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road-killkid · 2 days ago
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I don’t feel like posting this on my insta,,,, I might but whatever  this is kinda old 
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scary-noodlesblog · 4 months ago
Creepypasta Ages As of July 2022
My headcannons:
Jeff: 23
BEN: died at 14, now 20
E.J.: sacrificed at 19, now 26
Jane: 26
Toby: 24
Masky: 26
Hoodie: 25
Sally: died at 8, stuck at 8
Clockwork: 23
Slenderman: 527
Splendorman: 523
Trenderman: 525
Laughing Jack: no fucking clue
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groovy-goth-gators · 22 days ago
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he mad bc my kitchen messy u_u
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aftershockartz · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve returned
With flea content… no
but with shitty doodles absolutely 1000%
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somewhat-crazy · a year ago
Jeff, at Slender's brithday party: You invited Satan??
Slender, unimpressed: Really, Jeff? Satan? He's not that bad-
Zalgo: Actually, I prefer ruler of all that is evil but I will answer to Satan.
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s0meth1ngs-n0t-r1ght · 4 months ago
hi!! I just wanted to say I love your creepypasta works and if requests were open? (I don't really know if they are, if they aren't please ignore this).
I was wondering if maybe you could do some smut with any of the Proxies of your choosing? Like you can make it as dark as you want >:D
Only if you want to though!!! <3
Masky x AFAB Reader
Your life had been nothing but uneventful, that's what made you crave danger. When a a walk in the woods turns into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, you only became aware of your addiction to fear... And possibly something else.
My first ask! I am very happy you enjoy my creepypasta works. I am willing to do requests but I struggle with writer's block so I either might not get to it or it'll take some time. Luckily, you caught me at full motivation.
Warning: The following contains sexual content, degradation, dark themes such as violence, gore, and a morally grey reader.
Reader's discretion is advised.
The erratic pulsing was the only only thing you could hear as blood rushed through your ears, your heart thumping against your ribcage as if it was trying to burst out of your chest.
And the telltale sign of arousal flooded your core, each step you took rubbed against your fluttering cunt tauntingly.
You couldn't find it in yourself to be disgusted with your behavior, why would you find this situation riveting in the slightest? You just watched him bludgeon that woman.
The vivid memory of the crowbar burying itself into the woman's head with each swing. The blood spattering onto any surface around the corpse. Even when the body stopped twitching, the murderer didn't stop until the head was a bloody pulp.
Why did he look so handsome, shoulders heaving with each pant the exited his frame, why did you find that so attractive?
It was only when your eyes locked—at least, you thought he looked at you—did this game of cat and mouse begin.
A yelp slipped from your lips as a large frame crashed into yours, sturdy arms wrapping around your waist. The wind was punched out of your lungs as soon as you hit the ground, lips opening up to gasp for air. You tongue tasted the earth in your attempt to breathe.
The world spun around you as your back hit the dirt, having been spun onto your back.
The sight before you had you pussy throbbing. A masked face inches from your own as an muffled panting echoed from behind his mask. His eyes glared down on your own, his dark irises somehow intensifying the stare. And his rough hand gripping at your wrists and keeping them pinned to the ground over your head, his blood soaked crowbar pressing against your throat. You couldn't hold a whimper back from the mere sensation of being so utterly helpless.
What were you doing? You need to escape.
With as much strength you could muster, you began squirming wildly, determined to be released from his hold, no matter how much you wanted to relish in it.
He didn't even budge.
Alright, maybe you needed to buck him off of you. Despite the little move room, you placed your feet flat on the ground and jerked your hips up.
He. Fucking. Moaned.
Said moan shifted into a breathy chuckle, his voice somehow making you more excited.
You bucked against his pelvis is what just happened.
"Easy there, Sunshine. You don't want to do that."
You were hooked. His voice, you couldn't describe it. All you knew was that it struck fear into your system, mind screaming to do fight or flight. But your body reacted differently, it melted in his presence, relaxing against him entirely.
He tilted his head with interest, eyes holding a gleam of amusement. Seeing them squeeze tight after you pressed your hips against his was to die for.
"What... are you planning? You want me to fuck you? Is that it?"
Your mind was torn on what to do. The logical side told you to fight, flee, just get away from him. But the other begged to continue with this, you were bored out of your mind, life was absolutely uneventful.
Now you have a chance to liven it up, even if it's your last moments on earth.
With that, you made up your mind.
"Please spare you or please fuck you? I gotta know, Sunshine. There's only one of those options I can fulfill."
A groan of frustration and shame filled your brain. You couldn't believe the words that were about to come out of you mouth, "Fuck me."
In an instant, his arm swung the crowbar a fair distance from you, both hands gripping at the fabric of your shirt before tearing it apart. The sound of the stitching ripping right off your body pulled a gasp from you, nipples hardening in the cool night air.
His fingers immediately went to work, pulling and pinching at them. A little whine slipped from your lips at the semi uncomfortable feeling.
You eyes clenched as he continued to fiddle with your nipples, body jerking in surprise when a warm, wet sensation engulf one of them, eyes flying open to see that he had lifted his mask off his mouth, leaving him blind to everything else as the mask sat over his eyes.
The repetitive lapping at your chest left you wanting more, shifting your hips to grind against his growing bulge. His lips parted from your nipple, moaning a curse under his breath.
"What a pathetic, little slut you are. Fucking crazy too if your this horny after witnessing a murder. Your soaking through your pants."
His own pelvis bucked against your clothed cunt, pulling a desperate plead from you. He tutted in mock disappointment for your impatience.
"Alright, fine. Sense you want to be a cocksleeve so bad—" his hands pulled away from your chest to yank your pants and underwear to your knees before placing your legs on his singular shoulder. His hands then traveled to fiddle with his belt, unlatching it before he moved to the button and zipper of his jeans. A whimper echoed in your throat as his length flung out of his pants once freed, the head catching on your folds in the most delicious way.
"Be careful what you wish for, sunshine."
As his hands grasped you hips, you became aware exactly what he meant by that warning, "W-wait—"
A squeal ripped from your throat as his cock reached the darkest parts in you, barely brushing against your cervix, the slick of your arousal made the intrusion very smooth but the stretch was paralyzing as pain and pleasure took hold of your senses.
Breathless chuckles mixed with pants and moans seep from him, "Ha. Ho-holy... Holy fucking shit. Is this—fuuck... is this pussy for real?" He was in awe, almost in shock with how your cunt felt around his erection, a tight vice that was almost disarming.
Your insides felt numb for the most part, just barely aware of the mass inside you after the initial intrusion. Your thighs quivering against his heaving chest. Nothing could have prepared you for when he began moving, his hips pulling back, only to snap forward, burying himself further into your willing body.
Each thrust punched the air out of you, your hands moving to cover your unsealed lips but his was quicker. His hand cup your jaw as his fingers and thumb dug into your cheeks, puckering you lips in the process.
"Nuh uh, sunshine. I—ngh... I want to hear you scream like the slu-slut you are."
A series of whimpers flooded from your puckered lips, earning a nod of approval.
"Good little slut. Let e-everybody know how much of a freak you are."
A confused gleam in your eyes caused the masked man to snicker through his own sounds of pleasure, "Oh, were you—ngh... Not aware of... Of our location?"
He pushed your head back so the you could see the slightly obscure view of the suburban houses. His thrusts slowed to a stop so that you mind could take in what you were seeing.
"That's right. Now here's what you're gonna do. Masky, I want you to scream it. Scream my name."
He easily picked up on his initial speed, bucking into you wildly.
You didn't want to disappoint.
"M-Masky... Fuck, Masky!"
As a reward, no doubt, his hand that was latched to your jaw trailed downward to your stuffed mound, fingers twiddling with the little bundle of nerves. A shriek echoed through the forest as his fingers mercilessly rubbed at your clit, the coil in your stomach getting tighter.
Then it snapped.
Your back arched as Masky's name was called out to the night sky, your fluids coating his length.
"Wait—ah fuuuuuck!" Heat began flooding your insides as he emptied his cum into you, seemingly surprised by his own finish but relishing in it. His hips continued moving in shallow thrusts to help coaxed every drop out of him.
The night's cool air calmed your feverish bodies. Your panting shifted to steady breaths before he spoke again.
"Fuck it, I think I'm keeping you. I do everything for him, the least I can do is keep you."
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insane-horror-movie-addict · 6 months ago
heheheheyyyy long time no fucking see
i don't even knkw if you remember my fat ass but its not important. The only thing that's important is that you give us some good fucking Tim/Masky smut LLMAOF
See like... how he is in a romantic relationship and how he is in bed😈
and if yoh have some spare time could you add Jeff djfjwjfj<3
Heyyyyy! Of fucking course I remember you! I will have you know that I am personally offended that you haven't stopped by in a while but I will let it go!
Oohh and Tim/Masky smut you say?? I can do that. After all we could all use a little bit of Dilf in our lives.
-Nsfw + Sfw Hc's for Tim/Masky and Jeff-
Ah yes let us start off with Tim.
Tim. The Dilf. Honestly this man is domestic as fuck. Yes hes a proxy and doesn't have a domestic life at all, but he does enjoy to be somewhat normal in his free time.
So that being said he is also very romantic when he wants to be, so add that to the domestic stuff he likes and you have one heck of a man.
Tim is the type of guy to hold you close and make you feel safe, he'll wake up early in the morning, somehow always managing to not wake you (Even if you are a light sleeper), and this dude will proceed to make you a home cooked breakfast.
Imagine waking up to the smell of coffee, and homemade pancakes. It's nice.
To top it all off in the morning, he'll sometimes sit outside either in a rocking chair or on the porch steps and light a nice cigarette as he looks out into the woods.
So all in all hes very romantic and considerate.
Plus he is very affectionate. You wouldn't expect that now would you?
He loves going for hugs from behind, neck kisses, he'll grab your hand and rub small circles on your palm, he will randomly push a strand of hair behind your ears if it's in your face.
He does the shit that makes anyone's heart go crazy. Mainly because he loves to see your reactions and the little faces and blushes he gets in return when he does these small gestures.
Masky on the other hand is a little more rough than Tim. Not so outwardly affectionate but enough to where you know he cares.
It's kinda funny how Masky can you read you like a book sometimes. Especially if hes known you for a while. Since hes the one who mainly has to deal with the proxy stuff, hes learned a few things.
Like body language. He can usually tell when you are upset or uncomfortable by how you look and act. So it can be very hard to hide stuff from him, including emotions.
Plus when Masky isn't being a total dick he actually gives decent advice and will jokingly say things like. "Would punching you in the face make you feel better?"
I take it back hes always a dick, but sometimes it can be more likable I suppose.
Tim will fuck the shit out of you in the sweetest way. I just needed to say that because it is so true.
He can be soft or can be rough but it's kinda rough love making. He doesn't even really like to be super rough during sex mainly because he just likes to take his time and really feel you.
But don't get it twisted if you ever piss Tim off or just want your brain to go numb then he has ways of making your body and mind mush.
But he totally has a breeding kink. Obviously. Plus a size and Praise kink. Praise kink definitely goes both ways.
Like tell him how good he makes you feel and he might melt. But he will also be sure to always say how good you are doing for him and how good you make him feel.
Also is the king of aftercare. Any marks or bruises? Hes got you. Are you a bit messy? Well no problem he will wipe you down or will just take a bath with you.
Plus the next day when you can't move he'll be extra sweet and loving. Might throw in a few teasing comments here and there like "Oh was I too much for you last night?" but he will baby you and let you rest.
Now Masky.....ohhohoho.
He will fuck you like he hates you. It's all hard, fast, and rough.
You will be 100% dead the next morning.
But hes the one who rails you, he will bite you and leave hickies, leave hand marks and bruises on your thighs and ass, will pull your hair.
He will also just manhandle you the entire time. It's almost alarming how fast he can flip you around.
Has a lot of the same kinks as Tim. Like a size kink, marking, is definitely into more degradation and loves to overstimulate you.
A few time after Masky has fucked you Tim will front and will be completely shocked and kind horrified by how wrecked you are.
Luckily Tim is the aftercare guy so he takes care of you after Masky is done, but he will apologize. Masky on the other hand finds it hilarious and will tease you for it.
Okay so Jeff is a little prickly not gonna lie.
Not trying to say hes not romantic at all but he is in his own kind of way.
Hes the type of guy to be super protective over you and always wants to make sure you are okay.
I know a lot of people make him kind of just a blood thirsty maniac, but I kinda Hc him to be more traumatized and kinda just over everything. (But he still has major anger issues lmao-)
His love language is also definitely Physical touch. Hes not good with words. At all. So he relies on more actions than words to get across how he feels about you.
But he also can be considerate sometimes. If you ever need help with something hes right there, already ready to help you, no questions asked.
Hes pretty much your ride or die.
He also loves doing things with you. Like he'll take you for random car trips, he loves to go on walks in the woods or around the manor with you, and he especially loves to fuck around and screw with the other residents of the manor.
Do expect to be dragged into some of his bullshit though. He'll get you to help him fuck with people usually through pranks and hey, its pretty fun.
His usual victims are the proxies or sometimes Slender. He has gotten his ass kicked a few times for it though. But with you its so fucking worth it.
Another nice thing he enjoys is naps. He'll take a nap every once in a while and he'll drag you along with him.
He will wrap one arm around you and the other will play with your hair or will rest on your hip or somewhere as you both drift off together.
It's one of the most peaceful things that he enjoys to do and also extra sleep.....it's nice.
Now for the spicy part.
He just wants to see you crack. He will push you to your limits and probably will pass that sometimes.
But he is big on that and he loves to just figure out what makes you arch your back or your eyes roll back into your skull.
He also really enjoys shower and jealous sex.
Like if you go around and do things to make him mad or jealous you can tell by the look he gives you that you are in for it once he can get you alone.
Also likes to be a tad bit risky. He'll do it in almost obvious places like in certain peoples closets (Ben....poor Ben), outside, and once you both had a quickie in the living room of the Manor.
But he likes to test you. Like how long can you last? How quiet can you stay? He will make little games out of it and might just make you lose on purpose sometimes just so he can punish you.
He has a marking kink, Praise and degradation kink, and a tad bit of a knife kink.
But all in all he will make it his own personal goal to just destroy you. Added points if you cry.
He is also not too bad at aftercare. Hes pretty chill about it. He'll take a shower with you or bath if you're too spent to stand.
Will also run to the kitchen to get you some snacks and water because hydration.....its important. ]
Lastly he'll put on some movie or show and will hold you as you fall asleep. Which happens pretty fast and he will tease you about how fast you dozed off once you wake up.
Not that he can talk though because right when you are asleep hes asleep right after you.
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butt3rflygrav3yard · 3 months ago
>What The Creepypasta/Marble Hornet Characters Smell like<
Eyeless Jack:
-Lemon cleaning supplies
-Medical gloves
-Musky cologne
-Laundry detergent
-Old, dusty bookcases
-Expensive Cologne
-Campfire/leaves burning
Sally Williams:
-Fabric softener
-Porcelain dolls
-Green apple shampoo/detangler
Jeff The Killer:
-Axe body spray
BEN Drowned:
-Mountain dew
-Body odor
-Axe body spray
Jane The Killer:
-Expensive rose scented perfume
-The woods
-Synthetic hair/wig
-Nail polish remover
Laughing Jack:
-Cotton candy
-Summer nights
-Halloween Stores
-Cinnamon gum
Ticci Toby:
-Maple syrup
-Rusted metal
-Burning wolf
-Light cologne
-Old spice products
-Autumn leaves
-Some kind of home-cooked meal
Nina The Killer:
-Wolfthorn deodorant
-Cheap perfume
If I missed any characters you’d like to see in a future post, please let me know!:) and remember, these are all solely based on my own opinion and hyperfixation lol.
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groovy-goth-gators-backup · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
dad and i
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sassdragon · 5 months ago
bringing back old fandoms i used to be into !
Tumblr media
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r0ttingrabbit · 10 months ago
Y/N: You really put aside everything and came all this way for me? How did you even get here so fast?
Jeff: Several traffic violations.
Nina: Three counts of resisting arrest.
Toby: Roughly thirteen cans of energy drinks.
Kate: Also, that’s not our car.
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road-killkid · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Smoking buddies :) 
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cursedbonexx · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m having a marble hornets brainrot lately- so more Timmy- x3
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groovy-goth-gators · 4 months ago
dad and i
Tumblr media
my commissions r open ;) just $25.00
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aftershockartz · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Some Toby doodles for the soul
Tumblr media
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somewhat-crazy · 11 months ago
Slender: you have to be nice
Jeff: i am
Slender: you threatened them with a knife
Jeff: but i didn’t stab them
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