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thatssolavellan · 5 months ago
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sometimes I love r/dragonage
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cassandrapentayaaaaas · 28 days ago
The fact that Xenon the Antiquarian either says “I liked your old nose better,” or laughs his ass off at you every time you use the Mirror of Transformation is one of the main reasons for his being my favorite character in the whole of the Dragon Age franchise.
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sluttyquarantinetheory · a month ago
"Why does my back hurt?" I ask as I sit like Xenon the Antiquarian.
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agirlwithadiary · 10 months ago
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I was going to say something stupid like "no! You have enough hands as it is!" But then I realised he was talking about the marked hand....🤡. The anchor...🤡🤡����
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nivenor-krosis · a year ago
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My gift to the Dragon Age community, my legacy : XENON !
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death-rebirth-senshi · a year ago
I'm just saying. Characters named Isabela, Anders, Varric, and Carver canonically exist in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Reyes shares a voice actor with male Hawke. Draw your own conclusions about who "Reyes Vidal" may or may not have been in the past.
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rusya-pics · 4 months ago
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Dragon Age: Inquisition | Black Emporium & Xenon the Antiquarian
The Black Emporium shall not be held liable for death, demonic possession, or hives resulting from improper use of the product.
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black-emporium-exchange · 20 days ago
Creators have been revealed!
First: Creators have been revealed! This year was an absolute knock out of the park as far as works! We had so many truly blessed works, over a wide range of relationships, ratings, and settings! Some of the relationships for this year were brand new to the Black Emporium; others, old faves.
But they have all been fantastic. Today, in the hours before reveals, we managed to give treats to EVERYONE who signed up this year! While treats are never mandatory, the BE mod team finds it incredible that we have so many people who are willing to put in extra work to make sure everyone can have a little bit more rare pair happiness!
If you would like, please feel free to advertise your works on your tumblrs/other social media now, redate works if you wish to today’s date, and/or make rec lists of works in the exchange you’ve enjoyed! IF you at us with recs lists, we will reblog them here!
If you haven’t yet, please visit the collection and leave some kudos/comments for our writers and artists!
Thank you to everyone who participated! Thank you to those who were able to leave feedback on various works in the exchange, those who wrote their assignments, and those who wrote treats as well. We have always been impressed by how giving this community is — this year has been no exception! Thank you for warming the cockles of Xenon the Antiquarian’s heart — and believe us, that’s hard to do. Even Thaddeus Gigantus Crumbum the Third cracked a smile when he saw your generosity!
However, we also know that this was a year of adjustments for BE as well. Since we changed sign-up forms this year, we’ll be circulating a request for feedback within the next twenty-four hours. This will be to re-evaluate changes from this year as well as various ways we’ve done BE in the past. We really encourage you to leave feedback; the form is anonymous because we want to capture people’s true thoughts. Feedback like this really helps us figure out how to develop BE for future rounds. We will be soliciting feedback for a couple weeks, and then mulling it over; by the time the next year’s round starts, we will notify you of any new rules or procedural changes.
Thank you once again, and we look forward to seeing your feedback (and seeing you next year)!
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deardaaery · 7 months ago
scrimblo bimblo and glup shitto For any fandom you wish! <3
Gibberish Tumblr Fandom Terms Asks
(Click link for glossary of terms)
I'm so glad you gave me a wild card free reign because we are gonna talk about DRAGON AGE
Scrimblo Bimblo - Hmmm I feel like it's hard to pick "Underrated" because I feel like every main/major character has a big following as well as people who vocally are not into them but, I'm gonna go with Sebastian Vael from Dragon Age 2.
Glup Shitto - I am HYPED to tell you all about my favoritest glup shitto in all of my fandoms...CHAUNCEY THE TINY BEAR
So in Dragon Age Inquisition there is this DLC where you buy high level equipment and it's run by this guy named Xenon the Antiquarian and he is this ancient immortal being who deals goods anywayyyy he has a curio shop of oddities and there is this shruken little bear just walking around the shop...and sometimes Xenon will just say "You may PET the Tiny Bear...he ANSWERS to CHAUNCEY!" and like that's the extent of it, you can't even actually pet him with a command or anything, but he's adorable and I love him, he is an ICON.
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greenteabtch · a year ago
you pick up my sock and it has “i got my sock from the sock barrel at xenon the antiquarian’s black emporium” stitched on the inseam
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bigfan-fanfic · a year ago
Day 4′s entry for the 14 Days of DA Lovers celebration by @14daysdalovers! Yaaaay!
Prompt: Candlelight Pairing: Mila Cooper/Fenris Summary: Candlelight always reminds Fenris of the first time Mila waited up for him, and he muses on how she is faring with their children.
- - - -
Their names are always on Fenris’ lips every day he is away from them, though two of them are as yet unborn. Mila... Rosalind... and Evander. He is satisfied that Mila is safe, back to Kirkwall with Varric, safe in the knowledge that Merrill will be delivering his children into the world, and even the thought that Anders will be returning in hiding to Kirkwall to ensure his children remain healthy is a comfort. But the separation hurts, hurts like a spear lodged in his heart and connected by an iron chain all the way back to Mila. He wonders if Mila is waiting with a lit candle, the way she used to so often before. 
He remembers the first time she waited for him.
It hadn’t been for the best of reasons that she came to stay with him. The Hawkes’ uncle, Gamlen, had allowed her to stay at the family estate when they rescued her from her enslavement by Xenon the Antiquarian. But the man kept on approaching her, continually finding excuses to get close to her and make propositions until even Ava had threatened to harm him.
But before worst came to worst, Varric suggested Mila stay somewhere better. And Fenris had so kindly cleared out Danarius’ mansion. Fenris couldn’t find any reason to disagree. It was gratifying to learn that Mila did not mind a mess, and she was in fact just as messy as he was. He almost came to enjoy tripping over the books she left open in places, and the suspicious glances she gave when she (rightly) suspected him of disturbing her bookmarks and replacing them randomly. 
She started to teach him to read. He liked it. Liked her company. But he never for a second expected her to enjoy it too.
Fenris had crept back into the mansion after spending a few hours in Darktown fighting slavers and smugglers. And came across Mila, in the sitting room that abutted their selected bedrooms. Mila still had some anxiety about being chased down by Xenon, and knowing Fenris was only a room away was a comfort to her.
Mila sat by candlelight, glancing up from the heavy tome she examined. “You’re back.”
“I... I apologize. I did not know you were... expecting me.”
Mila blushed. “Oh, no! I wasn’t... it’s - it’s not that. I just...”
“I can’t really sleep when you’re not around.” Mila admitted.
Fenris chuckled. “Is that so? Is there a reason?”
Mila blushed harder. “I was worried about you.”
Fenris’ eyebrows rose. “You... waited up because you were... worried about me?”
“I know you can take care of yourself.” Mila sighed. “It’s just... I’d really rather avoid you getting injured. I don’t know if I could handle that.”
“Injuries are part of a warrior’s life.” Fenris reminded her. “If you lose sleep over that, you’ll never rest easy again.”
“There’s no reason I can’t just go to sleep when you do.”
“You shouldn’t have to.”
“And what if I wanted to?”
That had thrown Fenris. “And why would you want that?”
“It isn’t... obvious?” Mila asked hopefully. “Oh, no, I have to say it, don’t I?”
Fenris chuckled. “If it is what I am thinking, I would much rather you said it. Because I would likely say the same in return.”
Mila closed her eyes, turning away from the candle. “I... I like you, Fenris. I care for you and I can’t sleep when you’re not here because I’m afraid you’ll get hurt and have no one to help you.”
Fenris nodded. “I... I have grown to crave your company, Mila. And though I will not stop fighting... I will promise to always return to you. If you wish... I can come right to you when I return each night. That way you can be assured of my return.”
“I’d... I’d like that.”
He had meant that she should sleep and he would wake her. But the next night, when she had been waiting in his bedroom with a candle, he had simply chuckled and the next day helped her move her few things into his room. And always, always that candle burned until they reunited. He had approached Skyhold from Tevinter and somehow knew that one of the solitary lights from the castle’s windows was hers. And even far away now, when she was in Kirkwall, he believed he could see all the way to her window in the City of Chains, where she’d be writing, writing, always writing. And that candle would be lit, awaiting his return.
“I will be with you soon, my love...”
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orsino-the-enchanter · a year ago
Headcanon time!
The author of the mysterious codex entry on Xanon the Antiquarian was written by none other but Orsino. 
The entry is said to be a journal page found in Darktown, by a nameless author, but the writing style reminds me much of the other 2 pieces of Orsino’s writing we encounter (the letter to Quentin in darktown and the codex entry on the Staff of Violation). It is far too sophisticated for someone who dwells in Darktown, and, although it is predominantly refering to Xenon, it reveals that its author was interested in the black emporium’s books (which could also explain how Orsino came to learn so much about forbidden magic. He may not have been able to purchase said books (because it would be too risky if they were to be found in his belongings and also because he wouldn’t be able to afford them), that doesn’t mean, however, that he didn’t read them. Also, i find it hilarious that this unknown author is also interested in other weird items Xenon has for sale, specifically his collection of mismatched socks (!) which, honestly, is a very orsino thing to like.
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starlightcrystaldragon · a year ago
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Ievos Lavellan backstory:
As a child, Ievos was left as an orphan. His parents died fending off bandits when protecting their home. They were marked as heroes by the clan. Ievos grew up finding it hard to communicate with others, he always felt at a loss and making friends was never easy.
But he made friends with the keepers son Carlamin. Although he felt alone,Carlamin made him feel accepted. He helped Ievos accept his sexuality and made him feel comfortable dating other men, his relationships sadly didn’t last long due to his partners wanting a family and kids of their own.
Ievos got kidnapped and sold into slavery, bought by a noble family and was to made to make his masters’ daughter happy in any way she saw fit. He had to learn how to dance, sing, chaperone, and any other ways to please her. Every time he refused or didn’t do as instructed his master would beat him.
One of these times he found himself falling back onto a blade, leaving a unpleasant looking scar on the lower of his back. When he decided to no longer give what she wanted and when she pursued to push him into sleeping with her, he told her the harsh reality of that he didn’t love her and he only liked men. This, however, didn’t end well. She broke a bottle across his face, cutting his face open and as he staggered, he slipped and fell face first, causing a shard of glass to piece his chin.
He was then ridiculed and often called ugly because of his scars, and as for her father, he made sure Ievos got regular beatings to break him. His bones cracked, his jaw misshapened, slowly and slowly he looked less and less like himself. Until his friend Carlamin finally found him and paid a hefty price to reclaim his friend and brought back his freedom
Carlamin helped him find the black emporium, Xenon the antiquarian took pity and a strange liking to ievos, allowing him to use his mirror to regain some of his former image. Xenon also had his assist create a potion to fix his broken bones along with his jaw. The night Ievos took the potion he screamed in agony, Carlamin at his side through it all, held him down so he couldn’t further hurt himself. Five years later he arrived at the conclave leading to his journey as the inquisitor.
Ievos met people he would treasure, finally finding love, friendship and a place to belong. His love for Dorian only grows the more he gets to know him, just knowing he is by his side gives him a strength he never knew he had. Carlamin with his life long friendship keeps him grounded. Bull giving him courage to want to fight dragons and maybe even keeping a found dragons egg, his always wanted a dragon. Cassandra giving him faith to move forward, Solas giving him guidance and teachings making him feel more pride at being an elf.
Cole making him want to care and give more hope to the people around him. Sera teaching him what it’s like to have fun. Vivienne teaching him not to be ashamed of who he is. Varric always making him feel welcomed, treating him as a friend and not a symbol of peace. Blackwall teaching him that his past doesn’t define him it’s what he does with the present that’s important. He still doesn’t know how to communicate well with his advisors but he is now getting to know them better.
Time to continue his journey.....
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dalishious · 2 years ago
Do we... know who xenon really is? What he is? He and the black emporium seem just so separated from everything else in the game... not to mention that mirror....
Xenon was a Kirkwall nobleman from the Steel Age who was obsessed with finding eternal life. He made a deal with a Witch of the Wilds to live forever, but neglected to ask for eternal youth to go with it. His body is so decrepit that he’s incapable of moving or speaking; he uses a magical item of unknown details to communicate by thoughts, which is why his voice sounds like an echo from no actual direction in game.
He’s spent his 300 year lifespan collecting and selling strange things, looking for ways to keep his body preserved.
One of the explanations for why no one can find the Black Emporium unless invited is that it exists in the Fade. I personally think this is the case; or rather specifically, it exists in a pocket of the Fade.
A special charm is required to enter it, much like the key to an eluvian, which as Morrigan says, can be anything from a physical item to knowledge. We also know from The Masked Empire of the ruby key that Briala used to unlock the network, which again, was a physical thing.
No one actually knows where the Black Emporium is. “Stories place the Black Emporium in Kirkwall's Darktown, the sewers of Val Royeaux, in the back of an empty boathouse in Llomerryn, at the top of a tower in Marnas Pell, and hidden beneath the skirts of the giant statue of Andraste at the Merdaine.” It’s also mentioned in the Tevinter Nights story The Dread Wolf Take You as located in Rivain. I think that’s because there are multiple entrances.
World of Thedas vol 2
Codex entry: Xenon the Antiquarian (DA:2)
Codex entry: The Black Emporium (DA:I)
Letter: The Black Emporium (DA:2)
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