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thatssolavellan · 5 months ago
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sometimes I love r/dragonage
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fenharael · a year ago
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extremely unformed crack dragon age theory:
Solas is a composite of Falon'din and Dirthamen or the three of them are more closely aligned than appears. because there's just way too much Owl and Raven imagery sitting around elven ruins in Inquisition on top of Solas being generally knowledgeable about all these topics AND the astrariums sitting around for this to be a coincidence.
or maybe it is a coincidence and i need to go to bed
Tumblr media
astrology, herbs/plants, frequently depicted as monstrous wolf with many eyes? maybe the whole "he comes in humble guises", wolf-mask, multiple incarnations or appearances thing alludes to this as well.
edit: I have an updated version of this theory I reblogged!
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ammocharis · a year ago
Tumblr media
Here’s a “theory iceberg” I made for the Dragon Age series, it’s a list of theories I’ve seen floating around in the fandom, organized in tiers - from extremely popular to obscure/tinfoil/crack theories. Feel free to tell me what other theories I should've included and if you disagree with how I arranged the iceberg.
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slyth3rin-princess · 6 months ago
Desired reality with Draco Malfoy part 2
The summer after third year was a bit different. Harry didn't wanted you to stay at the Dursleys, instead he made you stay at the burrow along with the weaslys. Fourth year at Hogwarts was on it's way and all you could remember from the last time when you entered those old, vintage walls, was the blonde haired boy who just didn't seemed to leave your thoughts. For days you tried to remind yourself that he was nothing but a foe, from whom you shall keep your distance. The start of the fourth year wasn't pleasant either, but this time to your dismay the problem wasn't the groups of arrogant, shrewd Slytherins running wild gossips around the house about "Harry Potter's sister" nor was it Pansy Parkinson and her little crew of mean girls trying to bully you but rather it was your brother somehow ending up in the Tri-wizard Tournament which was supposed to be for students who were of age. Not having anyone else to trust or to rely on growing up, you trusted Harry with your dear life. Hence, nothing in the world could make you believe that Harry did it on purpose. But you were also worried about the consequences these three deadly tasks held. Not to mention about, how the Slytherins were shooting dirty looks at you as if it was by any means your fault. The morning after all this had happened, Malfoy had already played his part in this situation. Badges reading "Potter stinks" were spreaded all over the school. You were furious but you decided not to act on it, not just yet.
After this long day of people casually teasing your brother and shooting nowhere near true theories about you and Harry, it was finally night time. You were currently in the library reading with hermoine. But you were more focused fiddling with the corner of the page of your book.
"stop doing that." Hermione said glancing up at you.
"doing what?" You asked raising your brows.
"that!" She slaps your hand of the page.
"you only do that when your anxious." She continued
"Harry...." You sighed.
"don't worry about him, professor moody has gave him some kind of advice. I think he can manage the task, besides the dragon would be chained." She said.
You were shocked, Harry never told yo about dragons. Your stomach dropped at the very moment you heard "dragon".
"dragons?" You tried to ask with a slight crack in your voice.
"he...he didn't tell you?" Hermione stuttered disappointed from what she had stated to you.
It didn't took you long to push yourself off the chair and run out of the library. Hermione's constant cries of your name weren't enough to stop you. Your eyes were bloodshot read with tears threatening to spill. A huge lump in your throat making it difficult to speak. Harry was your only family and loosing him in a stupid tournament? You couldn't help but cry at the thought of that. Not being able to gather up the courage to face Harry, you went to your safe place, the astronomy tower. Helplessly you sat down to the very edge, placing your back on one of the many pillars. You buried your head between your knees to hide your face.
You were devastated,tears were rolling down your cheeks as you cried your eyes out constantly trying to push the negative thoughts of your mind. The walls around the tower were covered by echoes of your sobs. Couple minutes later you lifted your head up at the sound of feet walking towards you. You tried to recognise the person standing at the stairs with your blury eyes. The glossy layer of tears on your eyes was making it difficult to do so.
"what's wrong potter?" You heard a familiar voice. Draco Malfoy? What was he here? And why did he cared?
You simply turned your head away from him not wanting to look weak.
He stepped a bit closer to where you were. He stood there for a few seconds before kneeling down on one leg to reach your height. You felt his hand pulling you to face him by your chin. He looked at your state with wide eyes, your eyes were red and puffy and your cheeks stained with dried tears.
One glance at your state made his heart break into several pieces. He felt something burning up inside him. Not sure of what he was feeling, he wiped of a tear that was rolling down your cheek. He felt anger and sorrow building up inside of him.
"what happened?" He whispered with soft voice trying not to scare you.
"Harry.." was all you were able to say before pulled him closer into a hug as you placed your head on his chest. Normally he would push you off, but instead he wrapped his hand around you brushing through your hair several times to comfort you. All you could do was cry in his warm embrace.
"shhh.. he's fine, your worried for no reason." He comforted.
"besides your brother is known for getting out of life threatening situations in a blink of an eye." He chuckled in an attempt to make to laugh but it didn't work asyour sobs were nowhere near done.
"what....if...he doesn't-" you managed to utter between the sobs.
"don't worry, that won't happen....quit crying already, you know better than that." He said to stop you from crying as it hurted him to see you like that.
He carried you to your dorm in bridal style and placed you on your bed. You were tired and sleepy because of all that sobbing, so you fell asleep the second you were placed on the soft sheets. Draco just left speechlessly as he tried to digest what just happened.
Time skip (first task)
You had warned Harry to be careful hundreds of times so did Hermione. You were standing in the crowd of students cheering and screaming. You had lost Hermione in mid-way as she had to pay Harry a last visit. The first task was a bit scary as the dragon almost killed your brother. But everything was fine now. Now the school had a new topic to talk about apart from Harry, which was the Yule ball. Every other minute you could see some boy asking a girl out for the ball. Which kind of made you curious about who would ask you? Or would you have to ask someone. You didn't specifically had anyone in mind so you waited for someone to ask you. Some boys did ask you but you didn't wanted to go with them, not that you were picky but you would rather choose Draco over Seamus or Dean. That's it! Draco! You thought for a second, probably the idea was bad but not that bad. But also did he wanted to go with you? You pushed this thought aside thinking that you'd rather go alone.
Molly had sent you just the perfect dress, it was a red shiny floral ball gown which matched perfectly with your red hair which were just like your mum's.
All the head were thrown back when you walked down the stairs which made you blush. Everything was perfectly well until the sight of lovely couples dancing around gave a spark of envy to your lonely heart. Your smile slowly fading away as you watched Hermione twirling and dancing with victor. You were about to walk out of the hall when someone offered you a hand for the dance. Draco Malfoy....why was he asking you for dance?
"may i?" He asked
"sure...." You said putting your hand in his as he pulled you in for a dance.
"why the sudden change of attitude?" You asked midst dancing.
"hmm?" He raised a brow
"why would Draco Malfoy ask y/n Potter for a dance?" You specified.
"I'll take my chances. Besides, wouldn't want them to bicker about how a Malfoy didn't brought a date to the dance."
"so I'm your date now?" You teased.
"hmm" he hummed twirling you around.
For hours you danced after which finally he dropped you to your dorm with a last goodbye. This man was confusing you more than anything.
Time skip(5th year)
After the Yule ball Draco had asked you to be his girlfriend at the astronomy tower, but you insisted to keep your relationship a secret as neither Harry nor his parents would agree to this. Draco had sent you a few letters this summer. He had given you a special emerald necklace at the end of the year as a reminder of him to you.
This whole year you managed to skip classes with him, sneak in his dorm despite umbridge's rules that were clearly against everything you both did. Even though there was quite a rumour going on about your brother at this time, Draco being himself had threatened most of the students to keep their mouths shut around you, not that you hated it. Draco had spoiled you with gifts and affection as much as he could in one year. But the next year when you came back, it was kinda off. Draco always looked sad and numb, which made you really sad. On the other hand Harry claimed Draco as a deatheater now which you refused to believe. After days of Draco trying to avoid you and you trying to get his attention, finally you decided to ask him about it at the astronomy tower.
"Draco i know something is wrong and you have to tell me!" You exclaimed.
"god, you're so stubborn y/n! I told you it's nothing!!" He yelled. You were shocked, he never dared to yell at you before. His frowned brows came to an ease when he saw a tear falling off your cheek.
"y/n....i... I'm sorry...." He sighed pulling you in for a tight embrace.
"Draco...." You sniffed, "show me your arm...." You didn't wanted to believe this, but he was making it difficult to not to do so.
"what?..." He asked as you pushed yourself off him. He looked at you with wide eyes not wanting to hurt you.
"please...." You whispered, and that was enough for him to obey. He slowly lifted his long black sleeve revealing an answer to all of your stuck up questions. The dark mark. You felt tears rolling down your cheeks as you lightly brushed your fingers over his arm. It felt cold and dark, but you didn't blame him for a single thing that happened that night, instead you found yourself in your boyfriend's arms trying to comfort him. This was until Harry walked on you two with marauders map in his hands.
"y/n?" He stated as he stood there disappointed. You quickly shooted your head to face him at the sound of his voice.
"get off my sister Malfoy!" Harry yelled breaking you two apart from each other.
"Harry I-" you were cut off by your brother.
"save it y/n! Seriously? Malfoy? I thought I told you what i thought of him!" He yelled.
"I don't think you should pull her into this...." Draco calmly defended you as he hated arguing with Harry in front of you.
"you shut up Malfoy!! It's all your fault! Y/n, he is a deatheater!!" He continued yelling.
"Harry! He was forced to-" you tried defending your boyfriend.
"No! You're coming with me!" He yelled as he pulled you by your wrist.
You gave Draco one last look of sympathy, he just nodded knowing that you'd come back. The rest of 6th year was basically Harry trying his best to keep you away from Draco.
Time skip (7th year)
It had been months since yours and draco's last encounter. Everyday your heart yearned for one glance at him, as if the loneliness was eating you inside. Deatheaters had took over the castle and everyone was searching for your brother. You and Harry had stopped arguing about Draco but now he was hooked onto convincing him that draco wasn't the one for you. None of that really had an effect on you. You were currently at the weaslys at fleur and Bill's wedding where the deatheaters had already attacked. That's when a strange man with a black mask on his face had pulled you in a corner of the house where no one could see you.
"who...are you?" You asked. There was a slight crack in your voice as you were scared about what just happened.
"don't worry princess... it's me" draco said taking off the mask as he rechecked if someone was looking at your direction.
"Draco?..." You sighed as you pulled him in a tight embrace, tears threatening to spill out due to your overwhelming emotions.
"it's okay princess, I missed you..." He whispered tapping the back of your head
"I missed you too..." You said.
"Now listen to me Y/n...." He started pulling you out with a firm hold on your shoulder. "You're not safe here, they'll be looking for you everywhere because of your brother. So I'm taking you where they'll least expect you to be, at the manor.....i promise you'll be safe and-" before he could continue, you attached his lips to yours in a short kiss.
"I trust you." You said as he smiled at you.
Together you apparate in his room at the manor. The room was huge, dark emerald walls blocking any kind of light from passing in. The black furniture going oh so well with the green carpet. The room was cold and dark. Your eyes roamed every single corner of the room. It didn't took long to you to realise about the warm pair of hands wrapped around your waist as you turned to face him.
"you'll be fine, right?" You softly asked in a small voice.
"how do you do this y/n?"
"do what?"
"this.... being nice and sweet to me after everything i did. I betrayed your trust after becoming a deatheater, I tried to kill one of your most dearest professors, I left you all alone without even bothering to owl you, and you ......" He cupped your cheeks in his large hands. "You're still loving me unconditionally as if none of that ever happened...." He said sadly.
"you were never the bad guy for me Draco, everything you did wasn't your fault. None of that was your choice, i know...cuz i love you. In fact, you probably had no choice. You know, i could've gladly moved on with the boy who lived and blamed it all on you.....but how is that fair for the boy who had no choice?" You said.
Draco did nothing but smiled as he peppered your face with kisses.
Days went by and you grew worried about Harry more and more. You on the other hand were safe, Draco was right....the deatheaters would've never suspected you being in the manor, not in his watch. As much as you loved living with your boyfriend everyday and sleeping every night in his arms, you also knew that your brother was out there fighting an unknown war. One day, you heard the Malfoys asking Draco something about Harry, you couldn't hear very clear but there were phrases like "is it the boy?" Or "what's wrong with his face?" After a couple of minutes Draco rushed inside the door. Looking at his condition you could tell that something was wrong, but when you asked him about it you were in for a shock. Your brother was in this house. Suddenly the voice of Hermione screaming caught both of you off-gaurd, because of which it didn't took you long to tlrush downstairs forgetting about the risk.
There you stood right in front of Bellatrix lestrange, the woman you had been afraid of for a long time after what she did to Sirius. But as she was trying to throw a spell, harry jumped in dodging the spell back at her with his wand.
Time skip......
You were sitting by dobby's grave still finding it hard to believe of what had happened. You had managed to get out of the manor, but there were more problems to face now; dobby was gone, you left Draco behind, harry was angry for you to be there at the first place and you were breaking down. Just as you were about to drown deep inside the bad thoughts in your head, you were nudged by Hermione who brought you back to reality. The trio had made a plan to hunt down all the horcruxes, she had came to tell you about Harry's plan. Despite the civil fights between you and harry about your lovelife, you had to work United. So that was it, you fought by your brothers side in search of horcruxes until the final one, where you had to pick a side. At the room of requirements, Draco, your lover was nothing more than an obstacle for your brother who wished to destroy the ravenclaw diadem. Although Draco's hold on his wand losened harry remained still.
"Just give me my wand back Potter! I don't wanna hurt y/n" Draco said. Your heart melted at his carring word after all that time. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes as you looked at harry, your eyes giving a pleading look to the raven haired boy.
Harry simply nodded and looked back at Draco.
"how do i believe this isn't a trap?" Harry inquired.
Before Draco could answer that, they all were warned by Ron yelling about se fire as he ran out of the mountains of furniture. Soon huge flames of fire caught every corner of the room. As your eyes searched for Draco between the smoky flames, Hermione was quick to pull you on her broom flying alongside the boys. You panicked at Draco's absence,
"Harry get me off, he'll die if we don't help!!" You yelled at your brother.
"fine!" He sighed as he turned around back at the flames coming out with Draco behind him.
After that the trio, had to hunt down the last horcrux, nagini. But you refused to go with them and ran to Draco instead. You realised that no matter how much you try to help your brother, if you lost Draco..... you'll loose forever.
Time skip (war)
You were tearing up in Draco's arms as you saw Harry's corpse with Hagrid. That was until Draco's parents called for him to the other side, with still leaking of your eyes you held on to his hand ever-so tightly as if his hand was the only thing keeping you alive at the moment.
"Draco.....come," Narcissa said with a small sad smile.
You lifted your head up to meet his eyes as you slowly let go of his hand. Although he meant the world to you, Narcissa was someone you'd never betray after what Draco told you about her.
He gave a sorry look to you as he tightened his grip on your hand before it fell down.
"no..." He whispered leaving his parents along with you shocked.
"Draco...-" you were about to say something before harry jumped off Hagrid's arms leaving everyone in a shock.
"harry!" You yell with slight relief but also concern in your voice.
Soon there was a battle between the good and the bad, but this time you and Draco weren't on different sides. For once in your whole life it didn't felt forbidden to you.
(after the war)
Draco pulled you in for a kiss by your lips as you both were considered a happy married couple.....
Part 1
So, that was longer than expected but i hope you enjoyed it....
(also i haven't double checked it so, excuse the grammar)
I have mentioned in the first part but anyways, i have used she/her pronouns for the reader so my apologies if that's not what you usually use
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jaskierswolf · 9 months ago
Hey Wolfie!!
For your Shifter AU, may I request an outsider POV of Jaskier's favourite tailor, who both loves him for the business he brings and hates him for the volume of work he asks for with little notice and a short delivery window
The idea struck me while reading instalment 10 on AO3 lol
It's been 8 months. I had plans to set this after the last installment of the Shifter!Jask AU (which is now 12 parts long! With another short one drafted already... Shifter!Jaskier my beloved), but i still haven't gotten round to the last installment because my long fic brain has left me.
So you're getting it now. It's still set after the last part... which isn't written yet so I guess it's a preview for what's to come?
The courier had turned up on their doorstep only two days prior with a sealed letter in hand. The blood red wax on the parchment had made them groan and pull at their hair. It was the bard... again. It was always the fucking bard. The idiot was lucky that he appeared to have coin to spare, the perk of a long life they supposed. The bard was well known in Morgan's family, generation after generation had served him. One of the first things they'd learned as a tailor was Jaskier's measurements, and how to make his preferred style of doublets and shirts quickly.
Doublets and shirts that had gone out of fashion decades ago, but the bard could not be swayed. Nor could that witcher of his. They were both stuck in the dark ages with their fashion, with everything really. Jaskier's style of ballads was both unique and progressive, and yet timeless. His older classics were now almost legend, and there were those who didn't believe Morgan when they told people the bard of old was the very same once trailing after Geralt of Rivia these days.
The man wasn't human - that much was clear.
There were all sorts of myths and legends surrounding the bard. One said that he had been cursed by one Yennefer of Vengerberg as a child, others said that he was bonded to his witcher and thus his lifespan had been increased by the witcher mutagens. Rumours of elven blood, dragon blood... even fae. There were so many theories, each more preposterous than the last.
But Morgan knew better.
They'd seen Jaskier shift, just as their father and mother had before them. It was a family secret.
One morning, when Morgan had been barely eight, Geralt of Rivia had turned up, the sorceress on one side, covered in blood and mud, and a large russet wolf on the other. Morgan had been absolutely terrified, despite their parent's reassurance that everything was fine. Wolves were fucking huge, and the witcher's duel swords were intimidating... not to mention the pure sense of power that Yennefer had radiated.
And then as their father had handed over the bundle of clothes, the wolf had turned back to a man, naked at the day he was born.
Over the years, Jaskier's demands for clothes had pretty much kept their little shop in business single-handedly, but gods, he was the most frustrating customer. Morgan had learned to have at least a poet's shirt in stock, but Jaskier's demands of colour and fabric changed with every order. It was a lot of work in a short period of time... but at least he paid well.
Fame and Fortune had treated the bard well.
Still, it wasn't easy, and Morgan was only just putting the finishing touches together on a fine emerald green, silk doublet, when a reddish looking bird of prey landed on their windowsill, pecking insistently at the glass.
"Jaskier?" they asked, just to be sure, but they'd never known a real bird to have such bright blue eyes.
The bird nodded and screeched loudly, flying into the room in a mess of feathers as soon as Morgan opened the window.
"No Geralt today?"
The crack of bones never failed to make Morgan flinch as the feathers morphed to pale skin, and Jaskier shook out his hair.
"Not today, our daughter is visiting."
"And what was it this time?" Morgan laughed as they gathered up the rest of Jaskier's order.
The shifter flushed a bright red, scratching absentmindedly at the scar on his neck. "Ah, umm... Ciri is very good at sneaking up on people, and I was a little bit drunk, well- I... maybe a lot drunk, and she just- well she popped out of nowhere."
"So you shifted?"
"I was scared!" Jaskier snapped, pointing at them with the other hand resting on their hip.
The one thing Morgan never got used to was Jaskier's complete lack of shame with his body. They had probably seen more of Jaskier than anyone else they'd met. Still, the naked bard in the middle of their living room, pouting like a petulant child was fucking hilarious and they couldn't help but laugh at the poor man.
He might keep them in business, but gods, he was a disaster.
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leggerefiore · 5 months ago
(after reading that one post about the twins being reincarnated of the heroes) Honestly it's not that much of an impossible feat about the twins being somewhat related to the old heroes. They kinda share similar trait with Drayden who is canonically a descendant of the twins, silver hair and eyes. But then again it could be because of Drayden's old age. But it's fun to think about yk? The whole uncle Drayden thing. Could also explain why the subway bosses are canonically cracked at Pokémon battles
eh, i don't think drayden is related to them despite their slight similarities, mostly because i can't relate train men to dragon grandpa (1/5). (also like to imagine him as iris's adoptive grandfather).
now, a funnier idea is drayden is related to n and is just watching this shit unfold like "is that my relative doing this dumb shit????"
though, on the topic of sorta insane yet possible pokemon theories what i love the one where ghetsis is actually n's biological dad but just told him he was adopted to fuck with him.
like even giovanni didn't do that shit with his son (though gio actually cares for silver unlike a certain green-haired asshole).
another insane idea: AZ is somehow related to drayden or the twins (as he's a king so let's say there's a nonzero chance that kalos and unova interacted back then). now this makes lysandre a relative to them. like Nth removed cousin lysandre goes to visit his relatives in unova all of who trash his hair.
oh! and if the twins are reincarnations of the twin heroes imagine they go visit kalos and AZ spots them like "oh them, too?! damn" then realises it is not immortal twins when ingo goes on a tangent about how the trains in kalos are different from the one's that he has seen in anville or around the station. AZ is like "yeah don't remember that part of them" and dips.
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earth-ambassador-jim · a year ago
More troll adopting humans and Vice versa
A Helping Hand
AO3 - Fanfiction
How about a wizard adopting a changeling?
What had been shaping up to be a rather boring day at the market takes a turn when a young boy darts behind Douxie’s herb cart. Douxie, who had almost been asleep, blinks uncomprehendingly as the boy stares up at him with pleading eyes.
“Don’t tell them I’m here,” He whispers.
The young wizard doesn’t get a chance to say anything because at that exact moment a group of city guards rounds the corner. They are brandishing spears and breathing hard as if they’d been running for a while.
“You there!” One of them barks at Douxie. “Have you seen a boy run by? Brown hair, green tunic?”
At his feet the boy presses up against the cart. He’s shaking now. Douxie makes a snap decision. He doesn’t know what the boy has or hasn’t done but he’s not about to hand a child over to a group of armed men without knowing why.
“I haven’t,” Douxie says leaning casually against his cart.
The man lets out a disappointed huff and then turns to his men.
“Split up. We can’t let him get away.”
He turns back to Douxie.
“If you see him, tell us. He’ll be sporting a burn mark on his cheek. You can try to catch him yourself if your feel up to it -there’s a reward- but be careful because he’s very dangerous.”
Douxie resists the urge to look down to see if his stow-away has a burn.
“Sure,” He says. “But what’s a kid done to warrant that if you don’t mind my asking?”
“He’s a changeling,” The guard growls. “No one suspected him until he got kicked by a horse this morning. The iron shoe revealed him for the demon he really is. The guard who was close by tried to grab him, but the little monster bit him. We’ve been chasing him all morning.”
“A changeling here huh?” Douxie says. “Crazy.”
The guard grunts in agreement and then heads off down the road, leaving Douxie to ponder his best course of action. He glances down at the boy. Sure enough, there’s a burn mark on his cheek. He looks to be about five or six.
Douxie comes to a decision.
“I was just fixing to head out for the day,” He tells the boy. “Why don’t you hide in my cart and I’ll get you out of this place?”
The boy stills.
“You… you’re helping me?” Then his eyes narrow. “No. You’re going to hand me over aren’t you? You want the reward.”
Douxie huffed.
“Kid. If I was going to hand you over, I would have already done so. You can take my offer or leave it but do you really want to run around out in the open?”
The boy hesitates, watching him warily for a moment. There’s a shout in the distance and he flinches. He climbs quickly into the cart and covers himself up with the canvas.
Douxie packs up his herbs and then they’re on their way. He takes the south gate out of town because the guard there is always lazy and doesn’t check carts very thoroughly. He makes it through with no hassle.
Once he’s about a mile away from the forest he turns off the main road into the forest. His passenger notices the change in terrane and his head pokes out.
“Where are we going?” He demands, trying to quickly get out of the canvas but getting tangled up in his haste.
“To my camp,” Douxie says.
He slows down and then stops as the boy keeps struggling.
“Need a hand?”
The boy flinches when Douxie reaches out to him, so he withdraws.
“I just want to help you,” He tells him. “You don’t have a place to go, right?”
“No,” He admits. “But what’s in it for you?”
“Nothing really,” Douxie says with a shrug. “But…”
He hesitates. His own secret is almost as dangerous as the boy’s.
He looks into the fearful green eyes and then thinks: What the heck?
He holds out his hand and lets some of his magic gather around it. The changeling’s eyes widen as they follow the wisps of blue light.
“I’m a wizard,” He says. “Let’s just say I know a thing or two about getting chased out of towns by an angry mob.”
The changeling doesn’t quite loose his wariness.
“Do you need something from a changeling to make a potion?” He asks, finally getting himself untangled. “I heard that wizards sometimes use changeling bones for stuff.”
Douxie groans and drags his hand down his face.
“For the last time, I just want to help you out,” He says with a sigh. “Look if you find out I’m lying feel free to steal all my gold or whatever and run off into the forest.”
The changeling considers that and then settles back down in the cart.
In about ten minutes they reach the cave where Douxie has been staying. Once he’s out of the sun, the changeling side-eyes Douxie and then transforms into his troll form in a flash. He’s a little green thing, with big brown wings that look much too large for him.
“A changeling,” A voice says from the back of the cave. The kid’s wings flare out in alarm. “Really Douxie?”
Archie, in dragon form, emerges from the shadows.
“The town guard was chasing him around in a mob, okay. If they’d caught him they’d try to torture the location of his familiar out of him and you know as well as I do just how pointless that is.”
“Perhaps,” Archie says. He looks like he’s going to say more but Douxie shoots him a pointed look.
“Fine,” The familiar huffs. “I’ve caught dinner. I imagine you’ll want to cook it.”
“Definitely,” Douxie says going to a corner of the cave to get the wood.
“So what’s your name?” Douxie asks his guest over dinner.
The changeling stiffens at being addressed.
“Waltolomew Stricklander,” He says.
Douxie blinks.
“And I thought my name was a mouthful,” He says. “Mind if I call you ‘Walt’?”
The changeling slowly nods.
“Excellent. I am Hisirdoux Casperan, but you may call me Douxie and this is my familiar Archie.”
“Nice to meet you,” Walt says in an automatic sort of way.
Looking at his clothes, Douxie figures that he probably belonged to a good house before he got outed as a changeling.
“So Walt,” Douxie says, figuring he ought to try to get to know the kid a little better. “What do you like to do?”
Walt slowly finishes chewing the bite he’d taken out of the rabbit leg.
“I like reading,” He says slowly. “My… familiar’s father was teaching me how to play chess.”
That confirms Douxie’s theory that he had been planted in a well to do house. It’s definitely best for the kid if he gets far away from here. More money generally means more people will be hunting for the runaway.
“Nice,” Douxie says. “I’ll have to see if I can make us some chess pieces then.”
Walt blinks at that.
“Why what?” Douxie asks, absently stroking Archie who has settled across his lap.
“Why would you make chess pieces? I’m not going to be around that long.”
Ah… That’s what this is about.
“Are you leaving?” He asks.
The changeling shrugs.
“Well, if you decide you want to have some company for a while. You’re welcome to stick around,” Douxie says. “It’s always just me and Archie.”
Archie gives him a look which he chooses to ignore.
Walter’s wings are just slightly wrapped around him. He’s still keeping the fire between them.
“Think about it and let me know in the morning,” Douxie says with a shrug. “I’m going to be moving on tomorrow.”
Walter nods.
Douxie wakes up at some point during the night to Archie poking at him. He shoots a blank glare into the dark but gets up anyway. The fires still glowing so Douxie heads over to it, dragging his cloak with him.
He pauses when he spots a small form curled up in the corner. It looks like Walt is finally asleep. Douxie hesitates a moment and then walks over to him. The changeling looks so small curled into a ball with his wings wrapped around him. Douxie wonders how old he actually is. Changelings are always older than they look, in part simply because of the rate trolls age at, but this one seems young. He could just be a good actor of course.
Douxie wraps his cloak around the small figure and returns to where Archie is waiting by the fire.
“So why are you trying to convince a changeling to travel with us?” The dragon-cat asks irritably. ‘Do you want us to get sold out to his comrades at the next town we get to?”
Douxie huffs.
“Look Arch,” He says. “I couldn’t just leave him there. They were going to kill him!”
“Rescuing is one thing, but you didn’t need to bring him here, let alone ask him to start traveling with us. What are you thinking?”
Douxie sighs and stares into the fire.
“He reminds me of myself. Okay?”
Archie blinks and then cocks his head.
“I…” Douxie starts awkwardly. “Back when my magic first manifested my town… my family… they didn’t take it well. I told you about that.”
Archie nods but doesn’t say anything waiting for him to continue.
“Seeing Walt today, on the run for something he ultimately didn’t get a choice in reminded me of that.”
Douxie shivers. He remembers the cries of “witch!” The fear in the eyes of the people he’d grown up with. The hatred.
He doesn’t realize he’s scratching at his scars until Archie buts his head against his hand. He gives his familiar a grateful smile and starts stroking his head.
“I didn’t have anyone for a long time after that. Not until I met you,” He continues. “It… It was lonely and scary and… I guess when I saw Walt today.” There’s a lump in his throat. He remembers the changeling’s familiar scared eyes looking up at him. He swallows hard. “I thought that it would be nice if he didn’t have to go through that.”
They sit in silence for a while. The soft night noises filter into the cave and the fire flickers gently.
Archie sighs.
“Very well. If… Walt… wants to stay he can. I will support your decision.”
Douxie grins down at his familiar. He swipes quickly at his eyes and then pulls him into a hug.
“Thanks, Archie. You’re the best.”
His familiar’s quiet purrs belie his grumbling.
When Douxie wakes up in the morning. There’s a second set of wings wrapped around him. He cracks open his eyes and finds that Walt has cuddled up to them during the night. The little changeling’s head is pressed up against his chest and his wings are wrapped around him and Archie. Douxie’s cloak is over the three of them.
Author Notes:
Walt was listening in when Douxie and Archie were talking.
I'm trying to get caught up on my asks. This has been in my inbox for a while. Hope you find this Anon!
Some fun thoughts on this AU: ~Douxie kind of ends up being Walt's father figure in this. ~Walt doesn't usually call him "Dad" though unless he's feeling particularly emotional or being sarcastic. ~Due to their appearances Walt sometimes has had to pretend that he's Douxie's father, which is always weird for them. ~Walt ends up becoming Douxie's apprentice and learning magic. ~He isn't connected to the Janus Order because they think he got killed when he was exposed. He's fine with that. ~When he finds out about Jim being the Trollhunter he tells Douxie (who was out of town at the time.) ~Jim and Toby are very confused when they ask about how Douxie and Strickler are related and Strickler says that Douxie raised him. Their graying history teacher referring to what looks like a 19 year old as his father does not compute.
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kairoi · 4 months ago
Origin forme Dialga
Tumblr media
Alrighty time to talk about this form a little bit cause its always sitting on the back of my brain.
So origin forme dialga is basically what they actually look like,it is a mixture of parts of their standard form and a bit of arceus put together just one big odd looking horse,In this form dialga’s hold on time is a lot stronger ,even giving it a slight boost and being able to see into other timelines and different outcomes being able to control time in those instances as well.
Though overtime it has been difficult to use this form specially for long periods of time because dialga will slowly become feral due to just the amount of power is flowing through them and well makes it really hard to use their mind to focus as a whole.
Their dimension also becomes a bit unstable or at least what others would deem unstable with how time is in constant flux
It is only achievable for dialga to reach this form if there is a good surge of arecus’ energy or temporal energy in the area otherwise the adamant crystal must be used though it hasn't been seen for ages. Theory has it the adamant orb is or was part of that crystal hence why it can give the dragon a power boost.
Their appearance can also be altered in this form as well,changing with energy and as well as just to adapt to current surroundings so they can look like how we saw in the final battle,but I did draw out how they would usually look otherwise.(their appearance also changes in human form but that’s a design still in the works).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[as for what those cracks are lets just say its what happens when power is overused/exerted it is very much painful if pushed to far and has left phantom pains that come back every now and again for the dragon]
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secret-treasury · a year ago
The Marauders favorite series/film genre
Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion.
Warnings: might be a controversal but not really. can anyone tell i’m a film/writing major?  
Also, Credit to @heloisedaphnebrightmore for helping out with Remus and Jame’s headcannons <3 
Remus Lupin
Remus being the nerdTM is into some weird shit that borders into theory territory but keeps in factual. Documentaries about wars, plane hijackings and/or disappearances, crazy heists and unbelievable survivor stories, anything really. He literally goes down the rabbit hole.    
However what really gets him going is the fantasy genre that includes; The Hobbit, Lord of The Rings, The Witcher, Game of Thrones, The chronicles of Narnia. He not only watches the shows and films but he collects and reads the books. That was the gateway that led him into Dungeons & Dragons which he loves. 
Remus also finds some kind of comfort in Studio Ghibli films.  
Sirius Black
Sirius' personal favorite genre is space westerns or sci-fi westerns like cowboy bebop, Firefly, Cowboys and Aliens, Westworld and The Mandalorian. It's kind of a niche genre but he finds it kind of comforting and it reflects his home life and relation to his family. He sees himself in the lone hero character and his family as the authoritarian governments that try to rule with an iron fist but can’t quite get a grip of the galaxy's edges. In a similar vein he also enjoys space opera or science fiction in general, such as Star wars, Stargate, Star Trek and The Fifth Element. Cyberpunk also caught Sirius's attention as it has similar themes as space western. When he saw Bladerunner for the first time his mind was blown!
On a broader scale he also enjoys action and science fiction and watching marvel films and star wars films with James. He unfortunately isn’t really into the fantasy genre because he’s a wizard and what he looks for in entertainment is escapism at some level as well as stories to help him cope. Fantasy set in any time period that isn’t current, he doesn’t really mind watching but he doesn’t find it interesting either.
Side note: it’s funny because Ben Barnes, popularly being fancasted as Sirius Black, is in Westworld and I didn't even connect that at first. Anyway when Sirius ses Logan Delos in the show his reaction is:
Insert leonardo D pointing
“That looks EXACTLY like me!”
James Potter
James loves Action films of almost any kind, except probably horror. He doesn’t care if franchises such as Jurassic Park, Transformers and The Fast and The Furious get more and more unhinged. To be honest when he heard the rumor of a possible crossover between jurassic park and Fast and the furious he cried tears of joy. He thinks that the crazier they get the more fun and he doesn't take them too seriously. He also likes  Sharknado because he’s a weirdo and it makes him laugh.
Speaking of laughing, comedy action such as Bad Boys and Jackie Chan films crack him up! James just enjoys comedy in general because he is a happy guy who wants to have a fun time and laugh a lot.
He has of course seen all the Marvel cinematic universe films several times. Once he attempted to watch all the films in chronological order BY SCENE but he gave up after a while. He watches the DC films too but isn’t as invested.
Side note again; why is the best fancast in the movies i think they would like? Wtf? Anyway when James sees quicksilver in Age of Ultron he is straight up like “holy sh*t is that me? But older? No way!” and then sends a text in the marauders group chat with a photo and is just like “look you guys! it's me!”. Remus responds with a “nah, maybe kind of if you squint...” and Sirius just says “Quicksilver is hotter tbh”.  
James also appreciates the more “sophisticated” action films like Mad Max: Fury Road, The Matrix, John Wick, Terminator and Robocop.
Secretly he really really enjoys romantic comedy because this boy has a soft side and is a HOPELESS romantic. It’s his guilty pleasure that he doesn’t tell anyone, not even his friends because he doesn’t want to be teased about it. One of his favorite romantic comedies is The Holiday. He gets all giggly when he watches it and it's CUTE.
Bonus: Severus Snape
He is into anime big time! Though he doesn’t really talk or tell anyone about it. When he was younger and angsty, he was especially into anime featuring a male main character with a god or superiority complex, example; Sword art online.
But as he matures he kind of just likes anime in general and gets into the cult classics a bit more.
He also probably watches OLD classic films like Metropolis, The bike thief and Citizen Kane.
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lilover131 · 10 months ago
Chapter 57 Analysis
I’m alive!!! I apologize for taking so long to talk about this chapter. I had been struggling gathering enough energy to do this due to some mild health issues and honestly barely got through my CLAMPtober drawings (thank you SO much for all the support during all of that btw. You guys really helped keep me going). I had intended to even write fics and post one of them on Halloween too, but it turns out severe anemia is no fun at all and just throws a wrench in things. Lol. I’m recovering slowly and starting to feel a little more like myself, but I know it might take some time to fully get back to normal.
This chapter had very little Syaoran (much to my dismay), but was still fascinating and brought up a lot of interesting details that are definitely getting the theory gears turning for the fandom. There were some things that also very much amused me. Hehe.
Without further ado, let’s dig right in! See under the cut due to length and spoilers!
Tumblr media
As usual, I’ll start off talking about the beautiful color spread. We’ve had seen an image before of Momo, Kero, and Suppi in their disguise forms, but this is the first image we’ve had of all of them in their true forms!!! Momo looks absolutely stunning once again, and it just makes me want to draw her again. Lmao. I’ll take another crack at it at some point (preferably when thinking about drawing right now doesn’t make me feel exhausted just thinking about it).
 The beginning of the actual chapter has a very familiar sight. We’ve all become used to CLAMP’s occasional storybook style storytelling, but another familiar sight is the design of ‘Alice’. We’ve seen this before in episode 55 of the original 90’s anime, “Sakura and Sakura From Wonderland”.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s really nice to see this version of Alice continue on through Clear Card now, but the story told is very different from the typical Alice in Wonderland story. It tells the story of a girl named Alice who lived in a separate world. She was raised by a kind family and was kind herself, but she had the unique ability to have premonitory dreams. One might think that this is Akiho, but I feel this actually fits Sakura best in this circumstance. After all, Sakura, unlike Akiho (poor thing), grew up with a happy loving family and has the ability to dream about the future. I don’t want to discount any idea of any hidden abilities Akiho may have being the magical device that her clan turned her into, but she certainly wasn’t able to grow up with a kind family. I believe truly that Akiho’s parents loved her, but Akiho unfortunately never got to know them, so it’s hard to say how much they were able to influence her personality now when she was such a young age during their living years.
 What comes next though is both fascinating and amusing. Alice finds a stray cat in one of her dreams and brings it home with her. The shape of the cat’s tail in particular seems to points towards this also being the ‘dragon’ we’ve seen in Sakura’s dreams and on the border of the backstory for Kaito (don’t think I missed those cats on the border of this story looking so similar to the dragons for Kaito’s backstory, CLAMP!!). It seems heavily implied that this cat is Kaito, which if that is the case, then… OMG YUNYA D KAITO IS ACTUALLY A THING?!!! LOL
 You might recall me mentioning a while back in July how I was talking to @meimi-haneoka​ about how I felt Kaito was much like a cat in personality (which also resulted in me drawing two pieces of fanart with Kaito having cat ears), and now I’m starting to think CLAMP feels exactly the same. Hahahahaha.
 Alice seems a bit distressed about what to do in this other world in her dreams, which is so different from her own, and she is guided by her cat. She was shown all sorts of things she had never seen before, but the detail in particular that stuck out to her the most was the bending of time (which definitely again points to Kaito).
Alice tries to look for a way back to her own world, and while doing so she meets “The Red Queen”. The bits of the story that CLAMP is willing to divulge at this point stops here, and it leaves me SO curious. It’s difficult for me to tell who has what role in this story, save for Kaito. Alice’s story fits Sakura best, but the part about the cat guiding Alice and showing her all sorts of new things also sounds like Akiho, so I find it difficult to tell who this is meant to be in CLAMP’s telling. Until we know more about the role of the ”Red Queen”, we’ll just have to speculate. I can also imagine Sakura as the Red Queen, considering we’ve already seen her in such an outfit in the second Clear Card opening. However, I honestly think it would be incredibly interesting to see Akiho in that role as well. I’m so excited to hear more of this story.
 The chapter flashes back to real life, where even Sakura seems to feel that the Alice story very much matches what is going on with her presently. In fact, it’s so accurate that Kero and Suppi even begin to question if Naoko has some sort of special abilities. However, Suppi mentions that it’s possible for tremendously creative people to possess some sort of a sixth sense, and that they are able to sometimes show something from not just the past, but things that happened long ago and even events that have yet to occur through their works.
 And can I just say that...like, something about this part just really resonated with me? Like, call me crazy, but I feel like this is actually incredibly true. I believe that super creative people are able to see the world and events in very unique ways much different than everyone else, so I think it’d make sense for them to inadvertently have a ‘sixth sense’. I honestly think that is something so super cool to think about, and I just love the way CLAMP introduces traits in ordinary people that are so incredible, they’re practically magic (like Tomoyo and her great observation skills). It’s almost like CLAMP is trying to tell us that we too carry our own sort of magic, even if magic itself isn’t real, and I’m just totally feeling it.  
 Sakura goes on to explain how Naoko described coming up with the idea. We of course knew already that Naoko thought of the two Alices when seeing Sakura and Akiho next to each other, but what ended up truly explaining Naoko’s writing was that Akiho had told her about her ‘Alice in Clockland’ book.  This really goes to show that although it’s a most definitely a special book to Akiho, she speaks about it to anyone who will listen like it is just any regular book. This further proves to me that she doesn’t truly understand what she actually has, but she knows it’s special nonetheless. That’s just something she feels in her heart.
 To Akiho, it is a merely her favorite story, however she does not realize that what she reads and dreams about is actually Sakura’s life and adventures capturing the Clear Cards. The book is even in a language she doesn’t recognize but is able to read due to learning/being taught how (it’s unclear which). I’m very interested to know how she came about learning how to read this story, whether someone taught her, whether this was something the book allowed, or if this is a skill she gathered through the magic her clan placed inside of her (they had mentioned wanting to send her to all sorts of places and have her read a great many books). I’m more inclined to believe that the Alice in Clockland book simply allowed her to be the one to read it. Naturally, when we first saw the book in chapter 12 in the manga, Akiho never got a chance to tell Sakura about the content of the story due to a very timely and likely very purposeful interruption from Kaito. After all, if Sakura knew the story, she’d likely recognize the details immediately, and that would obviously ruin Kaito’s very carefully laid out plans.
 But what made this chapter the most interesting was the fact that Kero actually had heard of “Alice in Clockland”. It doesn’t seem like he recognized it by name per say, which was very likely due to the fact that this is the name that Akiho has given it while it is in her possession (stated by Momo in chapter 50). I imagine maybe it was something about the mention of clocks that made Kero believe it might be the book he was thinking of, but seeing as the book’s name changes with each owner, it makes sense that he wouldn’t have recognized it for certain without seeing it himself.
Even more intriguing is how sentient in nature the book is implied to be. Sakura goes to find a picture she had taken of it, only to find it gone, and the only way she is even able to show an image of it to Kero and Suppi is via Record. The book appears to really go out of its way to hide from those it doesn’t want to be seen by and only appears to those it wishes.
 We then get a bombshell when Kero states that it was once in Clow’s possession, which isn’t entirely surprising. But what is surprising is that the spell that the book supposedly seeks out masters to complete could not be done even by Clow. Whatever the spell may be appears to be more than just forbidden or taboo, but rather labeled impossible. And seeing as Clow himself could not even achieve it and the book promptly yeeted out of his possession by burning up in his hands, it’s understandable how such a spell would be labeled impossible.
 I suppose that really raises some very important questions, and that is how strong is this book exactly, and how much magic does it require to complete this ‘impossible’ spell? Well, it seems believed by Kero and Suppi that Sakura was only able to capture it in an image via Record due to the book’s will, and Sakura has proven to be able to show almost literally anything she wants with this card in the past. Sakura’s strength is unreal and was already confirmed at the end of the original series to be stronger than Clow’s, so if the book is able to hide even from her, that really speaks volumes to the strength of Alice in Clockland as well.
 So, because Kaito is the one who created a contract with this book and Akiho was the one who named it, reads it, and currently possesses it, what does that say about them? Why did the book choose them when even magicians like Clow were unable to complete the forbidden magic successfully? I don’t think it’s necessarily because of the strength of either in terms of magic. Kaito may be an incredible magician, but Sakura still appears to be able to subdue him if she puts her mind to it, so he is not the strongest magician. And Akiho herself contains no magic at all. So knowing this, why did the book choose them? I think it chose them because it just wanted to see what would happen. Kaito seems willing to die to do this, so the book might be wondering “how far is he willing to go to achieve this?”, and I am even willing to bet that the book isn’t confident that Kaito can succeed either, even with his efforts.
 Akiho’s involvement with it could potentially be tied to the magic the clan and association instilled in her as well. The book that the clan and association used on her while performing their spell contained the dragon we’ve seen before on the cover, and we know that this dragon has made appearances in these dreams Sakura has had, so the two could be intertwined in some way.
Tumblr media
  Another question that we have continuously had is what this impossible spell may be. Well, the only ‘impossible’ and definitely taboo spell that CLAMP has ever spoken about in any series with magic has been bringing the dead back to life. This topic is specifically mentioned in detail in Tsubasa, and even breaking the laws of the universe wasn’t enough to make that a reality. So my money is on that being the spell in question. I think everyone can relate to wishing that someone lost could be brought back again, but if this were truly what the impossible spell is, that brings up questions again as to why Kaito in particular wants to achieve this. I still believe that Kaito wants to revive someone, and I think that someone is Akiho’s mother. But time will tell for sure what their relationship was even like and what is truly in Kaito’s heart. If it turns out to be a different spell, I’ll be incredibly intrigued, as I cannot think of anything that would be more difficult or more desired by someone. A part of me hopes it is different, honestly, just for the sake of it not following too similar a formula to Tsubasa, because we already know that attempting to such a thing ends badly for everyone.
 Sakura then announces that she wants to speak with the book, much to Kero and Suppi’s surprise, but what I love in particular is how Kero says “I trust you on this one Sakura”. It shows that he really does have faith in her and is really going to let her handle things the way she wants now rather than keeping secrets or doing things behind her back to protect her, as most of them (including Syaoran) had been doing until a short time ago.
 She’s asked about whether she will accept the role of Alice now, knowing what she knows, and when we get her answer, it is while she is sitting at lunch with Tomoyo and Syaoran. Sakura decides to take the role and that she initially thought to decline it, but ultimately felt that something was going to cause her to end up playing the role anyways. I think what she’s saying here is that the situation feels a bit like fate is involved, and that there is really no use trying to fight it. In fact, she thinks it’s better to trust her instincts this time and go along with the current, and Syaoran, just like Kero, shows that he believes in her as well by agreeing.
I think Tomoyo can sense that things are a bit serious in the discussion, so she wonderfully lightens the mood by fantasizing about how excited she is to make her a dress to wear. I personally cannot wait to see what she comes up with, though I have a feeling it might be the outfit Momo placed her in when she dropped her into the dream where no one knew who she was. I think it would be fitting and certainly has an ‘Alice’ look to it, but I would also love to see something new.
 Sakura tells Tomoyo that she cannot wait to wear it, as she had mentioned before that she felt stronger and like she could take on anything while wearing the clothes she makes. She re-emphasizes how if she wears clothing made by her, she’ll be all right no matter what.
 After the sweet moment between the two, Syaoran asks the million dollar question of whether or not Akiho will take the other Alice role. Naturally, he must be curious considering all they’ve learned in the last few chapters.
 We don’t have to wait long to get our answer as the scene switches over to Akiho and Kaito’s home. Like I thought, Akiho thought about declining due to lack of acting skills, however interestingly enough she answers in exactly the same way as Sakura, claiming that she felt she would end up playing Alice anyways. Akiho, who doesn’t have magic, is also able to feel that pull of fate, and of course she feels it is odd coming from her, and she proactively claims it to be strange for her to say it at all (girl, I’ve been there and totally feel you)..
 What breaks my heart about this scene is her sad face in the next panel when she says “I don’t have that kind of power”. It is just another reminder of how she was a failure in the eyes of her family for not having magic, and Kaito appears ready to comfort her by starting to reach out, but suddenly pulls his hand back. It seems evident that there’s a lot he wants to say to her in this moment, but he doesn’t find it appropriate at that point in time. Perhaps a part of him wanted to tell her what he knows? Maybe about what he’s doing? Or maybe he’s just trying to keep his distance to avoid hurting her if he someday disappears. The only thing we know for sure is that in that moment, his heart desperately wanted to be heard, but as per usual, he stopped before treading too far. Once again, Kaito has silenced his heart and his true feelings, keeping them locked carefully inside.
 Akiho notices something is off right away, but Kaito smoothly changes the subject by stating that Akiho will not just play Alice, but become her, and this seems to be a lovely piece of foreshadowing by CLAMP. It definitely seems to imply that the climax is approaching and that something huge is going to occur during this play.
Akiho then, being the sharp girl she is, doesn’t even respond to that and insists in a gentle, but assertive way that she wants him to rest while she’s at school. It shows that even though Kaito is pretending to be fine, she can tell that something is very, very wrong, and she wants him to know how important it is to her for him to rest and take care of himself. Kaito naturally pretends to be oblivious to what she means at first, but then agrees, still playing off the situation as if nothing serious is going on at all.
 On the way out the door, Momo, being the fucking queen she is, gives the biggest death glare I have seen so far, and I’m living for it. That one glare says “You better fucking rest like she said or I will make you regret it!!!”. Hahahahaha.
Tumblr media
 I can’t state enough how much I love how aggressively Momo cares about her family. The way Kaito smiles back though seems to imply that he has zero intention of doing any resting. And as expected, the moment he closes the door, he falls to his feet, shaking and breathing heavy. He says to himself that he can barely make his body move the way he wants anymore, which shows just how hard he had to work just to fake it in front of Akiho. Despite the clearly dangerous situation he’s falling into, he seems to disregard this again by stating that he merely needs to hold on just a little bit longer, and that the story will soon begin for what he has been wishing for. This only serves as further proof that the climax is approaching and particularly with the events of the play.
 The chapter ends here, but it seems that this chapter’s main focus was on the Alice in Clockland book. CLAMP wanted to introduce to us the idea of just how strong this book is and give some context as to how powerful the magic Kaito is trying to perform truly is. And then of course it develops more the growth of Sakura and Akiho, but also gives some hope that maybe Kaito will eventually listen to his heart soon. If such a small phrase from Akiho could almost stir him to say something, then it makes me hopeful that he is starting to break his walls just a little, or that at least maybe there’s a crack somewhere that will grow bigger with more time.
 Anyways, I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!
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sunnysviolin · a year ago
dragon Basil dragon Basil dragon Basil dragon Basil dragon Basil dragon Bas-
Dragon Basil Dragon Basil Dragon Basil Dragon Basil!!!!! 
Okay Neska inspired me with her sketching, so I’m gonna continue this now. I had a whole long thing written, but I hated it so I’m deleting it all and starting fresh. Remember when I said Sunny is a mild mannered librarian? haahha well...
Okay this also got mad long and I don’t know how good it is but I like it and self indulgence is the name of this blog SO. This is the first part of a two parter haha don’t worry part two is already written! 
So this is post all the bad stuff in Royalty AU. Mari is officially princess, she and Hero are betrothed, everything is good. Sunny and Kel are thick as thieves brothers, and Kel as the second son is left to his own devices
His devices is pretty much rope Sunny into doing insane dangerous stuff with him. Sunny is tired, but he goes along to make sure Kel is fine
So they are sitting in the library as Sunny translates an old scroll and reads it aloud to Kel. It’s a story from the end of the age of dragons. In it is a prophecy of the rebirth of dragon riders. It’s been generations and generations since there was even a sighting of a dragon, and most people don’t believe they were ever real. There’s no actual evidence, just stories and songs of their glory. This scroll just a legend, but it’s the kind of story Kel actually likes so he will listen along. 
The story is about the last dragon. The tale goes that the final dragon rests eternally at the heart of the mountain that spits fire. Only if the other half of its heart sings, then the night will turn to day and fire will fly in the sky once more. 
Kel is a little bored by the talk of love and songs, but the first part catches him. He asks Sunny to repeat himself, and so Sunny does. 
Kel remembers that thing that a visiting princess had told them about her kingdom. Kim had been irritating, and Kel had gotten into numerous spats with her, but on one of the rare occasions they had just been talking, she had told him about how the mountains in her kingdom were “on fire” That she was friends with a witch who came from a coven that kept their kingdom from being destroyed by the fire a long time ago. The mountains were quiet now, but one day they would roar again. 
He tells Sunny this, and Sunny stops to think. 
Two parallel stories about mountains spitting fire was odd, but witches were odd, and so were stories. Kel is excited because where dragons are, gold and treasure is. Even if dragons don’t actually exist (and Kel is firm that they don’t) he is intrigued at the prospect of a mountain filled with gold. Sunny is one of the rare that still have faith (although he would never tell his brother for fear of being teased) and so he has his own reasons for wanting to explore
They agree to go to visit Kim and her kingdom of fire spitting mountains, at least to see if she’s making it all up. It isn’t hard to arrange, just a little coercing of Kel’s parents, convincing them this is him doing his duty as a prince to cement a good relationship with nearby kingdoms, and they’re off on horseback riding towards their next adventure. On a whim, Sunny brings his vielle and the scroll.
The boys get to Kim’s castle and make their customary hellos. It’s still minutely awkward between Sunny and the royal families who are unsure of why he is being treated as their equal, but he ignores it. He isn’t there to play at being a prince, he’s following a force that’s been pushing him since he read the scroll. 
That night they sneak into the gardens with Kim and tell her the story and ask her to explain further about her family’s history. She reads Sunny’s translation of the scroll, and Kim tells them she knows the story. She brings them to a room filled with tapestries, intricately woven with the legends of her people. 
The biggest is of a mountain, cracked open like an egg, spitting red and yellow high into the dark air. There’s tiny dots on the ground resembling people, and above in the air are dragons half lit in the yellow threads. Kim tells them the story behind the tapestry. 
Her kingdom is of ancient powers, their family were the final dragon riders. Dragons and humans bond once for life, and that bond was more sacred than anything else. At this point in history, dragons were already beginning to die off as more and more humans came into their territories to claim land. The last great dragon stronghold was her family’s kingdom. Others grew jealous of her family’s power, of their special bond with the last great creatures. 
On a moonless night people came and killed all of the riders, which killed all of the dragons in tandem. Only one was left, her great great (greatgreatgreatgreat...how many greats again?) grandmother. As a girl of only ten and two, she ran away with her dragon who was barely old enough to fly. She managed to get to a friend of hers who was a witch, and begged the coven to give them sanctuary. 
The coven could not stop the evil, but they could give the girl and her dragon a chance. the coven brought the girl in secret to the base of a mountain. They guided her through channels, vents and shafts deep into the heart of the mountain. There they put a spell on the baby dragon, deep magic which would keep it safe, but also keep it asleep. The girl would be able to fight and not have to worry about her dragon being hurt. Even if she died, her dragon would be safe until its rider came and sang a song that she was taught by the witches. 
There was a war, awful and bloody. Almost all of the coven died fighting alongside her. In the final battle, the mountain that her dragon was in broke open, and the coven of witches were forced to sacrifice their magik to make sure that the kingdom lived on. The only one left at the end was the young princess, and she had no way of knowing the way back to her dragon. She spent endless hours trying to find the path in the mountain, but each time she nearly died. Only the coven could find the way, and they were gone. 
Her dragon was safe, but at a terrible price. The child became a queen, and she guarded her mountain with her dragon for the day that he would awaken once more. And Kim’s family has guarded the mountain ever since. 
Kel doesn’t really believe, but he and Sunny are both caught in Kim’s storytelling. She ends with her theory. Sunny’s scroll doesn’t belong to their kingdom, it belongs to Kim’s. The song and prophecy at the end is her birthright. Dragons are real, and they are going to help her wake the last one. 
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stormcloudrising · a year ago
I agree with you on Jon Dany being a show only thing. There are too many plotlines and too many characters' arc that need to be closed off , that too within the space of 2 books.
The amount of plot that has to be covered to get to a romantic story between the two of them is one of the biggest signs that their romantic relationship was a show only thing. That and the horrible way it was written.
In my opinion, the many clues George has dropped about the future conflict between the Wolf and the Dragon is pretty much totally ignored. Jon is also a Wolf and when he returns from the dead with part of Ghost in him, that will be more obvious than ever before. 
Wolves are pack and unless run off, they always remain pack. George is always true to the symbolism he has laid out. Theon was raised by the wolves but he never allowed himself to become part of the pack. That is why he was able to betray them so easily. There will be no conflict in within Jon over which side he is on, which is why that bit of indecisiveness on the show was pure foolish nonsense.
I’ve suggested on many previous occasions that I think that the blue winter rose in the crack in the wall has been misinterpreted by many in the fandom when it comes to a supposed romantic relationship between Jon and Dany. As with practically everything in his story, GRRM has layered the blue rose in the wall with symbolism.
The blue rose represents Lyanna and is a big clue that she is Jon’s mother. What it does not represent is Jon. The blue rose always and I mean, “always,” represent the daughters of House Stark. It has never represented the men of the House. So while it’s a big clue that points to Lyanna being Jon’s mother, Jon is not the blue winter rose in the Wall.
With the myths and legends he has woven throughout his tale, George has set up the blue rose as one of the most important motifs in the entire story…past and present. Lyanna is dead when the story begins and so we know that she won’t be playing the role in the story proper.  As the only two Stark daughters in the story, the position of the Blue Winter Rose falls on the shoulders of Arya and Sansa. No one else!
Ok, now let’s talk about the infamous crack where the rose is positioned in Dany’s dream. Keep in mind how George writes his foreshadowing via the visions he gives to the characters that have been so far revealed as being connected to magic…this includes Dany, Bran, Aeron, Jojen, GOHH etc. All of their visions are revealed in symbolic terms. It’s never B/W and obvious. It’s only after the event takes place that it becomes clear to the reader what was meant by the visions. 
It’s been foreshadowed throughout the books that the Wall will fall and the Others will invade. There are many fandom theories about the circumstances that will lead to this event but everyone agrees that the Wall will fall. It’s the biggest McGuffin in the entire story. 
One of the obvious events that will have an impact on the fall of the Wall and the invasion of the Others is Jon’s assassination by his fellow brothers of the Night’s Watch. There will be no Lord Commander to lead the Night’s Watch when the wall falls but more importantly, the murder of Jon is sure to split the brotherhood in two. Also keep in mind that the Wall is not just a gigantic, tall piece of ice. The Wall is also the Nights Watch. They are symbolically the wall that’s supposed to stand between the world of men and the Others.
Consider what led to Jon’s Nights Watch brethren decision to murder him. He opened the gates to the Wildings and allowed them to come south of the Wall. Many of Jon’s NW’s brothers disagreed with him allowing this. They were likely even plotting against him but they made no effort to move against him until Jon decided to abandon his post and oath and use the Watch to wage war on one of the Lords of the Realm.
This move by Jon pushed his brothers over the edge and he was killed by them immediately after he made this decision to betray his oath. 
Jon decided to use the Watch to take back Winterfell but what pushed him to this choice? The infamous Pink Letter. The contents of the letter pushed Jon to march south to retake Winterfell but more importantly, he wanted to find and rescue his “sister,” Arya.
“I made him a warm cloak from the skins of the six whores who came with him to Winterfell … I want my bride back … I want my bride back … I want my bride back …” 
As Lyanna’s son, we can see how Jon started the crack that divided the brotherhood and will eventually lead to the fall of the Wall. However, it was to save “Arya,” one of the two Blue Winter Roses in the story, from Ramsay Bolton, which led to Jon’s betrayal of his oath. This action was the immediate cause of his assassination by his NW brothers. So we can see that symbolically in this instance, Arya was the Blue Winter Rose that created the crack in the Wall. This is just one of the many examples of how George uses symbolism to tell his story. 
Yes, Dany saw the blue winter rose in the crack, but it does not specifically have anything to do with her. Symbolically what she saw was Jon’s decision to abandon the Wall to rescue his sister, the Blue Winter Rose. This decision started the crack that will eventually lead to the fall of the Wall. It’s also a decision that will reverberate across the landscape and through the ages. 
Dany’s vision has to do with Jon and the daughters of House Stark. Not every vision she saw in the HOTU specifically relates to her…case in point, the Red Wedding. In my opinion, what Dany’s visions in the HOTU are lynchpin events that will have an impact on the entire story and as such, will tie into her individual arc in some manner but not all will affect her on a visceral/personal level.
Now before someone goes, what do I mean that the vision of the blue winter rose has nothing to do with Dany, let me say that I’m not saying that Jon won’t tie into her storyline or have any impact on it.  That would be kind of silly to suggest. I think that he most certainly will have an effect on her story but just not in the way many imagine. 
By the way, I also think that the blue rose in the crack in the Wall also clues us into events of the ancient past. I’ve proposed that Jonquil was the original Blue Winter Rose and I think that we will eventually find out that she was the Corpse Queen to Florian’s Nights King and was also the original crack in the wall of the brotherhood.  However, that discussion is for the Florian and Jonquil essay series where we will further discuss why Sansa is the most important Blue Rose on the board. 
Thanks for the ask!
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natromanxoff · a year ago
Queen live at National Bowl in Milton Keynes, UK - June 5, 1982 (Part-1)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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It was originally intended for the band to play this concert at Arsenal Stadium in Highbury, but it was moved to Milton Keynes for the same reason the Leeds show wasn't played at the famed Old Trafford. It's also worth noting that the band wanted to play at London's famous Royal Albert Hall as well, but the plan was never orchestrated as there was much fear that the weight of Queen's lighting rig would make the ceiling cave in. An early tour itinerary listed two London shows (June 4 and 5) on the agenda. The Teardrop Explodes were among the bands (the same line-up as last week in Leeds) who opened for Queen at this show. Their guitarist, Julian Cope, stood before about 40 thousand Queen fans and introduced the next song as being probably the best song they had ever heard, prompting someone near the stage to throw a toilet seat at him, which missed (people are known to bring cameras and certain substances to concerts, but toilet seats?). Lemonade bottles were then thrown at the guitarist which he tossed back into the audience. The complete Queen concert was filmed. A shortened video was shown on UK TV on a show called "The Tube" in January 1983 (omitting Action This Day, the bit of Las Palabras de Amor, Back Chat, Get Down Make Love, part of the guitar solo, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Another One Bites The Dust, and Sheer Heart Attack), and on MTV in the US in August 1983 (the latter was a simulcast, with the audio being broadcast on FM radio in stereo, on the west coast, at least). The video was edited by Gavin Taylor, who was later invited by the band to direct the now famous video at Wembley Stadium in 1986. An even shorter version (about 50 minutes long) of the Milton Keynes video was shown on UK TV in 2001 (and many times since). Both the Milton Keynes and Wembley shows would eventually be released on DVD uncut. The 2004 official release of this show (both on CD and DVD) is called "Queen On Fire: Live At The Bowl". The DVD is a beautiful document of Queen's show at the time, packed full of classic Queen moments. There are also extras from 1982 shows in Vienna and Tokyo. After a great version of Play The Game, Freddie essentially apologizes to the audience for much of the latest album's content: "Now most of you know that we've got some new songs out in the last week. For what it's worth we're gonna do a few songs in the funk/black category, whatever you call it. That doesn't mean we've lost our rock and roll feel, okay? I mean it's only a bloody record. People get so excited about these things! We just wanna try out a few songs. This is Staying Power." For some reason part of the speech was removed for the CD release of "Live At The Bowl." Without a doubt this is his definitive live delivery of the song, pulling off all of the stops. Mercury is at his peak tonight. Somebody To Love has been a vocal adventure of Freddie's for the past couple years. His intro is different every night, as is his solo spot towards the end. The version captured here on film is surely one of his best. Before launching into the familiar piano theme, he asks the audience in a moment for the ages, "Are you ready?" And in excitement, "Huh? Are you ready brothers and sisters?" Part way through his vocal exchange with the audience in Now I'm Here, Freddie says, "C'mon, we're gonna make you sing like Aretha Franklin." At the end of the successful duel, he jokingly says, "Right, you can join the band!" The r&b influence is never more evident than it is here, and it makes for a classic version of the song. Brian breaks a string just before his guitar solo in Dragon Attack. While he switches to a Red Special copy, John Deacon gets to play the bass solo as it's heard on the record - the one and only time he has the chance to do it. It's on the fly, and he nails it note for note. "Las Palabras de Amor" was released as a single a few days ago, and Brian plays a small bit of it on his 12-string acoustic before Love Of My Life. He then mentions how the band won't be playing their "song of peace" tonight, as he calls it. This remains the only show where the Hot Space ballad would be referenced. Brian's guitar briefly cuts out during his solo spot, a moment that was edited out of the 1983 TV broadcasts (and slightly edited on the CD release) but seen uncut on the DVD. Brian's guitar tech is seen rushing on and off stage within seconds, having quickly resolved the issue (it was likely a sticky pickup switch). About half way through Sheer Heart Attack, Brian sneaks in the riff from I Go Crazy an octave up, and much faster, to match the tempo of the energetic News Of The World rocker. The song would be dropped from the set after this show, only to emerge again late in the pending North American tour. This would be Morgan Fisher's last show with the band as the touring keyboardist. A number of theories abound about his departure, including butting heads with Mercury's personal manager Paul Prenter or his apparent fear of flying, but it was simply a case of him moving on to other gigs (Fisher confirmed in a 2009 interview that he has never been afraid of airplanes). The CD and DVD releases would be patched up a bit, most notably in the third verse of Fat Bottomed Girls where Freddie's voice cracked badly on "locality," as well as for "now I'm here, now I'm there." Roger's timing with the guitar delays at the end of May's solo spot was bit off at the show, but this is fixed up as well. The sound quality as a whole is much better than the broadcasts, but there are a couple differences in the mix - some of Brian's backing vocals (particularly at the end of Somebody To Love) can be clearly heard in the broadcast mix but were brought down for the official releases, and compression has been added to Roger's snare drum, giving it a much fatter sound compared to Queen Rock Montreal. Brian May and Roger Taylor are interviewed before the show, as shown on the Bowl DVD and the original TV broadcasts. Brian reveals that he really enjoys playing Play The Game. He explains, "You've done your leaping about, and you've made your statement on your entry. And then you can settle down and start really playing something." Roger says his current favourite is Under Pressure. On the day before this show Freddie's boyfriend at the time had bitten him between his thumb and forefinger during a fight, causing it to bleed profusely and require stitches. On the DVD, Freddie is seen tossing the bandage around just before coming on stage. The sixth picture was submitted by Fabio Minero, and the eighth is from Alessio Rizzitelli. The second set was taken by Brenski.
Fan Stories
“At the time, I was living on the Mull Of Kintyre on the West coast of Scotland. I remember being elated at getting tickets for the last gig of the UK tour. I always tried to get 'last night' tickets, because the band were famous for always going a little more 'over the top' on each of their tour's final nights. So, we drove down from Scotland, which took an eternity with fuel and meal stops, and stayed at the in-law's on the south coast of England. The next day we set for the 'new-town' of Milton Keynes, about 100 miles or so, away. We got there quite early before the gates opened and the weather was unsettled, lightly raining for about five minutes nearly every other hour. The support bands for the day were 'Teardrop Explodes', who had a fairly big hit with a song called 'Reward'. I quite liked Julian Cope and his band, but this WAS a rock gig, and the audience weren't generally as receptive to this brass backed 'new romantic' style of music. The customary sea of lemonade bottles headed towards the stage ensued. Now it was over twenty years ago, and the memory starts to fade a bit after a while, so I'm not sure whether 'Heart' were next on, or 'Joan Jett and the Blackhearts'. Either way, both bands played well, and were most enjoyable. Joan Jett had recently had a very big hit with 'I Love Rock'n'Roll' (very recently covered by Britney Spears), and the crowd loved that one. This was prior to 'Heart' having a major hit in the UK, but they were at that time an established and well known band. Looking at the stage, there were these items that looked like little vehicles hanging from the gantry, we later found out that these were individual self contained lighting platforms with a guy sat in each directing three spotlights wherever they were required to do so. The Queen set itself started with an extended backing tape from the intro of Flash Gordon. Most of you will have seen the video of this gig, so I won't labour on about what they played too much. Only that the crowd, as a whole, weren't into the 'Hot Space' numbers that much. Personally, I was watching my favourite band, so I didn't really care what they played, as long as it was theirs. The bits cut out of the video, included an intro to 'Las Palabras De Amor' from Brian, (just before 'Love Of My Life'), though they never actually played the whole song, Brian announced that they were not doing their song of peace tonight. Brian's two-day guitar solo was edited out, as was 'Fat Bottomed Girls', the intro harmonies on this did come across as pretty iffy, and of all songs, they also edited out 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love', much to my disappointment, as I'd heckled Freddie about his ability as a guitarist, and 'stone me', he only went and answered me. Knebworth '86 was a much better show, but I know I'm lucky enough to have had the honour to be able to compare them.”  - Steve_C/Kes
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khadaj-ballad · a year ago
I’ve been replaying dragon age inquisition, as one does, and idk if it’s been said but after Horror of Hormak and after becoming obsessed with our new queen of Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girl Boss Ghilan’nain and her horrid creations I have some thoughts but mostly questions about our mad scientist and her goddess lover, Andruil.
1) if Andruil’s armor of the void was infact red lyrium/ some sort of blighted armor and destroyed her lands with it, and the Anderfels is where the first blight began, did Andruil begin a blight in the Anderfels and that’s where Mythal kicked her butt and hid her armor? Horror of Hormak shows that Ghilan’nain has a link to the wardens, the darkspawn, and the blight so for her lover to have discovered what she would later use to create awful scary things, it’s make sense. Also Anderfels-ANDRUIL FELL: where she fell to Mythal. The time line doesn’t match up perfect but it Mythal, Andraste, and Flemeth can all be the same story of different eras, than Thedas is also not immune to history repeating itself. (Unless Mythal is also Andraste too)
2) if Ghilan’nain weaponized the blight after Andruil fell and used it to create more creatures it’d explain why blighted creatures are called darkSPAWN. Because it was intentionally created/spawned. It would also mean the Dragon age Awakening could be hinting what Ghilan’nain did.
3) it these things are true is The Architect, and Urthemiel linked to Ghilan’nain? Are the Grey wardens actually servants of the blight? (I have a theory that minus Corypheus and The Architect different warden commanders know the locations of the other Magister darkspawn but no commander knows more than one and is unaware of any others. That said I definitely think an alive hero of ferelden knows more than any of the others and that’s why they’re seeking a cure.)
4) I’ve thought this for a while but Ghilan’nain was offered godhood among the main Elven god, so who was she before? Well after Horror of Hormak reveal of Ghilan’nain being a psycho who experiments on her subjects/people/slaves, I think before she became the Mother of Halla and Ghilan’nain, and before the elven gods gave her her new name she was the forgotten one Geldauran. There no proof I just thought the Horror of Hormak Murals made me think to the codex entry from Jaw of Hakkon.
“There are no gods. There is only the subject and the object, the actor and the acted upon. Those with will to earn dominance over others gain title not by nature but by deed. I am Geldauran, and I refuse those who would exert will upon me. Let Andruil's bow crack, let June's fire grow cold. Let them build temples and lure the faithful with promises. Their pride will consume them, and I, forgotten, will claim power of my own, apart from them until I strike in mastery.”
The blight or her creepy crawlies could be how she “strikes in Mastery”
Of the Executors/creatures of the sea are, and the blight just happened to corrupt one of her labs, but I kinda doubt that.
Also Who’s making the darkspawn insect hybrids in Horror of Hormak, if someone’s not intentionally making weird creatures, how dangerous and powerful are Ghilan’nain’s labs on their own? Was it a fail safe to create her an army and she was trapped and unable to finish? I have so many questions and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was linked to the Architect.
5) where the heck are the other 11 labs????? (Although I have a theory that one of them is under Sundermount in Kirkwall and when the magister did they’re elaborate and bloody ritual to get into the golden city (which I believed is where the Eleven gods are trapped) they drew on the blood of the sacrifices and unknowingly also drew on the energy of Ghilan’nain’s lab and his lab also had the blight and in using her unstable and lost magic that’s designed to make terrifying beast they corrupted their ritual with the blight and where horribly disoriented by the transformation and entering the Fade that they went mad. This would explain the red lyrium under Kirkwall and the strange idol could be a remnant of the Elves. Also the blighted titan and the elven war with the dwarves could play a part here.
6) DID GHILAN’NAIN CREATE THE KOSSITH? And are the Kossith the ones across the sea/the executors? Now knowing Ghilan’nain was a mad scientist I feel like how the Qunari breed their people for task it has the feel of creating creatures for a purpose and if the kossith are the executors are they incharge of pulling the plug on Ghilan’nain’s more dangerous creations/ the qunari if they lose control. That’s the other thing the Executors make me feel like the rest of thedas is and experiment to them and they’re just watching and studying them waiting for… something (maybe Ghilan’nain to return)
All that said, I can’t wait to see more of Ghilan’nain, honestly I would love to see an agent of her or a reincarnation of her In Dragon age 4. Now that she’s kinda evil she’s way more interesting. That said I still want more information on the Elven God June lol.
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saraptor · 10 months ago
Ok, so I said I’d make a theory that the ancient dwarves in Dragon Age made and that I’d compile a bunch of evidence to this theory, whether it proves or disproves it, but I literally cannot even focus on stuff that I WANT to focus on so instead I’ll just ramble about stuff that I can vaguely remember watching/reading/listening to in-game. 
(TBH this is mostly a crack theory that I think would make a pretty cool AU fic lol)
1. They made Golems. Golems, even during the time of Caridin, which I believe was the first time “modernish” dwarves made a Golem, weren’t something new. I think it’s Caridin’s journal that states the inspiration for Golems came from a dream, which might have been an innocuous detail, as getting ideas from dreams is kind of common occurrence I think, if it wasn’t obvious later on that something weird is going on with the dwarves’ mental connection to the Stone. Something else seemed to guide Caridin through the process of making Golem, besides his own natural brilliance. 
2. Dagna. Dagna’s probably biggest support of this theory, when she talks about hearing all the thoughts, or being all the thoughts. Like she was “as big as a mountain, or I was the mountain.” It was like she was seeing through a massive consciousness of many collected beings, which, if the dwarves from the Descent area (the Sha-Brytol) are in a way absorbed into the area, or if the “Stone” (as it is) has spirits in it or something, would be possible in a weird way. 
3. The dwarven halls are HUGE! Now this is probably just because the dwarves were epic architects and because they could do it, they were going to do it, but also it could mayyyyyyybe be possible they needed to fit something huge through there, too. Like a giant mecha suit. It’s brought up a couple times by a few characters (I think Sera’s one of them) and it seems like an interesting observation. 
4. Not a part of this theory, but additionally: what if the Titans are ancient dwarves? Like those things are ancient “golems” and they possess the souls of old dwarves. 
Honestly, I just think it would be super cool to have an AU with dwarves that have giant stone mecha suits, that don’t require blood sacrifices.   
Tumblr media
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valiantly-onward · a year ago
So I know that the Reimagined shorts aren’t supposed to be canon but LET’S JUST SAY THEY ARE
(Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen the first short)
What the HECK happened to Ninjago?
This is sometime in the future, right? The ninja are gone and Ninjago is in post apocalyptic mode, which doesn’t honestly surprise me, Ninjago will keep being Ninjago after the ninja are gone and stuff will continue to go down as it always does
When the ninja were all close to death - either in battle or old age - Lloyd used the last of his golden power to put their spirits or whatever in Golden Statue mode for whenever they need to be called on again to save Ninjago, a la King Arthur
It was all good for a while. The next generation of Masters continued on and the dragon (who is somehow the ninjas’ friend and close ally) watched over them. In my fantasy I see the mountaintop being a shrine of sorts for people to travel to pay their respects to the ninja
But then something or someone came to Ninjago and killed off the last of the Elemental Masters or destroyed the elemental power somehow
And Ninjago fell into ruin
And whatever destroyed the elemental powers knows that the last hope of Ninjago are these golden ninjas, so they send warriors to destroy them once and for all
They never get past the dragon
But let’s say the dragon has been watching over them and defending them for hundreds of years at this point, he’s a tired boy (pls give him a hug)
And now I really just want a story of some teenage kid going on a quest to wake the ninja and befriending the dragon and fighting alongside the ninja to save Ninjago one last time and then the kid becomes the first in another line of Elemental Masters and has to distribute the powers somehow
Now I’m rambling, but I really love this short guys, my head is spinning
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stdennard · a year ago
I have two questions:
First, have you ever read any of the fanfiction we’ve written for The Witchlands? If so, did you enjoy it?
Second, do you know about the crack-ships that have been created? (Ex. Lev & Vaness; Caden & Leopold.) If so, what are your thoughts on them?
Oh gosh, no. I definitely 100% support fanfiction (I got my start writing it!) but I very, very much avoid reading it for my own books. Even when a reader will send me a link to their story, I do not click.
1) It’s really weird (for me, at least) to read my characters doing something I wouldn’t necessarily have them do. It’s like...Idk. Seeing your arm suddenly do something you didn’t tell it do. Bad analogy, but the best I could come up with. 😂 It’s disconcerting and a little uncomfortable.
2) I don’t ever want to be accidentally influenced. I also avoid theory threads and reviews for this reason. I’ve got a plan!! I want to stick to that plan! I don’t want to see something and then maybe question the plan. 😅
3) On a similar note, I don’t want to read a fanfic and then have that author think I took something from them. Nope, nope! I’ll just stay far away from it all to be safe.
BUT, again, I wholeheartedly support it. I still read fic for my own favorite fandoms!!! Dragon Age, Mass Effect -- those are my go-to. 😉
So as for those ships, omg, NOPE. I had NO IDEA until right now that those existed. It find it very amusing, not gonna lie. SHIP THEM ALL! Go for it!! I will take it as a compliment that the characters are fully fleshed out enough to give off ship-worthy vibes.
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