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mckitterick · 7 months ago
capitalism crushes the soul
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sometimes we all feel like Mr Incredible just before he snaps and loses his job (again)
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thotpatroleum · 6 months ago
My eating disorder was triggered by certain people around me throughout my life and now I have to do the work to dig myself out of the hole they buried me in but I really wish they would all be forced to fund my treatment. Like, you did this damage to me, now you have to fix it lol.
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hwngmilkk · a year ago
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fixomnia-scribble · a month ago
Well. I loathe bringing up management issues at work, but after a most illuminating chat with a couple of folks above me - I think I’m going to have to. What I thought was, perhaps, just me being highly sensitive and reacting strongly to criticism from a new director is apparently an ongoing and increasing issue with this person.
I should note that the friends I’ve described the situation to have reacted with degrees of horror and outrage, which is wonderfully uplifting to a bruised spirit, and has helped restored a badly shaken confidence. But when senior colleagues start voicing similar concerns about this manager, and strongly urge younger staff to document everything and practice describing the impacts upon the workplace and their morale to upper management - yeah, it’s definitely Not Just Me. A manager with fifteen years over me is refusing to report to this person directly, after only three months, and is reporting to a lateral director instead.
And there’s nothing like being reminded how a good manager would have behaved and continued to behave, to make one cry over lunch out of sheer validation, and a kind of grief. It’s partly generational: many of us just grew up dealing with shitty and/or abusive managers and either didn’t recognize it, or just sucked it up. And it’s partly me, loathing confrontation and getting anyone in trouble, even if they did it to themselves. But as one of my older colleagues said, managers who start treating staff like their personal stepping stones to a career fast-track need nipping in the bud, fast..
ETA: BAHAHA so at a major high-level meeting today, a couple of my colleagues and I (who have all had issues with this director) were singled out for some Nice Words from a Very High Up, which is a lovely way to end a week. And while everyone was smiling and nodding in the Zoom boxes, this director was just ladling out the sweetness and hinting that her leadership was the key. And nobody bought it.
No doubt a bigger person would not be grinning wolfishly to themselves, but I’m sorry to say that this person brings out the schoolyard ex-bullied-kid in me.
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forsakebook · a month ago
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suzilight · a month ago
“Quiet Quitting” BS
8/22/22 Seattle Times headline is How to spot signs of ‘quiet quitting,’  according to experts. This story was originally published at washingtonpost.com.  ok.  
The Washington Post’s headline is:
‘Quiet quitting’ isn’t really about quitting. Here are the signs.
Hmm... working their scheduled hours and taking care of their job responsibilities, THEN GO TO ENJOY THEIR LIVES?!    And, employers are concerned that this attitude may be spreading.   bah hahaaaa
Where’s the article about bad bosses, constant last minute overtime emergencies and unrealistic job load?   Where is the expert article, How to spot signs of ‘Sadistic Supervisors’?  
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disagigglebilities · a year ago
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She changed her tune after enough time passed that it occurred to her that I wasn't going to get better
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mbrainspaz · 7 months ago
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molombo · a year ago
The Modern American Political Spectrum: Your Manager
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sadgoblingorl · a year ago
So I got fired from Dunkin for not being quick enough to get the manager her $600 bonus..
After all the shit I went through with falling and dislocating my knee, still working while injured and NOT having my injury reported.. did I mention my hiring manager was there when I falled and I warned her about the floor?
Now I’m struggling even more than I was, my ED and diabetes is out of control and I’m feeling utterly hopeless and worthless..
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dilophosaurusatenewman · a year ago
I left my last job cause the owner was incredibly disrespectful (the last straw was him calling the whole office in to listen to him berate me on speaker phone). I saw the job posting for my position a couple days after I left and within a couple weeks it was taken down so I assume they filled the position.
This morning I was scrolling indeed and saw the job posted again, meaning they couldn't even keep the new employee on for five months.
This afternoon my old boss, the reason I quit, texted me asking if I'd be willing to consider coming back.
Naw, man. That's what happens when you treat your employees like shit. You made your bed 🤷
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ashwinkumar1989 · 2 months ago
You Really Enjoy It, Don't You?
You Really Enjoy It, Don’t You?
Poem about all the things that my boss enjoys. Here is the content: You really enjoy it, don’t you? Keeping your employees on tenterhooks Day in and day out Loading them with so much work That it’s a wonder no one has collapsed Out of sheer stress and fatigue Finding faults where there are none Expecting delivery at the speed of a bullet train And paying incentives at the speed of a…
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fuckloveandfuckpeople · 5 months ago
My boss keeps watching me. Every time I change my hours, she takes those same hours. her office is next door to mine, and she never goes to lunch. She listens in on everything we talk about, my co-worker and i. We’ve actually stopped talking to each other. She would answer us through the wall on some occasions. she has written us up for things that she has overheard. another thing she does, she will do something shitty and then she will keep asking me if something is wrong; am i okay. do you need anything for me, it’s so tiresome. i’ve started missing a lot of work because she won’t go away. she wants us all to go to lunch together. she wants us all to be buddy, buddy. i’m tired of this. i cannot tell her what is wrong with me because then she will start going ham on my ass. i’ve been with this company for 20 years, and i’ve been under her going on 3 years and it’s so depressing. during evaluations she will try to figure out who wrote what on her, so me and my coworker have stopped writing anything on our evaluations for the fear she will figure out we wrote on hers. God help me. 
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2amdoodles · 7 months ago
Work question to self reading a performance review where I did 100% better than other teams and it’s clearly discrimination & literal harassment to get me fired despite everyone else at this company thinking I’m doing well. 🤦🏻‍♀️
How many more dicks can I suck?
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ray-the-red · 8 months ago
Whoever said "Quitters never win and winners never quit," most likely was never in an abusive relationship or had a terrible boss.
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spectra-bear · 5 months ago
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ingo gets his memory back somehow and its his turn to go feral
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livindeddreamz · 17 days ago
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