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Sleepless nights 
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Tiny cries and whimpers could be heard from the room across the hall, making me quickly open my eyes. The warm blanket caressing my skin was rapidly thrown away, making me shiver from the cold breeze that hit my body. The glowing light from the nightstand showed that it was 3 am. I glanced at Jack to ensure he was still asleep before putting my fluffy slippers on. I shuffled to Grace’s room as her cries got louder with every second that passed. I walked into her cozy room and gently picked her up from her white crib. 
“shh, my angel, mommy’s here,” I cooed and brought her close to my chest as I swayed from side to side, trying to stop Grace from crying before she woke Jack up. He has been exhausted these past few days, so I would prefer if he got some sleep tonight. 
“Are you hungry little girl? Is that it, huh?” I ask, seeing her tiny hand latching onto my breast. I make my way across her nursery and sit down at the chair that was in the corner. I pushed my nightgown down, freed my breast, and guided Grace closer to it. It took her a few seconds to latch on to it, but she finally made it and began sucking. I let out a hiss when she lost the latch of my nipple. 
“Does it hurt?” Jack asked gently but enough to startle me. I did not hear him walk to the nursery. I look at him standing at the door, a pair of sweats hanging low on his waist, looking at me with his tired eyes that held nothing but admiration in them. He mumbled a “sorry” before walking up to us. 
“No, just sometimes if she doesn’t get a good latch,” I explain to him. “I didn’t mean to wake you,” I continue.
“’ Is okay. I like watching you and her. You make me feel like the luckiest man alive, sleep deprived and all” He winked at me and looked down at Grace, gently rubbing her chubby cheek with his finger. When she finished eating, and I burped her, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep in my arms. I get up from the chair, walk to her crib, and put her down. Jack follows me, and we stand over her crib and admire her for a few seconds before I turn around to look at him. 
“You look exhausted, baby. You should get some sleep,” I say and let out a big sigh while rubbing my eyes. Jack hugs me, and I sink into his chest. Jack inhales sharply and mumbles tiredly, “you smell good.” 
I put my Forehead to his chest and let out a chuckle. My hands slid up to rest on the hem of his sweatpants.
“You know, it’s pretty ironic that we’re so exhausted right now when we used to be up all night doing everything but sleep” I look up at him and see a big smirk plastered on his face. He slides his hand down my body and place them on my ass, and gently squeezes it as he says
“You know, now that I’m thinking about it, I might not be as tired as I look.” 
I chuckle once more and look into his eyes with a seductive grin. He bends down and gives me a sweet peck on the lips while he slowly starts to back out of the room, his hands still on my ass, dragging me with him.
“How bout we try that up all night thing” he winks.
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can you do an insta au with jack dating a fan?? ty 🥰😘
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yourinstagram hey nasty whores
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yourbffinstagram our eyes have been blessed
yourinstagram 😘 yw
jackharlow so you got time to take pictures but not pick up the phone?
yourinstagram does the nda require me to pick up the phone at your command white man?
jackharlow stop telling people I made you sign an nda 😒
angiebarbie babe wake up, yn posted
yourinstagram the babe is me 😏 hey wife
gigi2pretty jack in the comments is sending me
yourinstagram that’s my man 😋 and imma stick beside him
allibrock Alexa play Sylvia
natalieeeduh friend are you ever gonna un private??
yourinstagram nope :)
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jackharlowupdates Jack’s alleged girlfriend’s Instagram 👀
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dana1728 GIRLFRIEND???
jackharlowupdates alleged girlfriend yes
jackmanswhore y’all quick
saratangs why would she be his girlfriend and she’s a jack fan?? Idk seems to me like he wouldn’t go for someone like that
val3riesuckss she was seen at one of his shows like a couple of weeks before rumors started that they were dating, no one knew who she was but they’re saying he brought her backstage and stuff 🤷🏼‍♀️ and I mean he follows her and she follows him
urbansgram NOOOOO 😭 happy for him tho ig
celineee these girls would do anything for some backstage passes 😒
lionssdennye someone’s mad
satchiesatchel y’all hating hard, she’s pretty and if they’re doing what they’re doing why do y’all care
hauntedlezi Mad they missed their chance I guess
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jackharlow got a baddie and another baddie came with her
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you via instagram stories
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jack via instagram stories
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𝓨𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓼 𝓐𝓵𝓵 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮
an/no warnings, just fluff
Tumblr media
You lucked out. No you really lucked out when it came to romance. Although dating a celebrity who is constantly on the go 24/7 can be extremely difficult, the both of you manage
Whenever you traveled with him to events, he always made sure to put you first
“Are you ok?”
“We can leave early if you want”
“I don’t have to go out with the guys, I’d rather stay home with you”
“Do you need anything”
And whenever you decided you didn’t feel up to traveling with him, he didn’t push or make you feel bad about it. Instead he would make sure you knew just how much he loved you. Sending you bouquets, ordering you dinner, sending care packages and facetiming you all the time just so you could see what was going on
But everyone once in a while you would have thoughts. Negative thoughts
What if this all ends tomorrow? What if his superstar life becomes too much for you? What if he slowly starts to distance himself out of your life. You know how stupid it sounds, but you can’t help to think it. You can’t help to constantly compare your relationship to others, but you see it happen all the time
Before you knew it, you were snapped out of you thoughts with a incoming call from Jack.
“Hey”, you said trying your best to sound positive. But it failed. This was jack you were talking to, he could instantly pick up that something was wrong
“Hey, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” he asked with his concerned yet comforting tone
“Nothing, nothing at all. Just sitting here, thinking”
“Thinking about what? You know I’m not gonna let you get off this phone unless you tell me what’s up”, he says
“I know. It’s just- You’re Jack Harlow. You’re incredibly good looking and incredibly talented. You’ve been and performed to i don’t know how many places” you say
“Uh huh. I don’t really know what you’re getting at” he says
“I guess what I’m trying to say is, why me? When we go out, I see how other girls look at you and flirt with you. You could have easily had them, but you chose…me? I don’t want to make you feel stuck I guess, or another obligation. I know I sound stupid so let me just stop” you said
He was silent for a minute, I guess trying to collect he thoughts for what he was about to say
“No, i don’t want you to feel bad for having those thoughts. I understand, I guess it just comes with the territory” he says
“But let me just say, I chose you for a reason. I love you. You’re the only girl I see. This is the best relationship I’ve been in hands down. I enjoy being with you, i enjoy spending time with you. Don’t say that you don’t want me to feel “stuck”. I chose this ok?” he says
“Yeah, I know. Now I feel bad” you say
“Don’t feel bad. I’m just glad you let me in. But are you sure you’re ok? I can drop what I’m doing and book a flight in like 5 mins” he says
“No, stay there. I’m good, I promise. Focus on your work. I’ll be here waiting when you. I love you” you say smiling
“I love you too. And don’t forget, I’m yours all the time” he says
God, how could someone be so perfect?
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Keep My Wife's Name Out Your Mouth (NSFW 18+)
First Lady of Private Garden Fic
Tumblr media
AN: You better not ever disrespect Jackman’s wife in front of him
Synopsis: Jack is excited to be interviewed and go on one of his favorite late night talk shows. However, it takes an unexpected turn when you are brought up in the conversation and Jack has to let him know that disrespecting his wife is off limits.
Pairing: Husband!Jack Harlow x Wife!Reader
Requested by: the beautiful @badbihk​ 😘😘
Please Do Not Repost My Content Anywhere
“Babe, am I actually ready to go before you? That has to be a first. I think we should take a picture and document this for future reference.” You say looking at him in disbelief and he simply rolled his eyes. 
“Baby, all I literally have to do is put my shoe on. I’m already dressed.”
“But, I was still ready before you! Both of my shoes are on!”
“Keep telling yourself that baby girl. Whatever helps you sleep at night.” Jack replied while leaning down to kiss you as you stood up from the bed.
“Both of us are ready on time so Neelam can’t yell at us.”
“And she better know that this was probably a once in a lifetime thing too and not to get used to it.”
“HEY! I am not that bad!”
“You’re cute, so I’ll let it slide but you definitely are that bad. Have been since high school.”
You rolled your eyes before grabbing your phone and placing it in your back pocket ready to make your way downstairs with your husband.
Private Garden was in New York so all of you decided to tag along to Jack’s interview and simply stay backstage in the green room.
You admit Trevor Washington’s late night talk show was one of your favorites and always kept you entertained. You had never been interviewed by him yourself, but you were definitely open to the idea.
All of you were now settled backstage and Jack was due to go on within the next few minutes.
“I’m hungry!”
“Shloob! I thought you said you were going to get food before we left?”
“I was but then I saw this girl and I had to shoot my shot sooo that took up all of my time.”
“Pussy over food. I like the way you think Shloob.” You said while laughing.
“But I mean pussy technically is food since the whole phrase is eating her out.”
“I want some pizza. We are in New York after all.”
“No, Chicago is better!” 2fo said while looking up at you in disbelief.
“It’s good, but way too much sauce!”
“The sauce is the best part!”
“Are yall really arguing over pizza?” Neelam asked as she shook her head.
“Yall need to stop because yall are making me hungrier than I was before.”
“We shouldn’t be long. Oh, what about a cheesesteak?”
“Nee, we are not in Philly so that’s a hard no.”
“It’s really not that far.”
“Nee, we are not driving this late at night just so your ass can get a cheesesteak. It’s going to take us like four hours!”
“Not if you drive!”
“You know what, she’s not telling any lies. I hate being in the car with you when you drive. I swear your ass be on two wheels instead of four.”
“But did you die?” You asked while rolling your eyes and waiting for an answer.
“Who taught you how to drive anyway!? I don’t see how you passed your driver’s test.”
“Jack did! And my sister!”
“Oh God.”
“He definitely failed at that shit. You don’t be obeying any type of traffic laws.”
“That can’t be because I actually feel safe when I ride with him.”
“And the fact that you got your license on the first try?”
“URBY! Tell them to stop picking on me!” You turned to Urban who was sitting beside you who was trying not to laugh.
“Uhh, you do kinda be hitting curbs and speeding mamas.”
“I don’t like you either.”
“That’s okay, Y/N, I’d ride with you any day.”
“Thanks Nee, because I am literally surrounded by a bunch of haters.”
“We not hating we’re telling the truth!”
“I still want a slice of pizza.”
“Shloob be patient, damn.”
The interview was underway and going smoothly. Trevor had been asking Jack about his album, tour, who he wanted to do songs with in the future and his favorite things to do to past the time when he's touring and going from city to city.
Then it took an unexpected turn when the conversation turned to you.
Jack loved talking about you any chance that he got, but this was definitely off limits.
"Be honest man, your wife freaky as hell isn't she?"
"Why the.... why are you asking me that?"
All of PG and Neelam had looks of disbelief as they were watching the scene unfold in the green room and you were left speechless and quickly became uncomfortable.
Yes, you would joke around about your sex life all the time with your husband but this just felt... weird.
"Please tell me he didn't just ask that." Quiiso said while looking dumbfounded.
"Jack is about to tear into his ass right now. Shloob send up a prayer on Trevor's behalf."
"Say less because you're exactly right."
They now turned their attention back to the screen to see how Jack was going to react.
At this point, he was clenching his fist and that infamous neck vein was poking out indicating he was now pissed off.
"Come on, we all wanna know. I would kill to have one night with your her."
"Not a chance in hell and you need to stop disrespecting her."
"But, I heard how you share her with your best friend Urban. I'd like a turn."
"And that's my business and not yours."
"Whoa Jack we're all friends here."
You were now extremely uncomfortable and Urban who was sitting closest to you looked on with wide eyes.
"Friends? My friends only show my wife respect which is the opposite of what you're doing right now. So keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth. And you need to stop disrespecting her in front of me. We're done."
It was dead silent and no one knew how to react to what had just happened.
Jack then got up pulling off the microphone that was clipped to him and storming backstage in the direction of the green room.
He stormed into the green room and promptly took your hand pulling you up off the couch while the rest of PG was taking in the scene in front of them.
"Babe..." You quietly said and he didn't even give you a chance to finish your sentence.
"We're leaving. NOW."
The car ride back to the hotel was quiet and awkward.
No one was trying to make eye contact with Jack and he was still fuming.
You were sitting next to your husband and was attempting to get him to calm down but he wasn't having it.
Every time you attempted to hold his hand, he would immediately move away from you and that definitely stung a little bit.
Shloob was the first one to break the silence and of course his mind was on something completely different than what had just happened.
"I'm still hungry, are we getting food?"
"Shloob not now!" Neelam scolded because she didn't want anyone saying anything else to piss Jack off even more.
She had seen in the past how he could get when he was pissed off and that one time she had seen it, it was directed at her for making you cry and hurting your feelings.
She definitely did not want a repeat of that happening tonight.
Once the two of you reached your hotel suite, you immediately reached for him again and he once again brushed you off.
“Baby, don’t.”
“I’m not mad at you so please don’t think that. I just... I need a minute. I just can’t believe anyone would even disrespect you like that to my fucking face.”
“But you can’t let him get to you.”
“I should’ve kicked his ass right then and there. No one ever disrespects you like that.”
“But the last thing you want is to bring negative attention to yourself. I think I’ve done enough of that for the both of us.” You said muttering that last part referring to the multiple incidents with Anitta.
One thing about the Harlows is that they don’t play about each other and will tear your ass apart if you decide to get the stupid idea of disrespecting them in any way, shape, or form.
“At this point, I don’t fucking care because it has to deal with you and you know that the one thing I don’t fucking play about is my wife.” Jack was now pacing along the living room area of the suite and you were running out of ideas of how to get him to calm down. 
“I know, but I’m going to need for you to calm down.” You said grabbing onto his hand and pulling him into a hug.
“I need to kick his ass, that’s the only thing at this point that will get me to calm down.”
“Let’s just sleep on it, babe. I promise you’ll feel better.”
“Nah, I need you and I’m frustrated. If you don’t want me to kick his ass then that’s the next best thing. I need to take my mind off of it.”
“That’s fine, but I’m seriously going to need for you to calm down. Your heart is literally racing a mile a minute because of how mad you are. And I’m scared as shit because I have literally never seen you so mad before and quite frankly I don’t want to ever again. You can’t let someone upset you that literally has no chance of taking your wife from you. You know that is never going to happen.”
“But why did he feel the need to say that anyway? Especially when that was my first time meeting him? He has no respect for women at all. I mean yes we joke about it all the time, but it was the way he said it that I didn’t like. You don’t know me well enough to be pulling that type of shit and even if he did, everyone around us knows better than to say some shit like that outta their mouths.”
“If I did have to post your bail, me and PG would make shirts that say free Lil Jack Jack.” You said attempting to get your husband to laugh and being satisfied once you had succeeded. 
You were still laying your head against his chest and sure enough every since you caught him in your embrace, his heartbeat started to slow down to a normal pace.
You had a hell of an effect on your husband to be able to calm him down in less than thirty seconds. 
“You can’t take anything serious can you?” Jack asked while looking down at you and laughing.
“Actually that’s you. I can take plenty of things seriously but I wanted to make my husband laugh and I succeeded.”
“That you did.” Jack said leaning down to kiss you.
“Hmm, besides...”
“Besides, what mamas?”
“He has literally a 0% chance of ever getting that close to me. I heard his dick was small anyway.”
“Wait... how in the world do you know that?”
“SZA fucked him and told us in the group chat. She said 0 out of 5 stars would not recommend and she literally blocked him as soon as she got downstairs in her car. So, you have nothing to worry about.”
“What else goes on in this group chat that I don’t know about?”
“Aht aht! I let it slide because it’s relevant to the situation. Bad bitches only.”
“Hmm, I guess I can let that slide for now.”
“Good, so are you better now?”
“I am, thank you baby.” Jack smiled down at you before kissing your nose and bringing you back into his chest.
“You’re welcome. Anything for you. I just knew you were about to punch him. I was actually waiting for it. You’ve been around me too long so I know my violent tendencies have rubbed off on you a little bit.”
“I was literally so close to doing it but then I could see it now, you would have been running from backstage to jump in and you would have wanted to beat his ass yourself for disrespecting you.”
“You know your wife well, Jackman. No lies told. But...”
“But, what?”
“You’re wearing way too many clothes for my liking.” You said stepping away from him and immediately pulling your shirt over your head. The cool air in the hotel room instantly making your nipples hard and Jack’s mouth instantly watered and you laughed at his facial expression.
“You know every time I do that, you make the same facial expression.”
“Can you blame me? My wife is fine as fuck.”
“Hmm, Jackman, clothes off NOW.”
You simply walked away from him in the direction of the bedroom and he was following close behind you discarding his clothes as he went.
He locked the door behind the two of you and you simply smirked at him.
“Lay down.” You said as you were now discarding the rest of your clothes and throwing them far away from you.
Jack had listened to your directions and he was simply waiting patiently for you as his hands were behind his head.
You slowly climbed on top of him and took in the sight of his precum leaking out and you immediately smirked before taking one long lick with Jack instantly hissing and moving his left hand towards your head to pull you down further.
You were moving him in and out of your mouth at a quick pace when you suddenly had gotten a better idea.
You could tell that his erection was almost painful from how much he was hissing at a simple touch from you and decided the best and the quickest way for him to get some type of relief is if you rode him.
Once you released him from your mouth, he had an instant attitude and rolled his eyes.
“Babe, what the actual fuck? Get your mouth back on my dick now.”
“Be patient, baby and stop whining and lose the fucking attitude because I’ll make you use your hand.”
Jack threw his head back in frustration but was trying to be patient and listen to directions.
“Come on mamas, this shit is starting to fucking hurt and imma be mad as hell if you make me get blue balls.”
“Like that will ever happen.”
“It might if you don’t bring your ass on.” 
You instantly rolled your eyes before you moved further up his body and lined himself up with your entrance and slowly guided yourself down instantly hearing moans coming from the both of you.
“Fuckkkkkk! Shit you feel so good.” Jack’s hands immediately went to your hips in order to help guide you as you placed your hands on his stomach.
Sure enough when you found a rhythm that was satisfying enough for the both of you, you increased your pace earning loud moans erupting from your husband’s mouth as well as yours.
“Oh fuck baby. Got damn it!”
All he received in return was whimpers from you as you were focusing on the task at hand.
“Slow down mamas, fuck. I’m about to bust right now if you keep going.”
“That’s the entire point, baby.” You responded while giggling.
One of the greatest sights you loved witnessing was him coming completely undone underneath of you.
“I know but shiiiiiit.”
“I can tell you’re almost there, aren’t you daddy?”
“Fuck, I’m about to tear your ass up for this shit.”
“Hmm, I can’t wait until you do.”
All it took was you increasing your pace a tiny bit more and Jack immediately pushed you off of him with his cum releasing all over your upper body covering your boobs, your stomach, as well as your neck.
“You came a little bit too close to my hair that time, work on your fucking aim.” You said as you rolled your eyes and began to run your fingers across your stomach and chest before placing them in your mouth and Jack instantly becoming hard again at the sight.
“Next time I’ll do it on your face now come here and sit on mine. I need to see that pretty pussy of yours.”
“I need to get the rest of this off of me first.” You said while attempting to get up, but Jack immediately held your hips in place so that you wouldn’t be able to move and you got a confused look on your face.
“Uh, babe?”
“I want every last drop running down your throat. You’re not wiping off shit with a towel. Get to it.”
You smirked and did as you were told, once Jack was satisfied with how much you had gotten off of you, he grabbed your thighs and moved you upward so that you were sitting directly above his mouth.
“You better be a good girl and not be squirming and shit.”
“I won’t.”
“You say that shit every single time and do it anyway.”
“Can you blame me?”
“Stay fucking still.”
You immediately gasped when he took one long lick and he knew to hold your thighs tighter.
“See? You already starting and I barely did anything.”
“Will you fucking hurry up already?!”
“Don’t rush me, mamas or I’ll stop.”
“No you won’t.”
“Are you fucking testing me, Mrs. Harlow?”
Jack’s voice had went an octave lower and he peeked out from under you to look at you and make sure that he had heard you right.
“Okay, imma remember that shit. Just wait until I’m finished eating you out.”
From that moment forward, Jack literally showed you no mercy.
His hold on you was so tight that you had no choice but to sit there and take it.
You were literally almost in tears because of how good it felt and you had lost count of how many times he had made you cum.
“Babe... I... I... can’t....” You said pleading with your husband to give you a chance to recover before going back in.
“Trust me, you can. Stay still.”
From then on Jack began to suck on your clit and it was all she wrote as you felt a wave of liquid release from you covering his face.
“Damn, mamas. I ate you so good and the last thing I expected was for you to squirt all over me.”
You didn’t even answer him as you were trying to recover and he simply moved you to the side of him so that you could catch your breath.
Not even a minute later, Jack was pulling you up to position you on all fours.
“Jackkkkk.” You whined as you rested your head on top of your arms that were folded underneath you.
“You got one more time to call me the wrong name. Act like you got some damn sense.”
“One more, baby you can give me one more.”
“You literally said that the last four times when I was sitting on your face.”
“I don’t see the problem.” Jack responded as he slowly slid into you from behind and you instantly moaning.
“You over here complaining but taking that shit just fine.”
Hmm, two can play that game.
When Jack least expected it, you clenched around him and you noticed that it caught him off guard because his pace instantly slowed.
“Stop clenching me like that mamas, fuck.”
“You can take it daddy.”
“I’m tired of you getting smart with me.”
“Then teach me a lesson.”
Tumblr media
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jackharlow: one thing you not about to do is disrespect Mrs. Harlow in front of me, so take this as a warning because the next time I won’t be so nice
2forwoyne: I just knew you were about to beat his ass
druski2funny: 2forwoyne me too because he been around y/ninsta too long and I know some of that violence done rubbed off of him
y/ninsta: druski2funny I said the exact same thing lmao 😭😭
sza: lil dick energy
y/insta: sza STOPPPPPP lmao
sza: y/ninsta I warned you
y/ninsta: that you did lol
saweetie: I’m surprised y/n wasn’t waiting outside for him to jump him
y/ninsta: saweetie I would’ve but as mad as jackharlow was he would’ve handled it for the both of us
y/ninsta: jackharlow love the way you protect me, gets me hot and bothered and shit
urbanwyatt: y/ninsta what doesn’t get you hot and bothered at this point?
jackharlow: y/ninsta we just got finished, but if you’re up for another round....
y/ninsta: urbanwyatt be gone thot! jackharlow feed me and I’ll be ready
urbanwyatt: y/ninsta HEY! 
jackharlow: y/ninsta shit imma feed you this dick 😏
y/ninsta: he ain’t eat it right if he didn’t have to change the sheets! 🥰
normani: y/ninsta how many sheet changes have yall gone through?
y/ninsta: normani uhh tonight? four 🙈
neelamthadhani: y/ninsta jackharlow is that why housekeeping keeps coming up to the floor?!?! jackharlow GET OFF OF HER LIKE GOT DAMN
jackharlow: neelamthadhani not a chance in hell oh and giveon and trevorwashington take notes because I don’t play that shit. my wife is off limits.
dualipa: jackharlow even for me?
jackharlow: dualipa especially for you. bye. about to eat my wife out.
dualipa: jackharlow LET ME WATCH!
jackharlow: dualipa can’t hear you over all this pussy juice I’m drowning in byeeee
dualipa: jackharlow 🙄
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If you wonder if I hate you
Tumblr media
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theshaderoom roomies looks like rapper @jackharlow was spotted with someone that isn’t @yourinstagramname 👀
lilnasx WOW I’m not even surprised anymore… he’s a whole whore AND you cheated on @yourinstagramname 🥺
druski2funny a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do 🤷🏽
lilnasx @druski2funny I’m not even gonna argue with your milkdud looking self
indialove poor baby 🥺 I hope @yourinstagramname is doing well
weallloveyourname damn 🙁
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yourinstagramname this retrograde really out here retrograding huh 😅
lilnasx my little pookie bear I’m sorry 🥺💗
druski2funny you know I can cure that broken foot and heartache right up 😌
lilnasx @druski2funny trust when I say she DON’T WANT YOU go choke on a corn dog 🙄
druski2funny @lilnasx why don’t you go choke on a d**k
lilnasx @druski2funny oh ima fuck you up
dojacat awe bubs 🥺💕
normani manifesting your lil heart and foot get better real soon 🙁💓
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jackharlow like I said these girl will do anything for them backstage passes 🤷🏼 run up backstage passes by my boy est.gee ft your favorite man whore 😁
urbanwyatt sesh 👨🏼‍🦯👨🏼‍🦯👨🏼‍🦯👨🏼‍🦯
druski2funny the caption goes hard nglllll
jackharlow @druski2funny it was either that or americas number one whore 🤷🏼
claybornharlow now jack…
lilnasx 😐
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourinstagramname go stream I hate you for a body like thisss and to scream ontop of your lungs this is dedicated to all the girlies who dealt with a cheating man. 💗🤍💗
normani BODY GOSH 😫😫😫😫😫
druski2funny I felt that fuck you part in the song heavily
chloebailey WISH IT WAS DIFFERENT THEN WHAT IT WASSSSS. The vocals came through most definitely 😫🤍
jackharlow damn so we really done…
yourinstagramname @jackharlow we been done.
urbanwyatt @jackharlow you really fucked up a good one smh 👨🏼‍🦯
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theshaderoom looks like @yourinstagramename is out here with her NEW and IMPROVED boo and we love that for her… meanwhile @jackharlow out here thinking about a certain somebody 👀
lilnasx very happy for my sis 😌
yourinstagramname @lilnasx thank you pookie bear I love you 💗😫
druski2funny damn I wish that was me smh
lilnasx @druski2funny I don’t think she wants a pillow princess…
druski2funny @lilnasx I’m deactivating
jackharlow she’ll be back
yourinstagramname @jackharlow definitely won’t be but have a nice tour I know your several kids playing daycare in her mouth miss you
lilnasx @yourinstagramname THAT’S HOW YOU CLEAR A BITCH
jackharlow @yourinstagramname damn…
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unchained-hound-dog · 2 days ago
Heyy could you do something where the reader gets drunk and is really clingy at a nightclub while jack is performing and he looks after her
Here you go! Hope you enjoy
Jack was hosting an after party for his tour date in LA, he'd agreed to perform a couple of songs but could then relax and enjoy the evening. Jack wasn't a big drinker, however he often found he still enjoyed the club even without alcohol, and it also meant he could look after you, his girlfriend, who did enjoy a drink.
You were all in a V.I.P section, a U shaped couch with a table in the middle and then a small section in front of it for people to dance and mingle. You were sat in the corner with Jack, his arm around your shoulder as you both relaxed. You had to admit touring with Jack was tiring, the late nights, lack of sleep and busy schedule didn't really allow you to spend much quality time with each other. So after most of the shows you'd usually end up heading back to the hotel or both going out, not drinking.
You and Neelam had agreed to unwind this evening and have a good drink, everyone was granted a lie-in the following morning due to no show for another 2 days, this meant you were currently 4 drinks and 3 shots deep, laughing at something Neelam and Urban were bickering over when Jack's face suddenly got closer to you as he whispered in your ear.
'I'm gunna head up and perform I'll be right back'
'Okay baby, enjoy' you shot him a smile and pecked his lips quickly before he got up and left the area.
'Come on, let's do some more shots' Neelam yelled across to you, grabbing the bottle of alcohol from the table and lining you both up with 2 shots each.
'You girls are crazy man' Urban shook his head as he pulled his blunt from behind his ear and stood up, excusing himself to the smoking area.
Jack's performance went by quickly, he stopped by a few people on the way back to the V.I.P area, in all he'd been away for about an hour. When he returned, he found you and Neelam laughing histeracly, the half filled bottle of alcohol he'd left you with was now empty and a waitress was placing another bottle on the table. Jack smirked to himself as he stepped over to you and Neelam, you were both standing in the area trying to get a picture together.
'Hi baby' you rushed over to Jack, wrapping your arms around his neck.
'Enjoying yourself baby?' he grinned as you nodded, you both shared a kiss before you went back to Neelam.
Jack mingled with his friends, spoke to a few people and was enjoying his evening when you plopped yourself down next to him, his hand naturally falling onto your thigh as you wrapped one arm around his forearm.
'You okay baby?' he turned to look at you, your head resting on his shoulder and your eyes closed.
'yeah m'just tired' you stiffled a yawn.
'Ready to leave? It is like 3am' your brows furrowed at the realisation of how long you'd been in the club
'Yeah, take me home lover boy' you both smiled before excusing yourselves and leaving the club.
Jack held onto your body as he navigated you through the club, your feet hurting from the shoes you were wearing and it was making it imposible for either of you to get very far without you needing to stop. Once you got outside and through the baracade of paparazzi snapping pictures, Jack sat you in the car and helped you take your shoes off. The car you were in was luxurious, the seats were ridiculously comfy and so you instantly relaxed into it, your legs stretching out so your feet were resting on Jack's lap as he sat opposite you.
'Can we get food on the way back?' you bit your lip as you waiting for Jack's response.
'I'll order us room service baby' Jack's hands went to massaging your lower legs, your head falling back in satisfaction.
'Mr Harlow we've arrived' the driver informed you both, you quickly followed Jack out of the car, squeeling when he picked you up and carried you into the hotel.
'I could walk!' you huffed
'Yeah but we'd be here all night and you'd end up chewing my ear off about how bad your feet hurt' he placed you back on the ground when you entered the lift, pressing the button to your floor.
'Always looking after me' you wrapped your arms around his neck, his going to your waist as you both shared a passionate kiss, the moment making you feel even more lightheaded than you already were from the alcohol.
'Come on' his voice was soft as he pulled away, the doors opening and he guided you out and down the hallway.
When you both got inside the hotel you quickly stripped yourself of your outfit, leaving the mound of clothing near the front door as you walked over to the kitchen section, pulling out a bottle of water and chugging it down.
Jack dissapeared into the bedroom as you sat at the small table in just your underwear, head resting on your hands as your eyes fluttered closed.
'I've ordered food, come get undressed before it gets here' Jack watched as you pushed yourself up from your seat and made your way into the bathroom joined onto the bedroom. You make quick work of removing your makeup before getting completly naked and throwing on some pyjamas, Jack had been getting himself ready for bed and was now scrolling through his phone waiting for you to join him.
'Baby?' your voice pulled him from his phone, he watched as you excited the bathroom and crawled across the bed to lay next to him.
'Thank you for always looking after me, and thank you for leaving the club to come back with me' your voice became softer as you spoke, Jack knew you were close to falling asleep as you wrapped yourself up in the blanket and shut your eyes.
'Anything for you sweetie'
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harlowcomehome · a day ago
Will never stop telling you how much I love your work hun!!!!
What about a concept where jack just wants to cuddle the reader and is really clingy. And the girls just giggle at him. Or maybe one of the girls gets jealous😂😍😍
A/N: Thank you @jackharloww! You’re so sweet! Sorry this took a second for me to do. 🤭 I hope you love it! 💙
“Babyyyy” you groaned, followed by a playful giggle. Jack was wrapped around your waist from behind as you moved through the kitchen.
“What?” He leaned against your back. “I missed you.”
A giggle escaped you “You’ve been home since last night” you turned around and ran your fingers through his curls.
“But- I was sleeping, didn’t you miss me too?”
You smiled, looking down at him “of course, I always miss you. Why do you think I’m making you breakfast?”
He finally saw what you had laid out on the counter. He smiled “omelettes?” You nodded as Jack leaned down to kiss you. You kissed several times, a sense of relief coming over you.
As soon as the kissing stopped you heard the pitter patter of foot steps coming your way. “Daddy?” Hazel turned the corner and ran toward Jack. Jack picked her up and hugged her, “I missed you so much Hazey girl!”
Jade sleepily walked around the corner as she rubbed her eyes “miss me too or just Hazey and mommy?”
You giggled at her sense of jealously as Jack ran to hug her too.
“Of course I missed my little Jadey Wadey!” He swayed her back and fourth as she giggled.
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a-moment-captured · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
That smile! ❤️❤️❤️
Come Home the Kids Miss You
September 2022 — Seattle
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neon-lights-and-glitter · 22 hours ago
Date Night
A/N- my very first Insta au! I hope you guys like it! I couldn’t figure out how to stop tagging actual accounts, I got in on most of them but if some usernames are missing @‘s that’s why!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Yourusername How date night started vs how date night ended
Jackharlow Love you baby, thank you for being my wife.
Yourusername Love you more. Wouldn't want to be anyone else's. Jackharlow Yourusername. Good, because I'm never giving you up. Jackharlow Yourusername Also, let's not pretend date night ended there because we both know it didn't. Urbanwyatt ..... Urbanwyatt Baby Harlow #3 coming soon? 👀 Jackharlow Urbanwyatt If it was up to me. Yourusername Urbanwyatt don't encourage him Yourusername @Jackharlow maybe, we'll talk. Jackharlow @Yourusername it wasn't a no, I'll take it.
Urbanwyatt Everybody say "Thank you for babysitting Urban"
Yourusername Thank you for babysitting Urban, love you, thank you for loving our girls as much as we do ❤️ and thank you for the updates on your stories, Jack and I keep checking for new ones 😂 Urbanwyatt @Yourusername Anytime. Urbanwyatt @Yourusername but, also when are you picking them up because holy fuck they have a lot of energy. I don't know how you two do this everyday. Yourusername @Urbanwyatt We'll be there in the morning, unless you want to come over and drop them off. Urbanwyatt @Yourusername I'll drop them off around 11am. Yourusername @Urbanwyatt Okay! Claybornharlow @Urbanwyatt fuck you for babysitting. @Yourusername @Jackharlow when's it going to be my turn. Jackharlow @Claybornharlow Next time Yourusername @Claybornharlow its your turn next, you babysat last time. Claybornharlow @Jackharlow @Yourusername better be, I'll remember this. Jackharlow @Urbanwyatt Paisley and Olive have been begging for a sleepover with their Uncle Urban, they love you so much. Urbanwyatt @Jackharlow Guess I'm just the favorite Uncle @claybornharlow Claybornharlow @Urbanwyatt Shut the fuck up. Guess we'll just have to ask them. Yourusername @Urbanwyatt @Claybornharlow No fighting over our children, they love you both. Jackharlow @Claybornharlow I think they love Urban more. . Yourusername @Jackharlow stop encouraging them, @Claybornharlow They've also been asking for a sleepover with Uncle Clay. Claybornharlow At least someone sticks up for me around here because it certainly isn’t @jackharlow
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Jackharlow 2016 vs 2022
Yourusername That was the night we found out I was pregnant with Paisley 🥹
Yourusername Love you so much
Jackharlow Love you so much more. Thank you for always believing in me. Yourusername @Jackharlow Never doubted you for a second.
JackandYNfan I want what they have.
Jackfan3 If they ever break up I no longer believe in love.
Jackfan10 That should be me.
JackandYNfan78 The matching VS captions.
Yourusername And we didn't even plan it.
Urbanwyatt How come I just got a text from @Yourusername saying that the girls wake up at 7am at the latest. You left that part out when I agreed to this sleepover.
Jackharlow @Urbanwyatt Would you have agreed to it if we told you before? Urbanwyatt @Jackharlow yes. Maybe I just wouldn't have let them bake 2 cakes and now they won't go to bed. Yourusername @Urbanwyatt!! I thought I saw 2 different cakes on your stories. Urbanwyatt @Yourusername They both wanted different cakes. What was I supposed to do? Tell them no? Yourusername @Urbanwyatt Yes. Jackharlow @Urbanwyatt Yes. Urbanwyatt @Yourusername @Jackharlow Got it. Don't make 2 cakes next time. Yourusername @Urbanwyatt If their still up, FaceTime us so we can say goodnight! Urbanwyatt @Yourusername Calling now! Claybornharlow @Yourusername @Jackharlow I won't let them bake and eat 2 cakes and stay up past their bed time. Jackharlow @Claybornharlow I don't think anyone believes you. Urbanwyatt @Claybornharlow That's why I'm their favorite Uncle.
Urbanwyatt via stories
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fentytink · 2 days ago
Love in the time of postpartum (2.3k )
synopsis: the reader has pent-up stress and anxiety and takes it out on jack.
+ i was watching human resources while writing this and becca inspired me!
Tumblr media
It was your first day back at your job ever since Alora was born and you were stressed out.
Jack insisted you stay home for a few more days. You knew he was only trying to make sure you were okay but it really set you off.
Postpartum depression had been kicking your ass and jack’s constant nagging didn’t make it better.
“Baby you really don’t have to go back so early.” He said, wrapping his arms around you from behind.
He kissed your neck softly and you shook out of his hold.
“Jack, I want to go back. You know I don’t like to sit around and do nothing.” You said sliding on your blazer.
“You know I’m just trying to help. I may not know what your going through right now but just know I’m always here for you.” He said running his hands through his curls.
“Baby I’m fine.” You said before giving him a kiss and walking out of your shared bedroom to wake your baby up.
“I don’t know what to do steph! I know he’s just trying to help but he’s honestly just making things worse.” You said frustratedly to your co-worker.
“I totally get you, when I had my son every little thing my husband did pissed me off.” She said giggling softly at the end.
“But guess what? It’s normal babe! It’s just your body going through changes and he’s trying to help you out.” She said rubbing your back softly.
“But steph what if it doesn’t get better? I feel like I’m falling out of love with him.” You said tearing up out of pure guilt.
“Aww honey come here.” She said pulling you into her chest.
“I feel like a bad wife and a bad mother.” You said crying softly into her chest.
“It’ll get better, my love I promise. You love that man and he loves you! After all the wild stories I’ve heard about the both of you I can guarantee you still love him. When this all blows over you’ll be okay.” She said, coaxing you through your tears.
“I love you so fucking much.” You said wiping your tears and giving her a proper hug.
“You look exhausted.” Jack said when he saw you on the couch typing away at your computer.
“I have to get this done.” You said tiredly rubbed your eyes.
“Mamas, I don’t like the way your working yourself. If your tired take a break and try again tomorrow.” He said sitting next to you on the couch.
You looked up at him tiredly with tears in your eyes. You hated feeling useless.
“That’s easy for you to say jack. I’m not a celebrity! I don’t have thousands of people ready to help me. Money doesn’t just come out of my ass. I have a job to get done and your getting in the way!” Your sudden outburst surprised you.
Jack was stunned by what you said. He knew you were going through it and he tried his best not to take it personally but there was only so much he could take.
“I don’t think I can do this anymore jack.” You said putting legs up to your chest.
“You can’t do what?” He said nervously, bouncing his leg up and down.
“Us babe.” You said closing your computer and walking into your shared bedroom.
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i-care-4u · 15 hours ago
birthday girl | jack harlow
instagram au pair: jack harlow x reader faceclaim: taylor russell
requests are closed | masterlist
Tumblr media
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urbanwyatt happy birthday yourusername 🎂
View all 1,746 comments
yourusername thank you bestie ☺️
Liked by urbanwyatt
harlowshome i live for this friendship 🥺
ynbabe QUEEN
user2579936 who is she, she’s so pretty
jckhrlw that’s jack harlow’s girlfriend, yourusername
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourusername thank u all for the birthday wishes!🕯️
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jackharlow another year with my girl
📌 Pinned
urbanwyatt happy birthday 🧁
lilnasx HAPPY BDAY
alexademie 💕🍰
bellahadid happy birthday angel 😇
ynarchive my *zodiac* princess 💜
ynfan1 one for the books, hbd lovely
user2790367 birthday twin!!! 😍
ynlnmemes how can a dinner setting look better than me 😭
ynismywife PLEASEEEE-
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jackharlow This life is something I dreamed of long ago
View all 3,735 comments
yourusername Of all pictures, you picked the one with me in the sweater…
jackharlow To be fair, I’m wearing a sweater here too
yourusername Fair enough 🙄
jharlowoww MY PARENTS ☝️😫
lovelettertoyn happy belated birthday y/n ❤️
ynsource my sunshine ☀️
user6833604 enjoy your days here!
jackharlowsbabe MOTHER AND FATHER
user7526845 i hope your day has been amazing so far, you deserve it jack and y/n
ynfan1 a piece of art right there 🖼️
jackharlow’s story
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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softtcurse · 21 hours ago
fan! Reader posting an audio of herself singing the ‘nananana boo boo I fuck him more than you do” sound on her tik tok 😭😭
based off of this insta au
Tumblr media
You smiled to yourself as you pressed post. The caption reading ‘ 🧴🥧’. Every since it was revealed you had been dating Jack it seemed the whole world wanted a piece of you. The only unprivate socials you had were tik tok (which you rarely posted on, and were more used to look at funny videos) and your Twitter which was filled with mostly things having to do with Jack. His whole fandom had gone crazy when they found out you were a fan of his, you had been too since the Loose era. Who would’ve thought 4 years from now you’d find yourself laying in bed with that same man. His head resting on your thigh and your hand scratching his scalp just like he liked it you had come to find out.
Jacks hand steadily resting on your thigh. Rubbing small circles on the skin. It didn’t take long for your phone to start going off. Forgetting to turn off the notifications which caused Jack to stir.
“You acting up on tik tok again ma?” You gave him a sour look and shook your head.
“Acting up? Never, you know me”
He grinned at you and shook his head. You two had only been dating for two months but Jack was already finding himself crushing harder and header on you. You left a pink tinge in his cheeks and he hated to admit that he loved it. Your follower requests on Instagram had grown, not that you would accept any of them. You valued your privacy and Jack did too, that didn’t mean you were about to tell everyone your business. You could handle your own against any one that wanted to be rude to you, you didn’t mind clapping back if necessary. People could be so rude.
“What did you post this time?” He hummed, kissing your thigh softly.
Reaching over you hastily unlocked your phone and shrugged handing it to him when you opened your tik tok.
Already at 30k followers when just last week you were only at 2k. And the video had 40k views in less than 10 minutes.
The video starting off with you showing yourself, you looked so pretty and unknown to you Jack already started thinking of all the way he was going to fuck you later that night. You mouthed the words to the tik tok and smirked, then the camera flipped and it showed Jack’s tall frame in your bedroom, flipping through some Netflix with your remote. His hair was messy and it was only his side profile you could see that didn’t stop people in the comments from going crazy.
“Yo, these comments got me” Jack laugh and started reading some out to you.
“That should be me he’s fucking”
“It’s giving husband already”
“I know he fucked the shit outta her after the video ended”
“She got y’all real mad under these comments huh”
You giggled at the last one. “That one’s funny, like it”
Jack pressed like and tossed your phone aside.
“Take your shorts off, since you wanna act out”
You didn’t fail to comply.
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armaniinthehayloft · 18 hours ago
all mine.
in which party life just isn’t for you, and jack is just fine with that.
kinda unfinished lowkey, smutty but not tew much it never escalates yk, friends to lovers
Tumblr media
It was the night of Jack’s release party for his new album, and you were not thrilled. It wasn’t that you weren’t all for supporting him, no, no. Far from that. It was the party part of it all.
Parties made you overstimulated and overwhelmed more often than not, and given that Jack was known throughout the industry for his ragers; you were certain this would be no different than the rest.
Nevertheless, you let Neelam drag you along with her as you rode to his penthouse in a cramped limousine as Neelam had invited some of her friends whom you knew nothing of or about. And god were they loud. You were already beginning to get irritated and you hadn’t even arrived yet.
And when you did, her friends only got even louder. And it didn’t help that they were handed shots the moment they walked in, which you declined and to which Neelam said, “Don’t be a prude, Y/n.” You rolled your eyes, declining the shot anyways.
As you all wandered deeper into the party, the harder it was to keep up. And soon, Neelam and the others had dissolved into the crowd of sweaty, dancing couples and friends. It took a while for you to find a familiar face, and you were glad that it wasn’t just any face. It was Jack’s.
“I didn’t think you’d come.” He said with a smirk, looking you up and down with intent. He sure wasn’t complaining about your presence that was for sure. “Why not?” You asked, returning the smirk though yours was far less lust driven than his, yours was sweet and genuine as was his… sort of.
“You don’t seem like the type.” He responded, though you could barely hear him over the music. You shrugged, like it was all fine. You didn’t want him to think any less of you because you weren’t like the other girls he liked; extroverted and party animals. Your head was pounding and reeling but you still managed to get out— “Congratulations on the album though.”
You attempted to walk off but Jack stopped you in your tracks, “Have you had anything to drink? You look drunk, Y/n.” He said worriedly, holding up your unstable body with his hand on your lower back, which made you all squirmy inside. “I’m fine, I just need a minute J.” You practically whispered, your voice light and airy. He wasn’t buying it.
He grabbed your hand, interlocking the both of your fingers so you wouldn’t get separated from him in crowd. He pulled you into a nearby restroom, absentmindedly forgetting to lock the door behind him. “Jack, I’m flattered but I don’t think I can—” He laughed, realizing what you thought was about to happen. “I brought you in here to see what’s up with you. I really get around that much, huh?” He chuckled as you pulled down the toilet cover, sitting down for the first time in hours.
“So what’s up?” He finally asked, you opened your mouth to respond but he could already tell what was bound to come out. “And before you say ‘nothing’ I saw the way you were looking out there, you looked drunk out of your mind and I know you’re not the drinking type.”
You sighed before beginning hesitantly, “Just— overwhelmed. I hate to be the person that’s never down to this type of stuff. And I knew how important it was to you, but with all the noise on top of the pressure to drink— I just couldn’t.”
“God, not to mention the fucking must. This whole party needs on some deodorant.” This made Jack burst out laughing, so much so that he almost became to cry, his face beet red. If his smile was contagious his laugh was even more contagious, you soon began dying laughing as well, flattered that he found you funny.
Finally, the two of you calmed down and all that was heard was small giggles from your side of the bathroom. Jack stared at you in admiration with a grin spread across his lips and you felt the urge to cover up, feeling vulnerable under his gaze. “Whattt?” You slurred.
“You’re beautiful.” He said plainly, the drained, shocked expression on your face only making him smile at you even more. For a moment, there was silence. A nice silence.
Jack leaned down towards you, his hand resting behind your head searching your desperate, wide eyes for any signs of hesitation. “Kiss me, please.” You whimpered, leaning in towards his body.
With that his lips slammed into yours, as you moaned into the hips, your lips seemingly made for one another’s. You kept a slow rhythm until something ignited in the both of you, the rhythm and the passion of the kiss intensifying suddenly.
He disconnected from the kiss causing you to whine at the loss. “Be patient, Y/n.” He ordered, but that only made you even more impatient. He soon pulled your slip dress over your head revealing your bare breasts. His hands began roaming your body, as his kissed your chest. His tongue ran over your nipples ever so slightly making you shiver a bit at the sensation.
Suddenly, making the both of you jump— someone began banging on the bathroom door aggressively. “What the fuck.” You groaned, as Jack let out a dismissive sigh, “Ignore it.”
“Who’s in there?!” Yelled a familiar voice, you both turned to one another, realizing who it was. “Did you lock the door?!” You whispered yelled. “Get in the tub.” He whispered back, giving you your answer. “What?” You asked in disbelief, “Get in the tub!” He said again as the doorknob began jiggling and in she came.
“Shit.” You both said in unison as she walked into the bathroom with her arm around Urban’s neck. Jack stood by the sink while you were in an awkward position, one foot in the tub and one out. “What’s going on here?” Urban asked, evidently high off his ass. “I could ask you the both the same thing.” You said, narrowing your eyes at Neelam as she removed her arm from his neck shamefully.
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heavyhitterheaux · 2 days ago
Nothing Compares
Tumblr media
AN: A whole bunch of Urby fluffiness 🥰
Synopsis: Urban is obsessed with every single part of your body and wants to be near his girl at all times so he is having a hard time being away from you when he is on tour with Jack. Everyone takes notice of how sad he is so best friend Jack comes to the rescue
Pairing: Urban Wyatt x Reader
Requested by: the beautiful @cmalass​ 🥰😘 (I switched it up a little bit but I hope you like it!)
Please Do Not Repost My Content Anywhere
Jack was smiling and taking pictures with fans at one of his meet and greets for tour when one fan was eyeing Urban who was standing off to the side of them looking as if he was staring off into space.
"Uhh, is your best friend okay?" She asked as Jack glanced over in his direction.
"No, he probably misses his girl Y/N. She's coming in a few weeks though so hopefully he’ll be able to hold out until then."
"He looks miserable." Someone else piped up and said as Jack simply sighed.
You and Urban had been together for a year and a half and honestly no one thought it would last this long.
Not that anything was wrong between the two of you, but it was just known that Urban never settled for having one girl at one time. 
But when he met you, his world literally stopped.
He cut off all of his friends with benefits and literally put all of his focus on you and wanted to be the best possible boyfriend to you.
He admits that he didn't think you would want to be with him considering his high body count, but you looked past it.
That was literally one of the first things that he told you wanting to be honest and he mentioned that it would be okay if you didn't want to be in a relationship with him because of that and he would settle for being your friend.
But, you were down bad for him so being friends with him definitely wasn’t an option.
He always made you feel as if you two were the only ones in the room and you didn't want for anything with him.
Jack admits he felt bad for his best friend considering how it's been about a month and a half since you two had last seen each other in person.
Jack had asked you to come on tour with them considering how he knew how Urban was when it came to you, but because of your job it wasn’t exactly possible for you to be able to stay for the entire tour. So you were able to get a few weeks off and Urban knew you would be coming soon.
The Facetime calls just weren't cutting it.
Urban really didn't want to go out after shows, he would simply smoke or be on the phone with you when he wasn't taking pictures. 
If you didn’t answer the first time he called you, he literally waited around for you to call him back and wouldn’t do anything else. 
The conversation between Jack and his fans at the meet and greet had been floating around social media and now everyone had noticed how sad Urban was without his girl.
Tumblr media
Liked by yourinstagramname, neelamthadhani, nemoachida, shloob_, quiiso, champagnepapi, privategarden, and 2,908,247 others
jackharlow: this is all urbanwyatt does when he’s not taking pictures, he waits for his girl to call him back. yourinstagramname we are officially in crisis mode and he’s going through withdrawals 😭
urbanwyatt: jackharlow why you sneak taking pics of me in my time of misery?
jackharlow: urbanwyatt because you already know yourinstagramname and how she is. last thing she would want you to do is be miserable so I had to tag her in the evidence
yourinstagramname: urbanwyatt miss you too my love. just a few more weeks
urbandjack24: yourinstagramname honestly he probably can’t even wait that long. you should have seen him at that meet and greet. he was looking like a lost puppy without his other half
urbanwyatt: why is everyone putting me on blast? and yourinstagramname I can’t wait that long.
jackharlow: yourinstagramname he needed you like yesterday 🙃
yourinstagramname: urbanwyatt get on facetime
urbanwyatt: yourinstagramname say less
Jack called an emergency meeting between him, PG, and Neelam in one of the supply closets in the arena that they were currently at in Las Vegas to discuss the Urban missing his girl problem.
"Jack, it stinks in here!" Shloob yelled before attempting to hold his breath.
"We're only in here so Urb doesn't find us!"
"What in the world is so important that we had to meet in here away from Urb? It's not like he has been paying us any attention anyway!"
"We are in here because we need to come up with a plan to get Y/N here before Urb throws himself off a cliff."
"I second that."
"Yeah. I'm concerned. Last time I saw him this sad, he had lost his weed."
"He was depressed for like a week until he got some more."
"Okay back to the task at hand. So, she's coming in like another three weeks but honestly I don't think he can last that long and neither can we." 
"Can we get her here earlier?"
"She mentioned this big ass project she had to do for work so I don't know but I can try." 
"Please because Urban is literally walking around looking like a lost puppy."
“Let me see what I can do.”
“Please do and get me the fuck out of this closet before I pass out.”
That night after his show, Jack immediately sent you a text pleading with you to come earlier.
Jack- Y/N!!!!!!!!!!
You- Hey, what’s going on?
Jack- Please tell me you can be on a plane within the next 24 hours for Urban because he is miserable and is making everyone else miserable with how sad he is
You- Ehhh idk, I still have a lot to do
You- I can move a few things around so I’ll be there
Jack- Good, it’ll be the second show in Vegas and you can come and surprise him so he can stop being depressed
You- You’re a good best friend, Urban should keep you and vice versa
Jack- I’m just happy he found someone he loves and who loves him back 
You- 🥰🥰🥰
Jack- I’ll send you the flight info, don’t worry this one is on me
You- Appreciate you for that 
It was now around 9 PM when Jack had hit the stage for his second night in Vegas.
You had landed maybe three hours before the show started, but took your time getting settled and getting ready to see your boyfriend.
You had missed him and you had been using work as a distraction so that the days would go by quicker.
The quicker they went by, the sooner you would be back in his arms.
You definitely hated the distance between you two, but what else could you do?
Neelam had texted you and said she would be waiting for you to get to the arena so that Urban didn’t have to spend another minute without his girlfriend.
You had finally arrived and quickly embraced Neelam and the rest of PG backstage.
You definitely missed being around them too.
“Thank GOD you’re here because I didn’t know how much longer we could take.”
“Well Jack said it was an emergency so here I am.”
“And how long are you staying?”
“I was able to get three weeks off.” You responded while moving your box braids to the side and out of your face. 
“Come on, he’s on the side taking pictures.”
“He is about to flip his shit when he sees you.”
You followed Neelam and she stood to the side as you were now facing the back of your boyfriend.
You missed playing in those long curls and couldn’t wait to run your fingers through them.
She simply gave you a nudge forward and you decided you would hug him from behind in order to get his attention.
He immediately turned around when he caught a whiff of his favorite perfume on you and picked you up.
Your legs immediately went around his waist as he was planting kisses all over your face.
“Are you really here right now?” He asked in disbelief while holding you tighter.
“Yes, so you owe a big thank you to your best friend because he’s the one who sent me a text and told me how miserable you were and that you probably couldn’t wait three more weeks for me to come and see you.”
Jack looked over to where he knew his best friend was standing to see what all the commotion was since just about everyone was now looking in that direction.
“Oh shit, she’s here. Thank God. Hey Y/N!” Jack said looking at the two of you embracing each other.
You quickly waved towards him before turning your attention back to your boyfriend.
“I thought Urb was about to throw himself off a cliff especially this week so I had to get his girl here. I went into ultimate best friend mode and I was like please hop on a plane and get your mans because he is stressing my ass out.”
Urban turned towards Jack and immediately rolled his eyes while you were laughing before setting you down back on your feet but mouthing the words thank you to him. 
“You’re welcome man. Anything for my best friend.”
The two of you were now walking the Las Vegas strip around 3 in the morning with Urban having a tight hold on you.
He literally hasn’t let you out of his sight or out of his embrace ever since being at the arena.
That’s how Urban was, he literally had to be touching you at all times and threw a fit anytime you were away from him for more than five seconds.
He would be touching and massaging your thighs, laying on your boobs, or your stomach and you would simply let him be and not put up a fight.
“I’m so happy you’re here.” He said as he lifted both of your hands to place a kiss on the back of yours.
“Me too, I think I was actually worse off than you were.”
“I doubt it.”
“Nah, I think I had you beat. I would literally have to distract myself with working so that I could get through the day and not think about how far away you were from me.”
“The days weren’t going by fast enough for me.”
“Me either, but I’m here now and you have me for three weeks so we have to make the most of it before I have to leave.”
“Oh, we definitely will but uhhh can you stay longer?”
“What?! I had to ask!”
“Hmm, I’ll see what I can do but no promises.”
“Well, you didn’t say no so I guess I’ll take it.”
“You ready to head back?” You asked feeling sleep trying to overtake you. You had been up for close to 24 hours and you were ready to be in your boyfriend’s embrace and fall asleep. 
“The sooner we go back, the sooner I get to show you how much I missed you.” Urban replied while leaning down to kiss you.
You gave him several kisses in return before both of you made your way back to the hotel.
Once you had gotten settled, Urban immediately laid on top of you and you quickly embraced him and began to play in his curls. 
Not even two minutes later, he was asleep.
So much for him showing you how much he missed you.
It was the same thing for the next three weeks and you weren’t complaining. Urban literally did not let you out of his embrace. 
“Urb, let her breathe.” Neelam said looking over at the two of you.
You were sitting on Urban’s lap and he was hugging you from behind while placing kisses on your neck and the side of your face. 
“She’s not about to vanish in the next twenty seconds, I’ll borrow her and bring her right back.”
“She came to see me, not yall!” Urban replied while hugging you tighter as you were sitting on his lap.
“URBY! Be nice to your best friend! He’s the whole reason why I’m out here with you.”
“I am! I’m sharing you aren’t I?”
“Babe, you’re still holding my hand and not letting me get up.”
“Oh, well hurry up and come back. I miss you already.”
“It won’t be long got damn, I just need her opinion on something.” Jack replied while rolling his eyes.
“Like I said, hurry up and come back. Matter of fact, I’ll just come with you.” Urban said while picking you up bridal style and following behind Jack who was looking at him in disbelief. 
“What? What I do?”
“I get her to fly out here to be with you and you’re acting like you have no got damn sense.”
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Two fools in love 💕
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urbanwyatt shit you know you’re my favorite girl 😌💗
jackharlow is that my chain?
yourinstagramname @jackharlow no comment
lilnasx ooooo this fit is giving lemme borrow it sometime 😫🤍
druski2funny @lilnasx nobody wants to see that trust me my boy
mariahthescientist gorgeous 😍🤍
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urbanwyatt just a guy on tour with his friends
yourinstagramname my man my man my man gosh I’m obsessed 🤤🤤
urbanwyatt @yourinstagramname I’m obsessed with you even more my sweet girl 😍🤍
cozane sigh no my man being a simp
lilnasx thanks for the invite 🙄
druski2funny @lilnasx this is the first time I agree with you.. hell must be freezing over
lilnasx @druski2funny the retrograde be retrograding
jackharlow the three dumb asses
urbanwyatt @jackharlow man not too much
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cozane I wish I never read the title 👨🏼‍🦯👨🏼‍🦯
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lilnasx I know that’s right Urban 💅🏽
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yourinstagramname photos taken by my boo 💗
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claybornharlow lookin good sis 🤍
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chloebailey cutieeee 💕
( starting Monday I’ll be back to posting request can’t wait for you all to read everything I’ve been working on 💗 )
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Jack can’t sleep without you, so he stays up waiting for you to get back from hanging out with your friends and once you realize he hadn’t sleep yet, you tease him about it all! 😜
Thank you for your request, sorry it's taken so long, I hope you enjoy it!
You'd promised your friends you'd only be staying out a couple of hours but it turned into a catch-up that lasted way longer than expected, the clock hitting 9pm before you'd even thought about heading home.
'Girls I'm gunna head out, it's been a lovely day' you grinned, hugging each of them before you picked up your bag and made your way outside.
Once you got to the car, you dropped your bag on the passanger seat and dig around for your phone, opening it up and turning some music on before you began your journey home.
Pulling into the driveway you noticed a light on in your bedroom, brows furrowing as you put the car into park and quickly got out.
Jack, your boyfriend laid awake in bed, the TV screen showing re-runs of some old sitcom as his eyes flickered shut then snapped back open again. Jack could never sleep properly when he knew you were coming home to him. On tour he knew there was nothing he could do besides text you to make sure you were safe if he knew you were out. But when he was home he was worried, until he could hold you in his arms he would stay awake all night.
You pushed the bedroom door open, cringing as it creaked slightly, you hoped that Jack would be asleep and he'd just left the light on. Your eyes caught sight of the bed, Jack looked to be asleep, his head on the pillow and turned away from you. Going about your business as quietly as you could, you prayed to not wake him up. When you finally got into bed you jumped slightly as Jack's fingers danced across your waist and pulled himself closer to you.
'Sorry for waking you up' you whispered as you turned to face him, your noses barely touching.
'You didn't' his smile was sleepy as he got comfy
'Hmm? You been up all this time?' your fingers pushed their way through his curls as you spoke
'Yeh' he nodded slightly.
'Did you miss me too much?' you teased,giggling lightly when he poked your side.
'No' his tone was playful, a slight pout on his face.
'Awh baby I should have text to say I'd be home late, m'sorry'
'Doesn't matter, just glad you're home now' you turned your body away from his as his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, your back against his chest.
'Can't believe you waited up for me baby' you sighed, sleep slowly taking over you
'Just like to know my woman is safe' Jack's voice was laced with exhaustion as he slowly fell asleep.
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