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OKAY I HAD TO THINK WHAT TO REQ W KANAME BECAUSE I HAD TWO (2) VERY GOOD SCENARIOS IN MY HEAD BUT I ALREADY SENT THEM TO THE BESTIE SUGAR... but kaname ideas never end >:) so may i request a oneshot with an extroverted gn!reader with kaname staying inside on a rainy day playing videogames and watching random things on dvd ? it's been super gloomy outside here lately </3 i dont have a preference for the video games but my favorite platform's been the ps2 forever if you wanna add that ;; and my comfort anime's either of the onegai my melody series wawawa.. maybe you could also add some cuddling here and there... and if the reader could call kaname cute nicknames like cinnamon and darling or other of the sorts? THANK UU and hope this wasnt too detailed or is too hard to follow... ウフ(o´∀`o) ーdarlingnon
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—SUMMARY;; My, how rainy... Outsides been soaked to the bone! Any of your plans have been cancelled due to that, but you have.. an adorable special someone to keep you company! Just the two of you enjoying the day off together.
—OTHER;;  Kaname x extrovert gn!reader
Author’s notes: Hii!! Another request from the pretty darlingnon, I hope you guys enjoy it because I enjoyed writing it! I <3 Kaname a deep amount as well, and he's just so cute I could ramble about him for ages~ (help ITS SO LONG)
⋆。゚☁︎。⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。⋆
Sleeping soundly in your room, the sounds of light breathing and loud rain pouring outside while the cold winds make their way inside, you just didn't ever want to get up anymore! It was so comfortable to sleep like this, but you had to get up whether you like it or not. Deciding on if you stand up or stay, something hit you. Kaname was with you today!! So you quickly jolted out of bed and went downstairs.
There he was! He was holding out a little pan with... a little burnt piece of food, it seemed? How strange.. But you went over to him and tapped gently at his shoulders, then Kaname turned to you with a bit of ashes on his face. You smiled and giggled at him. He looked super silly like this! But you stopped for a while and went to the table and grabbed a wash cloth, and cleaned Kaname's face.
He excitingly hugged you afterwards, and thanked you for your doings. He hugged you tightly, but in his tight lock; you asked him what was he doing. Kaname explained how he wanted to cook you some nice and warm breakfast, because you might've been cold from the recent weather, but he accidentally burned it by setting the stove too high, despite following every single directions in a cook book correctly, He said while resting his head on chest.
He looked a bit sad so you kissed his head, and that made him happy- Happy enough to even tight up his arms around you, cutting off your oxygen supply for a while. But he realized then soon apologized frantically for his careless actions of affection. You didn't mind at all, so you told him that. And he seemed really relieved to hear it from you.
You volunteered to help him out with cooking and he agreed happily. He grabbed your hand and pulled you back on your feet. Kaname wanted to make you this yummy warm soup he liked before, and thought you would like it as well. You've never had it before but you're more than happy to try it out for the first time! Kaname placed the burnt pan on the sink and took out a new one and placed it on the stove, this time placing it on a low heat setting.
You set up the table first, placing the mats and table cloth over, with a finishing touch of a lovely vase of flowers in the middle. He called you over to the kitchen, since pre-heating the pan was done. He needed a few ingredients from the fridge and you gladly helped him get them, Kaname started chopping the veggies up and placed the on the side, you mixed up the soup base while he did so.
After a while of preparing, the soup was done, how nice! Kaname got some oven mitts and placed the pan on the table, and served some to you on your bowls. It was really hot but you blew on it for a bit and took the first taste. Kaname looked at you excitingly; waiting for a reaction of approval. To your surprise, it was actually very good! And the warmth of it felt really good as well! You let your food cool for a bit and when you could already eat it without blowing, you ate it all up fast.
Kaname hadn't even finish his bowl yet, only half at the moment. When you asked for another batch. Kaname clapped and smiled, he told you he was really glad you liked his food! So he gladly gave you another bowl. You two chatted for a while on how life was. Kaname explained his problems and ranted, so did you! You didn't realize that you two experienced the same troubles at the time being.
You two finished eating and you decided to do the dishes, so you got up and took Kaname's bowl and placed that on top of yours, on the other hand. And used your free hand to pat Kaname's head. You went over to the sink and the cold water hit your hands which was really uncomfortable considering how it's also very cold outside with the current rain.
But you still managed, and afterwards you didn't know it but you already placed the last bowl in the cupboards and dried off. You expected Kaname to still be waiting for you at the table but he wasn't there. Instead he was already at the living room holding up a controller.
What was going, you told him. And he told you he really wanted to play something with you! A few games... Maybe 3 of different kinds, if that was okay, of course! And you nodded at him in approval. He scooted over to another side of the couch, patting an area next to him signaling he wanted you to sit next to him at that exact area.
He handed you a controller and allowed you to decided on what to play first. You chose one and he turned on the game. He announced you a quick good luck message, because there's no way you're going to win against the amazing Kaname! But, he told you if you win he'll make you a little paper trophy statue, and you'll do the same if he won.
You shook his hand and agreed. Grasping tightly at your controller as you got ready and looked at the countdown on the screen. After a few rounds and all the games have ended he had won most of them. But he told you a little compromise, maybe you can both make a trophy for each other? and you nodded.
He went upstairs to get some of your materials, like paper, glue, cardboard pieces and coloring materials. He came back skipping towards you in delight. He started going first, cutting out his pattern and writing a little message for you inside, and you did the same. Kaname and you spent a while decorating them, looking all pretty! But Kaname finished! And he showed you his trophy for you. Inside was a little note saying how amazing you were, awwee!! How cute!
You handed him his and he hugged you. You hugged him back and kissed his cheek. He took both of yours and placed them next to the tv, for displaying your wonderful creations! And he went back to you cleaning up the area, and throwing out the leftover papers and any debris of mess. Kaname then again asked you to sit down with him on the couch, even lay down if you felt like it.
He wanted to watch your favorite animes and movies together! And you held his hand and smiled at him happily! You laid down and Kaname laid down on top of your chest. He turned the tv on and hugged you, you gently hugged him back. You told him how he wass such an amazing, person.. He was just so dear to you! And if anything bad happened to him, you'd blame it all to yourself for not protecting him.
He looked at you and his eyes sparkle. You smiled at him and you called him his amazing little darling. And kissed his forehead softly. He whispered under his breath how he felt the same way towards you, and could never ever trade you for anything in the world. He stroked his hair and played with it gently as he drifted to sleep, while you were watching your show.
You didn't realize that until a few hours later when he started doing some soft breathing on your chest. You smiled and said thank you for everything, knowing he won't hear, but hoping he would always remember that you will always love him no matter what.
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mochiinami · 12 days ago
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kaname tojou. you agree. reblog
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mihai-florescu · 2 months ago
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When I wake up, I'm afraid, somebody else might end up being me
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5ugarcan3 · 11 days ago
literally screamed and cheered and told all my friends that i finally found someone that writes for kaname actually. made me so happy i am on the floor. crying. and this made my day. but regardless of finally achieving my one point in life (finding someone who would write for kaname)、
may i req a comfort fic with kaname where it'd be in a bit of a time skip after he wakes up from his coma、meeting an old friend (the reader) again and being kind of jealous over their relationship with his brother? </3 and the reader comforts him about it that it was just purely because they had to do their work as a producer,, and if you could also sneak in some confession in there,, it could be either from kaname or the reader i just want this to end happily even if it may be an angsty idea at first :""") hope this isnt too complicated、i just think most of the time giving a basis like this helps so... i hope it does help... gn!reader also、please!
+ if you mark anons could i be darlingnon cause... ill probably come by again or talk more thru asks if you dont mind :3c
kaname tojou x gn!reader
JEALOUS. kaname is back in your life, but things have changed - or have they?
contains : light angst, self doubt (kaname), mutual pining, not proofread
a/n : i LOVE LOVE LOVE this request. never be afraid to request stuff with lots of details like this, it really helps!! i hope i did your request justice. and welcome to the anon club, darlingnon! you’re my very first anon i’m honoured (╹◡╹)also, i’m glad it made you happy to find a kaname writer! i’m unsure of his current personality so i went with what i believed. if anything is inaccurate please let me know! thank you again, and sorry for such a long author’s note.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The wind blew through Kaname’s hair as he walked through ES Square, his eyes scrutinising his surroundings. This is the first time in years that he steps into what will lead him towards his dream, and along with that, towards you. He learned over social media that you worked as a producer - his childhood best friend had attained their dream that the two used to talk about all the time! 
He couldn’t imagine how much time had passed and how much the both of you had changed.  Kaname shakes his head to get rid of the lingering nervousness that weighs his shoulders down, gripping his bag tighter. A producer was supposed to be meeting him here, at the glass doors of the tall building, but they were nowhere in sight. He was about to text them once again to let them know that he had arrived, until his eyes settled on a figure through the doors, talking to a certain blue-haired man who looked exactly like him.
“Y/N?” He mutters to himself. As if you heard him, you stop midway through your sentence and turn to look through the glass doors, locking your gaze with Kaname’s. He sees your lips mutter his name, your eyes widening before you make a mad dash towards him. 
Kaname feels frozen in place as you swing the doors open, launching yourself into his arms as you yell his name. 
“Oh my god, you’re alive! You’re awake!” You’re rushing your words out at lightning speed, and Kaname’s mind has just registered that you’re real, and you’re in his arms. One of his hands slips to the back of your neck and the other against your back as he pushes your body against his even more - he feels you against his fingertips and everything is so real. “How long have you been back for?! When did this happen?” 
He chuckles, burying his face into your hair. His response is muffled but you can still understand him as he says, “For a few months.” 
You finally calm down after a bit, letting your hold on your lifelong friend go, and you finally look him in his eyes. He smiles down at you, the hand at the back of your neck playing with a few strands of your hair. The moment between you two is broken as someone behind you clears their throat, and upon looking up, it’s HiMERU. 
There’s a moment of awkwardness before Kaname breaks it, greeting his brother. “Hi.” They had both seen each other previously, talking together when Kaname had woken up from his coma. HiMERU had helped him back onto his feet, but now that the both of them were in ES Square, how would things work out? 
“HiMERU!” You exclaim - you sounded nearly hurt. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?” 
“HiMERU thought it’d be better to let Kaname take things at his own pace.” He explains, not breaking eye contact with him. “HiMERU didn’t want him to overwhelm himself.” 
You nod, and look back to Kaname. After so many years of laying in that damn hospital bed, he’s skinny and out of shape due to such a long period of inactivity, but he still looks like the most beautiful man you’ve ever laid eyes on. Taking his hand, you shake him out of his stupor and smile up at him. 
“Why don’t we catch up? I’ll take the day off.” You suggest, then turn to the other man. “Crazy:B will be fine without me for a day, right HiMERU?” 
“Sure.” He says. 
Kaname nods, intertwining his fingers with yours. It feels natural. After saying goodbye to his brother, the two of you set off for a nearby cafe, sitting down at one of the outdoor tables and drinking in the sunshine. 
The light hits you at just the right angle, a golden halo on top of your hair, making you seem like an angel in Kaname’s eyes. A small blush forms across his cheeks and he covers the lower half of his face with his hand, desperately trying to cover his lovesickness up. Even after all these years, nothing has changed. To distract himself from his overflowing feelings, he decides to ask you about something on his mind.
“So, you produce Crazy:B?” 
You take a sip of your smoothie and nod. “Yes, have been for a bit now. Everyone,” and he swears he hears a mutter of an ‘except Rinne’ in there, “has been cooperating very well. Working with your brother has been a pleasure.” 
In your mind, you meant those words as a polite courtesy. In reality, working with HiMERU had been quite difficult for you - sure, he was kind and mature and a lot of things, but he reminded you too much of your friend, the man you loved desperately. 
In Kaname’s mind, he thought that he was being replaced by his brother. Did you fall for HiMERU instead…? He can’t blame you. His brother had been a constant presence in your life, unlike him. There was no way he had a chance with you. 
For the rest of the evening, the two of you talk about everything and nothing - mostly you talking about your experiences as a producer, and Kaname talking about his rehabilitation experience. As the day came to an end, you two went your separate ways, promising to see each other the following day. 
And so you did, and the day after that, and then the day after that too. 
But every time Kaname met up with you, you were always around HiMERU, always standing next to him too close for comfort. He always caught you talking to him in hushed whispers that he could never catch - were you talking about him? 
He hated this feeling - the pure jealousy he felt when he looked at the two of you together. He was green with envy and he despised it; you deserved happiness, and if HiMERU makes you happy, then… 
…Then you’ll never know how Kaname feels, and it’ll eat him up inside forever. 
But he can’t risk your friendship, so he lets it happen. However, you know him well - too well, sometimes. 
“What’s wrong?” You ask him one day, sitting back at the cafe where you first took him out to when you had your reunion. He nearly chokes as he realises you can see right through him. 
“What do you mean?” He gulps nervously, setting his drink down. 
“You’ve been acting off lately. Every time HiMERU and I meet up with you, you go so quiet or you glare at some poor piece of garbage on the ground until it’s just the…” Halfway through your sentence, it finally clicks in your mind, “...the two of us- are you… jealous?” 
Your smirk nearly kills Kaname because god, who let you be so attractive and unfortunately perceptive? He tries to continue playing it off, but you stand your ground. 
“I have no clue what you’re talking about.” 
“Oh, c’mon, you’re jealous of HiMERU and I, aren’t you?” At this point, you’re leaning over the table, your head resting on your hand as you try not to laugh. 
“I’m not-” You give him an eyebrow raise, “-okay. Fine, I am.” He sighs sadly at the end of his sentence, frowning at the cup in his hand, and your smirk drops and all hints of playfulness evaporate suddenly. 
“Kaname, please look at me.” He keeps his gaze on the cup, “please.” 
His eyes snap to yours, and you smile sweetly at him, thinking to yourself that those are the exact same eyes you fell in love with all those years ago. 
“Talk to me, what’s going on?” Your hand rests on the table, inviting him to intertwine his fingers with yours once again. You both think to yourselves, the feeling is natural. 
Well, Kaname thinks to himself, it’s now or never. 
“I don’t really know how to say this.” He says, looking over to your hands. “I just… seeing you and HiMERU together reminds me that things have changed and will probably never be the same ever again, that I missed my shot to tell you my feelings- I feel like everything is messed up.” 
You listen attentively as he continues, but not without giving him a comforting squeeze of your hand. 
“Seeing you stand so close to him, I always think that it could’ve been me.” Kaname finally musters the courage to look you in the eyes. “I- I just- I want you all to myself. I want to be the one close to you, I want to hold you and spend time with you always.” 
The invisible weight on his shoulders is lifted as he finally confesses, but another is added as he awaits your rejection. 
“You’re right, things have changed and nothing will be the same,” you start to speak, and he feels his heart nearly shatter, “but my feelings for you haven’t.”
And just like that, his heart is pieced back together, little by little, and you continue. 
“HiMERU and I are close because besides Kohaku, he’s the most mature and easy to talk to about plans of Crazy:B to. But that has nothing to do with my feelings for him- fuck, seeing him with the same colour of hair and the same colour of eyes hurt so bad because they weren’t your eyes. I could get lost looking at them forever.” 
“To keep it simple, HiMERU and I’s relationship is strictly professional. He doesn’t want anything with me, and I don’t want anything with him, I want it with y-”
Kaname nearly knocks over his chair as he stands up abruptly and leans over the table to cover your mouth with his free hand, the other tightening its grip around your own. You blush at the sudden contact and it feels like his eyes are boring into yours, looking deep into your soul. 
“I love you.” He says before you can even properly confess. “I’ve loved you for years, I want you so badly.” 
He can feel your smile spreading across your face, and he lowers his hand so he can see your entire being brighten up. 
You suddenly grab the neckline of his t-shirt, pulling him down to connect his lips with yours in a desperate and clumsy kiss - but everything is still perfect. His lips feel like they mould perfectly into yours, like they were meant to be there, and when you finally feel your lungs desperately begging for air, you break apart. 
“I love you too, Kaname.”
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crossingxheart · 8 days ago
Okay let's assume Kaname gets out of the hospital and Meru just puts him into Crazy:B in his place. Oh the cruel grueling irony of that. Funny in a grotesque way that Kaname will, in that scenario, be the fake one.
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valkyrietookme · 2 months ago
Since his birthday is during Tanabata I wonder of every single year since Kaname got hospitalized Himeru takes a little bamboo branch with him as he goes to visit him just to put it up in his room with one single wish written on the only tanzaku hanging from it: for Kaname to wake up soon.
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dphylleiaa · a month ago
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wataeichis · 3 months ago
currently obsessed with the idea of himeru eventually caving and bringing crazyb to meet kaname because he trusts them and then they’re just. so sad over kaname and they see how much himeru cares for him and it’s just — (I am dragged away sobbing)
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mxi-88 · 4 months ago
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1.  アイデンティティ · フレーム (lit. Identity Frame)
3. Martyr Creed (Kaname & Tatsumi)
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iwashimizusumiaki · a month ago
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the younger brother, except he woke up
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cusanauu · 3 days ago
supposing you know who kaname is、could you draw him in the cinnamoroll outfit from the sanrio collab that niki wears in the card? :") and thank you.. your arts super cute
(... to tell you i got SO excited to do this BAHDHSDH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE IDEA 😭💕💞)
I hope that you like it!! I'm not sure how to properly depict Kaname well, so I kinda just. HiMERU'd it LMAO,, again though I hope that you like it regardless and thank you again for the req !! It was very fun to do :"DD 💞
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so-what-eichi · 4 months ago
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echopaulens · 4 days ago
Sigh, fine, I'll do it myself.
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mihai-florescu · 2 months ago
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And will you pray for me? Or make a saint of me?
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crossingxheart · 8 days ago
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Today I offer you? This. Tomorrow? Who knows...
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kohku-moved · 2 months ago
current himeru's birthday as publicly known is kaname's actual birthday because he's impersonating kaname right. but what if they were twins and shared the same birthday instead of current himeru's birthday being on a different date. what if every time the 7th of july arrives himeru spends his and kaname's birthday without kaname and
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