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kitty-c4t · 4 months ago
Fanart of merboys day 2:
@jack-o-phantom >:3
Tumblr media
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pavlykyers · 12 days ago
The Day after the fight in 1889, Hob has a dream. In this dream, he’s laying on his side, looking into his stranger’s eyes as a tear slides down the man’s face. Seeing him cry makes Hob sad, so he reaches out and cups his face. The stranger melts into the touch, grabbing his wrist and holding on for dear life. They stay like that for the rest of the dream, until the stranger quietly murmurs “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” Then, he kisses Hob on the forehead and whispers “this dream is over”
Hob didn’t know what it meant, until the stranger told him his name.
The dream, as it turns out, had been real. Hob guessed that by himself of course, no way Dream would tell him. But it made kissing the being for the first time much easier, knowing his feelings were returned. And when he gazed into Dream’s eyes that night, mirroring the dream from so many years ago, he smiled.
“Apology accepted.”
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bulkhummus · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
whats better than one perfect scientist?
two perfect scientists!
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tatakaeeren · 6 months ago
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Sasha's first Ice Cream
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straycatj · a year ago
Tumblr media
Although it rains today but... How about going...
Tumblr media
No, just watching
Tumblr media
No, I won't!
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aireenwarner · a month ago
Warner: *Making out with Juliette*
Juliette: Now i’ve got some news for you.. I’ve got a gun
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thesecretingredientislove · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*They are dangerous villains.
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thatfantasynerd10 · a year ago
I love it when dark, brooding and sadistic fictional guys have a soft spot for fashion.
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crazysublimenightmare · 6 months ago
Juliette: You have an impressive pain tolerance. Warner: Thanks, it's the trauma.
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hanz-xd · 4 months ago
Can u do more warnette headcanon plss
i haven’t really been in the mood for warnette recently, but here’s a collection of headcanons/thoughts/brain-dump i never got around to posting!
nothing makes me happier than the fact aaron went from thinking juliette was repulsed by his scars to letting her see him shirtless literally all the time. especially considering the fact ella has a thing with sticking her hands up his shirts in the recent books (specifically believe me). like he doesn’t even flinch at her touching or seeing his scars now. character development baby.
aaron is canonically super organized with most things (his hygiene, organization, workouts, etc) and i feel like ella truly sees the extent of this when they move in together. like she knows all of this obviously, but it’s to a different level when they move into their house. they’re in the bedroom, unpacking boxes and she starts hanging up their clothes and aaron catches a glimpse and he’s like “love- ella, sweetheart, what are you doing????” “i’m… hanging our clothes? in our closet?” and he’s like “my button down next to your jeans? what is this?” and she makes a face but grabs his shoulders, goes up on her tip toes to kiss him sweetly and says “show me” and she lets him organize the closet the way he likes it and watches him so she knows how to do it in the future. she knows a little bit from when they shared a room in sector 45 but not memorized.
ella eventually starts cutting aaron’s hair for him and one day she kinda fucks it up and kenji finds out and he’s like “oh i see - when i fuck up your hair, you threaten me with a gun, but when perfect ‘can do nothing wrong’ little juliette messes it up you’re all like ‘no no, it’s alright your highness, you could never make a mistake ever mwah mwah mwah’. this is bullshit”
ella has the silent type of jealousy. like when they were talking about yara and she instantly got possessive over aaron, but not verbally so. just her body language changing and aaron LOVES it. he loves being hers so so so much. they’re talking to some girl one day, kinda a situation like yara, and after the girl walks away aaron’s like “is that… jealousy, ella?” “jealous? i’m not jealous, why would i be jealous?” “sweetheart, i can tell by the look on your face. well that and the fact you’re holding onto me like you want the whole world to know i’m yours.” “you are mine” “that’s not my point.” “i’m not jealous, aaron.” “hmmm, alright. so what you’re telling me is that you’re not jealous about the fact she was very obviously attracted to me?” and she pokes him in the stomach and murmurs “stop that” and he laughs and ella leans closer and says “it’s not funny!!she was making eyes at you the whole time you spoke.” and he kisses her cheek and squeezes her hip until she smiles softly and whispers something sexual in her ear about how she’s the only one who gets to experience him and come because of him
aaron definitely loves being a husband. like he adores hearing ella say “my husband” and it’s his favourite thing to say “my wife”. he also loves living with ella, just the two of them. it’s their first time living together properly since every time they’ve lived together they’ve lived with so many other people around them. their house is the first time it’s just them. aaron finds he loves the mundane parts of it. waking up and heading to the kitchen with ella to figure out what they want for breakfast, folding laundry together, washing and drying dishes together. aaron usually is the one who makes the bed and the moment ella sees it she just has to give it a quick lay. and aaron will kneel on the bed, climbing over her to lazily kiss her for a little while
i am part of the aaron warner groupies
i feel like aaron lacks so much emotion for others because boy is so overwhelmed with senses everyone else’s. oh and the fact having no feelings for anyone adds up to all his feelings being for ella. this is a joke i know it’s because he was beaten the fuck out of as a child.
in the summer, ella gets a light layer of freckles across her cheeks and nose and aaron LOVES THEM SO MUCH. he’s always kissing her nose and cheeks where she’s a little sun kissed with the freckles.
sometimes if ella is working at home with aaron, he’ll come up behind her and pull her hair into a ponytail for her so she doesn’t have to keep tucking her hair behind her ears. and she looks up after he’s done and smiles and says “thank you” and he leans down to give her a spider-man kiss
aaron has canonically talked to dog when no one else is around - the whole “i like baths too” thing. i just know he pretends to hate dog for at least two weeks after the wedding and it isn’t until ella overhears him in their bedroom when she finds out the truth. she hears his voice so she stops and waits outside the bedroom door and eavesdrops as she hears aaron saying “no- no dog, that’s ella’s spot.” and dog whines and aaron continues “dog, you need to get off of the bed. i don’t know why ella lets you on our clean sheets.” and dog whimpers and aaron says “yes, i miss ella too. but she will be right back any minute now and then you can deal with her attempting to take her spot on the bed back since you don’t seem to listen to me” and ella accidentally makes the floor creek so aaron is like “ella?” and she comes in like ☺️😳 because she’s been caught. dog perks up when he sees her and crawls over aaron’s legs to get to her and she lets him and kisses his head and says in a high voice “good boy, dog, aren’t you the cutest. we’re you keeping mama’s spot warm?” and aaron looks so annoyed and oddly envious of dog. so ella climbs into bed and lets aaron wrap an arm around her to tuck her into his side. and ella is like “you know you don’t have to pretend, right?” “pretend? pretend what?” “pretend hating dog. or any dogs for that matter” “i’m not pretending, love. they’re uncleanly” “aaron, i’m not an idiot” and he looks confused so ella says “i’ve seen you pet a dog before. it was ages ago, when i first fled the reestablishment with adam and kenji. i saw you petting a stray dog. i think it was the first time i saw your smile”
i feel like aaron probably did like fencing or some shit growing up. or golf. some rich white boy sport
ella is always holding aaron from behind. especially when he’s shirtless in the bathroom like doing his hair, brushing his teeth, washing his face or hands, ella is just holding him around the waist trailing her fingers up and down his stomach. and pressing kisses to his spine. she doesnt say anything unless aaron talks first and he finds it so amusing. he loves it when she’s clingy.
sometimes aaron finds ella admiring her rings and it makes him so happy cause he was so so so nervous to give them to her
i love how not embarrassed aaron is when loving ella. like throughout the series he doesn’t mind kissing her, holding her hair, holding HER, calling her sweetheart and love etc in front of other people. he has his limits - he won’t talk vulnerably with her in front of other people, he won’t cuddle her, and stuff like that, but he’s not embarrassed to love her. it’s sweet.
okay but aaron was afraid to touch ella while she recovered after defeating anderson and i know he said it was because he didn’t want to push her if she wasn’t ready for physical touch yet, but i definitely feel like part of it was the trauma from his mom. he wasn’t able to touch leila when she was ill, it only made her worse. so i imagine watching ella unconscious for multiple weeks, probably hooked up to IVs and monitors, subconsciously brought him back to watching leila in that state and how scared he was of touching her. it takes him a while to get to a place where he realizes ella WANTS to be touched when she’s sick or in pain (like on her period or after a minor accident) because it brings her comfort being near him. it’s almost a way of healing his inner child who wanted nothing more than to comfort leila.
aaron is such a snuggler. like he’s always wanting to cuddle ella any chance he gets. he’s always opening his arms for her and murmuring “come here, sweetheart” or “let me hold you, love” and ella loves it so much, she loves being in his arms. she tells him how safe it makes her feel, especially during the hard days or nights plagued by nightmares
dog is canonically obsessed with aaron and i love it so much. like he’s always just pawing at his leg, whining for aaron to pet him, etc. and ella will make jokes about how she and dog are the same because they both love aaron.
i know aaron said the only gift he’s ever gotten was the ring from his mom BUT that was before he had his memories back so i choose to believe a few weeks after his 7th birthday, they go to new zealand to visit max and evie (plus emmaline and ella obviously) and aaron is sat in the grass kinda by the water with ella, just talking and she asks aaron when his birthday is and he tells her april 24 and she gasps and says “but that already passed! why wasn’t i invited to your birthday party?” and he shrugs and says “i didn’t have a party, ella” and she frowns and says “so no presents?” and he shakes his head no and softly tells her “dad says i’m not allowed to get presents” and ella quickly hops up and runs away quick and aaron says “ella? ella where are you going?” and she tells him to stay there and she returns a few minutes later with a dandelion in her little hand and she plops down next to him and gives him it and says “happy late birthday, aaron” and he smiles at it and just stares in aw. and ella shifts so she’s sitting up on her knees since he’s taller than her and says “i picked that one because it’s yellow like your hair” and she giggles and aaron laughs
i refuse to believe that ella DIDNT get aaron a wedding ring. like she definitely did and he’s so shocked when she brings one out at the alter for him. i’ve mentioned before how i think it would be a simple band with engravings on the inside saying “my favourite friend” but i think it could also be “my bones against your bones” or something along those lines. cute cute.
i just know that aaron takes it personally when people accidentally say ella is his girlfriend and not wife. like kenji will be like “your girlfriend is looking for you, romeo” “my WIFE. you were literally at the wedding she’s my-“ “oh fuck off”
ella doesn’t know she got a dog by the end of believe me, meaning after the wedding ceremony aaron is gonna have to explain it all and then confess to his newly wife that he named their dog “dog”
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thebookpatrol · 10 months ago
A rundown of my favorite Believe Me moments because I’m certain that book permanently altered the chemistry of my brain:
Juliette and Warner arguing about the other sleeping on the hospital bed 
Also them being the clingiest people on earth and hugging each other like 80 times in 170 pages 
Warner being ready to fight everyone and anyone 100% of the time
and also Juliette being supportive of this decision and defending him at all costs
“She likes my jokes.” “She’s very charitable, I know.” 
Warner being in perpetual awe of Juliette’s love for others and him worrying that he eclipses her light (meanwhile Juliette sees nothing but light in him) 
Really just the way that Warner talks about Juliette in general, this man is down bad horrendous 
Warner getting two rings because he couldn’t pick between them
and all the thought he put into it!!! how desperate he was for Juliette to like it!!! 
also lowkey forgot he was rich, of course he was gonna go off on this 
“Neither did i want my wife’s wedding ring reminding her of another man.”  
Juliette and Warner washing dishes together
“Hey.” “Hi.”
No really, that takes me out every. time.
“Who do I have to kill?”
“I don’t care about any of it. I just want you. I want you to be my family.”
and then Juliette crying and Warner being like “nvm do whatever you want” 
I can’t even speak on chapter 8
Juliette poking Warner in the stomach 
said this before but Juliette fully knowing that Warner made people cry and still thinking that people were bullying him 
she right btw 
“Who’s Yara?” 
and Warner absolutely loving her possessiveness 
Juliette rambling incessantly because she’s so nervous that Kenji has to be the one that says that the wedding was happening that day
“I didn’t know he had dimples.” “C’mon, man. That’s old news.” 
That little snippet of Juliette on the plane when she was literally dying but she was worried about not being able to get married because she was bleeding too much 
Little Kenji + Nazeera moments
Little Brendan + Winston moments 
“Nice. You have interesting priorities.” 
Some random person putting a homemade tiara in Juliette’s head 
The whole scene of Warner giving Juliette the ring was so precious I cry when I think about it
and Warner having the pry the box out of Juliette’s hands because she didn’t want to give the ring back 
“I feel like I have no choice but to make a terrible joke about finding something hard in your pants.” “Please don’t.” 
and just the amount of times this girl couldn’t stop herself from putting her hands down his pants??? in public??? incredible, 10/10 
Juliette noticing Warner wasn’t following her anymore and coming back to get him
Juliette surprising Warner with a home for them!!!
Kenji as their neighbor
Warner working on Juliette’s project to help asylum patients while she was recuperating
“There’s no one in the whole world like you.” “I’m nothing. If I manage to be anything, it is only because of you.” 
“I want to take care of you, too. I want to give you peace. I want to give you a home. With me.”
“I love you. I’ve always loved you. I’m not going anywhere.” 
Juliette getting gardenias for Warner
him having favorite flowers????? a Real Man™
Kenji telling the therapist about Warner 
Warner’s green suit
Warner patting James in the head cause he doesn’t know what else to do 
Warner acknowledging that he somehow made friends
“You know what your problem is?” “Yes, the list is long.” 
“You’re not coming with me?” “Yeah. Of course I’m coming with you.” 
Kenji talking Warner through his mini panic attack at the altar 
okay the list is too fucking long, i’m done, goodbye. 
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nerdydeviations · 4 months ago
my days consist of
saturday: kinnporsche
sunday: kinnporsche rewatch
monday - friday: waiting for saturday to watch kinnporsche
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lesbiacebian · 3 days ago
ppl when they find out i like to draw: so what style of art do you make?
me: uh…
Tumblr media
… i dabble
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davidtennan-t · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ineffable husbands are back!! 🥺✨
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atlanticum · 7 months ago
Kenji is a swiftie. Change my mind.
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natokorode · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
painting is hell but at least i have these birds‼
AF attack for @vela-pulsars 🎉! jumpscare
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aireenwarner · 3 months ago
Aaron Warner’s sexuality: Juliette Ferrars
Just to clear it up.
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