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teex · 4 months ago
razor on a hot mic complaining about the 1000 penalties lmao
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mmmthornton · 2 months ago
Liz Cheney really just said
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beyescollector · 5 months ago
I love when my mutuals receive anons telling them that they are beautiful, talented and worthy, BECAUSE YES THEY DAMN ARE! 😍
J'adore quand mes amis receivent des messages anonymes qui disent combien ils sont jolis, talentueux et précieux, PARCE QUE OUO, ILS LE SONT ! 😍
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Video:  Tom MacDonald
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ohmypenguin · a year ago
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“The queens are back. #Queendom”
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uncanny-tranny · 19 days ago
Transphobes who say their pronouns are beep/boop or something else in their bio underestimate my willingness to adhere to those pronouns
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jellyish · 7 months ago
I wish there were different words for the different types of forgetting because  when I say I forgot something, I don’t mean “I forgot we had plans on Friday.” I almost always mean “I forgot today was Friday.” I know my friend’s birthday is on March 20th, but I won’t wish her happy birthday on time because I won’t know it’s March 20th on March 20th. My forgetfulness has nothing to do with not caring about/remembering events and everything to do with my inability to keep up with the passage of time.
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whimsyprinx · 9 months ago
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,,, this certainly was a choice is all I’m saying
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penrosesun · 2 months ago
“Well if women tried to oppressively control men’s reproductive choices–”
I’m going to stop you right there. I’m a man. I have a uterus. On June 24, 2022, Amy Coney Barrett, who as far as I know is a woman, ruled that I, a man, do not have a constitutional right to privacy in that uterus. 
This isn’t some gotcha hypothetical. Women in power do oppressively control many men’s reproductive choices. There are women who are literally oppressively regulating men’s reproductive choices right now, in the literal current abortion fight. And that’s without even getting into the many important and related reproductive rights issues besides abortion, such as the forced sterilization of men on the basis of race, class, or disability.
For fuck’s sake, stop pretending this issue is men versus women. It’s not. It’s a far right wing agenda versus everyone who values bodily autonomy of any kind.
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lucydonato · 6 months ago
ngl it's pretty annoying to me when the response to any female character existing in proximity to a mlm ship (canon or not) is either "boo she sucks I don't want her to be a love interest and get in the way" or "don't worry she's their mean lesbian bestie" like have you tried being normal about women for once
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buggachat · a month ago
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Part 118 of my bakery “enemies” au!
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etchedstars · 3 months ago
omg im so tired of people being like “stop pushing your religion on me >:(” whenever i talk abt my religion god damn its really not about you at all im trying to tell you about something nice that happened to me and it just happened at synagogue please chill the hell out 
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beaulesbian · a month ago
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I’ll tell you what, I’ll be here in 100 years’ time. If you’re here then too, it’ll be because we’re friends. No other reason, right?
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zivazivc · 2 months ago
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miraculous but it’s in slovene and i’m in charge of chat’s nicknames for ladybug
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hoochieblues · a year ago
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brachiosaurus-on · 6 months ago
I like to imagine that at least once during the clone wars someone sent a report to General Kenobi and a very tired Master Kenobi just graded it and sent it back.
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letssofia3006 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Guys don't you hate when some child soldier told you your dad is going to die thanks to a tattoo?
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