intimidating-fettuccine · 2 days ago
Slender: What is your biggest weakness?
Sully: I can be uncooperative.
Slender: Can you give me an example?
Sully: No.
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cakesdown · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*trips and a bunch of doodles spill out of my pockets* oh jeez
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devilsspaghetti · 2 days ago
Hey hon! I just discovered your writing and omg it’s so soft and ahhh my heart!! I was wondering if you had time if you could write how the CP’s (slender man, JTK, Eyeless Jack, Jane, whoever else you want) help you brush your hair/you help them with theirs? I have super long hair and sometimes it gets so hard to brush myself ^^; plus some of their hair is so pretty and soft looking I just want to touch it lol. But you don’t have to write this if you don’t want to! Have a good day!!
Tumblr media
includes; Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, and Jane the Killer.
Slight suggestive themes w Jeff
Tumblr media
Loves your long hair. Finds comfort in maintaining it for you. He uses his hands and tendrils to brush through it, kneading out the knots that may have built up.
Depressive episodes are odd to him, but he understands that a human may go through it often. So he took the liberty of maintaining your hair for you when you’re in an episode.
You’re hair gets all the natural oils and herbs; the eldritch living long years to study the plants outside.
The only hairstyles he knows how to do is french braids. Easy to remember and easy to unwind, especially with his tendrils.
That’s his thing, that’s what he loves to do, play with your hair. Brush your hair. Wash your hair. An intimate lover who finds catharsis in moments like those.
If you have curls, he definitely cares for it just as much. Afros put up high or straightened with care. He puts them in twists and styles.
Slender fingers pull back your hair, softly taking strands and braiding it carefully. Moments where his hands aren’t scribbling on pages of paper, they’re caught around your hair; curious. He wants to know what other hairstyle he could do, what other hairstyle that would make you feel beautiful.
Jeff the Killer
Has thick hair himself, so he understands.
Elastics and hair ties around his wrists, some for you and some for him.
Wont admit it but he finds joy in having your scrunchy. Tells others when they ask whose it is and says it with pride.
“It’s my girls.” “It’s my boys” “Just my girlfriends” “Just my boyfriends.”
Wears your scrunchy sometimes.
Just like what he does for you, you do for him. He brushes your hair, pulls it into ponytails or braids. Many reasons and he just loves your hair tied up. Also gripped around his hand
He allows you to do his hair. His hair can be described as thick and can easily be knotted. Sometimes you’re brushing out dry blood or pieces of meat.
It’s not very often, sadly. He prefers to maintain his own but allows you every now and then.
Fingers laced around your hair, giving it another tug. Teeth grazing against your shoulder to give a tender kiss. Jeff pulls back your head once again, another tug to your hair. Oh, how he’s obsessed with pulling it. Don’t worry, he’ll wash it for you later. He’ll tie it back and brush it; anything for you.
Eyeless Jack
Plays with your hair quite often.
His hair is quite wavy. He keeps it short and pulled back; usually with a headband or hair gel on his roots; he isn’t fond of his hair.
But you are. It’s soft and smells nice. EJ does not mind laying on top of you while you play with his hair. In fact, he loves it.
He melts from your touch and can be put to sleep within minutes. Your fingers brushing back his hair or scratching the back of his head; he bums every time.
With nails like his, claws that can easily puncture into skin; are so soft with you. Intimacy with him is washing your hair. Softly scratching your scalp with shampoo and conditioner. Caring for it by massaging oils on to it.
Always pulls you into a kiss by cupping your face, one hand gliding to the back of your head and brushing away a few strands.
The type of man that pushes back your bangs to see your face. Just like Slenderman, he finds peace in doing your hair.
Warm water runs down your forehead, the smell of lavender and mint lingering in the hair. His hands massage your head with purrs emitting from his throat, a soft kiss pressing against your chin. He washes your hair until the soap is drained, wrapping a towel around your head and squeezing off the access.
Jane the Killer
Loves doing your hair. She’s like a hair salon worker.
A new hairstyle every week and root lifts whenever she can. Puts it into twists and rolls it up.
When she does your hair, you gotta do hers. It’s like a salon day once a week. Gathering all the supplies and immediately getting to work.
Hair care is the best form of care for her. Jane has natural, curly hair. So for you to be untangling it for her is a dream come true.
She has tons of hair clips and hair gems. She definitely experiments a lot with it, especially with yours if you’re okay with it.
Trims your split ends or dyes it for you.
Jane carefully pulls strands of your hair and puts them into perm rods. Soft music plays in the background as she takes every new strand and rolls it up. Yet, when she’s done. Her hands rub up and down your neck to your shoulders. She gives a soft hum before tapping your neck, indicating you can go sit in the living room.
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appulebees · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
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bellamer · a day ago
Creepypasta Thanksgiving Headcanons because I'm bored (tagging @jennrypan because)
- They break into a Walmart at like 4am and steal the food. Toby and Jeff are in charge of stealing the food, Masky and Slenderman gave them a specific list of things to get and not to fuck it up or else the consequences will be dire, but Jeff cannot follow clear instructions, so Toby has to look after him to make sure shit doesn't get fucked up.
- EJ and LJ are in charge of getting the stuff the non human Creepypastas (mostly just EJ) eat, so that means breaking into a hospital and stealing organs from the morgue or going hunting for fresh meat but getting them from the morgue is easier.
- Masky cooks and prepares all of the food. He grew up in a cult compound and spent most of his time in the kitchen or library so he knows his way around the kitchen. Unfortunately this means everyone isn't allowed in the kitchen because he will throw a knife at their head. He doesn't tolerate fuck ups when it comes to his food, he's a perfectionist. The only one allowed to help is Jane because she's also a perfectionist and knows her way around the kitchen.
- They don't typically care about the holiday and giving aspect, but Slenderman thinks it's nice to have all of his proxies together, united.
- Toby criticizes everything because "What the fuck is a greenbean casserole ? Just eat the green beens ! Don't put that shit in a casserole !" and tries to get Masky to cook some things you'd typically find at a black household on Thanksgiving but gets told to leave the kitchen.
- Nina takes control of the TV. She likes watching the Thanksgiving Parade and the Dog Show and even football. She's definitely turning on the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special and it'll be a marathon of Bob's Burgers and King of The Hill Thanksgiving specials so they're not getting the TV back until the next day.
- Jeff makes the best punch. His secret is a shit ton of liquor and sugar. He doesn't particularly like the holiday so he's gonna get turnt up, eat some food and then see if Jane wants to come up to his bedroom. If he doesn't pass out.
- Jane comes to Thanksgiving dinner like she's dressed for the fucking met gala. She takes it way too seriously but she looks good and everyone else needs to stop hating.
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jeff-the-box-boy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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psych-is-the-name · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
still going through my old art and reuploading them to this new account
this was from 2014 back when i was really into marblehornets
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rlnnle · a day ago
Ticci Toby school doodles <:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I love him
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oofcentral · a day ago
Creepypasta Roleplay Discord Server!
Imagine this!
• An old school Creepypasta Mansion but with talented writers (aka you!) and less asterisks stuff!
• Friendly staff with extensive years of RPing experiences!
• OCs allowed and obviously encouraged! Even OC relationships x OG pastas!
• MANY roles are open of the OG characters! (Ex; Sally Williams, Slenderman, PINKAMENA, etc etc!)
• And many more!!!
Sadly no tupper bots or anything because we like doing things old school ^^”!
Now to set the over all scene of the RP itself!
Deep into the treacherous, dark woods of a Colorado forest; lies a huge Victorian style mansion! It is shrouded in a thick mist and only shows itself to new and or old members of the house! Anyone else? Completely gone! Vanished!
Since we do not have a Slenderman at the moment, we have a specific Eyeless Creature as the current master of the household! Many lookup to him for leadership and to protect everyone from outdoor threats to his family.
Unspoken Ghosts overrun the manor as a type of cleanup crew up, ya know! A maid service! Never have to worry about cleaning up after yourself!
Will you be joining us for dinner then~?
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foggy-pc · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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darksilvania · 20 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
RALTS is based on a Yurei, a traditional japanese ghost, they can be found wandering during the nights and when they found a person they like, they will start following them from afar, they can do this for hours, and even follow them home
Tumblr media
KIRLIA is based on 2 Yokai, a mix of the Rokurokubi, the long necked female yokai and Taka-Onna, a yokai that could stretch her body to spy through windows, this pokemon likes to spy people it likes through their windows, stretching their necks to reach them if they are too high, some people say their necks cant stretch several stories high.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
GARDEVOIR is based on the modern urban legend of Hachishakusama, the 8ft tall woman, it likes to follow people around, specially children which she protects and play with Mega GARDEVOIR is inspired in the RE8 character of Alcina Dimitrescu who is also partially inspired in the Hachishakusama legend, so it felt right, like gardevoir it also likes to follow and protect children, but it is more aggresive when it comes to protecting them, being able to stretch its fingers into long sharp claws
Tumblr media Tumblr media
GALLADE is based on a mix of the Noppera-bō, a faceless yokai that likes to scare people, and the urban legend of slenderman, to mirror GARDEVOIR being based also in a modern urban legend Mega GALLADE is based on the Gashadokuro, a giant skeleton yokai, mostly to keep the theme of being really tall, it is even taller than Mega GARDEVOIR
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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intimidating-fettuccine · 21 hours ago
Hii may i aak for some poly! Slender x Reader x Zalgo? Tyyy
An interesting pairing that these two are for sure when it comes to sharing a partner. The two of them are so similar and yet different, so it's an interesting combination to be a part of. I would say the distinct thing in this duo is that, unlike the creeps, these two live separately, so I can see a lot of going back and forth between the two of them, because of the differences in location.
I feel the two of them would mostly share you in a poly relationship, rather than also dating each other, as I don't think that the two of them would be romantically inclined toward each other. The two would peacefully share you, with some rules and stipulations I'm sure, but there wouldn't be any love developing between the two of them. You might get a few date nights with both of them, or a few steamy nights with both of them, but it's not going to be a really tight knit relationship except for when all of that love and attention is directed at you. The two of them do love you dearly, and they would both amicably do whatever it takes to work together to keep you very happy and satisfied in the relationship that the three of you have. 
Every few days or so you probably switch places between the mansion and the castle depending on both of their work schedules, as both of them are often incredibly busy, but they both try to make time with you whenever they can, even if Slender also accompanies you to the castle just so you can have time spent with both of them. I see this a relationship filled with lavish gifts frequently coming from both ends, as both men love spoiling their partners, exquisite meals cooked for you by both of them, and you'd never have to worry about protection considering you're dating two of the strongest beings in the entire Underworld. They'll never admit it to you, but they do message each other throughout the day to update each other on how you're doing, sharing if you're stressed and upset so both of them can coordinate something to cheer you up. They might be an interesting pair, but they both have your best interests and happiness at heart. 
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coffinupbl00d · a month ago
scared to go to film school because what if slenderman is there (in my student film)
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seemslegitflapjacks · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Since nobody else was gonna say it.
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digitalfriend08 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
2010′s Devianart Lick Icons!
sources- X X X X X X X X X
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swimmingcreatortyrant · a month ago
Tumblr media
Party selfie 🎃
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