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AU, 5 years later, Eddie and Chrissy  //  I will find you again
She disappeared the day after prom, the day after she kissed him in a yellow cocktail dress, the day after all her options changed after a joint, a pepperoni pizza and a night in his arms... and not because of an alter-dimensional beast but because of monster made of flesh and bone that she calls 'mother'. “You ruined her! I could perceive that devilish smell of you and your hellhole on her,” Laura fucking Cunningham spat when Eddie asked where Chrissy was. “Far away from Hawkins. That’s what she needs!” Oh, he tried -tried to talk to her father (a hollow man) or her brother (Eddie felt so sorry for him), but... no name, no place. Nothing. But he tried so hard. Because it was Chrissy, that little 6th grade girl that had smiled at him with genuine care and told him “good luck” with all her heart... Jesus H. Christ! he loved her since that second. And he had to say it to her no matter what. So he searched for her, leaving Hawkins and Indiana without looking back. But even the most determined mind pales facing reality. An absence. Hers. And the absence of leads and hope. After 3 years, somewhere in the middle of Illinois, Eddie gave up. He parked his van on the roadside, hands tightened on the steering wheel, still, a terrible pop song on the radio, and shed tears of mourning he had refused to shed for years...
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aggressiveviking · 2 days ago
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intertwine your hand in mine💖and fill the empty space
collab with my baby @aleksaidraws (the lines are mine, the colors are his)
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eatsleepandsing · a day ago
Eddie: Okay everyone, here's the plan. You guys are gonna keep the soul sucking demon distracted while I get Chrissy somewhere safe Steve: But we already defeated Vecna. Eddie: I mean her mom
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joansblondells · 2 days ago
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she’s a little confused but she got the spirit !!
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lunateayart · a day ago
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A magical Hellcheer AU🪄💜
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per-sie · 2 days ago
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streamer chrissy au where eddie just sent her the funniest thing on the chat and she can’t stop giggling 🥺💗 we all know he’d be her biggest simp fan and would watch all streams. its just so real
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lunastar92 · 21 hours ago
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He looks adorable and a little bashful when he's looking at her. It's cute!
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shialissima · a day ago
hellcheer being parents, dilf!eddie 1/2
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notes & warnings: this took me forever didn't it? blame twt. this post is 18+ i mean, what did you expect coming from me? minors, leave. descriptions of how babies are made! mentions of a very specific kink eddie has, but other than that, you're good to go. this comes from all the cute headcanons i shared in my old twt about them having babies & how they'd be w them. eddie is a rockstar dilf, i don't think i need to elaborate on that! slighty modern au? look i just cannot be bothered to keep up with adapting everything into the 80s, if you want it, you can do it yourself. !!! Margaret Munson is the name I chose for Eddie's mom, I didn't come up with it, my lovely bee did, so credits go to them entirely, it just makes so much sense with the way i named their babies that i just couldn't help myself! any typos you see, they're not actually real.
Tumblr media
Before you even say anything, Corroded Coffin pops off a year after Eddie graduates, because of course it does. Their shows at the Hideout start gaining more and more attraction, with Gareth producing most of their own songs, they start to gather a loyal following, so much so that one day they get discovered by a famous talent agent from LA, who's been scooping up smaller towns, looking for new talent. When he stumbles upon Corroded Coffin, he knows those boys have something special. & that's how their newly found agent helps them get signed to a relatively new record label. Between the time it takes for the boys to record their first single + their first album, Chrissy finds solace in teaching art to young kids, it's something she's always loved, drawing what comes to mind depending on her mood, depending on situations she experiences, depending on shows she watches, music she listens to, it has helped her navigate and come to terms with her torturous teens so, helping young children deal with their physical and mental issues/expressing themselves about their struggles through art, is something that comes very easily to her. It really makes her feel good to be of help for younger generations. But all that comes to an halt when Eddie asks her if she wants to join him and the guys on their first tour throughout America.
Even though Chrissy absolutely loves her job, and it does give her so much joy, what Eddie's giving her with a simple question is much bigger than anything the old paper town that is Hawkins, can ever give her. Eddie opens the door to freedom, for Chrissy. He had already opened the door to bravery, courage, before. Don't get it twisted, he doesn't do the work for her, he merely guides her to the right path, let's her discover what she's capable of, by herself, he's helped her realize she can stand up for her own against the abuse her mother has put her through her entire life, which she did, all on her own, and he watched proudly, held her shaking figure afterwards and told her she's incredible, she just needs to believe in herself a little more. But if she's as amazing as he claims, then that puts him way above her. He's unimaginable, a color that doesn't exist, a beacon of hope for better things, better days, a better version of herself— a true version of herself. So, with the yearn for exploration of the world and herself, Chrissy severs ties with her old teenage self, her family and that cursed town, in order to join Corroded Coffin on the road.
Chrissy loses herself in the concept of finding who she truly is, during the next several years of the band's success. (I have a wip about this which directly ties in with the band's discography, which i will also write about!) It doesn't take very long until Corroded Coffin is bringing their label the big bucks, taking in the place as their main band/artist, with full creative control over producing and writing their songs, and touring outside America for the first time. Being able to share so many experiences together brings Eddie & Chrissy much closer than they were, they fall in love deeper than they did before, and it's a surprise for both of them, to think they can fall even more for each other, when both are so intensely devoted to one another already. For Eddie, it's Chrissy's ability to turn something that at first he thought was selfish, asking her to leave her life behind to join him in pursuing his dreams, into something that is very personal to her, it doesn't feel like she's just tagging along because she's his girlfriend, and she isn't, for Chrissy, this is all she's ever wanted, freedom, happiness, growth, love and fun.
When a certain surprise knocks at the door for both of them, it's unexpected, it's unplanned but not unwanted. Wild nights of after-concert sex are a typical thing for Chrissy and Eddie. Dripping with sweat and adrenaline, topless, hungry and horny for her, it's completely impossible for her to even resist Eddie, and truth be told, she doesn't want to resist him one bit. She always ends up under him, bent over whatever surface is nearer, sometimes they don't even make it to a private space, she's learned that Eddie can be quite impatient, selfishly fucking her brains out against the tour bus, at the back of whatever arena he's just performed in, not bothered by how annoyed his bandmates are because they can't approach said bus to celebrate their show. But that's not the only thing about post-concert Eddie that Chrissy learns about. Somewhere along the way, Eddie develops quite the breeding kink. "I'm gonna fill you all up baby." + "I wanna see my cum dripping from your cunt." + "I'm gonna stuff you up and you're gonna sit pretty in the bus with all my cum inside you." + "I wanna give you my babies." + "Ya wanna have my baby, baby?" and each statement leaves Chrissy breathless, wanting more, moaning as they cum together.
So, when she gets pregnant for the first time, it shouldn't come as a surprise. But nonetheless, it's still very scary. It's near the end of Corroded Coffin's third tour, which is almost a miracle. She can settle down somewhere nice with Eddie and they can have their little baby. But first? She has to go through telling Eddie. It's a lot more nerve wracking than it should be— she's fidgety, anxious, snaps easily and of course it doesn't go unnoticed by Eddie, it couldn't, that's the love of his life, he knows her like the palm of his hand by now. So, he cancels breakfast with the boys on the last day of their tour, to pull her to the side, into their hotel room and asks her what's really going on. His mind goes to two possible outcomes. Either she's severely sick, possibly dying or she's falling out of love for him. He's terrified, shaking as he looks into her eyes which start pouring tears as soon as he asks her what's wrong. Nothing could prepare Eddie for the words that leave Chrissy the next minute. "E-eddie, I'm pregnant."
She cries when he shows no reaction to her words, still processing such sensitive information. She's pregnant. She has a little baby inside her, their little baby, theirs. They made a baby together. They created something out of the love and lust they feel for each other. Oh he's so happy, he's gonna burst, he feels like he could fucking kiss the moon. Determined to give his baby everything it needs. The world, the stars, any planet his baby wants, it's theirs. He finally snaps out of his internal freak out when he sees Chrissy hiding her sobbing face between her hands. It's a mess, they both cry, she ends up on his lap with him reassuring her that her being pregnant is completely okay, that he's not afraid of it, he won't run away from her, that he's excited to settle down somewhere she wants, and raise their little baby together. But most important of all, he reassures her he loves her. He loves her, he loves her, he loves her and their baby. Their family.
Telling Wayne is exciting. He also can't stop the tears from rolling. The last years have been a whirlwind for Wayne Munson. His boy graduated, chased after his dreams and managed to succeed. He also managed to find a wonderful partner that will keep him grounded and the kind hearted man that he is. So Wayne only has reasons to be proud of Eddie, the son he never had. With Chrissy's pregnancy comes the nudging from Wayne for Eddie to get moving and get married to Chrissy, because "What are you doing waiting around, that girl has been the light of your life for so many years, she's already been a Munson girl ever since you bought her to my trailer years ago. Make it official, boy." And it's not that Eddie doesn't want to, he does, he has wanted to marry Chrissy Cunningham ever since he first landed eyes on her, he just really doesn't want to add pressure of a wedding on top of the pregnancy, the moving around after tour, the finding somewhere to settle down process and all that comes with it. But the idea is there, and when the time is right, he'll act upon it.
It doesn't take very long for Chrissy to find somewhere she wants to raise their baby in. One would think she would decide upon somewhere that wouldn't resemble Hawkins, but, it's not a big buzzing city she choose, it's smaller, the weather is very moody all the time, everyone seems to know each other and take care of one another. It's quite the perfect picture for Chrissy. Due to Eddie's fame, it's not hard to find a house to purchase for themselves, and the process of getting furniture, decorating their little home and the nursery, brings Chrissy the peace to her pregnancy that she needed. It's hard to adjust to having another human grow inside your body, Chrissy struggles a bit, which is only natural, her body goes through changes to accommodate her precious baby girl. Because yes, Eddie is a girl dad and a girl dad only.
After the first few months that it takes for their baby to be able to grow safely and happily in Chrissy's womb, good news come flooding in. The job she had back in Hawkins truly made Chrissy happy and fulfilled, so it's not even a question to hesitate answering when the opportunity to continue her work, now in Forks, comes knocking on their door. It's not a physically demanding job for Chrissy, and it proves to be great distraction from her worries and insecurities, that sometimes, plague her mind. Worries such as, if she's fit enough to be a good mother for her baby, since she never really had a good example to follow. Insecurities such as if she's putting on weight, and if that's gonna take away from her sex appeal, if said sex appeal is even gonna return after she's had her baby. To which Eddie rolls his eyes to, every time. "Actually, the fact you're carrying my child makes you about fifty times sexier. Can't wait to put another in you, soon as our first little beetroot is old enough."
Beetroot. The most random vegetable Chrissy started to crave during her pregnancy, and consequently, the affectionate name Eddie calls their baby. Picking a name for a child proves to be quite troublesome, it's a big responsibility to make such a decision, and it does take Chrissy awhile to come up with ideas. Eddie doesn't give her any either, which frustrates her, but what she doesn't know is that Eddie has decided very early on, that he would let Chrissy pick their baby's name, he would let Chrissy pick all the names of all the kids they would have, if anymore came after this one. Because it's only right, after all that Chrissy is put through her pregnancy, despite it going relatively well, it's a big sacrifice to carry another human being, it's only right Chrissy gets to pick the name, besides, he knows whatever name she picks, he'll absolutely love it. She never disappoints him, never will.
And she doesn't. It comes to her one rainy night, while they cuddle to sleep, she's holding on to Eddie's hands that so affectionally rub her pregnant belly, it's what keeps his anxiety at bay when there's storms approaching, mind filled with deep thoughts that only seem to come when the planet is quiet, and that's how she finds herself thinking about how this was all so unexpected, Eddie's rise to fame, her leaving Hawkins to go with him, getting pregnant, building a love nest in Forks— that's when it hits her, storms can be quite unpredictable, and Eddie doesn't know how to deal with them, but so has been their life, and Eddie's learned how to adapt to all the obstacles, happy ones and not. Storm. That's how she decides on their baby's name. Unpredictable, quite a scary thing to adapt to, but brings them closer, storms and their baby. "Storm Munson. Yeah baby, it sounds fucking metal." He knew Chrissy wouldn't disappoint.
The day Storm Margaret Munson is born, Eddie's world shifts. Nothing actually matters anymore besides the little bundle of joy in his arms, and his beautiful and courageous girlfriend, who did so well throughout the entire birth, as expected, she's out of this world. The next three years of witnessing his baby growing up, are the best years of his entire life, nothing can compare to seeing Chrissy's eyes when he looks to his little beetroot, her head full of blonde curls, her cheeks raised up most of the time from being such a happy, healthy baby. Hearing her first words being "dada" because his little baby is so attached to him. She's a daddy's girl through and through. She clings to him whenever he's home, loves to take naps on his chest, he lets her play with the strings of all his precious guitars, turning her into an eager fan of his talent, seen by the way she claps and giggles every time he plays a song for her. Nothing in the world will ever compare to the way he feels when Chrissy tells him she loves him, but hearing his daughter say the same thing, every morning and every night, definitely comes very close to it. It's the unconditional, "I will do anything for you, my sweet pea." type of daddy-daughter love that Eddie didn't know he wanted, he didn't know he needed, until he has it. He's proud of himself, to be able to know how to love his daughter the right way, to know he did not turn out the way his dad did, to know he most likely made his mom happy. And he knows Storm would live up to his mother's name, raised to be the most kind, angelic human being, like his mom, like her mom. The only three women in Eddie's life.
Or they were, until Chrissy decides to add in a fourth one. Because after three wonderful years, she's pregnant for a second time, and it's yet another girl. Another beetroot. Another little sweet pea. Another living proof of their love, and he can't fucking wait, to meet his second baby. But first, perhaps it's time to make sure Chrissy's ring finger isn't so bare anymore. Right? Right.
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my brain is doing A Thing again so once again i’m here to inflict my au ideas on all of you and tonight it’s The Holiday AU.
chrissy’s woefully still in love with her pos ex jason and he’s been stringing her along for the last three years but now he’s engaged and chrissy is devastated.
she needs to get away. she wants to go somewhere sunny and warm and forget all about stupid jason. (in this au i’m thinking she lives in NYC because ... reasons.) so she puts her apartment up on a house-sharing site and crosses her fingers that she’ll be able to get somewhere that’s not here for the holidays.
in comes nancy, who’s just dumped her longtime boyfriend jonathan because she’s tired of being the one pulling all the weight in their relationship (sorry jonathan but yeah you’re kinda the bad guy here) and she thinks knows she deserves better. she decides to get out of LA for a while (yes she lives in LA she’s still probably a reporter or something idk i’ll figure that out later) and thinks hey, christmas in NYC is something people talk about, right? it’ll probably be great! so what if she hasn’t dealt with snow in years, it’ll be fine. nobody drives in nyc anyway.
chrissy loves nancy’s place in LA. it’s bright and sunny and airy and everything she wanted. not to mention there’s the most adorable old man living next door (wayne!!!) whose nephew comes around every couple of days to check on him - and while chrissy is trying very, very hard not to notice... the nephew is hot. maybe getting over jason will be easier than she thought.
(also featuring steve as chrissy’s next door neighbor who is all too happy to help nancy navigate nyc in the winter and has a revolving door of teenagers going in and out of his apartment because who is steve without dustin lucas max etc)
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statisticalcats · 2 days ago
Jason: "Welcome to the Fuck Eddie Munson club. Today we're going to talk about why we hate Eddie Munson and-"
Chrissy, standing up: "So, I may have misunderstood..."
Chrissy, on her way out: "Also, I think you're lying to yourself, Jason"
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dwobbitfromtheshire · a day ago
Chrissy serenades Eddie.
🎶 Eddie my love, I love you so
Eddie my love, I love you so
Eddie my love, I love you so
How I've wanted for you, you'll never know
Please, Eddie, don't make me wait too long 🎶
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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86baybee · 2 days ago
Cruel To Be Kind: A 90s NY AU 🌃🍂☕🚇🎃🤎
Tumblr media
"I'd rather not have a stranger know where I live on my first day in the city."
Eddie leaned his arm against the wall casually, trying ever so slightly at a smoldering expression.
"Stranger? I thought we were neighbors."
She seemed startled by his sudden proximity at first, but slowly leaned her face up to his.
"Well, as your neighbor? I find you a little strange." She whispered.
Read the rest of Chapter One here
Companion playlist here
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aggressiveviking · a day ago
Tumblr media
good doggy 🐶🦴💖
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eatsleepandsing · 2 days ago
chrissy, eddie and casual touches
Chrissy tracing eddie's rings with her fingers while they hold hands
eddie playing with the end of her ponytail, when he has an arm around her shoulders
eddie resting his chin on her head, while they wait in line at the movies
gently placing a hand on each other's waist or back, as they move around in the trailer's tiny kitchen as they make breakfast together
chrissy laying her feet in eddie's lap, as they sit together in his couch, her reading his copy of the hobbit and he planning the next d&d session
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For the Hellcheer prompts: maybe some fluffy each one figuring out the others favorite things and jotting it down to remember it and incorporate it or learn something about it for the other one!
This ended up being longer and angstier than I meant it to be (still fluffy, though!)
“Okay, babe, I’ve seriously got to know what this shit is. I want to eat your face.” 
“Eddie!” Chrissy shrieks as he drags his tongue along her lower lip and hums in satisfaction, eyes flashing with some combination of lust and mischief. She smacks him on the shoulder, but there’s no rancor in it, especially as Eddie catches her hand and uses it to pull her in and cuddle her up to his chest. “You’ll think it’s stupid.” 
He blows a raspberry against her temple. “Will not.”
“It’s just… such a teen girl thing, you know?” 
“So like Ralph Macchio branded lipgloss or something?”
Chrissy rolls her eyes, but she’s smiling to herself. “I feel like Seventeen would have mentioned if they made that. Not to mention at least three girls on the cheer squad.”
Eddie sighs and wraps his arms around her, squeezing her tight, cheek rested against the top of her head. “Any better on that front?”
Chrissy’s smile falls, and she tries to pull a fraction away, but Eddie holds her firm, nuzzles against her hair. “Still just Julie and Maggie,” she murmurs. “And Jennifer at least waved back to me last week. Nothing from the rest of them.”
“When’s the next game? For…” Eddie gestures vaguely, arms still curled around Chrissy’s shoulders. “...you know. The next brain-dead jock parade.”  
Eddie thunks his head back against the wall, and the worn springs of his battered mattress squeak beneath him as he shifts Chrissy in his arms. “You’re still welcome at Hellfire, you know. It’s a one-shot campaign this week, too, before we start the next big one. No strings, get your pretty little feet wet.” He leans down and takes one of her big toes between thumb and forefinger and wiggles it playfully. 
“Eddie,” Chrissy sighs. They’ve had this discussion every week in the month they’ve been dating. 
Chrissy insists that Hellfire nights are for Eddie and his friends, she doesn’t know anything about the game, she’d ruin the whole thing for everyone.
Eddie insists that she would love it, it would help her to be able to play a character and get to be whatever she wants, why not dive into the deep end with the freaks when she’s already got their king wrapped around her pretty little finger?
Eddie asks. Chrissy says no. 
Eddie whines a little. Chrissy still says no, but her eyes are sadder when she does.
It’s an adjustment. All of it. The snide comments of the cheer team when they see Chrissy holding his hand in the hallway. The polite but confused and standoffish reactions of the Hellfire Club when Chrissy comes by their lunch table, kisses Eddie and plays with his hair. 
They’re nice, at least. Julie and Maggie are nice. The ragtag group that comprises The Party is nice. 
But no one quite gets it, or, frankly, thinks it’ll last beyond a passing curiosity: The Freak and The Cheerleader.
What a weird couple.
It doesn’t bother Eddie at all, but Chrissy… Chrissy is used to being restrained, polished, stared at with scrutinizing eyes that always find her lacking. And the judgment has been oppressive. 
Eddie pulls away, holds her just at arm’s length so he can watch her face. His eyes are soft, and he brushes the backs of his fingers against her cheek (his rings are warm, from both of them, and it makes her heart turn in her chest). 
“Hey,” he says, voice quiet. His hand cups her jaw in a gentle hold. “I love you, Chris. Whatever you want, okay? Always.”
It’s not the first time he’s said it, any of it, but Chrissy’s eyes sting with tears just the same, and she lays her hand over the one at her jaw. 
“Strawberry Lip Smackers,” she says. 
Eddie’s brow furrows in confusion for a moment, before smoothing in comprehension, his eyes bright. “Well goddamn,” he swears happily, reaching with his freehand for a rumpled notebook and a pencil. “Do they make it in, like, edible form? Not even kidding, princess, it’s delicious.” 
Chrissy laughs as he scribbles a note to himself: buy Chris more strawberry lip smackers 
It’s a little thing, but her heart feels so warm, full. 
She feels seen, but not like before, with scrutinizing eyes, with appraising, pinched faces.
Eddie sees her. All of her. The unicorn socks and the middle-school lipgloss and the jeans with demarcation lines hidden inside the waistband. And he loves her.
He starts as she throws her arms around his middle, snuggles into his chest. The pencil clatters to the floor, rolls and settles so she can see the name. Blackwing.
“I love you, too,” she says, closes her eyes and lets herself be, just for now. 
On Friday night, Julie and Maggie tell the rest of the cheer squad that Chrissy isn’t feeling well. 
Instead, when Eddie makes his way to the drama club room to set up, she’s waiting for him outside, clad in the pink-sleeved Hellfire tee he’d printed for her, a pink smile shining on her Lip Smackered-lips and a brand-new package of his favorite pencils in her hands. 
"Ready to get my feet wet," she says, and laughs as Eddie hoists her up in his arms and kisses her, strawberries and all.
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lunateayart · 2 days ago
Witch!Chrissy is walking home from the herb shop. She stayed too long and now it’s dark out. A stray brown cat joins her, guiding her through the dark and damp cobblestone streets. She can’t bring herself to leave him out in the cold, so she offers him a blanket and a bowl warm milk by her bedside.
Her new familiar’s name is Eddie.
Tumblr media
Happy October 1st 🧡
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Tumblr media
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