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⋆·˚ ༘ * “ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛɪᴘ”
feat.: Scaramouche, Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Zhongli, Itto, Tighnari, Xiao, Al Haitham
content: nsfw, dub con, size difference, dacryphilia, degradation, choking, praise, Itto has a knot and barbs on his cock, Zhongli has two dicks | comments & reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
Honestly, SCARAMOUCHE doesn't get why you think he'd listen to your ridiculous command. Yeah, you're tired, but surely not too tired to let him fuck you, right? He hums in acknowledgement when you tell him to use just the tip; though, moments later, he thrusts into you fully, and the way you cry out sharply and arch your back at the unexpected stretch immer makes it worth it.
Besides, you're plenty wet. Your cunt is all but throbbing as you clench around him with each hard thrust, and his smirk is cruel while he teases you for ever thinking he'd edge himself like that. You're unable to answer, though he guesses the high-pitched moans and mewls you let out say plenty on their own.
“Hah, look at you — so damn needy. You're mewling like a bitch in heat. Did you seriously believe I'd torture myself like that? Perhaps it's time I teach you who's in charge again, hm?"
Tumblr media
It's CHILDE who all but begs you to let him take you; he knows you're tired, he knows, and he'll just put the tip in, alright, baby? You give in eventually, of course you do, and Childe quickly presses gentle kisses to your lips as he sinks into you, only the tip of his dick enveloped by your tight heat. He groans a 'thank you' against your mouth while his thumb draws lazy circles around your throbbing clit.
Still, it's your own fault for falling for sweet words so easily, so naively. He didn't plan on breaking his own promise this easily, but you feel so good, he has no choice but to eventually snap his hips forward until he's all the way inside of you. Even when you whimper in complaint, he simply shushes you with gentle praise and a smile that's too wide, too amused to match the muttered 'good girl'.
“Oh, that's good. Fuck, you're so tight, baby; feels damn heavenly. Good girl, you take my dick so well, don't you? And you were so intent on teasing me — hah, and now you're mewling for my cock. That's cute."
Tumblr media
DILUC groans when your tight heat squeezes around the flushed head of his dick, wet walls pulsing, and his eyebrows twitch into a frown of pure concentration as he forces himself to not push further into you. It's nothing but agony, especially with how prettily you moan and whine, but if there's something he won't do, it's betray your trust.
His legs tremble the slightest bit as he meets your gaze, his own expression strained when your wet walls pulse around him, all but begging him to fuck you properly. In the end, he can't help but ask for your permission — and, luckily, you're not intent on making him suffer any longer. He moans into the kiss while pushing into you, the pace with which he thrusts into you uncharacteristically impatient and fast; though it's not like you mind it.
“Love, please — I doubt I can keep this up much longer. It's quite literally torture. What do you say, dear? Are you going to let me take you properly?"
Tumblr media
KAEYA'S smile is sly as he nods, the promise he makes about not taking you fully, merely letting you warm his cockhead, falling from his lips as easily as the affectionate pet names he calls you. And, well, while he behaves for quite a while, it only gets increasingly difficult with the way your wet walls pulse around him, seemingly all but trying to pull him in.
It wasn't his intention to go against your explicit wishes, but it's nature's call; you both moan when he suddenly bottoms out inside of you, spearing you open fully, and he's quick to murmur an apology against your mouth. He's not a bad guy; he's in the middle of pulling out when you wrap your thighs around his waist, effectively keeping him from doing so. Of course, he can't pass up on the chance to tease you for your change in mind while he pounds into you.
“My, my, look at you. Didn't you just say you were too exhausted to take all of me? It's only been a few minutes and you've changed your mind already. You're adorable when you're this needy, darl."
Tumblr media
While ZHONGLI'S lips twitch downwards at your words — you'll let him make love to you, under one condition —, he's quick to agree nonetheless. It comes as no surprise that he keeps the promise; contracts are never to be broken, after all. Even only the tip of his dick spreads you wide open and you whimper so prettily when he rolls his hips forward with gentle thrusts, never pushing further into you.
What really isn't his fault, however, is the way his second cock throbs where it's resting between your wet folds, drooling precum onto your skin and occasionally nudging against your aching clit. With the additional stimulation, it's no surprise you're soon begging him to make you cum on all of his dick — though he might tease you just a bit longer.
“Now you're asking me to take you properly? If I recall correctly, you weren't interested in this mere moments ago. Hah, I'm not quite convinced. Why don't you try begging for it, dear?"
Tumblr media
While ITTO initially agrees eagerly to your conditions — you're still sore, but you don't mind warming only the tip of his dick —, he quickly realises that this is nothing but sweet, sweet torture. Sure, he thought any rule was worth getting to fuck you at all, but your cunt pulses around the fat tip and you're moaning because of his sheer size, the head of his dick as wide as three to four of your own fingers.
He tries to keep his promise, he really does, but — well, can you really blame Oni instincts? Soon enough, he's thrusting into you fully, making you mewl as his barbed dick spreads you open wide. He's babbling mindless apologies between his low grunts and groans of pleasure, especially when his knot stretches you even wider, but you seem too far gone to really understand his words anyway.
“Fuck, babe—, 'm sorry, didn't mean to. Ah, Archons, you feel so damn good—, you're so tight, fuck, baby—"
Tumblr media
TIGHNARI isn't fond of this new idea you had; fucking you with only the tip seems both impractical and simply dumb, but you're terribly insistent, which is why he soon pushes the head of his dick into you, a moan leaving both of your lips at how tight you are. While the thought of simply pushing too far in crosses his mind, he doesn't follow through with it — but, even though he'll let you warm the head of his cock for as long as you like, he won't be happy about it.
He groans and mumbles to himself in annoyance, his fingers digging into your hips and his ears twitching with disdain. By the time you finally allow him to push in all the way, he leans up to seemingly press a kiss to your lips, only to instead scoff and tell you it's taken you long enough to finally stop teasing.
“Good choice, love. My patience isn't endless, though it might appear otherwise. I believe I'll just give you a taste of your own medicine if you pull this kind of trick again. How does getting edged for hours sound?"
Tumblr media
XIAO'S eyebrows twitch into a frown when he slowly but surely fucks the tip of his dick in and out of you, wet squelching noises accompanying his every movement. Despite the occasional soft moans that fall from his lips, it's obvious he's not particularly happy about his predicament; your wet walls hug his cockhead so perfectly, and even though he'd give everything to feel you clench around the full length of his dick, he keeps the promise of not urging you to take more.
It's because of that determination that you're quick to tell him it's alright, that you want him to fuck you and, well, who would Xiao be to deny you?
“You feel so fucking good, ah—, Archons, you're tight. Fuck—, can't wait to have you cumming around my cock. You're such a good girl, taking me so well—"
Tumblr media
ALHAITHAM huffs a laugh against your lips when you tell him to only use the tip. He quickly agrees; sure, sure, you're tired, he gets it, though he's not sure just how truthful you were being — the way your walls pulse around his cock doesn't seem very exhausted to him. His thumb rubs over your aching clit, making you whine and whimper — distracting you.
A smirk tugs at the corners of his lips when you cry out at a sudden hard thrust; your back arches off the bed when he bottoms out inside of you. It's so unexpected you barely have time to complain and, whenever you try to scold him, his hand closes around your throat and squeezes the slightest bit; a threat more than anything else. Besides, you get even more wet whenever he does it.
“Oh, that's cute, darling. Flustered is a good look on you. Seems you're quite into me choking you, hm? Hah, and just when I think you can't possibly be more of a slut."
Tumblr media
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shroomi1e · a day ago
❝ realistic courting ❞
cyno + tighnari (separately)
summary: how they court you/act around you based off of the research i did on their animal counterparts
cw: none, mostly fluff, g/n reader
a/n: ik i could’ve added gorou and yae but dogs and foxes don’t rly have courting behaviors other than humping each other and I WANNA KEEP THIS PG 13🤬 and yes ik cyno rly isn’t a jackal but he’s based off of an egyptian god who’s a jackal. i also just wanted an excuse to write for the sumeru characters lol
cyno: the jackal
jackals are exclusively monogamous and live in pairs. they hunt, rest, and forage together and spend nearly all their time together. male jackals will urinate on their territory to ensure that other male jackals will not invade their environment or their female counterparts. once jackals are done mating, the male jackal will bring food to the female jackal and take care of them.
the moment cyno and you become official, he will never leave you alone.
the two of you are attached by the hip, and cyno will always be making sure that people know that you’re his, despite not being too fond of pda.
he’ll give you subtle touches here and there, whether it be putting a hand on your lower back to steer you away from the crowd, gently holding your hand before asking you a question, or resting his hand on your knee when the two of you are sitting together.
he’s also a lot clingier than he’d like to let on. he thinks he’s being subtle but it’s so painfully obvious when he grips the edge of your sleeve, his usually hardened eyes just a tad softer.
“i have to go run some errands, cyno…” you shake your arm a little in hopes of cyno’s hand releasing his death grip on your sleeve
his lips pout ever so slightly, his eyes falling to the ground in disappointment
you giggle at the thought of his subordinates seeing their boss like this, clinging onto you and pouting like a kicked puppy. “i’ll help with your errands then. please?”
you sigh in defeat and let your boyfriend accompany you as you do mundane tasks like grocery shopping and whatnot. but to cyno, being able to spend time with you is something to cherish, as he’s usually so busy dealing with affairs at the akademiya.
cyno is also very protective/possessive, glaring down at anyone who dares to even glance in your direction while you obliviously run your errands.
he won’t be super open about his possessiveness, but will instead show it once you two are alone. the moment the two of you are in private, he’ll give you a bone-crushing hug, refusing to let go until he’s done processing his emotions.
but if someone were to ever make you uncomfortable, he wouldn’t hesitate to summon his polearm, one arm extended to push you behind him as he watches your unwanted suitor crumple up in fear. 
and later when you two arrive home, he’ll just sit there and stare at you in silence, his brain muddled with thoughts.  
“is everything okay…?” you ask.
your boyfriend sighs. “it’s just… i didn’t like that he touched you that way.” he then lowers his voice before saying, “only i’m allowed to do that.” 
tighnari: the fennec fox
male fennec foxes mark their territory with urine and become incredibly aggressive toward one another, particularly when competing for females during the mating season. once they have found a mate, they mate for life with couples inhabiting the same part of the den for the whole year round.
it took a while for tighnari to decide whether or not to make things official. not because he didn’t like you, but because choosing a partner as a fennec fox-hybrid held a lot of weight for his kind.
but the more and more time he spent with you, the more difficult it became to be apart from you. sleeping at night became unbearable, and so did his day-to-day tasks. 
and though tighnari can be quite possessive, he tries to suppress those feelings since the two of you aren’t exactly official yet. but his patience wears thin after a while, especially when someone attempts to court you right in front of him
you can tell when he becomes agitated by the way his ears flick and twitch and the way his tail slowly sways side to side
won’t show the jealousy right in front of you but instead take it out in other passive-aggressive ways. like sending them to patrols as far away from you as possible, or making sure their assignments are as long as possible in order to occupy them and keep them away from you
he knows it’s petty, he knows it’s probably not a healthy way to process his feelings, but he just can’t help it. not when a potential partner-for-life is right there in front of him. 
but when tighnari finally gets the courage to confess, he makes sure you know the weight that this decision holds. you still remember how stern and serious he was when he first told you.
“I just want to make sure you know one more time: fennec foxes are partners for life. I don’t doubt our relationship, but in case you want to leave, I wouldn’t be able to let you. are you sure you’re willing to commit?”
when he hears you say yes, his pointed ears relax and his tail wags softly. he hugs you right there and then, burying his face in your neck and tickling your cheeks with the tips of his ears.
a few days later, he shyly approaches you to tell you that he’s moved your bunker right next to his
“back in my hometown, couples usually live together as soon as they make a relationship official. I… I know doing that may seem too forward, so I decided to just move your bunker next to mine instead… is that okay with you?”
he will respect your boundaries until you’re ready to join the traditions of his kind, but when you finally decide to move in with him, he is over the moon
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angelltheninth · a day ago
Man..i was out with my girls last night and we had such a creepy and scary encounter with a few men..🤢😭
After all the anxiety and initial panic is now gone I’m kinda over it, but could u maybe write some extra protective genshin boyfriends (your choice who, I love them all hehe) dealing with creeps coming onto their s/o? (And maybe comforting them after?)
Oh god that sucks Anon, I'm glad you're better now. I swear some people out there have no respect or decency whatsoever.
Pairing: Kaeya, Diluc, Itto, Pantalone, Dottore, Tighnari, Zhongli x Fem!Reader
Tags: established relationship, protectiveness, threats of violence, fighting, blood and injury, soothing kisses, comfort
A/N: Hopefully you're okay now Anon and that this makes it even better.
Kaeya is quick to run to your side and push the other men away, glaring at them, his hand already on the hilt of his sword. He might flirt a lot but he is a gentleman at heart, he knows how important it is for whoever is flirting back to be comfortable and safe. Won't push your boundaries outside of what you're okay with but you can bet that he will throw down with anyone who tries to do so.
Diluc won't tolerate harassment in in his establishment. The moment he sees people crowding you, or even just one person cornering you while you look uncomfortable he's making a stride towards you, pulling the man by the back of his shirt and escorting, or rather throwing them out and telling them if he sees the man anywhere even close to here again he will ruin their sorry face.
Itto is already protective over you as is. He doesn't like to rely on his oni nature a lot but he can't help but growl, snarl and bare his teeth at whoever is causing you discomfort. He wraps his arms around you, puts his head on your shoulder and kisses your cheek, all the while looking at the men with a bloodthirsty glare that makes them freeze on the spot and then turn heel and run as fast as they can.
Pantalone is a man of very few words. However his silence can speak volumes. His smile is icy, his face, while looking calm, can make anyone piss themselves in fear. He takes your hand in his and passes by, barely glancing at the man who made you uncomfortable, frankly he's not worth it. That being said he's not above utterly ruining the man's livelihood and cause them to have to beg for forgiveness.
Dottore is as protective and possessive as he is sadistic. There's no way that anyone who makes you feel unsafe and uncomfortable is getting away without some broken bones and lots of cuts. He will make the pain as great as the fear you felt. He will make sure that the man, or men, will never get anywhere close to you, that they can't get anywhere close to you again.
Tighnari while not liking to resort to violent acts is not above some light threats thrown at anyone who makes you feel like you're in danger. He wants everyone to know that in the forest, the only real danger is him and his wrath towards anyone and everyone who would do you harm.
Zhongli is usually a silent type but he will absolutely raise his voice and in certain ties his fists at those who would cause you harm. He wants you to always feel safe around him and is sorry he couldn't make it so. He will offer you all the comfort, cuddles, kisses or anything else you need. When he takes care of those who made you feel unsafe that is.
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pr3ttyboy-kuni · 2 days ago
the best thing about me is you ﹐ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈
▸ synopsis; what dating kunikuzushi would be like!
▸ characters; scaramouche/wanderer.
▸ genre; headcanons
▸ warnings; get’s a little suggestive at times, LMAO.
▸ note; just!!! one!!! million smooch!!! pls!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i. initially? this guy was the biggest twat of all Teyvat, LMFAO. kinda still is, but shhh… he wouldn’t dare let anyone get close to him.
key word being ‘initially’ he came across you one day while wandering the forests of Inazuma and was like, “fuck.”
ii. it took him a while to fully warm up to you and trust you; you had to put in a reasonable amount of effort to show that you weren’t going anywhere.
he didn’t dare show it to you, but he felt relieved seeing you stick around after how bitterly he treated you.
iii. he’s always been incredibly protective over you. you’re the first one that’s decided to stick around him; you think he’s just gonna let you run off? FUCK NO.
iv. that said, he’s also quite possessive as well. you’re his first love and, frankly, his last; he plans on keeping you for as long as you’ll let him. and if someone attempts to steal you? god bless their poor soul.
v. a cocky bastard forever and always <3 he loves whenever you two go back and forth.
vi. before, he, quite frankly, rarely showed affection. but after he was defeated, he became much more open to it since he didn’t care what people thought of him.
he also just wanted to make up for the times he didn’t give you enough love or was being a nightmare, but you didn’t hear it from me.
vii. he loves to tease you! seeing your cheeks flush because of him is the biggest ego boost putting aside whenever you’re crying out his name he can ever receive.
viii. kisses you like the world’s going to end tomorrow. his kisses are always incredibly passionate and deep.
he has always loved making out with you, for some reason. he says it’s “a gentle reminder that you're mine and mine alone.” like?? you call THAT gentle??
shoving his tongue down your throat is his favorite pastime.
x. calls you “sweetheart,” “(my) love,” and “(my) princess/prince.”
❝I have a feeling I don’t say this as much as I should, given how much it kills my ego. But, I love you, alright? I hope you never doubt that despite how much of a pain in the ass I can be sometimes. But hey, it takes one to know one, sweetheart.❞
xi. 10000% pulls you close to him when it rains, so you don’t get wet. sometimes he even lets you wear his hat just by itself! (although, the latter is more likely as it gives him a reason to keep you close.)
xii. sometimes when you two are out and about in the cities of sumeru, Nahida likes to pop in to see how you two are doing!
she always tells you that he’s fortunate to have you and that she’s thankful that he has someone like you!
xiii. in more crowded places, he’ll always hold a little bit more tightly onto your hand, scared that you’re going to get lost and potentially hurt.
xiv. holds you tightly and close whenever you two sleep, scared that you’re going to vanish the next time he opens his eyes.
xv. whenever he’s deep in thought, he’ll always absentmindedly play with your fingers.
xvi. your entire presence is an immense comfort for him. he finds himself thinking that he wishes he could’ve found you sooner.
xvii. always watches over you whenever you’re doing something, making sure you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.
xviii. has a deep bitter resentment towards Childe since he constantly flirted with you back when he was in the Fatui 💀
xix. at home, he’s attached to you at the hip. whenever you’re cooking, he’ll back-hug you, resting his chin on your shoulder, sometimes helping you stir or cut something.
xx. seeing you play with children brings forth a new wave of emotions for him — he gets emotional; you remind him of his more naive self.
xxi. sometimes bruises you from hard he grips you (this is common when he’s jealous.)
xxii. putting aside his anemo vision, fully loving and watching over you has given him a new type of freedom.
xxiii. you didn’t talk to him for a while after what he did to nahida, and because he completely neglected your loyalty to him. safe to say, it taught him a lesson, LMFAO.
during his resting period, he informed Nahida all about your relationship and how much he actually missed you after all this; how, after the sour taste of defeat, he’d kill to be resting in your arms.
she helped him devise a plan to apologize and make up to you! #wingchildnahida2023
he cried in your arms for a long while when he finally found you; he missed you a lot more than he ever thought he would.
xxiv. listen, just because he’s a lot kinder now doesn’t mean he still isn’t a little sadistic… he still loves to see you squirm from underneath him.
xxv. when he gets nightmares, or his abandonment issues are running high, he’ll lay on top of you so you can comb your fingers through his hair. <3
Tumblr media
▸ note; i really hope these sufficed for my fellow kuni lovers </3 i’m trying to juggle multiple ideas at once and now they’re all just kinda spilled on the floor, LMFAO.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nejiverse · a day ago
Y/n: *kisses Scara on the neck*
Scaramouche: “what is this?”
Y/n: “…affection”
Scaramouche: “disgusting.”
Scaramouche: “do it again”
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anenbylittlepotato · 2 days ago
"Would you still love me if I was a worm?"
Uhhh I had this idea from an oc question in one of the servers I'm in lol. This is definitely uhhh crack lol
Includes: Zhongli, Diluc, Xiao, Itto, Yae Miko, Tighnari, Sucrose, Childe, Yoimiya, Al-haitham
You ask them out of the blue if they'd still love you if yiu were a worm lol
He stares at you, very confused by this question.
"Of course I would my dear, what makes you ask such a thing???”
He now feels like he hasn't been giving you enough love and now you feel unloved :(
You'll have to reassure him but even then he'll likely be extra doting and loving to you for the next couple weeks
He's so wonderful <333 my husband <333
He looks at you like
Tumblr media
"S/O.... Go to bed."
If you don't go to bed he will literally carry you to bed.
And tuck you in too.
He gives you a kiss on the forehead.
"And... Yes. I would still love you if you were a worm."
Then he leaves and goes back to his work.
He stares at you for like a good full minute.
"... What."
No, seriously what.
"What does that even mean...? Why would you be a worm??? Such a ridiculous question. Honestly, do all mortals ask such idiotic questions?”
If you insist he'll say, "Do you understand how weird it would be to be in love with a worm? Spare me your foolishness."
When he sees you get sad he sighs.
"Of course I wouldn't love you as worm. Because I love you as you. I don't want you to be anything else."
He looks away, his face bright red, as he says that.
He picks you up and runs off with you.
You have to quickly explain that, no, you are not, in fact, being turned into a worm.
Once you do he puts you down and looks at you, puzzled.
"Waitwaitwait. Why'd you ask that then????"
Once you explain he just seems even more confused.
"So. You're not a worm. And you're not becoming a worm. I don't get it. Why does it matter???"
The more you try to explain the more confused he gets.
Just give up he's not gonna get it, let alone answer.
Yae Miko
"Of course not, why would I love a worm? Why would I defile myself with such a vile creature?"
No hesitation 💀
When she sees your reaction she just laughs.
"Oh, you are so cute with that expression, dear. If it makes you feel any better, I'd at least get you a terrarium to live in. How does that sound?"
When you pout at her, she laughs even more.
"I'm just joking, silly. No need to take it so seriously. Come now, let's go get something to eat to make it up to you."
And then she takes you to get fried tofu.
S/O will remember this.
He stares at you
And then stares at you more.
He stares at you for a full 10 minutes before resonding.
"S/O... What in archon's name are you going on about??"
When you try to explain, he stops you, ears twitching a little.
"No, no. That was rhetorical. But really, what could possibly drive you to ask such a thing? If you want me to give you some love, you don't have to ask ridiculous question to do it."
He shakes his head and pulls you into his arms.
"I love you just the way you are."
She gives you a surprised look.
"Of course, I would! And I'd get you a terrarium to stay in and take good care of you until I figure out a way you change you back!"
Her ears droop a little more then they already are.
"Are you asking because I haven't been paying enough attention to you? I'm so sorry! I can put some of my work to the side for now and we can-"
You have to interrupt her to explain that it was just a silly question.
She looks visibly relieved and nods with a smile before hugging you.
"I'll always love you, S/O..."
He stares at you like 🧍
He blinks
Then blinks again
Then he bursts into laughter.
"What kind of question is that?!"
Yes, he is making fun of you
And yes, he is going to bully you about this.
"Oh, you're truly hilarious, S/O. Where do you even come up with these things???”
He immediately pulls you against him.
"Now, the real question is... Would I be a worm too??"
She immediately giggles at you.
"Silly, S/O! Why are you even asking?? Of course I would! How could I not?"
She gives you a lil kiss.
"Besides, how would you become a worm anyway?? That's just silly! Now come on! There's supposed to be fireworks soon! We HAVE to go see them!"
She grabs your hand cheerily dragging you along, having completely forgotten your conversation already.
He turns and starts walking away.
When you chase after him and stops with a sigh.
"You're in one of those moods where you aak idiotic questions again. I don't feel like hearing it right now. Go take a nap and put those thoughts out of your head. Don't talk to me until you've cleared your mind."
And then he leaves 💀
And he keeps to his word too. He refuses to talk to you until you get over the question.
He's an asshole 💀
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kleewie · 2 days ago
doc, i think she's crashin' out
Tumblr media
summary: he couldn’t stop death. so, death kindly stopped for you. and years later, he’s still picking up the pieces—one shard after another. but you, of all people, know that nothing heals a wound better than letting go. (simply, a bittersweet fic where you reincarnate into someone else’s body and watch your lover in anguish over your death).
→ pairings: diluc, & xiao
→ warnings: not properly proofread (may have tense issues), angst, character death (you), mentions of death, grief, bittersweet comfort, mentions of blood and wounds, trauma (about your death), gender-neutral reader (the use of she on the title is from a song quote called ‘epiphany by t.s’)
→ author’s note: hi, it’s me again. i was supposed to finish this weeks ago but i was exhausted from a fourteen hour flight and it took me a while to get my rhythm back. but here it is and i hope you enjoy it :> anyway, was planning to (maybe?) make a part two. like, what if they find out it’s you in that body. and what’d they would say or do. (yes, ayato was supposed to be in this but i switched him out to be included in a different angsty fic)
and credits to @wholelottaprompts for the angsty prompts!!
beware, lengthy post ahead! more under the cut!
Tumblr media
it begins as a normal day. a typical, ordinary, day.
you clean the bed, eat breakfast with your beloved, greet the servants a ‘good morning’, kiss diluc's cheek goodbye, head to the market to shop, say ‘hello’ to a passing kaeya, smacking his shoulder in surprise when he teases you: (“shush! you're going to ruin the surprise!” you laugh).
so, how is it you're freezing? how is it you can't feel your legs? how is it possible to be bleeding out on the cold snow, one hand over your wound?
you don't know—it was such a beautiful day.
all you do know is the resounding pain from your abdomen. the feeling of blood sliding down your body. and the awareness of your inevitable end; all alone on the chilly ice.
you want it to stop. you scream, please make it stop.
but, no words fall out of your mouth.
only complete silence.
hours seem like days, before you hear the sound of boot steps—heavy and frantic, crunching on the snow.
someone comes for you. and you breathe a sigh of relief.
alone. you aren't going to die alone.
“you came,” you weep.
“always, my love.” diluc kneels beside you, placing a pressured hand on the fatal gash. “i’m right here, you're alright. you're going to be fine.”
he's lying.
you can tell.
you see it by the way his eyes moisten at the intensity of the wound. the way he squeezes his eyelids shut, hoping the tears don't fall. the way his eyebrows furrow in concentration, as if praying you don't see how terrified he is to lose you.
“forgive me,” he whispers. “please, forgive me.”
diluc twists, looking back, and you hear him scream. one so agonizing, so piercing. a shout for someone, for anybody, to please save you.
but you can barely think; you're too exhausted, too numb.
you squeeze his hand, “it's the end of the line for us, isn't it?”
“no—” he says, sucking breaths in between sobs. “—we have all the time in the world, darling.”
you wake up days later, in a warm bed.
the heat's almost too much to bear, so you shuffle all the bedsheets off your body. you sit up, and the sudden awareness hits.
i’m alive! your thoughts sing.
you can’t wait to see diluc! you can’t wait to hug him! you can’t wait to kiss him!
but, a surprised gasp escapes you.
because standing in front of you is a giant standing mirror. and a reflection, unlike your own, stares back at you.
you scream.
it takes two weeks to accept the new, well, you: a sickly child of a pair of gardeners who work at the ragnvindr estate. apparently, you were at the brink of death—wasting away from a bacterial infection you caught weeks ago—and survived.
you know the truth though. their child died. and you took over their body like some demon (why you come back as them? you have no idea).
funny. they're the same age as you (when you died).
so subtly, you try asking the couple about your previous body. i mean, who in their right minds will believe you reincarnated into their child's body? a fever dream, they may say.
but they greet you with clammy hands and wide eyes, begging never to mention that name ever again.
at least, never out loud. and not ever in the presence of the master. because everyone knows how miserable he is from the loss of his beloved.
four years had passed since the incident. yet, his wound still stings as if their death happened yesterday.
still, you want to see him. partly in disbelief and partly in fury.
after all these years he still longs for your presence.
oh, your sweet, sweet diluc.
and because how dare he continue to beat himself up over an accident he had no control over.
that's the last thing you want.
to hurt himself over the memory of you.
alas, the opportunity to see him comes.
the head maid summons you to work as a house servant for the mansion. this was your (the previous soul's) plan to work for the family, who has treated yours with such kindness (only cancelling because of your prior sickness).
so now, you're sweeping the dirt out of the second floor of the dull manor. dusting the windows, wiping the cabinets, scrubbing here and there.
sometimes, you glimpse a wandering shadow. one, whose eyes stare unseeingly—only brightening up upon seeing a covered old portrait of halcyon days.
a scene, you know so well.
a couple smiles at the painter, eyes beaming with happiness.
yet, the ecstatic emotion doesn't reflect back at the man staring at it.
at times, you see an anguished soul. one, who knows how to push people away—barking furiously, at anyone who tries to come close.
even if that person happens to be you.
“what do you think you're doing?” he snaps. “who allowed you to enter this room?”
me, you want to say. it's my room.
instead, you respond with: “my apologies, master. the room's dirty. so i thought it'd be nice to have it cleaned.”
diluc stares, stern and sharp. a moment passes and you see his eyes trail behind you.
on instinct, you look back to notice an opened maroon-colored present on the bed side table.
the lid of the box lays forgotten on the floor,
and a lustrous gold ring sits on the wooden desk.
his gaze immediately softens.
“leave,” he scolds. “and never come back.”
you obey his orders.
sadly, you're banned from the room. but you're thankful you get to stay at the mansion.
and unbeknownst to you, diluc lingers for hours.
peering at the piece of jewelry he bought four years ago as a token of his love for you.
ever so often, you find a sorrowful man—one too grief-stricken to eat. all his meals turn into mush and slop, thinking about how you used to love dining with him.
he remembers sitting with you while he works, your hand in his.
he recalls you caressing his hair, soothing his head from the nightmares that plague his sleep.
he recollects all of your jokes, even the ones that aren't even funny. but you're smiling and it brightens his day.
you, you, you.
he finds the thought of you hard to swallow.
once in a while, you hear the sounds of footsteps tapping at midnight—soft and light on the second floor. he walks with purpose; now and then, lifting his legs high as if trailing on thick snow.
tailing him, you watch as he mindlessly marches towards the end of the corridor. towards your old room.
his fingers twist the doorknob to no avail.
it's locked.
he can't get in. he can't save you.
you place a gentle hand on his back, guiding the man back to his room.
even in his unconscious state, he looks for you.
he searches for you in the coldest of places. hoping and praying, he'll make it in time.
in time to see your radiant smile once more.
(he doesn't)
sometimes, you glimpse a shadow of his former self—eyes staring fondly at a scene you know perfectly well.
“i haven’t looked at this portrait in years,” diluc says, softly.
he leans against the wall opposite of the image, his dominant hand rests within the right pocket of his pants.
in the painting, you and diluc are smiling. eyes sparkling joyfully.
you shoot him a quizzical look.
the curtains that hid the portrait are gone. but you're sure it was there a day ago. certainly, it was him who removed it.
glancing at his peaceful form, you ask, “do you miss them?”
diluc twists a gold ring in his pocket. his fingers brush the cursive engraving of your name.
sentiments of melancholy soar in his chest, thinking about the day you died.
the same day he was going to propose.
a bittersweet smile rests on his face, “more than you know.”
Tumblr media
where is he? why isn't he coming? your thoughts run as fast as your feet carry you—over thick terrain, and sliding repeatedly on the rain soaked ground.
“xiao!” you scream.
swishing your head back, you see the faint silhouette of your attackers. seven treasure hoarders sprint towards your direction, enraged by your successful stealing attempt.
it's a commission, you see. all you have to do is: sneak into a specific treasure hoarder hideout, steal a specified silver necklace, and easily get out.
a supposed effortless commission.
and unexpectedly, it's the job that's going to get you killed.
if it weren't for the bleeding gash on your abdomen, and the flint arrow jammed through your ankle— you'd beat these watered-down weaklings any day.
but you're exhausted from the sleepless night before. drained from crying your eyes out in a jealous fit of rage; all because you couldn't stand hearing the traveler's name, over and over, from your dearest adeptus' lips.
“please, xiao!” you yelp, sliding against a tree root.
shouldn't he be here by now? you wonder. is he the type of person to watch you suffer in agony as revenge for yesterday? of course not!
he will be here the moment you call his name. he will rescue and then chastise you after.
but, a bitter taste wallows in your throat. he's not coming and it's all your fault.
screaming you absolutely hate him to his face? weeping about how unfair his favoritism is? praying you suddenly die a swift death so he can finally be with the person he truly loves?
how stupid can you be!
“i didn't mean what i said!” you choke, as a steady stream of tears fall. “i'm so sorry for everything, xiao—”
a gust of wind cuts your apology, and xiao stands right before you with a concerned (almost frantic) look on his face.
he digests the scene quickly, beating the humans who dare hurt his cherished lover. “foolish!” xiao scolds. “reckless! what were you think—”
xiao's heart skips a beat. turning around, he sees you on the muddy ground. one hand squeezing your chest in a death grip. he hastily dashes to you and places your back on his lap.
“who did this?” xiao snarls.
struggling, you point a finger at your left ankle. xiao immediately notices the flint arrow coated in a mulberry-like tint.
poison, you think. you're going to die.
tears flood your eyes as your chest feels heavier than ever before. like an anchor pulling you to the bottom of an ocean, while you suffocate slowly.
“i don't want to die.” you mumble, between shallow breaths.
xiao places one hand under your knees and another behind your back, lifting you up into his arms. “don't be scared, i'm right here.”
puffs of wind sting your face and you know he's carrying you to help. searching for a doctor, or a merchant. for anyone to help.
a plop of water tickles your eyelash, compelling you to glance upwards. “you know, i don't think i've ever seen you cry...”
unblinking, xiao stares forward and more tears slide down his cheeks. as if sensing the life trickle out of your body, he whispers “do not leave my side.”
you're to tired to respond.
but, you hope the sigh of relief coming from your lips is a loud enough answer.
past memories materialize in your brain like an electric shock.
you died—oh, archons—you're dead!
your hands shake in terror, and you feel like throwing up.
oh, yes. you do puke your guts out. in front of your newfangled distraught parents.
apparently the blast of information is too much to bear for a seven year old.
(even if your current mind is older than twice your current age)
and your parents don't know what to do: you don't eat, you don't talk, you stare out the window with glazed eyes, you barely sleep at all, even food doesn't help.
and they know how much you love food.
so imagine their surprise seeing their child burst out into tears upon feeding your favorite dish, almond tofu.
tears of happiness? nope. you sob hopelessly remembering your dearest xiao. your favorite person in the whole world.
oh, what you would give to jump back into his arms.
but, no. you're stuck here. you've stolen an innocent child's body. taken the place of that said child. taking advantage of your new parent's kindness.
how it happened? you don't know.
but you're smart enough not to ask.
precautions in case they decide to burn you as a sacrifice to the gods, for figuring out you're a devil in disguise? i mean, you don't know these people. it's better to be safe than sorry.
anyway, the sudden personality change baffles your parents.
a month ago, you nearly drowned playing near the deep waters of wangshu inn. a day after the incident, you remain the same. weeks later, you're having nightmares and talking in your sleep.
what's going on? your parents don't know. they think you're having a delayed response to almost drowning. and they absolutely need to bring a healer to you pronto.
your grandmother, who coincidentally happens to be verr goldet, recommends she takes you into her care while they (father and mother) head to liyue harbor.
they accept. and you're thrown into the arms of your loving grandmother.
some days, she tells you stories about the illuminated beasts known as the adepti. magical beings who protect liyue from demons and vile gods.
grandmother winks, “i hear, a certain friend of mine loves almond tofu. try offering some, and maybe he'll tell you more stories.”
and that's how you're sitting on the floor, leaning against an open window in one of the inn's available rooms.
the mere action beckons child services to scoop you up. i guess, she trusts you not to fall to your death.
anyhow, the plated dish lays perfectly on the window sill. yet, xiao still hasn't come to say hi, and you've been waiting for hours.
why would he come? you think, he doesn't know you.
unsurprisingly, you fall asleep as exhaustion creeps up on you.
and unknowingly, you whisper xiao's name over and over while you dream of blissful days. watching the sunsets and sunrises with your dearest person.
you don't see the yaksha when you wake up though. but the empty plate on the bottom of the window sill attests his visit.
afterwards, you see xiao three times.
your first meeting takes place when you are seven and a half years old. outside wangshu inn, near the shallow waters.
funnily enough, you assume that since you (previous child) virtually died (actually died) while swimming in the said place, you suppose you'd be banned from going near the said place.
but composed grandma has other ideas. rephrasing her words, “face your fears, or face your death.” yes, she loves you and only wants you to be prepared for the worst. then how hard can it be? you know how to swim. it'll be easy-peasy.
so how is it possible you're choking on sea water? your limbs struggle to bring you above the surface, and your neck cranes at different angles to help you breathe.
“xiao—please—help!” you scream, gasping for air.
seconds later, someone carries you up by the back collar of your t-shirt. “mortals and death wishes,” xiao chastises as he drops you on the grass. “leave my name out of this.”
your mouth gapes open in awe. he's here! he came! you're so giddy that you nearly spill the beans (of who you are). “thank you! it's great to see you again!” you beam.
xiao tilts his head quizzically, “...again?” he pauses and then says, “forget it. it's time to move you somewhere else. lest you'd call me again for something mediocre.”
you wince. now isn't a good time to reveal who you are, you figure. he'd likely scoff at your face and evade all contact with you than actually believe your story.
so you keep it to yourself for the time being.
before xiao can seize your collar (well, to carry you around of course), your tiny hand grasps his fingers.
“did you like the food?” you ask, pulling him towards wangshu inn.
he throws a bizarre look, one akin to surprise and turmoil. and subsequently nods slowly, as if testing your reaction.
“let's go home then!” you chirp. “there's more in the fridge.”
xiao stops walking, taken aback. and you suppose your friendly invitation is too much for the adepti. but a short while later, he's behind you, trailing after your footsteps.
four years pass and now you're eleven.
it's time for your daily afternoon walk. as your doctor recommends walking around the shoreline to cure your fear of swimming, you stroll near guili plains.
honestly, you're only permitted to walk near the inn. but hey, what's a life without adventure?
hours pass and you're exhausted from wandering. so you decide to rest beneath a tree to gain enough strength to walk back to wangshu.
however, fate loves to meddle and you end up tripping on a piece of cobblestone. upon inspecting the rock, you notice your name carved on the stone.
and your heartbeat quickens. your name? how could you forget? this is where your life ended, within the embrace of the person you loved most.
a snowy colored flower catches your attention. a qingxin. the freshness of the plant makes it seem like someone placed it quite recently.
actually, spot on theory. a breeze of wind tickles your back, signaling the arrival of a certain annoyed adepti.
“tread carefully,” xiao warns, adjusting the disorderly flowers. “perhaps, try to watch where you're going.”
his words sound awful, but you notice the lack of hostility. inviting xiao to eat lunch at the inn must've done wonders as he's less unfriendly towards you.
you mutter a sincere 'sorry' and plop down on your knees, facing the grave. your eyes watch the adepti in sheer engrossment, trying to make the grave as perfect as possible.
the words flow out of your mouth without much thought, “are you always here?”
xiao opens his mouth to speak but quickly closes it. a pause. he repeats the action, following another pause. he's likely contemplating why in archon's name he'd be telling his troubles to a child like you.
and you understand his hesitancy. he barely knows you, you've only met him twice, and he isn't the type of person to spill his whole life story to a kid he knows.
but before you can change the topic, xiao whispers, “unusual it is. they’re gone... i know it. but i always come back, waiting for them to return.”
you’re thirteen when a dream scares the living daylights out of you.
your eyes blink, adjusting to the darkness of your room. clammy hands grip the bottom hem of your t-shirt as your eyes fill up with tears.
how scary it is. to continually have reoccurring dreams about your death day. the drumming of the rain must have triggered the nightmare, as your bad dreams seemingly happen on a rainy day.
“help me... please. xiao,” you mumble, tucking yourself deeper into the blanket.
instantaneously the adepti appears kneeling beside your bed. he lightly lifts the cover; and you, fully-adjusted to the darkness, see a perplexed look on his face.
“the rain scares me,” you croak, voice raspy from crying.
xiao’s expression promptly softens. “don’t be afraid. i’m here.” 
he pauses before adding, “...and i don’t like the rain either.”
you nod in agreement. the day you stumbled upon your own grave was the same day he explained about what happened to you—a story you reminisce multiple times in your nightmares.
but you’re in no mood for frightening tales. 
grabbing his hand, you ask: “can you tell me a story about them?”
xiao’s shoulders relax, appreciating your reassuring hand. “they love adventures and exploring the great unknowns,” he pauses. “now they are finally flying above the stars, just like they always wanted.”
Tumblr media
author’s note: before anyone comes after me saying xiao wouldn’t take that long to save you, his part actually occurs at the same time the chasm escape lore happens. so the moment he shows up was the only time he actually heard you calling his name. ‘cause we all know he’d come running to save you instantly if you called ;-;
also, it’s purely platonic on xiao’s part. we don’t ship pedo in this blog;; he simply treats you as a little sister/brother in the #after sections.
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whoistartaglia · a day ago
xiao always had a soft spot for you.
meaning, he never quite had the heart to be as grumpy towards you as everyone else.
it was just a tolerance of you, of course. that’s what xiao told himself; it was definitely not anything akin to fondness. certainty not… even as he thought about you throughout the day. even as he found himself wondering when he’d see you next. even as— no, of course not. xiao told himself over and over again that he definitely did not like you in that way.
but as you smiled at him again and again, lightly blushing as you confessed your feelings for him… xiao didn’t have feelings towards you, right? he only said yes because… because…? ah, well. maybe he didn’t have an excuse for why he said yes (nor the blush on his face).
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zeraaachan · 2 days ago
warning(s): nsfw themes, minors do not interact
character(s): la signora, childe, scaramouche
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
la signora's lap is always a source of comfort. especially when she lets you sit on it and lay the back of your tired head on her bosom. she never forget to caress your head with her slender hand, murmuring sweet nothings and more often than not sweet promises of her plans for vengeance to those who threatened your well-being. she's indulgent and spoils you, always giving you kisses on the top of your head and presenting you a fond smile whenever you look up to her with droopy eyes. now, now, don't stand up yet. aren't you comfortable with your seat on her lap? don't you like this position? she'll easily lift you up and make you more comfortable on your throne: her lap. or is it because of that annoying vermin whose head is on your thighs?
you seated on la signora's and a love drunk childe's head rested on your thighs. the annoying vermin, as she calls him. everytime your attention is not on the beautiful la signora and whenever you happen to look on your thighs, you'll be met with drunk, even crazed, azure eyes. dear childe, whose already on heaven by just having his head pillowed by your thighs. childe your dear lap warmer, who claimed dibs on your thighs and made it his personal job to lay his head on it. even a naughty childe, who'll drop some blood from his nose unintentionally to your thighs due to sheer pleasure. but can you blame him? he likes this position. do you like yours too? do you like how he is situated beside your leg, head placed on your thigh? or do you want his head between those thighs?
but you can't really ponder that question now, can you? especially when you are distracted by the ticklish feeling on the bridge of your feet. scaramouche, the balladeer, always make sure that his presence is known. la signora already have a claim as your personal seat and the ginger head as the blanket to warm your lap. what is left to him was nothing but to worship your feet. but even for that he is grateful. he'll gladly betray the fatui and lay down the world on your feet, surely you'll grant him some kisses if he did that. don't mind him if he gently lift your foot with his dainty hand and place a soft peck on the bridge of your feet with his lips. surely, you like this position the best? how he is positioned on your very feet— for you to look down on or even step on.
do you like this these positions?
Tumblr media
author's note(s): accidentally made scaramouche sound like someone who have foot fetish. i promise that was not my intention.
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teaberrii · 12 hours ago
Kisses in the Library with the Genshin Boys
Featuring: Childe, Cyno, Heizou, and Kaveh Warnings: PDA Notes: I might make this a series.
You and your boyfriend are studying in the library when things take an unexpected turn.
You're supposed to be studying. But, instead, you're slacking off by reading a book in one of the empty aisles. You're caught off guard when you feel a pair of arms snake around your waist.
Childe puts his chin on your shoulder and asks what you're reading. So, you show him the romance book you've been secretly indulging in when you should've been studying with him.
Childe chuckles and asks if there are any "special scenes" you have come across yet. You look at him skeptically and ask him what he means. That's when he leans in and kisses you.
Your lips part for his tongue to slide into the warmth of your mouth, and your hand fingers weave their way into his hair. You pull him close, deepening the kiss.
You let out a quiet moan as Childe presses his body against yours, evoking emotions that are not appropriate to act on in such a public place.
You're the first to break away for air, but it doesn't take long for his lips to find yours in another heated dance.
"You don't need any romantic fantasies. You have me."
Cyno knows the two of you should be studying, but he can't keep his eyes off you. When you glance at him, he looks down at his textbook like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
You put down your pen, lean over, and ask if you have something on your face. Why else would he keep looking at you?
Cyno avoids the question and says he isn't looking at you but at the clock behind you. You call him out by saying he's wearing a watch, and his face turns slightly pink.
You put your elbows on his textbook and your chin in your hands. Now, you're the one that's staring at him. When he asks what you're doing, you say you're tired of studying and want "something nice to look at."
You're surprised when he suddenly looks you straight in the eyes and asks if there's more you would like. Before you can ask, his lips find yours in a soft-lipped exchange.
Cyno's tongue runs along your bottom lip before finding yours in a passionate tango for two. Soon, you're lost in the taste of him, and the last thing you want to do is study.
"...We should continue studying. Unless, you have something else in mind."
Heizou has already finished everything, but he accompanies you to the library anyway. You eventually get tired of studying, and you and Heizou are in an empty aisle.
You're standing in front of a shelf, reading a book, while Heizou stands a few feet away. He glances at you and pouts slightly.
You don't notice Heizou getting closer and closer to you as he pretends to look for something to read. Then, when he sees that you still haven't noticed him, he suddenly hugs you.
You almost gasp. Then, you turn to him, asking what he's doing. Instead, he smiles and playfully gives you a quick kiss.
You close your book and turn to face him. His hands fall near your waist while your arms go around his neck. You lean in simultaneously and kiss him fully on the mouth.
Heizou pulls you closer until your bodies are flush against each other, your mouths engaged in a passionate lock that leaves you breathless at the end.
"Don't get me wrong...I didn't want to distract you. Not much."
Kaveh is distracting you on purpose. He's twirling your hair as you attempt to solve a difficult problem.
You're finally fed up and tell him you're here to study and not play around.
Kaveh looks a little surprised and teases you that he thought you called him here so you could have a little fun.
You give him a deadpan look and ask what else there is to do at the library. He smirks and instantly kisses you on the spot.
You have no time to react as he breaks away. The kiss ends as soon as it began. Then, Kaveh playfully smiles and says that's one way to have fun.
You can use a break anyway, so you pull him in for another kiss. This time, it's with a little more tongue and soft moans in between.
"Exciting, isn't it? Should we take things further?"
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genshingorlsrevengeance · 14 hours ago
(Genshin Impact) Beidou's S/O kissing her eye
Tumblr media
Okay so I googled the crap out of this topic, consulted the wiki, asked friends, and I could NOT find anything that tells me why she even wears that thing. So uh, HC is that it's scarred.
Tumblr media
Beidou freezes for a moment when she feels her S/O's hands on her.
She's not unused to physical affection, far from it since she's usually the one initiating it.
But with how gentle her S/O was being, Beidou couldn't help but go stiff.
Moreso when she feels their hand brush her hair out the way and lifting the eyepatch.
Beidou feels a quick peck on her face as S/O smiles, putting her eyepatch back down.
(S/O) "Stay safe, okay?"
Beidou is silent for a only a second before she clears her throat and smiles back.
(Beidou) "Of course. See ya soon."
When she turns around, Beidou softly puts her hand over the eyepatch, her cheeks starting to burn.
Beidou was caught off guard by that kiss, but she swears she'll get them back for that.
Plus, it was super sweet. She can't let something like that go without doing something sweet in return.
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1wingedtraveler · 17 hours ago
Genshin boys with blood-loving! s/o
🌿A/N: This is very self-indulgend💀
🌿Warnings: Blood play/drinking/lube, dom reader, bondage, wounds, knives, biting, no pronouns for the reader, consentual
Tumblr media
was intrigued when you told him about this
he wondered what you liked about it
in what way (if you know what I mean)
as a poet you could say he was fan of blood too
but in a more symbolic meaning
he would find drinking each others blood VERY romantic
would love to have those necklace blood vials
Kazuha squirmed as you climbed on top of him, his fingers running through your hair. You grazed against his nipple before moving up to his delicate neck
You buried your face into his nape and breathed in his scent. A smell of maple syrup with a hint of cinnamon. You dragged your tounge on his smooth skin
The feeling of his hot pulse was addicting. It made you want more. You bit down
"Ah!" Kazuha let out a straddled moan. His naild started to dig into your back
You soothed him with a gentle lick before burrowing your teeth futher in his skin. This time hard enough to make his blood drip into your your mouth
"Mhm, you're so delicious Kazuha~ Give me more"
hmm, he doesn't really know how to react
in his profession, blood is very regular thing
so he never thought of it in a romantic or sexual way
you have to introduce him slowly to it so he gets the appeal has high pain tolerance so you probably won't hurt him easily
You watched as Cyno gritted his teeth, blood from his slashed palm was filling up small shot glass. His face held slight grimace of pain. He felt something weird stir inside of him . You were going drink his blood...
The look on your face, full of hunger and lust. It made his cock hard, creating a visbile inprint in his pants. The stinging in his palm just fanned the flames of his arousal
"You filled it to the brim, Cyno! You're such a good boy"
You said cheerfully, grabbing the glass from the table. You brought it slightly over your lips, making the blood pour into your mouth, spilling down your chin. Few drops falling on your chest.
Cyno watched you with widened eyes, he bit his lip while he gripped his shorts tightly. His cock was twitching in his pants
"Ahhh~You're better than the finest of wines"
also likes blood but in more scientific way
very happy if you give him a blood sample
he can study you and other humans that way
he can't exactly go around asking for blood samples from random people since he's not a doctor
can't use his own blood since he's not human
his blood is pinkish-purple in color
he's careful not to get hurt around people. He doesn't want any unwanted attention
You ran a scalpel down Albedo's stomach, staring from the ribcage, pressing it down slightly harder near the bellybutton and stopping near the pubic area.
You pulled back to enjoy a beautifull sight before you. Albedo was handcuffed to the hospital bed, his eyes wrapped by a blindfold, a red ballgag was resting in his mouth.
He was breathing heavily, his chest moving quickly up and down. Mesmerizing magenta blood was starting to pour from the wound, dripping down his stomach and between his legs, painting his blonde pubic hair
Fun was just about to begin
another non-human
his blood colour was originally purple
but since the trying to become a god incident and getting an anemo vision
it changed to teal
his blood must have absorbed some of the elemental energy
at least thats his guess
when this change accured he got really intrested
probably one of the most willing to explore blood kink
Scaramouche buried his face into his favorite pink plushie, trying to hold back his tears and moans while holding his ass in the air. You were currently behind him with a small but sharp knife. A muffled shriek of pain escaped the man as you swiftly make another shallow cut on his asscheek
His ass was covered in them. Teal blood dripped down his balls and tiny hard cock
"I think that will be enough"
you said as you licked the blood off the knife. It tasted refreshing with slightly minty taste. You started to cover your fingers in it before pushing them into his tight asshole
"AH-AGHH" Scara wailed, tears streaming down his cheeks
"Shhh, there there~ its okay baby. You've done so well, it will start to feel good soon"
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miihai · 22 hours ago
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amberilia · 2 days ago
Can i request for Heizou fluff? Thank you!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Same Interest — Shikanoin Heizou
you finally made a conversation with the person you admire
sorry took me long to finish this, i was busy at school 🐁
1.9k+ words ` 10.8k+ characters
Tumblr media
turning the page, looking up from your book. the soft sound of pages being turned fills the room, and the smell of books filling your nose.
You took in a deep breath and let out a sigh as you leaned back on the chair. you were exhausted for sure, but there wasn’t anything that could bring you to leave just yet.
you looked around the library; your eyes stopped at the bookcase sitting near you. you picked it up and started leafing through it. the pages had turned so far by then that they didn’t matter anymore so you put the book down and began reading again.
you sat like that for about an hour before someone else entered the library. you hadn’t even noticed them, too lost the novel you were reading.
you heard them clear their throat before speaking up “Night of the living dummy written by R.L Stine?" they sounded amused.
you jumped when you realized the person talking to you was standing right next to you. turning your head towards them you felt heat rush into your cheeks at the sight of who it was.
"Heizou?! Uh— y-yeah... it's written well...!" you muttered sheepishly.
he grinned before walking over to sit next to you. pulling out his book he asked, “You won't mind if I sit here, would you?" you smiled and shook your head “Not at all!”
He nodded and pulled out his book, setting it open in front of him, he grabbed his laptop laying next to him and got to work.
after a few minutes of silence between the two of you, he spoke up “You know it’s nice to find someone interested in his works, like me." He said with a small grin.
your cheeks flushed pink, he was always nice to talk to. you nodded slowly while looking up and watching the clouds pass by above your head.
you couldn’t help yourself from grinning softly at the thought of him being keen about this. He was usually really solemn and concentrated, but when you talked to him he would crack a smile or laugh, something different every time. he didn’t talk much about himself though, preferring to keep silent when he did.
You turned your gaze back to Heizou as he continued to write his work,
You thought highly of Heizou’s style, it was simple but very explicit. he used only the best materials and made them look natural. he wrote each word meticulously in the margin as though attempting to make sure they stuck to the page, making sure to indicate what he meant when he wrote it. the writing was also stunning.
You proceeded with watching him write until finally, a question popped into your head. “Hey... Why does it not have a title?” You questioned timidly.
Heizou glanced up from his computer, seeming slightly irked that someone interrupted him while writing. "S-Sorry, you can continue writing..." you rubbed your neck, and he stared into your eyes blankly for a moment.
Then he glanced away quickly, seemingly embarrassed. he furrowed his eyebrows in thought before answering, he cleared his throat and opened his mouth, "I just got an idea for its title... I think I'd name it... 'That fetching eyes'... What do you think?" he explained. You raised an eyebrow as you looked back at him “That... Fetching eyes?” you echoed.
He looked at you once more, and you swore you saw a hint of red dusting his face. “Well... I thought it might be amusing... It's a bit corny isn't it...? and it doesn't seem like something you'd normally pick. So... I thought it could use some delight.." he murmured before going back to writing.
You felt warmth rise to your face, you were pretty sure he was turning red. "no... I love it!" you chuckled. Heizou smiled slightly and glanced back at you once more. You looked over at him and noticed how his eyes seemed to twinkle like emeralds glittering. His smile was breathtaking.
You wanted to lean and touch his arm, perhaps kiss him. It wasn't frequently that people would notice you staring at people, you tended to stay near the wall and pretend you weren't even paying attention to anyone,
but he caught your eye, and now your heart was thumping against your chest and you were feeling light-headed.
"Fetching eyes huh... It's a good title, don't you agree?" he asked, breaking you out of your thoughts. you nodded and smiled at him, "Yeah, it is, How did you come up with that title though?" you asked curiously.
The corners of his lips curled up as he gave you another peek and said simply, "Because of you." he gossiped so calmly you almost missed it.
Before you could process his words you found yourself flustered once again, your eyes widening as you tried to say something but nothing came out. he giggled softly, and it sounded so lovely.
The tips of your ears burned red again.
You looked over at him once more and found him still staring at you. you felt your face grow hotter and warmer with every passing second.
He gave an apprehensive cough and went back to concentrating on his laptop, but you figured out he was concealing a smile.
A little too tardily you recalled that today was the day you swore to yourself you wouldn't do anything to unsettle yourself in front of him anymore.
This promise seemed to go unfulfilled though because soon you were carrying onto the strap of your backpack tightly and leaning into the wall with a large grin plastered on your face.
There's nothing wrong with admiring Heizou's looks, is there?
You felt silly and worried all at once.
You weren't one to be sheepish, but this was various.
This was Heizou; the boy who was your first friend since middle school; the boy who was adorable enough to knock over your heart. You had grown up learning that no one was ever truly pleased unless they were shrouded by other delighted people. But now you were beginning to wonder if Heizou had found someone acceptable.
Was he even capable of falling in love with anyone? Did someone like him even feel the same way? Were you reading too much into it?
But no, that wasn't valid! You knew you couldn't deny you enjoyed spending moments with him and that you were attracted to him... You just weren't sure if he felt that same way, which was probably why he was avoiding getting nigher.
Your train of thought was unexpectedly wiped out when your friend, Yoimiya, came barreling around the corner with a big grin on her face.
"I have a dare for you, y/n~ !" she practically screeched out at you, causing you to jump a little.
Yoimiya stood in front of you and positioned both hands on her hips before continuing, "I need you to confess to him and tell him how you feel for 5000¥" You felt your cheeks turn pink. Of course, your friend would want you to confess to him.
"What-" you hesitated, closing your eyes and taking a calming breath. When you opened them again, you were able to look Yoimiya in the eyes, "Who would be my victim?" You asked.
She laughed "Don't question me; ask him." she gestured toward the door, her eyes shining with excitement. Your eyes widened, and you spun around to see Heizou walking out of the library with his laptop in hand.
Your jaw fell. Of course. The last thing you wanted was for him to hear that you liked him. You couldn't imagine how uncomfortable things would get between you two if he did.
So you decided to try and fix this situation by telling Heizou that you were ready to confess to him; if he would only give attention to it.
You were planning on confessing your feelings towards him a long ago anyway, so you knew you weren't doing this for the money or to do the dare Yoimiya gave,
You followed Heizou down the hall and walked beside him silently. He sighed lightly “Y/n what are you doing?” he grumbled.
You looked at him quickly and replied “Uh… I’m ready to confess to you?” you offered nervously. Heizou raised an eyebrow at you and looked at you with slight disbelief, but he still didn't say anything.
You gulped. “I mean, I haven't confessed to anyone before, I just…” you trailed off, unable to finish your sentence, your eyes glued to the ground.
He hummed in response before stopping in his tracks and turning to face you. He looked at you intently for a moment before sighing and running his fingers through his hair.
“Are you sure you’re ready? I don’t want to pressure you, or anything.” Heizou muttered.
You frowned, what was he talking about? “No I’ve never been more certain in my life” you mumbled looking down at the floor.
“Well then” Heizou took a step forward grabbing your chin and pulling your head up to meet his gaze “You better start thinking about what you wanna say to me, 'cause I’m not gonna wait forever.” He smirked, and he let go of your chin after letting out a small chuckle.
You felt your cheeks warm again. It was strange how much Heizou could affect you, but you couldn't help but find it adorable.
You looked down at your feet before clearing your throat, you looked back up at Heizou and held your hands behind you, balling them into fists as you tried to compose yourself.
“Listen carefully because there will only be a handful of seconds left in this scenario” He teased, raising a brow. You rolled your eyes, “Shut up… I’m sorry I should have known better than to try and figure something like this out alone, I’ll admit it was kinda stupid but…”  you trailed off again before continuing.
Heizou stepped closer, placing his hands on your shoulders “Just take deep breaths Y/n, you don't have to rush, this is your chance to finally put some feelings into action!” He grinned. You nodded, trying to make sure you didn't look as nervous as you felt.
“Ok… uh… So…” you inhaled sharply and closed your eyes for a moment, trying to clear your thoughts. “Haha... I know we've been talking and spending time together recently, but honestly, it's nice having you here with me…. Even if it doesn't last long…” He smiled and gently brushed a strand of hair behind your ear as you continued speaking,  “…I'm glad I get to spend those moments with you. You're my friend, and I care deeply about you.” you opened your eyes and glanced up at Heizou, waiting to see his reaction. A smile spread across his face, "I-In short, I uh.. like you.. a lot..."
"please... say something..." You waited anxiously for his answer, watching as the corners of his lips quirked up ever so slightly, "And you didn't have to say any of that." He leaned forward and pressed his mouth to yours, kissing you softly. You immediately wrapped your arms around his neck and moved to deepen the kiss while pulling away from him. His arms slipped around your waist and hold you securely in place as he pulled away.
His hands lingered on your lower back, brushing over your shirt softly to hold you tight in place.
You were smiling widely, looking up at him as he stared straight into your eyes,  a smile tugging at the edges of his lips.
"Is that a yes?" you asked softly. He chuckled and kissed your forehead, "mhm... a shame you beat me from confessing first."  He murmured against your skin, sending shivers through your body.
He pulled away after he was satisfied with the blush adorning your cheeks. You let out a soft laugh, "You beat me too" you mumbled, smiling.
His eyes softened and he ran his thumb under your bottom lip, "you're the reason I'm going to be winning next time" he winked.
You snorted "As if you'd win."
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went to a performance of Swan Lake last night, thought this morning on my drive to class that pants kinda feels like the guy who goes to performing arts ,, performances(like ballet and opera) for the story and the pretty and the High Class Look of it all, and dottore is the guy who gets dragged to shows all but against his will and ends up totally engrossed in the physicality of the performers (the flexibility and strength of dancers, the science of hitting the impressive high notes in some opera) your thoughts?
High society congregates in many places, which includes aged theaters, usually attending only the finest productions for an exuberant price. Pantalone happens to be among them more often than not, especially as such a renowned member of the aristocracy, not to mention his appreciation for the finer things in life. While he pretends to understand the intricacies of these arts, it's very superficial. He doesn't hold the same appreciation for arts as he does for the exchange of mora, doing something out of passion and with no profit is an utterly incomprehensible thought to him.
Dottore, on the other hand, appreciates the passion that he sees, and while these people may be infinitely more sane than him, he quite enjoys the theatrics of it all. Especially the canons. He likes the canons. He would complain, say that it was a waste of time to spend his evening watching people dance around and belt out nonsensical sentences, but there's a strange glimmer in his eye as he watches the performances, one that Pantalone doesn't fail to notice.
The nobles always ask Pantalone who this rat accompanying him is, and why he's so peculiar. "A friend" is usually Pantalone's response, as he isn't paid enough to defend Dottore's honor, much less to nobles who will ask questions if he calls Dottore anything else. While nobles are busy tittering in the back rows of the theater during the performance, Dottore is engrossed in watching the performers, as if he's observing a specimen in a cage. Once the performance ends, the Doctor is still watching the stage, deep in contemplation.
On the ride back to the palace, he seems to snap out of it, a scowl coming to his face.
"Making noise is quite rude during a performance. Those... friends of yours need to learn better manners, Regrator."
Who would've known that Dottore had an interest in theatre?
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sir-klauz · 2 days ago
Welcome and support Jeht and Benbens eternal happiness in their new an glorious marriage
Tumblr media
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