#anti jonathan byers
brekker-by-brekkerr · 4 months ago
people are acting like stancy being endgame would be the end of the world. when j*ncy is a relationship that began with j*nathan taking pictures of nancy undressed, which he then went so far as to develop...it’s so nasty and I still can’t believe they got together anyway. all they have is “shared trauma.” That’s all that holds their ship together, and guess what? all of the characters have shared trauma. i could keep going about all the reasons i don’t ship j*ncy, but there are plenty of posts out there that do that for me, and i think the him-taking-pervy-pictures thing is really valid enough reason to be anti j*ncy. 
but stancy. they were both so young and dealing with a lot of fricked up crap. both of them made mistakes. but they’ve changed a lot, and they’ve grown and matured and figured themselves out. i think two people can be unfit for each other at a time in their life (especially if, you know, you’re in a love triangle where the other person you’re into is someone who you keep being forced to spend time with so you have “shared trauma” and creepy old men telling you that’s love) and maybe it’s the wrong time, then grow on their own and come back together when they’re both in a healthier place. i think that’s beautiful. 
i still think nancy and steve are the most supportive of each other. and i’m so done with people being like “oh poor j*nathan this will hurt him he deserves nancy” but like. what does nancy get out of this relationship??? 
also people being mad that the everyone is “shoving” stancy together...it’s better than some random creepy old man telling them to hook up in his bunker like freaking murray did to j*ncy. this is different because it’s their friends (PEOPLE THEIR AGE) being like “hey we have eyes something is going on here my dudes.”
steve and nancy spent a very long time apart, and they’ve both changed a lot...it’s not something that’s coming out of left field and being shoved on us lol. it actually makes sense. people are too butt-hurt about j*nathan and j*ncy to see that. it bothers me how angry people are getting about the POTENTIAL of stancy (and not tagging posts appropriately but whatever) when it’s like. we’ve had to deal with j*ncy for three seasons basically. three seasons of this unhealthy relationship that started with j*nathan violating her privacy and never offering a true apology. great. but stancy is so offensive. okay yeah sure. 
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buffysummers · 3 months ago
lol at jonathan trying to discredit steve and nancy being like “actually, we aren’t going to do that bc he has grown so much” and jonathan being like “uh ok wtf just happened”
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withoutaplease · 4 months ago
Jonathan Byers is really out in California blazing his braincell out and inventing ghosting while Steve "Once you Pop You Can’t Stop” Harrington rolls up to support Nancy when she needed it most just out of the goodness of his big fat cock heart and you’re gonna tell me Nancy’s wrong for changing her mind again?
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stancymp3 · 2 months ago
Nancy: It's the end of the world. I don't have time to focus on anything other than that.
J*nathan: *talks shit about Steve*
Nancy: I have time to humble you, though. Swiftly.
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surprisemoose · 4 months ago
Jonathan Byers taking pictures of Nancy while undressed was hella creepy, and this action was never properly addressed in the show.
In this essay, I will
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jackisbored · 2 months ago
Unpopular Stranger Things opinions
I hate Nancy, Mike, Will, Max, and Jonathan. Honestly was rooting for them to die
I hate Byler!!
Steve deserves better
Karen Wheeler is a bad mother and I want her gone to (remember when she wanted to sleep with a teen?)
Joyce and Dustin are my all time favorite characters
I love Billy, I think he's a good character
Erica is an ICON
I like Carol
Jopper <3
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melindaleehaha · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
What if I say Steve loves Nancy more than Jonathan…
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chrissythisissforyou · 3 months ago
When it comes to Popular Girl x Unpopular Guy pairings in Stranger Things, I respect Edissy and Eddie more than Jancy and Jonathan. Not only did Eddie and Chrissy have more chemistry in one episode than Nancy and Jonathan in the entire series, but Eddie wasn’t a creepy pervert to Chrissy like Jonathan was to Nancy. Eddie and Chrissy could’ve been that creepy 80s movie cliche where the guy takes sexual advantage of the girl (like in Revenge of the Nerds and Sixteen Candles) but instead he only offered her drugs in a misguided attempt to help her. In fact of the two school weirdo type characters, Jonathan is the real creep, not Eddie, because he took pictures of Nancy having sex with Steve. Also, Eddie has some character development in the fourth season by deciding to become more brave and less judgemental of other people whereas the only “development” I remember Jonathan getting is going from Nancy’s stalker to Nancy’s jerk pothead boyfriend. Eddie, it seems, is more willing to admit when he was wrong and a jerk more than Jonathan is. Moreso, if I wanted to be really “shallow”, I think Eddie is way cooler than Jonathan for being a DM and having a band and making Lord of the Rings references whereas the only “memorable” hobbies of Jonathan’s I can remember at the moment is taking creepy photos.
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welshsidekick · 4 months ago
Not to start Drama, but am I the only one to remember that the Nancy Jonathan romance started with him spying on and taking unconsentual pictures of her naked? Because if I’m not I’m worried how many of y’all are weirdly ok with that
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bipunkharrington · 3 months ago
I've read a couple of Steddie fics that mention Steve's guilt over previous shitty behaviour and specifically the breaking the camera situation...
Yes, Steve used to be a dick and I'm glad that as his fans we accept this, but honestly if someone ever filmed me having sex without my knowledge you bet your ass I'd break their camera and not feel the slightest bit of guilt about it!
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eddiemunsonstanblog · 2 months ago
I think we as a society moved past Jonathan stalking Nancy and taking photos of her while she’s undressing way too fast tbh
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brekker-by-brekkerr · a month ago
the conflict of trying to go through the stancy tag and be happy that everyone's happy even if this ends up being fake because "jonathan who" is so iconic and if this is real it's everything but also being frustrated and just exhausted at this point by the number of anti stancy takes in the tag that are just the stupidest stuff ever like "why would Nancy give up on j*nathan bc Steve looks good shirtless" what. did you miss the part where she said "Steve's actually grown up quite a bit" did you miss the way she looked at him when he talked about his dreams did you just skip every stancy scene and decide to complain about it anyway like this is so much more than him being attractive. and then there's all the people losing their mind as if stancy is the grossest worst ship they've ever seen. i really can't. i don't care if you ship it or not but there's not actually anything wrong with it as a ship so the temper tantrums I'm seeing in the stancy tag from anti stancys are just both...hilarious and annoying. i'm tired. but yay stancys this script is great so I'm going to go rewatch the RV scene and think about how much i love them. cheers to ignoring the antis in our tag!!🎉🥂
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buffysummers · 4 months ago
honestly jonathan just making the assumption that Nancy will and I quote “throw her dreams out the window” to go out to california and be with him is really presumptuous and gross? like wtf? her entire world doesn’t revolve around him? she wasn’t the one stalking him and taking photos of him while he undressed lol? that was the other way around?
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thomas-the-goat-of-satan · a month ago
people comparing Steve and Jonathan in season one is so hilarious to me lmao, because there's no winning there. like, we're really pitting Mr. "Takes Pictures Of Girls Shirtless Without Their Knowing" and Mr. "Says Slurs and Insults Families" against each other? c'mon y'all, be serious. 😭😭
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stancymp3 · 2 months ago
thinking about how much i've hated j*nathan since season 1 and the fact that there was never an actual apology for the photos he took....seething
Tumblr media
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dalekofchaos · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
J*nathan B*ers SA’d Nancy and J*ancy is a the most toxic hetero ship in Stranger Things
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byebyeler · a month ago
asdfghjkl listen i know i knOW that the fandom is not a hivemind and there are gonna be contradictory thoughts and feelings there
someone tell the j0hnathan stans to get their shit in order. one day i see a post about how the shit j boy did in s1 doesnt matter bc he’s grown since then, now i gotta see a post talking about how steve isnt all good bc he did bad things in s1 like ok but he’s grown too if we cant dig up age old shit about j dawg why can we do it for stevie boy huh???
and like sorryyy but just bc the writers decided that nancy doesnt actually care about jo jo crouching in the bushes and taking pictures of her undressing without her knowledge doesnt mean i have to be okay with it lmao like yeah i know nancy has moved on bc this was written by men that would take a picture of a girl through a window and then mansplain to her about who they think she is and then they’d hope to get the girl in the end so that’s how it turns out for their projection character jiminy rickets. sorry im not happy about that
“steve isnt so sweet and innocent he called nancy a slut” ok and he’s literally been making amends and paying for his sins since that moment like he’s gone through hell every season and he’s put his ass on the line repeatedly for these kids and he’s apologized and he’s SHOWN us how much he’s grown meanwhile jimothy has slid ass backwards into being a pothead and lying to his gf long distance and to her face like sorry i do not stan alsfjlskd
and i dont wanna hear anything about him being a good brother or whatever cause like. he should be. thats bare minimum expectations. he deserve pussy for that? i dont think so
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