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f1incorrects · 1 day
Oscar: What's worse than a heartbreak?
Lando: Waking up in the morning and your phone wasn't charging.
Lance: Waking up in the morning.
Kevin: Waking up in the morning...
Kevin: And seeing Nico.
Nico H.: Hey! Rude!!
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mcgnussen · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
kevin receiving the lorenzo bandini trophy yesterday in italy. 
the lorenzo bandini trophy is an annual award honouring the achievements of an individual or team in f1. the accolade is considered highly prestigious in the world of motor racing. 
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t-nd-rfoot · 15 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Williams with Nicholas Latifi. Haas with Mick Schumacher.
Both drivers with a reputation for their crashes. Both drivers leaving F1.
What do their teams do?
Williams: signs and gifts Latifi part of the car he earned his first points in. Latifi even jokes that they got this from a car that he crashed, to which the whole team laughed with him.
Haas: stops Mick from doing celebratory donuts at the end of the race, and doesn’t even thank or acknowledge him in the post-race radio for the work he’s done for them for the last two years. And don’t even tell me about that video of Gunther giving a speech thanking Mick. That shit was pure PR. They’ll do it for the video but what happens off camera is what matters more.
Take this post as you will, but it speaks volumes about the environments of those teams. Two of the lowest teams (and they’re both very well aware of that), yet one team still remembers that their drivers are human and can treat them with respect despite the downfalls, but another can’t even be bothered to show their drivers basic manners and courtesy.
TL;DR: fuck Gunther Steiner. Fuck Haas. Take your boat and sail away.
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beebuilds · 16 days
the best part of Mercedes dropping De Vries off at alpha tauri is just how casual he is about it. he’s zip tied down, and being wheeled through the paddock, but he’s just having a laugh and a drink. so exited to see him on the grid next year
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reignssilent · 1 month
Why can't the FIA give some kind of financial assistance? Like this is so unfair, the cost cap was supposed to make the competition closer. And to the people who think that I'm complaining to much about Redbull, imagine what Haas could do if they had the money
Tumblr media
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alwayschoppedtaco · 2 months
we will always have summer ll m.s.
Tumblr media
pairing: mick schumcher x verstappen!reader, max verstappen x sister!reader
warnings: just childhood friends to lovers, lots of cute fluff
summary: summers in the lake house have always been your favorite. 
word count: 2.4k
my masterlist
a/n: i got this idea from a bunch of tiktoks about michael and jos being friends and teamates (x)(x)(x) 
Summer 2005
It all really happened before you could even remember. Alcohol fueled jokes between parents while the kids ran around outside the summer lake house the two families called home for a couple weeks a year.
You were the youngest of the five children that ran through the house, sticking close to your mother for the most part. Your older siblings running off with the Schumacher children, Max and Mick racing each other everywhere, while Victoria and Gina would play on the giant metal swing set that sat in the back yard.
You were fine with sitting out on the activities, not wanting to race your brother or fight your sister over the swings, but Mick, sweet Mick, didn’t want you to feel left out. Every time the group would head out the door, Mick would make his way to you first, inviting you to come out with them, to which you would smile bashfully and shake your head, burying your face into your mothers’ side.
“She’s just shy, go on and play sweetheart.” Sophie would say, brushing your hair out of your eyes and urging Mick to go play.
Instead of running around outside, you would sit at the table with the adults, juice box in hand, and color, listening to the parents talk for hours. You would help the mothers prepare dinner in the kitchen, or mess around on the grand piano that sat in the family room.
Sometimes Mick would take a break from running around and join you in the family room, pressing random keys on the piano with you, or sneaking a cookie before dinner with your help.
These actions certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the parents, both mothers having caught Mick trying to sneak cookies, but letting him because of how cute the pair of you were.
The parents secretly placed bets that summer, sure that you two would get together, it was just a matter of when.
 Summer 2010
Once again, the Verstappen and Schumacher families are in the lake house together. The house smells like sunscreen and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, with all the windows thrown open to let the lake breeze filter through the house.  
You are sat at the grand piano once again, this time actually knowing a few pieces and not just random keys pressed in no certain order. Everyone else is outside on the patio or splashing in the lake.
You like these times, just you in the house, calmly practicing piano and enjoying the summer. Before long you are joined by a damp Mick, coming in from the lake.
“Sorry, don’t mind me.” He apologizes when you stop playing. You just laugh and go back to practicing, scooting over on the piano bench to let him sit by you.
“Wow, you’ve gotten good.” He compliments once you are finished.
“Thank you.” You blush at the compliment, turning your face away from him. “I started lessons back home.”
“I came in to see if you wanted to come join us.” He says, standing up from the bench. “We are going to do a fire tonight!”
You make your way outside with him, sitting beside your mother around the fire, Mick taking a seat beside you.
The night is one you will always remember, roasting s’mores on the fire, your family surrounding you, telling funny stories and enjoying the summer night. Mick offering you the marshmallows that he toasts to a perfect brown, making fun of your brother when he gets too impatient and continues to burn his.
 Summer 2015
This summer is different in the lake house. The obvious lack of Schumacher presence weighing heavily on the house. The entire atmosphere has changed. The family has added two new people, your new baby sister and stepmother staying with you.
Your days are still spent pretty similar to the years in the past. You practice your piano in the morning while Max runs around the lake and Victoria lays on the lounger outside tanning. After the practice you make your way out to read by your sister. Max and your dad make their way to the lake later in the day, splashing you as they jump in.
Dinner is not as lively as it usually is, the usual conversations flowing around the table, the seat next to you where Mick would usually sit remains empty for the rest of the summer.
 Mexican Grand Prix 2021 Friday
The sun is warm against your skin as you walk the paddock, your bag slung over your shoulder and your air pods in your ears. You had decided to join your brother in Mexico for the Grand Prix, it happened to be over you fall break from university, and you hadn’t seen him in a while, you both being busy.
It was Sergio’s home race, so Max had a few more things to do along with his normal media activities to let Checo do some special media activities. That left you alone on the paddock on Friday after practice.
Walking out of the Red Bull hospitality, you bump into a familiar face. Looking up to find Micks smiling face looking back down at you.
You hadn’t seen him in person since that last year at the lake house, instead keeping up with each other over Instagram posts and race results. With everything that happened, it just became too much to keep in touch, you with university and him with racing.
A million memories flood into your mind as you look up at the youngest Schumacher. Memories of the lake house, and sitting in the family room together, sharing stories about school and racing.
You don’t know what to say to him, momentarily starstruck as you look into the clear blue eyes of your childhood friend.
“Y/N!” Mick is also clearly surprised to see you, although it doesn’t mean he isn’t happy to. He hasn’t seen you face to face in over five years, and seeing you again sparks something in him.
“Mick, hi, hey.” You stutter over what to say, the sound of his name rolling of your tongue causing Mick to blush a light shade of pink.
“What brings you to Mexico?” Mick cringes as he asks it, obviously you were here for the Grand Prix. “I mean, don’t you have university?”
“I’m on break.” You smile up at him. “Came to support Max.”
“Yeah, of course.” He doesn’t want the conversation to be over, he doesn’t want you to leave. “Want to walk with me?”
“Of course.” You answer, motioning for him to lead the way.
He leads you around to all of the garages, neither one of you really paying attention to where you are going, keeping up conversation over what had happened while you hadn’t seen each other.
Before the two of you know it, it is getting late, and everyone is leaving to get ready for qualifying the next day.
You bid Mick goodbye once he walks you back to the Red Bull garage, not wanting the walk or conversation to be over.
“Well, I guess this is goodbye.” You sigh, looking between Mick and where Checo and Max are standing just inside the garage.
Mick wants to kiss you right then and there, watching you frown at saying goodbye for the night. He instead settles for a quick hug, knowing that your brother is watching the pair of you.
You offer Mick a quick kiss on the cheek, turning to head towards the Red Bull drivers so you can get a ride back to the hotel from your brother.
Max is busy glaring at the young Schumacher as Mick watches you walk away, a dorky smile plastered on his face.
“Max?” You snap him out of his glaring match with Mick. “Ready to go?”
“Yeah, just let me grab my stuff.”
 Mexican Grand Prix 2021 Sunday
Qualifying is average enough, Max starting from third. The race itself has you sitting on the edge of your seat.
You always got anxious when your brother was on the track, knowing how dangerous the sport was, but watching him and Lewis Hamilton battle for positions always made you anxiously chew on your lip.
Mick’s crash and subsequent DNF was also a disappointment to watch. His crash causing you to hold your breath as you waited to see him get out of the car, to know he was okay.
You wanted to go to the Haas garage to see him, but you decided to give him some space, and wait until your brother was safely back into the garage.
Once you see Max cross the finish line in first, you can finally let out a breath of relief, watching as Lewis crosses not to long after.
You are making your way out of the Red Bull hospitality before you can even congratulate Max, walking towards the Haas garage, hoping to find the young Schumacher.
Mick is standing just inside the garage, frustration evident on his face as he talks with who you assume is his race engineer. He spots you as you make your way into the garage, the orange baseball cap you have on sticking out in the sea of white, red, and blue.
A smile makes its way onto his face as he makes eye contact with you, his engineer seeing his change in expression and excusing himself.
You make your way toward the blonde driver, bright smile on your face as you offer him a hug. He accepts the hug, falling into your arms and sighing.
“I’m sorry about your DNF.” You comfort him. “I know it sucks.”
He just shakes his head, hugging you a little tighter. Everyone in the garage looks on with curious eyes, never really seeing Mick like this.
“Want to get out of here?” You ask, knowing that most of his post-race activities are already over with.
“Where do you have in mind?”
And with that you are leading him out of the paddock and towards the car you had driven there that morning.
The two of you end up further into the city, walking around with each other, never running out of things to talk about.
Conversation flows easily between you, Mick eventually taking ahold of your hand as the two of you walk the streets of Mexico City.
Its nearly 10 by the time you get back to the hotel, a smile plastered on both of your faces, neither on of you wanting the night to end.
“I have to tell you something.” Mick says, a nervous tone in his voice, as you make your way to the elevator.
“Go ahead.”
“I had the biggest crush on you as a kid.” He says, looking down at his feet. “That’s why I always would come and listen to you play piano. I thought that you were the prettiest girl in the whole world. I still do.”
You are left speechless at his confession. You are still processing his words when the elevator doors slide open on your floor. Neither one of you makes a move to get out.
“I always liked you too, Mick.” You finally snap out of your stunned silence. “Why do you think I helped you sneak so many cookies?”
He lets out a laugh at your words, taking a step closer to you in the small elevator.
“Can I kiss you.” He asks, brushing a fallen piece of your hair out of your eyes.
“Of course.”
As soon as the words are out of your mouth, his soft lips are on yours. His hands placed on the side of your neck, as your own make their way up to cradle his cheek.
You kiss until you physically have to pull away to get a breath. His cheeks are flushed a bright red, and you’re sure yours are as well.
“Do you wanna come in?” You ask, nodding down the hall to where your room is. “I don’t want this night to end.”
“Sure.” Mick smiles at you. “As long as you let me take you out on a date.”
“Of course, Mick.” Your smile somehow gets even bigger as the words leave his mouth.
 +little bonus ending
British Grand Prix 2022
The last eight months had been pure bliss for you and Mick, a honeymoon phase, one you kept just between yourselves. You never meant to keep your relationship a secret for as long as you have, but you never found the right time to tell everyone. Eventually you just decided to get it over with, wanting to share your very happy relationship with both of your families.
That’s how you found yourself walking hand in hand through the paddock with Mick, a blue Haas cap placed on your head. When you walk past the Red Bull garage Max does a double take looking up from where him and his engineer are going over race date.
His dropped jaw is what alerts Checo and everyone else in the garage of what is happening, everyone silently watching you and Mick walk past.
Max is tattling on you before you can even leave his sight, his phone in his hand as he texts your mother and sister about what he just saw, snapping a blurry picture to send as well.
By the time you make it to the Haas garage, your mother has passed along the photo Max took to Mick’s mom, both mothers over the moon that their kids had finally seen what they saw for the last two decades.
Corinna is up and greeting you both with a hug and many “I knew it” muttered.
“Oh, I just knew you two would get together!” She says as she pulls away from hugging you. “Your father owes me and your mom 50 bucks!”
“Wait you guys placed bets on when we would get together?” Mick’s eyebrows are furrowed as he looks at his mom who is gushing about how adorable you look together.
“Of course.” She says it as if it is the most obvious thing in the world. “We place those bets when you guys were still too young to even know what love is.”
By the end of the race weekend both of your mothers are 50 dollars richer, and Max has had a little too much fun giving Mick the “break her heart, I break your legs” speech.
All is good as you start the summer break with your boyfriend and your family, finally returning to the lake house where it all started with Mick.
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ferraricharles · 6 months
Tumblr media
This smile!💙
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schuministyles · 6 months
Overprotective. (MS47)
Word count: 1022.
Warnings: None. Sorry if my English isn't perfect it's not my first language.
Mick moved around pretty anxious since she promised she would be there at the Haas garage supporting him, but even after the third practice session there were still no signs of her anywhere.
She wouldn't let him down, it was so out of character of her just the fact of showing up late that it made him want to throw up, his overthinker mind was already making up the worst scenarios.
He took his phone from the table where it was charging and stared at the pic of them he had set as his homescreen, he smiling looking to the camera with pure joy in his eyes while she kissed his cheek, the only picture they had from their first date.
Without thinking it any more he dealed her number, frowning he waited patiently for her to pick up, nothing, after three rings she sent him to voicemail.
The blonde took a deep breath really confused about all, it didn't make any sense that suddenly she wasn't interested anymore, not when they had worked so hard to keep their secret, or maybe that was the problem, she was tired of everything.
He wasn't even thinking anymore about qualifying, his mind was in agony thinking of her and what he felt was the most real love he had ever experienced.
"Mick" the voice of one of his mechanics made him look away from his phone. "There is some girl in Ferrari merch saying that you need her here" he stated looking a little bit annoyed.
"Let her in, please" the driver told him with an apologetic look, he was embarrassed to make people do more than what they were supposed to, the mechanic just nodded and left to the front.
Few moments later she was hugging him by the waist super tight with her face hidden in his chest saying 'sorry' repetitively in a soft voice.
He couldn't feel mad, the moment he had her in his arms was the definition of relief, the blonde cupped his girls face giving some distance between them and softly pecked her lips, she looked at him with big eyes.
"You have to be kidding me" a manly voice interrupted in the couple's love bubble.
Both of their faces turned pale when they recognized the voice, the girl turned around to see her brothers looking at her.
Lorenzo with an eyebrow arched, Charles that was the one who interrupted frowning and Arthur saying sorry with his eyes feeling really guilty.
" Care to explain? " the older of the Leclerc's asked trying to make sure she knew that this was a big deal.
" Oh no, she has to explain herself" Charles interrupted " Y/N I feel really betrayed".
Some salty tears started to form in the girl eyes, this wasn't the way she wanted her older brothers to found out, her eyes then went to her younger brother, she couldn't process how he decided that it was the moment to tell them.
" I'm sorry " Arthur mumbled like he could read her mind he started explaining everything to the couple " They made me bring them where you really where when Charlotte told Charles that you wanted to leave Ferrari's garage during FP3"
The Haas driver felt like the worst human on earth when he saw how hurted she looked, Arthur wasn't the one to blame when they were the ones that made him keep their secret until they were ready.
" Charles, Lorenzo, it's not that big of a deal" he started speaking pulling out all of his courage to try and make the situation at least a little bit better.
"Charles I love him" the girl stated all of the sudden making the german shut his mouth while he looked her with adoration in his eyes feeling his heart beating hard against his chest.
Arthur smiled from ear to ear, he had been the first supporter of that relationship been the one that helped them sneaking out, it was amazing to hear that his sister had fallen in love.
The other two softened their clenched jaws making Mick able to take a deep breath relaxing a little bit.
The german took the opportunity and hugged the girl from behind, holding her between his arms.
" And I love her" he said completely sure about his feelings.
Lorenzo putted then a grin in his face and patted Charles in the shoulder.
" The qualifications are in less than half an hour" the oldest finally spoke calmly " we will discuss this further during dinner ".
The Ferrari driver looked at his sister with the softer eyes they always gave each other and nodded, then he followed his big brother out of the Haas garage and pulling Arthur with him.
Now was the turn of the girl to let out a sight, she was holding her breath and didn't even notice until now.
" That was.. "
"Yeah" the blonde agreeded resting his head on his girls shoulder.
" You break her heart and I break you damn legs, is that clear Schumacher? " Charles told his colleague once they were both off the cars and walking in the pit lane.
The German nodded while his friend Esteban laughted a little by the sudden threat between the other two drivers..
" Good, and don't you dare been all touchy with her when I am looking or I will throw up"
When Charles said the last part Pierre that was walking next to them couldn't help but turn his attention to the conversation raising an eyebrow.
"So the rumors were true? " the French man asked.
"What rumors?" Charles asked back in confusion.
"Oh, Yuki told me that he saw them kissing"
"And you didn't tell me!" The Ferrari driver shouted to his best friend.
"I forgot" he smiled to wink at Mick "if I was you I would be glad that is Mick it could be worst, think about this, your sister and Lando"
Leclerc made a face in disgust of just the idea.
" I will take that as a compliment" the blonde german stated.
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Tumblr media
who chopping onions
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beautifullypoetic · 1 month
autumn love/mick schumacher
in which they fell in love in autumn
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mick schumacher last warm days with my love
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estebanocon just get married already
yn.yln thanks but i think we're both a bit young :)
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yn.yln baby's cold
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mickmylove yn feeding us as always
lewishamilton roscoe misses you
mickschumacher i think angie fell in love with him
yukitsunoda0511 and my boyfriend is leaving me
pierregasly yuki not in public
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
feel free to request more! my inbox is open <3
inbox 💌
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f1incorrects · 2 days
Lance: Christmas lights?
Nyck: Check.
Alex: Thermos of hot cocoa?
Nyck: Check.
Valtteri: Santa suits?
Nyck: Check.
Kevin: Shovel?
Nyck: Check.
Pierre: Alibi and bail money?
Nyck: Check- wait, WHAT?!
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mcgnussen · 2 months
Tumblr media
the reason why kevin and mick were wearing black armbands 
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zcorners120 · 3 months
mick schumacher x fem!reader MASTERLIST
synopsis; your best friend takes you to a famous rodeo where many cowboys meet up, and you do something very clueless..
warnings; swearing, S M U T 18+, m!dom, spanking, p in v, mentions of sex, cowgirl, cumming in mouth / on face, alcohol consumption
“I don’t know shit about cowboys. Or horses. Do I have to come with you?” You complained, feeling your best friend dragged you outside into the cold.
“I don’t either! You’ll see once we get there, the guys are so hot. Last time I just went for a drink and didn’t look hot, I wanna get LAID.” She enunciated the word ‘laid’, making her mission for the night clear to you.
“Is that why you made me take 2 hours to get ready? God, I’m wasting this awesome dress to go see a bunch of old men on horses. I love you, but your taste in men is so questionable.” You carried on whining, shivering in the harsh Swiss night.
You tuned out your best friends arguments to justify her choice in the bar, trying to warm yourself up instead. You and your friend were visiting Switzerland for work, and it was the third night of your 2 month stay. The Swiss were surprisingly passionate about horses, unbeknownst to you until last night.
“-They obviously won’t have the horses in the bar, that’s just where they hang out after the rodeos. They look so sexy, all slightly sweaty and tipsy, wearing the cowboy hats and tight tops.” She dreamily sighed, skipping slightly in the snow as her boots crunched against the floor.
“I’m too cold. Do I look okay or are my cheeks too red?” You looked down at the short dress you were wearing, along with the knee high boots that weren’t doing much at keeping you warm.
“Y/N, come on! You look stunning.” You friend praised you, blowing out a small wolf whistle.
“Thanks, you do look smoking hot yourself.” You gave the compliment back, as she looked out into the distance and saw the illuminating lights of the bar.
“Cmon! There it is!” She squealed, grabbing your hand and running towards it.
You were both giggling like schoolgirls, messing around as you walk up to the bar’s entrance, feeling your lively personality come back as you feel yourself warming up. It was as though your eclectic and bubbly personality was starting to defrost.
Pushing the large wooden door open, you’re both met with a blast of heat that your body gladly welcomes, sending a shiver down your back. As you both walk in, you could feel some glances and glares, but chose to strut down to the bartender.
“2 Shots of vodka, please.” You said smiling at him, looking behind you to see lots of different cowboy hats dispersed, but one specific group of them around your age.
“There ya go, enjoy.” He clinked the two glasses down, as you immediately neck them down you look to your right and already see your best friend talking to someone.
The night went on as the music blasted louder, and more shots were poured as your friend rejoined you.
“We need to go to that group of guys over there. They seem our age and pretty hot.” You yelled over the music to your friend, pointing in their direction.
In reality, you had your eyes on one guy. His cerulean eyes and messy blonde hair kept under his hat had you staring all night. But what you hadn’t known, was he was glancing right back at you.
You and your friends extroverted personality lightened up the vibe of the whole bar, singing along and making friends with new strangers, dancing with people whom you'd just had a shot with. Later into the darkness of the night, the lights had turned down and the music was turned up higher, people dancing on tables, the sweaty aroma had you thinking it was a nightclub.
Your friend had caught the eye of another boy in the circle with the mystery cowboy with the cerulean eyes. As you and your friend were dancing together, you could see them from the corner of your eye, pointing and seeming to be in deep discussion. Your friend spun you around, the alcohol making it seem like you were on a carousel.
You were spun directly in the boy's eyeline, as you shot them a nice smile, directly at the boy you liked. You watched as his friends pushed him around, smiling and laughing; telling him to go talk to you. It was so cliché; like from a movie, where him and his friend come up to you and your friend.
"Hallo damen, can we buy you some drinks?" His deep voice confidently asked, blue eyes boring into yours. "Hey ladies,-"
"Of course!" You both said, as they took your hands individually and lead you to the bartender.
From a couple minutes chatting together you found out that his name was Mick, and his friend was called Sebastian. You and Mick got along really well, having the same sense of humour and similar interests.
"Nice hat." You jokingly plucked it off Mick's head, popping it on your own, confused about the horrified looks on Micks, Sebs and your friends face.
"Oh my God, please don't tell me this is a deep meaningful hat or somethin-" You panicked, hurrying to take it off your head.
"No, no, you can keep it on." Mick embarrassingly said, and watched as your friend and Seb laughed, watching MIck's face blush.
"Mick, I never knew you were that dirty." Seb laughed out, with your friend near to tears from laughing.
"Guys, what does it mean, I'm so confused." You cluelessly whined out, looking at Mick who was also slightly laughing.
"Wear the hat, ride the cowboy." Your friend winks badly at you, watching as your face goes red.
You look awkwardly at Mick, seeing him also blush.
"Y'know what, if my good friend Y/N here is going to be so upfront, I may as well be too." Your friend speaks out, trying to save you some embarrassment as she takes Seb's hat as well.
"Oh schatz, you love to tease hm? Come dance with me." He smiles at her, taking her hand towards the dancefloor.
"God they're disgustingly cute." Mick looks at them with a slight grimace, taking a sip of his beer.
"Yeah, they're like an old couple." You laugh out, looking at Mick with adoration in your eyes.
"You look beautiful you know." He says confidently, taking his hand to rest on your thigh.
"Oh, uhm, thank you." You slightly stutter, taken aback by his sudden confidence.
"Were you not cold out there?" He asks, genuinely concerned.
"Yeah, turns out a dress doesn't provide much heat in the Swiss winter." You said shrugging, confused as you watched him get up.
"Here, have this." He took of his jacket, draping it over shoulders.
"Thanks. How do I ever repay you?" You sigh dreamily, seeing him smile at your sarcastic comments.
"Have a good think." He replied, drinking his beer.
"How about I live up to the cowboy hat's saying?" You smirked, watching him blush.
"That could be arranged." His hand moved higher up your thigh, as you gulp, feeling his large but gentle fingers caress your smooth skin.
You caught your friend's gaze in the crowd, mouthing to her that you were gonna go.
"Now." You blankly said, getting up and taking his hand, pulling him out the bar door.
"Someone's demanding. We'll see about that liebling." He said lowly, clicking some car keys as you saw a slick black BMW light up.
He opened the door for you, letting you sink into the warm leather seats. You could feel the engine roar into life, as he put his arm around the back of your headrest, looking back as he reversed with one hand.
"I honestly thought we'd be majestically riding on the back of a horse." You said quietly, hearing him chuckle.
"Well, believe it or not, but cowboys also have cars." You giggled at his comment, feeling his hand take it's respective place on your thigh again.
He seemed very comfortable behind the wheel, more than most. Speeding where ever he could, over taking cars with ease, but still making sure to keep safe because you were on his side.
His hand slid further and further up your thigh, grazing your clit that was clothed with your lace panties. Your breath hitched as his finger ghosted over your clit, and he noticed this. Closing your eyes, you cursed to yourself at the feeling.
"You okay schatz?" He asked you, right as his fingers swirled circles on your clit, making you let out half a moan before you bit your lip.
He sped up, adding more pressure as you couldn't help but moan his name.
"Liebling, answer me." He said darkly.
"Mhm, mhm. Faster." You moaned out, the sensation sending sparks in your body.
Just as you were expecting things to get more tense, it had suddenly fizzled fast. He ripped his hand away, opening your eyes you realised you were parked outside a large wooden cabin. Mick was by your side, holding the door open for you.
"Tease." You said menacingly, just as he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, as though you weighed nothing.
"Mick, put me do-" You were arguing, laughing in between. Your sweet giggles had stopped when Mick landed a huge spank to your ass.
"That made you quiet real quick. Do you like getting spanked liebe?" He said lowly, taking you up the stairs to his room.
"Mhhm." You managed to pathetically murmur out, as he dropped you gently on the bed.
He took your boots off carefully, chucking them away in an unknown corner. You were about to take the hat off, before Mick interrupts you.
"Keep it on." He commanded, unzipping your dress. His face fell in infatuation. He quickly followed to be your in state, as you hear his belt and other clothing drop to the floor.
"Scheiße, du bist so schön" He muttered to himself, kissing his way all around your body as he loved the black laced set you had on.
You internally thanked yourself for wearing it, arching your back as you were on all 4s, feeling Mick kiss your ass and smack it with his large hand.
"Mickk, fuck me please." You whined, turning around you pull him on the bed.
You looked at his length, standing very hard and tall. He smirked, his ego boosting as you got onto his lap. Teasing him, swirling his cock around your warm, wet entrance he started getting frustrated.
Placing his hands on your hips, he slowly dropped you down onto his cock, as you took every inch of him, feeling every vein flex from your tight walls.
"You're so fucking tight Y/N, shit." He groaned, feeling his tip hit your spot directly.
You rock your hips slowly against his, becoming a moaning mess just from how good it feels. You sped up, bouncing directly on his lap, hearing his bed creak more and more from your frivolous activites.
Landing a smack on your ass every once in a while, your slickness spreading down his cock with every bounce, you heard your ass smacking onto his lap. Mick laid a hand on your back, pushing you towards him, feeling your boobs lay onto his chest.
You kiss his jaw slowly, feeling his knees come up, and his cock start pounding into you at such a fast pace, you couldn't even get a string of moans out right.
"Fuck- Mick, I'm gonna cum-!" Your screams could be heard from anywhere in the empty house, whilst Mick kept hitting your g-spot in every rough thrust.
"Cum liebe." He groaned, feeling you pulsate against him as you had the best orgasm of your life, your legs shaking against his hips. Squeezing your eyes tightly, you could barely control your moans from the unfamiliar fuzzy feeling dominating your body.
Coming down from your high, you look down at Mick, slightly sweaty with his natural blush showing through, and his ocean blue eyes looking into yours as you pull him in for a kiss.
"Mhh, enge I'm going to cum." He groaned out, as you hopped off him, kneeling down as he stroked his cock.
His white cum splattered in your mouth and on your face slightly, as he also became a moaning mess. The sight was too much for him to handle, you on your knees, licking his cum into your mouth.
Getting washed and cleaned up, you both cuddled into the bed you both near destroyed, feeling the sleep beating you. Mick held you close to him, laying his strong protective arm over you. And that's how you both woke up, entangled together in the white sheets, a small golden hour casted on your faces.
A/N; tumblr literally crashed and deleted half of this, so apologies it took ages LMAO. also hope i did alright, i loved this request and was thinking of doing it myself hehe
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Love the teams' social media admins ✨
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Tumblr media
Summary: mick is going through a rough moment and all he wants is to snuggle up in your arms
Pairing: mick schumacher x reader
Warnings: none
Word Count: 895
Tumblr media
Even if Mick loved his job and all the adrenaline rush that came with F1, he hated the part where he had to be away from home for so long. At first it had been difficult to separate from his family, considering that he spent most of his time with them. But when he seemed to have gotten used to loneliness a little more, you came along. It had not been his plan to fall in love with you at any time, he just wanted to be nice to the new girl who had moved into the apartment next to him, but in a short time he saw himself depending on you more than he should, until one day he end up wanting to come back to you after every race. You were his comfort whenever he needed it, you never refused a call or a message even though you were busy. You had become an essential part of his life.
This weekend was no exception. Mexico had been a tough race for Mick. The car did not cooperate and the pressure of not having a seat for the following year fell more and more on his shoulders. On top of all that, not having his people around him took its toll on many nights, missing his parents and his sister, Angie and of course you. It gave him some comfort to know that you and Angie would be waiting for him at home, his apartment where you already spent more time than your own, and he was ready to walk through the door and curl up in your arms for a well-deserved break from everything.
The plane landed after a long haul from Mexico and Mick was almost flying so he could get in his car and get to you as soon as possible. The road that led to his apartment had never been as long as it was right now.
When he finally got the keys out of his pocket and walked through the door, he tossed the overnight bags to the floor and set the suitcase aside. He listened as Angie's footsteps echoed until they reached the entrance, where she threw herself at him with excitement to see her owner after a while.
"Hi girl how are you? have you missed me?" His tone of voice was low when talking to his pet. "I hope you behaved well with mummy"
When he finished greeting Angie, he went directly to his room, knowing that you would already be in bed asleep since it was early in the morning and even if you had wanted to wait for him, your body had not endured sleep. The image that greeted him when he got to the room made him fall more in love with you than he thought he could be. Your body was curled up on the side of his bed, the blankets covering only from your waist down, the rest of your body uncovered revealing one of his Haas jerseys with his number on the back. The image of you in his bed, with his clothes waiting for him asleep so peacefully made him want to hold you for life. He watched you in silence for a few minutes until an impulse got the better of him and he couldn't be apart from you much longer. He changed as fast as he could, stripping off his shirt to just a pair of sweatpants and got into bed next to you as carefully as he could so as not to wake you up, but it was no use when with a small groan you turned towards him.
"Mick?" your sleeping voice sounded adorable to his ears.
"Hey baby, I'm back. I'm sorry I woke you up."
“You haven't woken me up, babe, don’t worry. I have seen the race today. How are you?" you turned on your back, directing all your attention to what you could even while numb. Mick sighed in defeat, and that was your sign that your boy needed a little comfort and love tonight. You surrounded his shoulders with your arm, inciting him to snuggle into your chest, which he did without hesitation twice, sighing again, this time pleased by the comfort you gave him. You caressed his blond hair and his back making meaningless shapes.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked after a while in silence.
“Not now, I just want to relax with you outside of everything. We'll have time to talk about that another moment” his voice sounded like a whisper dragged by the fatigue that filled his body, all your pampering favoring sleep.
"As you wish, love" you didn't press him to speak, but you directly returned to the cuddles, caressing the back of his neck and leaving soft kisses on his forehead, the tip of his nose, his cheek. Mick fell asleep after a short time and you knew it thanks to his relaxed breathing that tickled the crook of your neck. You placed one last final kiss on his forehead before carefully settling down to sleep as well.
"Goodnight baby. I'm sure everything is going to be fine” were your last words before sinking into a deep sleep. Although Mick didn't answer you, you knew very well how grateful he was to have you by his side in these difficult times.
Tumblr media
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