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naomiknight-17 · 2 months
I checked where Leon was. Sleeping on the top stair landing
I sat down and opened my cheese & dried fruit snack
Leon almost immediately is on me trying to access my snack
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atomic-chronoscaph · 2 months
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Oliver Reed - The Curse of the Werewolf (1961)
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queerafricans · 4 months
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Out actors of African descent
Shirley Souagnon in Zérostèrone
Fisayo Akinade in Heartstopper
Dua Saleh in Sex Education
Sam Abbas in Time to Come
Michaela Coel in Black Earth Rising
Olive Gray in Halo
Neneh Cherry in Stockholm, My Love
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leondaltons · 1 year
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Love as a sacrifice 
"The Evolution of Mara Dyer" Michelle Hodkin // “Keeper of Day and Night” Brynn Chernosky // Beautiful Creatures // The Haunting of Bly Manor // “Gideon the Ninth” Tamsyn Muir // Unknown // Richard Siken // "The Cart” Mary Ruefle //  “Keeper of Day and Night” Brynn Chernosky // “Delirium” Lauren Oliver
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Talk about typecasting 🙄😂
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arcadegender · 2 months
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Teens & young adults of Riptide :] ! (in order: Ollie, King Leon Edison, Goobleck & Filipe)
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lemondedelamode · 2 months
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Nora Svenson for Sonia Rykiel FW22 by David Luraschi 
Olivier Leone - Art Director Laëtitia Gimenez Adam - Fashion Editor/Stylist
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laserpinksteam · 28 days
Film after film: Triangle of Sadness (dir. Ruben Östlund, 2022)
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I was surprised by how polarizing this film seemed upon its premiere at Cannes Film Festival, where it won Palme d'Or - I'm referring to a scathingly hostile review at IndieWire. I loved it throughout, together with its over-the-top satiric bite. The story, neatly divided into three parts, is centered around money and privilege, the latter of which those who have the former notice and describe differently. It's a lavish film, with gesture, acting, props (the ship! the island!), and vomit.
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darknightfrombeyond · 4 months
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Anthem of the Angels || Escape and Evade
Arrow arranged marriage au
“They betrayed him, Oliver, now Leon’s on on a warpath. If we don’t find him first they’ll kill him.”
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Me after seeing Avan Jogia as Leon Kennedy.
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Can't stop thinking about this video..!
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naomiknight-17 · 2 months
Spent my morning chasing and wrangling cats because we're having duct cleaning done today and the workers have to be in almost every room of the house, and we don't want anyone getting stepped on or escaping
Leon was the first, and a good sweet little boy who let me just pick him up and give him kisses and gently nudge him into his carrier
Tiny Tim, however, knew what was up after I contained his brother. I spoke softly to him and picked him up gently and he immediately tried to bite me. I switched to a modified football carry so he couldn't nip my hands, and brought him to the carrier. Shockingly, once I put his front half in, he walked in the rest of the way.
I was worried about containing Billi the Belligerent, for she is a 19lb behemoth made of fur and spite. She was lounging in a sunbeam on the top floor. Incredibly, she was so melted and relaxed by the sunshine that I was able to push and prod her into the carrier with only a minimum of hissing and grumbling!
She was super pissed of course
Tumblr media
Lastly, Pekoe.
If you follow my blogs closely, you may have seen me refer to her as Cryptid Cat, because she is so shy and fearful (ESPECIALLY of me, for some reason) that I hardly ever see her, and when I do, it's usually just an orange blur
Tumblr media
She was hiding under Mom's couch, pushed against the back wall where I had no chance of reaching her. I pulled out the couch. She started to flee along the wall - but this is what I wanted. I knew she would run upstairs, where the only open rooms were the media/gaming room and the bathroom, each with minimal hiding places
Not only did she run up there as predicted, she made herself easy to find by SCREAMING HER LUNGS OUT in the nice echo-y bathroom. She acts like I'm the Predator or something.
I went up there and put the carrier in front of her. She considered jumping in the bathtub, but reconsidered and looked at the carrier, then looked at me, blocking the doorway
She chose the carrier. All I had to do was tuck in her tail and close the door. Her terror of me is sometimes useful.
So now Tim and Leon are in their carriers on my bed downstairs, and Billi and Pekoe are upstairs with Mom in her office while she's working, and I'm on the main floor awaiting the duct cleaners.
I'm already exhausted
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calypso-is-existing · 16 days
Vocal synth alignment charts but I won’t elaborate
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sparkie96 · 3 months
"A little help?!" The Rookie called, gun jammed and the door locked at his back.
'What is happening, Leon?' Dr. Tyler's voice asked in the real world, Leon unknowingly telling the doctor everything he saw.
Leon himself looked at the door, trying to pull at it to unlock it, but it would not budge. He looked to his younger self, not sure what to do. The Rookie motioned with his head to the control panel, Leon looking down and seeing two options. The unlock mechanism, or the train car release...
'You know what you should do, Leon...' Dr. Tyler's voice said from above, Leon eyeing the buttons warily.
"If you do, you know what's at stake." The Rookie reminded him, "The men that caused all of this are still out there. The world isn't safe yet."
Leon felt his heart thumping in his chest, looking from the Rookie to the buttons once more, hand inching toward the buttons. He was right. He knew what to do as he pressed the button…
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andre: you have to apologize to robbie
jade: fine.
jade: ‘unfuck you’ or whatever.
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captainapplecream · 3 months
i just really love the trope where this very “joyful and bright and flashy” place is considered a place of great conflict. like wonderland in greater boston. it’s this big, beautiful theme park which is mainly associated in gb as, like, a place to escape to in the event of a tragedy.
what with nica taking leon there to help him “cope with his breakup,” or charlotte going there to take her mind of off her lack of direction, or the evicted residents of red line heading there for refuge after they’re torn out of their homes, and less notably, phil needing to use wonderland as a bargaining chip to get himself out of jail...
the place is typically associated with disaster and grief as well, since it’s leon’s death place, after all, and the history of tragedies it’s had (the burning robots...) just failure after failure after failure. it was renovated after leon’s death, and even AFTER that, the whole place becomes completely abandoned, once oliver, the current owner, “dies” after his wife divorces him.
wonderland’s place in the story is defined by escapism, grief, and disaster, and most of the time, when you go to wonderland, you don’t get what you’re looking for (nica took leon there to cheer him up, but he actually got so distressed that he died, charlotte went there and rode all of the rides and it didn’t do anything for her, and who knows what it might become for the new residents...)
with all of this in mind, it begs the question: what exactly does it mean, that ethan wants wonderland back so badly...?
#greater boston#greater boston spoilers#i yell into the abyss#love the way that wonderland puts a sour taste in your mouth over the course of the story#like. firstly. leon died there. oh no!#but. uh. it's not like he died because the roller coaster crashed or anything. he died because he was scared he only *might* die on it#and then you get charlotte trying to escape there. but still. not much of anything#then we see mallory get fired from there and it's like. huh.#then we find out that emily and ethan own it The Kind Of Person Ethan Is and it's like ''Oh?''#and then hear about the fires. and the degrading of emily and ethan's marriage and then oliver loses his family#and then wonderland is just dead. in an instant it's drained of all it's horrible energy moments before it was supposed to make a comeback#so many bad things in the story are associated with it that it makes one wonder if it ever really brought joy to anyone#and the evicted red liners flock there because it's a large mass of unowned property and yet there is still a sense of danger in it#like. ethan is dying to have it back. and if he does he'll eagerly raise it from the dead and watch as it bites at their ankles.#it's... really something.#wonderland is not a normal theme park.#in episode 1 it sure may LOOK like it is. but it isn't. and it's not even abnormal in a supernatural way.#the story doesn't go through special aches or pains to emphasize all of the misery it's seeped in#the characters don't have anything interesting to say about it (except ethan. obvs)#but you can still see it...#hopefully all of these tags stay on this post. one too many times i added too many and a bunch got deleted
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