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lexi-noodlearts · 2 days ago
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BabyJi in his duck costume being carried like a sack of potatoes
AdultJi carrying A-yuan in his bunny costume like a sack of potatoes
It's a family tradition
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fanfictionroxs · a day ago
Sizhui: God, give me patience.
Jingyi: I think you mean 'give me strength'.
Sizhui: If God gave me strength, you'd be dead.
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angstymdzsthoughts · 2 days ago
Hi! So, I've been rereading some of your AUs, and I happen to have read that A-Yuan is obv left in LWJs care.
So I had a thought. Gusu Lan disciples, despite the "gossiping is forbidden rule", are prone to, well, gossiping. Even the elders do it. A-Yuan will grow up surrounded by gossipers, whispers, and stories about his mother. Only knowing the man through the words of other because his own immediate family won't say anything.
His granduncle, when asked, would only sigh mournfully and shake his head, saying that his mother was a diligent and compassionate empress. His ever smiling uncle would only look at him with a sad smile while telling him that he would have loved the empress, and the empress would have loved him back if they have met. His father on the other hand was a whole different story. Whenever he asked him about his a-niang, he'll get this far away, sorrowful, and vacant look. As if reminiscing about a past and a future long gone. His father would only stare at him with tears in his eyes and tell him that his mother loved him. That he had to leave because he didn't have a choice, because of the emperor's folly.
But A-Yuan, only knowing his father his whole life couldn't imagine what he could have done to make his a-niang leave. He was a caring father, an attentive parent, always there when he needs someone, a bit overprotective (extremely protective). He loves a-Yuan so much, and gifts him whatever he may ever want and need. He also always helps him in his homeworks. So what, what could his father have done that his a-niang abandoned him.
When they go to town, the commoners would look at him in pity. He sometimes hear them saying "poor child, lost his mother to injustice before they've even met." Or something along the line. The vendors would sometimes give him something for free, be it a toy, a candy or a fruit. Claiming that the empress has been generous, so why should we keep what we obtained from his generosity and kindness to ourselves, or something like that. (I suck at being poetic or someshit °^°). This always left a-Yuan sad because these people have met his mother while he has not. Did his mother not want him? Was he not good? He eats his vegetables, he follows the rules(though his immediate family doesn't chain him to them much and overlook some mistakes he does.), His father always tells him to be good, kind, and understanding. To listen and judge righteously and justly, and to never be so impulsive with his decisions. He is, so why is his a-niang not coming home?
Back in the palace, not all children are as kind as you would think with all the rules of their clan. Some are prone to bullying others because they're related to an elder in the council, or an official. A-Yuan, despite being known as the beloved son of the emperor is not safe from these bullies. It gets too much sometimes because they use his a-niang to get to him. They tell him that his a-niang didn't want him, that his father imprisoned his a-niang, that his a-niang will never come back. a-Yuan didn't understand those jabs at first, and Jingyi is always there to comfort and reassure him. But it always left a bitter feeling in a-Yuan, why can't he have a happy and complete family while others can?
It wasn't until his first night hunt that he learned of the truth. (You can go wild with how this goes. Can be that they stumbled into the burial mounds turned empress's sanctuary, or he finds his mother's grave somewhere outside gusu because WWX can't be buried in Lan grounds for some unknown reason, he hears a bard singing about his mother's tragic life at an inn they decided to stay the night at, he meets JL with his unfiltered mouth. Up to you)
How he reacts is also open for debate 😊though I can imagine it won't be good.
Sorry it got so long😅. Sorry for any errors as well. Have a nice day ☺️.
I vote little prince Yuan goes to Yunmeng and meets his uncle and aunt for the first time. They bring him to Wei Wuxian's grave (because like hell they would allow him to be buried anywhere else but his home) and tell him stories about their youth.
It's the first time he actually learns about what Wei Wuxian was like. Everyone else just says the same 'he was such a good empress, so kind, would have loved you' over and over. Now he knows that his mother loved to laugh and play the flute and was a skilled painter. He knows what his favorite food is and what pranks he would play on their old teachers. Here, in Lotus Pier, he feels closer to his mother then ever before.
He also mourns him like he never has before. One of his cousins asked him how he can properly mourn someone he never knew, but gods does he mourn his mother. His aunt and uncle understand and are kind to him. They share the letters Wei Wuxian had written them and let him keep the ones where he told them about his pregnancy and how happy he was.
"What happened to him?" Lan Yuan asked them one night. "No one has ever told me. For a long time I didn't even know if he was dead."
His aunts eyes grew wet and his uncle clenched his hands into fists. Together they told him the truth everyone else had avoided. They told him about the false accusations and the imprisonment and the neglect that lead to his death. They assured Lan Yuan that he was not to blame and that his mother had loved him. It was the first time Lan Yuan believed it.
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organised-kryme · 2 days ago
They went on a really exhausting night hunt and slept through most of the following day
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szaszkeh · 5 hours ago
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chewyyam · a day ago
lan sizhui's complete and utter acceptance and understanding of wei wuxian even when he didnt know wwx was there and couldn't remember being raised by him is so precious to me. father son soulmates are everything to me :((
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notoisstrange · 2 days ago
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Yiling Laozu, Wei Furen and little Wei Gu niang. 🍁🦊🐉🍁
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stolligaseptember · 18 hours ago
the fact that lan sizhui's father and uncle killed jin ling's father while jin ling's grandfather and uncle killed lan sizhui's father....................................
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tbgkaru-woh · 25 days ago
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The Untamed + Mo Dao Zu Shi + my own interpretation character redisgns - I’ve always disliked one thing or another about each adaptation’s design choices so I made my own as an amalgation of them all + my own flair. I love designing characters so much and I wanted to make them moredistinct from each other~
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qourmet · a month ago
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night-hunting with the insufferable couple
@lansplaining honorable mention for reminding me that he Wasnt a Hobo Once Upon a Time
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lewiscarrolatemybrain · 3 months ago
Never getting over baby a-Yuan clinging to LWJ’s leg while all those villagers scolded him for being a shitty parent/tried to offer parenting tips and he was like “no you don’t understand he’s not my kid, I’m not his dad”
Then Wei Wuxian was like “He’s my son! I gave birth to him myself!”
And Lan Wangji was immediately like “Oh okay I guess he IS my kid and I AM his dad and now I am going to buy him Every Toy because it is my right as his father to spoil him.”
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anfuaruuu · a month ago
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always by your side
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rumble-bee-art · 4 months ago
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Is your mission important enough to miss on a local dilf (deity I’d like to fuck)? I don’t think so
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valdrift · 10 months ago
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2 dads
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pomidaea · 3 months ago
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He's innocent, your honor!
I rewatched The Grand Budapest Hotel and thought that maybe I could try to recreate this scene with Wei Wuxian so here we are
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dalbit0 · 5 days ago
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the dynamic
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