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youare-hackskellington · 3 months ago
Am I the only one who doesn’t want Steve and Nancy too end up together? He deserves so much better than her. She treated him so badly during season 2.
Also he has had so much character development and she has not had enough character development yet.
I don’t want her with Jonathan but I also don’t want her with Steve. Steve just needs to find someone better 
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brekker-by-brekkerr · 4 months ago
people are acting like stancy being endgame would be the end of the world. when j*ncy is a relationship that began with j*nathan taking pictures of nancy undressed, which he then went so far as to develop...it’s so nasty and I still can’t believe they got together anyway. all they have is “shared trauma.” That’s all that holds their ship together, and guess what? all of the characters have shared trauma. i could keep going about all the reasons i don’t ship j*ncy, but there are plenty of posts out there that do that for me, and i think the him-taking-pervy-pictures thing is really valid enough reason to be anti j*ncy. 
but stancy. they were both so young and dealing with a lot of fricked up crap. both of them made mistakes. but they’ve changed a lot, and they’ve grown and matured and figured themselves out. i think two people can be unfit for each other at a time in their life (especially if, you know, you’re in a love triangle where the other person you’re into is someone who you keep being forced to spend time with so you have “shared trauma” and creepy old men telling you that’s love) and maybe it’s the wrong time, then grow on their own and come back together when they’re both in a healthier place. i think that’s beautiful. 
i still think nancy and steve are the most supportive of each other. and i’m so done with people being like “oh poor j*nathan this will hurt him he deserves nancy” but like. what does nancy get out of this relationship??? 
also people being mad that the everyone is “shoving” stancy together...it’s better than some random creepy old man telling them to hook up in his bunker like freaking murray did to j*ncy. this is different because it’s their friends (PEOPLE THEIR AGE) being like “hey we have eyes something is going on here my dudes.”
steve and nancy spent a very long time apart, and they’ve both changed a lot...it’s not something that’s coming out of left field and being shoved on us lol. it actually makes sense. people are too butt-hurt about j*nathan and j*ncy to see that. it bothers me how angry people are getting about the POTENTIAL of stancy (and not tagging posts appropriately but whatever) when it’s like. we’ve had to deal with j*ncy for three seasons basically. three seasons of this unhealthy relationship that started with j*nathan violating her privacy and never offering a true apology. great. but stancy is so offensive. okay yeah sure. 
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greenistheboy · 3 months ago
Steve was never the "safe" option for Nancy. Jonathan was.
Nancy has an ongoing trait of throwing herself into action to avoid feeling emotionally vulnerable, and hooking up with Jonathan after breaking up with Steve fits this pattern. She already shares a powerful emotional connection with Jonathan because of their shared trauma, which made him the perfect candidate to be her rebound. At this point, Nancy feels ambivalent towards Steve, a confusing mix of love and resentment. She's convinced herself that Jonathan is a better option for her because she's projected the traits of her ideal partner onto him, as seen in 4x1 when she's telling Fred why she loves him. And it’s easy for Nancy to project these traits onto Jonathan because she’s seen him display them – towards his family. He’s caring and compassionate towards his family. He’s protective over his family. He’ll never back down from what’s right for his family.
This is the biggest source of tension between Nancy and Jonathan in season 3. Nancy is expecting Jonathan to be all those things for her, to be compassionate and protective when she's being mistreated by their bosses at the Hawkins Post, to want to investigate the rat story with her because she's right. But Jonathan won't do that, because his priority will always be his family, and he doesn’t consider Nancy to be his family. This isn't a new trait either. In season 1, Jonathan doesn’t do anything to defend Nancy from Steve and his friends, only fighting Steve when he starts insulting Jonathan’s family. But the lady at the police station then convinces Nancy that Jonathan did this out of love for her, which contributes to her misunderstanding of him.
Murray is wrong in his assessment of Nancy as "retreating back to the safety of...Steve" in 2x6 (unsurprising considering he is, by his own admission, only guessing because she's "harder to read") but he's right about Jonathan. He has trust issues. This is why Nancy has to jump out Jonathan’s window in the morning rather than leave with him through the front door, even though Joyce and Will are clearly aware of her presence and their relationship. This is reminiscent of how Jonathan complains to Joyce about Bob spending the night in season 2. To Jonathan, Nancy has always been an outsider to his family unit, which is coming to a head now when he's choosing to stay with his family over his relationship with her. He also shows that he's projecting onto her too; despite telling Argyle about how ambitious Nancy is, he still expects that she'd give up her dreams to be with him in California and end up resenting him.
After their argument in season 3, Nancy says to Jonathan “I guess we just don’t understand each other anymore.” The truth is, they never did. They just happened to have intersecting goals in the past, which disguised their disconnect. It's not a coincidence that after making such a big deal about Nancy not being able to say that she loves Steve, the show never has Nancy and Jonathan say it to each other onscreen. If Nancy’s rat story hadn’t ended up being related to the Upside Down, this fight likely would have resulted in their breakup. Instead, Nancy gets to see all those traits she wants in a partner in Jonathan again (though still not directed at her. He does nothing to save her when she's about to get hit by Billy's car) and once again convince herself that he is that ideal partner, delaying their breakup.
Meanwhile, Steve has been growing into someone who actually embodies Nancy's ideal partner traits. This has always been at the heart of Steve's character arc. Nancy's character arc is about overcoming her fear of emotional vulnerability, which is the main reason for Stancy's breakup (she attempts to bury her resentment towards Steve and their relationship until it eventually explodes out of her when she is drunk, and she can't tell him she loves him). Her encounter with Vecna creates the perfect opportunity for her to finally address this flaw, to forgive herself and Steve for what happened to Barb, and to be honest about her feelings. Then she and Steve will finally be ready for each other.
The J*ncy breakup and Stancy reconciliation doesn't just make sense. It was inevitable.
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krumble4ronance · 18 days ago
Ok is it just me or does Ronance make the most sense like ok hear me out stancy won’t work out nancy and Steve want completely different things in life, in season 1 Nancy was talking about her family and stuff when Jonathan went shooting with her saying “screw that” while Steve over here is ambushing her with “6 little nuggets” and “you where always there” like bro what. Jonathan basically admitted he was slowly breaking up with Nancy, Nancy and Jonathan did not do long distance very well and when jancy reunited Jonathan asked if they where ok and obviously Nancy lied like gurl was not convincing. Now Ronance I may be a little bias but Robin makes the most sense they have the same view on things there dynamics fit perfectly and why wouldn’t Nancy fall in love with Robin During her speech same thing goes for Nancy like girl literally stares Vecna down and shot him out the window. To be realistic Natalia is pushing Ronance the duffers know it exists and it seems like the best option it’s ether Ronance or Single Nancy. I swear to god if duffers make stancy happen I will find Vecna myself and make him Vecna me
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dreamfinder83 · a month ago
Steve was such a bad boyfriend. Remember when he let Nancy get bullied at work, took pictures of her without her consent, lied about their future together, decided not to visit her on spring break, was relieved when she didn’t show up to visit him and wanted to slow motion break up with her? Oh wait, that was Jonathan.
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truthspeakers · 3 months ago
yall. the concept of j*ncy breaking up and stancy getting back together isn’t Undoing their character development. the reason why they’re in a place where they can revisit their relationship is because they’ve both changed and matured so much as people. jon and nancy aren’t any better suited for each other than steve and nancy were, they just trauma bonded and jonathan seemed like the more “exciting” option at the time, so she wouldn’t turn out like every other boring suburban girl, like jonathan scared her into believing she would be.
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elmainlcye · 3 months ago
the juxtaposition of jonathan still not being able to be honest with nancy when she is right in front of him with steve’s emotional vulnerability with nancy about how much he adores her and wants a future with her after everything they’ve been through i-
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itsth3l0vesh0t · 4 months ago
the "everybody sees it but them" trope argument
team stancy
Tumblr media
vs team j*ncy
Tumblr media
you see stancy having MAIN and recurring characters supporting the trope for them meanwhile the other ship only one (creep) recurring character and two characters you never see again.
i saw #them using scenes with those characters to support the claim "they did it first" and yeah but in my opinion stancy did it betterrrrrrrrr.
which team do you choose? (for this trope only lol)
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dalekofchaos · 3 months ago
Robin/Vickie feels like a consolation prize cause the Duffer Bros are homophobic cowards who won’t let Nancy be bi and dump J*anathan, cause they can’t let their self-insert be without Nancy and end their fav toxic relationship that started by a creep taking unsolicited naked pictures of a woman and the only thing the said relationship has going for them is “shared trauma” because a creepy middle aged conspiracy theorist said so and said Nancy should cheat on her boyfriend and have sex with J*onathan and they constantly need other people to say “they are so in love” J*onathan can’t even defend Nancy over misogyny or even tell her about college and thinks she would give up everything to be with him. God, can they just end this bullshit already?
Like as long as they let Robin have a girlfriend, I guess it’s fine. But we all forgotten she even existed and we were all focused on Ronance.
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accio-depression · 3 months ago
y’all i’m starting to get a thought….
did they go back and refilm so steve didn’t die and eddie does????
all the protect steve shit the steddie on netflix’s tumblr the actors literal statements!
i just think maybe just maybe they reshot it bc steve was supposed to die trying to save nancy and robin inside the creel house & everyone threw a huge fit and caved
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that-bitttch · 2 months ago
Reasons I dislike Nancy Wheeler:
1) She just feels super two dimensional to me ngl. Even without taking a look at her character arc and actions, she kinda just.. exists for me
2) her whole personality can basically be summarised as: Independent woman who likes boys and guns. Yes I can and will look further into that if wanted in another post.
3) She is so condescending? Like all the time! Her opinion is the only valid one apparantly and everyone else is below her. Examples of this include: her treatment of Robin, her treatment of the kids, her treatment of Fred and many more.
4) She insults literally everyone. S1 begins with her insulting Steve's intelligence (which i have a lot of issues regarding not just for Nancy but all of the shows characters and I will follow up on this). S4 she insults Fred, a literal child following her guidance, for having differing opinions, IN THE 80S!! as people like to say when defending the shows harsher aspects.
5) her character literally never develops. S1 she began investigating Barbs death and never stopped. Held her feminist ideals *THAT I AM NOT AGAINST FTR*. Got given a gun and boys. And that was it for her. Every single season for her goes the exact same: Something bad happens, Nancy investigates, people doubt her and laugh, gets given a speech to carry on, is proven right, shoots the bad guy.
6) Does not seem to overly care about anyone else? S1 she did not GAF about anything going on unless it affected her. Will went missing? gosh Mike stop acting childish. Barb goes missing? Why is the world so unfair! Nobody is listening to me!
7) Like, she was only really investigating for her own career? In s3 and 4 in the least. She may have posed it to everyone else that she cared about the odd events, but she just wanted to be the first to get the good story. Like talking to Wayne Munson in the beginning and trying to invoke sympathy for her plight. It was just.. Not It for me.
8) she is selfish. Like i get she is a teenager, and teenagers are selfish, but... I would not like her irl unlike the other characters. Not one bit. She is always in everything for herself and she refuses to out herself in other peoples shoes for even a second. Mike is distraught over Will? Lets go have sex with Steve and argue with Mike. Steve wants to pretend a literal TRAUMATISING event didnt happen because he is also, a literal child? Nah he is bullshit. Jonathan decided not to fly down from California, despite literally being poor and having siblings to look after whilst pulling away from a ldr? Nothing she did there was wrong obvs.
9) the way she treats her partners is so horrible. Lets recap. S1- is dating Steve. Okay, so she lies to him about what she is doing with someone who TOOK PICTURES of HIS house without consent. Does not include him, her boyfriend, in her thoughts, and leaves him with the impression she is cheating on him. S2- still dating Steve. Lied to him for a whole year about her thoughts on their relationship. Gets drunk and calls him and their relationship bullshit while implying he is a murderer for something that is not his fault. Acts like it is not her fault when confronting him the next day. Proceeds to fuck off with Jonathan and have sex with him before even ending the relationship properly, and that is after insisting that there will never be anything between the two of you. S3 she just absolutely does not listen to a word Jonathan says and does what she wants whilst expecting him to drop everything for her and follow her around. S4 she puts the blame of their failing relationship on Jonathan and flirts with Steve.
10) she is really entitled. She is like the definition of a spoiled. She is handed things that she wants on a silver platter and is applauded when she gets it? Like she comes from what looks to be a upper lower/ middle class family in a nice meighbourhood with two parents, wanting for nothing, and does not seem to understand when people do not have the same constraints as her. Like she is okay to drop her job at the change of a hat but others actually need the money to survive? It is canon that Jonathan worked A LOT to help pay bills, and babysat Will, and she just, did not understand.
11) she gets applauded for doing the bare minimum. She showed up to help Eddie purely for the inside scoop and because she would look bad otherwise, and is HCed to be his new bestie? She tells Jason to fuck off? Shoots Vecna AFTER it has been set on fire? Like Hopper BEHEADS a whole ass demogorgon after being tortured and starved in Russia, but gets so little recognition.
12) literally risks getting her friends and family locked up/killed by the US government, for her guilt over killing Barb, and the want of a good story to publish. Like they were willing to shoot a shit ton of people for a child abusing lab who had no ides there was a child abusing lab *cough cough Benny*, and shoot a bunch of 11 year olds. They would have had no qualms about getting rid of them all!
13) literally abandons Mike, her BROTHER to go with her fresh BF at the end of s2! She was definitely not needed there, in fact she would have been more useful at the house with Steve and the kids, but nope.
14) Doesnt have a good relationship with her mother for what? Her caring? Like Karen Wheeler has her faults (Billy. Thats enough said) but noone can say she does not care about her kids. And Nancy just takes that for granted. This one is a personal slight, because a parent that offers up good advice, support and genuinely cares? That would be the life!
I am going to stop myself here, because I could probably go on for hours ranting. If you want to discuss any of this with me feel free to drop mw a message or something! No hate though please! I respect everyones opinions and will gladly take part in RESPECTFUL debate about any of this!
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scoopertrouper · a month ago
so i’m definitely waaay too online today, but something occurred to me bc i’ve been contemplating Jonathan (el oh el).
i think i’ve finally sussed out what really bugs me so INTENSELY about his whole speech about Nancy dropping her dreams to follow him and live in blissful marital resentment with however many hateful children they have. it’s that it’s just…WILDLY unsupported by what they’ve shown us “in the text” so far.
like we’ve obviously seen that when the chips are down, nancy has zero problem putting life and limb on the line to make a stand. but when it comes to her own visions and goals, Nancy is, uh, considerably less self-sacrificing.
case-in-point: against Jonathan’s express, repeatedly stated wishes, she pushes her s3 investigation so hard that she gets them BOTH fired!
it was fuck the editorial board, fuck Jonathan, fuck every single person who tried to throw a roadblock in front of what Nancy felt in her soul was the right thing to do. it caused an ENORMOUS rift in their relationship.
and like i guess maybe if the whole thing had led to some kind of reckoning or lesson learned for her i might see how he was able to justify his logical leap in s4 — but it didn’t! the show framed her as correct! she had karen in her corner yelling fight ALL THE MEN and Jonathan apologizing without question or caveat in the elevator. so the intent was clearly not for Nancy to have a come to Jesus moment about the impacts of her actions on others.
this doesn’t occur in a vacuum, either. we see it time and time again. it’s fuck Steve in s1 when he doesn’t want to investigate Barb’s disappearance and fuck Steve x2 in s2 when he thinks it’s a bad idea to find a way to bring closure to Barb’s parents.
Nancy has an MO and she generally sticks to it, regardless of whether or not she’s flying in the face of well-reasoned arguments. and the show has decided that this is, in fact, a Good Thing. one way or another, she finds a way to make sure her needs are met and her goals are achieved (and she can frankly be pretty callous about it when she wants to be!).
so I’m having a really difficult time understanding how Jonathan got to a place where the conversation would have been “I’ll follow you wherever you go if you don’t want to go to Emerson” and not “We are clearly in different places and have different desires and may need to re-examine our relationship wholesale.”
because tbh (and without actually SEEING the conversation, i don’t know how it was approached, which is a whole other THING), i am kind of wondering if Emerson would have even factored into the discussion if the first option had EVER been on the table. if Nancy had been interested in that kind of compromise, I’m skeptical that they would have settled on a college that was very clearly HER dream school, thousands of miles away from the family that Jonathan adores, independent of his complicated relationship with his own parentification and obligation to them.
AND part of me thinks that you could make the argument that he actually DOES know that the second conversation is the one they’d be having and he’s just not really ready to hear it yet. but i guess that’s an unsolved mystery for s5.
in conclusion Nancy needs a stay-at-home dad willing to work part time and raise their family and follow her where her career takes her because the most important thing in his life is HER, not a job. and it is actually FINE for that to be the case (as long as they both consent to it and have clearly outlined expectations). because not everyone needs a career to have purpose and feel fulfilled.
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juniperhillpatient · 20 days ago
ok, guess who has more to say about why I liked Stancy so much this season & where I think the show is going with it? this bitch. I'm late to the party so y'all got my liveblogs but now I'm like, thinking about & processing the season. & yes, I do have thoughts on characters other than Steve & Nancy too it's just that Steve & Nancy are more important. anyway. I feel like as much as it sucked that we didn't really see them interact post-breakup until now, it was almost necessary. They both had to grow & change apart to develop into people who could have a lasting relationship. As much as the love & chemistry were there from the start, they also had to grow as people before they could give each other their all. Also, they couldn't have shared too much screen time before it was their time again narratively because they're incapable of existing in the same vicinity without wanting to jump each other's bones. More below the cut because this got long :)
Steve's development & growth this season was a big theme. He himself outlined it specifically in his speech to Nancy about "crawling forward." Which is huge! In season 1 Steve NEVER would've been so self-aware or introspective. Last season we saw Steve & Nancy on separate adventures, both learning about themselves & growing. Steve specifically, had a lot of growing up to do. And looking out for the kids & becoming best friends with Robin (& accepting her rejection!) was huge for him. He grew into himself in terms of handling his platonic relationships & taking on a leadership role.
Nancy's grown a lot too, she's just not as talkative about it as Steve. Nancy is someone who's very reserved about her emotions. She's not afraid to take risks when it comes to fighting monsters, but when it comes to being vulnerable with another person, I think that she is. I do think that Nancy's romance with Jonathan, & his willingness to talk to her about how she's afraid of becoming her mom - of becoming complacent in life - as well as their adventures in high-stakes investigative journalism together - were important to Nancy's development.
I had honestly come to assume that Stancy was never going to be an endgame ship & that we'd be lucky to see them interact much in the future of the show. But as soon as they saw each other again this season the sparks were flying. Nancy is still not being honest with herself about her feelings or her relationship with Jonathan at this point but right away we see how she's curt with Robin thinking that Steve & Robin are a thing. Then when we really get to see them interact it's clear that all that chemistry is still there & that's why they couldn't interact much during the time she was having her romance with Jonatha. They're each other's first love, & that hasn't gone away.
But the thing is - yeah, they were each other's first love but also - they were never going to work out back then. They were both too immature & unsure about what they wanted or how to go about a mature relationship. This season though, we saw Steve take on a leadership role - something he never could've done in earlier seasons. We saw Nancy dive without HESITATION into the Upside Down to save Steve. We saw how desperate he was to help her when Vecna had her in a trance. We saw how well they worked together in The Upside Down. We saw them LITERALLY go back in time to when they were dating as they fought monsters together in another world.
Then, in the end...Nancy's still with Jonathan (even after admitting her concerns about the relationship to Robin) but the one focused conversation we get between them has him still lying to her, & her defending Steve to him. Not exactly promising for the future of their relationship.
So, here's my prediction for the final season: I think that we'll see Nancy really & truly overcome her emotional hangups when it comes to being honest about how she's feeling & what she wants. Again, Nancy is brave as fuck. The girl investigates murders & fights monsters & dives into hell dimensions without flinching. Something worth noting about Steve & Nancy's visions for their futures - Steve sees himself as a father, & that seems more important to him than any particular career. Nancy wants to go to a good school & have a career, & she does not want to become like her mother, stuck in a mediocre marriage or a life that doesn't fulfill her. Self-fulfillment as well as her education & career are the most important things to Nancy. I've seen some anti-Stancy people say that Nancy doesn't want kids, but she actually never says that so I'm ignoring it.
I think that we'll see more of Steve & Nancy working together & both taking on that leadership role they shared this season & kicking ass next season. Obviously, there'll be some focus on the love triangle. I know some of y'all hate that but I'm not opposed, I love love- triangles & I love drama & the Jancy vs. Stancy love triangle is fun to me. I think that what we'll find is that Jonathan (who I've talked about minimally in this post since it is a Stancy post) doesn't actually want the same things in life as Nancy, & isn't sure about their relationship. This season we saw how the relationship didn't seem to bring him anything but stress. Nancy will have sparks with Steve, OBVIOUSLY, this season has made it incredibly clear that these two are incapable of sharing a vicinity without sparks flying. And, well, I foresee more unambiguous signs of true love (as well as a confession from Nancy) next season! I wouldn't be surprised if Steve almost dies & Nancy gives an emotional confession at that point, which I personally would love :) (as long as it's just almost of course)
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greenistheboy · 3 months ago
On Nancy Wheeler's Character Arc, Relationships, and Show vs Tell.
One piece of writing advice often repeated around writers' circles is "show, don't tell". The concept is simple: The audience will be more engaged and emotionally invested in your writing if they can experience what's happening first hand, rather than just being informed of it. Don't just tell us a character is scared. Show us they're trembling.
In its earlier seasons, Stranger Things appears to prefer to tell us Nancy's character arc. The most egregious example of this comes from Murray Bauman, who spells it out to both us and Nancy. According to him, Nancy is "afraid of what would happen if [she] accepted [herself] for who [she] really [is] and retreated back to the safety of…Steve", who she doesn't love, and should date Jonathan instead because they have shared trauma. This is treated as a narrative truth by a lot of viewers, which is why so many feel the Nancy/Steve reconciliation has come out of nowhere and is damaging to Nancy's character development. But there are plenty of reasons to doubt Murray's interpretation. Firstly, he admits that he finds Nancy difficult to read and is only assuming that she's retreating to safety because that’s what everyone does. Secondly, the narrative shows us that Murray’s conclusions are often wrong, especially when he's dealing with incomplete information. In the very first scene he's in, he is convinced that Eleven is a Russian spy.
Barb tells Nancy "this isn’t you" when Nancy is following Steve up to his room. These are Barb's last words to Nancy. But it is important to consider the context in which Barb is saying this. Up until this point, Nancy has been consistently downplaying her relationship with Steve when discussing it with Barb. Steve is clearly smitten with Nancy, but this isn't how Nancy has presented their dynamic to Barb. She says it's "just a one-time...two-time thing" and that Steve likes her "but not like that". From Barb's perspective, Nancy is acting out of character by sleeping with someone who "just wants to get in [her] pants". But from Nancy's perspective, she and Steve have a meaningful relationship, which is why, earlier, Nancy is visibly upset at the idea that Steve only wants to "get another notch on [his] belt" before Steve reassures her this isn’t the case.
Since the beginning, the writers have been telling us one thing, but showing us another. Nancy doesn't need to learn to accept herself by dating Jonathan instead of Steve. Nancy needs to learn to overcome her fear of emotional vulnerability, of being imperfect and having others see those imperfections. She wants people close to her and supporting her, but she doesn't want to open herself up and let them in. Her walls are so high, she can't even be honest with her best friend about her feelings towards her boyfriend. This also explains Nancy's first interaction with Dustin; she is on the phone with Barb when he goes to her room, talking about Steve, and she clearly doesn’t want other people to know. And Nancy's fear of emotional vulnerability goes beyond how she interacts with others. She also refuses to let herself confront any painful emotions, preferring to throw herself into action, to do instead of feel. A good example of this occurs when Nancy learns Barb is dead. Rather than grieve her friend, Nancy immediately wants to try to kill the Demogorgon.
The night Nancy sleeps with Steve, Jonathan takes a photo of Nancy undressing through the window. When later asked about it, Jonathan says he saw "this girl…trying to be someone else, but for that moment, it was like you were alone, or you thought you were, and you could just be yourself." Like Barb though, Jonathan doesn't have all the information. Nancy isn't alone when she undresses in that bedroom. Steve is there. What’s more, she invites Steve to look at her as she does so. Which means Nancy can be herself when she’s with Steve. She can let her walls down with him.
Or rather, she could, because unfortunately, this backfires horribly for Nancy. The first time she allows herself to really be vulnerable with someone, her best friend is killed. And Steve's behaviour in the aftermath doesn't help matters. Though Nancy is still dating Steve at the end of season 1, by this point, so much damage has been done, and her walls are back up with him. This leads to their messy breakup in season 2, where she drunkenly calls their relationship bullshit and can't tell him she loves him when he confronts her about it. In a sense, she's right about their relationship, but it's not because she doesn't love Steve. She does, but she also associates their relationship with Barb's death and resents him for how he acted afterwards. She no longer feels she can trust him with her heart.
This brings us back to Nancy's relationship with Jonathan and their shared trauma. The allure of shared trauma is the feeling that another person understands you and your pain on a level that no one else possibly could. It's easy to see why a relationship based on shared trauma would appeal to Nancy. If Jonathan already understands her, there’s no need to open herself up and risk getting hurt. But this is counterproductive for her character growth, as she's no longer being challenged to overcome her fear. She’s also accepting other people's interpretations of her rather than sitting with her emotions and self-reflecting. The point of Murray's speech isn't just to misdirect the audience. It's to misdirect Nancy.
Nancy and Jonathan's shared trauma only creates the illusion that they understand each other, but the cracks have been showing for a long time and their relationship is about to reach its breaking point. In season 2, Jonathan can relate to having to pretend everything is normal, but he has no idea how much pain and guilt she is carrying. Which is why he doesn't say what she actually needs to hear: that what happened to Barb wasn't her fault. In season 3, both are too absorbed in their own feelings, making them dismissive of the other's. And in season 4, Jonathan is keeping secrets from Nancy and slow motion breaking up with her while she's been burying herself in her newspaper job. More importantly, Nancy is reconnecting with Steve, who she's been hiding herself away from all this time, while facing off against a villain who preys on people's feelings of trauma and guilt. The narrative is finally going to force Nancy to confront her fear of emotional vulnerability, and it's created the perfect storm for her to do so.
Nancy's character arc is much more compelling and elegantly written than most people think.
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charlieconwayy · a month ago
there have been a lot of comparisons to the st love triangle with the thg “triangle” and i’d like to expand on that.
nancy and jonathan are what makes sense to both nancy and to everyone around them. it seems to be pushed by the narrative at first to be “real,” that their fires will balance each other out. they are both caretakers, but never the other’s first priority. gale had his brothers, katniss had prim and her mom. just like jonathan’s first priority will ALWAYS be his family, and nancy’s will always be saving the world and making it a better place for those around her. their “shared traumas” (just like gale and katniss) are the thing that bonds them together, as well as nancy thinking that jonathan is what makes sense for her. he has that same fire that she does, that same need for revenge that she feels after losing barb. gale’s rage and need for revenge, his need for anything to make sense, leads to more destruction. while i don’t necessarily think that jonathan’s anger is going to do anything as abhorrent as gale does, i think that jonathan does sometimes let his anger get the better of him. we see this in his reaction to joyce refusing to believe will is gone, we see it in his reaction to steve attacking his family. jonathan is fueled by his anger. s4 (very unfortunately) didn’t give us much of jonathan aside from him smoking pot and being there for will. just like gale, jonathan’s first priority is protecting his family and getting that perhaps justified revenge.
peeta, however, doesn’t have a familial unit, or at least one that is important to him bc he isn’t important to them. steve is the same way. his family unit is his found family, in the party and most importantly, in nancy. steve’s development into who we know him as today started bc mike told him “you told nancy you’d keep us safe. so keep us safe.” everything that peeta does is with katniss in mind, it’s to keep her safe, it’s to be a support for her. he doesn’t have that same rage, he has an inherent want for normalcy. that’s what separates nancy from jonathan. what nancy needs is to be someone’s priority, bc she has never been anyone’s priority except for steve’s and that is the sad truth of things. nancy feels obligated to be with jonathan, just like katniss did with gale. but season 4 shows steve’s tenderness, his softness, his ability to plan for a future with her in it. the sweet man that he’s matured into is what nancy needs, and that doesn’t necessarily mean someone taking care of her and forcing her to be a mother like jxncies think, bc katniss never needed that either. katniss needed someone to comfort her and make her feel like things could be okay. and that is exactly what nancy needs. katniss’s initial need to separate herself from peeta came from her connecting him to the trauma of the games, just like nancy’s initial need to separate herself from peeta came from her connecting him to the trauma of losing barb. overcoming that trauma is what will bring them back together, bc peeta and steve represent hope.
s5 epilogue will serve this
Steve and I grow back together. There are still “moments when he clutches the back of a chair and hangs on until the flashbacks are over. I wake screaming from nightmares of demodogs and lost children. But his arms are there to comfort me. And eventually his lips. On the night I feel that thing again, the hunger that overtook me on the beach, I know this would have happened anyway. That what I need to survive is not Jonathan’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Steve can give me that.”
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dreamfinder83 · 3 months ago
Nancy and Jonathan have never said I love you to one another, Jonathan took pictures of Nancy undressing without her knowledge, Nancy was being treated like shit at work and Jonathan basically told her to suck it up and that she doesn’t understand how the real world works, and Jonathan lied and keeps lying to her about what he wants to do in the future. Their relationship started a day after her relationship with Steve ended in a strangers basement after drinking and being egged on by said stranger to have sex. Remind me again why it’s so crazy, OOC, ridiculous and stupid for them to breakup?
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chrissythisissforyou · a month ago
J*ncy shippers say that Nancy ending up with Steve would be cruel to Jonathan, but do they consider what Jonathan actually wants? Jonathan says he is “slow motion breaking up” with Nancy and they are relieved not to see each other. J*ncy shippers say Steve doesn’t need romance to develop as a character and that Stancy endgame would be detrimental to Nancy’s character. But Jonathan is still holding onto his relationship with Nancy because it is his first relationship. Perhaps Jonathan can let go of Nancy rather than keep a failing romance; that perhaps no girlfriend (at the moment anyway) is actually the better option than an incompatible one (Nancy). Overall, I think J*ncy shippers should take their own advice about Stancy towards Jonathan because though I’m not Jonathan’s biggest fan, right now I feel like I know season four Jonathan’s character better than J*ncy shippers.
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