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Prompt: the intimacy of just looking at someone and dissolving into laughter together + Cashton as requested by @lukemichaelcalumashton
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monse spring 2023 rtw
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teresa hi can i ask for cashton for the outfit drawings with calum in E1 and ash in D3 pretty pls ily - monse <3
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hello @lukemichaelcalumashton beloved, here u go, with a lil switcharoo on ash as we discussed.. bonus ashcot too cus i felt like it <3
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@lukemichaelcalumashton hey <3
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Temporary - Oscar Diaz imagine Part 6
"De nada princesa." He winked before stepping out into the yard, a chorus of 'spooky!' coming from the Santos as he closed the door behind him.
A cough from beside me brought me back to earth, turning to see three sets of eyes on me, Ruby and Jamal looking as though I'd killed somebody right then and there and Cesar with a knowing smirk on his face.
"What?" I asked innocently.
"What did you do?" Jamal asked, still stood staring at me with wide eyes.
"I have never, ever, seen an actual smile on that guys face." Ruby muttered, watching the front door as though Oscar would magically walk through it any second.
"He's got a point." Cesar added making my eyes move to him. "He's my brother and I've never heard him call anyone 'princesa' before, let alone offer to let a girl stay over with no repayment, if you get what I mean." He smirked as he looked at me, his eyes holding a knowing glint.
"Maybe I just have that effect on people." I shrugged with a slight laugh. "Anyway, what's this about a school dance?" I asked in attempt to change the subject.
"It's on Friday and we're gunna get freaky with it." Jamal sung as he moved his hips in what I think was supposed to be a 'sexy' way.
"Okay, that's gross." I stated pointing at the younger boy as he slowly stopped dancing, crossing his arms before flopping down on the couch besides me.
"What is with you people and throwing water on my flame?" He groaned to himself.
"Jamal, baby, you need to have a flame for someone to put it out." I spoke with false sympathy, laughing as he rolled his eyes and mimicked me.
"How were the school dances in Cali?" Ruby asked leaning against the kitchen counter as he watched me.
"Uh, I didn't actually go to any." I shrugged thinking back to how me and Jess would just take a couple bites down to the beach and drink the night away.
"You didn't go? Like, to any?" Cesar asked with a surprised look on his face.
"Not that I remember no, I used to just go down to the beach and get drunk." I shrugged with a small smile.
"You should come." He continued making me look up to him in slight confusion. "To our dance." He clarified with a smirk.
"Oh, well in case you haven't realised I finished school a couple years ago, and I didn't even go to yours." I smiled at his offer.
"So? We can bring dates from other schools, or not from school at all, this is freeridge, it's a pretty relaxed deal." He shrugged, the smirk still on his face.
"I'm not sure that's going to a school dance with a fourteen year old is such a great idea." I muttered unsurely.
"You're overthinking things here Lia." Jamal said loudly as he pushed himself up and stood next to Cesar and Ruby. "God, you're definitely related." He spoke to himself as he looked up to the ceiling.
"Hey!" Me and Ruby yelled at the same time making Jamal raise his eyebrows in an 'I told you so' style. "But he's right." Ruby shrugged. "It's nothing serious just a dance, besides, I thought you'd be up for some fun after whatever just happened." He continued.
"Ruby's right." Cesar nodded, all three boys stood watching me and waiting for an answer.
"Fine." I sighed in defeat. "You're on." I smiled.
"Thank you again." I smiled as Oscar grabbed what he needed from his room before spending the night on the couch.
"Ain't nothin'." He shrugged as he headed towards the door, fresh shirt and shorts in hand.
"I'm going to the school dance with your brother." I blurted out stopping him with his hand on the doorknob. "Oh my god that sounded so much stranger out loud." I groaned as I flopped back onto his bed staring at the ceiling.
"Why?" He snorted as he turned round, dumping his stuff on a set of drawers before he stood at the side of the bed looking down at me in a mix of confusion and amusement.
"They was talking about the dance and I mentioned I'd never been to one, then Cesar offered to take me." I shrugged before sitting up and looking up at him. "It's not that strange right?"
"You're 19 and going to a school dance with my brother." He said matter-of-factly as he looked down at me with a raised eyebrow.
"I know it's so weird." I half groaned, half laughed as I thought about what I had agreed to. "You know you don't have to sleep out there right? I'm more than happy to, this is your bed after all." I mentioned, running my fingers through my tangled hair.
"A princesa should sleep on a bed, not a couch." He gave me a small smile and a shrug.
"And what about a caballero?" I asked making him look at me in confusion. "Well, you were my night in shinning armour." I teased with a smirk, and I'm sure, I saw a hint of pink lining his cheeks before he cleared his throat and it was gone. "Oscar Diaz get your culo into the bed before I tell all your little home boys that you cried at Marley and me." I smirked knowing that seeing Spooky Diaz crying earlier was going to come in handy, not that he'd admit he was.
"A) I wasn't crying, and b) even if I was you wouldn't dare." He muttered narrowing his eyes at me although the small smirk on his face let me know that he wasn't quite 100% serious.
"Try me." I smirked.
I let out a laugh as he sighed loudly throwing his head back before huffing his way over to the opposite side of the bed, pulling his top over his head before throwing himself down dramatically.
"You're such a drama queen, you know that?" I laughed as I lifted the cover and settled down on the pillow.
"Let's remember who's bed this is yeah." He muttered, both of us laid on our backs and watching the plain white roof.
"Was you close to them? Your parents I mean." I whispered remembering Ruby saying that the Diaz brothers had been alone for the majority of Cesar's childhood.
"My mum died when I was younger, couple years after Cesar was born, I don't remember much about her other than she was a jumped up crackhead." He muttered, my eyes widening slightly at how blunt and open he was being about it. "Me and my dad were kinda close when it came to gang business, I guess, but other than that I barely knew the man personally." I felt him shrug from his place besides me. "What about you?" He asked making me scoff quietly.
"Well, I don't know if you've noticed or not but me and my mum don't exactly have the greatest relationship. She's constantly on my ass trying to put me down, she tried her hardest to make me into the housewife that she's always been, and that's just not me." I shrugged laughing slightly. "But my dad." I trailled of with a sigh, a small smile on my face. "He's the greatest man I've ever met, I mean sure, he's had some troubles in the past but he's always put me and mum above it all. Even when it costs him more than he has, he always finds a way to make sure we're alright." I smiled at the thought of the hero that was my dad.
"He sounds like a good man." Oscar whispered making me turn to face him only to realise that he was already watching me.
"He is." I whispered with a small smile, my eyes captured by his as the familiar butterflies from earlier suddenly reappeared, his eyes moving between my own and my lips.
Not risking another interruption he quickly leant forwards and captured my lips with his own, moving our lips against each other's slowly, the cliché of butterflies and fireworks never really making much sense to me until this moment, when I felt it all.
I kept my eyes closed as we slowly pulled away, his forehead resting against mine as he released my bottom lip with a slight pop. Taking a deep breath I opened my mouth to speak before I was interrupted by a quick kiss on my lips before he pulled back completely.
"Sorry, I uh, I shouldn't have done that." He said quietly, looking into my eyes briefly before reaching over and playing with the small 'D' pendant that hung around my neck. "I know you got a boyfriend." He muttered scowling, dropping the necklace as though it had burned him.
"It's alright Oscar." I smiled slightly, bringing my hands up to the sides of his face my thumb rubbing his jawline gently. "I'm done with him, enough is enough, right." I shrugged making him chuckle slightly.
"It's okay." I smiled bringing my hands to the sides of his face, my thumb rubbing over his jawline gently. "I'm not with him anymore." I shrugged making him chuckle slightly.
"Good." He smirked, placing his hands on he sides of my face forcing me to let go of his and hold onto his wrists instead. Giving me one more smirk he leaned in placing his lips against mine as his hands disappeared from my face, reaching behind my neck as I felt the weight of the necklace disappear.
Pulling away I couldn't help but laugh as Oscar threw the necklace towards the drawers opposite his bed, the small chain sliding across the surface before dropping down the back. Letting out a chuckle of his own he laid himself down pulling me towards him do that my head was resting on his chest, his arm wrapping around me waist from behind while his other was folded under his head.
"Night Lia." He mumbled, placing a small kiss on my forehead.
"Goodnight Oscar." I whispered into the otherwise silent room, placing a brief kiss to his bare chest before drifting off into the darkness.
"Aye Spooky! Where you at?" Accompanied by a know at the door make me jump the next morning as I was getting myself a glass of water in Oscars kitchen the next morning.
Since I'd always been an early bird, as my mother would put it, it was no surprise that I had woken up before Oscar and Cesar, my head resting on Oscars chest with his arms wrapped around me tightly.
"Spooky man, open up!" A different voice called from outside again accompanied by a know that was more like banging.
Sighing to myself I debated whether to go and wake Oscar or to just answer the door myself, yet another knock on the door answering my question for me.
"Can I help you?" I asked as I opened the door to be met with the same Santo that had stepped up to Diego yesterday along with another one that I recognised from the Monse and Cesar fight, the one who tried to step up to me, bitch.
"Where's Spooky?" The bitch asked as he looked me up and down with smirk, only then did I remember that I was in the same clothes I'd slept in, a pair of Oscar's boxers and my tank top, luckily I had remembered to put my bra back on when I'd gotten up this morning.
"How 'bout you show me a little respect before I slam this door in your culo feo." I smiled sarcastically crossing my arms over my chest before the other guy got my attention.
"Hey, uh, Lia right?" He asked with furrowed brows like he was trying to remember. "I was there when your boy came for you." He smiled slightly.
"Right." I nodded. "Thank you for that." I smiled sincerely, genuinely thankful that he had stepped in.
"I'm sad eyes by the way." He smiled as he stuck his hand out for me to shake. "And that's Johnny." He nodded over to his companion.
"Lia." I smiled putting my hand in his and shaking it lightly. "But you already knew that." I laughed.
"Is spooky here or what?" Johnny huffed against the door frame, once again letting his eyes roam my half naked body.
"Spooky's gunna kick the shit outta you if you don't stop looking at her like that." Cesar's voice made me jump as he came to the door with a glass of juice in one hand. "Here." He smiled as he handed me the juice while taking the water from my other hand.
"Oh, thank you C." I smiled as I took a sip. "Oh shit yeah, you guys wanna come in?" I asked quickly remembering the two Santos stood waiting in the doorway.
"Thanks." Sad eyes laughed as he made his way in, fist bumping Cesar on his way.
"Apologise." I said, putting my arm across the doorway before Johnny could walk in, looking up at him with a smirk as he glared down at me. "Apologise for acting like a jackass or you can wait for Spooky out in the yard." I shrugged as he looked at me in disbelief. "Oh, and it rained last night so the couch is slightly damp." I shrugged again as I went to close the door before his hand stopped me.
"Alright, I'm sorry." He smiled sarcastically as he tried to take a step inside.
"You're sorry for what exactly?" I smirked as I stepped in his way again, getting a kick of amusement at the scowl on his face. "Well, I'm waiting." I sighed tapping my invisible watch on my wrist.
"I'm sorry for being a jackass." He groaned rolling his eyes. "Happy?" He sighed as he looked down at the smirk on my face.
"Very." I smiled as I moved out of his way to let him in, closing the door behind him.
"Aye spooky! Where you been man? Damn hyna trying to make me wait inside." Johnny cheered as Oscar appeared from the hallway in nothing but the pair of shorts that he'd slept in last night.
Sure, Oscar Diaz wasn't exactly rocking an eight pack and abs of steal, but my god was he something to look at first thing in the morning. I couldn't help but blush as his eyes landed on me, scanning me up and down quickly before he looked back to Johnny, giving him an uninterested look before shaking his head and heading into the kitchen.
"Lia." He called looking over his shoulder at me. "Come here a second." He added, motioning for me to go over to him.
"What's up?" I asked standing next to him as he opened the fridge only to from when it came up empty.
"I was gunna ask if you wanted anything but I gotta go to the store." He groaned rubbing a hand over his tanned head.
"I can take a walk to that cafe down the street, mama coco's is it?" I asked recalling seeing the small cafe a few times since I'd been back in town.
"Nah." He muttered shaking his head, closing the fridge and heading back into the living room. "Johnny, go down to mamma coco's and grab me a coffee and one of those roll things I like." He told him before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a twenty and throwing it onto the Santos lap.
"Do you normally sleep with cash on you?" I asked amused knowing that he had slept in those very shorts. "My bad." I giggled as he turned to look at me with an eyebrow raised and an amused smirk playing on his lips.
"Nah, the girl just offered man." Johnny shrugged as he picked up the cash and held it out for me to take.
"I don't care." Oscar muttered as he pushed his outstretched hand away. "What do you want?" He asked looking over his shoulder at me.
"I'll have a tea with two sugars please." I smiled at him. "Oh! And a blueberry muffin!" I added excitedly, smirking when Johnny rolled his eyes.
I laughed as Johnny stood up with a huff before making his way out of the house, with one last laugh I made my way back to Oscars room to put on my clothes from yesterday since the rest of my stuff was back at Ruby's.
"Weren't you wearing that yesterday?" Monse's voice made me jump as I made my way back into the living room that was now occupied by Oscar, Sad eyes and the core 4, plus Olivia. The core 4 was dotted around the room, Sad eyes was laid back on the recliner in the corner while Oscar and Olivia was on the couch, their thighs brushing slightly, a wave of jealousy washing over me before I shook it off, he wasn't mine, I had no right to be jealous over silly little things like that.
"Uh yeah, I haven't been back to Ruby's because, well, ya know." I shrugged slightyl before turning to the blonde girl. "You must be Olivia." I smiled over at the young girl, I'd never met her before, or even heard of her before mum and Geny told me about he staying.
"That's me." She smiled. "You're Lia right?" She said, crossing one leg over the other subconsciously pushing hers and Oscars legs closer together.
"And my date to the dance on Friday." Cesar grinned as he came over to where I was stood and out his arm over my shoulders.
"Strictly friends only, got it." I raised my eyebrows as I looked to him, making him chuckle and nod in agreement.
"Since when are you taking her?" Monse asked confused, ignoring the looks that the rest of the crew was giving her instead opting to keep her attention on me and Cesar.
"Since last night when she told me that she'd never been to her own school dances." He shrugged casually, to him it was no big deal but I could see I'm Monse's eyes that she was hurting.
"You know I don't have to go, not if you two were planning on going together." I said quickly, not looking to be in the middle of a teenage love triangle or whatever this shit was.
"Nah, we're just friends, right monse?" Cesar shrugged as he pulled me close to his side, Monse not missing the gesture.
"Right." She mumbled looking at the ground just as Johnny stormed in and threw a paper bag down onto the ktichen counter before putting the drinks down considerably gentler.
"Oh food!" I grinned as I pulled away from Cesar's hold, jumping up on the counter and opening up the bag, immediately pulling out my blueberry muffin and digging in, sending a muffin filled smile in Johnny's direction. "Gracias." I smirked as he shook his head and leant against the wall.
"Aye where's mine foo'?" Oscar piped up, leaning forward in his seat, resting his elbows on his knees as he watched me finish my muffin, throwing the wrapper to the side before taking a sip of my tea.
"I'm the bag." I shrugged with a smirk, watching as his eyes lit up with amusement while Ruby and Jamal watched with horror on their faces.
"Is that right?" He asked smirking at me with an eyebrow raised.
"That's right." I nodded as I blew into the lid of my tea before taking another sip.
"You not gunna bring it here?" He asked tilting his head to the side slightly like a confused puppy.
"I'm sorry, remind me how much you're paying me to be your waitress again?" I asked sarcastically, laughing as Ruby and Jamal's eyes widened that little bit more.
"I'll get it for you Mr Spooky Sir." Jamal said quickly getting up from his seat and rushing towards the bag only for me to grab the bad and hold it behind my back.
"Nu-Uh." I muttered shaking my head with a chuckle. "I'm gunna need the owner of the bag to come and collect it thank you." I smirked looking from Jamal to Oscar who was watching me with an amused smile on his face before he pushed himself to his feet and walked over.
"I'm right here." He smirked making Jamal jump as he appeared behind him. "Can I get my food now?" He asked as Jamal scurried back to his spot making me laugh.
"Of course." I grinned handing the bag over. "What do I get for keeping it safe for you?" I asked quietly, knowing that the other people in the room were watching the interaction.
"I could think of something." He muttered, a smirk on his face as he stepped closer.
"Oh yeah?" I smirked back as he took another step so that we were basically chest to chest only having to look up at him slightly from where I was sitting on the counter.
"Yeah." He mumbled before taking my head in his hands and bringing his lips down on mine in a slow but butterfly filled kiss.
The joint "Oh my god." From Ruby and Jamal making us pull apart slowly with small smiles on both our faces.
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Tumblr media
Welcome to Freeridge, Preppy!
Tumblr media
Description: In which you’re Monse’s preppy school girl friend from afar who comes to Freeridge after a huge blow out with your parents and boyfriend, deciding to stay for the summer and work at Jamal’s family bbq joint.
Oscar X Black!Reader 😍
And the attraction is undenying!
It didn’t take long for Oscar Diaz to be alarmed to your arrival. It was all any and everyone could talk about. A rich school girl coming to freeridge? Oh yeah, she was far away from her side of the tracks. But that’s not even the case.
It was your beauty. Your beauty had eyes from every set of gang in South Central Los Angeles by their necks.
Tumblr media
(Gif credited.)
“Look if you don’t want me here, Monse just say that. I don’t care where you live or where you came from! I can leave now and get a hotel, but I figured I would come and see a friend.” You bickered pacing the floor of her bedroom, of course you didn’t give them any warning. You just showed up out the blue.
You and Monse were supposed to spend that weekend together anyways, but she cancelled on you last minute with no reasoning, but you soon found out through her half-siblings father that her father lost his job. Of course before this you never really heard of Freeridge, California. “It’s not that I don’t want you here, Y/N! It’s not safe for you to be here in Freeridge.” You huffed because you really needed a friend and out of all the times you been here for Monse she wouldn’t spare you a week or two. You were tired of living off your parents, plus you wanted to do all the things here she promised you.
“Um, you’re the one who told me to come here and we could hang out whenever. But okay.” You reached down for your duffel bag.
She sighed. “I’m sorry, okay?! How long you plan on staying?” You looked at her. “I’m not. It’s fine, I’ll see you when school starts.” You were upset and maybe you over reacted but damn, you needed a friend and whenever you needed someone Monse was never there. She cared more for her friends here than she did you, you were almost always there for her. Many times she cried over her ex, all you ask was her to be here for you and let you crash for a week, you weren’t a freeloader. If it was money that was the problem, you would gladly contribute.
“Y/n. You can stay. Don’t be like that.”
You folded your arms looking at her. She took your duffel bag and placed it in the corner of the room. She hugs you. “It’ll be great. You being here.” You hug her back, irritated and frustrated with her. “First things first, you know a place I can get a part time job while I’m here?” She stepped back and grinned. “I do! But, why would you want a job? I mean, no offense but you’re loaded. Rich people don’t have to work.” I nod. “Exactly. Don’t have to. But I want to.” That was the difference people never saw, you always worked. Every since you were fifteen. This wasn’t new to you, you earned your keep. Always. Sure you had a loaded bank account and a pending inheritance but, you worked.
You might be a preppy school girl from a preppy college but you were… not bougie.
Well, maybe a little but you never went out your way to make others feel as if they weren’t good enough or wealthy enough to be your friend, let alone around you. But little did you know, you might be solid wherever you go but college Monse and Freeridge Monse were far different. “How about you shower and than dress? We can take things from there.” Monse smiled at you. You nod looking through your bag, finding something a little toned down. “Just don’t wear green.” She warns. “Okay.” You didn’t ask questions just did as she told. After you showered, dressed and did your makeup, you walked down the hall of her home hearing some talking, sounded like guys and a girl. Turning the corner, you came face to face with the friends she would go on and on about and the ones she had fell off with the minute she got to college.
Tumblr media
“Oh dear God.” The black boy spoke up, he was quite handsome. Very handsome. So was the other two boys with at the table. “This is her?” This girl says as she took some air from her inhaler, the shorter boy, you’re taking as Ruby kept his eyes glued on you. He found you attractive but you didn’t return the favor. You thought he was handsome, but not your type. “Hi,” you spoke up with a warm and welcoming smile.
Tumblr media
You just wondered why they all stared at you like this. Or why the girl with the inhaler was sizing you up like you were the enemy, you furrowed your eyebrows. “I’m Jasmine.” She spoke up. Now it all made sense. “Hi, Jasmine.” You smile again. “See him.” She pointed to Ruby. “Off limits, new girl. Got that?” You let out a little laugh, Ruby muttered something under his breath. “You have no problem there, I have a boyfriend.” You informed. “I bet you I can please you way better,” the black boy sooke causing me to laugh awkwardly at his little sense of humor. “Jamal! Don’t be dirty.” Monse slaps the back of his head, sitting next to the other boy. “I take it, you’re Ceasar?”
Tumblr media
He nods his head. “Yeah, I’m Ceasar.” He nods his head at you, “And you are?” Monse butted in. “This is my cousin,” she lies. You slightly frowned at her introduction. Why was she lying? Should you be flattered?! You didn’t know. “She came down for a few weeks.” And he was just as good looking as she told you. Minus the ugly black eye and scratches on the side of his face— he was fine. You could see why Monse was so crazy about him no matter what she said out her mouth. “Hi,” you went along with her lie. “I’m Y/N.” Jamal leans forward to speak. “Please, if you’re gonna say another dirty joke, don’t speak.” You laugh softly.
Tumblr media
“My apologies, I get nervous around beautiful women.” You slightly blushed.
Tumblr media
I nod. “Touchè. I’ll take the compliment.” Jasmine budded in, “Hey. Is that your range parked out front?” Jasmine asks me, you nod your head. “Yeah. So what is it you guys do for fun around here? Plus I’m starving. That was a long ride.” You were exhausted but you was also hungry. “We can all go to Jamal’s fathers bbq joint.” Jasmine suggest with a warming smile, you thought she was a very pretty girl and you also heard she was funny too, you looked forward to making friends with her. “Oh yeah!” Monse smiled. “You can also see about a job there, I know that he’s hiring since Jamal over here quit on him. And so did Ceasar.”
“He doesn’t sound like a promising boss,” you joke.
They both laughed. “He is. We just didn’t want to spend all hours there, but yeah let’s all go.” You nod, grabbing your purse, “How about I drive?” Monse grins. You shrug tossing her the keys, and like ants you all scurried out the front door, getting in the passenger seat, Monse got in the driver seat, blasting the music as you drove through Freeridge, only to see this fine ass man outside talking to a bunch of other men. And you knew he was not Jamal’s father. At least from your knowledge, he dressed toned. A white wife beater, some shorts. “Whose that?” You pointed to him.
Tumblr media
“Oh that’s Spooky,” Jamal answers getting out. “I would stay away from him if I were you,” The guy must’ve heard him because he burst out laughing. Jasmine just looked at him slightly as she sat inches away from him, you wondered why she sat so far from him but with a name like Spooky, you knew he was no good. “This must be preppy,” he pointed to you as he stood to his feet. “Excuse me?” You furrowed your eyebrows. He laughs. “The preppy school girl?” He enlighten. He stood to his feet, taller than your small frame. You couldn’t help but stare because the man was too fine for words. He reminded you a lot of your boyfriend Ez. But boy, you found him so much more attractive. His eyes were just… inviting.
You folded you arm. “The names Y/N.”
“And I’ll call you preppy,” he says with the same amount of attitude you gave him, everyone looked at the two of you exchanging words. “Jamal!” You turned your head seeing a man coming out with a shirt that read, ‘Dwayne’s Joint BBQ’ You could see the resemblance so you knew without a doubt he was Jamal’s father. “Yes!?” Jamal fussed. “Get in here, since you’re here! Help me set these tables.” Everyone except you walked inside, you was too intrigued with Spooky. And he was just as intrigued, “Hyna.” He called out, you frowned. “Hyna?” He nods. “Hyna.” You shook her head, he looked you over. “What does that even mean?” He laughs. “It means, girl.” You nod. “Oh okay. Well, bye.” You sprinted towards the door, but not before taking another glance at the beautiful man behind you. And he stole a glance as well.
“Welcome to Freeridge, Preppy.” He chuckled.
@rainedabrat16 @skyesthebomb @laylasbunbunny
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Tumblr media
Jazzelle Zanaughtti for Monse, Fall 2021
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Tumblr media
Monse Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection
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MONSE Fall/Winter RTW 2022 (part 2) if you want to support this blog consider donating to: ko-fi.com/fashionrunways    
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
fic moodboard concept in honor of @lukemichaelcalumashton birthday: 5 times ashton did a trick for calum + 1 time calum performed the ultimate trick
in which calum is charmed by the local park magician when he babysits his nephew, they fall in love in the process and ashton got a bunny called bugs.
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monse spring 2023 rtw
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mmmm drawing suggestions? perhaps some stranger things characters if you wish maybe eddie and or steve or max :) -monse <3
Tumblr media
oof first attempt at this guy fhgjdkjfg hope u like him @lukemichaelcalumashton <3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Fic concept: cashton at the zoo for @lukemichaelcalumashton
Every year for Ashton's birthday, Calum drives them both to the zoo. They try to go to a different one every year, although at some point they've visited all the ones in their area and Ashton thinks they will just makes the rounds again, or that Calum will get bored and try to change it up. Maybe just go on a hike somewhere pretty, or do something else entirely. But Calum does no such thing. He takes him back to the same zoo once, which Ashton tells him he's happy with, but Calum isn't. "You love new things, you love an adventure," Calum keeps saying, in between tender kisses or over a shared meal. "Let me give you that." And so the next year he gifts Ashton a pass to walk with tigers, which is the best day of Ashton's life, and then he starts taking him to animal parks on the other side of the country, and then to other countries entirely. There are new animals every year, snakes bigger than he's seen before, wolves, exotic birds Ashton would never have dreamed of seeing. He gets a walk with tigers again, because Calum knows he loves them most, but he does ask if there's a way to get close to red pandas, too. There is, and it's another wonderful birthday. Then again, Calum is all he needs for a perfect birthday, sentiment only reenforced by the fact that he insists on making Ashton so happy every year. And every time he goes to sleep wrapped in his lover's arms at the end of these special days, his only wish is to spend the next one with him, and all the other ones after that, too.
Happy birthday Monse 🖤
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