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thatssolavellan · 5 months ago
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sometimes I love r/dragonage
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tarantula-hawk-wasp · 15 days ago
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The Iron Bull puts horn balm on Maera.  It’s important bonding 
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trashquisitor-shirozora · 8 months ago
The "I Can 'Pin' Posts on Tumblr Now? Since When?" Intro/Masterpost
Greetings and welcome to the "Who The Fuck Am I?" post written by yours truly, whoever the fuck I am. Now that I'm back on my Fandom bullshit again in at least 2 blogs, I thought I'd re-introduce myself.
I am 2nd gen Korean-American on the Best West Coast. I ID as she/they/shiro, and ace/demi. I'm in the millennial bracket (aka, I am a Legal Adult) so be mindful when interacting with me. I do what I can to be antiracist and am always learning to be better.
I am some iteration of "shirozora" on: LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, AO3, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Discord. My first Fandom 2.0 was political/pundit RPF and my first fandom fallout was Racefail '09, so you could say I've Seen Some Shit. Been 5+ years since I last engaged in actual Fandom, yet here the fuck I am.
Fandoms I have written/drawn for (FFN years do not count, I purged that account): political/pundit RPF, Supernatural, Tron: Legacy, MCU, Star Trek (AOS), Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy XIV, Star Wars/The Mandalorian
A Short List Of Things I Wrote in No Particular Order:
Lost Symphony (T): SPN; Dean/Cassie, Sam/Jessica, pre-Dean/Castiel; for the Racebending Revenge challenge - "Mary Ahn Winchester died on the ceiling of the nursery on November 2, 1983."
We Are Pilots (T+): Tron: Legacy; Sam/Tron; for the Tron Kink Meme - "Six months and Sam still can't shake off his father's ghost, so Quorra suggests returning to the Grid to find the answers he needs to move on."
Wishing Well (T): Captain America: The First Avenger; Steve/Howard, Steve/Peggy, unfulfilled Howard/Peggy/Steve; for the Cap Kink Meme - "And you just wanna feel like a coin that's been tossed / In a wishing well, a wishing well."
A Thousand Eyes Staring Back (T+): Mass Effect 2; Kaiden/m!Shep - "His problems start at Horizon, aka that time Kaidan Alenko was having a really bad day and his former CO was supposed to be dead."
Waking Ghosts (T+): Dragon Age; Dorian Pavus/Male Trevelyan Inquisitor; the Mummy (1999) AU nobody asked for - "Dorian Pavus, formerly of Qarinus, is an archivist at the Magisterium research outpost in Hightown."
Seasons Change (T): Black Panther/MCU; M'Baku/T'Challa - "A fisherman finds a dying king in his nets and Hanuman offers M'Baku an opportunity to repay T'Challa for sparing his life at Warrior Falls."
born in a thunderstorm (T+): Star Trek: AOS, Captain Marvel, Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy; Kirk/McCoy; the worst AU I ever wrote - "Kevin Riley insists that James Kirk didn't die on Tarsus IV. Nobody believes him."
Dangerous Dreams series (T) - The Storm; The Suns; Between Planets: Star Wars/The Mandalorian; Din/Luke; the reason why I'm writing this post - "To want something for yourself, that is a dangerous dream."
I cross-post and occasionally write about writing at @shirozora-writes. But I bet a bunch of y'all stumbled into my little sandbox through @shirozora-draws, so let's talk about that!
I suffered from artist's block for almost 4 years. That ended when I became utterly fixated on "So Grogu has two dads now - oh no." I fucking ragequit Star Wars after the fucking world lied to me about The Last Jedi* and now I'm doing the most insane and involved fanworks because of Star Wars. The fuck???
To end this unapologetically long-ass Intro Post, here are my 3 favorite recent doodles:
Tumblr media
The original post is here. First time animating with Clip Studio Paint and I had a two-day meltdown over it.
Tumblr media
The original post is here. Fun fact: the file name is "homoerotic chin tilt yolo". Also, 6.4k notes? You guys are wild.
Tumblr media
The original post is here. The final illustration from The Suns.
*I hate The Last Jedi the most not just because it's racist sexist garbage that trashed everyone except Kylo Ren whoever the fuck he thinks he is, and jumpstarted some of the most toxic fandom behavior I had the displeasure of witnessing, but also because I read so much praise for it before walking into the theater, paying for a ticket with my own money, and realizing 5 minutes into the film that I was gonna have the worst time of my life. I can't and probably will never watch Knives Out because I still haven't forgiven the director for the psychological damage. This is 100% a TLJ Hate Zone.
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bonksoundeffect · a year ago
Commissions are open
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A few people have asked about this, so I'm testing out the waters. If this one goes well I will expand on the options.
Fictional characters and OCs
Complex designs will cost extra fees
Only for personal use
All additional characters are 90 % of the base price
PayPal or Buy me a Coffee
I have the right to refuse a commission for any reason
Unless requested otherwise by the client I reserve the right to display the final result
I will start the commission once full payment has been received. It may take between 3-7 days to finish a piece
Once I'm done with the initial sketch I'll send a photo for feedback before I start colouring. After this there will be no refunds
If you're interested or need more info email me at [email protected] or dm me on tumblr and instagram
Reblogs are appreciated
Instagram | Buy me a Coffee
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revanchxst · 4 months ago
are there really templar supporters in this year of our lord 2022
like. anders did nothing wrong. is that seriously a huge point of discourse in this fandom
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corseque · 10 months ago
emet-selch is a very very very similar character to solas dragonage, except way farther along on the timeline of what the character does. like the ffxiv expansion shadowbringers was (imo) the equivalent of both inquisition + dragon age 4, and now tomorrow the expansion “endwalker” is dropping, which will be sort of like playing dragon age 5 and maybe 6 put together, and so being that spoiled with actually getting to know what happens to that sort of character much much further down the storyline has been very fun. I’ve said this whole year that getting to play FFXIV actually gave me closure about Dragon Age that I might never actually get (just because.... forget about DA4′s release, the problem is who can say when that series is actually going to end. 20 more years?) anyway FFXIV ends tomorrow, the end of emet’s character story will be in endwalker. and it will be written by a woman who adores the character she made, who knows how to make endings feel fulfilling and emotional. I love dragon age but trying to think about actively waiting for it when I could just be playing FFXIV that has a similar character who is written along such similar lines.... like yeah there’s no contest right now. I’m still like “wow 2 cakes! yum” and will enjoy both if da4 ever comes out, but it’s been almost a decade since inquisition came out and emet-selch has luscious tits and thematically coherent writing that makes you gasp and cry, AND it’s like 3 games later compared to where we left solas
anyway I’m going offline until I’m done playing the end of that game, and this is what I was thinking about
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cullens-babe · a year ago
Inquisitor: I’ll have fun helping you make new friends
Solas: That would be….well.
And then I find it funny how everytime you flirt with him he just accepts it??? It’s “Solas slightly approves.” For someone who’s tryna destroy the world and not fall for anyone or like anyone, you’re doing a bad job lol.
The inquisitor asks questions and he’s like “O H N O.”
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felassan · a year ago
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RIP Dragon Age: The Last Court   ಥ﹏ಥ
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jbnonsensework · 8 months ago
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My Inquisitor, Rajmahel Lavellan + Tropes
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scrawlers · 5 months ago
One thing I’m really loving about the Dragon Age games is how much carries over from game to game, in terms of not only the lore continuity, but also the characters. Like I’m playing Inquisition now, and I just got the Arcanist, and it turns out that the Arcanist is Dagna, the dwarf whom I helped get into the Circle of Magi back in Origins! It’s so cool to see how she’s doing now and see a familiar character again, rather than having each game be self-contained stories. Like I know you technically can play these games in any order, because you can do whatever you want, but I feel like it’s so rewarding when you play them in order and carry over your decisions from game to game. It’s so delightful to me, I’m loving it so much.
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that-was-anticlimactic · a year ago
so i keep finding myself myself doodling fictional characters at night before bed on sticky notes and i find it rather stress relieving ???
anyways, i’m not by any means an amazing or good artist, but if anyone wants to send me suggestions or fictional characters to doodle, it’d be good practice / fun <3
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thatssolavellan · a year ago
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we all are still here, and John Epler remembers
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lillotte17 · 5 months ago
*kicks down the door*
After that post I made about Lavellan's on-again off-again ability to understand elven, I am positively SCREAMING at how much Old Ass Dwarven my SURFACE DWARF Cadash is able to understand and read.
Does Valta understand more than her? Yes!! Of course!!! But...HOW does she know this much at all?? Cadash says they've gotten into Orzammar, but they speak like they don't have a lot of experience with the deep roads at all. She's in the Carta! Does the Dwarf Mafia go out of it's way to educate their members in Ancient Written Dwarven??
I bet Varric can't read this shit and he's from a wealthy merchant family!
It is very cool to talk about dwarf things with a Shaper but it doesn't make a lick of sense!! What!
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leverage-ot3 · a year ago
parker and jaskier are both on the same chaos spectrum, just different parts. no I will not elaborate
#EXCEPT FOR I WILL!!!#in the tags at least#so okay I just love characters with feral energy I guess I just realized and the thief and the bars hit it so well#jaskier is a bastard while simultaneously being baby#parker is a baby while simultaneously being a chaos demon#(they both have changeling energy you can’t change my mind)#this is probably gonna get stuck in my drafts but whatever#I just desperately want leverage x witcher overlap with fandom/fans#okay but hear me out: leverage witcher au#same characterizations of leverage characters but in the witcher universe#eliot is a witcher ofc. hardison is a mage maybe??? or a bard that follows eliot around singing songs of his greatness but is also very in#tune with brewing eliots potions and taking care of him. he is half elf but that’s a surprise#parker is either a fae changeling that imprints on them OR#a dragon. possibly borch’s daughter.#she collects shiny things and I adore her#someone write this verse pls I’m begging#of course they’re all semi immortal because they will live out their long lives TOGETHER goddamnit#yes i am on the nonhuman jaskier train. those boys DESERVE to live out eternity together and netflix forgot to age him so that’s their fault#okay but also consider this: immortal yen jaskier and geralt meeting parker hardison and eliot#parker hardison and jaskier hit it off IMMEDIATELY because feral and chaotic energy#geralt and yen and eliot watch with both horror and fondness#*me at my aus*: I just think they’re neat#the witcher#leverage#jaskier#julian alfred pankratz#parker#parker leverage#mine#leverage crossover
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faerie-eyes · a year ago
army of cats, you say...?
Eraserhead, is that you???
yes, they do own five cats. Kurogiri has this weird habit of being unable to keep himself from picking up strays...
their names are Sashimi Hero Ser Pounce-A-Lot (referred to as only 'Pounce') Midnight and Nana
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samodivas · a year ago
me after managing to configure a game from 6 years ago to work on my 8 year old PC
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aggressive-p0tat0 · a year ago
Dalish clan: summon an extremely dangerous demon that slaughters them all Templar: describes an abomination killing a shit load of innocents before they're finally put down Connor: kill tons of people Uldred: kills tons of people Shame of Serault: kills tons of people Elvhenan and Tevinter: shit show because of mages Fans: BUT THE TEMPLARS
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