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AU, 5 years later, Eddie and Chrissy  //  I will find you again
She disappeared the day after prom, the day after she kissed him in a yellow cocktail dress, the day after all her options changed after a joint, a pepperoni pizza and a night in his arms... and not because of an alter-dimensional beast but because of monster made of flesh and bone that she calls 'mother'. “You ruined her! I could perceive that devilish smell of you and your hellhole on her,” Laura fucking Cunningham spat when Eddie asked where Chrissy was. “Far away from Hawkins. That’s what she needs!” Oh, he tried -tried to talk to her father (a hollow man) or her brother (Eddie felt so sorry for him), but... no name, no place. Nothing. But he tried so hard. Because it was Chrissy, that little 6th grade girl that had smiled at him with genuine care and told him “good luck” with all her heart... Jesus H. Christ! he loved her since that second. And he had to say it to her no matter what. So he searched for her, leaving Hawkins and Indiana without looking back. But even the most determined mind pales facing reality. An absence. Hers. And the absence of leads and hope. After 3 years, somewhere in the middle of Illinois, Eddie gave up. He parked his van on the roadside, hands tightened on the steering wheel, still, a terrible pop song on the radio, and shed tears of mourning he had refused to shed for years...
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intertwine your hand in mine💖and fill the empty space
collab with my baby @aleksaidraws (the lines are mine, the colors are his)
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Yes selling ketamine to a vulnerable teenager is bad but Eddie is a worse person for the way he treated Lucas and encouraged Lucas' friends to act.
Even if you hate jocks and hate sports and hate parties and whatever.... it's pretty obvious Lucas didn't have friends outside of Hellfire Club and the fact Eddie scheduled the campaign final specifically on the night of the championship game (he wouldve known the exact date, there wouldve been posters and announcements for months prior and hes not stupid) had to have been on purpose. And if he was trying to make Lucas choose a side? That's fucked up. Let a kid have a hobby outside your realm of interests you gatekeeping prick.
If by chance he genuinely didn't know the date? He could've postponed. People postpone D&D campaigns all the fucking time and it's not like Eddie had a job so he had to worry about scheduling issues. It's clear why you can't just move the date of a championship basketball game for 7 nerds to play a boardgame. No, he did this on purpose. To weed out the jocks in his nerd club. To ostracise Lucas specifically.The way Eddie interacts with Mike and Dustin shows he knows the people in Hellfire Club. He would've known who Lucas is. He wouldve known he loves D&D as much as the rest of them but because he also has a different interest that Eddie dislikes (not even for a moral reason but just because its popular), he's forced out. A group supposedly for outsiders is excluding one of their own for *checks notes* being an outsider? It's fucked up and just plain mean.
And Lucas will never forget that none of his friends NOT A SINGLE ONE went to the championship game that he won.
What say you, Kiki The Maiden?
Okay first of all, a disclaimer: I disagree with about everything you said. I love analyzing things, and everyone has different headcanons and interpretations, but the writers took great efforts to canonically exclude these arguments. I mean if it were like you said, I'd agree, but it canonically isn’t. I rewatched the key scenes for this reply and transcribed the relevant dialogues for the following analysis. Again, this isn't meant to be rude - you asked about my honest opinion, I'm giving it.
1.”Eddie selling ketamine to a vulnerable teenager”:
The scenes:
Eddie bumps into Chrissy in the woods, sees her obvious distress and asks whether she's okay, obviously concerned. From the context, it's obvious Chrissy initiated the deal and made him come to the woods because that's how most drug deals work and Eddie himself is obviously surprised that Chrissy asked for this deal.
They sit down, Eddie takes off his leather jacket and denim vest, his "shield" against the world as the costume designer Amy L. Forsythe calls it, thereby taking off his guard like he did in the D&D sequence. He canonically makes himself less intimidating because since people think he's mean and scary because he's a metalhead who plays D&D and deals drugs, and he wants Chrissy to see she doesn't have to be scared.
Chrissy asks how the deal works, Eddie explains it. His tone is neutral, the little quip about "and for obvious reasons...no receipts" meant to set her a bit at ease by making a little joke. He then proceeds to ask her whether his conditions - 20 dollars for the half - are okay, giving her control over the situation.
Chrissy stays jumpy and distressed. Eddie relates it to himself, takes the drugs away, out of her line of vision, avoids eye contact as he tells her "we don't have to do this. Just say the word and I'll walk away." He's defensive that she sees him as a danger because that's obviously how most people conceive him and it hurts. And since he doesn't want to pressure her into anything, he offers her a way out - no consequences, no questions asked; he puts Chrissy in charge again. He moves to go to show her he means it - and he does mean it, what he sees is that Chrissy obviously doesn't want him there from his POV - until Chrissy says: "No, it's not that. I don't want you to go."
That's where Eddie realizes she isn't scared of him, and does what she asked him to: he stays. He tries to build a connection, a common ground to talk about and set her at ease. He does. He yeets himself off the bench, making her laugh AND giving her more physical space. He's a little self-deprecating in a charming, sweet way (the yeeting off the bench and rolling on the ground, "we actually got a crowd of about five...drunks") and they get along well. Whether you ship them or not doesn't matter: they both are at ease with each other and laugh together, both sides have their guards down and the interaction is genuine and void of any ulterior motives, as the Duffers as well as Grace and Joe confirmed in various interviews.
Eddie offers Chrissy a 25% discount, which reaffirms he's not interested in the money. I mean, yes, he deals because he needs the money, but he wants those deals to be consentual and in Chrissy's case, he likes her. Again, no matter whether you ship them or not, he wants to be nice, no ulterior motives.
Chrissy asks him "do you have anything maybe...stronger?"
Eddie reacts shocked/surprised.
Chrissy is smiling very hard when she steps out of the van and follows Eddie into the trailer, which implies she didn’t seem nervous on the way or anything like that. (she only starts to get nervous/panic when she starts hearing Vecna’s clock - and even then, she doesn’t try to escape the trailer, but she tries to get to Eddie)
At the trailer, Eddie stars searching for the ketamine, which implies - as well as his "no, no, no, I got it. Somewhere." - that he doesn't often sell other things than weed. His confusion as to where he placed the ketamine is genuine.
Chrissy dies. Another thing: even while Chrissy is in her trance, Eddie respects her boundaries. He stays a few feet away, dancing, snapping, clapping to wake her up and only when she doesn't and he realizes she's in actual danger from something, he crosses into her personal space to grab her shoulders and as a last resort pat her cheeks to wake her up. If we compare the whole scene with that of Eddie and Steve in the UD, we can see the glaring contrast: Eddie sways in and out of Steve's personal space.
Ketamine isn’t classified as a hard drug, btw; its risk of causing addiction/dependency is as high or low as that of weed, and the risk of a deadly overdose is so low there’s not even a statistic for it.
Yes, Eddie sells ketamine to a vulnerable teenager (bear in mind that Chrissy is canonically 18 and Eddie is 20, there is no power imbalance, they're both seniors) - but he doesn't know Chrissy is vulnerable. We, the audience, know it, because we see Chrissy's POV, her ed, and we see her getting targeted by Vecna and we even get a glimpse at the abuse she suffers through her mother.
Eddie, from his POV sees: Chrissy Cunningham, the Queen of Hawkins High, from a good middle class/upper middle class family, the most popular girl of school, on top of the hierarchy. He doesn't know she even has struggles. We see the picture Chrissy paints for everyone is a perfect one (the little kiss she blows Jason at the Pep Rally symbolizes that). For all he knows, Chrissy is the Queen of Hawkins High who wants to be a bit rebellious before her graduation in one and a half months, the good girl being nervous about her first drug deal, or she’s simply having a bad day. The last time they canonically interacted was in middle school, and Eddie doesn’t know her. He doesn’t know how she usually acts or how to tell that she’s vulnerable.
Chrissy asks him to do the deal in the woods, Chrissy is the one who tells him she doesn't want him to go vehemently enough to make sure she means it, and Chrissy is the one who asks him for something stronger than weed (he never offers it!). Chrissy is initiating things, and she's her own autonomous person capable - at least from Eddie's POV - of making her own decisions, having her own agenda; she’s not some helpless little vulnerable girl. She’s a senior, just like Eddie. Stop vilifying Eddie in this situation. It wasn’t a good thing to do, it’s a flaw, but he never had ill intentions or ulterior motives and he had no way to know that Chrissy was vulnerable.
And selling drugs is what he does. It's a flaw, and one that makes him a complex character. He's a person, and sometimes people do stupid things. It be like that.
2.Eddie not postponing the campaign:
I'll sum up all four scenes relevant for this because again, what we see in canon and what is obviously canonically implied are the facts.
The Pep Rally: At the pep rally, during Jason's speech, we find out that the Hawkins tigers won the game "last night" which means that they're in the championship finale "tonight". Dustin and Mike react shocked that the championship game is "tonight", and Max explains "they call it a tournament. you win one game, you go on and so on until only one team is left." It's canon that they only knew 24 hours beforehand that the championship game would take place because they only won the final game to enable it the night prior.
Walking back from the rally, Lucas tells Dustin and Mike to "just talk to Eddie", which they both at first refuse, instead trying to coerce Lucas into not attending the championship game but the end of the D&D campaign, a campaign which has gone on for the "past semester" as Dustin points out, "we need you." To which Mike adds, "Yes, and the Tigers don't. You've been on the bench all year."
Lucas tells them that the point isn't only the game but "I'm getting good with these guys. I'll be in the popular crowd, and then you guys will be, too. Mike: "Has is ever occured to you that we don't want to be popular?" Lucas: "So you wanna be stuck with the nerds and freaks for three more years?" Dustin: "We are nerds and freaks." Lucas: "But maybe we don't have to be. Look, I'm tired of being bullied. I'm tired of girls laughing at us, I'm tired of feeling like a loser. We came to high school wanting things to be different, right?" - Dustin and Mike nod. Lucas: "So now we have that chance. I skip tonight, that's all out the window. So I'm asking you guys, as a friend, talk to Eddie. Get him to move Hellfire. Come to my game. Please."
The cafeteria scene begins with Eddie reading out the article linking D&D to satanism, sodomy, suicide and murder, poking fun of it before launching into the table speech during which he shows and states that he's tired and defensive and angry at his hobby being not only labelled as "less" than band, science, parties or basketball, but as evil, once again painting him as mean and scary, a freak "because we like to play a fantasy game."
When Dustin asks Eddie to postpone the campaign in the cafeteria, ALL the rest of Hellfire protests before Eddie yells "STOP" so he can speak and say he won't postpone, telling them to find a sub for Lucas.
Those are the relevant scenes. Now, on to your comments:
Even if you hate jocks and hate sports and hate parties and whatever....
he resents them for kicking him down, for having hobbies which are deemed good while his own, absolutely harmless hobby, is called less and even dangerous. The resentment of someone who got bullied and still gets bullied and scorned upon all his life simply because he dresses differently and his hobby is different. We see what those little pricks in season 1 did to Mike and Dustin and Will for being nerds and playing D&D - we all know for Eddie, it hasn't been any different. He jusged people the same way he gets judged and doesn't realize it, which, yes, is a character flaw, and one he very quickly strips after his encounter with Erica who, rightly so, absolutely roasted him to which he realized he didn't act nice and did the shitty thing people were doing to him and owned it and did better, genuinely welcoming him to Hellfire even though he just got roasted and insulted ("long-haired freak", the name freak something Jason calls him and which in the cafeteria scene is revealed to be a very sore spot for him) by her in front of his friends. Flawed? Yes. Learning and doing better? Yes.
it's pretty obvious Lucas didn't have friends outside of Hellfire Club
Canonically wrong. It's not obvious. It might have been if he and Eddie were close, but they aren't (later a bit more on that but bear with me.) The canon facts:
1.The costume design already shows Lucas, at the start of ST4, belongs more to the jocks than the nerds: he wears his basketball attire while Dustin and Mike wear the Hellfire Club shirts. It's the game of the pap rally where everyone wears their club's outfits (the Cheerleaders, the Jocks, the Nerds) so it's not the common outfit but it already separates Lucas from the rest of Hellfire/his friends Mike and Dustin.
2.Lucas is sitting with the basketball players.
Tumblr media
It is canonically implied, in two instances, that Lucas started sitting with them regularly, leaving Mike and Dustin to sit alone with each other even before they joined Hellfire/met Eddie. a) in the cafeteria scene when Eddie remembers the moment he invited Dustin and Mike into Hellfire: "You were sitting on that table right there, looking like...looking like TWO little lost sheep" and b) in the scene where Dustin tells Max that Eddie has to be innocent: "When we got to High School, Lucas made all his sports friends. Mike and me? I mean no one was nice to us. No one except Eddie." -> Lucas had started leaving Mike and Dustin behind for the jocks long before Eddie invited them to Hellfire. Implying that Eddie as Hellfire's leader invited Lucas, who was already starting to join the crowd of jocks Eddie dislikes, into Hellfire despite him becoming one of the jocks.
3. Lucas canonically never hangs with Hellfire and Dustin and Mike because the jocks didn't know Lucas was friends with Eddie or anyone in Hellfire. They didn't even know he was friends with Dustin and Mike.
At Benny's when Jason rallies his mob:
When the mob shows up at Corroded Coffin's band practice:
Lucas: "Hellfire isn't a cult. It's just a D&D club. D&D? Dungeons and dragons? It's like a...it's like a game. It's fantasy."
Andy Warren: "And how exactly do you know all of that, Sinclair?"
Lucas: "Uh...well. It's my sister. Yeah. She's like...she's like a total nerd."
DISCLAIMER: Lucas lies here because he wants to find out what the jocks plan, not because he means it. He's a double agent already if you will, I'm only quoting this because obviously the jocks don't know Lucas is in Hellfire or even affiliated with any of its members, canonically implying that Lucas takes care not to be seen with anyone in Hellfire at school. When Jason attacks Garreth and forces him to tell him where Eddie is and Gareth says "Dustin Henderson" there's no indication that the jocks know Lucas is even friends with Dustin, else, they'd have asked Lucas about him.
Gareth: "Lucas? What are you doing with those douchebags?"
Jason: "You know these freaks, Sinclair?"
Lucas: "Uh. They know my sister. They tried to recruit me to their club, cult."
Lucas has friends outside of Hellfire, and he chose them, and it's canonically implied that he doesn't even hang around with Mike, Dustin or the rest of Hellfire during school. His reasons are totally relatable, I'm just saying your point is canonically wrong.
Eddie scheduled the campaign final specifically on the night of the championship game (he wouldve known the exact date, there wouldve been posters and announcements for months prior and hes not stupid) had to have been on purpose.
As per the dialogue in the episode with Max, Mike and Dustin didn't know, and Eddie had no way of knowing since he wasn't at the pep rally where it was said. There can't have been announcements etc because as I said, it's canon that nobody knew until 24 hours prior that the championship game would take place that night. If anybody had known that the game might take place at that date, it would have been Lucas, but since Mike and Dustin didn't know, I don't think Lucas thought about telling them, if he even knew. Canon is only that Mike, Dustin, Eddie and the rest of Hellfire didn't know because the whole school didn't know until 24 hours earlier.
And if he was trying to make Lucas choose a side?
Eddie never threatened to kick anybody out of Hellfire and as we got to know him in the later episodes, he never would have. It was about ONE night, the finale of the campaign, not generally about being part of Hellfire. Plus, Eddie never put Lucas to the test to see which side he'd choose, and he never even implied that he would've kicked Lucas out of Hellfire. It was about one single night. Again, petty and definitely selfish - but there was no ulterior motive, no mind games or power play going on.
That's fucked up. Let a kid have a hobby outside your realm of interests you gatekeeping prick.
Everything in canon implies that it wasn't Eddie's intention. He didn't know the date. He learned that day in the cafeteria. There were loads of equipment for the game and the setting - candles, chalices, all that stuff, and since Hellfire shares the room with the theater club (which is canon by the scenes and the lightning etc. that it's the theatre room) it means he needed to book the room to make sure it was free, meaning that it took work and time to organize everything so the campaign could take place. It never once is even implied that Eddie tried to gatekeep - and from everything we know, the one time when he did try to gatekeep D&D with Erica, he realized the mistake and stopped gatekeeping immediately, holding no ill will.
If by chance he genuinely didn't know the date?
He didn't know the date, that's canon, as I pointed out.
He could've postponed. People postpone D&D campaigns all the fucking time and it's not like Eddie had a job so he had to worry about scheduling issues. It's clear why you can't just move the date of a championship basketball game for 7 nerds to play a boardgame. No, he did this on purpose.
Eddie is the leader of Hellfire, but he's not the only one calling the shots.
The three others - Gareth, Jeff and Freak#3 as he's called in the credits - protested VERY loudly and vehemently as soon as Dustin asked to postpone, before Eddie even got to react. Eddie called them to stop protesting, and it was evident that out of 7 people (Eddie, Lucas, Mike, Dustin, Gareth, Jeff, Freak#3), 3 had already made it clear that they were firmly against postponing, Mike and Dustin wanted to postpone, and Lucas - who wanted to postpone - didn't even go to the trouble to show Eddie the courtesy of asking him himself whether he could postpone the game. Yes, Eddie is Hellfire's leader and DM, but it was 3 against 2 without Eddie and Lucas and 4 against 3 with them, a clear democratic decision not to postpone.
Part of Hellfire are Dustin and Mike who never, not once, asked him to postpone because they wanted to be at the championship game to support Lucas, but because Lucas couldn't be there because of the game. Eddie never knew it was important, Mike and Dustin never voiced that they wanted to support Lucas at the basketball game because they didn't want to and they made it clear with Lucas, only being swayed briefly. It's easy to point at Eddie and say "he didn't want to postpone, we had no choice!" when Eddie didn't even know Mike and Dustin wanted to go to the basketball game (which, again, they didn't make clear was something they wanted).
Had they told Eddie they wouldn't make it to Hellfire alongside Lucas, because they wanted to support him, Eddie and the rest of Hellfire would have had no choice but to postpone, with three missing players. Dustin and Mike had a choice here, and they chose against Lucas.
About the 7 nerds...yes, Eddie doesn't have a job. But what about the other three, Gareth and Jeff and Freak#3? We don't know whether they had jobs, other scheduling issues. You tend to forget that Hellfire isn't just Eddie, but 5, (without Dustin and Mike 3) other people who are included in scheduling decisions. It doesn't work this way that the DM is calling the shots and everyone else follows - no club works like this, except when it's a cult.
To weed out the jocks in his nerd club. To ostracise Lucas specifically. The way Eddie interacts with Mike and Dustin shows he knows the people in Hellfire Club. He would've known who Lucas is. He wouldve known he loves D&D as much as the rest of them but because he also has a different interest that Eddie dislikes (not even for a moral reason but just because its popular), he's forced out.
No, he wouldn't have, because Eddie wasn't close to Lucas, canonically, he didn't know him outside of the D&D games where you play and don't talk a lot about anything outside of the game. It's already been established that at school, Lucas was with the jocks, never with Eddie or Hellfire because else the jocks would have remembered seeing one of their own with one of the "freaks". And Lucas left before Mike and Dustin joined Hellfire, which implies Eddie never ostracized anyone, he never was responsible for Mike and Dustin growing apart from Lucas. They simply had different interests, like teenagers do. People grow apart, interests change. Lucas (and Mike) didn't show much interest in D&D in ST3 - that was Will's whole storyline! - and it is in no way implied that Lucas is sad to miss the campaign (he's sad that Mike and Dustin would miss his game, not that he wouldn't be able to play D&D, judging by the entire dialogue) or that he still loves playing D&D as much as he did. We don't know how he was during the campaigns when there were no jocks around to criticize Lucas and Lucas was free to be himself at Hellfire, but since Lucas never stayed Eddie and the rest of Hellfire during school, while Mike and Dustin did because Lucas was with the jocks and they didn't want to be with the jocks, it's canon that Lucas and Eddie weren't close, and maybe not even friends before the events of ST4. Another proof: Lucas at first actually believes Eddie killed Chrissy (which is relatable since everyone not knowing Eddie, Max included, came to that first conclusion until learning of Vecna and getting to know Eddie):
Again, relatable and Max showed the same reaction but Dustin knew Eddie didn't do it because Dustin was very close to Eddie, much closer than Lucas was.
Lucas: "You guys know he (Eddie) killed Chrissy, right?"
Dustin: "That's bullshit. Eddie tried to save Chrissy."
Lucas: "Then why do all the cops say he did?"
Not once was it implied that Eddie didn't want to postpone because he didn't like Lucas having other interests. It was, however, implied in several instances that it was the moment a whole semester-long campaign had been leading to.
A group supposedly for outsiders is excluding one of their own for *checks notes* being an outsider? It's fucked up and just plain mean.
It would have been, would it have been the case, yes. Canonically, it isn't the case, and Lucas is no outsider. He is an insider with the jocks (Jason: "I should've never let you in." - Lucas:"I shouldn't have knocked."), albeit within the circle of jocks, he's an outsider. We don’t know whether Eddie knows that.
And might I remind you that Eddie's last breath, the last moments of his life after sacrificing himself "for a town that hated him", were spent to make Dustin promise he would look out after all the lost little sheepies because he couldn't anymore? Yes, he did gatekeep (with Erica, not Lucas) but he had a lot of character growth during the series regarding his us-vs-them perspective (with Chrissy not being mean and scary, with Erica being a D&D nerd despite being an eleven-years-old girl, with Steve not being a douche, with Nancy Wheeler having guns, plural, in her bedroom) - but Eddie did never intentionally ostracize anyone. His entire character was written to embody exactly the opposite in the narrative: someone who founded a club for those who'd been ostracised from the rest of high school hierarchy. That was a canon core of Eddie's character and narrative.
That was the canon. Here's my opinion, based on those canon facts and implications I listed:
It was a fucked up situation for ALL of them, and that it went the way it did is their fault, all together, and I'm sorry for all of them that it went this way.
Lucas' POV is relatable: he's tired of being bullied and sticking with Jason and the jocks is his ticket out, and he genuinely believes sticking with the jocks to become part of the popular crowd will benefit Mike and Dustin as well, in the long run, to not being bullied anymore. He never has any ill intent towards anyone.
Mike and Dustin's POV is less relatable than Lucas', in my opinion: They want to play D&D instead of watching the basketball game they're absolutely not interested in even if it's their best friend on the bench and maybe even playing (nobody could have known he'd be playing, he only was because another player was injured, but Mike’s jab at Lucas being a benchwarmer is mean) - they wanted the old times back, they wanted to play D&D alongside Lucas but they chose to play without him instead of supporting him. Eddie never threatened to kick anybody out of Hellfire and as we got to know him in the later episodes, he never would have. It was about ONE night, the finale of the campaign, not generally about being part of Hellfire - they could have opted to support Lucas and Eddie would have needed to postpone. They didn't.
Eddie's POV: He doesn't know Lucas as well as he knows Dustin and Mike because Lucas never spends any time with him outside of the campaigns outside of school. Lucas doesn't even ask Eddie himself to postpone, which, in my opinion, is a bit rude. There has been a lot of work involved for Eddie, preparations for the setting as well as planning of the campaign since he's the DM. By not asking him himself, Lucas didn't show Eddie it was important to him that he could partake in the campaign so no, Eddie didn't know it was important to Lucas, who was sitting with the jocks while he let Mike and Dustin do the talking so he wouldn't be seen with Eddie and the other "freaks and nerds" as Lucas called them. Eddie was petty, yes, but he didn't have any ill intent either, neither towards Lucas nor towards Dustin and Mike - he simply wanted to play D&D and didn't know it was important to postpone because the only explanation Mike and Dustin gave was "we need Lucas as a player", to which the obvious solution was "get a sub". Plus, Eddie never put Lucas to the test to see which side he'd choose, and he never even implied that he would've kicked Lucas out of Hellfire. It was about one single night. Again, a bit petty and definitely selfish and a flaw - but there was no ulterior motive, no mind games or power play going on.
I'm not saying Eddie doesn't have flaws: he has, and that's important because they make him relatable. He acted selfish and ignorant because it was about basketball, and he did gatekeep with Erica until he realized he was and corrected the mistake immediately without being childish about it. Yes, he judges people prematurely and stacks them in neat little boxes just like they do him, and he learns it later on and stops doing it because he’s self-aware. Yes, he was stupid to sell Chrissy ketamine. But canonically, none of these things happened with ulterior motives or ill intent, and the narrative and writers went out of their way to show that because else, they would have failed to depict Eddie as the lovable character he was meant to be.
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eddie munson took chrissy cunningham to her first metal concert 🤘🏻, 1987 #hellcheer
& @quirly <3
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joansblondells · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
she’s a little confused but she got the spirit !!
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angelofshiningwaters · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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lunateayart · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A magical Hellcheer AU🪄💜
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bookgil · 2 days ago
I love how all the new stranger things cast members kind of banded together and all became friends
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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per-sie · 2 days ago
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streamer chrissy au where eddie just sent her the funniest thing on the chat and she can’t stop giggling 🥺💗 we all know he’d be her biggest simp fan and would watch all streams. its just so real
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eatsleepandsing · 2 days ago
chrissy, eddie and casual touches
Chrissy tracing eddie's rings with her fingers while they hold hands
eddie playing with the end of her ponytail, when he has an arm around her shoulders
eddie resting his chin on her head, while they wait in line at the movies
gently placing a hand on each other's waist or back, as they move around in the trailer's tiny kitchen as they make breakfast together
chrissy laying her feet in eddie's lap, as they sit together in his couch, her reading his copy of the hobbit and he planning the next d&d session
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Tumblr media
He looks adorable and a little bashful when he's looking at her. It's cute!
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robins-raspberry-beret · 21 hours ago
Have a really stupid drabble because why tf not—
“Are we there yet?”
“Chrissy, I swear to god I will turn this car around—“ Nancy seethed. She didn’t know why the hell she agreed to a road trip, but here she was, driving down a highway and trying not to kill her roommates. To her credit, Chrissy shut up for the moment.
One, very brief moment.
“Hey Vick?” Chrissy asked. “Would you still love me if I was a worm?”
Nancy sighed, grateful for Robin’s inquisitive but comforting look. She smiled at her girlfriend and put her hand on her thigh.
In the back, she heard a chuckle.
“A worm?” Vickie questioned. Nancy couldn’t help but snicker.
“Yes,” Chrissy confirmed, her voice cheery as always.
“I mean, I don’t know, Chris,” Vickie mused. “Worms are kind of gross and slimy. Would you love me back? Are worms even capable of love?”
Chrissy huffed, and Nancy peeked at the back mirror to see the girl with crossed arms and a pout on her face.
“I’d still love you if you were a worm, princess,” Robin said, earning a soft chuckle from Nancy. She leaned over the center console—road safety be damned—and kissed her girlfriend.
“I’d still love you too, birdie,” Nancy crooned, showing her softer side only with Robin. She smiled as she returned her attention to the road. “I’d keep you in my purse in a little vial of fresh dirt and moss.”
“Gross!” Chrissy called.
“Get a room!” Vickie groaned.
Robin smirked. “I’d get you a nice terrarium and I’d show my worm girlfriend to all of my friends.”
“I’d kiss your little glass bottle goodnight every night before bed,” Nancy returned, grinning mischievously at the continued protest in the back seat.
They continued back and forth for a moment, before Robin gasped and turned the music up—Tongue Tied by Grouplove.
“I love this song!” she exclaimed—but Nancy already knew, smiling fondly. Robin began to sing along, followed swiftly by Chrissy. Even Vickie gave in, and begrudgingly, Nancy joined the chorus, if only to see Robin’s sunshine grin.
When the song came to a close, blissful silence filled the car.
It was far too short.
“Fine, Chris, would you still love me if I was a worm?” Vickie grumbled.
Chrissy scoffed, grinning mischievously.
“Oh absolutely not, worms are gross. I might study you though.”
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hellcheer being parents, dilf!eddie 1/2
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
notes & warnings: this took me forever didn't it? blame twt. this post is 18+ i mean, what did you expect coming from me? minors, leave. descriptions of how babies are made! mentions of a very specific kink eddie has, but other than that, you're good to go. this comes from all the cute headcanons i shared in my old twt about them having babies & how they'd be w them. eddie is a rockstar dilf, i don't think i need to elaborate on that! slighty modern au? look i just cannot be bothered to keep up with adapting everything into the 80s, if you want it, you can do it yourself. !!! Margaret Munson is the name I chose for Eddie's mom, I didn't come up with it, my lovely bee did, so credits go to them entirely, it just makes so much sense with the way i named their babies that i just couldn't help myself! any typos you see, they're not actually real.
Tumblr media
Before you even say anything, Corroded Coffin pops off a year after Eddie graduates, because of course it does. Their shows at the Hideout start gaining more and more attraction, with Gareth producing most of their own songs, they start to gather a loyal following, so much so that one day they get discovered by a famous talent agent from LA, who's been scooping up smaller towns, looking for new talent. When he stumbles upon Corroded Coffin, he knows those boys have something special. & that's how their newly found agent helps them get signed to a relatively new record label. Between the time it takes for the boys to record their first single + their first album, Chrissy finds solace in teaching art to young kids, it's something she's always loved, drawing what comes to mind depending on her mood, depending on situations she experiences, depending on shows she watches, music she listens to, it has helped her navigate and come to terms with her torturous teens so, helping young children deal with their physical and mental issues/expressing themselves about their struggles through art, is something that comes very easily to her. It really makes her feel good to be of help for younger generations. But all that comes to an halt when Eddie asks her if she wants to join him and the guys on their first tour throughout America.
Even though Chrissy absolutely loves her job, and it does give her so much joy, what Eddie's giving her with a simple question is much bigger than anything the old paper town that is Hawkins, can ever give her. Eddie opens the door to freedom, for Chrissy. He had already opened the door to bravery, courage, before. Don't get it twisted, he doesn't do the work for her, he merely guides her to the right path, let's her discover what she's capable of, by herself, he's helped her realize she can stand up for her own against the abuse her mother has put her through her entire life, which she did, all on her own, and he watched proudly, held her shaking figure afterwards and told her she's incredible, she just needs to believe in herself a little more. But if she's as amazing as he claims, then that puts him way above her. He's unimaginable, a color that doesn't exist, a beacon of hope for better things, better days, a better version of herself— a true version of herself. So, with the yearn for exploration of the world and herself, Chrissy severs ties with her old teenage self, her family and that cursed town, in order to join Corroded Coffin on the road.
Chrissy loses herself in the concept of finding who she truly is, during the next several years of the band's success. (I have a wip about this which directly ties in with the band's discography, which i will also write about!) It doesn't take very long until Corroded Coffin is bringing their label the big bucks, taking in the place as their main band/artist, with full creative control over producing and writing their songs, and touring outside America for the first time. Being able to share so many experiences together brings Eddie & Chrissy much closer than they were, they fall in love deeper than they did before, and it's a surprise for both of them, to think they can fall even more for each other, when both are so intensely devoted to one another already. For Eddie, it's Chrissy's ability to turn something that at first he thought was selfish, asking her to leave her life behind to join him in pursuing his dreams, into something that is very personal to her, it doesn't feel like she's just tagging along because she's his girlfriend, and she isn't, for Chrissy, this is all she's ever wanted, freedom, happiness, growth, love and fun.
When a certain surprise knocks at the door for both of them, it's unexpected, it's unplanned but not unwanted. Wild nights of after-concert sex are a typical thing for Chrissy and Eddie. Dripping with sweat and adrenaline, topless, hungry and horny for her, it's completely impossible for her to even resist Eddie, and truth be told, she doesn't want to resist him one bit. She always ends up under him, bent over whatever surface is nearer, sometimes they don't even make it to a private space, she's learned that Eddie can be quite impatient, selfishly fucking her brains out against the tour bus, at the back of whatever arena he's just performed in, not bothered by how annoyed his bandmates are because they can't approach said bus to celebrate their show. But that's not the only thing about post-concert Eddie that Chrissy learns about. Somewhere along the way, Eddie develops quite the breeding kink. "I'm gonna fill you all up baby." + "I wanna see my cum dripping from your cunt." + "I'm gonna stuff you up and you're gonna sit pretty in the bus with all my cum inside you." + "I wanna give you my babies." + "Ya wanna have my baby, baby?" and each statement leaves Chrissy breathless, wanting more, moaning as they cum together.
So, when she gets pregnant for the first time, it shouldn't come as a surprise. But nonetheless, it's still very scary. It's near the end of Corroded Coffin's third tour, which is almost a miracle. She can settle down somewhere nice with Eddie and they can have their little baby. But first? She has to go through telling Eddie. It's a lot more nerve wracking than it should be— she's fidgety, anxious, snaps easily and of course it doesn't go unnoticed by Eddie, it couldn't, that's the love of his life, he knows her like the palm of his hand by now. So, he cancels breakfast with the boys on the last day of their tour, to pull her to the side, into their hotel room and asks her what's really going on. His mind goes to two possible outcomes. Either she's severely sick, possibly dying or she's falling out of love for him. He's terrified, shaking as he looks into her eyes which start pouring tears as soon as he asks her what's wrong. Nothing could prepare Eddie for the words that leave Chrissy the next minute. "E-eddie, I'm pregnant."
She cries when he shows no reaction to her words, still processing such sensitive information. She's pregnant. She has a little baby inside her, their little baby, theirs. They made a baby together. They created something out of the love and lust they feel for each other. Oh he's so happy, he's gonna burst, he feels like he could fucking kiss the moon. Determined to give his baby everything it needs. The world, the stars, any planet his baby wants, it's theirs. He finally snaps out of his internal freak out when he sees Chrissy hiding her sobbing face between her hands. It's a mess, they both cry, she ends up on his lap with him reassuring her that her being pregnant is completely okay, that he's not afraid of it, he won't run away from her, that he's excited to settle down somewhere she wants, and raise their little baby together. But most important of all, he reassures her he loves her. He loves her, he loves her, he loves her and their baby. Their family.
Telling Wayne is exciting. He also can't stop the tears from rolling. The last years have been a whirlwind for Wayne Munson. His boy graduated, chased after his dreams and managed to succeed. He also managed to find a wonderful partner that will keep him grounded and the kind hearted man that he is. So Wayne only has reasons to be proud of Eddie, the son he never had. With Chrissy's pregnancy comes the nudging from Wayne for Eddie to get moving and get married to Chrissy, because "What are you doing waiting around, that girl has been the light of your life for so many years, she's already been a Munson girl ever since you bought her to my trailer years ago. Make it official, boy." And it's not that Eddie doesn't want to, he does, he has wanted to marry Chrissy Cunningham ever since he first landed eyes on her, he just really doesn't want to add pressure of a wedding on top of the pregnancy, the moving around after tour, the finding somewhere to settle down process and all that comes with it. But the idea is there, and when the time is right, he'll act upon it.
It doesn't take very long for Chrissy to find somewhere she wants to raise their baby in. One would think she would decide upon somewhere that wouldn't resemble Hawkins, but, it's not a big buzzing city she choose, it's smaller, the weather is very moody all the time, everyone seems to know each other and take care of one another. It's quite the perfect picture for Chrissy. Due to Eddie's fame, it's not hard to find a house to purchase for themselves, and the process of getting furniture, decorating their little home and the nursery, brings Chrissy the peace to her pregnancy that she needed. It's hard to adjust to having another human grow inside your body, Chrissy struggles a bit, which is only natural, her body goes through changes to accommodate her precious baby girl. Because yes, Eddie is a girl dad and a girl dad only.
After the first few months that it takes for their baby to be able to grow safely and happily in Chrissy's womb, good news come flooding in. The job she had back in Hawkins truly made Chrissy happy and fulfilled, so it's not even a question to hesitate answering when the opportunity to continue her work, now in Forks, comes knocking on their door. It's not a physically demanding job for Chrissy, and it proves to be great distraction from her worries and insecurities, that sometimes, plague her mind. Worries such as, if she's fit enough to be a good mother for her baby, since she never really had a good example to follow. Insecurities such as if she's putting on weight, and if that's gonna take away from her sex appeal, if said sex appeal is even gonna return after she's had her baby. To which Eddie rolls his eyes to, every time. "Actually, the fact you're carrying my child makes you about fifty times sexier. Can't wait to put another in you, soon as our first little beetroot is old enough."
Beetroot. The most random vegetable Chrissy started to crave during her pregnancy, and consequently, the affectionate name Eddie calls their baby. Picking a name for a child proves to be quite troublesome, it's a big responsibility to make such a decision, and it does take Chrissy awhile to come up with ideas. Eddie doesn't give her any either, which frustrates her, but what she doesn't know is that Eddie has decided very early on, that he would let Chrissy pick their baby's name, he would let Chrissy pick all the names of all the kids they would have, if anymore came after this one. Because it's only right, after all that Chrissy is put through her pregnancy, despite it going relatively well, it's a big sacrifice to carry another human being, it's only right Chrissy gets to pick the name, besides, he knows whatever name she picks, he'll absolutely love it. She never disappoints him, never will.
And she doesn't. It comes to her one rainy night, while they cuddle to sleep, she's holding on to Eddie's hands that so affectionally rub her pregnant belly, it's what keeps his anxiety at bay when there's storms approaching, mind filled with deep thoughts that only seem to come when the planet is quiet, and that's how she finds herself thinking about how this was all so unexpected, Eddie's rise to fame, her leaving Hawkins to go with him, getting pregnant, building a love nest in Forks— that's when it hits her, storms can be quite unpredictable, and Eddie doesn't know how to deal with them, but so has been their life, and Eddie's learned how to adapt to all the obstacles, happy ones and not. Storm. That's how she decides on their baby's name. Unpredictable, quite a scary thing to adapt to, but brings them closer, storms and their baby. "Storm Munson. Yeah baby, it sounds fucking metal." He knew Chrissy wouldn't disappoint.
The day Storm Margaret Munson is born, Eddie's world shifts. Nothing actually matters anymore besides the little bundle of joy in his arms, and his beautiful and courageous girlfriend, who did so well throughout the entire birth, as expected, she's out of this world. The next three years of witnessing his baby growing up, are the best years of his entire life, nothing can compare to seeing Chrissy's eyes when he looks to his little beetroot, her head full of blonde curls, her cheeks raised up most of the time from being such a happy, healthy baby. Hearing her first words being "dada" because his little baby is so attached to him. She's a daddy's girl through and through. She clings to him whenever he's home, loves to take naps on his chest, he lets her play with the strings of all his precious guitars, turning her into an eager fan of his talent, seen by the way she claps and giggles every time he plays a song for her. Nothing in the world will ever compare to the way he feels when Chrissy tells him she loves him, but hearing his daughter say the same thing, every morning and every night, definitely comes very close to it. It's the unconditional, "I will do anything for you, my sweet pea." type of daddy-daughter love that Eddie didn't know he wanted, he didn't know he needed, until he has it. He's proud of himself, to be able to know how to love his daughter the right way, to know he did not turn out the way his dad did, to know he most likely made his mom happy. And he knows Storm would live up to his mother's name, raised to be the most kind, angelic human being, like his mom, like her mom. The only three women in Eddie's life.
Or they were, until Chrissy decides to add in a fourth one. Because after three wonderful years, she's pregnant for a second time, and it's yet another girl. Another beetroot. Another little sweet pea. Another living proof of their love, and he can't fucking wait, to meet his second baby. But first, perhaps it's time to make sure Chrissy's ring finger isn't so bare anymore. Right? Right.
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Tumblr media
She’s literally possessed but HellCheer life is crumbs so 🥹 they’re side by side
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Tumblr media
"Have I gone mad?"
chrissy wakes up in wonderland
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Tumblr media
all the things i hate about you | eddie munson
part 1 | part 2 (coming soon)
eddie munson x celebrity!fem reader
synopsis: you had put your past with eddie munson as part of the emotional baggage that turns into a songwriting drive. you finally come back to your birthplace of hawkins indiana for the last show of your tour. you invited your entire circle to the show, but you forgot that by your entire circle, your ex boyfriend would be showing up too.
wc: 1.8k
category: INSANE AMOUNTS OF ANGST. with a happy ending (:
content/warnings: flashbacks. lovers to strangers. toxic relationship.
a/n: inspired by this blurb, i decided this should take a modern twist, where the songs are all from this age. there's so much angst to this, pls prepare yourselves LMAO. the songs i will be referencing besides linked are 'blonde' by maisie peters and 'die first' by nessa barrett
"y/n y/l/n: rage like a metalhead world tour."
now where has eddie munson heard that album title before? oh. right. the last metallica concert he dragged you to. and probably the very last metallica concert he'll ever attend.
"time to rage huh?" you stood in line with eddie, your facial expression pining for eddie to say those four words you adored coming out of his mouth.
"rage like a metalhead." eddie grins, pulling you under his arms as you wait in line to see papa het downstrum the fuck out of the songs.
that memory, you had wiped away from your mind the day you packed up your shit and left the munsons' trailer. you left wayne stunned, and eddie nonplussed. if eddie thinks his friends are more important than your love and relationship, that's the biggest sign for you to up and leave without looking back.
you were going to lend eddie munson the spotlight too. to help corroded coffin out by getting them multiple gigs in new york. hopefully by the end of all that, sign to the record label that took you in. go on tour. play the fucking garden if eddie so chooses.
two years later, your debut album did well, making you one of the biggest rock sensations in the united states. headbangers, eddie's favorite metal and rock radio station would receive requests to blast at least one of your songs every night. it's as if no matter where he goes and what he does, eddie munson can never get away from you.
"oh hey, it's y/n on the radio!" gareth smiled one night when your newest hit song 'blonde' blared on the radio. all eddie did was sigh, look out the window and smoke his joint.
baby, if you thought that i was trouble, then you're gonna hate what's coming next
"lighten up munson," gareth glared. "the least you could do is be happy for your ex."
"i am, man. but there's a reason why we're exes, gareth," eddie snapped. "she left me. to go to fuckin' new york and live her dream. our dream. it was ours."
kinda like your worst nightmare but double. is that an angel? no it's your ex
"yeah man, because you said we are more important than she is. you're supposed to say she's more important. it's all on you." gareth shrugs, taking a drag of his blunt.
"shut up man, are you on my side or hers?!" eddie shouted, smacking gareth's arm with his right hand and gesturing at the radio with his left.
remember when you screwed up when i was a brunette? i don't think you knew just what you'd done
woah, oh, i'll fuck your life up as a blonde
the last interview he saw of you, you had recently bleached your hair in honor of your brand new single. eddie couldn't take his eyes off you when he tuned in at the hideout. and since you and eddie were a regular to the bartenders, one of them approached eddie while he was boring his brown eyes through the tv screen.
"big star now huh, y/n y/l/n?" harry the bartender nudged his head upwards. "thought you'd be tagging along since you're... joined at the hip." harry air-quoted.
"nah, harry," eddie took a sip of his whiskey on the rocks. "she left me."
"bummer," harry winces. "sorry 'bout that, eddie."
"it's okay," eddie cringed harry's apology away. "you think she already has a boyfriend?"
harry chuckled. "i don't wanna hurt you eddie, but a beautiful girl like y/n, no man is stupid enough to walk past her and not double take her."
and harry was right. no man wouldn't double take you. if eddie saw you out on the streets and you both never knew each other, he'd double take you any day.
"earth to eddie!" robin's clapping her hands before eddie's zoned out eyes. "are you listening to us?"
"no. shit, sorry," eddie sits up, rubbing his eyes. "what'd you say?"
"y/n put all of us on the guest list for her hawkins show in three days." robin explains, sounding exasperated that she has to repeat herself.
"if you don't want to go then that's alright." steve shrugs, his arms crossed.
eddie pfts. "i won't miss a kickass rock concert in hawkins just because y/n's my ex, alright? i'm goin'." god, did eddie wish he didn't say that up front.
yep. eddie munson is starting to regret coming here. he didn't even bother to get nicely dressed. he wore an old band tee that he ended up cutting the sleeves off because he hates how tight they were on his biceps. he threw on a pair of black ripped jeans and paired them with his favorite checkered vans. his hair was pulled up in a low messy bun, adjusting his flyaways to the sides of his face. it framed his face perfectly.
robin had asked him about his choice of tee before they left. "it constricted my fucking arms when i tried them on, buckley!" he argued. "plus, it looks better sleeveless. that way girls can see the sweet ol' tatties i got."
"girls?" robin scoffed. "you mean y/n?"
"no, man. girls. like, legit girls. who knows, i might find the one at this concert tonight."
"this concert?" robin repeats, flabbergasted. "this concert? it's y/n's concert, eddie. it's not just somebody else's concert where you could find a one-night stand and call it a day. you don't wanna be there for your ex, then be there for your friend."
"alright, jeez." eddie glares, walking out to his car and starting the engine, waiting for robin to get in the passenger seat.
and so there eddie stood, max and eleven on his left and robin and nancy on his right, screaming every single word to 'blonde', the song you had confirmed in an interview was written about an ex of mine. as much as eddie wants to scream fuck you! to you, he wouldn't quit staring at you like you were the only girl in the world. because no matter what eddie says about you to his friends, you'd still take his breath away just by existing.
"thank you so much, you guys, for showing up for me tonight," you preen to the massive crowd before you. "this is the last show of the tour and i'm just so excited to be able to finish it here in my hometown of hawkins, indiana!" the crowd goes wild, because if they didn't, eddie himself would get on the barricade and force a clap and cheer out of them.
"listen," the crowd dies down as you begin to speak. "i wanna thank the most amazing friends a girl from hawkins could ever have. lemme call you guys out real quick; steve harrington, robin buckley..." the crowd cheers after every name you mention. "mike and nancy wheeler, will and jonathan byers, dustin henderson, max mayfield, el hopper, lucas and erica sinclair... and most importantly. the man i used to call the love of my life, i wanna thank you for being here." for the first time, eddie saw the first smile you've ever flashed at him since the big breakup.
"eddie munson, thank you for everything. i mean it," your right hand pats your chest, where your heart rests underneath. "and thank you for being the inspiration for this next song. i love you." the giggle at the beginning of the song starts to play. the crowd screams again. because who doesn't recognize that giggle? eddie's smile disappears within a split second.
this song, you wrote it about eddie. it seemed like your entire career was the flower that managed to bloom out of the eroded soil of you and eddie's relationship. you weren't afraid to admit that, but who knows what the press would say if you did.
take a bow, you've got everybody fooled, i got you figured out
you make eye contact with eddie. oh god damn it. if eddie munson was made out of frozen milk, he'd be melted ice cream by now. your stare was sharp as daggers, you could kill the metalhead on the spot.
now you're choking on your words, well, you should spit it out
god, if only he could dig a hole into the ground of this stupid arena, crawl into it and die.
know that i gave you the world and you just gave me hell
your eyes pan back to eddie, giving him that sharp stare again.
and you gave me hell
eddie's just confused now; did you mean it when you said that cursed eight letter term of endearment, or did you just say it because of the irony of the next song you were going to play?
felt like a hundred punches, too many tough pills to stomach
i watched you making it public; lights, camera— fuck it
the song he wrote about you. of course you heard it. steve and robin had sent the mixtape to you in new york. his lyrics were along the lines of you left me, well, that's too bad. i hope i'll never meet another you. god, you hated it. him, the song, the fact that he wrote about you and played it to the drunkards of hawkins as if they could give two fucks. this was your revenge.
you're a showstopper, a bad liar, homie hopper, drama starter...
eddie munson was truly the worst liar. all the times he would lie about hanging out with chrissy cunningham instead of you. oh, he hurt you bad. but you never said anything. what has love turned you into? a non-confrontational asshole, that's what.
that homie hopper line was the worst thing you've ever had to experience. eddie, you and the gang had decided to drunkenly play seven minutes in heaven at steve's birthday party two years ago. shocking enough, the bottle had landed on both eddie and nancy. and i'm sure you know how seven minutes in heaven works. they either stand in the closet awkwardly or do something unforgivably wrong. in this case, eddie had decided it be fun and risky to make out with nancy wheeler.
eddie walked out with nancy's lipstick all over his lips, but it was smeared in such a messy manner to avoid you seeing it. but of course, you saw. jonathan had to walk out of the room when he noticed nancy's lipstick on eddie's neck. you immediately told steve to drive you home the second you realised the lipstick all over his face.
all my friends are fucked, we all got you in common
chrissy cunningham and nancy wheeler. need you say more? you've forgiven the two, though. but eddie? you could never forgive him for that.
you're so fake and everyone should know about it, and all the things i hate about you
"don't look down munson. look at me." you smirk, embarrassing him even more. oh you love when he gets all flustered and ashamed.
all the things i hate about the way you manipulate me, left you with no explanation
every word is true, all the things i hate about you.
part two will be coming. like, reshare, reblog and maybe... you'll get part two tomorrow 😌
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In an effort to not ask you, “Is Chrissy gonna come back?” I am really curious about the experience. Having that kind of fame and notoriety happen so fast and how that could change your personal goals, just in terms of you have this new platform now, you have this wider reach and I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot more opportunities coming your way. Post-Stranger Things, what are some of your priorities in terms of the types of on-set environments you wanna be on and the types of stories you wanna tell? (x)
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