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i love crazy:b so much im going insane
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My Darling Dolls AU: mofumofu and The phantom
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You felt your headache from a hangover. You slowly open your eyes to look at the ceiling, you narrow your eyes as if not believing what your seeing right now.
You saw rinne on his doll form on the lamp shade, on the ceiling. Clearly wasted as well.
You don't remember how he manage to go up there through. But his clearly not on the right set of mind on the process of doing so, last night.
"Agh... When did rinne manage to spike the drinks..." You grumbles, trying to seat up but you felt hands around your waist preventing you from standing up.
"Hmm... MC is adorable in a maid cloths too ..." You heard someone giggle beside you, You look beside you and saw Mayoi holding onto you.
On top of mayoi is two alkaloid dolls, Tatsumi and aira sleeping peacefully on their doll form.
main while hiiro is sleeping like a dead person with his hands on his chest, right Beside mayoi.
"...hm." you turn to look around and saw Niki sleeping on top of the plate of the cake, also on his doll form.
Another wasted person spotted.' you thought as you pat mayoi before removing his hold on you but he reach out for you, you sneakily made him roll over to hiiro side.
So hiiro become your substitute. Hiiro happily hug his team mate, with the two dolls on top of the two.
You went to get your phone as you run your template, you stood up and look at the mess. You notice the last two member of crazy:b who's still on the maid outfit sleeping on the other side of the table.
HiMERU whos hugging a bottle of cola as if not letting anyone have some and kohaku who is sleeping in the position like hiiro did.
The two seems to be able to keep their human form while sleeping, maybe they have cheat like hiiro have.' you thought as you walk pass the obstacle in the way.
Not forgetting to take pictures of the wasted people.
"*Yawn... What a night." You open the window curtains. You look at the beautiful day outside.
Through you have aching headache, somehow it seems peaceful.
"Hm... What luck to buy this house." You hummed as you open the front door carefully to not wake up the sleeping people inside.
You start stretching your arms while you look around your property.
"Were probably so noisy last night." You stared at the left side of the garden before you went to gaze to the right side and saw someone sleeping there. "...well that's not normal." You mumble as you observe the stranger. He seems like a tall statue guy.
He have shoulder length hair and wearing brown jack and pants. He lean on side wall beside the window, sleeping while standing. With headache on your system, you tried to remember who's this person is.
You did remember that rinne and hiiro said there's two person following and watching you for months. This person probably the other member of Double face.
'right, he stayed outside and not introduce himself last night. I thought it's only kohaku that have guts to show up his face, but seeing his partner dance with maid cloths probably a shock or something to throw his confidence away. Maybe he think Its a regular thing to do to a new comer.' your thoughts run wild as you stare at the sleeping person.
"My, isn't it rude to keep staring at a sleeping person?" You heard him spoke as he slowly open his eyes to look at you with his green one. "...isn't it rude to stalk and watch someone for months?" You resort back to the hypocrite.
"Dang, my child really hurts mama's feelings!" He dramatically hold his chest as if your words is like an arrow to his heart.
"Keep it down." You mumble as you notice his being loud just now.
"Oh right~ you lot have so much fun last night, I have to stay up late to watch if any of you burn the house down... I even watch some obscene scene, of my child being drunk." He laugh more quiet than before. He seems to be talking to you like you know him before. Which you don't remember you did.
"Ah. Thanks for watching us then, mama." You don't know if that's his name or not but its probably is. People have odd names but your not one to judge.
"*Gasp.!? you finally admitting and accepting me as your mama?!" Your currently being shaken by the over excited giant.
Talk about fake. Smh ' you thought as if you know his acting dumb right now on purpose.
Through you don't know why that's the case. Maybe you really do know him sometime ago.
"...don't be loud, my head hurts." You grumble. Feeling your headache that you thought gone, return. "Well, you probably should have overeat that spike cake then, my child is so dumb as always." He bluntly insulted you.
"So it's the cake... I wonder if Niki trying to make that cake trend with wine. Maybe he puts too much in it.' you thought but then remember rinne. 'i really shouldn't keep blaming that guy.
"...what a nasty mama you are. " You rolled your eyes as you gotten free from his hold, you enter the house. he hums as he followed behind you as you open the door widely. You did note, no one is awake yet.
"I'll break your kneecaps and make sure you'll be cripple, if you step on one of them." You smiled while you casually threatened him as he stood beside mayoi and about to 'accidentally' step on mayoi.
"Oops. Totally don't plan to do that. ;)" He walk over the two and went to where you standing beside the door toward the hallway leading to the kitchen.
You sigh as you walk to the kitchen with him following you along, you made some coffee and shared some to the self proclaimed Mama of yours.
There's silent around you as you enjoyed your coffee. You hear him hum a tone again. It sound familiar. "Ah..." Somehow it click when your head finally free of pain.
"Your that guy, Kanata warn me about... Madara Mikejima." You sip your coffee as you stare at the dangerous character, Kanata the local fish/God in your previous neighborhood talks about.
He state that this person is a snitch, a gaslighting, coward and many more. Kanata speak those words like it's a praise not an insult.
"Ah. But you let a bad guy inside your house. Aren't you being too unalarmed by it?" He seems to think of this topic as an amusement.
"Oh, it's like debating how thick the wall is." You thought about things to do if his really a bad person who would do you harm. Your in the kitchen, there's a knife and frying pan. You could be safe at least and cost some injury in return if he did try to do something.
You can also yell out to ask for help if you feeling like a damsel today. Hence your statement to answer him is like that.
"Haha~ mc really don't change. Its nice to talk to you in person now~~" he take a sip of his coffee.
You two once again enter a deep silence. "So what do you plan to do now? Your a very lucky person. Surrounded by not just one Darling dolls but 8 in total. Not even minding the danger of having that many... Especially having the phantom from all darlin dolls..." He start another topic
"...huh. I don't know there's danger in being surrounded by them." You thought about stuff you heard and learn about darling so far. It's seems you never hear the bad thing about them. Other than they could become haunted dolls.
"Well no one want to hear such drawbacks of beautiful out of fantasy toys isn't it? But if you'll ask nicely to mama. mama is willing to tell you things your beloved dolls... like that rival of mine, don't tell you since day one. " He seems like a demon while saying his offer.
"Your kinda sus than HiMERU is." You are curious about what he meant but are you going to listen to a dude who watch you for months?
"I see. Being high alert of me now?" He seems to be amuse by your reluctant to hear him out.
"Too but I know how to make you listen." He chuckle before he disappear from your view.
"Ahm what." You start to question if he have teleportation ability now.
"Over hereee" you hear a voice called out from below you, and when you look down. You close your eyes and pray to whoever the holy Tatsumi is always praying for.
Pray to stop yourself from succumbing to the temptations and your bad habbit.
Praying that you won't succumb to reach out to the fluffy mofumofu volcanic bison.
You already unconsciously reach out to grab hold of the mofumofu. The moment you touch the mofumofu. You forget your reasoning and just hug the fluff, you burry yourself in the soft furr and felt your ascended to cloud nine.
"Are you going to listen to mama now?" You hear the fluff says. Your like hypnotized and nodded as you continue to rub your head to the fluff.
Hehehe.... So fluffy... " You mumble already, far gone from sanity.
"Hm... It seems that you won't even listen since your too busy. Hahaha. Since we don't meet each other, I will let you off, since I'm a good mama." You aren't listening to the fluff. As you continue to hug mofumofu.
You felt your in high on something, that you don't notice people coming into the room, hearing you giggle while hugging a large stuff toy of a volcanic bison.
"Hehehehe." You giggle like a crazy person high on weeds.
"Huh... MC is indeed here." Niki who is finally able to wake up, says as he lead someone into the room, a visitor who come to the door just now, wet from head to toe.
"Ahh... Sorry... To bother you... I'm just here to pick up someone up... " Kanata the said visitors slightly bow to Niki before he walk toward you and grab hold of Madara away from you. Putting a duck type on Madara mouth to not speak more.
"You really don't follow rules." He says to Madara before he takes out a fish to slap you across, in the face. He then hide the fish back to his pocket.
"Ouch! What was that for?!" You finally snap out of your trance as you felt the slap, you look at the offender and saw it's Kanata.
"Ooh, hihi!" You happily greeted him. You rub your arching cheeks, you wonder why it felt like Kanata slap you again with fish.
"hi hi MC~ I come to get this toy, since I have felt his being a disturbance again." Kanata point at the bison in his hand.
"*Gasp. I have lost my self to temptation!" You felt being dramatic for a moment and cried of how awful you felt but you would probably fall for such trap again in the future.
"Well... That's not a surprise..." He seems to think about things, he smiled softly at you.
"Your new house seems better than your previous one... I'll go visit again next time... Do put water in the fountain in the back of your garden through." He wave at you as he walk out of the room, leaving wet foot steps marking in the floor.
"Bye bye..." He wave one last time and his gone with Madara.
"Hmm... Well, that's was something." Niki commented as he look at the door. He turn to look at you as he walk to the sink.
"What do you want for breakfast MC?" He ask you as he put an apron.
"Any dish Niki make~" you happily says as you stood up to put the empty cup of coffee to the sink.
"Btw, MC. I saw mayoi running away from the door just now..." You pause on your work, which is washing the cup as well your face because it smell like fish.
You remember why you don't accept Madara offer of telling you about the consequences of having darling dolls. You don't want to hear it from Madara seems he seems awfully too nice for you. Despite him watching you all with kohaku all those months ago.
You place the cup to the dryer, waved bye to Niki and went out of the kitchen. You have a gut feeling where mayoi could be hiding again, through this is a new place you all living at now.
There always that certain place in the house mayoi liked to stay at. While you walk to that direction, you remember the event of last night in the kitchen with Mayoi.
"This isn't so bad...." You mumble as you hold your warm cheeks feeling blushful about that event from last night.
You open the door to the room that is assign to you, through you don't use it last night since after that live with the crazy:b you all eaten some piece of cake that Madara guy said-- cake spike with alcohol.
The rest of the event after that become blurry, you did remember that it's so crazy and noisy.
"I wonder where's mayoi could be hiding at?" You jested as you enter the room. You walk to the bed. "Are you here?" You look under the bed and saw no one.
"Hm... Not here." You walk around, trying to find where could he be. You walk to the bookshelf that your room have. It's probably the only thing with stuff from old owners have since it have bunch of books.
You saw a paper sticking out and pulled the book so you could tackle in the paper into the book. But the book shelve move and a door is slowly appear in it.
"...I mean I heard the owner of this place have an ideal of having a house like from American movie. Never know they also meant they have secret doors and such..." Your kinda excited to explore the whole house if it's going to have some secret room and passage ways.
You open the door and saw some random stuff everywhere, like it's a storage place.
You walk around carefully, but you dont see well as the only lighting is that two windows and trip on something.
You ready your self to hit the floor but fallen into something warm and breathing. You look up as you lay on top of mayoi, with your legs in between his and laying your head on his chest. Through you manage to not pose much weight on him as your arms on his side manage to balance it out.
"Hi hi~" you greeted him.
"..." His laying on some pillows, he covered his face with his hands and turn his head away, not wanting to look at you.
You chuckle as you lay your head at his chest and listen to his heart beat. "Are you mad?" You ask after a minute of silence. "...someone unworthy like me isn't allowed to be mad or jealous...evenifidontlikeyoubeingwithmadaramikejimabecauseifeltinsecureforthefirsttimeafteralongtime." -mayoi suddenly went with speed mode on his words.
You giggle as you reach out to grab both of his hand that covered his face. You were surprised when You saw his tearful eyes and tears falling.
Mayoi usually don't cry out with tears, or he said he can't cry tears or bleed like normal human, that also apply to other darling dolls. "..Pleasedontstareatmelikeimweird!" He turn his gaze away.
"Your not weird. I'm just surprised to see you crying." You let go of his hands to rub the tears away from his eyes. You smiled hopelessly as you felt him jolt and become blushful mess.
"*Chuu *chuu *chuu." You kiss his forehead, his cheeks and nose. "MC well kiss your insecurities away." You smiled brightly.
"Kyaaa... MC your smile and affection is melting meee~~" mayoi seems to be blinded by it as he shield his eyes away.
You laugh as you lay your head back on top of his chest, listening to his heartbeat that seems to beat faster than it did Earlier.
Mayoi who seems to calm down from his embarrassment and melting point, slowly reach out to brush and pet your hair. You two enjoyed such moment together.
"Hey..." You thought about the conversation with Madara earlier.
"Would you tell me about what Madara Mikejima talks about earlier?" You rather hear the words from Mayoi.
"Ah..." Suddenly stop his movement. You look up to him and saw him hesitant.
"Was it really bad?" You wonder.
"Nonono! Well... It depends which one you have a-around you... But promise me after you hear it. You won't change your mind of me."he quickly rejected the idea. He sigh as he no longer have a choice but to tell.
"R- remember there's a thing called Label on each doll. It's not label for random reason..." He look at his hands fidgeting and nervous how to continue his words. "Ahm... My label is Phantom but others would rather label me as Unknown.... Ahm..."
"Well you did tell me that label of yours. I think it's very cute " you poke his nose.
"M-MC!" He become a bashful mess again. "A-as someone label as phantom... I'm indirectly categories as a haunted doll, b-but maybe it's also b-because of what I am known for...." He sigh as he continued.
"Hauntingly handsome~ hehe."you once again tease him which made him a mess yet again.
"s-- seriously p-please....s-stop... F-for a m-moment with those w-words... My heart can't take all your c-complements... " He covered your eyes to stop you from looking at him with teasing eyes.
"Ok~ " you agreed but not promise you'll stop. You'll continue later when you have a chance. >:)
"Ahem... Since you never come across a haunted doll or know the danger of it. They are pitiful, hopeless and fragile darling dolls who succumb to negativity and sold what makes them unique, their soul --to the unknown. To take vengeance and seek out the root of their pain and agony. After doing so, they will disappear from this world. Forgotten both by others and people... Only the unknown remember them..." Mayoi still cover your eyes and you only see darkness.
"Do you know... Those dolls where so cute... Hopelessly Asking for help." Mayoi tone seems to change as if his remembering a vivid image, and it's something that made him unconsciously chuckle like a devil.
He suddenly felt off... You felt chill run through your spin as felt mayoi breath beside your ears. Eyes still covered, you felt your other sense heightened.
Making you felt something was odd is happening around you. If you are able to see what's around you, you would have seen glowing balls of light surrounding you.
"Do you wanna know who are they asking help from, mc~?... They all asking help from me... Every midnight, they call upon the unknown-- the phantom help them. They can no longer call upon the blue star... Because they all wasted their precious wish for something else... When creator cannot help you, you have to turn to ask help from a devil." He slowly uncovered your sight and you look at him who smiling like an evil person yet his tears start to fall again.
"You taken a disgusting, filthy and sinful doll home and live with such doll for years... Do you feel regret MC?" He hold both your cheeks, making you to only look at him.
"Even if you regret... You cannot get rid of me... Were stuck together for eternity..." His thumbs trace you lips as you continue to stare at him thinking about what he told you.
'even if he made his statement show, that the bad guy is him, maybe he just help those haunted dolls because he felt bad and pity them. Mayoi always wanted to be helpful...'
"Hmm. Is that so? That's fine for me." You finally smiled as you thoughts things over. He seems surprised by your words but you waited for a while. Then pout as you look at him.
"You aren't kissing me? =3= isn't that usually what happened in this kind of scene?" You jested. Mayoi suddenly become a worse blushing mess because of your shameless words.
"H-huh...?! I- I... I c-can?" He look around and look back at you. Embarrassed that he wanted to do so too.
"Hehehe. Mayoi being shy when you kiss me last night already. Hehehe" you tease him. He stare at your pout and teary eyes. He give up from being shy about it and bashfully kiss your forehead, your nose and your lips but it happen so fast, it ended before you can react.
"Huh... That's so fast~ =3=" you playfully complained.
"Ahhh...m-mc... R-really addicted to kissing n-now or s-something..." He cover his face, hiding his blush from your view.
"What. What do you mean by that?!" You start to shake mayoi for answer for that statement of his. He become dizzy by your action.
"A-ah... W-when your d-drunk, y-you b-become a k-kissing m-maniac." He finally told you after a few more shake, you let go of him and he sigh in relief.
"What." You cannot believe what mayoi just tells you. He don't seems to want to tell you more about the topic.
"Mayoi :))" you smiled knowingly. Mayoi suddenly back away but there's only pillow behind him. But he change his direction of path to back away from.
"M-MC... I- I..." He suddenly cower.
"Mayoi, what did I do last night...? :)))" You give a radiant charming smile which almost blind him.
"Kyaaa... MC your smile is radiating but I know you what you are thinking about..." He shield his eyes. You approach him, he back away.
"Y-you can ask others---??!!!" Untill he press his back in the corner and disappear from your view.
"Mayoi?!" You quickly dive into the secret tunnel, which is a slide after mayoi, you went up and down the dark slide.
"MC?!" You heard him called out to you before two glowing neon pink and neon blue ball of light light the slide.
You felt two set of hands, reach out to hold your hand to guide you to mayoi side.
You hear laughter's of two unfamiliar voice before you you felt mayoi arms around you and you both fall in something soft and stinky.
"Oh wow. That's one way to enter a scene." Rinne who look down at you two, who's on the old cloths dispenser (ya know where they put cloths that is covering the stuff before in one big box)
"... Hi Rinrin." You greeted still on mayoi arms.
"Sup... Man, is MC having an NTR again but this time behind my back ?" He chuckle as he jested, he put the other set of fabric to the other corner of the box you and mayoi is in. He seems to be cleaning the house, which is new.
"Ooh. You read those kind of books, rinrin?" You ask a different thing that concern you.
"Who knows." He just laughed at your reply. "Anyway you two stink, so get off that box already." He then shooed you off. He did help you two out.
"i-i.. going to check on h-hiiro and others...!" Mayoi quickly run away the moment he sees a freedom.
"GASP. MAYOI?! IM NOT DONE ASKING??" You of course follow him along. Rinne just hopelessly chuckle as he check the washing machine, if it's working of not. Through his thoughts went to the crazy event last night.
Tumblr media
A/N:😩 shamelessly feeding you all more mayoi content. Well, this originally supposed to be solo mayoi fic anyway.
But worry not, I'll Give moments for other characters too in the future (maybe). 🥹. Also Madara doll form is a unique case but I'll get that part when I write it in future chapter. Also sorry for what seems to be a totally random scene with the fish 🙈
Anyway this is the start of Part two of the AU. Since part one is how you meet Alkaloid and Crazy:B (maybe Double face too, but lowkey, since you meet formally (?) Madara for the first (?) Time in this chapter)
Part 2 is more deep drive about the iceberg of Darling dolls, The Phantom, the haunted dolls and the blue star.
Also who's curious what happened last night? 👀 Also who are those ball of souls. 👀
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