#I don't like the movie either
synonymroll648 · 27 days ago
the ultimate off-page kotlc love triangle was between brant and jolie and vertina. discuss. 
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caladir · 6 months ago
so fucking sick of popular creators still mentioning harry potter like it's nothing, and thinking that tacking on a quick "obviously jk rowling sucks, but - " like no. that's not enough. why are we STILL just letting it slide when people talk about how much they're still invested in the franchise and how they plan on continuing to consume its installments after everything. you cannot separate rowling from her creation. her bigotry is baked into it. how many times does it have to be said???
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stardustedknuckles · 8 months ago
Oh man I didn't realize until literally just now that Vox Machina is the definitive first commercially successful dnd based show. There's no other dnd phenomenon that's come out this way. This could be the start of so much to come - for them and maybe even for some of the other ttrpg shows that have swept through popular culture these past few years.
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shadeswift99 · 8 months ago
"Redemption arcs are an overdone and badly executed trope" factoid is actually just statistical error. Redemption Arcs Mythicalsausage, who spent episodes after his Xornoth possession systematically apologizing to the people he hurt and working to regain their trust while also giving them ample space to forgive him or not forgive him in their own time, as well as setting up an accountability network to keep himself from falling into evil again, is an outlier adn SHOULD be counted because oh my god it is so refreshing to see someone actually make their redemption a real arc instead of just a tacked-on excuse and a guilt trip -
#Mythicalsausage#empires smp#the next time someone asks me why i watch series like this instead of mainstream shows and movies anymore I'm just going to show them this#because you have NO IDEA how good this feels#it's a redemption arc that doesn't make me feel bad!! it doesn't give me an inexplicable sinking feeling!!#it's not focused on guilt! it's not about Sausage feeling guilty and down on himself for the things he did#and it's not about guilting other people for not immediately accepting that he's cool now either!#and there's REALISTIC ON SCREEN HEALING TIME?? Both physically and emotionally? For everyone??#it's too good to be true#it's so so so good in so many ways#how the things he did have lasting repercussions that don't disappear when he decides to turn over a new leaf#but also the consequences don't isolate or punish him in a way that makes the viewer wonder why he bothered trying at all#the way he takes accountability for things and doesn't push away other people's pain#while ALSO having a clear boundary in terms of how much accusation he'll take before reminding people that he was in fact possessed#and he gave his tools to Gem#it's a tiny detail but i swear I'm going to cry about it#he gave his corrupted tools to Gem...for safekeeping...#and he can ask her for them back and use them for a bit if he needs to if she asks him a few questions to know why and that he's safe#but he gave them to her to keep because he didn't trust himself with them at that point and that's just... that's good. that's very good.#that's genuine very good coping right there#....yeah it's been a Day apparently I am in fact tearing up over this#but the arc is good okay! it's very good!!#sausage <3#this man can WRITE
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0hheytherebigbadwolf · 7 months ago
Okay, I’m just all up in my Hale Family Feels™ today, apparently.
In “Magic Bullet,” Derek says he and Laura were at school when the fire was started at their house. Eleven people were trapped inside. Peter survived, so that makes ten. Mark off Cora, too, since they thought she died, that’s nine, and of course, Talia. Which leaves eight more. Who are the other eight people??? And it was also said some were human. And that there were children. Plural. More than one. 
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bonefalchion · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
When you find out that Ao3 has less than 100 fics for a novel/show and now you gotta fuel yourself
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ravenkings · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i, personally, have no intention of seeing blonde, but i do agree that watching the tendency in some internet/fan spaces of engaging in art and culture criticism purely as a metric as to whether one work or another should be allowed to exist based on a system of black-and-white moral judgement seeping into the critical mainstream to be.......troubling.......to say the least
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the-halfling-prince · 4 months ago
Me: what I'm totally neurotypical idk what you're talking about-
The the little annoying voice inside my head that I argue with for fun: Remember that summer after eighth grade where you watched How to Train Your Dragon four times every single day for two months and by the time summer was over you could quote the entire goddamn movie by heart?
Me: what that didn't- This is Berk, it's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It is located solidly on the meridian of mis-
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canongf · a month ago
eddie comes to after the bat bites and finds out that i saved his life in the upside down and insists that he owes me one. i tell him he doesn’t owe me anything but he pushes. “come on, what do you want? my van? my guitar? you want me to be your manservant?” and i laugh and i look at him and i say “how about... just a movie?” and after a second he realizes that that is me asking him on a date and he smiles real big and says “fuck yeah.” and we’re both happy. :)
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kairiaka · 19 days ago
So, I just saw Lightyear...
It's not a bad film. The acting isn't bad. Chris Evans as Buzz isn't bad. The visuals-- no brainer-- aren't bad.
However, as a (self-proclaimed) Toy Story aficionado, I fail to see why this was made. Pixar wanted to make their own origin story for Buzz... But it leaves more questions than it bothered to answer. The biggest one: if this Buzz is what inspired the toy, I don't think the first Toy Story would've played out the same way. (I also don't think Buzz would've talked as much. He would've been way more quiet, more melancholy. And the scene where he's depressed and waiting for Sid to blow him up suddenly becomes a lot darker.)
I don't think it's better than the 90s/00s cartoon, but it tried its hardest to be compared to it. If you haven't, watch Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins-- do it. It still actually holds up pretty well after all this time. Watch that, and tell me you can't see where ideas weren't lifted.
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batshit-birds · 7 months ago
Bro what??
Tumblr media
so i'm on call with my mom, right, rambling about B-man's character.
music box / circus music starts playing from up the street. It's night. No one is out. No windows are open. It's just me sitting in front of my house. That's pretty weird, right? As soon as I look around to try and find it, the music stops, and i shrug it off & continue the conversation. A few minutes later, it starts playing again.
From right across the street in front of me.
unlike every horror movie character ever, i immediately went inside - what makes this worse is in the store the other day i saw a kid carrying around a Chucky doll. yeah. what the actual fuck
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tearlessrain · 5 months ago
the only metric that should be used to determine whether an adaptation of Cats is good is “if cats could comprehend human media, would they approve of this”
a cat would approve of the stage show but be deeply insulted by the movie for the same reason a cat’s dignity can survive the most unhinged case of zoomies but not having a made up song sung about him. I will not elaborate further.
#actually I will elaborate but I will do so in the tags just to be difficult#the entire reason the stage show is good but the movie isn't exists on a micro level in the song bustopher jones#the poem/song in itself is making fun of neighborhood cats that mooch food off the whole street#but in its original intent it's clearly doing so affectionately and in a way that assigns a certain degree of dignity and respect to the cat#same vibe as in the modern day when you refer to your cat as a distinguished gentleman#even though he fell out of his cat tree trying to lick his own butt five minutes ago#the stage show captures that energy and exaggerates it and creates a highly likable character as a result#and then there's the movie#I'll admit it started off pretty strong in comparison to the wholesale character assassination of jenny anydots#but it quickly devolved the same way into something that holds absolutely no regard for the intent of the source material#it goes out of its way to strip all of the dignity and likable qualities from the character in its interpretation#and goes straight to mean-spirited mockery of everything we liked about the poem and the character in the first place#it doesn't feel like it understands that the song is about a genre of cat people encounter and not a specific person#either that or whoever directed it just really hates that type of cat#or completely forgot they were making a movie about cats but that seems unlikely because the movie is called cats#anyway that's why a cat would approve of the first but be insulted by the latter if it could understand either#cats definitely don't have the same concept of dignity as humans but they inarguably have one
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geekgirl101 · 4 months ago
Ok Please Tell me I’m Crazy
Please! Tell me I’m crazy. Cause Billy and Tommy are children and now somewhere in the aether. Cassie’s in the MCU--Quantumania. Kate’s in her 20′s. America has now been introduced... we have Kamala and Riri coming..... 
And even though they hinted at Eli in Falcon. I think they’re sadly going to combine Eli and elements of Rayshaun... 
That means we’re not getting a Young Avengers movie or a Champions movie. We’re getting a Marvel Rising. Instead of Squirrel Girl and Spider-Gwen, we’re getting Cassie and Kate.
And I’m not ok with this.
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worstloki · a year ago
infinity war and endgame: *presents near 6 hours of superhero content filled with various characters and storylines and a timeskip*
loki fans, as they should: *focus on the collective less-than-5-minutes of time Loki was on-screen or mentioned*
#there is a right to be mad after what happened#it is rather funny though that so many of the questions asked about the movie are literally about loki though#you can't just trash a beautiful character arc and then pretend the guy is going to die that easily too#@ marvel so is loki done being low-key suicidal or not#bc either he wasn't done recovering and therefore hadn't reached the end of his arc#or he wasn't done recovering and therefore hadn't reached the end of his arc#because he didn't even try to fight thanos with more than a knife#and I know there's trauma and ignoring that he can literally resurrect he still goes ahead and confronts an abuser#but then zooming in on his face too? making every other bad father also get a 'but he loved his kid and that's what matters' moment? BAD#so disrespectful to never even go on to acknowledge that Loki changed#Thor calls him the worst and then never mentions him again#not properly#in the end loki died and it's like that was just cut out from the rest of the narrative#thor already had the motive to want Thanos dead#it served no narrative purpose but to remove a character and that's the worst part about his death#he just#died#at the hands of an abuser who is treated like a righteous protagonist through the movie#and that's treated as if insignificant#so anyway yeah I still don't think Loki is dead and there's a bunch of legit in-universe reasons for it#but there's also the out-of-universe reason which has me raising a very judgemental eyebrow at the russos
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mulderscully · 3 months ago
i have no horse in the kid ships on st bc i don’t care but i have to say, i do think that it makes more narrative sense at this point for el and mike to break up and for them to explore mike and will’s relationship. not even because i ship anything but just bc as el has so much trauma, she has been through so much and i feel like she just needs to learn to be a kid without a boyfriend and she needs therapy and to be with her dad again. 
and will needs to stop being sidelined and i think having his sexuality explored and his feelings for mike maybe being reciprocated would be very refreshing instead of having mike react poorly or something. i see so many people on twitter talking about mike and eleven having to get married and have kids and it’s like. they’re kids. and i love me some childhood friends to lovers and who knows who will end up with who but i think leaving it open ended on both ends while el and will promise not to let a boy get between them would be the most realistic and best writing choice? i dunno. 
i feel like this is true for all the ships ngl. i personally ship nancy and jonathan and i think their relationship is far better written than steve and nancy’s (though i love steve as much as the next tumblrina!) but them breaking up is like. it happens? 
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spaceytrash · 8 months ago
Never getting over the fact that the first ever interaction between the Goblin and Doc Ock in the Spidey films was in No Way Home and it was that fruity. Like they acted like long lost ex boyfriends who still pine for each other I can't deal with this it's too good
And no reviewer even mentions it. Or at least I haven't seen a single one do. I mean c'mon Goblin calls Otto honey I'm never getting over this how can you not mention it.
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L and Light’s relationship is basically just the Joker and Batman. 
I need to preface this by saying that I’ve only really watched the Lego Batman Movie. My point still stands
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