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Nie Mingjue × Lan Xichen × Jin Guangyao
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tbgkaru-woh · 3 days
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Currently playing with an AU where all of the specific clans are elementally alligned -nmj frustrated cause huaisang should be able to move mountains and open the ground his enemies walk on and instead he's growing little plants and makes swings out of vines -jiangs being water based (duh, lotus pier) but wwx was always fascinated with a different liquid (blood) so he plays around with that (later once he loses those powers he focuses on trinkets. jc gains limited electricity powers from zidian which comes from yu ziyuan's family branch -jins being energy, this pure, light, healing one, but we know how the jins are, so where jzx wants to use it to help people, his dad and others mostly hog it for themselves and decide who gets to live and who don't OvO (also wwx mockingly saying the jins have "bad energy") -wens are just fire, they thing its the baptizing kind, but it's the wrathful uncontrolled kind -lans, twin jades, one as a fresh breeze in summer, one as a cold wind on a cold night. also it could be combined with music instruments, the wind powers creating this sort of echo to make it more powerful
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kikki-art · 2 days
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Baxia the cat, giveaway commission for @poiverine
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evilhasnever · 2 days
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Please, let this be clear:
Versions in which JGY started playing turmoil AFTER being kicked down the stairs by NMJ: original novel, audio drama, manhua
Versions in which JGY played Turmoil before being kicked down the stairs: CQL/the Untamed, possibly the donghua.
In most mdzs adaptations NMJ kicked him down the stairs and tried to attack him with baxia (and also burned Huaisang’s things) before a single note of Turmoil was ever played.
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rarepears · 1 day
The Nie Clan are Luo Binghe's descendants
History is lost over time; history is distorted, reshaped, and shuffled around to fit a narrative...
And Luo Binghe, in the annals of time, is no exception. The nobles shun the Demonic Emperor's low upbringing - raised by a washerwoman really!
And thus, the founder of the Nie Clan's true background gets slowly shaved and trimmed down century by century until all that people remember of him was his ability and love for cooking.
Except that he was also really really good with his blade. So people incorrectly concluded that he must had been a butcher!
While people also forgot of Luo Binghe's fearsome Xin Mo sword, they did not fail to forget of how the sword eventually drove the half human mad - an unfortunate trait that his descendants continued, being driven by their cultivation sword until qi deviation.
(Oh if only his descendants learned that living a life of debauchery, of killing and fucking, helped prolonged their lives!)
Really, the downfall of the Nie Sect was all but foretold with how history slowly but determinedly chipped away their founder's legacy until even the clan and sect itself forgot most.
(And then Luo Bingmei, with his lovely delicate husband, decided to visit a world where Luo Bingge was long dead...)
[More in the #the nie clan is descended from luo binghe au]
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Nie Mingjue: It says in your file that you are creative.
Meng Yao: Yeah, that's right.
Nie Minghue: What do you create?
Meng Yao: Problems, mostly.
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** Meng Yao and Nie MingJue **
they’re worsties <3 this one’s for the jgy apologists
finally watching The Untamed! the unclean realm is actually really pretty, i was surprised while drawing the background. i cropped it down a lot (ignore that i cropped out part of my name lol.) i thought the flats were pretty so i’m including them down here v
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helendamnationx · 10 hours
MDZS Volume 2, page 316. Lan Xichen offers to teach Jin Guangyao Cleansing (”Purification Tone” in Seven Seas translation.) The very next part of the flashback is Nie Mingjue threatening to burn Nie Huaisang’s fans because he can’t find his sabre. He does not burn the fans. Nie Huaisang says “Please don’t! They were a gift from someone!” which suggests that them being gifts from Jin Guangyao was not a motivation for this.
Jin Guangyao interrupts and offers to play cleansing.
Page 320: “From that point, Jin Guangyao would rush from Lanling to Qinghe every few days and play the purification tone to help Nie Mingjue purify his mind. He did this to the best of his ability, without a single word of complaint. The purification tone was indeed mysterious and effective. Wei Wuxian could clearly sense the resentful energy lurking within Nie Mingjue’s heart being surpressed, and the conversations and interactions they had while the guqin played were like those they’d shared in the past when they had yet to fall out with each other.
“Perhaps being unable to get away from the reconstruction of the Cloud Recesses was only an excuse on Lan Xichen’s part. Perhaps he only wanted to give Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao an opportunity to ease the tension in their relationship.
“But the thought had only just occurred to Wei Wuxian when an even more maniacal fury surged up within Nie Mingjue.”
He then throws off two disciples and barges into the Blooming Garden, where Jin Guanyao and Lan Xichen are talking - this indicates that Jin Guangyao was not playing at the time of the rage fit. 
He physically attacks him, and yells at him about Xue Yang. They have that massive fight you know the one, blah blah no excuses bring me Xue Yang’s head, blah blah you know what fuck you YES I’m more important than the people I killed.
Then he gets kicked down the stairs.
“After the kick Nie Migjue gave him, Wei Wuxian had thought Jin Guangyao would keep to himself a little while. But, unexpectedly, he still showed up at the Impure Realm as usual a few days later.”
This time, Nie Mingjue actually does burn Huaisang’s things. Jin Guangyao has not played for him yet when he does this. He’s only just arrived.
Jin Guangyao then promises that if Nie Mingjue gives him two more months, he will bring him Xue Yang’s head. Then he plays.
“One day,” less than two months later - there may have been many playing sessions in this time - Nie Mingjue overhears Jin Guangyao telling Lan Xichen that he feels unsafe. Nie Mingjue feels betrayed by this because Jin Guangyao was being perfectly friendly with him earlier. He goes into a rage that develops into a qi deviation.
OK! So! These are the facts. Here are my interpretations:
-  “But the thought had only just occurred to Wei Wuxian when an even more maniacal fury surged up within Nie Mingjue.” - seems very sudden and unprovoked! Seems like a resentful energy issue. He is pre-disposed to this from Nie cultivation, so it’s unclear whether this was influenced by Jin Guangyao. Wei Wuxian doesn’t note whether or not Jin Guangyao had played for him yet this visit, but since he was somewhere else talking to Lan Xichen, it wasn’t a direct result of the playing.
- It is ambiguous whether or not the music changed. Ambiguous. Meaning, not clearly stated in the text. Meaning, multiple valid interpretations of the text. Meaning, the author intended for there to be multiple valid interpretations of the text.
- However! Jin Guangyao’s sudden promise to bring Nie Mingjue Xue Yang’s head does lend itself to the interpretation that he has now decided to kill Nie Mingjue. 
- I personally agree with this interpretation. 
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tinynarwhals · 2 days
More old mingning art
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hbooja · 4 months
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I have too many favorite characters from mdzs but I must say Nie brothers are my most favs. Their arc is so heartbreaking yet it meant a lot to me to make this piece 🥺🙏  Hope you guys enjoy💖
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thousandwrecks · 4 months
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Aaaand a final @mxtxfanworkbook piece; this is to accompany a fic by @sansatully!
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tbgkaru-woh · 26 days
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The Untamed, but make it lesbian
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kikki-art · 16 days
Tumblr media
Nie Mingjue’s tired teenage parenting, part 18636861486381 of reposting my old art to tumblr.
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niebruvsky · 8 months
LGBTQ acronyms are so complicated these days. what the fck is mdzs
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rarepears · 23 hours
The Nie's obviously are known for their fertility, big tits and magnum dongs they inherited from their ancestor, you dingus!
But is history is going to remember Luo Bingge's heavenly pillar? If anything, the pure-minded historians are going to think that the pillar represents something else.
The "large sword" is just referring to the butcher's large sword. After all, it's stated that it wetted itself on much meat.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Humans can conjure up a million excuses just so that they won't see what they don't want to see.
[More in the #the nie clan is descended from luo binghe au]
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marquisoforder · 5 months
The contradictions between WWX’s words and actions are some of the funniest elements in MDZS like one moment he’s swearing up and down that he isn’t gay and the next moment he is slapping NMJ’S corpse tiddies like a car salesman slapping the roof of the SUV he’s trying to sell you and yelling Lan Zhan look at his massive badonka donkas
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