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BOOK☆WALKER Yuri Festival Sale - Part I
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12 Days - Manga
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A White Rose in Bloom - Manga - Volumes 1-2
A Witch's Love at the End of the World - Manga - Complete Series
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Adachi and Shimamura - Manga - Volumes 1-2
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Alter Ego - Manga
Beauty and the Beast Girl - Manga
★Bloom Into You Anthologies - Manga - Complete Series
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★Bloom Into You - Manga - Complete Series
★Bloom Into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka - Light Novel - Complete Series
Bondage Play - Manga - Chapters 1-8
Booty Royale: Never Go Down Without a Fight! - Manga - Omnibus Volumes 1-3
Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World! - Manga - Volumes 1-5
★Catch These Hands! - Manga - Volume 1
Chasing After Aoi Koshiba - Manga - Volumes 1-3
Citrus - Manga - Complete Series
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★Citrus+ - Manga - Volumes 1-3
Cocoon Entwined - Manga - Volumes 1-4
Days of Love at Seagull Villa - Manga - Complete Series
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★I'm in Love with the Villainess - Manga - Volumes 1-2
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Mizuno and Chayama - Manga - Complete Series
Monologue Woven For You - Manga - Volume 1
Murciélago - Manga - Volumes 1-18
Mushroom Girls in Love - Manga
My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over! - Manga - Volumes 1-4
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My Review of Flowers of Evil
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How did I get into this anime? Because Flowers of Evil is something no one says, “Oh I want to see that, this looks like a masterpiece”! Oh, I was well familiar with the rotoscope nightmare stories from this and hoped to God my randomizer wouldn’t curse me with watching Flowers of Evil. I was however intrigued to learn that there was a yandere in this anime that’s on Yuno Gasai AND Shion Sonozaki levels. But intrigue can only get me so far when you spend 13 episodes watching…
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No this is not an exaggeration. Everyone has this kind of cringe face throughout the entire anime series. Be afraid children.
Tumblr media
So the story is about this guy named Takao Kasuga. He loves to read and he loves the class smarty-pants Nanako Saeki. He doesn’t just love her, he sees her as his muse and his Venus and all that bullshit. But this is an admiration from afar. Pretty sure Saeki doesn’t even know he exists! One day, Kasuga forgets his book in his classroom. And on the ground, he notices a gym bag that belongs to Saeki. Oh come on, he’s not gonna go down the perverted route and steal a girl’s gym…
Tumblr media
So he steals Saeki’s gym uniform. And surprise, one person knew what happened. The class loner, Nakamura! She forces Kasuga to form a contract with her. It wasn’t written or anything, just verbal. However, that doesn’t stop Nakamura from forcing Kasuga to do whatever she wants. But does Nakamura really like Kasuga or is she just into torturing this shit-faced pervert?
BETWEEN THE SUB AND THE DUB: You know, I’m too thrown off by the animation here that it has temporarily paralyzed me from catching voices or even giving a damn. I’m familiar with only two of the cast mates and the rest is literally my first time hearing it. Okay, I have one comment here. I often forget Mariya Ise could do some damn-ass scary characters like Nakamura. And when she does those murderous screams, forget about it! Here’s what you might recognize these folks from.
*Kasuga is played by Shinichirou Ueda
*Saeki is played by Yoko Hikasa (known for Bea on Pokemon Journeys, Rias on High School DxD, Mio on K-ON!, Hina on Domestic Girlfriend, Kirigiri on Danganronpa, Frieda on Attack on Titan, and Diana on Little Witch Academia)
*Nakamura is played by Mariya Ise (known for Bonnie on Pokemon XY, Levy on Fairy Tail, Ray on The Promised Neverland, Stocking on Panty & Stocking, Mika on Durarara, Dorothy on Black Clover, and Yuuko on Yuri on Ice)
SHIPPING: Oh please, anime Gods, do not turn this into another School Days fiasco. I find myself praying for this a lot these days. But in this anime’s case, please do not go down that route!
So, it was clear from episode one that Kasuga had a crush on Saeki. But this got very perverted very fast when he stole her gym clothes and that lead to the contract with Nakamura. Now is Nakamura romantically invested in Kasuga or is she just a crazy bitch. Let’s chalk this up to a 50-50 split here.
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It wasn’t until the fourth episode where Kasuga and Saeki actually spoke to each other. And one episode later, they go on a date and end up in a relationship. One has to wonder if Kasuga would have one day acted on his own and ask Saeki out. All of this happened because he was being forced by that psychopath Nakamura. She tortured this kid and forced him to do so many unethical things. Stripping him naked and putting Saeki’s uniform on him for one! Who does that? So would Kasuga have done these sporadic actions if Nakamura wasn’t in the picture? After he stole that uniform, anything is possible. Now here’s the crazy shit here, Saeki loves Kasuga and she doesn’t care that he stole her gym uniform and did fuck-knows-what with it. She’s mad that Kasuga hid it, but still loves him.
Girl, the fuck is wrong with you?! You must be some special kind of crazy!
Tumblr media
By the end of this series, you do see a shift in Kasuga and who he wants to chase after. Saeki or Nakamura?! Let’s just say that during a running away scene, Kasuga was going to go home with Saeki until he saw Nakamura and he chases after her. That’s a pretty good sign that Kasuga has switched gears on who he likes. I won’t delve any further than that as the anime only gives us so much and the rest of this love turmoil between these three characters is covered only in the manga. Probably a sign I should read the manga!
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LOOOOOONG NO DIALOGUE MOMENTS: Dude, I know you’re trying to set the mood for certain moments, but I think you can dial it back a bit. This complaint isn’t just what happened at the beginning of episode 9; it took forever to get the main gist of this story in the very first episode. I had no idea what the main premise of the story was until the last five minutes of the first episode when Kasuga stole Saeki’s gym uniform.
Now I’m not knocking serious moments where there is no dialogue between characters for a long period of time and we just watch the animation of them walking or doing something. Hell, Neon Genesis Evangelion had famous scenes like that. But the elevator scene didn’t last six fucking minutes. Neither did the scene where Shinji kills Kaowru. In episode 9, we watch Nakamura and Kasuga walking from the school to home and watch the whole walk after destroying the classroom. I guarantee you, you could leave this episode running, fix yourself a bowl of cereal and toast, eat it up, go to the bathroom to have a good yank, then finish it off with watching a Che Guevara documentary…and Nakamura and Kasuga would still be walking home! I’m exaggerating and I don’t care. I feel like being an asshole here.
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OH DEAR GOD, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!: Very rarely will I ever look at an opening or ending theme song in literal fear. In fact, the last one to be so morbid was with Attack on Titan’s second season ending. I mean, the imagery alone should tell you that this is full of spoilers and possessed by the devil itself. Now that I think about it, that’s still undefeated. But Flowers of Evil’s ending theme is a close fucking second. Have you heard this thing? It sounds like Bjork singing in Japanese, synthesized, while a cat walks on a keyboard and having a seizure at the same time. Thank God there are no actual visuals for this other than the flower featured on Kasuga’s book. I don’t think we can handle anymore animation from this nightmare fuel.
ENDING: The writing is on the wall!
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And the floor, the ceiling…that classroom is just a fucking mess!
Kasuga’s one bad deed led to another and another in a domino effect. And instead of a little devil on his shoulder, he has a classmate that’s a sociopath. Kasuga has guilt about hiding so much from Saeki in this relationship and he wants to tell her everything he did. Nakamura says, “Nah, you’re going to write it all over the classroom and let the whole world know what a piece of shit you are”. Let’s just say Nakamura and Kasuga went overboard and completely destroyed their classroom. Kasuga gets a bit of a lucky break as the other vandalism covered up his name on the chalkboard confession. But two people have caught onto Kasuga’s crime, Saeki and Kasuga’s mother.
Saeki put two and two together when she noticed the ink smearing on the ground resembled the flower art work on Kasuga’s book “Flowers of Evil” and her stolen gym uniform was placed right there. As for Kasuga’s mother, she put two and two together when she heard what happened to his classroom and noticed Kasuga’s behavior and dirty clothes from the night of the crime. Won’t be long before everyone knows what Kasuga did.
What now, shit-face?
Tumblr media
Run away with Nakamura to the next town. Yeah, why the fuck not?! Saeki ends up tracking them down and tried to convince them to come back and for Kasuga to be truthful. Saeki wants Kasuga and I almost want to say the same, except hanging around this psycho-bitch for a while has caused him to try to stop Nakamura from leaving. Having Saeki see Kasuga go after Nakamura isn’t really a good look! At this point, it really feels like his love for Saeki was nothing more than lust.
Tumblr media
Dude, isn’t there a rule about not messing with crazy…like, don’t stick your dick in crazy?! This dude has got one crazy bitch on psycho-yandere levels and the other that’s about to turn into Kotonoha from School Days in about five seconds. Well, no one left town today as the police were called to look for Saeki because her parents are overprotective types and they take the other kids in.
We get a small time-leap of one month after the night in the police station. Nakamura’s been ignoring Kasuga and Kasuga ends his relationship with Saeki. Dude, stop trying to stick your dick in crazy! Kasuga tries to speak to Nakamura again and it fails. So he visits her at home and meets Nakamura’s father and grandmother. Then, he sneaks into her room and reads her private journal that talks about Kasuga a lot. Dude, you are stepping in uncharted territory! Drop the journal and get the fuck out before Nakamura comes home. So Nakamura comes in her room and finds shit-face reading her journal.
Tumblr media
First, I would like to acknowledge that Mariya Ise has one hell of a throat to scream as much as this crazy bitch does. Second, the fuck did I just say, ya dumbass?! Here we get another chase scene between Kasuga and Nakamura. What follows is…I can’t place my thoughts on this. Weird imagery, out of place dialogue, and possible scenes of future stuff to happen! A rape scene involving Saeki, a festival, a hideout, a knife, and fire! Thanks for the cryptic message guys, really appreciate it! Either the anime ran out of money or they’re fucking with the audience. Kasuga says he wants to form a contract with Nakamura and that’s the end!
Hmm, this anime came out in 2013 and it is now 2021. All the buildup and no word on a sequel! We all know that sequel ain’t ever coming. You have a better chance of a continuation to Haruhi Suzumiya than you do with this hunk of shit.
Okay, maybe ‘hunk of shit’ is too mean. This wasn’t a terrible anime. It was weird as fuck, the animation leaves a bad impression, but overall it wasn’t that bad. Now the manga to Flowers of Evil is a favorite to many. Probably because the characters don’t look like a cringey meme and there aren’t so many awkward pauses with no dialogue. Unless there’s a whole volume of Flowers of Evil out there where we just look at pictures of Nakamura and Kasuga walking home where they don’t say a fucking thing! I am not letting that go! Charlie Brown movies didn’t go to that level you guys did!
I was interested with each passing episode to see what Nakamura was going to do next and what she was capable of. I couldn’t make out if she was going to be homicidal or suicidal or just impact psychological warfare on her prey. It was the latter for this series, but I heard of some attempted seppuku going down in the manga. I’d like to think maybe one day a different studio would pick up this series, but I seriously doubt it with the rotten reception this adaptation received. It was said that the director to the anime saw this more as a live-action series than an anime and that’s why we have the rotoscope animation. It wasn’t until 2019 that we got a live-action adaptation to Flowers of Evil. Not sure how people felt about that adaptation, but even I have a feeling that it was much better than the anime. Hell, a Netflix adaptation probably would have turned out a better product. It would be nice for this to get a reboot, different studio, different director, and smash everything that has the word ‘rotoscope’ on it
Yeah, if you can get over watching the animation, give it a watch. Episode one drags, but it picks up the second Nakamura confronts Kasuga.
If you would like to watch Flowers of Evil, Crunchyroll and Hidive have all 13 episodes available for streaming.
Okay, now that I’m finished with that sociopathic nightmare let’s pick another Sentai Filmworks anime.
Tumblr media
HELL NO! I am not reviewing, “My Teacher Accidentally Made Me Horny”. That’s what I’m calling it and you should all do the same. NEXT!
Tumblr media
Okay…I have no idea what the hell this anime is, but it looks harmless enough.
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"celebrating fictional character's bdays is cringe etc etc" Fuck that and happy birthday Hina Saeki from 4U from Tokyo 7th Sisters
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i love you so much babygirl…
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go stream NOW
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ジャパニーズ エンカウンターズ
ジャパニーズ エンカウンターズ スタジオ: J 1 モデル 更新日: 2019/04/02 時間: - 女優: Eri Hoshikawa Yuki Asami Mami Uehara Mahiru Hino Hikari Tukino Tabasa Saeki Seara Hoshino Hina Oothuka Nao DVD・DVD販売のDVDハッピー DVD・DVD販売のDVDハッピーは、DVDを大量に扱っています。一律$1.95 懐かしいDVDから最新のものまで豊富な品揃えで販売しています。
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doobles doodles oodles
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Title: Present for You Artist: 4U Lyrics: SATSUKI-UPDATE  Composer: sakutaro
Such a beautiful song. 4U are such good friends with each other. Makes me remember that day Emoko said, “Goodbye. But I love you.” in 4U episode. Those 3 really do love each other so much in their own way. - Esh
Love this one (even before knowing the lyrics). - Nab
Translations I said, “you see, and then…” an arrangement, to pretend that I forget it’s the anniversary of our meeting
“When was it again?” I asked insisting that I don’t remember, I try to run away as best I could That’s just an insignificant message
“I’m sorry,” that I could not say Projecting the world of cowards If we can become one, I am satisfied I could finally say, “Thank you.”
Don’t forget I won’t forget The moment we walked with our hearts connected The sugar covered sky is beautiful today too
I want to tell you I want to make it reach you of these irrepressible feelings Attaching heart beat, saying “See you, good night” to hide
“Do you want anything?” I asked. I keep on thinking of someone other than myself I want to see your happy face
“Anything is fine,” I wrote Since I know that you always care about me That alone is already enough
face the camera, “Hey, smile!” I missed out on the shutter chance If that will make you smile, I would have said ‘congratulations’ fifty thousand years earlier
There is no end to it, huh? There is no end. I can’t explain this overflowing hot feeling with just saying ‘special thread’
while looking at the lining up dreams Please praise me, who am able to stand here smiling maybe without saying stuff like ‘it’s a miracle, or something’
It seems it came up to my heart a bit Everything that has happened up until now, is fulfilling
I am sure, from now on too we will see the same stars Together forever Together forever, right Until the end
This feeling of gratitude that can’t be expressed enough just by “thank you” or “congratulations” Must be conveyed to that important person
Don’t forget I won’t forget the time we walked with our hearts connected I made sounds out of these packed heartbeats in place of a present
How irreplaceable are those days of living with you The sugar covered sky is more beautiful than ever
I want to say so much I want to convey so much of these feelings that have grown uncontrollably Please embrace this present made to sound out these packed heartbeats I send these accumulated heartbeats to your place Please embrace them “For you”
Romaji “Ano ne, sore de…” tte itta no wasuretetatte gomakashite arenji deatta koro no kinenbi yo
“Itsudeshitakke?” tte kiitano oboetenai to iihatte hisshi de nigeta nakenashi no messeeji dawa
iidasenakatta “gomen ne” yowamushi sekai  tobidashite hitotsu ni naretara goman'etsu youyaku ieta “arigatou”
Wasurenai de Wasurenai yo kokoro tsunagete aruita jikan wo Konpeitou no sora ga kyou mo mata kirei da wa
tsutaetakute todoketakute osaekirenakunatteta kimochi wo kometa haato biito kakusutame no “jaa ne, oyasumi”
“Nani ga hoshii?” tte kiitano itsumo jibun igai no koto kangaeteru kimi no yorokobu kao ga mitai yo
“nandemo ii” tte kaita no itsumo ki ni shitekureru koto shitteiru kara sore dake de juubun da yo
Kamera mukete “hora waratte” shattaa chansu minogashite kimi ga warau nara goman'en saki mo iu yo “omedetou”
tomedonakune tomedonai ne afuredetekuru hotto na kimochi wa “tokubetsuna ito” ja setsumei mo dekinai wa
narabeta yume nagamenagara koko ni tatte waraeteru jibun wo homete agete tabun kiseki nante iwazu ni
chotto mune ni kita mitai dawa ima made no koto ga mina mitasare
kitto onaji hoshi miteru kara kono saki mo zutto issho yo zutto issho ne hateru made
“arigatou” toka “omedetou” ja tsutaekirenai kansha no kimochi wa taisetsuna hito he todokenakya dame nanda
wasurenai de wasurenai yo kokoro tsunagete aruita jikan wo kometa haato biito narashita no yo purezento gawari
kakegaenai ne kimi to ikiteru hibi konpeitou no sora ga itsumo yori kirei da wa
tsutaetakute todoketakute osaekirenakunatteta kimochi wo kometa haato biito narasu tame no purezento daite kasaneta haato biito kimi no moto he “foo yuu” wo daite
Kanji 「あのね、それで…」って言ったの 忘れてたって誤魔化してアレンジ 出会った頃の記念日よ
「いつでしたっけ?」って聞いたの 覚えてないと言い張って必死で逃げた なけなしのメッセージだわ
言い出せなかった「ごめんね」 弱虫世界 飛び出して ひとつになれたらご満悦 ようやく言えた「ありがとう」
忘れないで 忘れないよ 心繋げて歩いた時間を コンペイトウの空が 今日もまた綺麗だわ
伝えたくて 届けたくて 抑え切れなくなってた気持ちを 込めたハートビート 隠すための「じゃあね、おやすみ」
「なにが欲しい?」って聞いたの いつも自分以外のこと考えてる 君の��ぶ顔が見たいよ
「なんでもいい」って書いたの いつも気にしてくれること知っているから それだけで十分だよ
カメラ向けて「ほら笑って」 シャッターチャンス見逃して 君が笑うなら五万年 先も言うよ「おめでとう」
とめどなくね とめどないね 溢れ出てくるホットな気持ちは “特別な糸”じゃ 説明もできないわ
並べた夢 眺めながら ここに立って笑えてる自分を 褒めてあげて たぶん奇跡なんて言わずに
ちょっと胸にキたみたいだわ 今までのことがみな満たされ
きっと同じ星見てるから この先も ずっと一緒よ ずっと一緒ね 果てるまで
「ありがとう」とか 「おめでとう」じゃ 伝え切れない感謝の気持ちは 大切な人へ 届けなきゃダメなんだ
忘れないで 忘れないよ 心繋げて歩いた時間を 込めたハートビート 鳴らしたのよ プレゼント代わり
かけがえないね 君と生きてる日々 コンペイトウの空が いつもより綺麗だわ
伝えたくて 届けたくて 抑え切れなくなってた気持ちを 込めたハートビート 鳴らすためのプレゼント抱いて 重ねたハートビート 君の元へ“フォー・ユー”を抱いて
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Tokyo 7th sisters - 4Uタペストリー
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4U - Lucky☆Lucky lyrics / translation
Song title: Lucky☆Lucky Sung by: 4U - Kujou Ume (CV. Yamashita Mami), Wanibuchi Emoko (CV. Yoshioka Mayu), Saeki Hina (CV. Naganawa Maria) / 九条ウメ (CV. 山下まみ),  鰐淵エモコ (CV. 吉岡茉祐), 佐伯ヒナ (CV. 長縄まりあ) Single: Winning Day/Lucky☆Lucky
それはきっと君のもの 等身大の自分でいれたなら Sore wa kitto kimi no mono  Toushindai no jibun de iretanara
It surely belongs to you If you stay true to yourself,
大好きがわかるでしょ? 借り物のHappyはいらない Daisuki ga wakarudesho? Karimono no Happy wa iranai
You'll discover the things you love, right? You don’t need someone else’s happiness
この世界はきみのもの 「今日☆次第」を胸に秘めたなら 心はもう自由ね! Kono sekai wa kimi no mono “Kyou☆shidai" wo mune ni himeta nara Kokoro wa mou jiyuu ne!
This world belongs to you If you cherish the words ‘Everything depends on☆today’ Your heart will become free!
生まれた意味なら教えてあげる ナンテネ☆ Umareta imi nara oshiete ageru NANTE NE☆
As for the reason you have been born, I’ll tell you Just kidding☆
そこかしこチャンスを逃した君も きっとそう Soko kashiko CHANSU wo nogashita kimi mo Kitto sou
You, who missed your chances here and there, Are surely also
Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!
飛び魚のジャンプをマネして 飛べないと クラクラするの Tobiuo no JANPU wo mane shite Tobenai to kura kura suru no
You try to imitate the jumps of a flying fish But fail to fly, everything is spinning
黄泉の国からダイスを振って 出た目ゾロだった夢を見たり 赤か黒なら白が好みよ Yomi no kuni kara DAISU wo futte Detame ZOROdatta yume wo mitari Aka ka kuronara shiro ga konomi yo 
You threw a pair of dice from the underworld The result was a doublet; you see things like these in dreams Between red and black, you’d prefer white
答えはアベコベ 心はウラハラ 浮世はそうまぼろしね Kotae wa ABEKOBE kokoro wa URAHARA Ukiyo wa sou maboroshi ne
Your answers are opposing, your heart is contrary, This transient world is, yes, an illusion
だからきっと君のその 超失敗の昨日を愛せたら Dakara kitto kimi no sono  Chou shippai no kinou wo aisetara
Therefore, surely, if you can grow to love Your ultra-messed-up yesterday
後悔は後でしよう 大人のフリならいらない Koukai wa ato de shiyou Otona no FURI nara iranai
Let’s leave regrets for later You don’t need to pretend to be an adult
この空も君のもの もう一回と胸で決めたなら 余所見はもう禁止ね! Kono sora mo kimi no mono Mou ikkai to mune de kimeta nara Yosomi wa mou kinshi ne!
This sky belongs to you, too If you decided to try again in your heart, You can’t look away anymore!
大事なものだけ抱きしめてたら カンペキです☆ Daiji na mono dake dakishimetetara KANPEKI desu☆
If you only embrace the important things, It’ll be perfect☆
またしても懲りずにフラれた君も きっとそう Mata shite mo korizu ni FURAreta kimi mo Kitto sou
You, who was turned down even though you tried again, Are surely also
Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!
ペンギンの言葉を信じて 転んだらイライラするよ? PENGIN no kotoba wo shinjite Korondara IRAIRA suru yo?
If you believed the words of a penguin And fell over, wouldn’t that be irritating?
恋の謎かけ不毛と見たり☆ 次の日にまた落ちてみたり 7か8なら4が好みよ Koi no nazo kake fumou to mitari☆ Tsugi no hi ni mata ochite mitari 7 ka 8 nara 4 ga konomi yo
The riddles of love seem futile And you try to fall again the next day Between 7 and 8, you’d prefer 4
頭はウジウジ 身体はバキバキ どれもみな心理みたいね Atama wa UJIUJI karada wa BAKIBAKI Dore mo mina shinri mitai ne
Your brain is hesitant, your body is cracking knuckles, Looks like everything depends on your mindset after all
誰にもないものが君になけりゃ 頑張ってなんか作ればいいじゃない Dare ni mo nai mono ga kimi ni nakerya Ganbatte nanka tsukureba ii janai
If you don’t posses any unique talents, Shouldn’t you just try your best and create some?
生きてりゃ儲けモン! だから Ikiterya mouke MON! Dakara
Just living another day is happiness! And that’s why
あれもきっと君のもの 等身大の自分でいれたなら Are mo kitto kimi no mono Toushindai no jibun de iretanara
That is surely belongs to you too If you stay true to yourself
大好きと言えるでしょ? 借り物のHappyはいらない Daisuki to ieru desho? Karimono no Happy wa iranai
You'll be able to confess your love, right? You don’t need someone else’s happiness
この世界はきみのもの 「今日☆次第」を胸に秘めたなら 心はもう自由ね! Kono sekai wa kimi no mono “Kyou☆shidai" o mune ni himetanara Kokoro wa mou jiyuu ne!
This world belongs to you If you cherish the words ‘Everything depends on☆today’ Your heart will become free
生まれた意味なら教えてあげる 今度ね☆ Umareta imi nara oshiete ageru Kondo ne☆
As for the reason you have been born, I’ll tell you Next time, ok?☆
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