” The words fell from his lips and then they were on yours. The kiss was deep, full of emotion. You knew Pierre meant those words with all of his heart. You laced your fingers into the hair on the back of Pierre’s head, bringing you both closer together. 
You both pulled away and rested your foreheads together. A sigh left you lips, satisfied with the kiss but also yearning for more. 
“I love you too Pierre.” You placed your hand on his cheek and gently ran your fingers through his stuble. 
You gave him one last hug and waved him into the airport.
The wave of guilt hit you again as you texted Pascale letting her know Pierre was at the airport and to expect him within the next couple of hours. You headed back to the car and drove back to your apartment, ready to pack and wait for Charles to pick you up.
Manically, you threw everything you could into your suitcase. The excitement was bubbling up inside you are you got ready. You had purchased a beautiful navy blue and white sun dress. It clung in all the right places and complimented the shape of your breasts with the love heart neck line. You’d be arriving late afternoon to the Gasly’s holiday home so wanted to look nice for the first night of the family get together. 
Your phone pinged.
Charles: We’re ten minutes away, see you soon!
You smiled at the text, noticing the other notifications you had missed due to packing and getting ready. Several texts from Pierre.
My Love: Just landed baby, will text you when I arrive at the house xx
My Love: Hey, at the house. Everyone is asking where you are and is sad that you couldn’t come xx
My Love: Hope work hasn’t been too stressful, text me when you can. I love you xx
You heart ached at his words but excitement soon replaced that as you knew in just a few hours you’d be surprising him. 
You: Hey baby, sorry been busy today! Tell them all I say hello and that I’m gutted I can’t be there. I love you too with all my heart xx
Putting your phone down, the door bell echoed through the apartment. 
“Come in Charles!” You shouted.
“Hi Y/N, you nearly ready?” Charles asked coming into your room.
You ran to him wrapping him in a hug. Noticing Charlotte behind him, you opened your arm to her.
“Hi Charlotte, I’ve heard so much about you. Lovely to meet you. Now get in on the hug.” You all giggled as Charlotte joined in.
You let go of the pair and went to put the finishing touches to your hair and make up. You had opted for light coverage makeup with a baby pink lip and soft curls throughout your hair. 
“Look at you. Pierre is one lucky guy.” Charlotte gushed at you. A small blush crept up your cheeks.
Charles grabbed your suit case and put it into the car as you and Charlotte made your way down. You couldn’t help but giggled as you saw the car. Clearly a rental and nothing close to the luxury of his personalised Ferrari he was dying to get back to in Monaco. 
“Y/N don’t you dare say a word.” Charles grumbled causing both you and Charlotte to burst into a fit of laughter. 
The journey to the airport couldn’t have gone quicker. Eventually, after going through security you were sat in Charles’ private jet. Your phone pinged a couple of times.
Mummy Gasly: How long do you think you’ll be sweetie? Pierre isn’t at all his usual self, he’s really missing you.
Mummy Gasly: *Picture message*
Mummy Gasly: Have a safe flight sweetie, Charles has just text me. See you soon xxx
You smiled at her words. Opening the picture message you were greeted by a picture of Pierre sat on the porch on his own. He looked relaxed in his shorts and oversized white shirt. You looked at the picture a bit closer, seeing everyone else in the background laughing and playing together further into the garden. Sighing you locked your phone getting ready for take off.
Throughout the flight you were in and out of sleep. The co-pilot had come out to say that touchdown would be within the next ten minutes. You turned to look at Charles to see if he was awake. Neither Charles or Charlotte were, both snuggled up together. Charlotte’s head resting on Charles’ shoulder whilst his head rested on hers. You couldn’t help it, you snapped a picture of them and sent it to Charles. You opened the other chat with Pascale.
You: Ten minutes till we land. Should be with you within the hour xxx
You locked your phone and smiled. You couldn’t wait to see the look on Pierre’s face. The plane landed. Both Charles and Charlotte stirred from their deep slumber.
“We’re here?” Charlotte stretched.
“Yes now hurry up, I feel lonely with how cute you two are.” You giggled at the pair as they blushed and smiled at each other.
“Thanks for the photo Y/N.” Charles brushed past you giving you a warm smile.
Luckily for Charles, the rental car from the airport was far nicer than the one in London. You all got in and made the journey to the Gasly’s home. 
Mummy Gasly: We’re all in the garden, let me know when you’re outside and I’ll come fetch you xxx
You: It says we’ll be five minutes. See you soon xxx
You recognised the scenery as Charles drove through the small French towns. They were all so beautiful and authentic, it’s what caused you fell in love with the place last year when you and Pierre were out exploring all the towns close the family home. 
Charles turned into the drive to the house. Your belly in bits from the nerves. The car pulled to a stop. Pascale was stood at the door waiting with a massive smile on her face.
Pierre noticed the lack of presence of his mother. Curious he moved into the house to try and find her. He heard the voice of his best friend, Charlotte and then another muffled female voice. He made his way to the front of the house, the voices getting slightly louder. Pierre was greeted by his mother, Charles and Charlotte. He hugged his best friend. 
“I’m so glad you guys could make it this year.” Pierre was happy to see Charles but he just couldn’t shift how lost he felt without you. 
“Come on mate, lets go grab a beer.” Charles wrapped his arm around his best friend’s shoulder, leaving Charlotte in deep conversation with Pascale as they followed them out.
You had gotten out the car and ran to hug Pascale.
“Hello sweetie.” She cooed as you both rocked side to side in the embrace. 
“Why don’t you go round the back, Pierre is in the garden.” Pascale suggested whilst brushing a few strands of hair out your face.
“Hello Charles, Charlotte. Lovely to see you both.” Pascale embraced them both.
“Right time to surprise Pierre.” You smiled, unable to hide how excited you were.
Making your way round the back, you opened the gate and walked into the garden. You could hear the giggles of Pierre’s nieces and nephews as you got closer. The nerves were getting worse, your palms were starting to get a bit clammy. Your eyes darted around to find the man you were looking for. Where was Pierre? Pascale had said he was outside. Franticly your eyes darted around, worried about where he was. 
“Y/N?” Pierre’s dad stood in front of you.
“Hi!” You giggled as the man brought you into a big embrace.
Everyone started to notice your presence, one by one coming over to greet you. The love you were receiving was beyond what you expected. Pierre’s nieces and nephews tugging at your dressing begging you to come and look at what they were creating in the sandpit. 
“Do I not to get come see being your favourite uncle of all time.” There was the voice you wanted to hear most.
You turned around to be face to face with your boyfriend. He was in awe of you, of how beautiful you looked. You were in awe of him, his whole presence had consumed your mind. Neither of you could help it, smiles on your faces as you wrapped your arms around each other.
Pierre was simply intoxicating. 
“I can’t believe you are really here.” Pierre brushed a piece of hair away from your face. His fingers traced your jaw line as his eyes flickered from yours to your lips. The tension between you growing.
“Just kiss me already.” You demanded as you wrapped your arms are his neck pulling him closer to you.
In that moment everyone had disappeared, it was just you and Pierre. Your lips moved perfectly together as you both heard an applause erupt with a few wolf whistles and people fake gagging. Neither of you could help giggling into one another as you pulled away. 
“Come on, let’s go get a drink.” Pierre’s hand rested firmly on your lower back whilst he guided you towards the drinks table.
“I like these colours on you.” Pierre smirked at you as he mixed you a drink.
“I thought you would baby.” You couldn’t help but look Pierre up and down, taking him in. 
Pierre around his family was a new level of relaxed. His white shirt slight unbuttoned revealing a small amount of chest hair and that gold crucifix necklace he always wore. You knew you were staring but how could you not. The man was a god. Pierre turned his back to you and you couldn’t help but drool at the way the material of the shirt clung to his back muscles as they moved. 
“Mon ange, you are staring.” Pierre purred as he handed you a drink. He knew exactly what that pet name did to you, the way it slipped off his tongue and straight to your core. 
You both took a seat round the fire pit, joining Charles and Charlotte. Pierre’s hand found it’s way onto your thigh, just resting there torturing you as you wanted it to be doing much more.
The night was filled with laughter, lots of food and Pierre whispering sweet nothings in your ear. He couldn’t stop admiring how stunning you looked and how that the sundress was testing his restraint. 
Charles and Charlotte had taken themselves to bed, leaving just you and Pierre in the garden. It was quiet apart from the crackle of the fire. You had cuddled up to your boyfriend, situating yourself between his legs leaning back into his chest. Pierre grabbed the blanket and laid it over the pair of you.
Pierre ran his fingers up and down the outside of your thigh under the blanket sending shivers through your body. You let out a hum of appreciation to your boyfriends movements. Taking that as a hint, Pierre moved the hair off your shoulder to expose your neck. His lips left gentle kisses up and down on the sensitive skin. You wanted more from him, you wanted all of him. As if Pierre had heard your thoughts, his fingers traced over your panties feeling the growing dampness.
“Mon ange I haven’t even properly touched you and you’re already getting wet.” Pierre cooed in you ear, nibbling your lobe gently. 
You tried to piece a sentence together but it was no use, Pierre’s fingers had your full attention. They were taughting you with the agonisingly slow brush of his fingers over where you needed him most. You pushed your hips meeting Pierre’s finger tips. A small moan left your lips.
“Is that what you want huh?” Pierre was enjoying how you were putty in his hands when it came to sex. You always reacted so well to his touch and the delightful sounds you made as he pleasured you alway made him go insane.
Pierre had moved your panties to the side and his finger was circling round your entrance feeling how wet you were for him.
“I’m going to need an answer mon ange.” 
“Please Pierre.” You uttered.
That was all Pierre needed. His lips working on you neck, nipping at your sweet spot as he pushed his fingers inside you. With every curl of Pierre’s fingers your moans where getting louder and you were getting closer to your climax.
“Y/N look at me.” Pierre demanded.
You tilted your head back and locked eyes with Pierre. His eyes were no longer their usual bright blue, they were dark and lustful. Pierre’s free hand came up and gripped your neck, pulling your lips to his. Your moans were muffled by Pierre as your tongues danced with each others. The knot in your stomach was close to unraveling. You tried to pull away from Pierre’s lips but he had captured your bottom lip between his teeth. The slight pang of pain was enough to send you over the edge. Your head fell back as you moaned Pierre’s name. Pierre continued to curl his fingers inside you, helping you ride out your orgasm as you imprinted nail marks into his thighs.
“Take your panties off now, I’m fucking you in that sundress right here.” Pierre clearly very frustrated.
You removed your panties and frantically helped Pierre unbutton his shorts and pull his boxers down. His cock was rock hard and begging to be inside you. The site of Pierre so desperate for you was enough to send you into a frenzy. Pierre pulled you onto his lap and put the blanket around you both so neither of you were too exposed.
“You have been teasing me all day in the bloody dress. My team colours and this neckline showing off how perky your tits are.” Pierre’s fingers traced along your bust.
“Pierre I need you.” You whimpered as his touch left goosebumps along your skin.
“Need me where mon ange?” Pierre moved himself underneath you. The tip of his cock perfectly lined with your entrance.
“Inside me baby, I need you.” You pleaded.
Pierre gave you what you wanted, plunging right into you, earning a moan from both of you. Your lips were on his, tongues battling with each others, both of you enjoying the rushed movements and desperation for one another. Both of you were getting closer to your releases. Pierre took over from you riding him, pushing his hip up into you. He could feel you clenching around his cock indicating you were ready to cum. 
His lips left yours and made their way down your neck to your chest. Before you knew what was really happening, Pierre had pulled the straps of your dress down your arms, leaving your boobs exposed. Pierre latched onto your nipple, swirling his tongue around the bud. The roles had changed again and now you were in charge of riding both yourself and Pierre to climax. Your fingers ran through Pierre’s hair whilst you watched him play with your nipples. You could feel the tension, you were ready to let go.
“Mon ange cum for me.” Pierre watched you in awe as you relaxed and let the pleasure take over you.
Pierre’s eyes never left you as he watched you come undone on top of him. The sight was enough to push him over the edge. He released his load into you as he moaned your name. 
You rested your head on Pierre’s shoulder as you caught your breath. He ran his fingers up and down your back as you both sat there.
“You look so beautiful like this Y/N.” 
You just hummed in appreciation. Everything was perfect, you were exactly where you needed to be. Both of you stayed there for a few minutes, you listening to Pierre’s steady heartbeat.
“I love you.” You mumbled against Pierre’s chest. 
Pierre lifted you off him and placed you back on the sofa. He sorted him self out and then came over with your panties, helping you put them back on.
“Come on baby, lets get to bed.” Pierre whispered in your ear as he easily scooped you up into his arms.
You couldn’t help but let the tiredness take over. Your eyes shut whilst you listened to Pierre’s heart. 
“You are my forever, you have my heart Y/N.” Pierre looked down at you asleep in his arms. In that moment he knew that he was done, he wanted life with you and that was it. He didn’t know what was going to happen in the future, he just knew that he would do everything in his power to keep you in it.
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leclercs-posts · 9 days
la nuit des garçons🤭
pierre gasly x reader
(instagram au)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourusername: busy day
fan1: we love the paddock content
pierregasly: that’s my shirt
yourusername: oops 🤭
alphatauri: petition for y/n to come every weekend
fan2: agreed
pierregasly: agreed
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pierregasly: p4 baby 🤍
yourusername: well done amour❤️
pierregasly: thanks mon ceour🤍
charles_leclerc: new driver on the grid?
pierregasly: yup she’s going to kick your ass
fan1: they’re so cute :,)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourusername: 🇦🇺 🤍
pierregasly: jet lag killed me
yourusername: could tell with how much you slept the first two days
fan1: she’s stunning
landonorris: pierre one lucky guy my best friend is hot
pierregasly: thanks for the reminder?
yourusername: he needed reminded.
f1: hottest wag out
yourusername: not the official f1 thirsting
pierregasly: don’t blame them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pierregasly: karaoke and friends
charles_leclerc: ❤️
yourusername: where was my invite?
pierregasly: la nuit des garçons mon amour (boys night my love)
fan1: I’m going to cry
fan2: they were all together :)
f1: ‘this is what dreams are made of’
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourusername: “la nuit des garçons” 🤭
pierregasly: are you mocking me?
yourusername: I am mon ceour 🤍
charles_leclerc: we told you to invite her.
fan1: she ate him up fr
fan2: she’s so beautiful
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sainzfilm · 1 month
reader and pierre have been dating for a while and are going to sleep at the same bed for the first time, but the reader (who is shy/introverted) is super nervous about it 'cause she moves a lot in bed when sleeping
pairing: pierre gasly x reader
a/n: this is so cute 🥺 i hope you like it anon! :)
“Mon ange, why don’t you head up and get ready for bed and let me finish putting the dishes away?” Pierre smiled at you, taking the dishes from your hands.
You frowned as you looked up at him, “Are you sure, Pierre? You know that I want to help out.”
Pierre chuckled as he nodded, leaning over to kiss the top of your head, “I’m certain, mon ange. Now go and I’ll be up there shortly.”
Blushing from his affection, you nodded and quickly kissed his cheek before making your way up to Pierre’s room and quickly decided to sit on his computer chair instead of the bed.
It was safe to say that you were fairly nervous when pierre invited you over for a sleepover– sure, it was cute. He wanted to make dinner, watch a few of your favorite films, and wake up with you in his arms. But the thing is, you doubt you would from how much you moved in bed.
“Y/N? What are you doing over there?” Pierre frowned as he made his way to you, caressing your hair, “C’mon, let’s get in bed and watch a film.”
“Uh…it’s comfier here!” You laughed nervously, trying to hide the discomfort on your face, “You know I can sleep on the floor, right? In case that…I might be invading your space.”
“On the floor?” Pierre laughed as he squished your cheeks, “Baby, you’re my girl. Why would I let you sleep on the floor?”
Avoiding pierre’s gaze, you sighed and mumbled, “I don’t know.”
“Hey, look at me,” Pierre whispered as he kneeled in front of the chair, holding your hands, “You know that I won’t force you if you’re uncomfortable with it, right?”
You nodded, “I know that, Pierre…it’s just- god, this is so embarrassing.”
“What’s embarrassing, mon ange?”
“I…move a lot in my sleep,” You replied and pouted, “I don’t want to disturb you and keep you up all night.”
Pierre looked at you with a small smile forming, “That’s it, baby?”
You nodded and played with his hands, “It’s going to be annoying! What if I hit you in my sleep? What if I kick you?”
“You know something?” Pierre smiled as he held your face in his hands, “I’m still lucky enough that I get to wake up next to you. And for the record, I do snore, so I guess we both have something to be nervous about.”
“I hate you,” You mumbled as you covered your face from blushing, “You and your words…making me feel so shy.”
“And I love you, mon ange,” Pierre moved your hands away and kissed you on the lips before pulling away and leaning his forehead on yours, “Plus, how can I ever get hurt? I’ve got all these muscles.”
Rolling your eyes playfully, “Whatever you say, Pierre.”
Pierre laughed and held your hand, bringing you to bed beside him. You were lucky that he made sure you were comfortable enough and he didn’t hold back from immediately wrapping his arms around you.
“This okay, baby?” Pierre looked down at you, laying your head on his chest as he had his arm around you.
“Perfect,” You smiled softly up at him as you watched a film in bed, feeling glad to have gotten a guy like your Pierre.
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princemick · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
small talk with Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda
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f1incorrects · 2 days
Lance: Christmas lights?
Nyck: Check.
Alex: Thermos of hot cocoa?
Nyck: Check.
Valtteri: Santa suits?
Nyck: Check.
Kevin: Shovel?
Nyck: Check.
Pierre: Alibi and bail money?
Nyck: Check- wait, WHAT?!
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kmagsy · 14 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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beebuilds · 16 days
the best part of Mercedes dropping De Vries off at alpha tauri is just how casual he is about it. he’s zip tied down, and being wheeled through the paddock, but he’s just having a laugh and a drink. so exited to see him on the grid next year
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joderpierre · 25 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
put me a chokehold respectfully
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lqvesoph · 18 days
Tumblr media
our two break up couples
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