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planet-dusk · 3 days
🏷️ oral (f), squirting
jisung didn't fully grasp the meaning of 'pussy drunk' until he met you. sure, he knew he was horny 24/7; but nothing could've prepared him for the burning need to fucking drown in your juices.
he's lapping at your hole like a mad dog, sucking on your clit until you're a whimpering mess.
"squirt for me again, baby, please," he moans into your cunt. "wanna drink it all up."
"i-i can't," you sob, still sensitive from your last orgasm. "it's too much—don't stop, sungie, ahh—"
he smiles at having you where he wants you; at his mercy, his tongue fucking you with a relentless pace.
your hands twist into his hair like they always do when you're close. they pull at the strands, your back arching off the bed.
"that's it, baby." jisung eagerly swallows everything you give him. when your legs finally stop shaking you look down to find his face and shirt drenched in your juices.
he grins. "let's do that again."
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charmercharm3r · 1 day
could i request riding but mostly fucking han in a new set of lingerie? (like a new set for him as a present for anniversary or something?)
i just cant get han out of my head lately bro 😵‍💫
oh wowww I love the idea of hannie being into lingerie. may I suggest another one of my own that alsoooo stirs that pot a bit ;) (sharing is caring) ONTO THE NEXT!!!
Scarlet Letter
wc: 4k
Synopsis: Night owl workaholic boyfriend, needy horny girlfriend. What else needs to be said?
warnings: smut, sexual explicit content, softdom!jisung, porn with no plot lol, thigh riding, thigh fucking, pretty pretty lingerie, nicknames (good girl, bunny), cum eating, reader gets a bit dumb but he loves it lol, lmk if I missed anything :3
This was a bad idea, a very, very bad idea that could end catastrophically. He hated surprises, so why were you doing this? It would’ve been easier if you’d just told him you were frustrated, god knows he would’ve been more than happy to make sure you were fucked and happy.
But no. Difficult is your middle name. Jisung wasn’t any easier going, but you knew he hated surprises, especially ones that interrupted his creative process. Then how did you still manage to put on the deep red lingerie and get to his studio? It was so cold out and you were dumb enough to hide the lace set beneath a big trench coat, one Jisung knew you to wear during the winter.
You’d been together a good amount of time, explored new sexual territories together that broadened both your horizons. However, this was exponentially new. His studio was scared, untouched and pure and free of distractions. Yet that only made you want to christen it even more.
Twiddling with the necklace he’d given you for your three month anniversary, the letter “J” was cold beneath your fingers and made you shiver. The metal against your warm skin was sort of soothing as you anxiously looked outside the window of the cab. Soon enough, the company building was coming into view and your leg started to bounce. The driver all but kicked you out, probably annoyed because it was pushing midnight and people were supposed to be at home in their warm beds.
Thankfully, the visitor pass Jisung had gifted you a while back was able to open the door after hours. You remember he asked for those privileges by begging on his knees to his manager that, “someone needs to drag me away from this place eventually. I’m just such a hard worker!” The memory made you smile for a second before fear washes over you upon heading up the elevator.
The beeping of your arrival to his floor was nowhere near the sound of your heart beating out of your chest.
He hates surprises. Oh god, he’s gonna be so mad. Maybe he’ll be happy to see me? No, he hates things like this. I should’ve just added a day to fuck in his google calendar.
Your brain wouldn’t shut up as you paced back and forth, still in front of the elevator. His studio was just a few doors down, there wasn’t supposed to be anyone else here. There was no way you’d get caught, so that wasn’t an issue. But oh, if Jisung were to get mad, you’d cry and probably sleep alone for the next few days. You couldn’t have that.
However, you missed him. Sleeping alone wouldn’t be far off from what was currently happening between you two. Jisung had been spending more and more late nights and coming back so early into the morning, just to leave as soon as the alarm went off at 8 a.m.
And you were desperate. So desperate that you’d found the deeply hidden courage to walk up to his room and open the door before you could talk yourself out of it.
“This room is occup— oh! Y/N!” Jisung sat at the desk with a pair of headphones much too large slung around his neck. A pen and yellow notepad lay in front of him with crumbled balls of paper scattered around the room.
His smile was big and bright, though eyes ridden with sleep deprivation. The same toothy grin faded within a few seconds, “baby, it’s so late. Why are you here?”
Closing the door behind you and locking it, you placed your stuff onto the couch behind him. He didn’t move, which meant he was busy, so you came to him. You walked behind his seat and wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing in his hair and nipping ever so playfully at the tops of his ear. “I’ve missed you.” Truthful enough.
He took the answer well, kissing your wrist in front of him and nuzzling into your arm. “I’ve missed you too, but—“
“Ah, no but’s. I wanted to see you.” Jisung looked at you over his shoulder, confused. You’d kissed the questioning expression off his face too quick for him to retaliate, Jisung taking in your lips happily.
Though, he pulled off a moment later, “your lips are so cold. I should turn on the heater.” He moved to stand, but you pushed him back down by the shoulders and pulled out his rolling chair away from the desk. “What’re you doing? Aren’t you freezing? That coat isn’t warm enough.”
Now or never, I guess. 
“Then warm me up,” the words were a sultry whisper. A good start, Jisung hadn’t told you to go home just yet.
The stumble in his words gave time for you to stand up tall and confident, then untie the front of the coat. His jaw dropped along with the garment to reveal the scarlet lingerie. Jisung was practically drooling, eyes raking up and down your body unsure of where to look. You particularly liked how he ogled you, running your prettily painted nails over the snuggly fit garters around your thighs that made the flesh slightly spill over, then up the lacy underwear– the hole in the crotch was a wonderful touch that he could find for himself– and finally snapping at the strap of the sheer balconette bra.
Jisung groaned deeply, slumping back into his chair and spreading his legs. “What did I do to deserve this?” His voice strained as he pushed his hair back.
As you slowly walked up to him, Jisung hurriedly hooked his fingers into the strappy garters and tugged you closer, now standing between his legs. Warm hands palmed at the skin of your thighs and up your ass as he took in your appearance, his tongue quite literally hanging out of his mouth. You let him touch and grope you because just having him near was already rewarding in itself. His tongue disappeared back into his mouth as you reached down to cup his face, thumb swiping at the wet spot he’d left. “You’ve been away too long, baby. Been needing you so badly.”
You simultaneously threw one leg over his lap and moved to straddle him, exposing your bare cunt as you towered over his figure. However, his gaze fell onto your chest right in front of his face, not noticing the crotchless panties until you stripped one of his hands off your ass to cup your pussy. Jisung’s eyes went wide at your assertiveness as well as the sudden wetness that coated his fingers. “What– oh, have mercy. Look at you.”
He slid his fingers through your soaked folds as his thumb played with the lace hem of your panties, clearly enjoying the filthiness of it all. As you moved to remove the headphones from around his neck, Jisung’s horny brain snapped back into work mode. “Fuck, babe I can’t. I have so many things I still need to finish. You’re so incredibly hot and you have no idea– No. Fucking. Idea– how badly I want you. I just can’t right now.”
Pouting your lip, you caressed his cheek and pushed his bangs back, only barely grinding your hips against his hand that didn’t move. In fact, he pressed harder against you, letting you spread your slick around his fingers and rub your cunt into his warm skin, “then tell me to stop.”
Jisung didn’t speak, just watching you roll your hips and use him for your pleasure. It wasn’t until you let out a muffled whine did he finally pull away.
You looked at him with wide, glossy eyes, confused. “Poor baby. Are you that desperate you’ll take just my hand?” You nodded embarrassingly quick, not truly registering the mocking tone of his voice. “Have I been neglecting you so much you had to come bother me at work? Like a needy little bunny.”
He was getting worked up, as well. It was obvious in the cheekiness of his grin, moreso in the tent in his pants. Jisung tapped your hip to make you stand so he could pull his pants and underwear down. When you went to straddle him again, he stopped you. Jisung patted one thigh, and you knew what he wanted. He took his hard, leaking cock in hand and tugged slowly, awaiting you to take a seat. You let out another whimper, almost hesitating as you eyed his smooth thigh. “C’mon now, bunny. I have a lot of work to do. Didn’t you say you needed me?”
The nickname made you shudder. “B– but I need–”
“My cock? No, you don’t deserve that yet. What makes you think you could interrupt me and still get what you want?” The involuntary pout of your lips again made him softly reach for your hip to bring you closer and coo, “maybe if you do as you’re told, you’ll get a reward. Be a good bunny for me.”
Slightly reluctant, you did as told and climbed into his lap again, only this time his bare thigh was between your legs. Jisung radiated body heat like a furnace, you could feel it without your core even having to touch him and it made you throb in anticipation. No, this wasn’t what you wanted, not even close. But it was a step in the right direction. Bracing your hands onto his shoulders, you looked at your boyfriend with pleading eyes. He only nodded his head, not giving in.
Jisung’s head fell back against the chair, watching you hungrily through his lashes when you sat down fully. Lip between your teeth, you didn’t know what to do next. Truth be told, this isn’t something you’d ventured before, even with Jisung. The way he was looking at you, though, lustful with his cock in his hand and restrained frenzy that you knew he could unleash at any moment, you wanted so badly to appease his wishes. The only problem was how humiliating it was.
The same humiliation was something you loved coming from him. Jisung made you feel small, miniscule even as you towered over him and he was laid out bare. Using his thigh to get off was a new low blow to the embarrassment that was usually fed to you in words, nicknames like the one he decided to use today.
“I’m losing my patience, bunny. Use me now or you’re not coming at all.”
Use me now, oh how delightful that sounded. The three little words coerced you into rolling your hips forward. A stifled moan found it’s way out your mouth at the new sensation, his hot skin a strangely wonderful feeling. So you pushed your hips back, deciphering whether or not you could physically will yourself to continue or whine cutely until your boyfriend gave you what you wanted. After all, he always wanted you just as much as you wanted him, no matter how much he denied it.
But Jisung was always impatient, releasing his dick to grip tightly onto the garters and force you to move faster, guiding you and flexing his thigh. You verbally whimpered at his assistance, more like assertion in how roughly he pushed and pulled your body against him. Even if he wasn’t touching himself, you could see his own neediness when his cock twitched upward and leaked even more precum. How badly you wanted to lick it off, suck him until he was whimpering just as much as you were now.
Oh, you were picking up speed now. You probably looked feral at how quickly you’d become accustomed to this sinfully delicious feeling. Using your boyfriend like this, in this sacred room, you were coming undone much too fast. You wanted to savor this and make Jisung see how much you’d been needing him, but the feeling was too great.
His dirty mouth didn’t aid in prolonging the fun, “that’s it. Good girl, such a good bunny. What a horny little thing, aren’t you? If I didn’t know any better, I wouldn’t let you come at all. Make you ride me like this all night, deny you for bothering me and making a mess all over my thigh.” You cried out louder at that, almost scared he’d actually take his own words seriously. Humiliation and desperation is all that coursed your veins and made you reach under Jisung’s shirt, hooking onto the bare skin of his shoulders. You just wanted to feel him, feel that he was just teasing the way he always did when you were like this.
“Please, please let me. Need it, need it, need it. Have to cum. Have to—“ your words strung together as you grinned mindlessly against him, no longer needing his guiding hands. Still, he kept a firm grip on the garters and watched with his mouth slightly open. 
“Running out of time, baby. Gotta get back to work. Cum now or don’t cum at all.”
That was all the motivation you needed to lean forward into his neck and press your clit the hardest into his thigh you had all night, clenching your own legs around him as the high made your body tense powerfully. If anyone were to have walked past the studio, they’d have heard your loud, lewd, borderline pained yet blissful moans as your hips came to a halt.
You almost didn’t hear Jisung whispering in your ear, his hands coming up your back and pulling your upper body closer to his. The feeling of his chest beneath your fingers was the only thing grounding you from the embarrassing yet scandalously delicious actions you just took part in. 
“Come back to me, baby,” he said sweetly, digging his hands beneath your ass and grasping firmly. You hummed in response, then yelped in surprise when he stood up and took you with him.
Your ass came into contact roughly with the desktop he’d been working at. To catch yourself from falling you’d accidentally knocked away the notepad and scattered the crumbled papers to the floor.
Jisung no longer looked relaxed like he did when he was below you. This was the frenzy, the lust and unadulterated nature that came forth when he was frustrated— whether that be from work, life, sexually, anything and everything. And you were there to take it happily with your legs wide open.
He had to do very little to get you to spread for him again, cunt glistening from your orgasm and new wave of arousal from seeing your usually reserved boyfriend so worked up. The dim yellow orange lights lit up his face beautifully, hungry and so full of love at the same time. 
As if second nature, you took the initiative to scoot forward on the desk and make more room for Jisung to tap his heavy cock against your sensitive pussy. Nerves raw, the feeling made you jolt and clench around nothing. “Oh, how cute. Such a pretty pussy. My bunny’s got the prettiest little cunt. Perfect for me.”
Mindlessly he muttered, just running the tip of his cock through your wet, used folds. “Listen to that, baby. You’re so wet. What’s got you all worked up?” He made a show of spreading your arousal even more, precum mixing and coating his dick thickly. 
“Y— you. Need more, need you.” Jisung chuckled at that, your voice reeking of deprivation.
“Fuck yeah, you need me. Clenching around nothing like a slut. Are you a slut, bunny?” You only hummed, to which Jisung lightly smacked his dick against your overwhelmed clit and made you jump again.
“Yes! Yes, a slut— your slut. Please,” hips bucking up, you reached for his disheveled shirt to tug him impossibly closer. Jisung gave you that, let you pull him in and push his shirt over his head though not taking it off entirely, just enough so his abs were on display for you.
Dragging your nails down his chest, Jisung’s eyes fluttered closed as his handle on your thighs tightened. He let out a guttural moan before hiking your knees up and taking a step in. At this angle, all he needed to do was slide in, but first he’d placed your knees to his pecs, heels steadying you on the table. Your nails trailed over his biceps and forearms, finally enticing him to fill you.
The initial stretch was so intensely maddening, you’d been craving it for so long that your eyes physically crossed and rolled back, another loud moan following. Jisung himself wasn’t any sturdier, stuttering into your cunt as you engulfed him in heat. It took him a minute to calm down when he’d finally gotten to the hilt, taking in your lips with a sweet, reassuring kiss. Even when you were contorted like this, Jisung never failed to make sure you were comfortable.
When he’d regained his composure— all the while you were slowly losing yours— he moved his grip from your legs to your ass, taking in handfuls as he pulled out half way before slamming back into you. It was lazy in the way he opted for pulling you to him rather than pushing his hips towards you, though you didn’t mind. The desk shook and he’d met his own actions half way, hitting your deepest parts from the very start.
It wasn’t sloppy but it wasn’t graceful, either. Nowhere near should it have been considered lovemaking when he was taking you so harshly, so primally that all you could do was whimper and hold on for dear life. All the more, it was the kind of fucking you’d been so helplessly needing.
Solid, consistently Jisung kept his rhythm until his own touch starved body began to betray him, orgasm arising much too quickly for his liking. He had to pull out before he finished prematurely.
You hummed sadly as he did, bringing the previous (weightless) threats to the forefront of his mind again. “Still not satisfied, bunny? You got to cum, even had my cock. What more could you want?”
Relaxing your legs and letting them hang off the desk, you took his hand in yours and pulled him in for another uncoordinated kiss. Against his lips, you muttered, “want your cum— inside— cum inside me— want it— deserve it—“
“Oh no, you don’t deserve it,” Jisung detaches from your lips and kneaded the flesh of your thighs, toying with the garters again.
“But I was good. Did as you asked—“
He looked around the room for anything to clock you on. Your hand rested on top of the yellow notepad, ink smeared and crumpled, he smirked. “Where are we right now?”
You looked at him, confused, eyes watery and shaky. Still, you answered him, “your work.”
“That’s right. You barged in here, baby, demanding I fuck you. Is that right?” You nodded, ashamed. “I think I’ve been more than generous. You don’t get my cum tonight. Bad girls need to learn.”
With that, Jisung stepped aside for a moment to bring your legs together then lift them up, hooking them into the crook of his arm and gently leaning them to the side. If you were confused before, you were even more now. Though, Jisung always had a way of impressing you with his genius mind.
Creative as always, he took his cock in hand again and used your arousal as lubrication. You watched him intently, hole clenching around nothing, so needy and wet. He kept it that way, pushing the blunt cockhead into your raw clit before messily sliding it up and between the warmth of your closed thighs. You suppose you were both trying new things tonight.
This was torture in its sinfully purest form. Only barely did his dick graze your swollen bundle of nerves on every push and pull. Jisung almost laughed at the desperation on your face— almost. He couldn’t really do that, he had to push down his cute aggression to just give in and just fuck you senseless, though you were already half way there. No more concept of time or where you were, you were brainless and pliant beneath his hold.
“Perfect little fuck bunny,” he muttered, occasionally catching his lip between his teeth. “Look what you made me do. Wish I could be fucking you right now. My bad girl needs to learn, though.” You held back tears, overwhelmed from your previous orgasm and his words, paired with the shameful way he used you and that you were loving it. If your moans didn’t give you away, the useless clenching of your cunt surely did. “My naughty bunny with her pretty hole. Want to be filled? Want me to stuff you full?”
“Yes, please! All I want, I won’t bother you again. I promise!” Jisung smiled down at you, his eye catching the initial necklace around your neck. Simultaneously, he gripped your legs tighter with one arm, brought his free hand down to your cunt and circled your entrance with his fingertips, while leaning forward and connecting his lips to your neck. You had to steady yourself from tipping over at the sheer force of him.
One more pleading cry, he sunk two fingers into you, picking up the pace of his slick cock between your thighs. It took him a second, but matched the speed of the digits with his thrusts. It wasn’t nearly as good as his cock would’ve been, but the light graze across your clit was slowly nearing you closer to the delightful edge once again.
His teeth somehow found the pendant of your necklace, keeping it in his mouth as he fucked you, fucked himself and using you to do it. It was so dirty and taboo, the location just being the icing on the cake. Your hand tangled itself in his hair and pushed his face deeper into your bra clad chest. Your scent was overwhelming him, teetering him on the very brink of combustion until you regained half the mind to speak.
“Be good— swear I’ll be good. Good bunny. Cum, please cum.”
Jisung couldn’t hold back anymore. A sudden rush of extra adrenaline made him rut faster into the ring of your plush thighs with no more pattern. His thighs slammed against your ass and finger pushed deeper into your cunt, your pleasure just barely behind his own desire to get off in this very moment. When he finally came, hand in your cunt stilling then decorating the scarlet garment with his hot, white seed, Jisung’s brain flipped. He watched your mouth drop and let go of your legs, falling to his knees and immediately attaching his lips to your clit. The pace of his fingers was nowhere near the speed they were before, but rather focusing his energy on sucking you in. The softness of his lips were soothing and stimulating at the same time, a wonderful change of pace that was all you needed to reach your own final high. The blinding white light clouded your vision and made your body shake in pleasure, with Jisung holding you down through all of it.
When your muscles relaxed and you slumped back onto the desk, your boyfriend stood, taking you into his arms. He was sweaty, you were sweaty but also covered in his cum. Brushing your hair from your forehead, Jisung used the same two fingers that were in your pussy and picked up some of his cum, bringing them to your lips. You took it gratefully, tasting both you and him as you swallowed everything he gave you.
Humming satisfaction, Jisung stripped his shirt off and draped it over your tired body. It was a sweet gesture considering you only had a coat for the ride home.
He kissed you gently, helping you off the desk and into his chair while he reorganized the room. “Was that worth the interruption?” You finally spoke up, somewhat nervous of his answer.
Jisung looked up at you from where he crouched on the floor and picked up the fallen papers. He sported the goofiest, brightest smile, “definitely worth it. Can I schedule another one? I’ll put it in my google calendar.” 
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Han x fem!reader Word Count: 3k Summary: A mutual agreement leads to a passion filled night with your best friend. Warning: 18+ please!!!, loss of virginity (m & f), swearing, drinking, smoking, oral, unprotected sex, penetration, creampie. Usual sex stuff yanno
NOT EDITED - I suck at grammar cause french immersion fucked me over as a kiddo. That's why @littleforeignaffairs usually checks it for me...but this is her bias. SURPRISE BITCH.
"Are you sure I won't hurt you?" Han questioned shyly, his fingers slowly sliding your panties down. It was a drunken, high on edibles night that had gotten you into this position with your best friend - missionary to be exact, and the idea for both of you to lose your virginities. "I don't know." You half giggle, hands covering your face. "I've only rubbed my clit...so I don't know...I just don't know." You mumble through your hands. Han let out a little laugh, grabbing both your arms and moving you so you were sitting up to face him. Sure he was your best friend, everything felt comfortable, you were definitely relaxed enough and Han was...very good looking. But you may be having second thoughts. "Hey Y/n, you know we don't have to do this right?" His voice was soft, his touch even softer as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and looked into your eyes. "I mean it. If you're not comfortable we can do it another time...or you know -" You cut him off, "I think I just need more liquid courage, but I want to do this." So you made your way to the living room, stealing Han's shirt - which was all you were wearing and he following behind in just some basketball shorts. The two of you downed a bunch of shots and Han had someone convinced you to take a bong rip with him, which ended with you coughing your lungs up and him laughing uncontrollably. Now, with the music blasting and the two of you dancing and singing your hearts out, things just seemed to fall into place. You were in the middle of a twirl when you lost balance, falling onto Han's lap, who had been sitting on the couch taking another hit from the bong. "Oh- Hello." He said with a laugh, the surprise expression on his face sending you into a giggle fit. You wrapped your arms around his neck, using one of them to ruffle his hair. "Guess I fell for you. That wasn't in the agreement." You slur, having pretty much lost your filter from the concoction of weed and alcohol. Han's hand ran slowly on your thigh, sending goosebumps throughout. "Agreements are stupid anyways." He mumbled, bloodshot eyes moving to focus on you. "Lay down." Han said softly. He hovered over you, searching your face to try and figure out what state you were in. Having been best friends since childhood, he knew how to figure you out and could read you like a book, but since you had both turned 21, things had shifted slightly and almost every drunken night out had ended with you two back at one or the others place, usually waking up in joking disgust, stating, "You again." It was all fun and games until now, as the male lowered himself slightly, moving some hair from your face. "Open your eyes Y/n." He said softly. You were met with a gentle smile as he leaned down, placing a kiss just under your ear. "I think you're too drunk." He whispered, his lips working their way to your neck, making you moan softly. His kisses turned into gently bites, moving from different spots of your neck down to your collar bone. "But fuck, I want you so bad." Han he managed to get out.
You snap out of the slight daze he had you in, catching his lips as he was working his way back up. You pressed your lips deeply into his, which he retuned, kissing you softly as you moved your legs slightly, allowing you to pull Han even closer to you. "I need you." You whisper, causing him to stop and look down at you with soft eyes, still filled with lust. "And I'm not to drunk. Scouts honor." Your words made him fully smile shyly, his cheeks flushing a deep red. It was your version of 'I promise' which you had been using since being kids. "Scouts honor?" He asked, slowly moving his lips back to your neck. You nod confidently, leaning up to take the shirt you had stole off and tossing it to one side. Han pulled you into him, crashing his lips into yours as his hand gripped your hip and he leaned back to pull you on top of him. It shocked you a little when you felt how hard he already was, your bare bottom resting perfectly onto his length as you followed his previous movements and moved your lips to his neck, biting and gently sucking at his salty skin. His hips bucked into you as you bit down a little harder, a quiet curse escaping his mouth and his hand smacked down on your rear, causing a small whine of pleasure to escape your lips. "You like that?" He questioned sheepishly. You leaned up slightly, biting your lip as you gave him a little nod, and started to move down his body. Freeing his erection, you wrapped your hand around his length and ran your thumb over the tip, swirling the pre-cum around before leaning down to clean up the little mess you had made from trying to figure out what your next move was. Han's moan was loud when you started to suck his cock, your mouth uncontrollably watering as you found a comfortable rhythm he seemed to enjoy as his hands tangled in your hair. As you continued to bob your head and explore his cock, you managed to hit your gag reflex, causing Han to jerk your head away and look down at you concerned. "Are you okay?" He asked, pulling you back up towards him, hands cupping your cheek as he looked at you intensely. Moving his hands down to your sides, placing slowly tender kisses on his lips as you moved to position him over you. "I'm fine, just new at this."
Han's lips worked at your neck once more, his bites a little rougher than previously, his hand worked it's way between your legs, pushing them apart slightly before running along your folds, sending a shiver through your body at the unfamiliar touch. Moving his lips back to yours, he kissed you deeply as he pushed one finger into your entrance, moving it slowly as his thumb naturally found your clit and moved in small circles. Whimpered moans escaped from your lips, glancing down as Han was now moving down, placing kisses towards your nipple, gently sucking for a moment then positioning himself so his cock met your entrance. His eyes locked to yours and you nodded, reassuring him that this is what you wanted. He ran the tip along your folds once more before slowly pushing himself inside you, making you curse in unison as he paused, allowing your tight inside to adjust to his size. His thrusts were slow at first, easing you into the feeling and trying to keep himself from finishing right away.
As the pace picked up, you felt your body loosen and go fully into relaxation, causing waves of pleasure you'd never felt before. Han's face was hidden in the cushion next to you as his hips started to pick up speed, muffling his moans that he couldn't control anymore. "So fucking good." You hiss, feeling your body start to jerk, an unfamiliar wave of pleasure building. His face lifted from the pillow, cursing again as he pushed his lips into yours, roughly kissing you as his hips picked up pace and your nails dug into his back. "I'm gonna cum." You managed to get out through kisses. Han nods against you, his lips moving slowly from your lips to just under your ear. "Where do you want me to cum?" He moaned, slowing his pace a little to look into your eyes. With a small smile on your lips, you let your fingers rest gently on his jawline "I want us to cum together." you confirm, pulling him back into the kiss as his hips picked up speed again making your walls tighten around him as his cock starts to twitch inside you, sending you both into a furry of moans. "Fuck, Y/n... fuck." Han cursed, his cum warming your insides as you felt him climax, which only pushed you over the edge. Your lips met again as your bodies calmed, melting back into each other as Han slowly pulled out of you, the cum dripping from your insides as your legs shook from the pleasure. His twitching cock rested against your folds as he pressed his forehead into yours, a shaky laugh escaping his lips. "I'm glad it was you." He smiled, placing another gentle kiss, "Me too." You agreed.
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staytheword · 15 hours
thanks for the memories (lmly, part one)
Tumblr media
thanks for the memories — part one of leave me loving you [series masterlist] [general masterlist]
this series (and this blog) are 18+ !! minors, please do not interact!! if you interact with my writing please have a profile picture and short bio indicating your age. it helps me make sure you are not a bot!!
• han jisung x female reader, all other stray kids members are featured. other idols are mentioned briefly (ateez's wooyoung, itzy's yuna).
• non idol au, rock band au. drinking, partying, explicit language, explicit smut. oral sex (f receiving), dirty talk, praise kink, protected sex. (let me know if missed any warnings)
• word count: 11.6k (11682)
There’s only one person there, sitting on the edge of the stage, swinging his legs and looking around. For a second you think your eyes must be deceiving you, but it’s him. Han Jisung.
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Tumblr media
The Jack of Trades is packed tonight, exactly the way you like it. It smells like smoke and booze, colored by neon lights and light projectors. The floor is sticky under the soles of your combat boots, and you have to zig zag through the crowd to make it to the bar. 
Tonight is one for the books.
The Trades is hosting the concert of a band who’s visiting your city on their tour. It’s a big deal. The band in question, Side Effects, got featured on Spotify and are really popular on social media. You don’t know them very well - you’ve only heard snippets of one of their songs - but judging from the amount of people squeezed in the Trades tonight, you’re representing a minority. 
Leaning against the bar, you catch Yuna’s gaze and raise two fingers. She gives you a nod, her long hair falling in elegant waves on her shoulders. You always order the same thing, anyway, so she doesn’t have to ask. A minute later she hands you two bottles of your favorite beer, which will go straight to your tab, and you give her a thumbs up of encouragement in return. 
You can’t remember the last time you’ve seen the place so packed. You don’t think you ever have. It’s usually busy on Fridays, but never like this. You feel a rush of pride because the Trades is your favorite place on this godforsaken planet and you know how hard Changbin worked to get it back on its feet after the last owner deserted. 
Speaking about your best friend, he’s where you usually find him, near the mixing console where Jeongin is sitting, focused, his headphones placed on his bleached hair. Changbin is frowning at his phone, clearly busy with final preparations. It’s an important night for him. He lets out a relieved sigh when you hand him his beer. 
“Finally,” he lets out, immediately taking a long sip. 
You raise an eyebrow at him, smirking. “You’re welcome, Bin.” 
He drinks for a few more seconds before answering you - his beer is already half empty. 
“Can you see this?” he laughs in disbelief. “The place is fucking packed.” 
“You did it, Bin,” you say, lifting your bottle to clink it against his. “You sold out the Trades.” 
He grins and cheers to your words before emptying the rest of his beer. When he’s done, he releases a content sigh and you take the empty bottle from his hands. 
“I feel better now. I was getting a little stressed,” he chuckles.
“Is everything ready?” 
He nods. “Yup. We should be able to start on time,” he says, checking his phone again. “Oh, fuck, no, why is Hyun texting me…”  You let your gaze wander around the room as Changbin starts to type frenetically on the phone. It’s hard to believe that only two years ago, this place was nothing. Changbin bought the place as it was falling to ruins. You still remember the first time he showed it to you, making a big show out of it. He put a blindfold around your eyes and everything - and when you saw the dusty floor, the bare walls and the half collapsed stage, you thought your best friend had gone crazy.
But Changbin had a vision. He wanted to create a place where there would always be live music, where people could come to dance to a band they liked just as much as grab a beer and listen to whoever was playing. You could see it in his eyes as he explained it to you. 
It took months just to undo the damage made by the past owners - the plumbing needed to be replaced, there was mold in the walls of the bathroom, and things you preferred to forget in the dressing rooms. Luckily, Changbin was one stubborn guy, and he pushed through at the times you would have easily given up. You did your best to be there for him. 
The months after that had been easier - choosing the color of the paint, the best material for the floor of the stage, the placement of the bar and tables. Changbin already had a name in mind, and you worked for weeks on a design for its logo. When Changbin gave his approval, he ordered a neon light in the shape of your logo, which now hung on the brick wall behind the stage. 
Since its opening, the Trades has seen its fair share of rising artists, of questionable singers and chaotic musicians. A few concerts sold well, and the place became a success. Now there are so many proposals Changbin actually has to choose who will play on the nights the Trades is open. 
Tonight, the place is sold out for a band that you’ve actually heard on the radio. Hyunjin, who works backstage, has a friend who has a friend - Side Effect’s guitarist. They were looking for a venue and the Trades ended up being mentioned in a conversation. When Hyunjin told Changbin, you were sure he was going to go into cardiac arrest. It cost him a small fortune to pay the band and promote the concert, but seeing tonight’s crowd, it was definitely worth the investment.
“He said three, Hyun - not, not two, three - I SAID THREE - HYUN?!” 
You turn to Changbin, eyebrow raised, and he sighs deeply, holding the bridge of his nose. His outburst has also gotten the attention of Jeongin, who has turned his chair towards him and pulled down his headphones. 
“We really need to get a better network for his place,” Changbin mutters. He nods at Jeongin. “Everything ready?” 
Jeongin nods. He doesn’t talk a lot but has an impressive work ethic. He’s also the best - the best - poker player you’ve met.  
“Y/N,” Changbin pleads, “can you please find Hyun and tell him three changes, not two. I need to stay here.” 
You nod and head outside the booth. Although you’re always here, you don’t officially work for the Trades - but you don’t mind helping. The place is your baby a little bit, too. You’ve been here since the start, helped with the renovations, and you’ve barely missed a concert. 
Holding on to your beer, you slip through the crowd towards the door leading backstage, Wooyoung letting you in with a sharp nod. You know the place so well you have no difficulty finding your way in the dark. You find Hyunjin standing behind the black curtains around the stage, hiding him from sight. He’s dressed all in black as usual, and blends with the shadows so well sometimes the only thing giving him away is the piercing on his eyebrow. 
“Did he say two or three?” he asks you. 
“Three,” you confirm. 
“Three,” Hyunjin repeats under his breath, turning to finish preparing his things. “Why not two like everyone else? Why does it have to be three?”
You smile to yourself at his muttering, and hand him your beer. 
“Take a sip, yeah?” 
“Oh, yeah, thanks.” 
He drinks as you peak around the curtain to see the stage. You love seeing it from this angle when it’s all ready to go, its floor covered in cords and various equipment. Side Effects has four members, each with their own microphone, and the drum kit is huge.  
You turn back towards Hyunjin who has a finger against his earpiece and hands you back the beer. You understand the signal - the show is about to start. The Trades goes dark and you hear the crowd scream in excitment. You turn on your heels to leave, as you don’t want to be in the way, but as you’re about to head back, you’re blocked by a few people passing in front of you. 
You can barely see them in the darkness, only a few lights giving a hint of their faces, but you can easily guess from their outfits and general energy that they’re the band. 
The first has short, ruffled dark hair and wears a tank top that barely covers his wide shoulders. He does not see you, clearly in his own mindspace. The second is slightly shorter, with shoulder-length black hair that is half tied behind his head. His eyes are wide and shine in the darkness. He notices you staring and nods at you quickly, munching nervously on his lower lip. 
The third barely glances at you. He wears a leather jacket and his hair covers his eyes. The last is smiling, visibly excited, and gives you a wink as he walks by - but he does it so quickly you can’t get a good look at him.
Each of them gives a different energy, none of which feels similar to what you would expect in a popular rock band, and just for that, you are intrigued. The crowd is going wild, a few people screaming at the top of their lungs, pushing towards the stage. The overall atmosphere is electric, tense like the few seconds before a raging thunderstorm.
You decide to stay for a song, making yourself small backstage. The first notes of an electric guitar rips through the Trades, soon followed by a rhythmic beat on the drums. When the voices join the melody, you find yourself moving, tapping your feet on the floor. The song is catchy, reminding you of the music you listened to when you were a teenager - in a good way - and their voices blend in perfect harmony. 
Tank top guy, who you understand is the main singer and guitarist, stands at the center of the stage, belting a high note in the microphone. To his right, the other guitarist smiles widely at the crowd, no longer looking nervous - and to the left, perfectly sporting the bad boy look with his leather jacket, the bassist does not even smirk. 
But really, it’s him you can’t look away from. Sitting at the drums, on the edge of his stool, slamming his sticks like a man possessed. He’s fast and aggressive, his face quickly dripping in sweat, his tongue slightly sticking out from between his teeth. In your entire life, you’ve never seen anyone play the drums like that. He’s probably barely visible behind the other members and the array of drums and cymbals in front of him, and yet he shines so bright you can’t take your eyes off him. 
You stand there as if struck by lightning for the rest of the song, and then for about half of the second. 
Who is that guy?
You see the appeal of Side Effects. Four handsome guys with an insane amount of charisma bombarding really good music like they were born for it - of course they would be popular. Around you, the audience is dancing and singing, clearly having fun. You feel proud for the Trades, and a little embarrassed that you didn’t give this band much attention before. They are good. 
You clap when the second song ends, listening attentively as they introduce themselves. The singer and leader is Chris. The other guitarist is Felix. At the bass is Minho, and behind the drums sits Jisung. 
You can’t help it - you stare at him. Jisung. He’s fidgeting like a child as Chris interacts with the crowd, happiness overflowing his eyes. He plays with his drumsticks like they’re the extensions of his fingers, which you don’t doubt is true. As Felix says something about an upcoming EP, Jisung leans down to drink some water, and as he looks up, your eyes meet.
He doesn’t react, and for a second you think he can’t actually see you in the dark - but then, he smiles. 
A heart-wrenching, life-altering smile. 
You can almost feel your legs wobble, but really, you are too shocked to move. You just stare back like an idiot until he looks away. 
How can a guy be so goddamn magnetic? 
The next song starts and you try to catch your breath. It’s hard to do so as he plays right next to you, the muscles of his arms tensed, his entire body jolting as he pounces on the drums. He’s still smiling, but he’s focused. You breathe out slowly. 
When you think you can stare at him in peace, he turns his head for a second and winks at you. 
It’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen.
You take a step backwards, clearing your throat, and look around nervously. That’s when you see Hyunjin, who is smirking at you. You give him a glare and he playfully winks at you. 
You make sure to give his arm a good slap before you head back towards the booth to go back with Changbin, your legs a little shaky. 
You’ll watch the concert from a distance.
Tumblr media
People often talk about the calm before the storm, but you prefer the one that comes afterwards. The latent electricity, the echoes of screams. You stand in the middle of the Trades, your ears ringing in the eerie silence. The entire audience has left, the stage is empty. 
You stand among the staff, your shot glass lifted as Changbin ends his speech. He has a proud grin illuminating his face, his eyes shining like stars - you cheer with the others to the night’s success, clink your glass against Hyunjin’s and drink. People disperse to finish cleaning up or to get home, but you linger next to Changbin. You throw your arm around his waist as he finishes talking with Wooyoung, and once the bouncer tells you both goodnight, you pull Changbin into a hug. 
“Congratulations, Mr. Seo,” you tell him. “I’m proud of you.” 
He hugs you back, chuckling, his breath making your hair dance. In the way his body leans against yours, you can feel how both happy and exhausted he is. 
“Couldn’t have done it without you,” he breathes. 
You shake your head, leaning back, gently tapping his cheek with your palm. 
“Of course you couldn’t.” 
He pulls his tongue at you as someone calls his name. You both turn towards the voice. A young guy with dark hair is smiling at Changbin, walking towards you. Wearing a pair of jeans, a white button-up and a relaxed tie, he looks both casual and fancy. Behind him are four people you immediately recognize.
Side Effects. 
You try not to stare, stepping away from Changbin.
The main singer, Chris, looks completely spaced out although he’s smiling politely. Felix looks like he’s still on his adrenaline high, bouncing slightly, looking around in curiosity. The bassist, Minho, remains impassive, but he perhaps looks a little bored. The drummer, Jisung - will you ever be able to forget that name? - is on his phone and does not see either of you. 
“Mr. Kim,” Changbin says, extending his hand. “I thought you would’ve left by now.” 
“Not without saying thanks,” he replies, shaking Changbin’s hand. You conclude he’s the band’s manager. “Call me Seungmin, yeah?” 
He looks at the main singer and nudges him with his elbow. 
“Right,” Chris smiles. “Thanks for having us. We had a good time.” 
“Yeah, it’s a really cool place you got,” Felix, agrees. 
They all give smiles and thanks, shaking Changbin’s hand. Your best friend’s grin cannot leave his face. You stand a little behind him, observing the exchange. It’s hard not to gawk. They’re still wearing their stage outfits, and although they look different without the spotlights, you can still feel their energy. 
“We’re having a little after-party,” Seungmin explains. “Wanted to extend an invitation.” He glances at you. “You and your staff, of course. Anyone who wants to join.” 
“Ooh,” Changbin chuckles. “Hell, why not.” 
Seungmin nods. “I’ll text the address then. See you in a bit.” 
As they walk away, you exchange a long look with Changbin. You wait until they’re out of sight to gasp loudly, holding on to each other like you’re going to fall on your knees. 
“Did they just -” Changbin exclaims. “Did we just get invited to an afterparty?”
“I think we did,” you whisper frenetically. “I think we fucking did.”
“Holy shit!” 
This is the first time anything like that has ever happened - usually, if there are after parties, they take place inside the Trades, and it’s with bands or musicians that aren’t very well known. Those who are, even just a little, often leave as soon as their performance is over.
“You know what that means, right,” Changbin giggles. “Not only did they stick around, but they took the time to thank us, and then invite us? What the fuck!” 
You laugh hysterically, throwing your arms around Changbin’s neck. You take the time to scream and dance for a minute or two, but then there’s stuff to do. You help your friend settle a few things, leaving the rest in Yuna’s safe hands, who’s not in the mood to party and has worked at the Trades since its opening. 
There’s five of you going to the party, so you split two taxis and get to the address Seungmin texted Changbin. It’s already really late when you get there, but you don’t care. This sort of thing never happens and you are going to enjoy it. Besides, if it allows you to steal a few more looks at that hot drummer, you won’t complain. 
The place, which you guess is the house the band rented for their time in town, is huge and already filled with people. Nobody asks who you are, and you just join the party like you were there from the start. Changbin is able to find Seungmin, who guides you to the kitchen where there’s a scandalous amount of beer available. You grab a bottle and cheer with your friend. 
It’s going to be a good night.
Tumblr media
You’re going to lose the game, that much you know - but you’re not going down without a fight. If only your eyes weren’t burning from the exhaustion and the booze, you might’ve stood a chance. But then again, your opponent is good. 
Minho has brushed his hair away from his face. His eyes drill into yours, and while they are beautiful, they are, right now, your worst enemies. 
You squint as the people around you hold their breath - and after a few more seconds, you can’t take it. 
You blink. 
The small audience lets out an audible sigh. Minho gives you a smirk. 
“Well played.” 
You wave your hand, rubbing your teary eyes. You’re not proud, but you can admit defeat, so you nod at him and he pats your shoulder. You'll get him another time. Or not.
It’s incredibly late and horribly early. You’ve been drinking - not too much, but a fair amount. The party is slowly calming down. There’s still music playing, but it’s faint. People are no longer dancing and drinking but rather lounging and chatting. A few are laying on the floor or on the couches, asleep. Someone is snoring nearby. A lot of people have left. Most, in fact. But not you. 
You’re still here and you’ve just had a staring contest with Lee Minho - which you’ve lost. You shake your head, letting it fall against Changbin's shoulder. He is half asleep, barely able to keep his eyes open, his head secured against a fluffy cushion. In a minute or two you’ll lose him, but that’s fine - you plan on just curling up next to him and sleeping too. 
Except, as you’re about to do exactly that, you spot Han Jisung. 
You haven’t seen him much during the night. Not long after you arrived, you saw him flirt with a girl and he disappeared afterwards - you can guess the rest. Not very surprising coming from a member of a rock band. Of course he would have groupies. He was handsome, talented, charismatic. A flirt, too, apparently. Not like you cared, and certainly not like you expected him to remember the wink he gave you - if it had even been intentional. At this point, you’re convinced he didn’t even see you, that you were just a faceless shadow observing him from backstage.
So much for the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen. 
But he’s there now, walking towards the kitchen, wearing distressed jeans and a white t-shirt. His hair is all over the place, his steps a little uneven. You stare at him as he crosses the room - he’ll never see you, anyway. 
Changbin's chest is rising and falling regularly now, and you glance at him to confirm he’s fallen asleep. You smile tenderly, pat his cheek, and decide to head to the bathroom before you also get some rest. You head to the hallway, stepping over a few bodies, smiling at Jeongin who’s still playing DJ although the music is at such a low volume you can barely hear it. You ruffle his hair as you pass him. 
You step out of the bathroom, thinking to yourself you should get a glass of water, and look up. A few steps away, leaning against the wall, is Han Jisung. 
He looks up at you and smiles, his hands in his pockets, his eyeliner a little smudged.  
“There you are.” 
You’re too surprised to say anything at first, and he chuckles. 
“What, you think I forgot about you?” 
You blink, trying to gather your thoughts. “Excuse me?” 
He smiles, tilting his head a little. “It’s you. You were backstage earlier.” 
“How do you know that? It was dark.” 
“Not that dark.” 
You chuckle, maybe a little nervously. You’re a bit too drunk and tired for this conversation. He just looks at you in response, and you know it deep inside your heart. This guy is dangerous. Dangerously attractive, no doubt. But also just dangerous - the kind to consume your heart in a single bite and not leave a crumb. Exactly what you should avoid.
You cross your arms, looking back at him. “If you knew I was here, why didn’t you come earlier?” 
He shrugs. “I thought you’d look for me.” 
“There were like a hundred people here,” you sigh. “And when I saw you, you looked a little busy.” 
He laughs, shaking his head. His smile - fuck, that smile. Wide and bright and heart-shaped. Fuck. 
“Oh, that,” he says. “Yeah. She was all over me, what kind of gentleman would I be to refuse?” 
You snort. “For some reason I can’t buy into the whole gentleman thing.”
“I’m hurt.”
“Do I need to remind you you’re a rockstar?” 
“Hm. I would have just said musician or “some guy in a band”, but I’ll take rockstar.” 
You stare at each other, and you can’t explain it, but you both burst out laughing. Surely, it’s the booze. It has nothing to do with the electricity between you, like you’ve known each other for years, like this is far from being your first ever conversation. What the hell is this? 
Is this what people mean when they talk about instant connection? All you’ve known is friendship and trust built by experience and bonding. Not that it’s a bad thing - on the opposite - but this is new for you. 
You cover your face with your hands, shaking your head, and Jisung approaches you slowly, his eyes filled with sparks. 
“I love your laugh.”
“Oh, come on,” you sigh, rolling your eyes. 
You turn to lean against the wall, placing your hands behind your back, and he follows your move, barricading you between the wall and him. He smirks. 
“You don’t believe me?” 
“It’s not that, rockstar,” you smile at him. “I just know guys like you. Flirts. Fuck boys.” 
“Like you don’t know it.” 
He doesn’t refute it, his eyes lingering on your face, your nose, your lips, your body. Most of all, your lips. You’re tired and drunk and he smells good - it would be easy to reach out, but you won’t let yourself do it. You want to see what he will do.
And just like that, like he’s reading your mind, he leans in. Your breath hitches but you put a finger against his chest. 
“Hm. Haven’t you had enough for one night?” you tell him mischievously. 
He groans, and he’s so close to you his breath caresses your lips. 
“It’s you I wanted from the start.” 
It’s a terribly attractive thing to say, and you try really hard to ignore the fact that you’re turned on. You attempt to focus on little things to take your mind off his smell and his warmth - the fact that your mouth is dry, that a strand of your hair is tickling your ear, that your feet feel heavy in your boots after an entire day in them. 
“You’re leaving tomorrow,” you whisper. 
“All the more reason,” he grins. 
He reaches to put said strand of hair behind your ear, removing your itch, and it makes you almost dizzy - so much that you barely see him as he leans towards you again. Your finger, still pointed at his chest, pathetically bends, and your hand ends up sprawled against his shirt. His breath smells like apple flavored liquor. He kisses you. 
You know you’re just some random girl for him, one he’ll probably never know the name of, one of many he’ll have made out with on his tour. You know you’re just that, and you should have enough self-respect to push him away and not become yet another groupie on his fuck shelf, but he kisses so well you forget all of that. 
Or, well.
You know it, but you choose to forget it. 
Han Jisung’s lips taste like chaos. He kisses the exact opposite way he plays the drums, languidly, longingly, almost carefully - he is patient and delicate, yet it is clear he knows what he wants. You wrap your arms around him, and he pushes you against the wall, kissing you deeper. 
His hands are in your hair and he slides his tongue against yours, and you moan at the feeling of it, and in this instant you would let him do whatever he likes to you. 
You said it. 
You are vaguely aware someone approaches you and stops next to you, but Jisung is still kissing you like it’ll never happen again - and it never will - so you don’t really pay attention to it. It is only when Jisung lips leave yours that you touch back with reality, realizing the voice has been calling his name repeatedly. 
“What is it, man?” Jisung asks, his voice low and annoyed. 
You’re still hidden in his arms, feeling drunker than you’ve ever been. You can barely open your eyes. 
“Sorry,” the voice says. It’s Chris. “But we need to go, like, now. Felix isn’t feeling good.” 
You glance at Jisung to see his face has changed. He looks tense, almost sad. It’s a surprising sight and it stirs something inside of you. 
Jisung gives Chris a nod. “I’ll be there in a second.” 
Chris leaves, and Jisung turns back to you. 
“Sorry, baby. Gotta go.” 
He gently lifts your chin with his fingers and gives you a last gentle kiss. Your legs can barely keep you up. 
Just like that, he walks away and disappears. You know it’s the last you’ll see of him tonight - and probably ever. You’re not sure how you feel about that, but there’s nothing you can do.
You trace your lips with your own tongue. 
You drag your feet back to Changbin, who is still asleep, and you sit beside him. Feeling disoriented, like your whole life has been taken apart and built back sideways, you wrap yourself around him, close your eyes, and let sleep steal you away.
Tumblr media
The barista slides the two full cardboard trays of coffee on the counter and you thank him with a smile. It’s heavy and impractical, but luckily you only have to go next door. 
As much as you love the Trades during the night, when it’s packed and loud and stifling, you adore it during the day. If the weather is nice, like today, the doors remain open to let the fresh air in, and there’s a spot at the booths, where you usually sit, that catches the light just right. You head there first, leaving your bags and your own coffee, and then you make a round around the place to give the other cups to the people you meet. 
Jeongin is making repairs on his sound console and he accepts the coffee with a nod. Andy, the janitor, takes the next one, and soon you’re left with just one. You head upstairs to Changbin's office, and seeing that the door is closed, you knock. It’s the code everyone knows - an open door means you can go in. A closed one means knocking.
You wait for a few seconds, and when the door opens, Changbin only lets his head through - you see there’s someone in there with him. Soft brown hair and a black coat. Could be anyone. You just hand him his coffee, and he thanks you with a smile. You’re curious to know who he’s meeting, but you’ll just ask later. 
That’s the beauty of your friendship with Changbin. There’s absolutely nothing complicated about it. Since day one, you have been completely open with each other about everything, so ambiguity has never been an issue. Nothing ever lingers - you just talk about it. Good things, bad things, uncertain things. 
It’s an affectionate friendship, but it’s also a brutal one. You both have strong personalities, and everyone expects you to clash, and you do. But you do it in a way that is so open and true it never results in actual conflict. 
Changbin keeps you steady, Changbin knows you, and Changbin learns with you. To be human, to do better - but also to accept you’ll always have your flaws. 
Whistling a Side Effects song - it’s been stuck in your head - you head back to your usual booth and sit down. You take off your jacket, open your laptop and plug in your headphones. 
It’s difficult for you to find places where you manage to be productive when working. Your own apartment is often too warm; cafés are a nightmare; but the Trades, however, is perfect. There’s just an energy that gets your creative juices going, and you’ve been enjoying it as much as you can. 
You take a long sip of coffee and get to work. 
About twenty minutes later, you see Changbin crossing the room towards the main entrance with someone - the person he was in a meeting with, obviously. You recognize Seungmin, Side Effects’ manager. They seem to be on friendly terms, so you’re wondering why they met. You can’t resist the temptation to take off your headphones to try and listen, but they’re too far away. 
It’s been two days since the party and you can’t think about much else, although you keep telling yourself it’s pathetic. Still, you’re intrigued. You thought the band would’ve left town by now. Clearly, they haven’t.  
Changbin appears a minute later, sitting down on the booth in front of you with a smirk you can only describe as ecstatic. You raise an eyebrow. 
“Tell me you still have the file for your poster,” he tells you. 
“Always,” you frown. “Why?”
He scrunches his nose and leans towards you. 
“Because you’ll have to add something to it. Encore.” 
“Wha - WHAT? WHEN?!” 
“In two days.”
Changbin explains that the band’s next scheduled performances have been canceled due to a flood in the venue. Since their tour would only resume a few days later, they had some free time ahead and decided to stay in town. 
They offered to perform another time at the Trades because they loved the place, and Changbin certainly wasn’t going to refuse. A last-minute show on a Wednesday would be a challenge to organize, but it could be done. It would be done.
Giving Changbin a tight hug with a squeal of excitement, you immediately get to work on the design of the poster announcing the new date. The rush of adrenaline is inducing a rush of inspiration, and you have it wrapped up in a few hours. 
Once you’ve sent the file to the printer, you lean back against the booth and realize you’re hungry. You remember you still have leftovers in your fridge, so you decide to head home. You throw your bag around your shoulder but leave your headphones around your neck for when you’re outside. It’s quiet in the Trades, but you glance around the room to see if anyone is there so you can say goodbye. 
There’s only one person there, sitting on the edge of the stage, swinging his legs and looking around. For a second you think your eyes must be deceiving you, but it’s him. Han Jisung. 
He’s wearing grey jeans covered in patches of different patterns. His oversized red and black striped sweater is torn here and there, his dark hair in disarray. To complete his look, he wears a thin leather choker around his neck and a variety of bracelets on his wrists, and his nails are painted pitch black. 
Whatever he might say, he does look like a rockstar. 
You don’t know if you know him well enough to just approach him like that, but you figure that his tongue being in your mouth less than forty hours ago must count for something, so you take a few tentative steps towards the stage.
“What are you doing here?” you ask. 
He turns his head in mild curiosity, and once he sees you, grins widely. 
“I was hoping to find you here,” he says.
You roll your eyes. “Sure you were.”
“Sorry. It was too easy,” Jisung chuckles. 
“Seriously, why are you here?” 
He shrugs, the heels of his leather boots hitting the stage as he keeps swaying his legs. 
“I was really bored, so I took a walk. Ended up here, and the doors were wide open,” he explains. 
He looks up to the ceiling, a strand of hair brushing his forehead and falling in front of his right eye.
“I love to see venues when they’re empty. They’re this special feeling about them.”
“I know what you mean,” you agree with a smile. “It’s calm, but there’s still… this lingering tension.” 
“Yeah, exactly,” Jisung nods, looking back at you, eyeing you up and down. 
You feel a little casual compared to him in your baggy jeans and crewneck, your hair tied behind your hair with a claw clip, not wearing any makeup. You must look like a different person from the other night, but Jisung does not make you feel self-conscious. He looks at you exactly the same, with an intrigued gleam and a charming smile. 
“Where are you heading?” he asks. 
“Home,” you reply. “To eat.” 
“Ooh,” he chants, jumping down from the stage. “I’m in.” 
You stare at him in disbelief. 
“I kinda feel like a cheeseburger, though,” he states, walking towards you with purpose. He stops in front of you. “I’m paying.” 
You open your mouth to argue with him, but then you realize you don’t want to. Free food and pretty entertaining company? Why not. You nod.
“Lead the way,” he says with a grin.
In a couple of steps you’re standing outside under a timid sun. You point to the left, and Jisung follows you. 
“So what do you do here, exactly?” he asks, nodding towards the Trades. 
“Nothing,” you say. “I don’t work there, not really.” 
He frowns. “So why are you -”
“Changbin is my oldest friend. I helped him put the place together, and it’s kind of just… where I hang out. I designed the logo, though.” 
“You did that?” Jisung wonders, pointing to the sign. 
“Damn,” he whistles. “Looks really cool.” 
You thank him with a smile. Although you’re always hard on yourself when it comes to work, you are proud of what you did for the Trades. Not that you would have accepted anything less than perfection, anyway. 
“I did the posters for your show, too,” you add. 
Jisung gives you a smile that you would call impressed, and you feel a tang of pride in your heart. 
“So you’re a graphic designer?” 
“Cool. Tell me about it.” 
You have no idea why he’s interested, but you indulge him, telling him more about your work as you head towards the closest diner. It’s not a fancy place, far from it, but they do have the best cheeseburgers in the neighborhood, in your opinion. Jisung doesn’t look like the fancy type, anyway. As you watch and listen to him, you feel like he’s more the type of person that can adapt to every environment they’re in. 
Being constantly on the road as he is, you guess it must be a good quality to possess. Has he always been like that, though? Or is it something he picked up along the way to make it easier? 
Something about him just tickles your curiosity.
You sit down on a booth of worn black leather and the waitress brings you the menu. Jisung doesn’t look at it - just at you. 
“Were you born here?” 
“You never left?” 
“Not even for traveling?” 
“Just once. Went to London.” 
“For what?” 
“Are we done with the interrogation?” 
To your surprise, Jisung lets out a loud laugh, sliding his hand through his hair. 
“Sorry. I meet so many people, and I rarely have the chance to get to know them. This is new.” 
“So I’m the first human being apart from your band and management you are able to have a conversation with in what, weeks?”
“No pressure, then.” 
His smile stays on his face, large and luminous. You kind of like it. The waitress comes back to take your order, and you ask for two cheeseburgers, two sodas, and a large plate of fries to share. 
Jisung keeps asking you questions. You tell him about how you met Changbin - kindergarten - what was the best concert of your life - not his - and what your favorite font is - depends on the day.  
You get your food not long after, and as you pick up your burger, you decide to turn the table on him a little. Only fair, right? 
“So you’ve been bored and wandering around. What about the rest of the band?” you ask as he takes a bit of his burger. “What have they been doing?”
“Sleeping,” Jisung answers with his mouth full. He swallows. “Fuck, this is a good burger.”
“Must be grateful for the rest,” you say.
Jisung shakes his head. “Not all of them. Minho can’t stay still to save his life. He’s climbing up the walls already.”
You laugh in disbelief. “Really? He looks so… calm.” 
“He’s so weird,” Jisung laughs. 
You hear the tenderness in his voice, and you catch a glimpse of the bond that must be linking them. You felt it, even when they were on stage. They were more than a band - they were brothers. 
“And the other two?” you ask, simply out of curiosity. 
“Chris is fine. He doesn’t say it but he’s glad to be able to stay in. Work on music. Watch movies.” 
Jisung’s eyes darken. 
“Felix… sleeps. A lot.” 
You can hear something there, but you don’t want to ask. It’s none of your business, after all. Still, Jisung explains.
“He’s been through shit recently. So it’s good he can sleep.” 
You smile softly. “You’re really close, right? The four of you.”
“Yeah,” Jisung nods. “With Seungmin, too.” 
The softness on his face is new, but it does not last too long. Quickly, his smirk comes back, his eyes full of mischief. 
“You like video games?”
Tumblr media
You expect Jisung to bring you back to the house where the party took place, but instead he walks you to an apartment building. He explains that the house would’ve been too expensive for a longer stay - it’s not like they were millionaires - so they found this place on Airbnb for cheap. It’s smaller, but more than big enough for the four of them. The rest of the crew shared another place a few blocks over. 
“The four of us lived in a shoebox for the longest time while we were in our garage phase,” Jisung says as he closes the door behind you. “So this is luxurious.” 
He doesn’t bother to give you a tour, but you don’t care. Leaving your bag in the hallway, you follow him to the kitchen. 
“That was a long-ass walk you took.”
Minho is glaring at Jisung, wearing two oven mitts and a neon pink bucket hat. The kitchen smells delicious, and you glance at the oven to try and see what is cooking in there. 
“Found a stray cat,” Jisung says, waving at you. 
You raise an eyebrow at him. “Cute of you to act like it wasn’t you that was lost.”
“I wasn’t lost. Just bored.” 
Minho stares at you - or, well, you think he is. His eyes are completely hidden under his hat and his hair. He raises an oven mitt towards you, and you have to guess he’s pointing.
“Staring contest girl.” 
“Not the worst nickname I’ve heard,” you pout.
“What was?” Jisung asks. 
“You’ll never know.” 
Minho chuckles. 
“Made some meat pies if you’re hungry.” 
“Thanks, bro.” 
You frown as he grabs a plate to get a slice. 
“But you just ate -”
You stop and shrug. One thing you’ll never judge or pretend to understand is how a person’s stomach works.
Minho and Jisung start whispering between themselves, and it seems like you hear Felix’s name, so you give them some space. In the meanwhile, you wander around the apartment, check out the hallway leading to the bedrooms, and then enter the living room. It’s a cozy space with a large sectional and a huge TV. You glance around for a good thirty seconds before you notice there’s someone sitting in a window nook. He hasn’t seen you, his eyes focused on his computer. Piled up on his head is a beanie, a pair of headphones and a hoodie. Chris. Jisung’s description was accurate. 
“Don’t mind him,” Jisung tells you as he reappears next to you. “When he’s like that he’s not conscious of the outside world. You could be walking around naked he wouldn’t notice.” 
“Sounds like a theory you’ve tested before.” 
“Oh, yeah.” 
You both plop down on the couch, laughing, and Jisung turns on the console. He hands you a controller and you start to play Crash Bandicoot, not really talking. You enjoy taking your mind off things, not really thinking about the situation you are in. Why are you here, after all? There’s no clear reason apart from the fact that you like Jisung. But you aren’t the type to question things too much - most of the time you prefer to just follow the path life takes you on. 
For now it’s taken you here. 
You spend the next few hours playing and eating snacks. At some point, Felix emerges from his room and sits on an armchair, dizzily staring at the screen. He looks exhausted, snuggled in a hoodie that is way too big for him, black hair curling around his ears. 
When your eyes get tired Minho takes your place, playing a few games with Jisung as you text with Changbin. He reminds you you’re supposed to go to a birthday party that night, and you let out an irritated sigh. 
“Fuck me,” you hiss through your teeth, resisting the urge to throw your phone across the room. 
“Sure,” Jisung grins at you. 
When you glare back, he chuckles. 
“What’s up?” 
“I have to go to this thing tonight. Birthday party.” 
“Hm. Sounds fun.” 
“Really not. The girl is a nightmare but she can’t, for the life of her, understand we’re not friends anymore, and that Bin will never be interested in her pathetic ass. All she does is show off how much money she has.” 
“Wow,” Minho laughs. “Now I kinda want to meet her.” 
“Good idea,” Jisung nods. “We’re not doing anything tonight, anyway, and I don’t know for you guys, but I don’t want to spend my entire night shut up in here. Let’s go.” 
You shake your head. 
“No way.” 
“Think about it, Y/N,” Minho says, placing his elbows on his thighs. “Bringing us as guests would shut her right up.
“And I need to get really drunk,” Felix states, all of a sudden. 
It’s the first words he’s spoken since he got out of his room, and while you look at him in surprise, the other two seem used to it. 
“Then let’s do it,” Jisung claims, clapping his hands.
“I have to go home and change, though. If I show up like that she’ll start a rumor I’m homeless or something,” you sigh. 
Jisung waves his hand. “That’s fine. I’ll come with you and help you choose a killer outfit. You guys meet us there, yeah?” 
“Don’t worry, I’ll get Chris when he emerges from the deep,” Minho nods.
Jisung takes your hand and lifts you off the couch. He guides you back to the hallway and slides on his boots. 
“You don’t have to come with me,” you say. “We can meet there.” 
“I wanna see your place,” Jisung simply responds.
Maybe you should be freaked out or annoyed at the game he’s playing. You know he’s just trying to get to know you, that you’re an adventure for him, but it also feels like he wants to assimilate as much as he possibly can before time runs out. It’s cute, but it’s also unnerving. What will he do with all this knowledge of you, once he leaves? Will he forget? Will you become a fond memory, or one that will fade away over time? 
You shouldn’t indulge him, because you’ll probably end up getting hurt. But at the same time, it’s stimulating for you, too. Letting someone in. Letting him see who you are, every part of you, knowing it’s temporary. Then he can walk away, carrying pieces of you. There’s a beauty to that you can’t yet grasp. 
When you arrive at your place, you let him walk around to look at what he wants, heading for your room. It’s not a big apartment, nor is it in perfect shape, but you made it yours. You and Changbin took the lease most particularly for the bathroom, which is more spacious than any you’ve seen in the city. In exchange, both of your bedrooms are kind of tiny, but it’s not like you have people over very often. If you do, it’s agreed you’ll find another place to stay for the night. 
You remove your clothes of the day, changing your underwear and slipping on a short leather skirt. You’re zipping it up when the door of your room opens on Jisung, who strolls in like he lives there. 
“What the fuck?” you let out, covering your chest - you’re only wearing a bra.
“You told me to make myself at home,” Jisung smirks, sitting down on your bed, sliding his hand on your comforter. 
“That’s not what I meant.” 
“Come on,” he says. “You’re almost dressed already. Love the skirt. Is this the shirt you’re planning on wearing?” 
He lifts the piece of clothing, a black tank top that laces on the front, and hands it to you. You snag it from his hand, slipping it on swiftly. He eyes you up and down. 
“What about accessories?” 
He stands up, walking to your dresser, and opens your jewelry box. You stare at him, absolutely mind blown at his behavior. 
“Oh. Love that. That’s hot,” he says, handing you a lace choker you haven’t worn in ages. 
“Having fun playing dress-up, are we?” you laugh. 
He winks at you, and proceeds to choose the rest of your outfit. Cherry earrings, silver rings, and loose hair. Once he’s done, he twirls you around, biting his lip.
“Perfect,” he says, slipping a hand on your waist to pull you close. “Thoroughly fuckable, if I might say so.” 
“Thanks?” you answer with a giggle. 
“Y/N,” he breathes, taking a step towards you. “C’m’here.” 
Before you can answer anything, he plunges his nose in the crook of your neck, inhaling your smell, and places a kiss there that sends shivers all over your body. You close your eyes.
“It’s not the outfit,” he says, shaking his head. “I’ve thought about fucking you all day.” 
You do your best not to let out a moan right there, instead biting your lip hard as he keeps kissing your neck. 
“Jisung,” you breathe. “I just got dressed.” 
“I don’t want you to undress.” 
You frown as he pushes you towards the bed. You lay down, eyes on him. Outside the blue is fading to black, enveloping the room in a heavy purple, and there’s something earnest and intimate about it. You’ve been on edge ever since that kiss he gave you - and you’ve so desperately wanted to know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t been interrupted. 
You have somewhere to be, but you don’t care. Jisung is at your apartment and visibly also wants to pick up things where you left them off. You are not going to waste the opportunity. 
Jisung’s hands spread your legs, his lips leaving a trail of wet kisses on your thighs. 
“Just want to get a taste,” he mutters. 
Your breath hitches as he pushes up your skirt, lips brushing your skin. He makes his way between your legs, finally setting his mouth on your underwear. At this point you are writhing around him, desperate for a direct touch. 
“Getting wet for me so fast,” he breathes. “How can I resist you?” 
“No one talked of resisting,” you answer in a sigh. 
He chuckles. “Fair point. Can I?” 
You nod, and he draws your underwear aside, leaving you exposed to his eyes. You spread some more for him, pulling up your skirt, and he does not waste another second. His lips embrace your wetness, his tongue swirling around your clit. You let out a shaky sigh, your fingers reaching for his hair. Your thoughts wander, far away from your reach, as you just enjoy Jisung’s caresses. 
He hums against you as you roll your hips against his mouth. It’s working wonders for you, your pleasure building quickly. 
“That’s good, baby,” he breathes. “Make yourself come in my mouth.” 
You’re hot, your body tense, Jisung making out with your cunt. His tongue makes a quick work of it, and you come not long after. You shiver delightfully, and it takes you a while to come down. As you do, Jisung gently replaces your underwear where it was, contemplating the drenched fabric with a satisfied smile. 
“Now you can walk around all evening in your soaked underwear, courtesy of me, and I’ll have your taste on my tongue,” he says in a low voice, his smirk all the right kinds of dirty. 
You’re still riding the high of your orgasm, so you don’t really find the right words. You just smile at him.
“You’re fucking insane.” 
“Just trying to enjoy the time I have.”
Tumblr media
The taxi drops you off in front of your friend’s house. Jisung hands him a few bills and comes to stand next to you, admiring the place. 
It’s huge, outrageously so, the typical rich person’s, and you absolutely hate it. From the judgemental look on Jisung’s face, so does he. 
You put a hand on his shoulder. “You asked for it.”
Felix, Chris and Minho are already inside, according to Jisung’s phone, and it takes you a while to find them - the house is packed and loud. 
“Have you seen Changbin?” you ask them, but they shake their heads. 
You check your phone - no news from your friend. He’s probably running late or has a last minute hold up. You decide to stick around anyway. You’re dressed up, you’re here, and you have company. 
You get drinks and sit between Jisung and Chris. You talk a lot to the latter, who, now that he doesn’t have his head in his computer, proves to be really fun company. You discuss productivity and creative slumps, interrupted here and there by the occasional fan asking for an autograph or a picture. Jisung is busy playing cards with Minho, his hand on your thigh. Felix is flirting with a few people, drinking fast, his smile widening with every second. 
When your friend comes into your field of vision, and eyes you with annoyed envy, you are so happy you could sing. You wish her a happy birthday, the band too, and for once she has absolutely nothing to say. 
“Changbin didn’t come?” she asks as a last resort. 
“Sorry, he couldn’t make it,” you reply with a fake pout, trying to hold back your laughter. 
When she leaves, dumbfounded and annoyed, you laugh hysterically with Jisung for so long you have tears streaming down your cheeks and your sides hurt. 
As the night advances, Jisung’s hand rides higher and higher on your thigh. His eyes get glassy with the alcohol, as do yours - in fact, everyone gets pretty wasted. Chris and Minho share a joint, keeping an eye on Felix. Despite the chaotic ambiance around you, you five stay pretty calm, chilling on the couch you claimed, talking or playing silly games. 
A few other people join you for a classic game of never have I ever - except you’re all too drunk already to play with drinks, so you agree on changing the rules. If you have, you kiss the person to your right. 
“Never have I ever been naked in public,” Felix proposes. 
His eyes are lit up like fireworks, and he stares at Chris, who shakes his head.
“Oh my gosh…” 
“You HAVE to, Chris!” Felix cackles. “We all saw you!” 
“What’s the story?” you ask, laughing. 
“Nothing interesting. You don’t want to know,” Chris sighs. 
“I do!” you retort. 
“A simple story, really,” Minho explains, twirling a joint between his fingers. “He went to take a shower at the camping site we were staying at, and I stole his clothes.” 
You all burst out laughing, and Felix claps his hands. 
“C’mon, now. Kisses. On the mouth.” 
Felix receives a kiss from the girl next to him, which surprises him - and Chris turns to you. 
“It’s the game, right?" he laughs. "Sorry, Ji.” 
“No harm, man.” 
“You’re okay with it, right?” Chris asks you.
You nod, amused. Chis leans in, a smirk on his face, and slides his fingers in your hair. His lips are plump, kissing you gently, and you feel yourself melt a little. You almost don’t want to stop, your hand falling against his chest. The booze makes your tongue act on its own, dancing with his, and Chris indulges. It takes a minute before you lean back, falling back on the couch. 
“Fuck, damn,” you laugh. Your cheeks are red. “You’re a good kisser.” 
“So are you,” Chris smiles. 
“That was hot,” Jisung lets out with a solemn nod. 
You hide your face in his neck, giggling like a teenager, and the game continues. At the next question, Minho kisses the guy next to him, and you appreciate the sight a little too much. Your senses are getting tangled - between the booze, the weed, Jisung’s warm fingers around your thigh, Chris’ tongue and the sight of so many people making out, you’re officially horny. 
It doesn’t help that you still feel your wet underwear against your cunt, reminding you of the joys of Jisung’s tongue. 
You bite your lip, waiting for the right moment. Finally, a girl asks never have I ever stolen a car, and nobody moves - except you. You fall against Jisung, pulling him into a needy kiss. The people around you start yelling and laughing. 
“What the fuck!” 
“I don’t think we’ll get the story tonight, bro,” Chris tells him with a chuckle.
He’s right, because you’re lost in your kiss, Jisung’s hands all over you. You don’t even care that there’s dozens of people around. You devour his lips, get drunker on his taste. You want him, you need him - and he kisses you deep and passionately. One of his hands grip your ass and you moan softly. 
“I think we’ve lost them,” Minho says. 
“Hey,” Chris says in your ear. “Get a fucking room.” 
A giggle escapes your mouth and Jisung pulls away from you. His lips are already swollen, and the sight is so attractive you have no idea how your legs are able to hold your weight as he pulls you on your feet. 
“Have a good time,” Felix sings as you walk away. 
You wave at them, letting Jisung guide you through a house neither of you really know. You stumble through the crowd, stopping to kiss sometimes, and you can’t wait to be alone. It’s proving to be complicated, though, because every door you come across is either locked or already has people busy behind it. You scoff and snicker until you find a door that has a piece of paper taped on it. 
You exchange a knowing look with Jisung. No words needed. He turns the handle and you see stairs leading down. You close the door behind you, lock it, stumbling down the stairs to the basement. 
When you get there, you gasp. 
It’s a beautiful room, with thick, fancy carpets and the biggest TV you’ve ever seen. There’s a bar in the corner, and on a wall, a collection of guitars. You stare in awe at everything, Jisung standing behind you, kissing your neck.
“Holy shit,” you whisper. 
For a second you forget all about Jisung, running towards the guitar displayed on the far right. It’s the same, you realize. The exact same model. 
“That’s a rare one,” Jisung says, sliding next to you. “Worth a fortune.” 
“My mom had one,” you tell him with a smile. “She found it at a flea market. Guy had no idea what he had. She paid 11 dollars for it.” 
Jisung smiles even more widely. “It was meant to be.” 
You smile fondly at the memory. It soothes you, envelops you. You forget where you are, for a second, although your entire body is drunk on Jisung. 
“You play?” he asks you, his eyes not leaving yours, his hand putting a strand of your hair behind your ear. 
“A little,” you admit.
“Then let’s hear it.” 
“No, Ji, you can’t touch -” 
You might not know him that well, but one thing you are learning about Jisung is that he does not care. So it’s without hesitation that he grabs the guitar from the display and hands it to you. You laugh, carefully taking it. 
You sit down on the floor, the guitar in your arms, and you gently brush the strings. Jisung sits in front of you, leaning against the back of a couch. 
Before you know it, you’re playing a melody you know like the back of your hand. With your eyes closed, and just the sound of music to guide you, it all feels like a dream. The basement, the party, even Jisung, it all fades - you’re alone with the guitar for a few seconds. 
When you open your eyes again, at the end of the song, Jisung is staring at you with wide eyes and a parted mouth. 
“A little?” he repeats.
You laugh. “Ok. More than a little.” 
“You didn’t tell me you’re a musical genius.” 
“I’m not.” 
He lifts an index. “I’ve heard a lot of people play the guitar. I’m not just saying this. I think I’m lowkey in love with you, now.” 
You smile at him, at his dark hair and his round eyes, at the line of eyeliner under them, at the choker around his neck, at the red and black sweater you were gripping desperately minutes ago. 
“Same to you,” you admit. 
He grins and crawls over to give you a kiss. The guitar falls beside you, immediately forgotten. Jisung hums against your lips. 
“I want to fuck you,” he tells you in a hoarse voice. 
“Yes please,” you answer, and he laughs. 
You remove his sweater and let your fingers wander around his chest, touching his skin. It feels warm. Still kissing you, he unlaces your top, cupping your breasts. He teases your sensitive nipples, drawing a soft cry from your lips. You arch your back, thrusting your hips against his. You can feel his hard cock under his jeans, and you can’t resist wrapping your hand around the bulge to stroke him. Jisung grunts in your mouth, and suddenly bites your lower lip.
You jump in your surprise, letting out a moan. 
“Keep moaning for me, baby,” he whispers, gliding his teeth across your lips. “You sound so hot.”
“Fuck, Ji. I’ve been dreaming about that cock.” 
You unbuckle his belt and take him out of his boxers. He’s hard, and you lift your hand to your mouth, slowly licking your palm. You keep your eyes on him while you do it, and he stares back at you, mouth parted, taking in the sight. Then, you start to stroke him, coating his length with your spit. 
“I’m going to fucking ruin you,” Jisung growls. 
He roughly takes your hand away, enclosing his fingers around your wrist, and pins it against the carpet. He lays you down as you bite your lip in amusement, glancing at his erection - and you can almost see him pulsating. He doesn’t let go of your arm, pushes up your skirt and pulls down your panties at the same time, and slides his fingers against your pussy. 
You shudder as he chuckles.
“You’re still so fucking wet, baby.”
“It was all the kissing,” you admit with a smile.
You kiss his jawline, his neck, his ear, as he keeps rubbing his fingers against your wetness. You’re clenching around nothing, your hips moving in search of pressure - but Jisung keeps his caresses light. 
“Chris got you good, didn’t he?” 
“He did,” you breathe, although you can barely find the words. 
“Got me, too, to see you make out,” he replies, keeping his voice low. “Maybe one day I can watch you fuck.” 
As he says the words, he inserts two fingers inside of you, and you let out a choked whimper. 
“Fuck, Ji, don’t say shit like that,” you cry out.
“Why not? Wouldn’t you want to?” 
“Right now, I just want you,” you say, and you mean it. 
He smiles against your lips as you kiss him. You sit up slightly, and he liberates you, taking his fingers out of you. He slides them into his mouth, cleaning them. 
“The taste was almost gone,” he explains, and you smile.
You give yourself a boost to turn him around so you can straddle him. You place yourself so your folds grind against his cock, swaying your hips slowly. He lets out a deep breath, and you throw your head back. Your hands sprawl on his chest as you keep moving, and you know you’re making a mess, smearing your wetness on his skin, but you don’t care. 
“Fuck, yes, baby,” he moans. 
You glance at him with a smile. 
“You like that?” 
“I do. Are you coming?” 
“I’m close.” 
“Then stop. I want you to come around my dick.” 
Not that you could refuse him. He takes out a condom from his back pocket - you don’t question why he would have that ready - and hands it to you. You get him ready, your fingers trembling slightly. 
“Going to pound that pussy so good,” Jisung whispers to you, placing your hair behind your ears, cupping your cheek. 
You rub his length against you to lubricate, and then slowly ease him in. A curse escapes your lips, and Jisung secures his hands on your hips. You accelerate gradually, and soon you are fucking him, your capacity to think escaping you. He helps you by bucking his hips, deepening the thrusts. 
One of his hands travels across your stomach, squeezes your breast.
“So pretty,” he moans. 
“You’re so fucking deep inside me,” you breathe out.
“C’m’here, baby,” he grunts, pulling you towards him, so you lean against his chest. 
He places your arm behind your back, pinning you in place, and your knees fall on either side of him. Then, he starts hammering into you. The way he holds you, you can barely move, and the sensation is so intense it instantly makes you see stars. 
“Holy shit, Ji,” you whimper. “I’m coming…” 
“Come, pretty thing,” he whispers in your ear. 
You come undone around him, shaking violently as he keeps you in place. Your moans echo through the basement, and maybe you’re being too loud, but you don’t care. You’re pretty sure no one can hear you above the deafening music from upstairs, anyway. Jisung continues to thrust into you, placing a few languid kisses on your neck until you’ve come down. Only then does he slow down.
“How was that, baby?” he asks, still rolling his hips.
“So fucking good.” 
“I’m glad to hear it,” he smiles. “Stand up for me.” 
You nod and manage to push yourself on your wobbly legs. You lean against the couch, and a part of you just wants to lay down on it. But Jisung has another idea. He stands up as well, pulling you in his arms. 
“Sit here,” he says, and pats the back of the couch. 
He pushes the hair away from your face, kissing you deeply, his cock brushing your pussy. He’s still so hard - you know he’s not done with you. You settle on the top of the couch, spreading your legs. Jisung takes his pulsating cock and guides it inside of you again, keeping your legs apart. 
You’re already getting too used to having him there, because your body hums in approval, and your pleasure immediately starts building back up. It feels like he’s filling every inch of you, his breath heavy on your neck, thrusting into you in deep, languorous moves. 
“Fuck, you’re good at this,” you mutter. 
“It’s because you take me so well, baby,” he grins. “But I like your compliments.”
You bite your lip. “Praise kink?” 
“Y’know it.” 
You wrap your arms around his neck, kissing his earlobes, licking his neck. You start to suck at the skin there, intent on leaving a trace, and he growls. 
“You’re look so fucking sexy right now, Ji,” you breathe in his ear. “I love your cock. I love how you fuck me with it. You’re so beautiful and you made me come so hard.” 
You feel him twitch inside of you, and you can’t help but smile. You hum, planting a few kisses along his jawline. 
“Is there anything you can’t do, Ji?” you breathe, although he starts thrusting into you so hard you have a hard time aligning your words. “Such a good kisser, and you… You fuck so well… And the way you play…” 
He moans, slamming into you. The sound of your voice, of his breathing, of his skin slapping against yours becomes a blissful symphony.  
“When I saw you playing the drums… Fuck, I just fell in love with you,” you say. 
You don’t know how you’re still talking because he’s moving faster and faster, bringing you to the edge again. 
“Your fingers around the sticks… The way you hit the drums… So fast and brutal…” 
“Fuck, baby…” he whimpers.
“You’re magic, Ji,” you cry out. “Everything that you are is magic.” 
He moves his head to capture your lips again, and you moan in his mouth. Your kisses are feverish, disorderly.
“I’m coming again,” you moan.
“Don’t hold it back, baby, fuck, keep clenching like that,” he says. 
You’re seconds away from coming when he does, and the feeling of his cock bursting into you is almost too much to handle. Your orgasm reverberates in your entire body, his too - and after a few seconds of delightful chaos you breathe out against each other, panting. 
When you’re able, you open your eyes. His remain closed, and you admire the sweat on his skin, the slightly smudged makeup. You must look as much of a mess as he is. 
You place a chaste kiss on his lower lip, and he opens his eyes to smile at you. 
“I don’t want to move,” he says. 
“Me neither,” you admit. 
“Let’s just stay like that for a few more seconds.” 
You nod, your head falling on his shoulder. After a minute, however, your legs start to waver, and you reluctantly move away from each other. Luckily there’s a bathroom in the basement, so you go together to clean up. He helps you lace your top back on and you insist on putting back his belt yourself. 
He strokes your hair. Kisses you on the temple. Keeps your hand in his as you walk back upstairs. 
You feel dizzy. You feel good. 
This is dangerous. 
Jisung will be leaving soon. 
He’ll forget you and you’ll have to do the same.
All in good time. 
Felix has fallen asleep on Chris’ shoulder, who is texting on his phone. Minho is playing a card game with the guy from earlier - when you approach them, he gives you a nod. 
“You two look fucked out.” 
“Let’s go home,” Jisung says, ruffling Minho’s hair. 
You watch as the two boys walk away, their arms thrown around each other’s shoulders. Although you’re exhausted your smile doesn’t leave you, and you help Chris wake Felix. The guitarist groans but still follows you, and you steal a bowl of chips on your way out so you can eat them in the taxi. 
You get to the band’s rental and everyone heads for their bedrooms - you leave the empty bowl on the kitchen counter, following Jisung to his bed. You both fall against the mattress, entangling your limbs together, and you sleep.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading! I really hope you liked it, please let me know if you did. See you soon for part two!
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Hey. So idk exactly what the situation is. I haven’t heard much about it so idk. But if I get more details I’ll let you know
Apparently someone wrongly accused lee know of SA
This is absolutely disgusting. If anyone has ANY details feel free to share with me and I will post more on my platform to try and raise awareness. This is horrendous
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gimmeurtmi · 21 days
no nut november — han (loser #1)
pairing: han jisung x fem!reader
tags: no nut november mini series, established relationship, ot8 inclusive, smut!!!🔞
warnings: swearing, open conversations about sex as an impulse/need, insecure reader for a bit, fingering, oral ( f + m receiving), slight dirty talk, unprotected sex, no nut november as a bet, needy!jisung,
inspo: kaili’s brain <33
notes: @sluttywonwoo and i are finally collabing after like five years :’). i’m so so hyped for this one!!! make sure to tell us what you think and place your bets on the winner🥰 😉
banner by @sluttywonwoo
{ wc: 5246 }
Tumblr media
jisung and his friends were close. very close. they saw each other practically every day and would share everything with each other. it was something he cherished deeply, and he loved just how jisung he could be around them.
they never made him feel like he was too much—unlike most of the people he grew up with, and they even indulged him when he’d start talking about his niche interests or when he shared a new song he wrote. they were always supportive.
maybe to a fault.
“so, even though we can’t grow facial hair,” chan concluded, “i think it would be nice if we could at least make a donation to the charity.”
“what charity?” seungmin asked.
“weren’t you listening?” changbin yelled.
“no,” the younger said easily.
“hyung was explaining to us about movember,” felix recaps. seungmin just shrugs.
“i could grow facial hair if i tried,” he challenges.
“that’s not the point!” chan shakes his head. “will you guys make a donation with me or not?”
they all mumbled their affirmations.
“why is it in november?” jeongin quips.
chan just shrugs. “every months has things attached to it, i suppose.”
“november has another thing,” minho says, plainly.
“there’s national cappuccino day,” seungmin agrees with a nod.
“and fried chicken day!” changbin adds.
“yeah, and there’s a challenge to write a whole novel in the month of november,” hyunjin says softly.
“yeah,” jisung says, tone serious as he leans forward, “you’re forgetting the most important one. no nut november.”
minho smirks at him as the pair of friends exchange a look that says ‘you read my mind’.
“yeah, right,” chan chuckles, “the other ones sound like real things though.”
“it’s a real thing!” jisung defends.
“no, it’s not,” chan just shakes his head.
“it is!”
“do you know anyone who actually does it rather than posting stupid memes about it?”
“me,” jisung shrugs confidently.
the room fills with a chorus of laughter so loud, jisung sits there with a shocked face at the reaction he just got.
well, fine, he doesn’t do it. he’s never done it. he’s never even thought about it. but chan doesn’t need to know that, does he?
“why?” jisung said once the laughter calmed down, a few minutes after he last spoke.
“you’re trying to say you’re not going to have sex or do anything for a whole month?” seungmin tried to clarify.
“yeah, why?”
“it’s just…” he holds back his laughter, “…i don’t think you’re capable of that.”
“hey!” jisung exclaims. “i’m not an animal, i can go a month without sex.”
“oh, we all know that,” hyunjin laughs, “we’ve seen you go through a year long dry spell before you found y/n. but you got off every fucking day.”
“uh—i don’t—why do you know that?” jisung could feel himself blushing.
“we share a wall.”
the boys laugh harder. jisung can’t stop himself from cringing.
“hyunjin, please never say that again,” he tries to brush off.
“maybe you can not have sex for a whole month,” minho chuckles, “but you can’t go that long with nothing.”
“it’s not that hard!” jisung insists, unable to accept the fact his friends think so little of him and his self control.
“it is!” chan adds, “we’re used to doing stuff like that all the time, we can’t just stop.”
“yeah,” changbin agrees, leaning forward to give jisung the kind of look he gives him when he’s trying to encourage him. “none of us could do that.”
“hey!” felix quips up, just as seungmin puts his hand up.
“speak for yourself!” the younger adds.
“yeah!” jeongin nods firmly.
“you guys think you could go a whole month?” chan raises an eyebrow at his friends.
“i could, too,” hyunjin shrugs plainly.
“first of all, this isn’t fair,” minho leans closer, as if evaluating the situation. “innie is single. he’s used to not getting any,”
“—and most of you have girlfriends so you can’t just decide to do this without telling them.”
“most of us?” changbin quotes back at minho, “like you don’t have a girlfriend?”
“she’s just as competitive as i am, so she’ll do it just to show you guys we’re the best.”
“the best at not getting any?” jisung quips with a raise of his brow. the boys snicker.
“yah!” minho exclaims. “don’t start with me!”
“maybe minho is so confident because she never lets him get it anyway,” seungmin laughs.
“you think i can’t get some?” minho squares up, acting as if he’s about to take out his phone and prove his friends wrong.
“uh,” chan tries, hands up, “i think we’re getting off track here?”
“let’s put money on it,” jisung offers. he’s joking, well, kinda.
now that the boys have all doubted him, while simultaneously agreeing they’d be better than him at something, he has to prove them wrong. even if it is only trivial and honestly pretty stupid. jisung is never not the best.
“how much?” felix rubs his hands together.
“enough for the winner to get a nice weekend away with his partner,” hyunjin suggests, “minho’s got a point. they’ll have to go through it too so might as well treat them.”
“and what does innie get?” seungmin can’t help but ask.
“i’m single, too,” changbin croaks.
“you’re not,” chan rolls his eyes. “being too scared to establish the relationship doesn’t make you single.”
changbin smiles sheepishly at the raised brows around him, trying to ignore the pointed looks his friends are giving him.
“yeah, when are you going to just ask her to be your girlfriend? we’ve all met her already and we love her,” felix encourages with a soft smile.
“why is this about me?” he yells back. “tell jeongin to get his shit together and ask his crush out!”
“that can be his prize. a getaway that’s the perfect excuse to ask her out,” chan offers with a smile.
“so, agreed? no sex for a month and winner gets a weekend away with their lover, undefined partner, or unrequited crush, as a prize,” minho concludes.
“it’s not just sex,” felix points out, “no, uh, fireworks at all.”
“it’s called orgasms, yongbok,” seungmin says bluntly.
“fine,” he rolls his eyes, his cheeks dusted pink, “no orgasms.”
“we should exclude jisung from this,” hyunjin smirks, “since he was gonna do it anyway.”
“poor y/n,” seungmin tsks, “at least our girlfriends will get something nice for this torture.”
“hey hey hey!” jisung lets out quickly, barely breathing as he goes on, “if anything as your inspiration and true role model i should be part of this bet, too. and i’ll have you know i take amazing care of my girlfriend whether i sleep with her or not and no, sleeping with me is not it’s own kind of torture,” he says quickly, before seungmin and minho can say what’s so clearly on their minds.
they both let out a disappointed grunt at his words—confirming jisung knows them far too well.
“but we have to tell them we’re doing this,” chan confirms, “i don’t keep stuff from her and like minho said, it’s just cruel not to tell them.”
they all agree.
jeongin curls in on himself ever so slightly, before he says, “maybe just hyungs should do this, then. i don’t have a girlfriend so it’s an unfair advantage.”
“as the youngest your hormones are most active, so if anything it’ll be harder for you,” hyunjin says, comforting his friend.
what a weird way to comfort someone, jisung thinks. and then he says it out loud.
“it was actually very comforting, thank you,” jeongin glared at jisung, “but it’s fine. i don’t have to be part of the bet. i’d have no one to take to the getaway either.”
“don’t worry,” minho says quickly, “you’re playing. we’re not letting you sit this out just because you haven’t had the chance to make a move on that girl.”
“—the more of us play, the harder it is. more people you need to outlive.”
“outlive?” jisung repeats with a gulp. minho simply nods at him, his face expressionless.
“right, shake on it!” chan announces, and all eight of the boys put their hands in the middle of the circle, each grabbing at one or two people’s fingers.
november 2nd
why did jisung ever agree to this? why did he even bring it up?
this was stupid. this was so so stupid. you haven’t had the chance to come over since the month started, and well, jisung got too distracted and engulfed by your presence that he didn’t have a chance to bring the bet up just yet. he didn’t know how to say it, either.
“i bet a romantic getaway with my friends on us not having sex for a month,” felt like a stupid thing to say. well, it was stupid. stupid!
it felt borderline ridiculous when you snuggled up closer to him on the couch, back flush to his chest as you played the next movie on your scary marathon list. halloween was over, but both you and jisung agreed there were far too many good ones to just stop once the holiday was over, so jisung was happy to let you keep working through the list the pair of you curated on your letterbox account.
“you’re so warm,” you said happily, moving in closer to his embrace. jisung planted a small kiss on the back of your neck, squeezing you tighter as you sighed.
“i love being like this with you,” you mumbled, moving your head to the side enough to plant a soft kiss on his equally soft cheeks.
“squeezed to your death?” jisung teased, squeezing at your stomach and your hips, where his hands were casually wrapped around you.
you let out a dramatic huff before you giggled at him, curling a hand underneath his bicep to push his arms away from you. he only let his grip loosen, but didn’t dare move away too much. you kept your fingers around his bicep, slowly pressing into the muscle.
“ji, all the time you spend away from me at the gym really paid off,” you mumbled, leaning down to kiss at his bicep softly.
jisung smiled timidly.
“uh, thanks,” he cleared his throat.
“i feel so safe in your strong arms,” you added.
“why do scary movies always make you horny?” jisung asked.
“what?” you chuckled, “i’m not horny?”
“you are feeling me up,” he pointed out, his chin gesturing at your fingers and the way they wrapped around his muscles.
“i can’t admire the artwork?” you huffed.
“there’s admiring, and there’s drooling,” he said, eyebrows raised.
“since when are you so cocky,” you sighed.
“does that turn you on, too?” jisung smirked. he was moving into dangerous territory, but he couldn’t help it when it was you. there was something so enticing about flirting with you, especially when you were sat so snuggly in between his legs.
“for the record, everything you do is a turn on.”
jisung swallowed. it didn’t go unnoticed to him that your thighs spread ever so slightly since this exchange started, or that you were much closer to his chest than you were a few moments ago. he had to keep it clean. “focus on your film, honey.”
you two still exchanged kisses, you still fed jisung snacks in between jump scares, you still laughed at all the kills together. so, it was just like any other movie night.
except it wasn’t—for the very reason you were pointing out now.
“jisung,” you began, tilting your head to the side slightly as he sat back down on the bed. he cleaned his room from the snacks and came back quickly, but it was enough time to for you to realise what happened.
“jisung? who the fuck is jisung?” he knitted his eyebrows together. “what’s wrong?”
“are you upset with me?”
his face reminded you of a surprised cartoon character, his mouth a perfect circle as his eyebrows met his hair.
“what? no, no. why? why?”
“it’s just,” you blushed, causing jisung to grab both your hands and trail his thumbs against your wrist soothingly. “we’ve never ever had a movie night without your hands down my pants.”
jisung laughed.
“stop,” you groaned. “i’m being serious.”
“my baby! my sweet sweet baby,” he teased, getting closer and closer to your face with his signature shit eating grin.
“it’s like an instinct you have, jisung. we watch a movie and you touch me. it was really weird that you didn’t.���
“stop calling me jisung,” he scoffed, “i’m not your friend.”
“you are now, since friends usually have normal, non-pussy-touching movie nights together all the time!”
“so you didn’t get touched for one movie and i’ve been bumped back down to friend status?” jisung gasped.
“i don’t know, have i?” you counter.
jisung notices the way you don’t quite let him hold your hands, the way that gorgeous glint in your eyes isn’t there. he isn’t too sure you’re just joking about this.
“hey,” he says softly, “are you being serious?”
you nod softly. “did i do something wrong?”
“why would you think that?” jisung exclaimed, pulling you closer to him. “where is this coming from?”
“is it because i didn’t put perfume on today? i know i’ve been getting more comfortable around you, i’m sorry i haven’t put a lot of effort in today i just thought we were gonna have a chill night so i didn’t wear my best clothes and—“
“—hey! hey! stop that now,” jisung shakes his head quickly. “i love that you’re comfortable around me.”
“it’s just, i don’t know, jisung. you’re always—“
“—can you not call me that—“
“—you’re always touching me in some sort of way and then i don’t see you for a week and you’re just not anymore?”
“why are you insecure? you know i love you,” jisung emphasised with all his might, his figure slumping until he met your gaze. you wouldn’t look in his eyes.
“it’s okay if you just weren’t in the mood,” you say quickly, realising your insecurities were indeed leading your train of thought. you owed it to jisung to be understanding—even if his behaviour was painfully uncharacteristic. “i just never see you not in the mood.”
“you’re making me out to be some sort of pervert,” jisung jokes, trying to get you to laugh. or at least let him hold your hand.
“but you’re my pervert,” you pout at him, causing his insides to crunch at the sight.
you always made him weak—and he was holding everything inside him not to tease you during the movie like he always did. but it was only his first try, he couldn’t lose already. and if he touched you, jisung knew he wouldn’t wanna stop until you were both spent and satisfied. he thought so hard about that, he didn’t stop to consider how you might see it. or the fact he never fucking told you.
“i made a bet with the boys,” jisung said quickly.
“we’re doing no nut november so i tried not to touch you because i don’t wanna lose on the second day,” he said in one big breath.
“that was too fast, rapper boy,” you pointed out, unable to catch half the words he said.
jisung repeated himself, slowly, feeling the blush creep up his neck as he spoke clearly and carefully.
“what did you bet on?”
he felt his eyes gap again. that was your first question?
“a romantic getaway for the couple that wins.”
“and where will changbin go for his getaway, do you think?”
“what?” he gasped. “i’m taking you on a romantic getaway.”
“no, you’re not,” you laughed, amused at his incredulous face.
“what does that mean?”
“ji,” you giggled, lacing your fingers together, “i have never met anyone as insatiable as you. even if you can somehow hold off sex for a month, you really think your impatient dick will be able to stay calm for that long?”
jisung felt heat rushing all over his body, coursing through him then all the way down to his crotch.
“i’m sorry i made you feel insecure,” he tries to change the subject, ignoring just how dry his mouth felt all of a sudden, “please never doubt how much i’m obsessed with you.”
you smiled at his words, nodding in acceptance.
you lean forward, capturing his lips in a soft kiss.
jisung wanted to make it up to you, he wanted to make sure you had no doubt at all about how crazy he was about you—he wanted you to know this was just about the bet.
so he wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled your body closer to him, deepening the kiss as you sighed contently.
he ran a hand down your back, slowly, cupping your ass softly as he felt you smiling against his lips.
“so obsessed with you,” he mumbles into the kiss, “so obsessed.”
“i’m obsessed with you too,” you sigh, unable to quite finish your sentence before jisung slips his tongue past your lips.
the kiss is still soft, jisung’s tongue moving slowly against yours, but his movements are more urgent as he grabs your hips and pulls you onto his lap.
“my perfect, perfect girlfriend,” he sighs, kissing down your jaw.
jisung wants you. he wants you really bad. and he can have you. why not? the rule is, as felix put it, no fireworks. jisung is not the kind of man that can only have sex if he cums. he can just focus on you. he’ll just take care of you. that’s allowed.
“can i make it up to you?” he asks, eyes looking up at you as he moves your hair away from your face.
“how?” you cock your head to the side.
“i’ll touch you now, give you what you so clearly missed out on,” he chuckled.
you nodded instantly, biting your lip.
“you sure you can?” you ask, no hint of teasing in your words. you know how competitive jisung is, and you also know he really doesn’t have much self control. you wouldn’t want him to lose just because you were feeling a little insecure lately.
“yeah,” he nods. confidently.
you lean down to kiss him again.
jisung doesn’t waste any time pulling your sweats down your legs and helping you shimmy out of them. he slowly presses you down onto your back, pushing at each knee to keep your legs open for him.
he trailed his finger up your thighs, slowly, smirking at the way your eyes fluttered at his action. he’s still jisung, so he’s still a fucking tease, and he circled your lips once and twice, bringing his finger in between your folds casually.
before you think to protest, he dips the tip of his finger inside you, his eyes gleaming at the squelching noise. it’s only the tip of his index finger, but it’s enough to make you want more—so you buck your hips up in a silent request.
jisung leaned forward, pressing a kiss to your hipbone.
“don’t get needy,” he warned, “you know we shouldn’t be going crazy.”
you nod, taking in a deep breath as you focus on the feeling your boyfriend is giving you right now. you know you shouldn’t be greedy.
jisung is spread out in front of you, his whole body on the bed—face in front of your exposed pussy.
he leans his head against your thigh, kissing at the soft skin as his eyes fixate on his fingers—slowly, shallowly, going in and out.
“faster,” you dare.
jisung obeyed instantly, the tip of his finger tapping in and out of your entrance in quick shallow motions.
“ji, fuck baby,” you start chanting, breathing fast as the pleasure starts to consume you.
“more?” jisung raises his eyebrows at you, his smile big and cheeky as a sense of pride follows his movements.
“please, please more,” you pleaded.
jisung climbed up your body as he kissed around your collarbone, planting kiss after kiss after kiss before he pulled your shirt down enough to expose your bare chest.
“no bra?” he gasps.
“i said i was more comfortable around you,” you shrugged.
“fuck, baby,” he chuckled, “be as comfortable as you want.”
he grabbed your tit, kneading the skin before he rolled your nipple in between his fingers—a loud moan escaping you. jisung leaned down, sucking the sensitive bud as you grabbed onto his soft hair.
“ji,” you moaned, “fuck, please. please.”
“what?” he asked, almost genuinely. he knew you quite well at this point and he was doing everything you taught him you liked. what was he missing?
“want you,” you sighed.
“i’m here,” he smirked up at you, kissing your lips softly before turning his attention back to your nipples—tongue moving fast against it.
“can you, uh, would it be okay if you—“ you stuttered, unsure exactly how to ask for what you wanted. usually you just told jisung to fuck you, but you didn’t want to ask that now. still, you weren’t quite sure how to word your next request.
“what is it, baby?”
“can you use your mouth?” you blushed. but jisung didn’t even stop to tease you about it—and instead buried his face in between your thighs without a second to spare.
you squealed at the coolness of his tongue, taken aback by just how fast he was going from the start.
jisung was good at a lot of things—but you didn’t think anyone could possibly be so good at giving head. he proved just how good he was at it every chance he got, and now, he was determined to prove that point one more time.
your fingers carded in his hair, pulling at the strands as he placed his tongue flat against your clit—moving it in a pulsing pattern against the sensitive bud.
you’ve never been with anyone who ate pussy like him.
you weren’t even sure what you were saying, too lost in the feeling to realise you were chanting your boyfriend’s name like a prayer, mixed in with a few swear words and some questionable noises.
but it was driving jisung insane.
he loved knowing he was making you feel good, he loved the compliments that tumbled out of your mouth without you even realising it, he loved how you always said how good he was when he made you cum.
he couldn’t remember the last time you were this loud for him.
as you tugged on his hair again, pulling him even closer to your cunt, jisung grunted. he was rolling his hips into the mattress.
“fuck baby,” he pulled away slightly, catching his breath for a moment, “i’m gonna lose my fucking mind soon.”
he kept rutting into the mattress as he sucked on your clit, moaning against your body and causing another set of swear words to leave your lips.
“such a filthy fucking mouth,” he let out, his eyes hooded slightly as he looked up at you, his hips still rolling against the mattress. “how does someone so pretty sound so dirty?”
“ji,” you whimpered, “ji, your mouth is so good.”
“yeah,” he sighed before getting back to his task.
after a few moments, both of you rolling your hips in search of more friction, you started to whine.
“i’m close, i’m so close,” you said softly.
jisung knew you needed more to be able to cum, and although he could’ve just used his fingers—he was desperate for more, too.
so he climbed up your body and rolled his sweats down his thighs.
“what are you doing?” you asked quickly.
“just let me feel how warm you are,” he all but sobbed, “just for a little bit.”
“are you sure?” you checked, glancing down at his dick. he was swollen, hard, and the tip glistened with precum. you weren’t sure he would stop after a little bit, especially considering he was practically humping the bed until now.
“wanna feel how warm you are baby,” he repeated, kissing your neck, “please. i’ll stop if i get too close.”
you nodded at him. it was all you wanted too, to feel the stretch of his cock inside you, but you could tell jisung wasn’t thinking clearly as soon as you noticed just how blown his pupils were.
either way—how could you care about the stupid bet he made with his friends when the prettiest boy in the world was begging to put his cock inside you?
jisung lined himself up easily, his strong hands on either side of your shoulders before he pushed himself all the way inside you.
the pair of you groaned in unison.
“so fucking tight,” he sighed, “so wet.”
“it’s from how good you are at eating me out,” you moaned, grabbing onto his shoulders as you pulled him closer.
“can i move?” he asked, his nose bumping against your chin before he kissed you sloppily.
“it’s up to you, baby,” you nodded.
jisung thrust up into you. hard.
you yelped.
“more,” you couldn’t help but ask.
jisung repeated his actions, once and then twice, and then he was rubbing your clit fast.
“oh my god,” you moaned, “don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.”
jisung wouldn’t dream of stopping, not when you looked so good underneath him, moaning and grunting and biting your lip in pleasure.
he was focusing as best he could on thinking about literally anything else to push his own high as far away as he could.
he could do it. he could make you cum on his cock without losing. he knew he could do it.
and soon, your moans were getting high pitched and longer and then—
“i’m cumming!” you announced breathily, and jisung shut his eyes. it was one thing feeling you clench and pulse around him while keeping his focus, but he couldn’t possibly look at your blissed out face right now. he needed to focus.
once he felt you calm down, heard that little sigh you let out as soon as you relax, he knew it was safe to open his eyes.
“ji,” you chuckled, “that was fucking amazing.”
you kiss him, hand cradling his cheeks as you pepper more kisses around his face.
“happy to be of service,” he smirked at you. pride coated his shoulders as he kissed your cheek.
he actually fucking did it.
he took a moment to appreciate your expression, the sweat on your forehead, the way you were still taking in big breaths, your messy hair.
“fuck, i’m so lucky,” he let out. you chuckled in response.
“can i—would you be okay if i did the thing?” you asked, shyly.
only recently did the pair of you discover you both loved tasting your own release on each other. jisung would eat you out almost every time he came inside you, and you loved sucking him off after he fucked you. it wasn’t like you had to do it—but since this discovery, your aftercare reached a new level of hot.
“sure,” jisung nodded, laying down on the bed beside you after he slowly pulled out.
“tell me if i need to stop,” you said before kissing his lips.
“don’t worry, honey,” he smiled, “i got this.”
you nodded before sliding down his body.
you licked his tip softly, testing the waters, and hummed at the taste. the saltiness and your own taste combined together as you took more and more of his dick into your mouth.
you licked the shiny part of his thighs where a bit got away, sucking a small bruise into the skin. and then you licked his balls, and then you took all of him inside you.
jisung was quiet the whole time, his face scrunched in concentration. he wouldn’t even look at you.
“baby, you’re okay?” you asked, rubbing his thigh soothingly as you licked his tip slowly—still tasting yourself on his warm dick.
“yeah, baby, all good,” he grunted as he shut his eyes.
you took that as a sign you could keep going, and tried your hardest not to tease him too much. you just wanted to clean him off.
“there we go, my love,” you hummed, “all done.”
jisung opened his eyes with a smile, bringing a hand into your hair.
“thanks, baby,” he smiled, visibly relaxing in front of you.
“you did so well, ji,” you smiled, “so patient and calm for me. you’re gonna win this for us.”
you gleamed up at him, a big smile on your lips, and instinctively you found yourself bringing your hand around him as you stroked him twice.
“wait, wait, wait,” he said frantically—waving his hands at you.
but before you could question that kind of reaction, or even respond, his thighs had contracted in front of you as cum shot onto his stomach.
it was too late now, so you made sure he at least enjoyed it, stroking him in a pace you knew he liked as you watched the pleasure sink into his body.
“fuck!” he let out as he came down his high. “two fucking days?”
“i don’t understand what just happened,” you chuckled, sitting up. “was it something i said?”
“i shouldn’t have looked at you,” jisung groaned, bringing his hands up to rub his face. “your stupid cute smile.”
“really?” you giggled, “you could fuck me through an orgasm but me smiling at you was the last straw?”
“you know what,” jisung chuckled, grabbing the pillow next to him and launching it at you, “i wish you would bump me down to friend status.”
“you don’t mean that, jisung,” you smirked, reaching over to his bedside table for some tissues. you helped him clean up his now ruined shirt as the pair of you laughed.
jisung leaned up to kiss you, pulling you closer by the back of your neck.
“don’t call me that,” he whined as you pulled away.
“so like, i’m not allowed to call you by your legal name, i can’t smile at you, anything else?”
jisung rolled his eyes at you with a grin, leaning up to kiss you—tasting everything you cleaned up on your lips.
“two fucking days,” he mumbled again as he pulled away.
“get over it, ji,” you chuckled.
jisung huffed at himself, running a hand through his hair before he pulled his shirt off, letting you cuddle into him as the pair of you sighed into each other’s embrace.
his phone buzzed at that—pulling you away from your momentary post sex bliss as jisung read over the text.
minho: so how is movie night going? 😌
jisung: fuck you
“don’t worry, baby,” you said as you giggled at the texts on his screen, “the boys will never find out it was only two days.”
jisung grumbled at that.
“minho is a dick. and we all know he’s gonna win it, too.”
“sure, sure,” you patted his chest, thinking did it really matter that much? “i’m sure whoever wins will use their gift wisely.”
“oh wait, shit,” he exclaimed. you looked up at him curiously. “we were all busy the week of his birthday so chan said i need to plan a party for next week. will you help me?”
“of course, jisung,” you pressed a kiss to his lips.
“stop calling me that!” he chuckled, eyes wide as he shook you around by your shoulders.
you decided kissing him would calm him down, and it did—the pair of you kissing until you were both too tired to go on.
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joodlepo · 4 months
Stray Kids Reactions / To Squirting (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary / After an intense fucking session, Stray Kids' members are left in a state of post-orgasmic bliss. However, each member is left with their own unique reaction to seeing you squirt for the first time!
Tumblr media
A/N / Hello~! I'm very excited to say that I'm officially taking requests right now, so if you want to request something from me, feel free. I'm not a professional writer or anything, but I can try my best! Please make sure to read my requests guidelines first before requesting! Thank you!
Pairings / (Top) Every Member + (F) Reader
Word Count / 11.0k
Warnings / Squirting, Spanking, Bondage, Choking, Humiliation, Fingering, Degradation, Multiple Orgasms, Roughness, Aftercare, Hard Domination,
Tumblr media
Bang Chan / A series of hard smacks fell flat against your ass, each one making your flesh ripple and sting. You couldn't help but wince, the pain was almost too much to take in. Chan wasn't going easy on you; and he wanted this as bad as you did, if not more so.
Your body felt like it would burst into flames at any moment, with all that heat rushing through every inch of your skin. He didn't stop until you were sobbing out loud for him to let up, begging him silently between gasps for air to please just give you a break, before you passed out right here. The humiliation that burned inside you was even worse than the fire burning within your cheeks.
"I'm sorry," Chan said softly, once you had quieted enough to hear him over your own breathing. "But, I have to make sure my babygirl learns her place~"
His tone became more gentle when he spoke, and you knew exactly what he meant by that sentence. You whimpered quietly beneath him, while tears began to stream freely down your face. It hurt so badly...
No. You have to endure it.
You loved this man too much to ever tell him no or walk away. Even now, laying helplessly under his firm grip and heavy palm, you wouldn't dream of doing anything other than taking whatever punishment he dished out, however harsh it may be. His love for you was far greater than the pain he could inflict upon you, after all.
So, instead of crying out in despair, you simply held yourself perfectly still and endured his assault without complaint, only letting out soft whimpers of agony whenever he struck a particularly painful spot on your rear end, which seemed to happen often.
"Ahh..." You mewled softly, biting back another cry as yet another slap rang loudly off your butt cheek. "Chan, p-please—"
Chan growled lowly in response, tightening his hold around you, before pounding himself deeply into you with renewed vigor, eliciting a fresh round of cries from both of you. Trembling beneath him, you felt weak and shaky, completely unable to do anything else but hold onto the bedsheets tightly and grit your teeth together as he thrusts into you mercilessly, ignoring how wet he'd made you already.
Every thrust sent sharp bolts of pleasure coursing through your lower regions, making them throb madly and beg for release, though you refused to allow it, at the risk being punished even further.
"Shhh... babygirl." He cooed soothingly, rubbing circles along your backside where he'd hit you most harshly. " It'll be okay soon... Just hang in there a bit longer, alright?"
The thought of enduring more punishment filled your mind, but you forced yourself to nod anyways. You weren't about to disappoint him either way.
As always, Chan's words proved true within moments. He began to slow down, giving you time to catch your breath between each thrust. After several long seconds, he began to move again, slowly at first, then faster and harder as the passion built inside you. Soon enough, he picked up speed dramatically, slamming into you roughly over and over until you cried out incoherently, shaking uncontrollably underneath him.
Each deep plunge left you feeling raw and exposed, causing an intense wave of sensation to wash over your entire body as he plundered you relentlessly, leaving nothing untouched save your poor, abused bottom.
"Ahh! Fuck... I-I can't take anymore!" You gasped, writhing wildly beneath him.
Chan swiftly continued to ignore you, pounding into you forcefully regardless, driving you closer and closer towards climax. With a gasp, you came undone, screaming wordlessly into the sheets as waves of pleasure crashed over you, sending you spiraling deeper into oblivion with each passing second. Panting and trembling, you tried desperately to get some semblance of composure, but found that impossible given the intensity of your orgasm.
All sense fled from you as the blissful euphoria consumed you, leaving only your core pulsating with unending desire, yearning to feel Chan's touch once more. However, one single action stopped him dead in his tracks.
Your eyes shot open wide in surprise as you started to squirt all over his cock, drenching him with your juices. Your legs quivered violently beneath you, buckling slightly as you trembled and shuddered with pleasure. At last, Chan slowed his pace considerably, allowing you to come down from your high slowly. When he finally pulled free of you, you collapsed bonelessly against the mattress, panting heavily and staring blankly ahead.
For a good minute, neither one of you moved. Chan was in complete shock, his jaw hanging slack and his hand frozen halfway toward your ass. On the other side, you were utterly mortified. Not because of the fact that you just orgasmed like a slutty little whore, but rather, the fact that you had done so right in front of him.
The very thought of him seeing your naked body sprawled out across his bed, glistening with your arousal, turned you beet red, despite everything.
"Woah... what happened? Are you alright?" He asked nervously, moving forward gingerly to check on you.
You nodded shyly, blushing furiously. "I'm fine..."
Still unsure of whether he should believe you or not, Chan sat beside you and gently brushed your hair aside. "Are you sure? You uhm... squirted pretty hard there..."
"Y-Yeah, I did. I'm sorry if I had ruined the mood for us," You said apologetically, averting his gaze from him.
Chan's brow furrowed worriedly, and he leaned down to give you a kiss. "It's okay. That was actually kinda hot. Maybe I should start being rough more often..."
"R-Really?!" You exclaimed excitedly, tilting your head up to look at him.
A mischievous grin spread across his face, dimples appearing in his cheeks and causing you to smile bashfully in return. "Mhm. Just as long as you keep squirting for me, babygirl~"
The two of you shared another quick peck, before he began to pleasure your insides with his fingers, coaxing out several small aftershocks from your sensitive pussy.
His thumb rubbed teasing circles around your clit while his finger worked its magic, bringing you quickly back to full strength. As much as you wanted him to continue, however, he knew better than to push your limits any further tonight. Instead, he simply teased you mercilessly, prolonging the inevitable by making you wait for it.
Tumblr media
Lee Minho / Minho's moist tongue didn't hesitate to plunge itself deep into your pussy, causing you to gasp audibly. The feeling of his lips on your clit was incredible — almost too much to bear at first. He lapped up every drop that spilled out from between your legs, then going back for more. You were so turned on by the sight of him devouring you like this; it made your insides softly melt away into pure pleasure.
His hands stroked down over your thighs as he ate you, pressing against them in a way that felt quite intimate. Your whole body tingled all over when he did this, especially where his fingers dug into your skin. It wasn't long before you began buckling under the pressure of how good everything felt. You couldn't take anymore without coming...
"Minho," You whimpered softly, "I'm gonna—"
"You better not." Minho threatened darkly, shoving two thick fingers inside you, curving them so they rubbed directly across your g-spot while still thrusting his tongue hard and fast along your throbbing clit. "Don't even think about cumming until I tell you to... or else. Got it?"
He punctuated each word with another lick, and the stimulation sent waves rippling through you, causing goose bumps to break out all over your arms and shoulders. Everything seemed far away now, except for those delicious sensations flooding through your entire being. They grew stronger until there was no stopping what happened next. A sharp gasp escapes, and suddenly your stomach lurched violently.
The room began to spin around you, making your head spin even more than it already had been. But instead of falling off the bed or passing out altogether, something else took control: your orgasmic bliss.
All of it washed over you like a wave, crashing down upon you one last time. This new sensation was close to giving you such an intense release unlike anything you'd ever experienced before. Still, you did your absolute best to hold it back — knowing full well how Minho would react if you didn't, but also wanting desperately to prolong what felt like the most amazing thing imaginable.
"Don't stop!" You cry out loudly, grabbing onto Minho's hair tightly as he continues eating you out rather greedily. "Fuck! Don't stop, don't fucking stop, please just keep going... I can't take no more..."
"Needy little bitch," He growls, continuing to lap up every bit of cum that spills from within you. You're panting heavily, trying desperately not to lose consciousness. "Although, hearing you beg me to do things is kinda hot~"
Minho pulls his mouth away, licking his lips slowly.
He looks up at you with a wicked grin on his face, which only makes your heart skip several beats in response. No doubt, he knew exactly how sexy he looked right now, looking all smug and satisfied after pleasuring you so thoroughly. Then, without warning, he grabs you roughly by the hips and flips you over. You squeak loudly, but only because of the suddenness of it all, otherwise you wouldn't have cared about being manhandled.
As soon as you lay face down on the sheets, Minho sits back up, lifting both your legs high above your head. Before you can protest, he takes advantage of this position and enters, pushing himself deeper each time. With your lower half raised in the air, there isn't anywhere for you to go except forward. And once again, you feel completely powerless to resist. You're held firmly in place as Minho begins pounding you mercilessly, his cock sliding easily and deeply within you.
There's nothing stopping him from doing whatever he wants, and you know it.
Suddenly, you felt your own mind going blank. There's nothing but pleasure. Nothing but Minho. As he pounds into you harder and faster, your body begins to shake uncontrollably. You squeeze tight around his shaft, trying to pull him even further inside you. Every part of you feels hypersensitive, like your nerves are firing off signals at random. Even breathing becomes difficult.
Out of nowhere, you feel a intense surge of juices burst out from between your legs, coating Minho's cock. You gasp aloud, surprised at yourself, but you don't care. Liquid drips down onto your inner thighs, pooling around your knees. Your eyes roll back into your head, and you start moaning louder and louder, unable to help it.
Everything around you seems distant, fading quickly away.
Your whole world is reduced to Minho's cock plunging relentlessly inside you, filling you entirely. Over and over again, he buries himself deep inside you, taking all of your essence and leaving none behind. It's almost painful, feeling every inch of him stretching you wide open. Yet somehow, that pain is turned to pure ecstasy.
All too suddenly, Minho stops, pulling his dick out of you with a loud pop. You let out a disappointed moan, reaching blindly toward him. A second later, though, you hear him laugh.
"Damn," He says playfully, "Look at all the juice you made for me~!"
His words bring you back to reality. Forcing your eyelids open, you look down between your legs. Sure enough, a large puddle of clear liquid has formed underneath you, covering folds of your skin in sticky strands of fluid. You reach down to touch it, then immediately recoil when you realize what you've done.
"Shit," You say out loud, wiping the mess off your hand onto the sheet beneath you. "I'm sorry..."
"Sorry? This?" Minho asks, sounding amused. "You should feel proud. That stuff was pretty much the sexiest thing I think I've seen yet."
"Sexy?" You ask incredulously, glancing up at him. "Are you serious? We were just—"
Before you can finish your sentence, Minho leans down and kisses you hard on the lips. His tongue slips past your parted lips, exploring your mouth eagerly. You whimper softly, still shocked by how quickly everything happened. But before long, you find yourself kissing him back, letting him lead the way. His hands move up your sides, cupping your breasts possessively. They bounce slightly as he squeezes them, causing you to squeal lightly.
"Just what? Just started having sex?" Minho teases, leaning back up and smirking. "That doesn't count."
"Shut up," You reply with an annoyed sigh, rolling your eyes. You glance down at the mess you made, noticing for the first time how wet your thighs actually are. The bedsheets were soaked through, and there's no denying it; you came quite a bit during those last few minutes. Not that you minded, of course.
Tumblr media
Seo Changbin / Changbin's hand gently wrapped around your throat, carful to not hurt you. You whimpered and squirmed as he leaned in closer so his lips could kiss yours softly on the neck. He slowly ran a finger along your jawline down, and towards your earlobe, where it would rest for just an instant, before sliding back up again. His breath was hot against your skin, and you shivered from head-to-toe with anticipation of what else he had planned.
Your hands were free now that they weren't holding onto him anymore, but Changbin didn't seem inclined to let go yet. Instead, he began tracing lines all over your body; starting at your collarbone then moving upwards until his fingers found their way under your shirt. The moment he touched bare flesh, you gasped out loud and pulled away slightly - only to have him grip even tighter around your waist, preventing any escape.
"I won't be gentle," He whispered into your ear, sending another wave of goosebumps through every inch of your body. "You're mine now."
He slid both hands up underneath your bra, cupping each breast carefully while keeping one hand firmly clamped around your stomach. Your breathing grew heavier when his thumb grazed across your nipple and sent tingling sensations throughout your entire chest.
With no other option available right now, you simply nodded silently and closed your eyes tight as if hoping this whole ordeal would never end... And fortunately, it seemed like things were about to get much more interesting between the two of you very shortly.
As he continued kissing you passionately, Changbin unclasped your bra completely. It fell off your shoulders and landed somewhere near the bed behind you, leaving you naked and exposed to him once again. With nothing left to hide, you decided to give in fully to whatever was going to happen next.
You opened yourself up entirely to him, giving full reign to do with you as he pleased.
His hands moved quickly after that, taking advantage of how eager you were to please by pushing your pants down further and fumbling with the buttons. After several seconds of struggling, he managed to open them enough to pull down your panties without removing them altogether. They ended up falling to either side of your ankles, allowing him easy access to your pussy.
The second his tongue made contact with your folds, you came almost instantly. A long moan escaped your mouth as pleasure coursed through every single part of your body; causing your hips to buck wildly beneath him. He responded immediately, lapping up everything he could find inside your cunt, making sure there wasn't a drop of cum or liquid left anywhere.
When he finally lifted his face up from between your legs, you couldn't help but stare at him lustfully, waiting eagerly for more.
"Mm..." Changbin hummed happily, clearly impressed by his own work. "That's quite some lubrication I've got here."
"Don't blame me for finishing too soon," You mumbled, still panting heavily. "You're the one who's worked me up so badly."
"And look how well it paid off!" Changbin chuckled, reaching forward to grab your ass cheek and pulling you close. "Now come on, show me what else you can do."
Before you knew it, he had flipped you over onto your back and was hovering above you, smirking smugly as he watched you wiggle your butt around. Even though his cock felt huge compared to the rest of him, it fit perfectly within your slick entrance; stretching you wide and filling every last bit of space.
"Oh fuck..." You breathed out, staring up at him as his dick slowly sank deeper into your wet hole. "So good..."
A low groan slipped past his lips as he pressed himself all the way inside of you. There was absolutely zero resistance whatsoever, which allowed him to slide in easily despite its girthiness. As expected, it caused your inner walls to squeeze tightly around him, drawing out a soft gasp from his throat.
You looked down between your thighs, watching Changbin's shaft disappear into your depths. Every time his thick length hit bottom, a new wave of pleasure rushed through your core, forcing you to bite your lip hard enough to draw blood. The sight of his cock disappearing deep into you was incredibly sexy, especially considering how large his dick was.
It took less than thirty seconds for him to start fucking you. Slowly at first, he withdrew halfway only to push back in harder. Soon enough, he was pounding you relentlessly, slamming his hips into yours forcefully while squeezing your tits roughly. You moaned loudly from the roughness of his touch, gasping whenever he grabbed your breasts too harshly. But the pain only added to the thrill, helping you to forget just how big he actually was.
The bed shook violently beneath you, knocking the pillows off the headboard repeatedly as he fucked you faster and faster. His balls slapped against your lower back with each thrust, smacking your skin so hard that you thought it might leave bruises. Not that it mattered much since you'd already been marked by him many times before.
But even though his size was intimidating, Changbin kept up an incredible pace. He pounded your insides mercilessly until you cried out from the overwhelming amount of sensation flooding your body. Sweat dripped freely down his forehead, mingling with your own glistening sheen. Yet he didn't slow down for anything, not even when you begged him to stop.
Instead, he merely slowed slightly, slowing down just enough to make sure you wouldn't pass out.
"Ahh...Changbin..." You whimpered breathlessly, clutching onto the sheets beside you as he began moving again. "I'm gonna... can't take anymore—"
A sudden sharp jolt shot straight through your pelvis, followed by another and yet another. Your entire body tensed up from the intense bursts of pleasure shooting through you, sending ripples throughout your stomach and making you writhe uncontrollably. Squirts of warm fluid coated your thighs as you squealed like a little girl, moaning louder and higher pitched than ever before.
Changbin didn't stop there however, continuing to slam his throbbing cock deep inside of you. Each powerful thrust sent shockwaves radiating outward from your center, making it impossible to keep quiet no matter how loud you tried. The strings of the mattress snapped under the force of his thrusts, leaving them hanging limply from their posts.
Soon enough, the two of you collapsed atop the bed together, both completely spent. You lay there, unable to move as sweat poured down your naked chest and pooled between your thighs.
"Hahaha...oh my god..." You laughed weakly, trying to catch your breath. "How are we going to clean this mess?"
"We'll worry about that later," Changbin murmured sleepily, resting his hand on top of your thigh. "But... I wasn't expecting you to squirt like that."
"H-Huh?" You gasped, looking down between your legs.
Sure enough, a small puddle of cum rested right below where his dick disappeared inside of you. It was mostly clear, but a few stray strands of white mixed in. And judging by the fact that most of it was dripping down onto the blankets underneath you, it seemed like you were leaking more than usual.
"Wow..." You smiled shyly, tilting your head upwards to meet his gaze. "Didn't know you could get me off so fast."
"Well, if you want more..." Changbin trailed off suggestively, leaning down and kissing your shoulder gently. "Just say the word."
Tumblr media
Hwang Hyunjin / You couldn't stop yourself from gagging around Hyunjin's thick fingers, as they roughly caressed the inside of your throat. He giggled at how pathetic a sight it was, and began to squeeze harder on each pass until you were practically choking in his hand. You had no choice but to swallow hard or risk losing consciousness completely. It felt like he'd be able to do that with ease if he wanted too... which only made him laugh more.
"Such a good little slut," Hyunjin praised, swirling the tip of his digits around your tongue before pushing them back down into your mouth again. "Suck them, now."
The roughness of his hands against your skin sent shivers up and down your spine; not because of fear, but excitement for what would come next. You sucked hungrily on one finger after another, eager to please him.
Your eyes fluttered shut as you took every inch of his long, slender digit deep within your wet mouth – moaning softly when it hit the very back of your throat. His other hand went between your legs once more, gently stroking your pussy through the fabric of your skirt while making sure you didn't miss out on any action either.
The way he kept teasing your clit without ever touching it directly made all sorts of delicious tingles shoot straight up your body.
Hyunjin leaned closer over you then, so close that his breath tickling your earlobe made you squirm in anticipation. "Mmhmm..." He murmured, licking along its rim slowly. "... I think you're ready for my cock, aren't you?"
His words set off an intense rush of lust within you, sending a jolt of pleasure shooting right to your core. A whimper escaped your lips as you nodded vigorously, unable to speak past the tight grip his fingers held onto your throat.
He chuckled lightly at this response, running his free hand up your neck and tilting your head towards him. Without hesitation, he pressed his open mouth against yours – kissing you passionately as he slipped two fingers inside of your dripping pussy. You moaned deeply into his mouth as he continued thrusting both of his slick digits deeper and deeper inside of you, filling you up until there wasn't much room left.
All thoughts about keeping quiet disappeared under the sheer ecstasy caused by his ministrations, leaving you panting heavily beneath him.
"That's it, slut... take those fingers like a good girl." Hyunjin cooed, nibbling playfully on your lower lip. "I bet you want me to fuck you really bad, don't you? To fill your pretty little pussy full of my hot cum, hmm~?"
"I-I— Mmph!" You mewled against his mouth, struggling to form coherent words due to how turned on you were becoming.
Hyunjin smiled darkly down at you, still fingering your soaking pussy. The heat emanating from his touch made you shudder uncontrollably, desperate for something else to happen soon.
There was nothing better than being taken advantage of, especially when the person doing it knew exactly what they were doing. The idea that he could make you feel this good just by playing with your cunt made you quiver, knowing he must have some sort of special technique to go along with his impressive size. That thought alone almost pushed you over the edge already, but you managed to hold back somehow. For now, anyways...
With a light groan of satisfaction, Hyunjin pulled away from your kiss and moved his face back to yours – smirking lewdly at your flushed expression. "So cute... I love watching you get fucked, little thing."
"Hngh..." You panted, trying your hardest not to moan.
A playful smirk curled across his lips. "Do you want me to finish you off first? Or should we move things along?"
Your breathing quickened as he slid his fingers out of your soaked pussy, making you whine in protest. Your thighs clenched tightly together, squeezing his digits in a futile attempt to keep them trapped within your folds. Even though you weren't getting anything more, it hurt having them removed – reminding you of the fact that you'd been denied for far too long.
Not wanting to wait any longer, you grabbed the front of his shirt and yanked him forward, forcing him to lay flat atop you.
"Oh~?" Hyunjin breathed, staring down at you with wide eyes. "Did you finally decide to let me fuck you properly?"
"Yes, please," You whispered fervently, meeting his gaze with hungry eyes.It only took a few seconds for him to position himself above you – letting you stare down at his huge shaft tentatively.
It looked even bigger up close, causing you to bite your bottom lip nervously. Before you had time to second guess yourself, he gripped his thick length firmly between his thumb and forefinger, giving it a gentle tug. As expected, his dick sprang upright, throbbing eagerly against his stomach.
With a soft grunt, Hyunjin positioned himself further down your torso, resting his weight upon your chest. He stared down at you expectantly, waiting for your permission to enter you fully.
"Do it," You replied simply, gripping his sides tighter.
"Hehe~! Well, if you insist..." Hyunjin said with a chuckle before pushing forwards, sinking half of his cock inside your warm hole. The feeling of him stretching your insides made you gasp, clenching around his girth instinctively.
His tip rubbed directly against your deepest parts, eliciting another low cry from your lips. The sudden sensation made you writhe beneath him, moaning softly as you felt him start sliding deeper. Each inch filled you up a bit more, until his entire length sunk deep inside of you. It stretched you out painfully, burning as he sank deeper and deeper inside of you.
After several minutes spent taking his massive member all the way in, Hyunjin paused – allowing you to adjust to his size.
You moaned in contentment once you got used to his thickness, pressing your cheek against his muscular shoulder as he began slowly pumping his hips. His slow pace was enough to drive you crazy, the friction of his pelvis rubbing against yours driving you wild. Every time he thrust upwards into your depths, you squeezed tight around him, relishing every single moment of pleasure radiating through your body.
"Mm..." Hyunjin hummed appreciatively, leaning down to nuzzle your ear affectionately, while continuing his rhythmic fucking. "It's pretty warm in here, isn't it?"
"Yeah," You gasped, tilting your head to meet his mouth hungrily. "I like it."
His lips met yours in an eager embrace, both your tongues tangling together in heated passion. A shiver ran down your spine, sending goosebumps rushing over your skin. When you broke apart from each other, your breath came out raggedly, leaving you panting heavily.
"Good. Because I'm going to be here for awhile." Hyunjin chuckled throatily. "Don't worry; I'll take my sweet time filling you up~"
You gulp audibly, biting your lip hard as you watch him continue to slide his cock in and out of your dripping sex. You couldn't help but whimper when he hit your deepest parts, making your inner walls clench tightly around his invading shaft. The pressure only made him push harder, pounding his length into you relentlessly.
Every inch of his thick meat forced its way inside of you, spreading you open so much that it almost hurt. Despite how good it felt, it still left you gasping for air. You could feel your slickness coating his shaft as he plunged repeatedly inside of you, filling you up completely. Each plunge made you squeeze tighter around him, unable to stop yourself from crying out loudly.
"Hyunjin!" You cried out, struggling beneath him. "Please, make me cum already..."
"What do you think this is, huh?" Hyunjin asked teasingly, grabbing your ass roughly by the cheeks. "This is where I get to have my fun. So, don't go thinking that just because you're begging, I'm gonna give you what you want... or else you might find yourself regretful later on~"
"Ahh-!" You groaned, digging your nails into his back.
He smirked down at you, chuckling darkly as he continued to pound away. "No matter what you say or beg for...this is mine now."
As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled free from you, pulling your legs towards him. Without warning, Hyunjin pushed forwards again, burying his entire length inside of you without missing a beat. Your inner muscles clenched tightly around him, milking his thick length as he pounded into you.
His hands grabbed onto your thighs, holding them tightly as his cock pistoned inside of you. Your pussy burned fiercely, leaking juices freely down your thigh as his large cock slid in and out of you. The heat intensified whenever he hit your deepest parts, forcing you to cling to him desperately. He kept up his relentless rhythm, plunging into you over and over again, not stopping no matter how much you begged him.
Something new started to build up within you, growing stronger and hotter with every passing minute. Just as you thought you were about ready to explode, Hyunjin slammed his hips forward one final time. His balls slapped against your clit, sending jolts of electricity shooting straight to your core.
Warm juices squirt between your folds as you climaxed on his cock, spasming wildly underneath him.
"Fuck, yes! Hyunjin, oh fuck! You feel so fucking good!" You cried out as the orgasm rolled through you, filling your entire body with light. "Oh, fuck!"
"That's right, scream for me," Hyunjin growled hotly, slamming himself into you over and over again. The combination of his rough movements and your sensitive clit sent you spiralling into yet another mind-melting climax.
Hot waves of pleasure washed through you, tightening your inner muscles around his shaft. With a loud cry, you shattered under him, coming undone entirely. Your eyes closed, your jaw slackened and your voice went hoarse, letting out high pitched whimpers of blissful ecstasy.
Tumblr media
Han Jisung / Jisung thrusted into your mouth with such force that you felt the tip of his dick hit the back wall. You were so turned on, and it was only getting worse as he pushed deeper inside until finally all six inches had disappeared down your throat. He held onto both sides of your head tightly while thrusting in and out rapidly like a jackhammer, making sure to keep most of him deep within your mouth.
The vibrations from his hips against yours sent shivers up and down your spine, but even more than that, Jisung's moans made every nerve ending in your body come alive at once. It took everything for you not to cum right there; however, Jisung still wasn't done yet. He pulled almost half way out before pushing himself back in again and repeating this process over and over without any mercy or pause. His cock swelled bigger by the second as precum oozed from its tip each time it slid past your lips.
Saliva dripped down his shaft too, which further added to the sensation of having something thick and hard sliding between them. Your tongue flicked along the underside of Jisung's dick, trying to get rid of some excess saliva coating his length, and then lapped around his balls when they rolled slightly forward into view
You could feel yourself growing dizzy due to lack of oxygen, but you didn't want to stop sucking just yet. The erotic sight of Jisung fucking your face drove you wilder than anything else ever did. He looked like a beast, holding you down against the bed while using you as his personal fuck toy. This was exactly what you wanted—to be used and degraded in front of someone who wouldn't judge you. Someone you knew would never leave you behind...
"Mmm, I love the way you suck on my cock, my sexy little slut," Jisung growled lowly, causing your eyes to widen. "I bet you could do this all day."
His words caused an electric jolt through your entire being, sending tingles shooting throughout your nerves. You'd been craving this kind of attention since forever ago, and now that it was here, you couldn't help but let loose.
Your hands grabbed hold of Jisung's thighs as best you could, squeezing tight enough to cause bruises if necessary. Your cheeks hollowed out as much as possible, allowing his girth to slide effortlessly down your throat, and then you began bobbing your head faster. If anyone saw you right now, they might have thought you were a professional porn star giving one hell of a blow job. But no, this was all real life. All these sensations were happening to you. And you loved it.
Tears stung your eyes from how good it felt, especially knowing that Jisung was enjoying every single moment of it. Even though his cock grew harder and thicker with each passing minute, you continued to work your magic. Every inch of him was coated in a layer of spit and drool, which also helped lubricate things nicely.
As soon as he reached his limit, he pulled away abruptly from your lips. Instantly, you cough and choke on whatever air you managed to catch in your lungs, which resulted in another loud moan escaping your parted lips.
Jisung smirked smugly down at you, wiping a hand across you chin to clean off some of the mess. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"
You nodded quickly, swallowing down the last bits of his precum still stuck to your mouth. "Y-Yeah, mmfh, mnph... I mean, no! I'm fine, really!"
The look of concern on his face instantly melted away when he realized you weren't injured. Instead, his smirk returned in full force, followed shortly after by his hungry gaze.
"You're pretty tough," Jisung said, running his fingers through your hair affectionately. "It's nice to know you can take me rough sometimes."
A blush spread across your cheeks as you stared back up at him, unable to say anything. The compliment made you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but at the same time, it only fueled your desire. You craved more abuse. More pleasure. A lot more.
Jisung leaned closer to whisper directly into your ear. "Think you can keep going, baby? Or are you ready to give up already?"
With that question hanging in the air, you struggled to form coherent thoughts. You didn't want to disappoint him, but you also needed to breathe. When you opened your eyes, Jisung was staring down at you intently, waiting patiently for your answer. You glanced over to see his dick still twitching, ready for more pleasure. That alone gave you the motivation you needed to continue. Slowly, you pushed yourself upward until your chest rested on top of Jisung's thigh. With shaky breaths, you sucked in a few deep gulps of fresh air before looking back at him.
"Uhm..." You whispered breathlessly. "N-No, I don't think I'll give up just yet."
Jisung smiled proudly at your response, which caused a rush of warmth to flood your body. It was so easy to fall under his spell. To surrender everything to him. As long as he was there to protect you, nothing else mattered.
He moved his hips upwards again, letting the tip of his penis rub against the roof of your mouth once more. His eyes narrowed as he watched you carefully, waiting to make sure you were alright. After taking several slow breaths, you finally relaxed and resumed your blowjob.
This time, you focused solely on the task at hand; getting his dick as wet and slippery as possible. Then, without any hesitation or shame, you slid your lips up and down the length of him. Just thinking about how hard it had been to get him to come made your heart ache, and you immediately regretted not doing it sooner. Now that you knew what to expect, however, you were determined to bring him as close to orgasm as humanly possible.
Jisung moaned deeply as you did exactly that, sucking on the underside of his shaft while stroking him with both hands. He gripped onto your shoulders tightly as you went deeper than ever before, eliciting a soft grunt from his throat. Your saliva combined with the precum created a thin film coating his cock, making it easier to glide along its surface.
After a few minutes passed like that, Jisung lifted himself off of your head, causing you to gasp loudly. "Hm? What's wrong, Jisung?"
His breathing was ragged as he spoke, forcing you to lean forward slightly to hear him properly. "Bend over..."
Without hesitating, you complied. You bent down further, resting your elbows on either side of the bed, leaving your ass sticking straight up in the air. Jisung wasted no time climbing between your legs and positioning himself behind you. One of his hands grabbed hold of your waist, holding you steady while the other one traced circles around your clit.
Your stomach clenched tight at the sensation, sending waves of heat rushing through your lower half. You bit down on your lip nervously, hoping he wouldn't notice the slight quiver in your voice. Thankfully, he seemed too preoccupied with pleasuring you instead.
Jisung ran his thumb gently across your swollen bud, rubbing it firmly enough to elicit a small whimper from you. Once he felt comfortable, he began sliding his digit in and out of you, slowly increasing the tempo. Soon, your pussy started dripping wetter and wetter, soaking his fingers completely.
Before long, Jisung added two digits to his foreplay, stretching you open wide while simultaneously stimulating every inch of your sensitive flesh. The pressure built steadily, turning your insides into molten lava and your brain into mush. You couldn't help but moan loudly, squirming underneath his touch even though you tried your best to remain calm and collected.
Jisung chuckled softly as he continued playing with your pussy, occasionally tracing a finger near your ass to tease you. Each time he did, you tensed up, unsure if this would be another instance where he'd use his tongue on you. However, each time he pulled away quickly, giving you false hope that maybe, just maybe...
"Oh God!" You cried out sharply as an intense wave of pleasure hit you all at once, causing your knees to buckle.
The sudden gush of clear fluid splattered against Jisung's face, drenching his handsome features in a mixture of warm cum and sweat. It wasn't until after the second spurt that he realized what had happened, pulling back abruptly to wipe it off of his cheek. His eyes widened when he noticed the mess he'd made, glancing up at you sheepishly. You blushed brightly, averting your gaze for fear of seeing disappointment in those beautiful brown orbs.
"Oh wow..." He breathed out heavily, staring at you curiously. "That's something you don't see everyday."
You giggled weakly, nodding in agreement. "No kidding..."
Tumblr media
Lee Felix / Your wrists were tied tightly together as you sat patiently in a nearby chair. Large amounts of embarrassment washed over you as Felix looked at the ropes around your wrists with an amused smile on his freckled face. You tried not to blush too hard in front of him, but it was difficult when he stood there naked from the waist up while looking down at you like that. He had just finished showering before coming back out here, so he wasn't wearing anything except for some dark blue boxer briefs which barely covered most of his figure.
The material clung tightly to them and showed off every muscle beneath. His cock poked through one leg hole and hung low between his legs; thick and long enough to make your mouth water even though you'd already tasted what lay underneath those boxers once before. It would be easy to look away if this were anyone else's dick, but seeing how excited Felix got whenever you touched yourself made it impossible not to stare at his bulge all day.
"Sorry. Did I make you wait long?" He asked casually after a moment spent admiring your bound form. "Not that I care much, since my hands are free~"
He walked towards you slowly, never breaking eye contact as he did so. Your heart raced and your breath came short each time he approached until finally he stopped right behind where you sat. With no hesitation whatsoever, he grabbed hold of the rope binding both your arms to the armrests and pulled sharply upwards, causing your torso to jerk backwards into his chest. He let go immediately and stepped back again, giving himself plenty of space to admire your flushed cheeks and pouting lips.
"But, you're happy see me, right?" He asked teasingly, making you shiver slightly despite the warmth of his skin against yours.
"Y-Yeah," You mumbled shyly, unable to meet his gaze.
Felix chuckled softly. "I knew it."
His hand moved forward again then, sliding under your chin and tilting your head upward to force you to look directly at him. That only served to further embarrass you because now he could get a good view down your shirt, revealing more than enough cleavage to drive any man crazy. Even Felix seemed taken aback by it, taking a few moments to study your breasts before returning his eyes to your own.
You gulped audibly.
"Is something wrong? Are these small?" He teased gently, cupping one breast in either palm and squeezing lightly. A shudder ran through you as he squeezed harder, feeling the softness of your flesh through the fabric. "Or is it their color that makes you flinch?"
It took everything you had to keep yourself from squirming, especially when he slid his hand under the edge of your bra cup and rubbed your nipple through the thin cotton. All thoughts of embarrassment fled as he pinched your sensitive bud, sending electric jolts through your entire body. You bit your lip to stifle a moan, trying desperately to ignore how turned on you felt. But it was proving very difficult, especially considering how close he kept getting to touching you...
"Hmhm..." Felix hummed thoughtfully, leaning closer still. "What are you thinking about, hmm?"
You couldn't help blushing hotly at the sound of his voice. And yet, somehow you managed to reply without stumbling over your words or stammering.
"...Well, um.." You cleared your throat nervously, staring intently at his face. "I'm imagining...how it feels to have you inside me."
The corners of Felix' lips quirked up. "...Oh really?"
You nodded quickly, biting your lower lip as his fingers continued to rub circles around your nipple through your shirt.
"Doesn't it feel nice?" He breathed seductively, trailing kisses along your jawline. "I sure hope so..."
You moaned loudly when his tongue slipped past your parted lips and traced its way across your cheekbone. He licked his way down your neck, leaving wet trails as he went, stopping briefly to suckle your exposed collar bone. Aroused murmurs filled the room as Felix worked his way downwards, kissing and licking everywhere he could reach. When he reached your tits, he pushed aside your bra cups and sucked greedily at your nipples, eliciting another loud moan from you.
Felix laughed quietly at your reaction, pulling away to watch your chest rise and fall with ragged breaths. Your hands were still bound together, keeping you stuck in place, but that didn't stop you from reaching out to touch him. You curled your fingers into his hair, tugging lightly and moaning as he kissed his way down your stomach. The heat of his mouth was incredible, driving you wild with need for more.
When his tongue finally found itself nestled between your thighs, you whimpered and pressed your hips forwards, desperate to feel more. Unfortunately, your hands remained tied securely above your head, leaving you completely helpless as he lapped at your slit like some kind of ravenous animal.
You cried out wordlessly as his warm tongue swirled around your entrance, dipping deep and pushing just far enough inside to tease the nerves within. His hot breath tickled your inner thigh, sending a rush of tingly sensation down below, prompting you to push your legs wider apart to give him better access.
"Nnggghhh..." You grunted weakly, struggling to keep your focus on anything other than the pleasure radiating outward from your core. "Felix... untie me, please..."
He smirked up at you, watching your face closely while his tongue continued to work magic upon your most intimate parts.
"No can do, babe." He said simply, moving his attention to your clit instead.
You gasped loudly as he circled your swollen nub with his tongue, tracing little patterns all over it. It wasn't long before you began bucking wildly beneath him, crying out incoherently as he pleasured you. Each time you did, he would take advantage of the opportunity to lick you deeper, rubbing his tongue hard against your slick folds until you came undone once again. This happened several times throughout the course of what felt like an eternity, each orgasm stronger than the last. By the end, you were practically begging him to let you cum, no matter how much it hurt.
But, Felix merely smiled up at you, continuing to lap hungrily at your pussy. He slowed his pace significantly though, letting you catch your breath after every climax before starting anew. You tried to fight back the growing desperation building inside you, wanting nothing more than to see him release too. But, it was impossible to resist the temptation of his skilled tongue.
As soon as you started to relax, he'd start to move faster, swirling his tongue around your engorged clit until you were gasping and panting, writhing uncontrollably underneath him. Even then, he wouldn't relent, pressing himself against your quivering thighs and using them to pull you even tighter against him. With each thrust of his tongue, he made it easier for you to grind your soaked mound against his face.
Finally, you gave in to your urges, grabbing onto his shoulders tightly and grinding your hips into his face. As soon as you did, Felix groaned deeply, pushing one final inch further into your needy cunt. You screamed loudly, releasing yourself fully around his eager tongue, shuddering violently as you came all over his face. Squirting your juices onto his chin, he pulled back abruptly, swallowing the sticky fluid off his mouth and smiling wickedly at you.
You panted heavily, trying desperately not to pass out from the intense wave of bliss coursing through your body.
Tumblr media
Kim Seungmin / Seungmin chuckled softly, watching you squirm underneath him like a pathetic worm on it's back. He had your legs spread wide and gripping the sheets tightly in both hands, as he slowly fucked into you from behind, his cock sliding deep inside of every time it pushed through that tight opening.
His balls slapped against your ass each time they swung low enough to do so, making you moan with pleasure, even though you knew better than anyone how good this was going to feel when he finally let loose inside of you. Seungmin could barely contain himself anymore either; his thrusts becoming harder and faster until all at once he pulled out completely before slamming back inside again.
Your head fell forward onto the pillow as he continued to fuck into you over and over, his hips slapping against yours with each hard thrust while those thick fingers dug deeply into your flesh beneath. The bed shook under both your combined weight, causing the wooden frame to creak loudly but not loud enough for either one of you to care about right now. It wasn't long after that he grabbed hold of your waist tighter still, pulling down harshly on it whenever he felt like pushing deeper inside of you or giving you more leverage if needed.
"I have to say... I'm impressed." You mumbled quietly between moans. "You being so rough seems very rare these days..."
"You think so? That makes two of us," Seungmin replied breathlessly, pausing only briefly to look up at you. His eyes were bright red with lust, sweat glistening along his brow. Your own body was covered in a light sheen too, despite the fact that you weren't doing much moving around besides moaning and panting heavily.
Seungmin smirked slightly, shaking his head lightly as he resumed fucking you. He didn't bother saying anything else, just grunted softly and kept pumping away relentlessly. Even though you couldn't see what was happening behind you, you heard the sounds of skin smacking together and gasping breaths coming from below you, which told you exactly where he was at the moment.
Your body tensed up slightly each time he slammed home, feeling another orgasm building quickly within you. Seungmin's grip tightened further upon your waist, before loosening up entirely, allowing you to fall forwards onto the mattress without any support whatsoever. You groaned lowly, unable to keep yourself upright due to the intense sensations running through you.
He didn't seem to mind much however, continuing to pound into you forcefully as he did so. Every inch of skin rubbed together sent sparks shooting through your entire being, making you whimper helplessly as your climax began to build ever higher. Just as it seemed you would pass the point where you couldn't handle anymore, he reached up and grabbed your hair roughly by the roots, yanking upwards sharply.
The pain only served to heighten the intensity of what was happening to you, sending jolts of electricity racing throughout your nerves as his dick throbbed deep inside of you repeatedly. All at once he stopped moving altogether, burying himself fully within you as he held you firmly there with just his pelvis pressed against your own. A strangled cry escaped your lips as you came undone, your muscles tightening and clenching around him uncontrollably.
"Oh... oh god..." you moaned weakly, gasping heavily as you tried desperately to catch your breath. "Ahh!"
Seungmin grunted out a few short curses as he began to empty himself inside of you, pumping hot cum, along with several other smaller spurts. Your pussy spasmed violently around his shaft as he kept moving, milking everything he could from you until there was absolutely nothing left. When he finally withdrew, you collapsed onto the bed next to him panting heavily, letting go of the sheet to clutch handfuls of fabric instead.
It took a moment longer before you realized his stamina hadn't waned in any way and that Seungmin had just been holding back for your sake. You lifted your head off the pillow to find him looking down at you curiously. One hand slid gracefully across your back gently, tracing the curves of your spine as he watched you closely.
"Are you alright?" He asked quietly.
"Yeah," You breathed out shakily, reaching up to wipe some sweat from your brow. "I'm fine."
A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth briefly before he leaned down and kissed you softly, kissing each cheek and jawline carefully. The sweet sensation made your heart flutter, making it difficult to breathe properly for a brief second. After breaking apart he sat up straight and looked down at you, tilting your chin upwards so he could kiss you again.
This time he lingered, pressing his lips against yours tenderly. Each soft stroke of his tongue brought new feelings bubbling up within you, leaving you dizzy and lightheaded. Even though you should have been tired and sore, you found yourself craving more of his touch. Before you knew it you were sitting up on your knees and wrapping your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss as best as you could given the circumstances.
After a minute or two he broke off again, resting his forehead against yours as he stared intently into your eyes. He sighed contentedly and nuzzled closer to you, laying his hands on top of your thighs and holding you close to him. For a moment neither one of you said anything, simply enjoying the closeness of the other person. Eventually he shifted slightly, shifting his weight so that he lay on his side facing you rather than face down.
"Ready for round two?" He murmured huskily, brushing his thumb across your bottom lip.
You giggled lightly, leaning in and kissing him back. "Always."
Seungmin chuckled softly as well, bringing his arm up and looping an ankle behind your knee. With little effort he flipped you onto your front, pinning your wrists above your head with his free hand and positioning himself atop you. You let out a quiet moan when he entered you once more, this time with far less hesitation. As always it felt incredible, filling every part of you and stretching you wide open.
His pace slowed down somewhat compared to last time, taking things slower as he savored the feel of being inside of you. It wasn't long after that before you started pushing against his hips, trying to encourage him to move faster. Seungmin obliged immediately, picking up speed gradually as you began to lose control over your breathing.
With a shuddering gasp you arched your spine upward, crying out loudly as your orgasm hit you like a freight train. The pleasure was almost too much to bear, causing you to arch your back even further and press your heels into his lower abdomen. His thrusts grew deeper, hitting all the right places at exactly the perfect angle, driving you wild with desire.
Just as your climax peaked another one struck you unexpectedly, you couldn't stop yourself from squirting liquid onto his lap. You cried out in surprise but continued bucking beneath him regardless, desperate for any kind of relief. Seungmin growled deeply, slamming home hard enough to make you bite your lip in response. Every inch of him stretched you tight and left you feeling utterly empty afterwards, which was quickly remedied by the warmth pooling between your legs.
"Woah..." You panted out raggedly, rolling your hips slowly underneath him as if testing how loose you still were.
"Right?" He agreed, stroking his fingers through your hair soothingly. "That's why I love doing this."
You hummed in agreement, staring up at the ceiling and closing your eyes tightly. The heat radiating off of his body combined with the way his chest moved against your breasts sent pleasant tingles throughout your entire frame. It didn't take long for you to start getting sleepy, unable to keep your eyes open no matter how badly you wanted to stay awake.
Tumblr media
Yang Jeongin / Jeongin held you steadily above his face, lapping up your nethers with a wet tongue. He was so gentle, but the pleasure he gave you felt like heaven; it made every part of your body tingle and sing as if all its nerves were on fire. You arched over him, writhing in ecstasy at how good this felt – especially when Jeongin's fingers found their way onto your thighs and began to caress them softly.
They rubbed against that spot just below where they joined together, sending waves of heat through your lower tummy and making your hips jerk forward eagerly towards each stroke. His thumb traced circles around the soft skin between your legs until you could feel yourself getting ready for something else entirely, then suddenly his mouth left your folds altogether before returning there moments later.
The tip of his tongue swirled gently across your clit while two more digits pressed into your inner walls, teasingly stroking inside of you without entering fully. It sent shivers down your spine as you gasped out loud, feeling like an animal caught by a predator who wanted nothing more than to be devoured whole.
Your hands gripped handfuls of bedsheets tightly beneath you as another wave washed over you, only now it wasn't quite so much about what you'd been doing. Instead, it was purely about being taken right here and now. The sudden shift from lustful playfulness to raw carnality had you arching off the sheets even harder, moaning loudly into the pillows behind you. You writhed underneath Jeongin's skilled lips and fingers, wanting to feel everything he did to you – every single thing that made you want to come undone completely.
As he worked magic upon your pussy, your back arched higher and higher until finally, with a cry of pure bliss, you came hard against his face.
You bucked wildly atop him, unable to stop shaking or shuddering as the orgasm hit you full force. Every muscle in your entire body tensed up and trembled as Jeongin kept licking away, milking out every last drop of cum within you. When the aftershocks subsided, you collapsed backwards onto the bed beside him, panting heavily.
However, Jeongin hadn't stopped pleasuring you yet.
With one hand still gripping your thigh firmly, he reached upwards to take hold of your other leg instead. Then, using both hands, he spread open your labia wide apart once again before slipping his tongue deep inside you. You whimpered in delight at how good it felt, especially since it also meant you didn't have to move any further to enjoy himself too. All you needed to do was lie back and let him work wonders on your insides.
His talented tongue played along your g-spot slowly at first, tracing little circles around it before dipping deeper into your core. It felt wonderful having him touch you there intimately, especially since the rest of your body was already thoroughly satisfied. But as he continued moving his head rapidly against your sensitive flesh, you soon found yourself coming close to climax all over again.
"Mn..." You mewl out, holding onto his shoulders as you grind your pelvis against his face. "I need...something..."
"I know, baby," He replied, his tongue still going wild against you. "I'm gonna give it to you."
Jeongin moaned deeply as you rode his face, pushing him closer towards the edge himself. Just as you started to get near, he pulled back slightly to lick the outermost parts of your vulva clean, leaving your most tender spots untouched. This drove you mad with desire though, because it meant he knew exactly what you liked best. So when he plunged his tongue right back into you, it went straight for those same places that made you go weak at the knees.
With his tongue buried deep within your depths, Jeongin used long strokes to massage your clit as well as your G-spot simultaneously. He alternated between these motions, alternating between fast and slow. In turn, it pushed you ever closer to the brink of oblivion. However, unlike earlier, he wouldn't allow you to simply fall over the side and tumble into release. No, he would keep you hanging on the precipice, teetering on the very edge of the cliff.
Just when you thought you couldn't possibly endure anymore, he withdrew his tongue and replaced it with two fingers. They slipped inside you easily, gliding smoothly past your spasming muscles. Once he got them nice and slick, he curled his fingers inward, pressing directly against your deepest reaches. A moment later, you felt his thumb press hard against your clitoris. And as he moved his digits in tandem with the thrusting motion of his tongue, you exploded for a third time.
"Does that feel good?" Jeongin asked breathlessly, pushing his fingers deeper into your wetness.
Your eyes rolled back in your head as you cried out, clutching desperately onto his shoulder blades. You weren't sure if you were speaking or screaming, but either way, it was enough to make him chuckle.
"I'll take that as a yes," He chuckled, continuing to stroke and suckle upon your sweet spot. "And, I'm guessing you want to cum again? Is that right~?"
You nodded quickly, unable to form words just then. Not with his mouth and fingers working their magic on you. He gave you no chance to respond anyway, plunging three fingers deep into your quivering folds. The sensation sent waves of pleasure coursing through your body, making your toes curl and your stomach tighten up. You could barely breathe properly, so much was happening down below. Your whole lower half seemed to be filled by a powerful tingle that threatened to send you flying off the edge.
But somehow, despite being wracked with such intense sensations, you managed to stay grounded. Because Jeongin wasn't done with you quite yet. His fingers remained lodged inside you, pumping in and out of your hot core while his tongue licked its way across your swollen bud. At this point, you were beyond ready for another mind shattering climax. One more push from him, and you'd shatter completely.
"Jeongin..." You breathed out softly, moaning his name. "Please, just fuck me. I-I want you inside me..."
He looked up at you briefly, meeting your gaze before looking back downwards. He stared intently at where his fingers had been, watching as they disappeared into your clenching hole. Soon after, he brought them back to his lips, sucking on each digit like it was the tastiest thing in existence. You groaned loudly at that, feeling your legs tremble beneath you. As you watched, Jeongin's cock began to swell even larger than before. It grew longer until it hit your inner thighs, thickening and swelling even more. When it finally burst forth, you gasped aloud.
"Oh fuck!" You squealed out loud, staring wide eyed at the massive erection now standing proudly in front of you.
It was beautiful too, jutting out from his groin and pointing upwards. Its shaft was red, pink, and purple all at once, pulsating slightly. There was an impressive amount of pre-cum oozing out of its tip, which was only further proof how turned on Jeongin really was. The sight alone caused your own arousal to spike, sending wave after wave of heat surging through your body.
Even without touching yourself, you felt incredibly sensitive, almost painfully aroused. As you gazed down at Jeongin's magnificent length, he took hold of your hips firmly, pulling you close. With one hand gripping your hip tightly, he guided his cock towards your waiting entrance. You whimpered softly, shuddering as his cockhead pressed against your tight opening. But instead of entering you, Jeongin held himself there for several moments.
He didn't move any farther, merely teasing your insides with his girthy cock.
"How bad do you want me?" Jeongin whispered huskily, leaning forward so his mouth was right next to yours. "Do you need my dick inside of you? Do you crave it...?"
"I—" You began, but you were cut off when his lips pressed against yours, kissing you deeply. For a few seconds, he continued to kiss you, stealing your breath away with every touch of his soft lips. A moment later, however, he broke apart, leaving you gasping for air.
"Answer me." Jeongin said sternly, his voice low and raspy.
"Y-Yes," You breathed out, panting heavily. "Yes, I want you inside of me!"
His smile widened as he leaned closer still, his face mere inches from yours. Before you knew what was happening, Jeongin pulled you flush against his chest, holding you securely in place. His other arm wrapped around your waist, pinning you between his muscular arms. In response, you laid your hands over his broad shoulders, clinging tightly onto him. After all, you needed something to keep you steady. Something to stop you from falling to pieces. And right then, he was exactly that.
With little effort, Jeongin slid his rock hard member into your slick pussy, filling you entirely. You moaned loudly, buckling as he stretched your tender walls. He paused only long enough to give you time to adjust, before sliding his full length into you once again. Over and over, he pushed his throbbing cock inside of you until both your bodies were covered in sweat. By the end, you couldn't feel anything except Jeongin's hot flesh buried deep within you. Every inch of his length was stuffed inside your wet depths, stretching you wider than ever before.
Suddenly, he withdrew, causing you to cry out in protest. You reached for him desperately, trying to grab hold of his thick shaft. Only to find that he was already gone, having slipped free of your grip. You weren't sure why, but you felt something leak from you. The feeling made you gasp, unable to hide your surprise. However, you soon realized that you were leaking fluid everywhere. Your entire crotch area was soaked, glistening with your juices. Squirting fluids from your slit like some kind of fountain.
"You're dripping honey all over my bedsheets." Jeongin murmured, smiling at you sweetly. "Isn't that cute~?"
The sudden words caused you to freeze. "H-Honey?"
"Mhm. It's pretty amazing, isn't it? That my tongue and cock alone could make such a mess~" Jeongin chuckled quietly.
Your cheeks burned brightly as you glanced down, seeing your swollen sex leaking clear liquid onto the sheets below. Not only did it look obscene, but it also sent shivers of pleasure coursing through your body. Jeongin must have noticed because he smirked darkly, reaching up and cupping your cheek.
"Don't feel embarrassed. I like watching you get messy." He purred, tilting your head back so he could gaze into your eyes. "Especially since this is just the beginning..."
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sparky’s masterlist — bc she’s one of the best writers on this app and all of her works deserve love.
ella’s masterlist — bc she eats and never leaves any crumbs for real I’m absolutely in love with her fics.
@/straylightdream’s masterlist — one of my first skz authors on this platform and I can’t praise her works enough.
ballelino’s 2022 kinktober masterlist
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seungisms · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: fluff and smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, eating out, blowjobs, cockwarming, overstimulation, edging, orgasm denial, sub!changbin 🗣🗣🗣 danni writing soft!seungmin for once? more likely than you’d think ! minho is more like him holding your hand rather than the other way round but we’ll just run with it okay? okay <333 
note: got a t a d carried away with minho cause i’m a whore for him and i’m sick of hiding it ! most of this is just senseless smut with a dash of hand holding, sorry i’m incapable at sticking to a theme oops. changed up my writing style a tad so let me know which you prefer ! 
Tumblr media
this guy is definitely a big fan of hand holding in general, but when you suddenly do it while he’s fucking you nice and dumb on his cock? he’s a goner. just about melts the moment your hand slips into his own, fingers intertwining together while fucking you slow and deep, easily slipping into your soaked cunt. is so lovestruck and will stare down at you with the most smitten look on his face - plump lips red, swollen and sticky with your gloss and eyes hooded - damp foreheads pressed intimately together as he struggled not to paint your plush walls with his sticky cum from the sweet gesture (nothing makes this guy cum faster than sweet, gentle moments during sex and no one can convince me otherwise) the feeling of your tiny pussy clenching around his dick only edging him further towards his intense orgasm, groaning lowly against your heated skin as your wetness spilled over his cock with every nudge past your folds. can’t help but goofily grin down at your fucked out form, dazed and looking oh so pretty filled up with his thick, veiny dick; fingers curling around his own and squeezing slightly with each stroke of his cock against your walls - letting him know how close you were to finally spilling onto him. absolutely loves the intimacy that comes with handholding during sex, feeling so safe and warm in your hold and you better believe he’s gonna find a way to sneak his hand into your own each and every time he’s balls deep inside of you without fail.
“my sweet girl, hang on a little longer for me yeah?”
uses handholding as more of a reassurance during sex. no matter how rough or cruel he’s being to your body, a slight squeeze of your hand letting you know you’re safe with him :((( will particularly come up while he’s eating you out for hours on end, he knows how intense the stimulation on your sensitive pussy can be and he just loves lacing his fingers with your own to remind you that he’ll stop if you want him too, but he knows you secretly love it no matter how much you whine and sob ! grins against your cunt as you cry out and buck your hips further towards his mouth, soft moans leaving your smeared lips and tears staining your pretty face, head thrown back against the soft pillows as he continued to lap at the wetness that spilled past your folds, his cruel overstimulation on your pussy almost sending you over the edge but one sharp glare from him - just daring you to cum - was enough for you to reluctantly resist the urge to finally drench his face in your slick. your hands desperately clawed at the sheets, grip tightening with every flat swipe of his tongue against your cunt, trembling beneath his touch and knuckles turning white as the warm knot in your stomach tightened, hearing him snicker cruelly against your slit at the pathetic mess he turned you into. interlocks his strong hands with your own once he notices your twitching, hearing you whimper at the sweet gesture compared to the mean torture he was inflicting on your raw pussy, the warmth of his muscle fucking into your heat making your cunt throb nicely. pulls away with your wetness and his own spit glossing his lips, a smile trigging at them once you mewled at the sight. kisses you messily to let you taste yourself, full of tongue and spit, squeezing your hand once more to silently let you know how well you did for him.
“such a good girl.”
another guy that uses handholding as a form of comfort during sex, except the one getting comforted is him cause he’s a big baby <333 whines as you tore his hands away from your hips, slight indents being left on the skin from his desperate clinging - pinning them above his cute face twisted up in discomfort, on the head rest of studio chair you were currently fucking him on - fully expecting you to keep his wrists locked in a dominate grip to stop his grabbing. but this loser nearly explodes the second your hands slides down to softly interlock with his own, squeezing his palm in reassurance, the soft gesture almost making him combust compared to the way you were fucking yourself on his throbbing cock, warm walls milking him of everything he’s got. struggles so much with keeping his hips from bucking up into you further, your teasing pace almost making him want to sob against your skin, nails starting to scratch at the skin of your hand as his dick twitched painfully deep inside your pussy, the curved top of his cock prodding at your womb so deliciously. wants so bad to reach out and touch you, the slight brush of your bare tits against his chest driving him crazy and your hot, open-mouthed kisses staining the sweaty skin of his neck making him whine and rut deeper into your heat - but he’d rather have you overstimulate him again and again until he’s sobbing mess, slumped in his chair with his own cum covering his stomach than have to tear his hands away from your own. the gentle gesture of handholding during sex while you’re fucking yourself on his dick always makes him feel so loved and protected - no matter how mean you are to him.
“y-you’re too good to me.”
would fully organise a protest against handholding during sex if he fucking could 😩 he just absolutely loves being able to touch and worship every part of your body while fucking you, you’re just such an angel to him and he’d be damned if he had to keep his hands in one place the whole time. his train of thought is basically: why intertwine your fingers together when they can be knuckle deep inside your pussy stretching you nice and slow. but when i say this man is a s u c k e r for handholding while you’re warming his cock, i mean it !! spoons you close from behind, keeping his warm, strong chest pressed tightly against your bare back - soft cock kept warm due to your pussy wrapped snugly around it, easily lulling him to sleep. always manages to snake his arm around your front to softly interlock your hand together, giving you a slight squeeze as his even breath fanned over your neck, feeling your fingers curl around his own in response. if he wakes up at some point during the night and his hand has somehow manages to slip out of your own, he’ll have no problem waking you up to pester you to hold his hand again. istg break up with him.  just such a fan of this, makes him feel so full and safe with his dick inside you all night while holding your hand.
such a fidgety boy that most of the time he won’t know what to do with his hands during sex. always so grateful when you force your hand into his own cause he knows how fucking annoying he can be majority of the time, especially when your mouth is wrapped snugly around his cock. soft groans slip past his kiss-bruised lips, smudged and stained so prettily in your lipstick, all his senses overflowing with the sensation of your tongue lapping up the thick cum that leaked down the length of his thick cock, hands desperately clawing at the bedsheets, searching for something, anything, to grip onto as you hummed around his softening dick. his hips jerked cutely once you pressed your warm muscle down hard on the slit of his tip - causing him to prod deeper down your throat - the feeling of it closing in around his overstimulated dick making him crave more yet begging you to stop. He forced himself to keep his head propped up, struggling to keep his glassy eyes focused on your pretty form while you continued tormenting his cock, spit and cum coating the entirety of his limp dick. he won’t even notice your hands slowly slipping into his own at first, too dazed and fucked out to take note of anything but your lips wrapped nicely around him. but once he does notice he’ll be sososo grateful for the small comfort, curling his fingers around your own and gripping like his life depended on it. although he does love the whole intimacy aspect of handholding during sex he mostly enjoys it cause he just has no clue where to put his hands, bless this boy 😭
holding hands during sex is more than a regular occurrence with felix, he just absolutely adores the intimacy it provides and instantly morphs into a huge mushy ball of live the moment your fingers softly interlock with his own while he was fucking you gently - unable to keep the lovestruck smile off his face as he feels you squeeze around his palm with every inch of his cock he slipped deeper into your tight cunt. presses his bare chest closer to your own and softly nudges your nose against his, keeping your fingers wrapped around each other before stilling deep inside your cunt, gently pushing the damp strands of hair out of your face before kissing your forehead in encouragement, smiling against your heated skin at the cute whimpers you breathed out as he filled you up with his cum - the spasming of your pussy milking him well. will whisper words of affirmation and praise as if he wasn’t balls deeps inside your guts and feeding your pussy his cum. handholding definitely occurs most when he’s cumming inside you, it’s such an intimate act and he’s never trusted anyone but you to do it with before so all his loving gestures come out most in those moments. will keep hold of your hand during aftercare too, kissing and worshiping your entire body to lull you to sleep - his thumb stroking over your knuckles in the most comforting manner.
“sleep well sweetheart.”
without a doubt seungmin’s favourite hobby is fucking you hard and deep until you’re dumb and crying on his cock, making sure you feel every curve and dent of his thickness. he’s an unhinged dom through and through and doesn’t really pay any mind to sweet gestures while stretching your tight hole out; he’ll leave that for the aftercare. but istg the one time you actually do it during sex and he just stills inside of you and practically melts in the palm of your hand, literally. my guy goes from rearranging your guts with absolutely no mercy to looking down at you with the biggest 🥺 eyes ever !! will softly start rutting into you again once he gets over the pounding of his heart against his ribcage (istg he was so close to leaving you there void of dick and calling himself an ambulance, my guy really thought he was gonna have a heart attack over how fucking cute you are) fucks you much softer and slower, curved tip nudging at all the right places deep inside your cunt. will squeeze your hand gently as a silent sign of encouragement, stroking his dick against the slick walls of your pussy as he edged you gently towards orgasm, loving the slight glassiness of your eyes as you stared up at him dreamily, unable to do anything but let him sloppily fuck your hole while holding onto his hand for dear life. coaxes you through your orgasm with pretty words and sweet praises, keeping a tight grip on your hand as you spill around his cock. defiantly becomes an even bigger fan of handholding during sex after this, he just hates how a simple interlock of hands can quickly turn him into a lovesick fool when all he wants to do is blow your back out - and to say you use it to your advantage would be an understatement, if you weren’t so cute he’d have fucking left you on the curb istg. 
“just a little longer pretty girl.”
another dom that loves ! loves ! loves handholding. defiantly can be a little mean to you sometimes so while he’s busy tormenting your pussy but he’ll always manage to slip in an affectionate gesture or two - mostly in the form of handholding. jeongin groaned deeply as he finally sunk into your cunt, nails breaking the skin of your hips while he fucked you nice and deep - one hand laid flat against the arch of your back and ass high in the air as your buried your face into the comfort of the pillows - biting down on the fabric to muffle your cries as he relentlessly abused your sore hole. taunts you with sweet words like, “c’mon, let me see that pretty face while i fuck you sweetheart.” and chuckles so cruelly when you whine in response, turning your head to the side ever so slightly, allowing him to catch a glimpse of your tear stained face and red lips, raw from his biting kisses. he loves the state he manages to put you in, how easy it is for him to turn you into a whimpering mess with a mere stroke of his thick cock. he can be so hard on you sometimes though, edging you towards orgasm again and again only to rip it away at the last second - the small cry you let out each time only causing him to rut excitedly into your hole even more. as much as he loves roughing you up a little, he also likes giving you a little sense of reassurance and comfort. snakes his hand up to where yours was currently clinging onto the bedsheets for dear life, knuckles beginning to whiten from the sheer force of your grip, only to feel his palm slide over the back of your hand; easing your tense muscles and interlocking his fingers over your own, chest pressed tightly against your back as he continued to fuck into you from behind. he’ll always make sure you feel safe and loved while he’s spreading you apart - soft praises mixed with handholding doing exactly that, no matter how mean he is to you.
“you did so well for me.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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koorminii · 4 months
Tumblr media
A crude name for an even cruder site, and the self-proclaimed bane of your existence. Made by thirsty sophomores when you were in freshman year, it’s something that’s stuck like glue in the minds of the student body. No one can resist a quick click, seeing your peers showing off their sexual fantasies for others to enjoy, posting their sexual escapades for others to see— except for you who’s hated the site since you first knew about it. Still, a year later, you’re vying for it to get shut down. Well they can’t have that, can they? They’re just gonna have to convince you the site isn’t all that bad.
GENRES: smut, fluff, crack, angst — college au
WARNINGS: profanity, sexual content/themes, alcohol consumption; more warnings tbd in individual one-shots
A/N: hi my loves, this series was super impulsive 😭. I thought of it today, am posting the series masterpost today, and started writing the first one-shot today, but i thought it would be fun and decided why not— and it would be easier for me to follow a storyline anyway so hopefully it won’t take that long for me to complete. Since I doubt i’m doing kinktober in full and am working on a long halloween fic, I feel like spoiling y’all with other things when i can!
each one-shot shouldn’t be too long, but i tend to get carried away more often than not. The first one-shot (hyunjin) will be the longest since it’s an introduction to the CSC universe. The series will be loosely connected and will tie back on things, but don’t consider the fact that you’re with eight guys at once like cheating bc they all know abt each other and each oneshot is centered on one member. Since it does follow somewhat of a storyline, the order of the fics isn’t by age but by their role in the CSC.
send an ask or comment to be added to the taglist!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: hwang hyunjin x f!reader
GENRES: smut, crack, fluff (?), one-sided enemies to lovers, college au
WARNINGS: smut, alcohol consumption, profanity, inexperienced reader, corruption kink, more to be added
SUMMARY: There are three things you hate more than anything: 1. Your english Lit. professor, 2. Frat parties, and last but most definitely not least, 3. CollegeSluts.com and their founders. There are three things Hyunjin hates more than anything: 1. College, 2. Back alley blowjobs, and 3. The frustrating desire to fuck you silly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: bang chan x f! reader
GENRES: smut, fluff, crack, friends to lovers, college au
WARNINGS: smut, profanity, inexperienced reader; more to be added
SUMMARY: Just because you’re friends with the group of eight doesn’t mean you’re going to stop fighting for the end of CSC, and Chan knows it. He’s just gonna have to distract you from your goal in any way he can, and there’s one thing he knows how to do better than anything else.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: seo changbin x f!reader
GENRES: smut, crack, kinda enemies to lovers, college au
WARNINGS: smut, profanity; more to be added.
SUMMARY: problems arising in the CSC means stress. Lots of it, and who else would Changbin look for in order to relieve that stress besides the cause of it?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: yang jeongin x f!reader
GENRES: smut, crack, ? to lovers, jeongin doesn’t hate you but doesn’t trust you.
WARNINGS: smut, profanity, sexual “tests”; more to be added.
SUMMARY: Jeongin still has his doubts about you, and you can see on his face how even after all this time he’s still mistrusting of you. All you can do is pass his tests one by one until you succeed and he finally considers you one of CSC’s own.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: lee felix x f!reader
GENRES: smut, fluff, crack, friends to lovers
WARNINGS: smut, profanity, switch!felix; more to be added
SUMMARY: Felix has always been sweet to you, even when you were trying to tear down everything he’d ever worked for— to the point where you always wondered how he got wrapped up with this group in the first place. Well, you think you’re about to find out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: kim seungmin x f!reader
GENRES: smut, super fluff, best friends to lovers
WARNINGS: explicit sexual content, profanity, the feels; more to be added.
SUMMARY: Seungmin has been there since your freshman year, always ready to lend you a helping hand and support you no matter how annoying he sometimes could be, and this time is no different. After a falling out with the CSC, he’s there to rub your back, hold your hand, and make you feel good.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: lee minho x f!reader
GENRES: smut, angst-ish, ex-friends to friends to lovers, college au
WARNINGS: explicit sexual content, profanity, an annoying amount of bickering; warnings to be added.
SUMMARY: Three months after your inevitable fallout with the CSC, even after making up, your relationship with the guys is still tense. Minho thinks he can fix that— and give you the punishment you deserved all those months ago.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: han jisung x f!reader
GENRES: smut, friends to lovers, college au
WARNINGS: …. the same as the other 7 posts. rebounding; more to be added.
SUMMARY: Han has had a girlfriend for as long as you’ve known him, he’s never been close to you even after your integration into the CSC, and you didn’t think that would ever change.
mini taglist: @myjisung, @hwan-g, @hoeforstraykids, @americanokisses, @ughbehavior; i’m definitely missing some but i’ll update this soon!!
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strayngesparkyds · 19 days
♡ Share you with the boys (P.t 1) ♡
Tumblr media
Author's note: An updated version of my old fic. Thank you for 200+ followers! I hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to give feedback ♡ there are probably lots of mistakes... for now let's pretend we don't see them ♡
Characters: Skz ot8 x Y/N (Bang Chan and Y/N are in an established relationship)
Warnings: Y/N in litte space, Daddy kink, sharing, vouyerism, dirty talk, pet names (princess, baby), praises, spit play, tit slapping, nipple rubbing, basically Y/N's pussy being spread in front of 8 men
Tumblr media
Everyone’s in the living room, somehow the dance practice review that’s supposed to be at the studio changed venues to 3racha’s lair, and you can hear noises waking you up from your slumber.
Chan already told you about it last night, voice strained as he pounded into you like an animal, but he didn’t mention anything about being discreet. So, now, still in your little headspace, all you wanna do is go out there and greet your Daddy.  
See, you and Chan have an understanding with Changbin and Han. You’re practically the fourth tenant in their dorms, so some rules had to be presented. 
It’s not that you’re messy or noisy or anything of the sorts but you and Chan just have a particular interest in letting it all go once you get to a vicinity that no outsiders can have access to. 
The dorms is where you and Chan get to unwind and most importantly, indulge in you active sexual lives. But how do you do that with two other roommates being around so often? 
Well, you let them watch. Or listen. Or both. Depends on how they prefer to partake on that day.  
At this point, Changbin and Jisung are used to seeing Chan fuck you anywhere in the dorm. Kitchen, living room, the hallway and even in their rooms a couple of times – name it, Chan has definitely fucked you at, in and on it. And it’s only infront of Changbin and Jisung that you’ve ever referred to Chan as Daddy. 
“Is Daddy still at the studio?” “I miss Daddy so much.” “Will you drag Daddy out of the studio early tomorrow? I have a surprise!” 
To which they would always indulge and play along, answering, “Yup, your Daddy is still at the studio, little one. He’ll be back soon.” “Oh your Daddy misses you so much too. We saw him sporting a boner, so you better be prepared now, sweetheart.” “Of course, princess. We’ll drag him out early. We can watch too, yeah?” 
Chan loves and appreciates how Changbin and Jisung dote on you. He’s been enjoying the new living arrangements, not because he doesn’t like the other boys, no. But because he knows Changbin and Jisung would not throw away the opportunity to watch you get fucked on a daily basis, to hear your moans every chance they get. So, it works. 
Today’s a little different, though. He wants to share his goddess with the rest of the boys. He told you about it when he was busy pounding his cock into your tight cunt, informing you that the other boys would be coming over for the first time with you around, but he didn’t specify anything. He would have told you to be discreet but he didn’t. 
So, he isn’t surprised to see you walking out of his room, face washed and hair a little messy, but still in his satin shirt from last night. From the looks of how your nipples are showing, you didn’t bother to wear a bra and you’re definitely not wearing pants because your legs are all bare for him to look at. 
Or for all the boys to look at. 
Because sweet, polite Jeongin is the one to greet you good morning yet he only got to say “Good-” when he chokes on his own word, eyes frantic, not knowing where to look because he knows he shouldn’t be looking at you like this. You’re his hyung’s girlfriend but the way your tits are clinging to the shirt is making it hard for Jeongin to think straight. And the other boys aren’t any different than Jeongin. Seungmin and Felix are looking away, pretending to monitor the dance practice video while Minho and Hyunjin horribly fail in trying not to stare at you. Jisung and Changbin are the ones blatantly staring, chirping a cheery “Good morning!”. 
Chan appreciates the boys’ sensibility to not look at his sexy girl but that’s the thing. Chan wants them to look. Chan wants them to look at how pretty his girl is in his clothes. The way his shirt is too big on you but thin enough that they can still see the outline of your curves, the way your hair is still a little messy probably from the way he pulled on them the night before and the way you’re standing there, still processing if you should go back into the room and change, looking all cute and fuckable – Chan just can’t believe he’s the lucky person who gets to have you. 
“Daddy’s not in bed,” is what you say, gaining the courage to openly refer to him as ‘Daddy’ in front of the other boys. And the way you say it in such a cute voice with that cute little pout? Chan can’t help but feel his cock stirring in his pants. 
“Daddy has to work, princess. Why don’t you come here and join us?” he tells you, patting his lap, signalling you to come over and like the sweet, obedient little thing you are, you do. 
And Chan chuckles to himself when he sees you walking in the tight space between the members who are on the floor and on the sofa. You could have walked over from the front but no, you just want to torture the boys sitting on the floor because they can probably see your cute little baby pink panties. 
“What’s Daddy doing?” you ask shyly, trying to not focus on the eyes that are definitely on you, choosing to focus only on Chan, carefully sitting on his lap, making the shirt ride up a little. 
Your heart is pounding from excitement. You like to show off for Chan. You like showing people how good you can be for him. 
And you definitely like the attention you get from the boys right now. 
“I feel like we shouldn’t be here..” Hyunjin speaks up, clearing his throat, probably ready to sprint out of the dorm. 
Hearing that, you pout. You turn to Hyunjin, give him your prettiest puppy eyes and say, “I promise I won’t bother Daddy and his friends while working. Just wanna be close to Daddy.” 
Needless to say, the boys are smitten. Chan’s short comment of “You guys can look all you want” definitely changed the stakes. 
Now the dance practice monitoring session is long forgotten. Who can focus on that when Chan is slowly rubbing your niples over his shirt that you’re wearing, when you’re mewling like a cute little kitten, when your hips are subtly grinding onto Chan’s thigh? 
Who in their right mind would pass up the opportunity to watch this heavenly scene in front of them? 
“Da-daddy.. Your work,” you try to remind him but you remind is filled with how good all this feels, having Chan touch you while his members watch. You’re used to Changbin and Jisung, but the others? It’s a whole new experience having 8 men look at you like you’re their last meal. 
“But Daddy wants to take care of his princess. The boys don’t mind waiting, right boys?” Chan chuckles, amused how quiet the boys are, eyes dark as they look at your beautiful being. “Daddy needs some help though. Maybe Hyunjin can help me,” Chan speaks, calling Hyunjin towards the two of you on the sofa. 
“Yeah?” Hyunjin sounds breathless and it makes you feel so shy that you have your head buried in the crook of Chan’s neck. “Don’t be shy, baby. Daddy needs you to turn around, can you do that for Daddy?” 
And turn around you did. Now you’re greeted with a heavenly sight – seven boys staring at you, bulge evident and none of them care to hide their erections. 
“Spit on her tits, Hyunjin. Make the shirt wet,” Chan instructs the long haired blonde so casually he nearly trips on his way near you. Seungmin and Felix who are sitting a bit further away can’t help but scoot nearer. All of them wish they were Hyunjin right now. 
Hyunjin has his face near your tits and it’s taking all of your might not to arch your back into his face. You know Chan wouldn’t approve because no one can touch you but him. 
The blonde man gathers his spit as he looks at Chan and you interchangeably, wanting the green light to spit. The nod from Chan and the needy look you give are all he needs to follow through, slowly letting his spit drip onto your right tit, his hands holding onto the side of the sofa, so he won’t touch you. 
The sight makes you moan. And the feeling of his warm spit coming in contact with the fabric of the cold satin shirt makes you shiver, hands holding Chan’s as Hyunjin gives you some time to compute that another man just spat on your tits in front of your boyfriend and six other men. 
“You like it, baby?” Chan asks, clearly loving how your nose is cutely scrunched as you try to calm down from the littlest stimulation. 
“Fucking hell,” Felix curses, swallowing his own saliva as he watches how Hyunjin’s spit is leaving a dark spot that beautifully showcases your pretty nipple. Oh how he would die to just suck on it right now. 
Your attention goes to Felix when Hyunjin walks back to his spot, sitting with the other boys as he stares at you. But Chan’s finger rubbing your wet nipple over the fabric grabs your attention again, making you arch your back into his touch, moaning softly when he lightly pinches it. 
“My princess likes that, hmm? Like having other men’s spit on her?” Chan teases, kissing the side of your face softly. You nod absentmindedly, eyes closing as you melt into his touch, forgetting about everything else. 
“Daddy, please,” you moan, you don’t even know what you’re begging for, you just need something more. 
Tumblr media
And more you got. 
Now you’re spread wide on Chan’s lap, his clothed chest rubbing against your back as you try so hard not to buck your hips up while the boys take turns to spit on your pussy. You managed to stay still when the first two boys, Jeongin and Felix, did it but the way Changbin is looking at you with such confidence and the cocky smirk of his, you could just cry in wanton. 
“What a pretty cunt,” Changbin says before he spits rather messily, different from how softly Jeongin and Felix did, and the way his warm spit comes in contact directly on your clit makes you shake, the unintentional bucking of your hips nearly buries Minho into your cunt. 
Chan chuckles at your little movement, knowing how hard you’re trying to be good for him. 
“Daddy,” you whimper, almost crying at how difficult it is to stay still when you can feel the boys’ spit trickling from your slit. 
“Shh baby. Daddy’s got you. Just need Minho, Jisung and Seungmin to spit on your pretty pussy, then Daddy will fuck you, hmm? You can do that for Daddy, yeah?” Chan speaks, voice soft and assuring, you find yourself nodding again and again, spreading your legs wider, ready for the three remaining boys to spit all they want so that you can have Chan’s cock. 
Minho makes his presence known, licking his lips as he stares at your pussy and you nearly cry at the intensity. 
But you really cried when your boyfriend spreads your pussy lips wide, the boys whistling and groaning as they watch intently how the mixed spit from Jeongin, Felix and Changbin get to finally find their way into your cunt. 
"Tell all three of them to spit on your cunt, princess," Chan commands you, tone dark but laced with excitement, his fingers rubbing the side of your jaw softly yet possessively. 
And you never question Chan. Never. You believe he knows what's best for you, especially when you're in your little space.
"Please- please spit on my.. my pussy," you shyly mutter, earning a soft slap on the side of your right tit.
"Address them properly, baby. One by one," Chan says softly, like he isn't asking you to ask his friends to be filthy.
"Minho, Seungmin, Jisung - please spit on my pussy," you nearly mewl, hyper sensitive with all the attention you're getting. Your spread hole is beginning to feel cold with the air, making you crave their warm spit again. 
Minho and Jisung aren't exactly the shy type. They're ready, making lewd spit-gathering noises to tease you.
"A cock's gonna drown in there with the amount of spit she's taking," Jisung jokes.
"Gonna be a fuckin' tsunami if the cock cums in there too," Minho adds, making everyone groan. The dirty joke is rather cringey but the thought of cumming inside such a pretty girl makes the imagery a lot better.
The youngest of the eight is definitely not used to this. He can only be a listener to the wild conversation his hyungs are having. Heck, spitting on his leader's girlfriend's pussy is already an achievement unlocked. He's not greedy enough to spew dirty nonsense to you. Not yet, at least.
And Jeongin's right. It's dirty. It's filthy. And you love it that they're not being too careful with their words. Do you love sweet, vanilla sex with Chan where he would sing you praises and tell you how much he loves you? 100% yes. Do you also love it when Chan runs his mouth when he's teasing and fucking you? Another 100% yes. You're satisfied either way.
But Seungmin is a little different. He's calculative. Unlike Minho and Jisung, Seungmin doesn't say a word. The only indication of his excitement is through his heavy breathing. 
Yet what surprises you and frankly, all of the boys, is when he's about to spit. He lets Jisung and Minho spit together, only to bring his hand under you so he can gather the leaking mixed spit and drips it back on your puffy cunt, finally spitting himself. You moan at the sensation, feeling so turned on and touch starved. 
"You're really pretty," Seungmin praises, earning a chuckle from Chan and the boys. 
“Aren't you a pretty girl, baby? So pretty, hmm?" Chan coos and it makes you whine in embarrassment. 
"Why don't we all take turns and each have a go at fucking this pretty princess? What do you say, baby? Ready to be shared?"
Read Pt. 2 here
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hardstraykidshours · 18 days
skz & you walking in on them changing
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: ot8 stray kids x gn!reader
genre: smut, headcanon, 18+ (minors dni)
length: 850
warnings: profanity, sexual/suggestive content, nudity, nsfw 18+ (minors dni)
Tumblr media
walking in on each other changing is so normal to you at this point that you’re honestly shocked that he even bothered to close the door. he won’t react at all because he’s used to you doing stuff around the room while he changes. you can’t, however, help but stop to stare at him. you loooooooooove seeing chan shirtless, and you always drool a little bit (a lotta bit). this leads to you doing anything and everything you can to prevent him from putting a shirt back on. he has places to go and people to see but that does not matter, because you see his abs. he’ll try and stop you because he has a lot of stuff to do, but at least 8/10 times you’re dragging him into bed for some fun first.
you can literally see the shift in his demeanor the second he notices you walk in on him changing. confidence has entered the chat. minho is soooo much more comfortable changing in front of you now, so if you walk in on him, he is doing everything to tease you. “if you wanted to see me naked, you could have just asked.” he loves taunting you, and he knows how much his teasing (and his bare chest) turn you on, so it doesn’t matter what he was planning on doing, because he’s pushing it back at least half an hour, so he can fuck you first. 
he will literally hear the bedroom door open and close when you walk in on him, but he’s going to pretend like he didn’t notice. he'll continue changing while actively flexing every muscle in his body before finally turning around and pretending to be shocked that you’re there. “huh? oh hi! i didn’t see you there.” he is the least subtle person you have ever met, but you absolutely do not mind because you get a great show out of it. plus, you always make him put those muscles to use afterwards by holding you up against the door for a heated make out session.
you’ve been around each other for so long that he doesn’t react anymore. even near the beginning of your relationship it never really bothered him, he just liked being dramatic. so now that you have lived together for a while he doesn’t even notice or care if you walk in on him changing. but that doesn’t stop you from teasing him a little bit. you’ll plop yourself on the bed and start making lewd comments about his stunning body, so you can get him all hot bothered. he’ll try and keep his composure, but you can tell how much your dirty words affect him by the way he starts fumbling with his clothes (or the way he struggles to zip up his pants over his raging boner).
the second you walk in the room to find him changing he is immediately stopping what he’s doing to smirk at you and give a “you like what you see?” unlike early on in your relationship, he’s not trying to overcompensate with confidence to hide that he’s embarrassed. no, he’s genuinely just trying to seduce you. he’s basically horny 24/7 and always looking for an excuse to have sex. so you walking in on him already half naked is the perfect segue into fucking, and he is not about to pass up on an opportunity like that.
he is so so so embarrassed. he’s immediately trying to cover up and will not stop apologizing for not locking the door. he won’t stop rambling, so you have to just interrupt him so he will stop talking for a second. it takes you reminding him that you two were literally just fucking 30 minutes ago for him to realize seeing him get dressed after a shower really isn’t that big of a deal.
when he hears the door open while he’s putting on his shirt he just pauses for a moment before slowly turn around to face you. he'll make direct eye contact and give you a little look before he starts removing all the clothes he just put on. he never actually says a word, just stares you down with the most devilish look in his eyes while he undresses. if you try to argue with him that you’re going to be late to dinner, he’ll just reply “then maybe you should knock next time,” before fucking you absolutely senseless.
you secretly love watching him change, but it takes him forever to realize that you’re not walking in on him because you want fashion advice or a sneak peek of his ootd. but, once he figures it out, he’s definitely making comments about how you always seem to walk in right when his shirt’s off or how he noticed the way your eyes were glued to his ass when he turned around. he won’t stop taunting you until you’re both embarrassed and worked up, because he likes seeing your cheeks grow all red before he rails you.
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chvnnie · 3 months
how do you think would skz react to their s/o having a rly high sex drive? cause these men get me acting up constantly 😵‍💫
l o l i want to apologize for the length. i tried to keep it short i stg.
in his opinion, the best present chan has ever bought you is a little pink vibrator. small, subtle, quiet. a perfect way to get your needs under control when chan is unavailable to help. like now — you’ve been up for the past thirty minutes, legs pressed together and trying to even out your breathing after an unnecessarily vivid wet dream. you really thought you could calm yourself down, but as the clock ticked on, it became increasingly obvious that you bit off more than you could chew. digging through your bedside table, you find the bullet toy, clicking through the settings to find the pulse pattern that makes you grip the sheets. teasing the outside of the panties, you move it up and down your folds, the barrier adding the perfect amount of friction. you cup your mouth, moaning as soft as you can into your palm as you bring yourself to a quick orgasm, dam breaking as soon as it was built. that should’ve helped, but all it did was add to the stickiness. chan’s had a long week — late nights at work and staying up in the home studio even after working 12 hours a day. he had just fallen asleep when your dream woke you, slumber taking over the moment his head hit the pillow. you would really hate to wake him up just for something like this, but you’re reaching out to grab his shoulder before you even know what you’re doing. just a little shake and he’s stirring, arm stretching under the blanket to find you. his hand lands on your mid thigh, squeezing the plush flesh as he groans. “what’s the matter, honey?” his tired eyes blink open to find you staring nervously, panting from the intense feelings you’re having. closing his eyes again, chan chuckles lowly before wrapping his arm around your waist, tugging you on top of him. your wet panties press against his semi, making you whimper softly. he holds the back of your head as he kisses you, letting you roll your hips against his. it makes him chuckle — you’re always so needy for him, so ready to get on your knees and beg for him, that it would just be too cruel to torture you. it’s absolutely adorable, and you’ve got him completely wrapped around his finger. he grips your hips, stopping your movements even though you protest. chan shushes you before slowly dragging your body up a bit until your core is on his stomach. “couldn’t take care of it yourself? that’s okay, baby. come sit on daddy’s face, let me make you feel better.”
it’s always funny to minho when you can’t control yourself, especially when his friends are around. he watches you through the practice room mirror, trying to focus on anything but your boyfriend and his tight sweat pants. you’re looking down at your phone, but he doesn’t miss the way your eyes flicker up when you think he’s not looking at you. he has to be distracted, right? he’s running the choreo practice, he doesn’t have time to humor you and you overbearing needs. or at least that’s what you tell yourself, content with sitting with your legs pressed together until he decides to pay attention to you. but it’s far too easy to tease you in this state, and who would he be if he didn’t fuck with you a bit? he calls for five, walking over to the couch you’re sat on. squatting in front of you, he grabs his water bottle and takes large swigs of it. there’s no way you can’t stare now, eyes fixed on his adam’s apple as you watch him chug the clear liquid. there are drops on his lips when he pulls the bottle back, making a show of sighing and wiping it off with the back of his hand. “all good, love? you look a little…flustered.” the way your nose twitches, annoyance in the fact that he’s going to pull this shit on you, is exactly the reaction he was looking for. checking make sure nobody is watching the two of you, you grab his sweaty shirt, pulling him closer to your body. he’s still squatted on the ground, in between your legs with a skirt that’s riding up a little too much. minho’s low chuckle makes your spine tingle, pushing up on his toes to brush his lips against yours. without a care of who could possibly see, his hand creeps up your thigh, slender fingers gently teasing your clothed cunt. “so filthy, soaking your panties like this with all my friends around. maybe i should fuck you right now if you can’t control yourself.”
it would be stupid of you not to be all over changbin 24/7. your already high sex drive seemed to skyrocket when you started dating; tones body silky smooth under your finger tips, dark eyes with a look that threatens to tear you apart. people said you’d calm down, get over it. once the honeymoon phase is over, you’ll calm down, you’ll see. but it’s three years later and it’s physically impossible to keep off of him. time only made it better, only made you want him more. it wasn’t unusual for the two of you to fuck multiple times a day, sometimes keeping a tally for your own amusement (you’re desperately trying to break the seven round record you have). so when noon hit, and you haven’t at least had his cock in your mouth, you felt like you were going to combust. the throbbing in your legs was almost painful, screaming for you to do something about it. it wasn’t changbin’s fault — he had a busy schedule today, you were well aware of that, but fuck it should be easier than this. the worst part about it is that he hasn’t even left the apartment. he’s sat on the couch with his headphones on, head resting on his palm as he clicks away on his laptop. god, he looked so sexy and he wasn’t even trying; pretty curls that you want to run your fingers through, black shirt hugging his muscles that you want to bite. you wanted to give him space, let him work, but before you can even think, you’re slipping into his lap with a proposal. just let you sit on his cock, that’s it. you promise not to move, promise not to be a distraction, but you need something. changbin would be so silly to turn that down, and before you knew it, his was snug inside you, rubbing your back as he continued his work. you rested your head in his neck, the pressure you felt lessening from the beautiful stretch you’re receiving. his thick cock fits inside you like it’s made for you, and it’s enough to satisfy you. for a few minutes. but the longer you sat still, the harder it became. you bite your lip, trying not to whimper as you clench so slightly. he shouldn’t notice that right? the hand that smacks your ass tells you that not only he did notice, but he’s not happy about it. “do that again and you won’t cum at all today.” changbin whispers lowly in your ear, voice deep and telling you he’s not fucking around. doesn’t he understand how hard it is for you, though? you didn’t even need any prep, so wet and ready for your hole to be used that he slid in with ease. it’s too impossible of an ask for you, an annoyance building in your chest at his stupid threat. he feels you huff a breath, smirking slightly at the bratty attitude he knew was building. you wouldn’t last long, and he didn’t want you to. deciding to challenge him, you roll your hips roughly once. twice. three times. the fourth time, changbin grabs your hair, pulling you off his cock and manhandling you onto the rug. you’re lying flat on your stomach, a hand on the back of your head keeping you still while the other comes down on your ass. harder. again and again, he spanks you until your skin is tingling, prettily marking up your behind. you cry out his name, pleas for mercy mixed with the prettiest moans he’s ever heard. “shut the fuck up. you wanna act like a brat, then i’m going to treat you like one, and you’re going to take it or i won’t touch you for a month.”
there’s just something about the way you want hyunjin as much he wants you that drives him fucking insane. it’s the shy look you give him, softly asking him in a barely audible whisper if he’ll touch you. it makes his cock harder than it’s ever been, mind dizzy as he gives you everything you could ever want. it’s also a bit of an ego boost. he’s never felt so needed, so desperately wanted that you’re unable to think until you have him. you make him feel so good about himself, so good about his abilities to please you. you’ve got hyunjin so wrapped around your finger that he’ll never tell you no, desperate to see the starry eye look you give him any time he gives into your desires. it’s the look you’re giving him now from between his legs. slowly, you bob your head up and down his cock, keeping eye contact with him as you take every inch of him. he loves when you give him head; it’s messy. the way you choke a bit when the head of his cock hits the back of your throat, the way your lipgloss makes his shaft a bit sticky, glittery in the pale living room light. your hair is held back by two pearl clips — a present from his recent trip to paris. they compliment you so well, and the fact that it’s the only thing you’re wearing? god, you look angelic on your knees for him. “did you miss me, angel?” he asks, voice raspy from the groans he’s been holding back. as you nod, the first tear falls from your eye, round and fat as it rolls down your cheek. the next one catches your mascara, creating a perfect black line down your cheek. his restrain is slipping, the urge to grab you by the neck and fuck your face escalating the more of him you take. he missed you so much, and there’s nothing he wants more than to have all of you. gently grabbing the back of your head, he holds you flush against his hips, fishing for his phone. with shaky hands, he takes a picture of you like this, looking absolutely divine with his cock deep down your throat. after setting the picture as his wallpaper, he pulls you off his cock, groaning at the way you gasp for breath. there’s a line of spit connecting the tip of his cock to your lips, and suddenly his foggy mind is spinning with all the ways he wants you tonight. it’s been far too long — the night is his to take and use his beautiful angel the way he wants to. “aww, look at the mess you’ve made! you’re drooling all over yourself. you did so well for me, sweet girl.”
jisung didn’t think anyone could rival his sex drive until he met you. it took him by surprise at first — other partners found problems with it, thinking that all he wanted them for was sex. he thought you would be over his constant need to fuck, leaving him to become another ex, but instead, you challenged him. if he wanted to fuck, you wanted to even more, jumping his bones any second you got. there wasn’t a moment you weren’t touching each other; sometimes sexually, groping each other and eagerly tracing fingers over the other’s sensitive parts. sometimes it’s just a comforting hand, a reminder that you’re here to stay. quickly, you two gained the rep of the “couple that always fucks”. what, you didn’t think your friends would notice how often you sneak away? there are only so many times jisung can help you “find the bathroom” without sounding like a broken record. but there was nothing wrong with it — you loved each other, wanted each other so bad you could hardly contain it. who cares that you’re squeezed into a club’s bathroom stall, fingers in each other’s hair as you exchanged sloppy kisses. the loud music drowned out your moans, keeping what was happening in the corner stall a secret from everyone who entered. your skirt was hiked up, panties balled up and stuffed into jisung’s back pocket. his fingers move aggressively in and out of you, palm slapping your clit with every thrust. as he works a third finger in, your shakily undo his belt, barely unzipping his pants before shoving your hand inside. he curses into the kiss as you roughly grab his cock, quickly pumping and mirroring the pace he set. the last place he wanted to shower you with his love was in a crowded bathroom, listening to women giggle and compliment each other as he gets a handjob, but fuck, what was he supposed to do? fuck you right there on the dance floor? oh. oh he shouldn’t thought of that, suddenly obsessed with the idea of showing everyone just who makes you scream loud enough to lose your voice. his cock twitches at the thought, making you smile against the kiss and ask him what he’s thinking about. you sounded so smug, giggling softly at the fucked out expression he already had. it made him blush, but, refusing to let you take control, he roughly shoves the last finger inside you, entire hand rubbing your walls. the stretch makes your jaw drop, not a sound coming out of your mouth. it’s his turn to laugh, cocking an eyebrow at you. “what’s the matter? cat got your tongue?” pulling his hand out, he slowly works it in deeper, watching as your eyes roll back. the feeling is so new to both of you, something neither of you really thought possible until this very moment. his thumb is barely inside you, but it still is, and that’s enough to erase every thought that’s not you from his brain. the new sensation is enough to make you cum quickly, quite literally spilling your release into his hand. once you ride out your high, jisung pulls his hand out of you, bringing it to your open mouth. without even having to ask, your tongue rolls out, licking your cum from the palm of his hand. you’re moaning loudly, little whimpers here and there as you clean your mess. his other hand wraps around your throat, tilting your head up to look at him. “you better quiet down, or else the entire club is going to see just what i can do to you.”
your sex life with felix is more than he could ever ask for. it’s healthy, intense, loving — everything you could ever really want. every time with you was exciting, never dull or lacking in any sense. and even though you’re both very familiar with the other’s body and needs, he can’t help the little blush he gets every time you come on to him. especially when you tell him how pretty he looks, fingers running through his dark hair as your move your body against his. as his face heats up, his cock hardens, damn near popping out of his bottoms the more you shower him with praise. how could he possibly resist you when you’re always so good, both to him and for him? so when you called him in the middle of a writing session with chan, whining and telling your pretty boy how much you need him immediately, he had no choice but to lock himself in an empty practice room. not bothering to turn on the lights, he sinks into the chair in the corner, palming his growing erection over his sweat pants. you’re telling him how you’ve thought about him all day, using the shower head to make yourself cum before crawling into bed and grinding against his pillow. moans spilling through the speaker, felix can feel how red his face has gotten. god, he wishes he was home with you. he wishes you were moaning under his touch, not from the friction of his pillow. he can’t take not seeing you, quickly tapping the video call option. you picked up immediately, and fuck, felix is happy the lights are still off. he’s burning the fuck up. you’re wearing one of his shirts, harden nipples rubbing against the fabric as your bare cunt roughly rides his pillow. should he just…ditch chan? “fuck, baby. you look so pretty.” his low voice is breathy, hand finally working his way inside his sweats. he hissed as his cold hand wraps around his cock, eyes fixed on the way your cunt. he can tell by the wobble of your legs, the shaky tone your moans are laced with that you’re so close. his cock throbbing at the thought of how soaked his pillow is about to be, felix really doesn’t think he can be more turned on. until you start begging for him. for his touch, for his mouth, for permission to cum. you’re almost screaming, repeating the request over and over; cum cum cum. please please please. suddenly, felix couldn’t give two fucks about anything else. “i’m coming home. if you finish before i get there, you’re going to fucking regret it.”
seungmin loves it. like really, he fucking loves it. it’s like having his own personal fuck doll; always ready for his cock whenever he wants to give it to you. which really is often. rarely does he find his stamina running out, happily shoving his tongue or cock or fingers in all of your holes as he takes what’s rightfully his. but today, he’s tired. every inch of his body is screaming with exhaustion, a day of doing a bit too much catching up with him the moment he steps in your shared apartment. he barely steps inside, shutting the door behind him, before pausing. less than eight feet away, you’re sat on your knees, dressed in a new set of lingerie with your white collar on. you never wear your collars unless seungmin specifically requests it, wanting to save them for special occasions. but today, he hadn’t asked. not that he’s upset about, fuck he’s FAR from upset about seeing you in the collar. it’s such a pleasant surprise, and while it gave him a little burst of new energy, it wasn’t enough to overpower the exhaustion. walking up to you, he gently pets your head, heart melting at the way your eyes flutter shut as you lean into his hand. god, you’re such a good little pet for him. excited and ready even when he doesn’t ask for you to be. he hates that he feels so tired today, especially when he hears the bell of your collar ring. “oh, puppy, aren’t you the sweetest? have you been waiting for me?” the way you nod, wide eyes blinking up at him makes his cock twitch alive. the more he stares down at you, the more alive he feels, enough energy building up for him to beckon you to follow him. once on the couch, he pats his lap, and you crawl right onto it. hooking the collar, he brings you in for a kiss, soft but passionate. slow but hot. moaning into his mouth, you wrap your arms around his shoulders, pressing your body against his. you taste like cherry chapstick and chocolate, intoxicating and addicting. seungmin deepens the kiss as he lets go of your collar, grabbing your hips and making you grind on his lap. your lips tremble against his own, pulling a smirk from him. it’s just so easy to make you such a needy puppy, just a few drags of your hips and you’re already ascending to a different level? god, you must love his cock. seungmin pulls off your lips, taking in your appearance. eyes emptying, lips swollen and a flustered look on your face. you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen, and it’s moments like this that he’s happy he’s the ONLY person who gets to see you like this. “look at you, humping my leg like a bitch in heat. why don’t you get yourself off and maybe i’ll give you a treat. how does that sound, pup?”
jeongin’s laugh echos off the walls as he spins you around, bending you over the island in the middle of the dorm’s kitchen. it was such a pathetic little effort you just gave, walking through the dorm in nothing but a pair of white cotton panties. nobody else was home, both of you knew that, but what if you weren’t? what would you have done if you ran into felix in the hallway? or seungmin? minho? would you have let them take what they want front you, or would you have been flushed with embarrassment? jeongin almost wants to know. he wants to see how you would react to being exposed to his friends, whining and desperate for him to do something to you that you’ll walk through his home half naked. he never really understood being possessive — you love him, he loves you. there’s nothing more either of you need. besides, he wants his friends to see you like this. he wants to show them how easy it is to tease you. your sex drive is so incredible and he’s fully capable of keeping up with it, but why not make it more fun? why not add someone else to the mix? your panties are ripped from your body, thrown off to the side and completely forgotten about. kicking your legs apart, he presses down on your lower back, making you arch your back. the slick of your cunt sparkles in the clean kitchen light, a little bit of drool pooling in your boyfriend’s mouth. “oh, you poor little thing. so wet you just had to walk around the house like that. what, is my cock not enough for you?” his voice is dripping with a faux sympathy, condescending and just downright mean. you start to shake your head, but a slap to your clit makes you stop. isolating two fingers, jeongin runs them up and down your folds, covering every inch between your clit and hole. it glides through with ease, and really, it’s such a shame that he’s the only one who gets to see this. the ringing of a video chat makes your skin erupt in goosebumps, excitement blooming in your stomach. seungmin answers on the fifth ring, happily greeting his friend. the two of them talk like you’re not shaking on the counter, jeongin not bothering to look at you as he slides a finger inside you. when you gasp out, seungmin questions the sound. his laugh echoes again as he explains to his friend why he called him. what he’s doing, what you’ve done to deserve it. then, it gets worse. they start talking about you; the way you’re clenching around jeongin’s fingers, how pretty you sound, without directing it towards you. like you’re just a pawn in their game. “when are you coming home, hyung? it’s obvious this little whore needs another cock, and she has more than enough holes for the both of us.”
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hwajin · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
description: manhandling with a not skinny partner!! since i get a weird kinda insecure whenever i read manhandling in fics so here you go kfkejfne
genre: smut, fluff
pairing: skz x fem!reader
warnings/ content: another plus size / chubby / big reader appreciation post because why not! rlly body-description focused so beware of that! the smut contains lots of manhandling obv, kinda rough sex, oral (f receiving), face sitting, hints of possesiveness
Tumblr media
my man is Strong and HE WILL SHOW IT any chance he gets. sex might, more often than not, get a bit more rougher with him anyways, and he will absolutely add a bit of manhandling into the mix. not too much from the get go, because he simply doesn't know how much you're into it, but judging by your very much pleased and satisfied reactions — he starts to use it to his advantage, no matter how embarrassed you tend to get over it. because yes, you know that you're heavy and not fit to be simply thrown over a shoulder, but chan everything but cares about that. his arms flex whenever he pulls you closer to his body by your legs, a soft grunt leaving him when your full thighs clash against his deliciously, his eyes hungry when he's pushing your soft and sweaty body just this much more into the mattress while taking you from behind, his veins protruding when his hands sneak beneath your thighs, getting a good grip of your ass to pick you up from your place and make you sit on his table. you'd protest especially against that — but chan doesn't want to hear any of it, he will continue to pick you up and seat you down on his table, like a meal served, simply to show you that he can.
legitimately and honestly doesn't get the big deal when he first turned you over from you on top of him to you beneath him in bed, your eyes wide as a deer caught red handed, your mouth agape and a blush creeping up your cheeks. and minho just looks so genuinely. confused. his explanation is sheer that yes, you're obviously not light, but if you happened to forget that he works out daily and your weight does literally nothing to him?? he's almost offended when you explain that you never really thought he'd be able to switch positions smoothly like this, when you say that you never even expected him to attempt doing anything related, simply because you're heavy. after that incident, though, mans will use all and every chance to prove you wrong, mostly to tease you, of course. will grip your legs and pull you towards him, your thighs jiggling against him which he nothing but drools over, will take your upper body from behind, when your head is shoved deep into his pillow and your ass is raised high towards his hips, and pull it up towards him so you're on your knees and chest to back with him, giving him easy access to your body. and yes, his thighs and adomen are flexing while pulling you up, his face is concentrated and slightly distorted to bring up the amount of strenght needed — but isn't exactly that the best part of it all?
OK NOW MANHANDLING IS SIMPLY HIS FAVOURITE THING TO EVER DO TO YOU BECAUSE HELLO. HAVE YOU SEEN HIM AND HIS ARMS???? HAVE YOU SEEN HIM AT THE GYM like YES he just finds it so hot to flex his arms to turn you around on the mattress, knowing that you don't expect him to be able to. with him, you're laying on your back one second, the next your face is burried in the pillow while changbin's pounding into you from behind. and the fact that he needs strenght for it makes him go literally feral. he loves the little preparation he undergoes, as though lifting weights at the gym, when he wants to pick you up (the reason will forever be unknown to you, he has an obsession with having you on his arms), and he adores the surprised look on your face whenever he does. like for him it's not about being rough with you or territorial, it's not because he loses himself and literally gets lost in you and your body, making him want you in every type of way — all that, no matter how real it is, doesn't make his love for treating you as though you belong to him, his need for it stems simply from showing you that he can do all that, while others simply can't. he can tell you to jump and wrap your legs around his torso, he can pick you up bride style, he can seat you on top of a table to kiss you feverishly, only to go down on you mere seconds later, making you see stars. and others can't.
with hyunjin — he loves to feel you on him, simply put. he probably can't pinpoint it himself exactly, but he absolutely obsesses over the feeling of having you on top of him, in one way or another. especially when he knows that you turn shy and insecure about it more often than not — he needs to physically remind you how pretty and hot and beautiful you are in his eyes and turns having you on top of him into some sort of reassurance for you. now, since you're not the biggest fan of simply coming up and sitting in his lap (as much as you do love it when you end up straddling him, you'd never initiate it, though), he has to find tricks and methods to lure you in nevertheless, to have your legs wrap around him instictively, to get your body be all over him in seconds. when making out, face to face on the mattress while laying lazily on your sides, he's noticed just how easy it is to take you by your leg and pull it over his hips, before proceeding to flip over slowly with you, rolling, rather, practically half on top of him anyways. and while yes, that part specifically requires more strenght than simply dragging your leg over him, he especially enjoys that part, feeling you almost pin him down and ending up on his lap while he's laying down and looking up at you just turns him on beyond anything. like in general he definitely has some strenght in his arms while not being particularly strong strong, and will definitely grow past his dislike to work out and hit the gym simply to treat you this much more rougher if you happen to like it.
ok now. i feel like. he'd enjoy being the one manhandled more than the other way around LMAO. like honestly having you have his way with him is so hot to him he just??? loves it so much??? partly because he sometimes is too scared to be all that with you, like he finds it THE worst image to wanting to explore treating you a bit rougher and just simply not really being able to, because he is very much obsessed with you and your body but he knows that you aren't, that you tend to think negatively and him for whatever reason not bringing up the strenght makes him so so nervous. so he only ever initiates it in the smallest portions at first, like pulling you towards him by your hips, putting your legs over his shoulders — he doesn't go as far as simply flipping you over or picking you up. though, with time, he feels like trying — you're seated on top of him, kissing him down, teasing on your way and he just can't take it anymore, needs you more in any type of way so he - quite awkwardly, you can't lie - gets you to roll over with him, onto your back and him on top of you. he surely feels that he could have made a better job, that it was definitely not as smooth as he imagined and your light slap against his arm and your blushing face told enough of your embarrassment but — he nevertheless loved the feeling of taking just a tiny bit more control over you than usual, even with something banal like rolling you onto your back, he finds it sexy through and through and doesn't scare away as much from it next time.
though my man's not the strongest out there physically, he will make sure to still show you that he very much can take a bit of control at times, if he wants to. he just.. does it differently, slightly, which doesn't make it worse in any way or less sexy, you had to admit. while he wouldn't really be able to nor would he really want to throw you around or simply grab and get you into positions he'd want, he'd think of other ways to make you feel almost owned, in a way, desired, definitely. one thing he does that makes your head short circuit is the way he grabs your leg from beneath whenever you lay on your back and find him on top of you, and how he proceeds to pull it just this much up to hit a deeper angle within you. it's not much, necessarily, but it's so much more than enough to make you whimper out his name desperately. when he's losing himself a bit more he's setting your thigh on his shoulder altogether, loving how it feels on top of him, loving how your face changes into one of pleasure momentarily. another thing you'd notice he loves is the way he'd hold you down, by your wrists up and above your head, or intertwining hands and holding them right next to your head, without a chance for you to escape his grip, not that you'd ever want to. it surely isn't the epitome of what you'd call manhandling, necessarily, but none of those acts of his make it any less pleasurable for you, by any means.
sir is so rational with it and knows he simply isn't strong enough to have you any way he wants — though he never sees that as anything bad or negative, he simply would go as far as he could, physically. like similar to lix, it would be more pulling you by your legs, getting them over his shoulders, stuff like that. he does learn how to do one thing, though, because he finds it insanely hot. the first time ever you sat on his face (much to your embarrassment and slight unseasiness, but after finding out how much seungmin liked it for whatever reason you grew close to it yourself) he couldn't get enough of it, he loved having you all over him, loved how he struggled to breath just slightly, obsessed over the fact you sometimes forgot yourself and wasn't all careful to hover and not actually sit over his face, adored how his hands could grab and grope all over your body. and whenever you were on your back, your legs opened for him prettily with his head in between, having you on top of him was everything he could think about. so he would take it upon himself to learn and flip you over mid eating out to have you on top of him. like he'd be so unsure how to at first because he knows strenght that he doesn't have is required, but he manages over time?? much to your surprise because damn??? like with him as well, he loves the way he can't help but struggle a bit, he loves how you do have to help him to roll over, how he has to grunt out when having your thighs against his sides — like all that makes him go just a bit more crazy, feral for you.
honestly doesn't initiate ANYTHING at all whatsover because he simply wouldn't with a skinny partner as well, if that makes sense. like the idea of being all "showing his strenght and dominance during sex" isn't at all like him?? not that he's all soft and butterflies all the time necessarily, but he just never really thinks of going too far with it. you wouldn't be surprised too if he doesn't even know something like manhandling exists in relation to sex and that you might find it hot, so if you happen to want it you'd have to straight up ask for it jfjejdje. and if you do — boy would do his best to give you as much as you want. it would start with small things like pinning your wrists down here and there, using his big ass hands to his advantage. only with time he understands just how much more you want, and he is genuienly confused on how to achieve it. not because of you, not because of your body or weight — he doesn't even go as far as to think that that could be a problem — it's rather because he can't imagine himself flipping you over into positions he likes and enjoys. he's a simple man, if he wants another angle he simply asks you, isn't that how it worked? just really doesn't get the big deal over it BUT will from time to time, to tease you, drag you closer towards his body when taking you from behind, and that alone is enough to make you see stars.
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charmercharm3r · 5 months
imagine roommate! 3racha coming back from the gym to u in one of their rooms trying on lingerie bc “i don’t have a full length mirror in mine :(((“ literally been on my mind all day
finally finished this one🥳🥳
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wc: 5.6k
warnings: smut, sexual explicit content, foursome, gets kinda nasty with a side of fluff, jisung x reader leaning lol
It was the first and last time you’d ever go shopping with Jisung. He was the only one of your three roommates that was currently available to accompany you. As fashionable as the boy is, he couldn’t give a single valuable opinion for his life. Everything you showed him, he’d give you either a thumbs up or tell you that “it’s your body. If you like it, you like it.”
You’d been at the mall with him for almost two hours when you’d given up asking him. It was obvious when Jisung started to run out of social battery, he’d tell you he’d wait on a bench outside whatever store while you looked around. By the time you’d come to the last store you wanted to check out, Jisung was practically drained.
“Wait outside. I’ll be quick,” you told him, already heading towards the lingerie store without looking back at him. What you didn’t see was his head perking up at the sight of you entering the much flashier and… adult… store. But he did as you asked, taking a seat outside and swinging his legs until you returned.
While inside, you browsed around and picked out a few pieces that stood out. One in particular that really caught your eye was a light blue babydoll set, feminine and frilly and so out of your comfort zone. There was no one you had to wear it for, but it was just so cute. It was also very different compared to the usual black and nude lingerie you typically stuck to. All the courage you had to even walk in the store and pick up the babydoll set evaporated as soon as one of the employees came up and offered to show you where the dressing rooms were, all with a judgemental look on her face. “Is that your boyfriend outside?” She asked, head pointed straight at Jisung, who watched you fiddling with the fabric between your fingers.
In an attempt to ward off her disapproving energy, you replied, “yeah, he is. I don’t need the fitting rooms, I think he’ll like this.” You walked towards the register without another word from her.
You probably should’ve taken up her offer on trying the set on before you got home, but for some reason, the way she looked at Jisung and how she stared at you sparked a sort of jealousy. Upon purchasing it, you instantly strode back over to your friend and took his arm, pulling him from the store and walking away.
He didn’t question your interaction with the store employee or why you’d dragged him away so quickly, but his mind didn’t stop racing at the idea of you wearing lingerie. Little to your knowledge, he had been crushing on you for the longest time. But you were also very, very off limits. It was a rule that he and your other two roommates agreed on when you moved in. You were their friend first, roommate second, and object of their sexual desires at the very end of the list.
However, he just had to tell Chan and Changbin of what he witnessed. So when the two of you arrived home and they invited you both to work out, Jisung jumped at the opportunity while you politely declined and used the excuse that you were tired. In all honesty, you just wanted a reason to stay home and try on your newest addition to your underwear drawer. As soon as they’d left, you locked yourself in your room and stripped, taking your time to put on the outfit. You’d taken off the tag without knowing if it would even fit or not, sighing at your own recklessness. But as you slowly slid on the light colored panties and draped the incredibly sheer top over your head, you came to the realization that you didn’t even have a mirror in your room– not a full length one, anyways. Your little vanity that you usually used wasn’t big enough to get the full view of your new set.
You were on a roll today, acting without thinking as you moved to unlock your door and peak your head outside into the hallway. Checking up and down the hall as well as listening for any movements, you quietly padded around the house looking for any sort of reflection that could show you how you truly looked. The bathroom mirror was a bust, too tall so that you only saw from your diaphragm and up. It was still too bright outside to see anything in the reflection of the sliding door that led to the balcony. Your only other option was perhaps one of the boy’s rooms.
Cursing under your breath at your own ignorance, you mentally noted to grab a full length mirror the next time you went out.
The house still seemed to be empty, but out of anxiety you treadded silently back towards the hallway where the four bedrooms were. You were lucky enough for your room to be next to Jisung’s, who was the quietest of the three boys when alone in their respective spaces. But he was also one of the more private ones, meaning his door was locked. You still checked, of course, but with no luck. Across from him was Chan, also very private and also very much locked. Changbin’s door directly across from yours was your last hope.
And voila! You were met with the overwhelming smell of spice and linen clearly left behind from his cologne and laundry detergent. His walls were painted a dark navy blue, complimenting the pale gray sheets that were messily spread across his bed. There wasn’t much else in his room besides the dresser, a few dumbbells, a desk that acted also as his bedside table, and a closet. There was no mirror that you could see, but upon further inspection, you opened the closet door and found just that.
With your back to the entrance of his room, you smoothed out the top of the lingerie set, tilting your head and twisting to see all the different angles. You had to admit, you looked good. Despite it being entirely different from what you were used to, it was nice to know that you could pull off other colors and other styles. So for a while, you just admired your body in his bedroom mirror.
Jisung had rushed Chan and Changbin out of the house, whispering in their ears that he had something important to share with them. The three of them were already in the gym of their apartment building and starting their routine when Jisung had realized he’d forgotten his pre workout drink. “I’ll be right back,” he said and rushed back upstairs before he could even tell them about you and the lingerie store. He’d jogged to his locked bedroom and found his drink sitting on the desk, taking a couple swigs of it before exiting to find Changbin’s door open. And you in all your glory.
You didn’t even hear him come in let alone notice him, jaw almost to the floor as your hands ran over your curves. Still looking at yourself in the mirror, you turned your hips to see how your butt looked in the baby blue. Immaculate, of course.
“Wow,” Jisung said, a lot louder than he’d intended to.
You jumped, seeing his reflections standing in the doorway with a dumbfounded look. It took you a second to remember your current state, hands flying to cover your chest and private parts. “Wha– I thought you were supposed to be at the gym?” Blood rushed to your cheeks as your eyes darted around aimlessly. When he didn’t respond, you turned to face him.
Jisung looked down at the drink in his hand, “I forgot s– something.” You followed his gaze downward, seeing the bottle. But you kept going, only now noticing his figure in the shadow of the hallway light. The sleeves of his shirt were cut off, drawing your attention to his sculpted arms. But how tiny his shorts were made your mouth water. You’d almost forgotten to breathe once you noticed a tent starting to rise.
You’d briefly thought back to the interaction with the store employee, thinking harder back to how Jisung was watching you like a hawk.
Grazing over his body again, your eyes met his. With the most innocent look you could conjure, “I don’t have a mirror in my room. What do you think, Sungie?” At a snail’s pace, you removed your hands from your chest and core, placing them behind your back and tilting your head.
He’d short circuited, unable to think about anything besides the way your tits peaked through the material of the lingerie. He didn’t even care that he was completely hard and almost to the point of throbbing. Not a single ounce of shame lingered in him as he took a step into Changbin’s room. “Really… really… something,” was all he could compute.
It felt so wrong, like you breaking a whole variety of rules that could get you into some deep shit with your other housemates. But the way his eyes were completely blown out and how good he looked, you couldn’t get yourself to care. So you took a step closer to him, looking up and smiling devilishly.
“Yeah?” You noticed the way his breath hitched in his throat the nearer you got. It gave you a surge of confidence, “wanna take a closer look?”
Jisung nodded embarrassingly fast, followed by dropping the bottle and pulling you in for a kiss even faster. Your head spun at how quickly things escalated. One second you were standing in the middle of Changbin’s room, the next you were spread out on his bed with Jisung hovering over you. His kisses were ravaging, sloppy but still heated as he made his way down your neck, only stopping to breathe. Your hands traveled through his thick hair, carding and pulling it in between moans as he continued further down.
Over the baby blue material, he kissed the tops of your breasts and licked across your nipple, making it perk more and leaving dark wet marks. The more your hands caressed him, the more he soaked your new clothes. “Couldn’t stop thinking about you in this,” he mumbled into you, leaving peppered kisses down your stomach. As he reached the hemline of your frilly underwear you arched into his touch, mind wandering to how smug you felt leaving the store earlier hand in hand with him. “Just had to tell the guys about how hot you looked.”
You didn’t expect it from yourself, aroused by the idea of both Jisung and your other two roommates fawning over you in lingerie. It made you practically shove his face towards your cunt, wet spot growing larger the longer he stared up into your eyes. “Please,” you whimpered, unsure of what you were truly asking for.
He didn’t wait any longer before just pushing the material to the side and letting his tongue run up through your folds. The warmth of the wet muscle made you groan, eyes shutting as your head fell back into the sheets. The fact that you weren’t in either of your own beds only added to the forbiddenness of the situation, how risky and taboo it was to be doing this in your roommate’s domain.
Jisung was good with his tongue, flicking your sensitive bundle of nerves with the tip and alternating to suctioning you in. You let out a particularly loud moan when he sucked harder and let his fingers circle your entrance.
You were so immersed in the sensation that you didn’t see the body standing in the doorway. “And when I thought today couldn’t get any weirder,” Chan stood, dumbfounded at the sight before him.
Seeing him in complete awe of you and Jisung set shocks through you, unable to stop yourself from shoving his head harder into you and mewling out. You kept your eyes locked on Chan’s face as Jisung continued to eat you out like a man starved. The absolute bliss your body writhed in sent blood rushing straight to the watcher’s cock, arms flexing in restraint. But then you pried one hand from Jisung’s hair, bringing it up to stick two fingers into your mouth.
As you swirled your tongue around your fingers and the man between your knees continued to ravish you, Chan was already stripping his shirt off and walking to the side of the bed closest to your head. Despite Jisung wanting you all for himself, he enjoyed the show you’d put on as you popped your fingers from your mouth and pulled Chan in by the back of his hair for a messy kiss. It fueled his need to prove himself to you, so he circled your entrance for a second to collect your dripping essence, pushing two digits into your relaxing hole. The sudden intrusion made you cry into Chan’s mouth.
Hearing your sweet noises made the older pull away from you and tug his shorts down, tugging lazily at his fully erect cock. As Jisung continued to suck at your clit and stroke his fingers into you, Chan stood tall. He looked down at you with an expression that told you he wanted only one thing. But to get you to how he wanted, he grabbed the base of his cock and tapped it against your cheek.
“Open,” he commanded, intentionally missing your tongue that was now sticking out. It was slightly humiliating, Jisung having witnessed the whole thing as well. But you were so close to your release, unable to care about how dumb you must’ve looked.
Jisung could feel how tightly you were contracting around his fingers, your hips bucking up and using the handle on his hair to grind harder into his tongue. He enjoyed himself, much more than he’d ever admit, how you used him to chase your own pleasure, so sure he was leaking precum through his shorts. Laundry was definitely going to need to be done.
But just as you were at your tipping point, needing just a little more to get over, Chan gathered a pool of saliva in his mouth, letting it drip from his tongue. He’d meant to slather it onto his dick, but with how erratically the lower half of your body moved he missed, smearing it across your lips and cheek. It was such a filthy sight and an even filthier feeling, forcing your orgasm to rip through you and clench your thighs around Jisung’s head. Just as your eyes shut and mouth opened to cry out, the man standing over you easily shut you up by shoving his cock into your mouth, immediately muffling you. The vibrations from your moans traveled through Chan’s body, making him groan out as well.
Reaching down to find a grip on your hair, he gently thrusted into you, taking his time. Jisung, still clamped between your legs, almost refused to detach from your cunt. But you’d released him and pulled him up by the hair. “She tastes so fucking good. Wanna try, hyung?” he playfully asked, watching the older screw his eyes shut in pleasure as he climbed to his knees between your quivering legs.
“Yeah. C’mere,” Chan breathed out, looking at Jisung and pulling him in by the collar of his shirt for a kiss. He even surprised himself by the action, letting his tongue glide over the other boy’s as he took in the taste and scent of your high. You, mouth still full of Chan’s cock and legs wrapping around Jisung’ s waist, watched as the two boys above you temporarily forgot about your surging needs. You’d gotten their attention again by digging the tip of your own tongue into Chan’s slit, making him push the younger away and rip another moan from his chest. “Fuck– he’s right. You’re fucking delicious.”
You reached up to grab the base of his cock and pop him from your mouth for a split second to say, “bet you taste even better.”
You could hardly process what occurred in the next few moments. Chan pushed you harshly into the bed and took a step away, “want front or back?” He asked the younger.
For a moment, he pondered. “Front.” Just as Chan was lifting you back up– completely contradicting the mean way he’d treated you a few seconds before– another set of footsteps echoed through the house. Less than a minute later, your third roommate stood sweating and out of breath in the doorway. The three of you were unashamed, uncaring that you’d been using Changbin’s bed without him there or without his permission. He watched Chan lift and settle you with your back to his chest while Jisung selfishly blocked the view of your cunt by quickly undressing, slipping off your panties, and gliding his cock between your used folds.
“I’ve talked about a foursome for how fucking long and you all decide to do it while I’m not even here?” Changbin exclaimed, strutting into his bedroom towards the desk and opening a drawer. “If you’re gonna go doubles, at least use some lube. Idiots,” he popped the lid of the bottle open and handed it to Chan.
“Binnie,” you dreamily called out, extending your hand towards him. Excited, he stood before you, letting you grab his shirt and pull him down for a kiss as well. He was already hard, the second he walked in on the scene all the blood rushed to his cock.
It was experimental for you, sort of new because you weren’t used to taking something in both holes at the same time. Sure, you’d tried anal before, but that was with a toy and with a partner who’d known what they were doing. Chan was kissing the back of your neck and whispering encouraging words in your ear while he dumped a generous amount of the liquid over his cock, using his fingers to pick some up and spread it around your hole. With Jisung toying with your clit and Changbin now pushing his shorts down, you were more than aroused.
But you were growing impatient, mewling as Chan pushed one finger in to test the waters and Changbin lazily stroking his cock before you. All of them were well endowed, Jisung perfectly hooked and Chan on the longer side. Changbin, however, was girthier than most, unsure how well you’d be able to take him in your mouth.
Jisung flicked your clit rather hard, making you arch into Chan’s hand and whimper again. “More,” you managed to say. The youngest looked to Chan over your shoulder, giving him a nod to enter first.
He went slow, gently letting you sink onto his cock inch by inch and get used to the feeling. The way he’d felt was nothing like your toys, hard but also fleshy and soft, much warmer than any piece of plastic. Your head fell back against his shoulder, biting your lip to keep from groaning at the unfamiliarity. Chan was holding back his own moans, the stretch burning for a few moments until you could completely relax. In the meantime, all you could hear were their sweet praises and the rushing of your blood in your ears. When you looked at Jisung, you gave him the okay to slide into you.
When he did, his head immediately fell back and eyes shut, but your jaw went slack. You felt so full as the youngest bottomed out, reaching out blindly for Changbin’s hand to pull him closer.
“Fuck— can barely move, she’s so tight,” Jisung mumbled through his teeth, fighting against the instinct to pound into you.
“I’d be okay with dying right now,” Chan joked to ease the tension, kissing your shoulder.
Changbin pumped himself in front of your face, hand petting through your hair, “I would’ve appreciated being invited to the party.”
Your body clenched at the thought of having your mouth stuffed as well, making Chan moan and hips stutter into you. “Jesus, I’ll blow if you do that again,” he gripped your waist tighter. “Me too, Bin. Found Jisung eating her out for lunch.”
The man standing looked down at you with a sweet smile, tugging his aching dick harder and tangling his fingers in your hair. “Really now? What were you doing here, little one?” The grip on your head pulled back harshly, making you clench again.
“Trying on this slutty lingerie I was telling you guys about,” Jisung answered for you, hand trailing up your belly to push the garment over your breasts and tweak your nipple. He twisted the nub, your brain hazing over with every passing second.
Changbin’s handle on your hair forced you to look at him, mouth still hanging open. When you stuck your tongue out, all his inhibitions went out the window. “Pretty little thing wants all her holes filled, hm? Why don’t you let our friends play with you for a bit, then you can taste.” Whimpering quietly, you nodded and reached a hand back to card through Chan’s hair. It encouraged him to move, gently pulling out before lazily pushing back in, breath hitching as the tight ring of muscles contracted around him.
Jisung followed, setting his pace opposite of the man under you. Wet sounds echoed throughout the bedroom, the only other noise falling from your mouths as the feeling of two cocks in you made your eyes glaze over. It was such a strangely wonderful experience, you didn’t know how good it would feel to be filled from both ends. You also didn’t realize how dirty of a mouth Changbin had.
He stared down at you condescendingly, eyes flittering between your fucked out face and lewd cunt. “Who knew our pretty princess could take two cocks so well. Wish you could see yourself, you look so filthy. Bet they’re hitting all the right spots, hm? Could probably feel Channie hyung’s dick rubbing against Jisungie, isn’t that right?” All spat at you while he swiped some of the lube dripping from your ass, using it to make the glide of his hand along his own cock easier. But he was right. As the two took turns pulling out and pushing into you, you could feel the undersides of their dicks scraping against one another. It made your head spin even more.
Through the immense pleasure you felt, you were able to breathe out, “want you, too.”
“Give the princess what she wants,” Jisung managed to say. His hands ran up and down your thighs, eventually keeping you spread open by hooking his arms under the crooks of your knees.
“You want my cock? Want your mouth stuffed, too, little one?” Changbin cooed just before he shoved his thumb into your mouth. You hummed around his digit, trying your hardest to focus on him through the heat rising in your gut.
The weight of his thumb on your tongue was enough to make your walls pulse around the two men, both moaning out as you did.
Chan’s arms snaked tighter around your midsection. “Fuck, fuck, fuck— I’m gonna cum.” He used his last few thrusts to hammer up into you, pulling out and letting his cock smack against the inside of your leg as he released all over your stomach with a long sigh. Jisung stilled in your cunt, seeing you covered in cum being a deep rooted fantasy that he’d never thought he’d get to see.
The older continued to let out spurts of his seed, thick and hot against your skin as your hands soothingly rubbed over his. “So good. So, so good for me,” he whispered into your ear, just loud enough for only you to hear. His praises were like music, arousal electrifying your body.
“Already, hyung?” Changbin joked to the older.
“You feel her back here and see how long you last.”
You watched his cum drip off the sides of your body, unaware of how intently you were staring at it.
“I think our pretty little princess likes being messy,” Changbin teased. His voice broke your attention away from the sticky white fluid, making you look up at him with your bottom lip between your teeth.
Jisung’s balls tightened at the sight of you, eyes blown wide and looking up at his older, much more attractive friend like he’d hung the stars. Despite being the one balls deep inside you, he was jealous. So with your attention on Changbin, he started to pound into you, skin slapping skin. You instantly snapped your head at him, seeing his eyebrows furrowing together as his eyes stared into your own. Leaning over you to the side Chan wasn’t on, he whispered, “I don’t like sharing.” You cried out when you felt a pair of fingers rub against your clit.
Just as quickly as you’d found yourself in this position, you felt Jisung pulling out and yanking you off of Chan. He flipped you on your stomach, pulling you up so you were on all fours. The older chuckled, scooting out of the way so that Changbin could take his place in front of you. Before you could even think about sucking him off, Jisung entered you again, using the fatty flesh of your ass as leverage to slam you into him again and again.
Your mouth dropped, eyes shutting as tears stung behind your waterline. The man in front of you brushed your hair back, creating a makeshift ponytail with his hand as he guided your head down and onto his cock. You moaned louder into him, making Changbin shiver.
Almost unable to concentrate with the way Jisung continually abused your cunt, Chan helped you out by gathering his cum from your stomach with two fingers and bringing it to your mouth. Popping off Changbin’s cock for a second, you took his fingers in with a sigh, tasting the bitter-salty liquid. As soon as he pulled away, you were back on Changbin, tasting both his cock and Chan’s cum.
“How’s it taste?” Chan chuckled, smearing his saliva covered fingers over your cheeks. All you could do was moan, in return making Changbin do so as well.
You used your hand to pump whatever was left of Changbin’s cock that couldn't fit in your mouth, swirling your tongue and pressing harder into the ridge where the head met the length. “What the fu—“
Changbin couldn’t finish his sentence, too lost in the feeling of your warmth.
Jisung was unrelenting, fighting off his high every time you squeezed around him, enticing him to fill you with more cum. But he was buzzing, too much energy for his body for him to handle and making him thrust without taking a second to savor you and your velvety walls.
Your lips cupped around the tip of Changbin’s head, sucking him in as his stomach rapidly contracted. He used the grip on your hair to roughly push you back down, tip hitting the back of your throat and making you gag. Typically, you hated the guys that would push your head. But with how nasty the things he was saying to you earlier were, you couldn’t find it in you to care. You just wanted to make him cum.
So you let him abuse your throat, sure that it’ll be sore tomorrow. But you moaned as Jisung reached around to toy with your clit again, vibrating the entire length of Changbin’s dick. He used your hair to lift and slam your head onto him until eventually holding you completely still so he could buck up and fuck your throat. He was rough like this for a few more seconds before he dropped his hips and pushed your head down onto him, holding your nose to his pelvis as he shot his load down your throat. You hummed around him as he came, guttural groans falling from his lips.
Chan laughed, teasing Changbin about coming too quickly as well. You attempted to swallow with his cock still in your mouth, pulling a few overstimulated whimpers out of him until he tugged you off by your hair again.
With his cum dribbling from the corners of your mouth, Changbin pulled you in for a nasty kiss, bouncing against his lips as Jisung still searched for that satisfying high he craved.
Sure, he could’ve blown by now. But he’d been pining after you for so long and he felt like he was running on pure adrenaline. If he were to cum now, he’d be wasting so much potential. So he kept fucking into you, pulling your hips into him so hard that you were sure there would be bruises on your ass from where his hip bones hit.
Chan and Changbin sat back and enjoyed the show, loving how dumb and sloppy you were now that you were drenched in their seed. The third boy was loving it just as much, thriving off his name falling from your lips like it was all you could think of.
To be fair, it was. Jisung has been the focal point of your sexual desires all day, starting from that incident at the store. How hungrily he watched you, then caught you in another boy’s room wearing the sluttiest thing you owned. And those tiny fucking shorts— there was no way you could conjure up a single thought that wasn’t Jisung, Jisung, Jisung.
The two older roommates continued to call you the lewdest things, “cum princess,” “pocket rocket,” “fuck toy,” “cum dumpster.” Jisung almost forgot that they were even there, entranced by how he would disappear into your swollen pussy.
He was close now, as were you. Your walls pulsed and fluttered and almost sucked him in as the heat rising your stomach burned so painfully good. Jisung took your hair from Changbin, who was playing with it mockingly. He yanked you up, pressing your back to his chest. The change of angle made you whimper, tears steadily streaming down your face as his other hand made its way around your cum covered torso. “This is the last time I’m sharing you. Enjoy seeing them in the post nut glow you caused. You’re mine now,” he growled in your ear.
The possessiveness unexpectedly made you shudder, eyes rolling back without a single thought other than to cum.
“Look at that. Finally broke you,” Jisung laughed, shoving your upper body back into Changbin and focusing on his release.
You didn’t need him to worry about you coming, his words did you in as you slumped into your roommate. Vision going white, holding onto Changbin’s biceps so hard that you left crescent shaped marks into his skin, your orgasm took over your body. Heat suffocated your skin as your ankles locked into Jisung’s legs, the shivering of your pussy pushing him over the edge as well.
He delivered a few more deep, hard thrusts, making sure to milk himself and give you everything he had.
It took you a few minutes to catch your breath, head still dizzy but light as air. Chan and Changbin smiled down at you fondly, stroking your hair and giving you nonstop praises whereas Jisung stayed rock hard and lodged inside your cunt, unable to pull away from the warm and slick hole.
Eventually, he managed to get himself together, stealing you away from the two to bring you into an embrace. He kissed the top of your head while your roommates ran off to get things to clean you up.
“Are you okay?” Jisung whispered, wiping the sweat from your forehead with the back of his hand. All you could do was nod and nuzzle tighter into his arms. “I meant it. I really, really don’t like sharing.”
Your eyes threatened to shut, “no more kissing Chan.”
He laughed, “okay. No more kissing Chan.”
Sleep was so close to taking over you, but still, you felt yourself being lifted and carried to a different place, gently being placed into what felt like clean sheets. For a minute, it was just you in the silence. But then you heard shuffling in the distance, voices speaking to one another until footsteps lightly trekked through the room again.
“Is it okay if I clean you up a bit?” Jisung’s voice asked quietly. Eyes still closed, you nodded, completely exhausted. You could hear him giggle, hands gently guided you onto your back and spreading your legs. He ran a warm, wet towel up your center, apologizing as you winced and continued to wipe down the rest of your body.
When you couldn’t feel him on you anymore, you opened your eyes groggily, searching for him. Jisung reappeared in the room not a moment later, silly smiling. You made grabby hands at him, wanting someone to hold on to. “Okay, okay. Cuddles,” he jumped into bed next to you, holding you as if you were made of glass.
You rolled onto your side, his chest against your back. But when you shifted your hips, you felt someone poking at the back of your thigh. Immediately, your eyes opened. “Jisung?”
“I had too much pre work out,” he said, slightly ashamed that he was still rock hard. But you flipped back over and deviously smiled, suddenly full of energy again.
“Oh god, don’t look at me like that,” he muttered. Before he could protest further, you leaned in to kiss him. The kiss started to become slightly more heated until he pulled away. “Can I come with you in the store next time?”
You couldn’t help but giggle at his request, nodding and connecting your lips again. It was going to be a long day.
A/N: wasn’t really sure how i wanted to go about this buuut i enjoyed writing it!! not gonna lie, those pre work out drinks are fucking crazy. I had some to keep me up while studying for final exams...got lots of studying done..o_o
send me more requests! this was so fun and im more than happy to do them!!!
-momo < 3
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straymusings · 6 months
One Time Thing | (1)
Tumblr media
what does your bestfriend of two years do when he finds out you’ve never been eaten out before? he offers to do it himself, of course.
PAIRING jisung x fem!reader
GENRE non-idol!au, bf2l, smut, angst, fluff
WC 3.5k
WARNINGS/MISC mentions of alcohol and vomiting, messy oral(f. receiving), spitting, fingering, dirty talk, multiple orgasms (please don’t be afraid to let me know if i missed anything!)
A/N hihi i’m back! it’s been awhile since i’ve written anything so i’m a bit rusty, please be patient with me! the your eyes m/v awakened something inside of me so here we are, friends. i might turn this into a little series if people end up liking it.
“Agh, lady! Can you scoot over?”
Jisung wrestled your side to gently shove you over to the vacant, far side of the couch. By now, you had a habit of resting your legs over his lap whenever the two of you would lounge around in your living room. It was second nature to you, and most times, he didn’t seem to care, mindlessly twiddling loose threads of your chosen bottoms between his fingers. Other times.. well.
“Sit on the floor then,” You snorted, “My couch, my rules. Don’t act like you hate it, anyway. My legs are hot.”
Jisung rolled his eyes at the grin you tossed in his direction before flicking them back to the television screen. The two of you were lazily draped over the couch, sharing a flimsy blanket you often slept with while a movie the two of you randomly picked from a list off of Google played.
It was ritual for the two of you to have Friday movie nights at yours since that one night two years ago, when you attended your first college party at Changbin’s. You had already been in a friend group with Jisung, so you were already well acquainted, but nothing deepened your bond further than a team effort in sending Felix home after he spewed a day’s worth of food all over Changbin’s expensive rug(That taught him a thorough lesson not to drink from the huge bowls filled with suspicious red contents at parties again.. bless his curious soul). The two of you lugged him into the back of your car and brought him up to his shared apartment with Chan, who’d been waiting worriedly at the front steps. After the successful drop off, the two of you sat in your car for awhile, laughing in disbelief at the route the night had taken, before mutually agreeing to head to your place and watch a few movies. The night was still young, after all — the two of you just weren’t keen on getting back to the bustling party, so you did what introverts do; holed up with some movie reruns and popcorn.
From then on, it was history.
Marvel movies, DC movies, horror movies, you name it — the two of you had seen all notable movies of the past decade. So you decided to dabble into older films. 
You had immediately began to regret your decision however, during Basic Instinct. The starting scene should have foreshadowed the rest of the movie, but alas. 
“Uh..” You chuckled, incredulous, watching the two leads languidly strip themselves bare. A quick glance told you that Jisung was just as uncomfortable as you, attempting to keep his expression blank. The atmosphere was stifling. When did it get so stuffy in the room? “It’s like a porno or something.”
“Yeah.. Sharon Stone was hot, though.”
You nodded in agreement.
Time ticked by, but the movie seemed to move in slow motion. Such as most did whenever there were explicit erotic scenes playing. 
Despite feeling zero attraction towards the male lead(He looked old enough to be your father), the way he hoisted the girl’s leg over his shoulder had you attempting to inconspicuously press your thighs together, in search of relief. The movie was definitely turning you on, you’d admit to that much. You’d never had a guy’s head between your legs, and couldn’t help but wonder to yourself what it felt to experience an orgasm from being eaten out. It’s not like your dating pool was very promising in that regard, though.
“Wanna stop it here?” He suggested, glancing over at you. He had seen the way you squirmed. He had seen the way your lips parted, too. Chose not to address it, though.
“Yeah, lets. I swear it feels like we’re gonna see a whole bare dick in a few seconds.”
“Why do you have to say it like that?” Jisung snickered, nudging at your arm, reaching over you to grab for the remote. A mistake, considering the way he seemed to tower over your sitting frame, faces merely inches apart. His eyes were as wide as yours when eye contact was finally made, a quiet gasp slipping before he pulled back and returned to the television’s home screen. 
“Sorry,” He mumbled, to which you smiled.
“It’s okay, virgin, I was just surprised. I’m not gonna get all hot and bothered over you being in my face just because of some sex scene in an ancient movie.”
Jisung furrowed his brows. “I didn’t even — whatever. Anyway, I’m not a virgin. I don’t know why you always assume I am.”
“Really? You aren’t?” Your voice was dripping in sarcasm, relieved by the playful air that replaced the suffocating atmosphere from before. “I dunno. Considering all that hentai on your phone..” 
“It’s not hentai!" There was a hint of a pout to his lips that had you completely endeared. This was why you loved teasing him so much. "My wallpaper is 'Your Name, my favorite anime movie. I swear you’d like it if you actually sat down to watch it with me.” His arms folded over his chest defensively. You couldn’t help the giggle that bubbled in your own. 
“Uh-huh, right.”
He scoffed, deciding against fueling the fire further. You loved riling him up and teasing him over the simplest things, but that was just your dynamic, and he treasured it. He wouldn’t replace this carefully nurtured friendship between the two of you with anything in the world.
Jisung aimed the controller at the tv once more, clicking through the channels on auto-pilot, zoning out while a thought intruded his brain. It couldn’t be, could it?
He whispered it so quietly, you wouldn’t have heard it had you not strained your ears. “You aren’t one either.. right?”
“What?!” Your face flushed with heat. Han Jisung, the guy who chugs all of your soda cans in one sitting, the guy who sends you Soulsborne memes at ridiculous hours in the morning, the guy who still puts together Gundam models, the guy who cries during Endgame no matter how many times the two of you rewatch it, is asking if you’re a virgin? “Of course I’m not!”
“Right, right, figures. I was just making sure. Would be pretty ironic.” Jisung shrugged, reading the description under a title that intrigued him. A few beats passed, the only sound in the room being that of the blasting AC. And your racing heart — which you hoped was only audible in your own ears.
“I.. just haven’t had a guy do anything down there.. up close. that’s all.”
He’d been visibly stunned, turning his head to verify whether he had actually heard you say that. The way your eyes averted, fixated on your own fingers that were drumming on your thighs confirmed it. It was a habit he’d began to take note of whenever you were nervous.
Internally, you chastised yourself for blurting that out, a grimace coloring your face, expecting a jab. It was deserved, after all — you don’t give him much to work with on most days, him usually being the butt of the jokes(In a loving way). This was a golden opportunity for him.
However, instead of pouncing at the rare chance to exact revenge for all the times you’d poked fun at him recently, and ultimately break your streak, he was alarmingly quiet. You had half a mind to ask what all the silence was about, before he spoke again. “You mean like.. nobody’s ever eaten you out before?”
Hanging your head, you glue your eyes to your phone, feigning nonchalance. “Y-Yeah.”
You could see him nod from your peripheral view, stare firmly set onto the tv screen. You were mortified. Why did you tell him, anyway? It’s not like he specifically asked. He asked if you were a virgin, which you aren’t, with or without having experienced oral. There was no reason for you to admit to never having had a tongue up your lady bits before. As close as you were, that topic never extended past harmless virgin jokes between the two of you. 
Realistically, there was nothing to feel embarrassed about. If anything, it was the fault of your past partners — too concerned with their own pleasure that they had completely disregarded yours. It mostly only ever consisted of heated makeout sessions, a bit of fingering until you were deemed wet enough to take them, then a few thrusts to the guy's completion. You'd only really ever came thanks to your own fingers during sex — a harsh reality. The concept of genuinely experiencing pleasure thanks to a man? Especially with their mouth, tongue? You'd deemed it something that could only happen in works of fiction.
You were spiraling in your head, paying zero attention to the tweets you were scrolling past. Your mind was flying in every which direction, and you couldn’t help but wonder why him knowing was such a big deal. He was probably sparing you the humiliation of laughing, maybe he pitied you. Or maybe he just didn’t care. He was one of them, after all — a man. He probably didn’t see anything wrong with a woman never having experienced oral in all her years of having sex. Maybe he— “What if I did?”
In your startle, you nearly dropped your phone. Your mouth was gaping, no use of hiding it, and his wide eyes stared right back at yours. “Come again?”
“Like..” He set the controller aside, blinking his gaze elsewhere in thought for a moment before meeting your unmoving stare once more. “What if I ate you out? Would you want that?”
“Jisung.. I’m not desperate enough to have my bestfriend do it."
“I’m not saying you are. I’m just...offering to do it.” He shrugged. “A one time thing, no big deal. I mean, since you’ve never done it before, you know? Like—” “Okay.” “—I could just — huh?”
Shocked that you had agreed so quickly, Jisung froze, only to be thawed out from his state by the way you set aside your phone and shifted closer. “I said ‘okay’, I wanna do that. What better person to try it with, I guess? It’s just you after all.”
He internally winced. 100 psionic damage. “Yeah, just me.” Jisung dumbly echoed. “Are you sure, though..? You don’t need to agree to this if you’re uncomfortable.”
“I wouldn’t agree to it if I were, promise.” You smiled. “I’m not gonna pass it up if you’re offering. Means you at least have some sort of experience, right? Please don’t tell me you suggested it without having any experience.”
“I’ve done it a bunch of times before so I’m definitely experienced. I won’t tell you whether I’m good or not at it though, I guess you’ll have to see for yourself.” Queue the hottest smirk you’ve ever seen grace your bestfriend's lips.
For whatever reason, you clenched. You felt that tell-tale heartbeat down there and knew then, yeah, I can do this. Especially if he keeps acting like that. 
Giggling a little breathlessly, you unconsciously caught your lower lip between your teeth. Jisung’s gaze flickered downwards to catch the motion before meeting your eyes again. “How should we do this, Mr. Pussy Whisperer?”
Rolling his eyes, Jisung instructed you to lay onto your back, to which you obediently did as told. “First of all, don’t call me anything but my name unless I say otherwise.”
Color you intrigued. “Unless you say otherwise?”
“Yeah,” He nodded, bending your legs at the knees, helping you out of your shorts. You could feel the heavy rise and fall of your chest, anticipation building at his touch on your rapidly warming skin. He was teasing you, massaging at your ankles and up your calves. “Spread your legs for me.”
Finding yourself eager to comply, you did as told, watching something flicker across his expression, his eyes hardening with something you couldn’t identify. 
Feeling his warm palms map out the expanse of your legs, traveling upwards towards the peaks of your thighs — you trembled.
You wanted this. You wanted to feel pleasure at the mercy of someone’s tongue and mouth. You wanted to experience sex beyond what you were used to, beyond expecting to only give, give, give and never receive, and with the way he was riling you up without a single kiss — Jisung had potential.
Tearing you from your thoughts and bringing you back to the present, Jisung scoots up between your legs and leans over, caging you into his arms. His minty breath entices you. He lowers his head, and you close your eyes in anticipation, but the kiss never comes. Instead, he presses open mouthed kisses up your neck that knock the air out of your chest, tracing the skin of your jaw with his lower lip, reveling in your quiet gasps and nibbling just below your earlobe before whispering into it.
"I'm gonna start, okay?" You nodded, feeling an ache develop between your legs due to the raspy quality his voice had taken. You'd only ever heard him sound like that while groggy from sleep, not when there was an impending makeout session he was going to have with your cunt.
Jisung surprised you by reaching to assess you first, running his digits over the wet patch in your panties you were embarrassed to admit was quite visible. Maybe the idea of having him touch you was exciting you a lot more than you'd thought it would prior.
"Oh shit, you're soaking through these," He mindlessly commented, propping himself up onto an elbow while you gripped at his hoodie and buried your face into it. "Did talking about it turn you on?"
"Shut up, Ji. Just start already."
He snickered, rolling the pads of his index and middle over your clothed bundle of nerves. Your hips elevated for a moment, breath hitching. "That feels really good."
"I know." Jisung said, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head. "I'm gonna make you feel even better though, okay? I'm taking these off."
After feeling your meek nod against his chest, he pulls away, lowering himself between your legs while maintaining lidded eye contact. You practically throbbed when he bent your knees further up and slid his palms up the back of each, gripping onto them so to help push them towards your chest. He could see everything from this new angle.
"Hold these up for me," He instructed. You hugged the backs of your knees to your chest, gazing down at him with heavy breaths. He began to pepper your ankles, calves, and the back of your thighs with kisses, slowly making his way inward. Each press of his lips against the crook between your thighs and where you needed him most had you clenching over nothing. Your patience was dwindling now, but it still felt so good.
You only barely managed to bite back a whimper when he finally pressed his lips to the ruined fabric of your panties, mouthing at where he knew your clit to be, tracing between your folds, dipping his tongue into the mess you'd created. You were digging crescents into the skin of your knees, chest heaving. "J-Jisung, I thought you were gonna take them off."
"I am. Patience, baby."
A fresh wave of arousal gushed at the name, impossibly wetting your underwear further. With the way he was licking stripes up from your clothed entrance to your clit, you were beginning to lose it, unconsciously gyrating your hips against his face. Jisung didn't seem to mind, letting you act on your impulses, running his fingers into the sticky mess of your panties while circling your clit with his tongue. It was too much yet not enough, all at once. You could feel your panties clinging against the mess you'd made of your cunt. "Please, Ji.. I can't," You mewled.
Nodding, he raised himself up a bit to grip at the waistband of your panties and tug up. The string of arousal connecting them to you paired with the sight of your puffy, sopping lips had Jisung swallowing harshly. "God, you look fucking hot like this."
"Stop teasing, please.. I need you."
"You need me?" He chuckled at your words, lowering himself once more after discarding your panties. "Where do you need me? Show me."
Knitting your brows, you glanced over at him, probing his eyes in search of his typical mirth. When all you could find was dark, sinful desire, you shivered, nodding, easing your legs apart. He watched with rapt attention as you slid your hand down your body with purpose, gingerly spreading your lower lips, presenting to him your twitching, aching core. "Here."
With a low grunt, he dove in, palms splayed onto your inner thighs to hold them apart. A good call, considering you had immediately tried to clamp your legs shut upon the first fat stripe he licked up through your folds. "Oh my god," You huffed, gripping at his hair with your free hand, lolling your head back in disbelief before picking it back up to watch him again. It was unlike anything you'd ever felt before. "Holy fuck. Jisung."
"Yeah? Feels good?" He grinned up at you briefly, lips wet with your slick, before holding out his tongue to flick inquisitively at your clit. You squeaked. "Don't be afraid to pull my hair if you need to, baby."
Noting this, you grasped at his hair, tongue peeking out relieve your lips of their dryness as you watched him lick tirelessly at your juices.
Then he suckled on your sensitive nub, and you writhed, breathing out puffs of air while he spread your lips to spit directly onto you, watching the gob of spit dribble between your lips before lapping at you like a man starved. You were canting your hips now, whimpering, running your fingers through his hair while he sucked, kissed, traced every inch of you, his tongue lowering to nudge at your entrance while he hoisted both legs over his shoulders and kept your hips pinned to the couch with an arm.
"Could eat this pussy out all night," He mumbled into your cunt, bringing a hand under to assist. Two fingers smeared your juices all over you before he licked it back up and slid both digits inside of you with ease. His tongue circled tight around your clit, lips closing around it to suction.
"Fuck!" You screamed, arching your back, practically elevating off of the couch, but he kept you firmly anchored with his arm. Jisung spared you not a single second to adjust to his fingers, immediately scissoring you open, the filthy sound of wet squelching and slurping filling your ears — a filthy symphony. You hiccup, panting, feeling molten heat begin to gather at the pit of your belly. You didn't have any prior experience to compare it to, but he was being messy, quick and precise — and you loved it. "Oh my god. I'm gonna cum."
Instead of slowing down to edge you and prolong any of it as he typically would while doing this, he showed mercy given it's your first time being eaten out, beginning to fuck his fingers up into you, a vigorous come-hither motion up against your fluttering walls, right against the elusive sweet spot inside of you that only you had ever been able to locate before. The sounds you were making didn't sound familiar to your own ears anymore.
His mouth, tongue, and digits never let up, helping you through the high that tore through you, that had you shaking under his ministrations, guiding you through the waves of it until it became too much. Oversensitivity waned, and you gently shoved at his head with a whine, to which he merely gave you a lopsided smile.
"Smell so good, taste even better, fuck. Your pussy is a dream. Give me one more." He grunted between clenched teeth, watching his fingers spread you, juices coating his fingers and palm when he thrusted his them back inside, working diligently to pry another orgasm from you. You were too fucked out to hear him speak, another impending orgasm closing in on you, a scream tearing through your chest when he dove back in and swirled his tongue around your nub, causing the band to snap.
This one was more intense than the last. Your vision went white. A jolt of electricity coursed through every nerve ending in your body. All you could focus on was that delicious, tormenting friction his fingers were granting you, and the feel of his hot tongue swiveling around your clit with practiced ease.
Your cheeks flushed hot again at the sight of his lips and chin glistening with your release when he pulled back after one last kiss on your mound. "How was that for a first time?"
Attempting to steady the pace of your heart again, an arm rested over your forehead, you managed to speak between pants. "It was...alright," You lied. You nearly blacked out from pleasure, but you couldn't admit to that.
"Such a liar. I literally saw your eyes roll back. Guess you can't go around calling me a virgin anymore," He chuckled, licking your arousal from his fingers. The sight had you your spent core twitching again. “Let me go get a towel to clean us up. Don’t move.”
Watching him walk off, you weren’t oblivious to the tent in front of his pants he’d been trying to hide by tugging the hem of his hoodie down.
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