nandomando · 20 hours
The largest strike in decades is taking place in London - about 500,000 people are participating in the strike. Protesters are demanding higher wages amid rising prices in the country.
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theomeganerd · 2 days
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God of War: Ragnarök - Kratos' Leviathan Axe has landed in London's Southbank
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galina · 21 hours
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Winter light from an unbelievably beautiful, feathery pink morning, like walking around inside a mirrorball 
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seschigirl · 3 days
Rule One.
The feminine energy respects itself when it’s protected! Do not allow people into your spirit, your vortex, your world, your space, your heart, your life, your mind and lastly your body that disrespects, devalues and breaks the boundaries you set for yourself. Dismissal of such behaviour should be automatic!
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sometimeslondon · 1 day
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The Women of World War II monument on Whitehall
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more-relics · 2 days
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David Gilmour - Britannia Row Studios, Islington London, United Kingdom, 1978. Photo by Watal Asanuma
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wardrobeoftime · 3 days
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Downton Abbey + Headpieces
Lady Mary Crawley’s tiaras.
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londonedge · 2 days
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An overview of the magnificent Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate in Camden
I make no apologies that I shall be posting quite a few photographs of this estate along with comments as it is so interesting. I am also grateful to the charming resident who, rather than be p****d off with yet another photographer or film maker on the estate, kindly directed me as to where to get the best photographs. Indeed I read a comment about the estate in one newspaper that you are more likely to find a film crew here than a maintenance engineer from Camden Council!
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avclittler · 2 days
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uwmspeccoll · 3 days
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Marbled Monday
This Marbled Monday we are sharing London: or, the Progress of Commerce. A Poem by Mr. Glover, printed by Thomas Cooper at the Globe in Paternoster Row, 1739. “Mr. Glover” is Richard Glover (1712-1785), an English merchant, poet, and member of Parliament. Thomas Arnold (the Younger) described Glover in a critical introduction:
“Glover was a man of considerable powers, but he was stronger on the side of politics and practical life than in the field of literature. In his poems the rhetoric of party warfare is more conspicuous than the inspiration of genius.”
I’m not sure what one could expect to find in this book of poems, but Arnold doesn’t seem to have thought too favorably of it: “A chief object of his in writing London is said to have been to exasperate the public mind against Spain.” I guess if you want to be exasperated against Spain come visit us to read the book!
The binding, as you may have guessed, is not contemporary to the text inside it, but is more likely from the 20th century. The marbling pattern is either fantasy or french curl, which looks somewhat like a snail. To me it seems like a cross between the two! 
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-- Alice, Special Collections Department Manager
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deadpoetsbakery · 17 hours
whenever I watch series that take place in London (lockwood and co or sherlock for example), I just get this very strong urge to pack my bags and move there (if I had the money lmao)
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stairnaheireann · 3 days
#OTD in 1972 – In what is to become known as Bloody Sunday, the British Army kills 13 civil rights demonstrators in the Bogside district of Derry. A 14th marcher later dies of his injuries.
Thirteen people were shot and killed when British paratroopers opened fire on a crowd of civilians in Derry. Fourteen others were wounded, one later died. The marchers had been campaigning for equal rights such as one man, one vote. Despite initial attempts by British authorities to justify the shootings including a rushed report by Lord Widgery exonerating the troops, the Saville Report which…
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Here is Fluttershy outside the closed Strand Tube Station. It was built in 1907, was renamed Aldwych Tube Station, and was closed down in 1994. (The cost of replacing the lifts was considered too expensive for the relatively low number of passengers using the station.)
In London, England.
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A Royal Recycling (part 283)  
Jenny Packham
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By Theo Russell
A protest was held in London Jan. 28 opposite the residence of the prime minister to bring the crimes of the Ukrainian government to the attention of the British people.
A spokesperson for International Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity said: “We want the people of Britain to know that the regime in Ukraine, to which the British government has given billions of pounds in financial and military support, has been committing horrific crimes against its own people, including Russian speakers, opposition activists and campaigners, journalists and Roma people, under the cover of accusing them of treason.”
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sometimeslondon · 2 days
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Pillars and porches, Kensington
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