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need to know what me and hmo (down by the schoolyard) is now that it's stuck in my head!
Oh boy! That's a fun one. WARNING: GRUESOME GORE The idea is that Xue Yang, in Yi City, notices that Song Lan has XXC's original eyes. And he decides, since Song Lan is all fierce-corpsified and moving around, and XXC is all, not moving around, that he should try swapping out more and more organs from Song Lan to XXC to see if that will make XXC "work."
WIP Excerpt:
The other important thing to realize, if you wanted to keep a fierce corpse, was that bodies were juicy. That was the problem with most of the non-sapient corpses Wei-gege had raised; lack of proper preparation.
Xue Yang hadn't planned on making Song Lan a sustainable fierce corpse, but things had-- happened-- fast enough that he was able to get him set up on the table with a couple bamboo straws for draining the important bits. Daozhang didn't need draining, and didn't rot or change at all, because he wasn't really dead. He was just-- Just-- He was fine. Xue Yang would fix him.
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The Prisoner of Jinlintai Chapter 26 now on AO3 馃槉
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in another universe there could have been a happy ending
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i got a Xue Yang on the Brain
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鈥淚 see everything, cover my eyes
Not with a hand, but with a black blindfold
You will have it much easier with me
I will be trustful, cover聽my eyes鈥
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My piece for聽@nighthauntzine鈥, cropped and severed at the waist 馃槒 find the full one >>HERE<< Warning! Little bit of nudity, little bit of viscera, and lots of bright blood in a fancy glowing pool! There are a few skulls, as well. For company,,,
The version in the physical zine is lighter to preserve detail, but I always intended to share this high contrast version online 馃グ so you guys could see the Vision. Either way it came out great and I'm so happy to have been a part of such an awesome project!!
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i'm gonna share the notes i took while watching the Untamed yi city arc bc i i think y'all might appreciate them:
The dramatic irony and utter cruelty of the blind cultivator finding Xue Yang injured but not knowing who he is so helping him without suspecting anything.pain.
WAIT. what if xue yang actually ends up bonding with his savior? Probably not but that would be wild.
I really can鈥檛 tell if Ah Qing is actually blind or pretending to be. She can totally see things but she almost walked directly into that guy鈥檚 sword? Ok yeah not blind but won鈥檛 admit it to the actual blind guy, Xiao Xingchen.
Wait hold up.
Xue Yang鈥檚 actually helping them? And stays with them? My prediction? My prediction that Song Lan fights Xiao bc Xiao is protecting xue yang? Might actually be true?? Holy. Shit?
Ah. i see. He did trick xiao into killing innocents. OH and then he. I get it now. Mostly. How did Xiao die? HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD THE DRAMATIC IRONY IS SO PAINFUL WTF. THIS IS SO FUCKED UP. MY PROBLEMATIC FAVE WHY U DO THIS? I love it though its so fucked up.
Xue Yang really murdered a whole clan (鈥渋t was only 50 people. How can it equal one of my fingers鈥) bc a guy ran over his hand when he was 7. Xue Yang is so fucked up. He鈥檚 just like that. Oh god oh fuck oh no. Zichen.
Man remember when these two were the 2 raddest bitches the main characters of their own story just stopping by and now oh no oh shit tragedy.
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Okay actually Xue Yang, Xiao Xinchen, and Song Lan are making me need to lay down
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wouldn鈥檛 it be good to be born again and experience everything you didn鈥檛 as a child?
count how many old Chinese toys i put there!
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third chapter鈥檚 here!
chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 [you鈥檙e here]
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鈥淭hese months of no word from either of them, must have been hard on him.鈥 鈥淵es. He is a brave young man and a model of good behavior and restraint, but I can tell he is worried and often ridden by nigtmares.鈥 鈥淚 know how that feels, Zewu-Jun.鈥 The man pinches his sleeves, unconsciously, gaze restless. 鈥淚 had plenty of bad dreams when little, but I always thought they were nothing but works of a vivid imagination. Father was always there, comforting me...鈥
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Made this Masterpiece馃ぉ馃槏.
Sadly I can't post it on tiktok because of the resolution.
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saw somebody talking about Xue Yang stuck in a Yi City arc time loop from [Gets saved by Xingchen] to [Xingchen dies], and I just personally feel like Xue Yang would have ZERO incentive to change ANYTHING (with the possible exception of聽MAYBE the secret revenge part, but literally only because he鈥檚 done with that already-- it would have nothing to do with the time loop happening). I just feel like if Xue Yang came to the conclusion that such a time loop was happening-- especially after experiencing Xiao Xingchen鈥檚 death--聽 he鈥檇 be like 鈥淵ou mean that unless I聽鈥榝ix things鈥 I get to live here in domestic bliss with Xiao Xingchen literally forever? Oh boy, I better fix absolutely nothing, but on purpose this time!鈥澛
In true Xue Yang fashion, I think he would learn exactly the wrong thing from a time loop, and might even repeat the secret revenge parts just to ENSURE the loop continues
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