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Sweety, is everything ok? This is the third time this month that youre watching Ride The Cyclone
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All I want from Deadpool 3 is Wade hitting on Nathan and Logan for 2 solid hours in increasingly vulgar ways
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Tumblr media
impromptu adventure in progress :)
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robot girl whose fan-based cooling system gets deafeningly loud every time the ambient temperature goes above 80° F
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bitches say they're fine and then scream the "I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all" in bohemian rhapsody louder than everyone else
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bitches be like i'm fine and then cry about dead gay wizards from the 70'
Tumblr media
...anyway have some wolfstar
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daddy? sorry - billy hargrove x reader smut
wc: 5.6k
genre: SMUT
pairing: billy hargrove x fem/afab/fem anatomy reader (no pronouns I don't think but he calls you mommy and wants to get you pregnant real bad lol)
summary: you accidentally call billy daddy one too many times, and he's now determined to level the playing field and make you a mommy.
warnings: HELLA breeding kink, a lot of daddy and mommy (mostly billy calling you and him mommy and daddy), mild neck grabbing, petnames (dollface, sweetcheeks, angel, doll, sugarlips, toots, slut, whore, mommy, pretty thing), a lot of good girl-s, boners and grinding, groping, you actually say "daddy sorry" once lol, billy is kind of mean and teases you a bit, light humiliation, edging, some use of the phrase "knock you up", billy is very dominant, a loooooot of eye contact (some face grabbing to ensure eye contact), billy is swole as fuck, some unintentional temperature play, billy is wearing rings, some biting, praise, degradation, praise AND degradation, a lot of kissing with tongue, referenced oral (f recieving), billy has a MONSTER shlong, fingering with 2 - 3 fingers, fingering with rings, manhandling, some spanking, praise kink, billy pays a lot of attention to you (attention kink???? does that exist???), minor handjob/m recieving foreplay/prep, legs over shoulder position, restraint (he holds your hands above your head), cervix kissing, buff billy + size kink, "use your words", billy loves your tiddies a lot, multiple orgasms, PROLONGED EYE CONTACT, billy is kind of obsessed with you, some misogyny (as a treat) (could also be interpreted as sexy fun slutshaming if you squint??), nipple and boob play, finger sucking, belly bulge, a lot of pregnancy dirty talk, overstimulation, mating press, sexy threats to keep you pregnant?????, unhinged feral primal billy, cockwarming and cum plugging, some dumbification, I think that's it dear god
music rec: I feel like I was made for lovin you by kiss fits p well (i'm still working on my billy playlist lol)
a/n: so....... a lot happens in this. i've been thinking non stop about this for a while. billy hargrove can toss me around like a ragdoll and call me wifey any fucking day. also can we talk about how fucking hot he looks in this gif??????? also kind of want to write some darker billy fics, more posessive smutty stuff yk
please let me know what you think of this i'm fucking obsessed
also I read a fic once where billy said "daddy daddy, don't call me daddy unless you want me to make you a mommy" AND I CAN'T FIND THE FIC NOW (IF I CAN FIND IT I'LL LINK IT HERE CAUSE WOW)
tags: @hopefullhearts @littlewinter1917 @thatawkwardlittlefangirl
Tumblr media
The first time was an accident. An honest to god slip of the tongue that you insist was not your fault. Seriously, if anyone else had had Billy Hargrove, fresh out of the shower and adorned in nothing but gray sweatpants smack their ass with that cocky smirk of his, you're sure they would have let a 'daddy' slip out as well. Nevertheless, you’d blanched. Mortified, you had been ready to politely pretend it hadn’t happened and move on. You expected nothing but the same from Billy, maybe the occasional teasing comment at worst. What you had decidedly not expected was for Billy to place his hand on the back of your neck and lower his lips to your ear, voice breathy and dangerous.
“It’s really in your best interest if you don’t call me that again, dollface.”
And that was it.
You took his word, not calling him that, not even bringing up the incident itself. As weeks and weeks pass, you soon begin to find it progressively harder not to call him that. You’re sure it’s just because of how adamant he was that you not use that particular pet name, but for reasons still beyond your understanding, now it was suddenly all you could seem to think about. Every time you see him, every time you think of him, your brain repeats it over and over, and you find yourself having to stifle it manually a lot more than you did before.
Your mind is suddenly torn from these worries one day when you find yourself leaning against the kitchen counter, clinging to Billy’s muscular arm wrapped around you. His chest is warm, pressed up against the curve of your back, lips pressing playful nips and kisses along your neck. His half hard dick is pressing against your ass, and his other hand finds its way down your pants, palming you through your soft panties. He murmurs dirty nothings into your ear, heel of his hand grinding down on your puffy clit. You’re so swept away by his touch that for just one moment, you lose focus. And in that one moment, it somehow slips out, breathy and desperate.
You both freeze. Heat rises to your face and you scramble to recover, and Billy is now fully hard behind you, a rush of heat pooling in his core as what you said rings in his ears.
“Sorry,” You sputter, “I- I didn’t mean that, I, uh…”
You’re so nervous and it’s so cute, Billy thinks, as you fumble for an explanation, that he can’t help but tease you a little. Maybe more than a little. He begins to play with your clothed cunt again, pace agonizing.
“You meant…” he prompts, voice low and expectant. You’re clearly having trouble focusing on what you were trying to say, which he exacerbates by once again, grinding the heel of his hand into your clit. Don’t say daddy, don’t say daddy, don’t say daddy, don’t say-
“Daddy- sorry!” you slip again. Your words hang in the air. He lets out a breathy chuckle, enjoying this way too much, as he lazily plays with your burning heat, warm and puffy, sensitive to his touch from the extent of your arousal. He leans closer to your ear, consumed by a new kind of hunger.
“Daddy, daddy,” he whines mockingly, voice treacherously sincere, “I warned you last time, sweetcheeks,” his gestures get sharper, punctuating his words, and his breath fans over your neck.
“Don’t call me daddy unless you want me to make you a mommy.”
You can’t restrain yourself from letting a whiney moan slip out in spite of your best efforts to stay quiet, to not let his teasing get a rise out of you no matter how effective it is. The sound rings beautifully in his ears, and his fingers push aside the fabric of your underwear.
“You know,” He begins, dipping between your folds, spreading around the sweet sticky wetness with his fingers, and your eyes flutter closed at the skin on skin contact you’ve been so desperately needing, heart pounding in your chest, loud and heavy. His tone of voice is almost too light, too casual, and you know he’s enjoying seeing you like this so goddamn much. He continues, getting lower and more gravley in your ear, “if I didn’t know better, I’d think you want me to knock you up.”
His voice, his words alone are enough to send even more burning heat to your core, and your grip tightens on his arm. You can feel yourself dripping, squeezing out thick wet beads that drip down his fingers. He’s still edging you, and he can tell by your reaction that he’s doing a bang up job of riling you up, getting you all hot and bothered just for him.
“Huh?” he asks rhetorically, “You want that, doll?” You tilt your head back against him, trying to hold on to your senses. He finally begins to pump his long, thick fingers into you, just a little, and your grip tightens even more. His rings brush against your sensitive skin, the metal cool and rough, and it sends even more electricity through you. He cranes his neck, face moving closer to yours.
“You want to make me put a baby in you?”
“Yes,” you pant, without a second thought. He’s finally about half way in, scissoring your spongy elastic walls, stretching you out for what’s coming.
“Yes…” he prompts, coaxing more out of you. He wants to hear you say… what, he’s not exactly sure. Anything would sound nice coming from your lips at a time like this, and his repetition of your answer hangs between you, waiting for you to continue.
You squirm in his rock strong grip, ass grinding back against him, managing to half twist around enough to look up at him. You stare up at him, biting your lip with those big fuck me eyes that drive him wild. You look at him for a second, pulling all the breath from his lungs so easily, the way only you seem to be able to.
“Yes daddy.”
Everything leading up to this had been rumbling in the horizon, a premonition of what’s to come, and now with your words, you’ve happily sealed your fate. You’ve awakened something in him, in both of you. He lets out an excited chuckle, disbelieving how turned on two words from you have made him.
In one swift movement he pulls down your pants and hastily shoved aside panties, and has you sitting up on the counter, facing him, as he stands between your legs. The cold countertop sends a shiver up your spine, providing a stark contrast to your burning hot, fully exposed cunt. One hand comes up to the side of your face and he runs his thumb over your lip. You part your lips gently at his touch, and he uses this opportunity to connect his to yours. His kiss is deep and with purpose and you instantly want more.
One hand on the back of your neck, the other grabs at the soft flesh of your hip and thigh, making its way back down to your cunt. You’re grinding against his hand before he can even plunge his big, long fingers back into your dripping heat, and he bites your lip as a silent warning. Behave. You can practically hear him saying it, in that playful dangerous way of his, where you’re never quite sure how empty his threats to punish you and turn you into a good little slut for him are.
His tongue prods past your lips, curling and thrashing in your mouth, warm and full. He flicks it against yours, and you know the gesture is deliberate - reminder of how good it feels between your legs. It’s not lost on you, especially now, as his fingers expertly pump and curl against your tight walls, scissoring and stretching you out for his throbbing cock. God, you wish it was already inside you, but you know he’s so big you can’t realistically take him without plenty of prep. Plenty of fingering and licking and stretching that Billy is more than happy to provide.
He slowly works in a third finger, and you clench around him. He hums into your mouth, sending low reverberations through your lips. You can tell from how he’s working his fingers against your tight wetness, ensuring you’re thoroughly stretched out, that you’ve really excited him. He focuses all his energy on you, on making you feel good, and tries his hardest to resist the urge to start humping your leg while he does. By the time you’re moaning into his mouth, hands grabbing desperately for his cock, he feels he’s done his job sufficiently.
Feeling how tight you got around him in the last few minutes, he drags his fingers up and down, focusing on the spot that makes your hips jerk, and finally, you cum hard around his fingers. The euphoric sensation swims through you like champagne, and he lets out a loud moan that makes your cheeks hot. Feeling you pulse and throb, tight against his fingers, is driving him fucking crazy. He knows now more than ever that he needs his cock inside you, right fucking now.
He pulls his fingers out, dripping and wrinkled from your wetness, already missing your tight embrace. Your walls flutter around the noticeable absence, and you feel so empty. You whine at the loss of contact and he smirks.
In one fluid motion, he hoists you up over his shoulder, carrying you with one arm. You squeal in delight as he makes his way to the bedroom, landing a very firm, satisfying smack to your exposed ass and pussy, sending electricity to your cunt and heat to your face. He’s left with a wet patch on his hand, and an even stronger desire to fuck you till you can’t think straight.
Moments later, he walks you both into the bedroom, effortlessly tossing you onto the bed. You bounce when you land, scooching further back as he takes off his pants and shirt, crawling on top of you. He approaches like a hungry jungle cat, dangerous and anticipating you. Any other time he’d take plenty of time to admire you thoroughly, gaping and dripping just for him, just from his fingers. He would fawn over you, telling you what a pretty pussy you have, how he can't wait to stretch you out and ruin you, can't wait to make you scream his name.
But this time, for once, he can't wait. He guides your hand with his, moving automatically to his cock (which you can’t even wrap your hands all the way around), and you begin to pump him a few times to get him all warmed up. He lets out a heavy breath, your touch euphoric. Right as you start to drag your finger across the head, he lets out a moan, removing your hand before it becomes too much for him to bear.
Propped up on your elbows, he tears off your shirt, gazing at your newly exposed chest. He takes in your form, cheeks flushed. He pushes you down flat against the soft bed, where you land with a bounce. His large hands move to your thighs, groping the soft flesh, filling you with a hazy warmth.
"I love it when you touch me like that," you breathe, and you can see the anticipation, the hunger building in his eyes. He smirks looking down at you with a smoldering expression that sends a fresh wave of butterflies through you.
"There’s plenty more where that came from, toots."
Before you can even blush, his grip on your thighs tightens as he throws your legs on his shoulders, leaning over you, and presses a hot, open mouthed kiss to your lips. He’s not stopping at folding you in half, you realize as he proceeds to pin both your arms over your head, holding your wrists with one hand, gripping the sheets with the other. He begins to roll his hips into yours, and he moans, fully inside you in just a few thrusts.
If he hadn’t rendered you both speechless and breathless in a mere few seconds, you’re sure you’d be a moaning mess, too. Somehow, in spite of all that, he manages to draw a moan out of you, which is instantly muffled by his tongue fucking into your mouth. He loves that. He loves the feeling of you desperately whining against his tongue. It makes his grip on the sheets tighten even more, knuckles going white against the cool metal of his rings, and the chain of his necklace grazes against you in sync with his hips.
He pulls apart, letting out a long, low moan that quickly turns into a chuckle, his breath fanning over your skin. His eyes bore into yours, and you can feel him rubbing up against your cervix with every deliberate thrust. It’s a feeling that was entirely foreign to you until you had met Billy. Not only is he the only one you’ve met that’s actually big enough to reach your cervix, but he also knows exactly what to do and exactly how to do it to make you feel so, so good - a skill he’s most definitely using to his advantage right now. It adds a whole new layer, another pleasurable hum to the symphony he’s creating with your bodies.
“Atta girl,” he praises sweetly, eyes never leaving yours, “just like that…”
Jesus Christ, you look so goddamn hot and fuckable when you’re splayed out beneath him like this, all submissive just for him. That doe eyed fuck me look on your face, while his hand is wrapped around your wrists, legs pinned down, it makes him want to fill you up even more than he did before. He knows for a fucking fact that if he could see your pussy right now, it would look amazing.
He’s really, really glad he’s hitting it raw right now, because if he somehow wasn’t currently about to knock you the hell up, he’d do whatever he had to to make sure he could. All he wants right now is to make you feel good, and fuck a baby into your needy little cunt. Based on the volume and frequency of your whiny moans and other noises, he’s doing a pretty damn good job.
He’s looking at you with this wild drive, this intensity, this hunger you haven’t seen anywhere else. His broad shoulders and muscular torso press into you, providing a nice sense of weight and pressure that somehow makes all this feel even better. The heat from your bodies radiates off each other as you pant, trying in vain to catch your breath from everything he’s done to you, everything he’s made you feel.
You snap out of the thought, stretched and accustomed to his size after a few moments, and he finally begins to move. The pace he sets is agonizing and perfect and you let out a long, breathy moan. A deep satisfaction begins to work its way through you as you’re stuffed with his cock, finally feeling full the way you’ve been craving for… a while, you realize. You didn’t notice how badly you missed Billy’s touch, his cock, the way he fills you up and stretches you out.
It hasn’t even been that long since the last time he rearranged your guts, you suppose, you’re just a little bit addicted to his cock by now. He hits a spot inside you that has you whining again, and you reluctantly admit to yourself you’re more than a little addicted. Much more. You feel him twitch inside you, making you even more aware of how well he fills you up, how deep and thick he is inside you, and you let out a shuddering sigh as he moans, breath fanning each other's faces.
Meanwhile, Billy can’t help but revel in how tight you are. You have a vice grip on his cock, squeezing him more perfectly than he could imagine, and no matter how many times you fuck, you always feel so much better than he expects. You’re warm, and tight, and wet; exactly the right grippy texture to make his cock twitch and leak tons of precum. You stimulate him better, more perfectly than anyone or anything he’s ever encountered.
He dwells on this feeling for a few seconds as you adjust to the swell of his cock, and the rhythm he’s splitting you in half to, simply allowing himself to really enjoy the feeling of being inside of you. Under any other circumstances he’d do things a little differently - he’d for sure go down on you until you cum at least three times, and that’s just to start with - but tonight is different. Tonight, he’s not just fucking you, he’s not just going to pleasure you until you’re both seeing stars. No, tonight, he’s on a mission to get you pregnant. Right fucking now.
It takes every single ounce of restraint and self control he has to maintain the pace he’s set, which is just slow enough for you to feel every single sensation he’s giving you, but not slow enough for your focus to stray from him for one moment. Every single thought you have is Billy, Billy, Billy, which is exactly how he wants you. You whine, trying to squirm below him, but you can’t move much with the way he has you pinned down below him. The noises you make, the way you writhe against him, the way you say his name in a breathy little sigh has him fighting to keep his composure.
It’s so difficult for him not to go absolutely feral with you beneath him like this, when he’s made you like this. He wants you, he craves you. It’s taking everything in him not to rush into this like a bull, but god dammit he is determined, he is going to knock you up tonight. And make you cum as many times as he can during that process. He can’t help himself as he starts growling out the filthiest shit he can think of, letting every dirty thought he has about you flow out of him.
“How does that feel, angel?” he asks, eyes burning into you, and you let out another whine in response.
“Good girls use their words,” he pants in your ear, voice low, “you want to be a good girl for Billy, don’t you?”
He’s barely gotten started and his words are already flooding you with heat, making you throb around him.
“Yes,” you manage to choke out, and he lets out a growl, satisfied with your response. He increases his pace and he fucks into you, deep and fast and hot. He lets out a moan, feeling you squeeze around him.
“That’s it,” he praises you for responding, “good whores follow daddy’s orders.” he growls. You let out a whiney, breathy moan and tighten around him. He continues his torrent of dirty talk, loving the reactions he gets out of you.
“You gonna follow orders? Huh?” he coaxes, “You gonna take my cock, be obedient for me, angel?”
You nod, whining again. His free hand releases its grip on the sheets, making its way to your stomach, pressing down. You can both feel his bulge inside you, going in and out, even more than you did before.
“Maybe I should start calling you mommy, get some practice in for when I knock you up…” he muses, voice gravely with lust. He can feel the soft, squishy flesh of your tits pressed up right against him, and they jiggle rhythmically in response to every one of his thrusts. His hand leaves your stomach, moving back up to your jaw to angle your face towards his.
He plants messy, hot kisses all over your mouth and neck, continuing to growl dirty shit right into your ear. You can barely pay attention to his very, very hot words, because Jesus fucking Christ his cock feels so good inside you. He fucks you so good, you can barley wrap your mind around it. You know later when you’re catching up with your friends over coffee they’ll ask about Billy, they’ll take one look at you and know. He’s barely gotten started with you, and you’re already cock drunk. Great.
He can see your eyes glazing over, and he knows what that look means.
“Already, sugarlips?” he asks rhetorically, a cock, teasing tone to his voice. You’re a panting, writhing mess that he’s made you into, so of course he’s going to tease you about it. You wouldn’t expect any less from him. You moan again, sounding like you’re straight out of a porn - and looking like it too, he thinks - and you try to bury your face in his neck. He doesn’t let you, kissing you more instead, so he can keep looking at your gorgeous, fucked out face.
“ ‘m close-” you manage to moan into his mouth, but he knows. Of course he knows, look at you. He can feel your muscles slowly contracting around him. He pumps into you a few more times, and somehow you tighten around him even more as you cum intensly around him. He’s balls deep inside you, and he knows if he tries to move like this he’ll come undone in an instant, which he does not want - not yet, at least. Instead, he grinds his pelvic bone into your clit to carry you through your second orgasm of the night. It works, and you convulse and writhe below him, legs shaking over his shoulders.
“Good girl…” he moans, voice dripping with praise, and just a little condescending. Just the way he knows you like it. You pulse around him, and once your grip lets up enough, he begins to pound into you again. He’s now made you cum at least twice, and does not plan on stopping. Heat floods to your cheeks as he once again takes up that relentless pace again, never ceasing to make you feel anything but euphoric.
His eyes are locked on yours, boring into your soul. The way he looks at you is so intense, and every time you squeeze them shut, or look away, he’s still staring just as intensely when you look back. The truth is, Billy really can’t get enough of you. There’s a certain high he gets from having all your attention, from being the thing that makes you feel so good you can’t stop moaning and screaming his name in spite of how much you might try.
He craves that attention from you more than anything. And dear god, you look so goddamn cute when you get nervous like that. When you look away, all blushy and flustered and fuckable, it just… does something to him. It makes that attention, that connection, so much sweeter. After you look away again, he takes his free hand and grabs your face, locking your eyes with his once more.
“Look at daddy when he’s fucking you.” he growls, and you moan relexively. He chuckles, eyes staring into your soul.
“You like that, don’t you dollface? Course you do… pretty thing like you just loves gettin’ tossed around by a big strong man.”
Fuck. He’s right, and you both know it. There’s no use trying to deny it, your moans and noises, the way you clench around him at his words are all the answer he needs. The heat generating between you two has a thin glistening sheen of sweat reflecting off his smooth skin in the low light of the room. Every noise you make (and you’re making a whole damn lot of them) is just turning Billy on more, continuing to encourage him to get you pregnant and full with his child. And he is going to get you so, so pregnant.
His free hand moves from your jawline to your tits, vehemently groping the soft flesh. He starts to play with your nipples, hard from arousal, and previously brushing against his chest, sending heat to your core. Now the heat they’re sending to your core is intentional. And it’s straight from Billy.
After a moment, he brings his thumb into his mouth, then his index finger into yours. You wrap your lips around him, sucking automatically. He pounds into you harder, curling his finger against your tongue the way he’d curled it inside you earlier.
“So good, so, so good… you gonna be a good little slut for me? Huh?” You moan, nodding as he gently finger fucks your mouth. Once he’s satisfied, he retracts his finger, hand making its way back to your tits. You spit mixes on your skin as he begins to tweak and rub your nipples again.
“Parading that tight little ass around in those shorts…” he plants another affectionate smack on your hip, grip on your wrists tightening, “calling me daddy,” he growls, pace relentless, “like that’s not gonna get you knocked up.” He chuckles as you clench around him.
Yeah, you’re definitely going to have a bruised cervix after this, but dear god it’s worth it. He’s panting, breath fanning all over you, making you even warmer than before. He fills you up so good, fucking you deep into your guts, making your head swim. Shit, you can’t get enough of him. No matter how much you fuck, you’re always craving him, craving his touch. He can’t seem to get enough of you either, practically everything you do turns him on. He’s relentless and you’re insatiable - you make a surprisingly good pair.
You’re close again, and you moan as it snaps you out of your train of thought. He can make you cum so fast it’s almost embarrassing. And you know he absolutely fucking loves it. He adores every minute of this. He loves how blushy and embarrassed you get when he’s made you cum half a dozen times back to back. You look so sweet and fucked out and flushed below him, practically drooling over his cock. He loves overstimulating you, he loves getting to watch as he actually fucks your brains out. He starts babbling out more praise, unable to hold back.
“Takin’ my cock like such a good, obedient girl,” he moans in your ear, placing hot kisses all over your face and neck. His hand is now pressing down on your stomach again, feeling his bulge stretch you over and over. The added sensation to your walls has you whining in a way that makes him throb inside you.
“F-fuck,” he chokes out, “you already feel all swolen ‘nd knocked up… gonna be so fuckin’ cute when you’re all pregnant, gonna make such a good little mommy-”
God dammit, it’s enough to send you over the edge yet again. You cum hard, convulsing around his cock, letting out a torrent of porn worthy moans.
“Fuck, Billy!” you cry out, clamping and shaking around him. You’ve finally brought him to the edge, and he can’t hold back any longer this time. This time, he cums with you.
“Shit- fuck!” his moan is torn from his throat, and he almost laughs at the end. You can’t imagine feeling any more full than you do with Billy’s cock stuffed inside you, his hot body and muscular chest pressing up against yours, but when he starts pumping you full of thick, hot cum, a new kind of satisfaction washes through you.
He lets out gravely moans, almost growling into your ear as he humps into you, riding out your highs. You expect him to stop after that, or at least slow down. Your eyes, glazed over with pleasure, widen in excitement and anticipation as he continues, speeding up to the pace he was keeping before. He fucks his cum deeper inside you, and with your hips slightly angled upwards, he knows he can keep every drop inside you. The realization sends blood rushing to his cock, and you feel him harden inside you.
He continues pistoning into you, your sweet moans like music to his ears. In spite of how close he has you, he’s overwhelmed with desire for you. He wants to touch you, wants to squeeze your soft tits and feel you pressed up against him without your legs in the way. He wants to be even closer to you. So, he leans back without pulling out, and brings your legs off his shoulders, wrapping them around your waist. He inches his legs forward so he has you in something akin to a mating press. He pins you back down, pressing against you even more than before.
“There’s a good girl,” he coos, thrusting into you like your lives depend on it, “such a good girl for daddy huh?”
You moan in agreement. You cling on to him, already feeling the dizzy beginnings of another orgasm building up.
“Gonna make such a good mommy,” he breathes, in between pressing hot open mouthed kisses along your neck, “gonna be so fuckin’ cute… all full and pregnant…”
It lasts for hours. You lost track of how many times you’ve both cum, you’re either at or well into double digits by now, his baby fevered dirty talk never ceasing. He cums into you again, and again, and again. He’s cum inside you so many times now you’re actually starting to look pregnant. The bulge in your stomach is bigger than before, and you’re stuffed full of more than just his cock. He touches your stomach, and you can tell he’s thinking the same thing.
He continues to pound into you, hitting that spot that makes your brain short circuit. His hands are all over you, groping your soft flesh, feeling you up and gripping the sheets until his knuckles turn white. You cling onto him, scratching his back and pulling his hair.
“Maybe I should keep you like this, huh? Keep you nice and pregnant,” he lets out an animalistic growling moan, laughing deliriously at the idea, “Keep fuckin’ brats into you as quick as you can push em out…”
His cock twitches at the mere thought. He’s drunk on you, on the idea of breeding you, keeping you constantly filled up to the brim. Honestly, he seems a little unhinged at this point, and it’s really, really hot.
He cums again as he finishes the thought, and you're sure you can't possibly feel any more full than you do right now. Eventually he begins to slow down, finally stopping still, and you can feel his cock and balls twitching against your sensitive walls. Still sheathed inside you, he collapses his weight on top of you, causing your breathing to shallow slightly. His hot breath fans over your face and neck as he kisses your jawline, exhausted, and praises you for a job well done.
"Such a good girl for me… taking daddy's cock so well…"
He rubs soothing shapes into your skin.
"Gonna make such cute little babies…"
His touch is enamored as ever, providing a sense of comfort entirely unique to him.
"... Be fuckin' gorgeous, all soft and round…"
He continues to murmur every loving, still very hot thought that crosses his mind into your ear as he kisses your neck. You're both totally blissed out, and you lay in each other's embrace, enjoying the warmth and touch you share.
After a little while, you're not sure how Iong, he begins to push himself up slightly.
"I should get cleaned up…" you begin, feeling his cum sloshing around inside you, kept firmly in place by his cock. You move to scoot out from under him, but he stops you. He pushes you back down to the bed, tits jiggling.
"Ah ah ah," he says in a warning.
"Billy," you start, fighting off a flustered giggle. He grabs a pillow, sliding his hand under the small of your back. In one swift motion, he lifts you up and places the pillow under your hips. He lays back down on top of you, all without pulling out of you for a moment. You let out a noise as he moves against your sensitive flesh, grunting as he settles against you.
"I have to get cleaned up…" you trail off with a giggle.
"Oh no, no you don't sugarlips," he says, in that cocky, dominant tone of voice, "I'm gonna keep you stuffed full of me like this for a while."
He thrusts into you once or twice to emphasize his point, causing you to squirm against him - a feeling he really, truly can not get enough of.
"Cause otherwise," he continues once he’s settled back on top of you, gently crushing you with his weight, "I'd have to fill you up all over again. And I know how much you would hate that." Cloying sarcasm drips from his lips, and he feels you flutter around him and the statement, unsure if it's a threat or a promise or both.
You know he definitely knocked you up, there’s no way this didn't work exactly how he wanted it to. But you don't think that you’d mind trying a couple more times, just to make sure. On top of you, fighting off sleep to revel in your presence, your touch, your warmth, and press even more kisses into your soft skin, Billy is thinking the exact same thing.
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nancyfilm · 2 months ago
bitches be like "will byers is my comfort character" and then this is will byers.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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gender-luster · 9 months ago
bitches be like "this is my comfort character" and it's literally just an evil, middle-aged, mad scientist super villain, who has committed many heinous crimes, probably including mass murder
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anerol152 · a month ago
My favorite thing in sky is how any 'experienced' player will see a small, brown caped skykid with 1-3 wedges, one of the first 3 hairs and just go: moth, moffie, babie, a child
Meanwhile, the moth in question is a fully grown person trying to be serious and playing the game the best they can while everyone around them cooes ab how cute they are
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bid-art · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Horsegirls Kon and Tim for @spookyprime's Hometown AU
(You said Tim learned 'rich boy' riding that would be English style, so Kon can actually train him in Western Style! I wonder how well he does with the conversion, cause it's retraining muscle memory. Bet Tim's still more comfortable in his english gear tho, hence the trousers. Just be happy i didn't give him The Socks lol)
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jewish-american-boy-toy · a month ago
he's a ten but he re-reads The Secret History at the start of every academic year to "set the tone"
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masturb4rse · 9 months ago
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i'm a whole ass meal 🍴❤️
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arty-tardigrade · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm just here hyperfixating on the jaded, foul-mouthed kiddo. You know how it is.
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prettybard · 2 months ago
he's a 10 but he can reenact the entirety of our flag means death like its a one man play
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ao3commentoftheday · 10 months ago
you ever have the vaguest shape of a joke but you just can't figure out the set up and punchline?
anyway, something something "authors who love comments" something something "praise kink"
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