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Faye Wong in Hong Kong TV Magazine (1993)
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💝 Long box braid hairstyle tied into a ponytail, with 3 styling options! 💝
54 swatches and/or unlimited colors with “The Spectrum Collection” (Click for more info);
Toddler & Child version available;
Enabled for all genders;
HQ mod compatible;
Custom Shadow Map;
Smooth weighting;
Hat compatible;
All LOD’s;
[ DOWNLOAD ON MY BLOG ] -  (Public Release: December 20th, 2022)
New CC two times a week on my Patreon page!
If you use please tag #simpliciaty in your pictures!
Thank you! ♥
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i think about him A Lot™️
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Axer, the alchemist
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tinkaton (pokemon) stimboard with themes of pink, gold, silver and hair stims for anon!
x x x / x x x / x x x
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Beautiful Black Ballerina!
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Hair question for your non-expertise: I’m starting cowashing to bring back my curls (they’ve been gone for like a year 💔) and I’m already seeing really encouraging results after my first wash! My question is is there any benefit to washing more regularly at first (e.g. every few days as opposed to once a week or so) to help the transition phase along? Or is it just going to take how long it takes no matter what?
Also (and forgive me if you’ve said this in other hair posts, but I don’t remember seeing it after looking through all of them) did anything in particular help determine why you usually only need to wash once a week? Does it have to do with length/thickness, etc?
Thank you so much for all your hair knowledge, it’s helped me SO much with my own journey!
The beauty of cowashing is that you can do it as often as you like, because it's not causing damage. So, whenever you need to, really! It makes no difference. Transition will indeed happen in its own time, though
In my case, I'm three and a half years in, so I've basically just found the system that works for me - in my case, I can do once a week, and that also means knowing when to set the time aside, which is nice. That said I know a lot of people who can go almost two weeks. Products and weather both play a part in it, because they'll dictate how quickly you'll get greasy and how long the 'finish' lasts (i.e. how long before it dissolves into a bedraggled mess)
In any case, I'm very pleased to hear it's working for you, and good luck with the rest!
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Ophelie Desiree 🇮🇹🇬🇵
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Emily Deyt-Aysage on Instagram.
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Kirby Griffin and Merethe Hopland in Wildfox’s Barbie Dream House Resort lookbook (2014) ✧*:・゚✧
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simone roche
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