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Milky Way and Mount Shasta, United States
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by oxy.__
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Jupiter and its moons rising above a barn
l Brennan Gilmore l Virginia, U.S. (Sept. 16) l from left, Ganymede, Europa, Io, and Callisto
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Beautiful night
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Jumy-M Lost in Thought  / 黄昏れるほかにすることがない
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Shinjuku - Tokyo, Japan
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Maureen Rocksmoore (b.1967) - The Wolf Moon. Oil on canvas.
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I just uploaded a brand new autumn cozy ambience! This time we’re headed to a pumpkin farm with a crackling fore and cider stand. Hope you enjoy, and happy fall! 🍁
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Heart of Pluto
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by Mercury Mirror
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Andrew McCarthy l Sept. 26, 2022
Jupiter made its closest approach to Earth since 1963; Jupiter was at opposition. That is, Earth was directly between Jupiter and the sun
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Full House [Future] - Not Enough
Ryan = Little One
Brant = Night 
CW: pet whump, multiple whumpees, caretaker new master, mention of death.
“Y-you are being, being unfair, Brant,” Beige protested in a low voice, looking at the guard dog casually sitting on the other side of the room, “M-master is… he isn’t bad.”
“I didn’t say he is bad —even if he still can be just as bad as his parents or even worse and is just keeping up a facade, we can’t ever know for sure, but anyway— I just said he isn’t as good as you think he is,” Brant said, his tone more angry than usual, which is a lot. 
“But-but…” Pink started, “but Master doesn’t p-p-punish us ever.”
Brant sighed as if he was explaining something obvious that everyone was failing to see, “And why would he even? We did nothing wrong! Even if we fail to obey an order, it would be his fault for asking for something impossible to do! You all know we would try to obey the better we can, so it isn’t our fault if we fail.”
Purple opened his mouth to protest, to say it has to be the pet’s fault, but he could never say they don’t try. They do! They try even when they know the order is set up for failure, even when obeying hurts. Damn, they obey even when this means hurting each other.
“We shouldn’t talk about this,” he said instead, glancing at the door as if Master was just behind it, even when they all knew he wasn’t in the house at the moment; they wouldn’t call Night by his true name if Master was there. “We really shouldn’t talk about Master like this.”
“But you agree with me,” Brant pointed out.
“...we shouldn’t say this.”
“He is right, Brant,” Day tried, again with his self-imposed impossible task of trying to look smaller, “We shouldn’t talk like this. Master will get angry.”
“That’s my point!” Brant said a bit too loud, making Ryan flinch, “Sorry,” he said, only continuing to talk when the youngest nodded, “The fact that we need to be afraid of what he thinks, afraid he will hurt us, don’t you all feel how wrong this is? Am I really the only one here that doesn’t think we are supposed to be scared all the time.”
“I don’t- don’t know what you are complaining about,” Beige said, fidgeting with his shirt, “Master is better than m-most owners.”
Brant let out a scoff and rolled his eyes, making Beige lose part of the confidence he had just before. “What do we even know about it? The only owners we can compare him with are his parents, and let’s be fair, we can even say that the trainers ‘weren’t bad’ if compared to his parents, and in case you forgot, Beige, part of the trainers’ job is to be worse than the owners to make sure we, and every other pet, will be grateful for our owners existing. So ‘not bad’ is nothing!”
“We…” Day said, “We actually do have one more owner to compare him with.”
Ryan glanced up at the five pets looking at him, he sighed softly, “...F-former Mistress also wasn’t… wasn’t bad bad,” he hugged himself as if shielding his body from some invisible threat, “She was… touchy, but this- this isn’t a a problem with with normal pets only only-” he took a deep breath. “Master Eri is less… less demanding? I think? Mistress was- I I knew what she wanted, she had rules, and and- I just knew what to expect. Master’s parents-” he cut himself and swallowed hard, “Master doesn’t have have clear rules, but he isn’t- I mean, he doesn’t touch me so…”
“Okay,” Brant said softly in an almost apologetic tone, “But even if Sir Eri is truly a good owner, if he is truly better than the others, this is still… off.”
“I don’t get what you are talking about,” Purple said, not truly wanting to keep the talk.
“Think with me,” Brant tried again, “This is really how you want to live the rest of your life? Pleasing someone in the hope he will be merciful enough not to hurt you?” No one answered so he continued, “So, okay, let’s pretend that Sir Eri really doesn’t want to hurt us, and never will —which I don’t think it’s true but anyway let’s pretend— so if that’s the case we don’t need to be scared, and we won’t be punished no matter what. Even if that's the case, don’t you all see the problem?”
Four of the other pets looked at him confused, when he was about to explain Ryan spoke up. “We can’t live without him,” he answered in a low voice.
“Thank you! At least you get me! This is what I’m talking about! Do you know what happens if Sir Eri dies? They will take us back, they will retrain us, maybe they will even put us down, we all know we are getting ‘too old’ to be ‘functional’. So even if Sir Eri is a miracle of a perfect master, we still need him waaaaay too much, we still need him to work and buy us food, don’t you see how unfair this is? We also work, and what do we get from it? Food and Water? A bed with a soft blanket? If we earned money we could buy it ourselves anyway.”
“But we are pets. We are meant to serve humans.”
“Oh, come on, Purple. Who the fuck decided it? Who decided we are meant to serve and others are meant to hurt us? I don’t know who decided it but fuck them!”
“Purple is r-right, we are pets so-”
“Beige, not even you believe it. You know just as much as I do that what makes us different from ‘humans’ is the training, Sir Eri wasn’t trained to be a pet, so he is human, we were trained so we aren’t. This is so… changeable, the line between one and another is so thin that we can’t just ignore it.”
Ryan moved his fingers as if playing an invisible keyboard, soothing himself, “Yeah, this isn’t fair, I mean, I… I wouldn’t be retrained, you know, I would-” be killed. “You know…..We could live by ourselves, l-l-like we have have the abilities to do so,” he gestured to Beige, “Like you, you took care of everyone, and- and you had no help from from humans at all, you did it by yourself. We can do what- what people do, but at the same time no one lets us, Master Eri doesn’t even let us do many chores, it’s as if as if he wants us to depend on him.”
“Maybe he is just worried,” Beige said, not quite believing himself. “worried with- with-”
“Worried that we do the chores we were trained to do?” Brant cut.
“Okay, but what do you want?” Purple asked, “We can’t do anything about it!”
“And, again, who decided that?” Brant asked angrily, glancing at Ryan to be sure his voice wasn’t too loud, “The trainers? fuck them. Whoever the trainers work to? fuck them. The owners? Like, the very people that buy pets just to hurt them? fuck them too.”
“But we are pets!” Purple protested again, “This is what pets are meant to! Brant, it won’t change!”
“This, actually, isn’t what pets are m-meant to,” Ryan said, “Just just look around? Like, dogs, and and cats, and birds and snakes and everything else. They are treated good, they aren’t hurt, and when someone does hurt them everyone else calls it cruel. The only “pets” meant to be hurt are pets like us.”
“There are people who say hurting us is cruel too,” Day said, not even knowing what side he was on anymore.
“I still don’t know what you want by having this talk,” Purple insisted.
“I also don’t know what I want,” he said with a sigh, “but I know what I don’t want. I don’t want to be scared all the time, I don’t want to be hurt, I don’t want to work all day just to have the right to live, and I don’t want to exist just to serve someone until I die.”
“and and have to ask to to go out,” Ryan added, “and and need to to ask Master for things instead of of getting them ourselves.”
“I’m glad someone is on my side in here,” Brant said, raising his fist, Ryan took a pen out of his pocket and touched it on Brant’s fist; his own touch-free version of a fistbump. “We just need to convince the sturnborn ones.”
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