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brb trying to manifest sanrio mayoi
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mamadarama · 3 days ago
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53 - leo may be a composer but hes definitely no lyricist
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qwakque · 2 days ago
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ooo i am so sane about them sobbing so hard
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lanshappycorner · a day ago
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luvzuno · 2 days ago
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yume-fanfare · 2 days ago
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inktober day 1...? idk how long will i last lol but for now good luck to everyone pulling for sanrio mayoi tomorrow!!!
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sleepyfuyu · a day ago
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yandere-daze · a day ago
Ritsu falling for a darling that is a tsundere type, someone who is easy to fluster, but tries to tease back, too?
I wasn´t quite sure if you wanted this to be a yandere request because you didn´t specifiy but also used the term "darling", which is usually within the context of yandere works so I decided to go with that ^^
( Also this card really is one of the prettiest ones happyele has ever released, try to change my mind)
gn reader
tw yandere, obsession, possessiveness, jealousy, mentions of marking you
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yandere! Ritsu with a tsundere darling that is easy to fluster
Tumblr media
I feel like there would be a kind of duality at play here with a tsundere darling. On one hand, Ritsu lives for flustering you with his flirty words and teasing touches. It´s so fun for him when you, who tries to protest and pretend that you don´t actually like him that way, break down into a flustered mess. Your reactions are so fun to him too, your face always gets so red!
You truly are so cute to him and he never gets tired of teasing you, it gives him some sort of kick to see how much of an effect he can have on someone like you!
But on the other hand, Ritsu is a very clingy person and needs his daily dose of affection, especially as a yandere. He wants to grab on to you and never let go, he wants all of your attention! Which is why you acting cold toward him from time to time can also be very annoying for him
Why are you saying that you don´t like him in that way in front of all of your friends? He understands that you´re embarrassed and have a hard time being honest about your feelings but it hurts when you deny your relationship like that. He wants everyone to know that you two are together and he gets quite upset when you refuse to call him your boyfriend in public
Ritsu is very jealous too so expect him to cling to you even more now when the two of you are out and about because he thinks it´s one of the most efficient ways to show everyone the real state of your relationship. You can whine and complain about it all you want but Ritsu is not going to let up on this anytime soon
Maybe he might even mark up your neck? At least then there would be no way to deny it any longer. Everyone would know that you´re dating, no matter how flustered you get whenever someone mentions it
And Ritsu? He´s very smug now that everyone knows to stay away from you and he instead takes great pleasure in teasing you again, even turning things up a notch now that everyone knows that you´re dating. There´s no reason to hold back when he´s known as your loving and clingy boyfriend!
So there´s really no reason to huff and exclaim that you don´t actually like him that way, no one is going to believe you anyway
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theangelics · a day ago
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gompereatsall · 2 days ago
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i love crazy:b so much im going insane
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makur0 · 3 days ago
hi!! could i request a ritsu x fem!reader where they started dating a little bit ago and he’s been distancing himself from reader for about a week now, and she’s wondering if she did something wrong :( turns out he’s been a bit (a lot) sexually frustrated so when reader goes to confront him, he explains the situation but accidentally gets hard while explaining and reader notices and he’s like “agh don’t look at it >:(“ XD so then that leads to reader offering to help him out and ritsu’s actually just super gentle during their first time and prioritizes reader’s pleasure over his own despite his circumstances it’s so cute <3 if you could include some oral (female receiving) and just a kinda fluffy scenario overall that would be great !!
i’m so sorry if this was oddly specific AHAHA thank you and pls take care of yourself!!
“Thank you, sweetheart.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis — you confronted your new lover, who has been distancing himself lately. out of all the answers you imagined, though, you never expected this one… [ritsu sakuma x fem! reader]
content warnings — nsfw, mdni. soft! dom! ritsu, oral (fem receiving), praise, sorta-vanilla, nipping, pussydrunk! ritsu
author’s note — yes i’m back with another ritsu what you gon’ do about it >:) [I literally DIED when i wrote this request i don’t know why but i couldn’t bring myself to do a proper buildup w/ this.] half-assed, really.
word count — 1026
Tumblr media
So why was he distancing himself from you?
Ritsu Sakuma, the sleepy third-year of Yumenosaki Academy. And your newfound boyfriend. Just like any other fan, you were over the moon when he confessed to you. Apparently his little naps on your lap wasn’t clear enough, or when he would drag you to Knights practices. But you guessed it didn’t matter now, did it? Nah, it don’t. 
But what does is the fact that he turns immediately away from you once he sees you in the hallway now.
Why on earth was he avoiding you? You two have been barely dating for, what, a week? What could you have done during that time? What you couldn’t have done?
Your worry and anxiety grew as the time without him stretched throughout the week, self-deprecating thoughts filling your head. Were you not good enough for him? Is the way you conducted yourself not fitting for his tastes? What was it that made the sleep-deprived idol hide behind a locker from your sight?
If you were somebody who really payed attention, you would notice the slight blush on his cheeks whenever he looked away from you, his gaze drifting downwards before scowling in embarrassment, or when he even slapped his hands on a friend’s mouth, flushing brightly as he smirked back at him.
Yeah, you really weren’t the problem... in that way. You didn’t realize it, though.
After being given the weekend to think over things and mentally sob over his offline status, you gathered the courage to confront him Monday morning and- well-
“Why are you avoiding me?” That simple sentence was blurted out as you finally had your hands on Ritsu, pulling on his collar to make you face him. In contrast to your demanding presence, he could really be compared to a half-asleep cat who was just caught in the act of knocking something down.
“I- uh...” He mumbled, fiddling with his blazer. “I just have been- really busy.” His blood-red eyes drifted down towards the floor, but suddenly changed direction and stared at the locker, his face red. “Yeah.”
“Ritsu, you haven’t.” You crossed your arms, a disappointed frown on your face. “Tsukasa hasn’t scheduled anything for the entire week.”
His face burned, sighing as he was caught on his act and finally glancing up to meet your eyes. 
The way you leaned your hip towards one side, your eyebrows slightly furrowed, and your small lips held in a cute pout...
God. Not now.
“Look, if you needed space in the first place I would have given it to you-”
“No!” He hissed, tugging at his jacket. “No no, it’s not that. I promise, it’s just- ah...
“It’s actually quite the opposite, I-”
You sighed, shaking your head, then much to his despair you noticed something. You noticed it.
“Ritsu,” A shocked mumble left your mouth, your ears turning pink. “Are you-?”
“Just- no no, don’t look at it...” He sighed out, frustrated, almost ripping his blazer in the process just to hide his little ‘friend’. “Give me a bit to calm down, and I’m sorry...”
And just like that, he ran off, almost awkwardly as he was forced to cover his problem, leaving you as your blush grew tenfold at the discovery.
Was that why he would avoid me?
No... but then again...
You could barely focus on your classes, drifting from reasoning to fantasy much to your embarrassment. If that was really the problem, he wouldn’t mind you offering your help, right? Then again, if it wasn’t, you would sure be in a weird position.
Sighing loudly, you dropped your head on your desk.
Relationships are too confusing.
“Hey, listen, I just want to say sorry about what happened-”
“If you want, I don’t mind helping you-”
You and Ritsu paused, staring at each other with slightly open mouths as you interrupted the other. At the sight of his confused look, you blushed furiously. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it that-”
“You... want to help?” Ritsu childishly echoed, tilting his head like a cat. “But [name], it isn’t your fault.”
“But as your girlfriend, I should pitch in once in a while, yes?” You almost joked, a ghost of a smile on your face. “And... I would like to do it with you~”
The male looked at you, seemingly conflicted. He didn’t want you to feel like you were obligated to help him... but then again, you were offering yourself in the way that he wanted you in. So really... he couldn’t pass an opportunity like this.
Which led you having him in between your legs, eating you out while moaning you praises. Please give him kudos for being considerate, but he was longing for this for way too long, Ritsu couldn’t bring himself to go slow. You just tasted so heavenly, so decadent. 
“R-Ritsu-!” A stuttered moan left you, curling your legs around his legs as you arched your back, your heartbeat accelerating. “Keep going- keep going!”
The male groaned out his answer, his hips bucking into the mattress as he stimulated himself. If you were in a right mindset you would have helped him, but it was his fault for making you so crazed, so drunk on the pleasure he was giving you that you couldn’t think straight.
A loud shout slipped out of your mouth, your body tensing as you came. Ritsu slowed down his movements, resorting to tiny kitten licks against your cunt as he swiped up your delicious juices.
“Hah...” You eventually slowed your breath, mindlessly wrapping your arms around Ritsu as he came in for a hug, pressing chaste kisses against your neck with lips still moist from your sex. 
“Oh, Ritsu... did you even come yourself?” You mumbled, threading your fingers in his hair. “Hon...”
“It’s fine, it’s fine,” He reassured you. “It was enough for me to watch you unfold-” He broke off, face going slack as you slightly pushed his chest away, then reaching downwards.
“You helped me,” You said, cupping his hard-on as the male stifled a whine. “So let me help you now.
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rinnelovebot · a day ago
Mayhaps... can I request falling asleep next to nazuna? And tsukasa,,, 🤧
Ur so sexy and slay fr take care and ty ♡
Tumblr media
A/N: CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR SAT 🎉🎉 IM SO PROUD OF YOU!! You worked very hard and deserve a reward. I tried out somewhat of a different writing style for this, so I apologize if it’s not a very good read. Anywho, I hope you enjoy qian!!
*ೃ༄ Falling asleep next to Nazuna Nito and Tsukasa Suou hc’s (sep)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ When Nazuna notices you starting to drift off in your shared bed, he can’t help but smile to himself. The boy quiets down, turning to observe you in your rawest, sleepiest form. Small, mundane moments like these are what Nazuna holds dearest in his heart, and you always seem to silently remind him just how lucky he is. He quietly fawns over you with a loving twinkle in his eye, pressing his lips to your forehead in a gentle, slow kiss.
⤷ It’s as if time stops and the world pauses — all for you and your love-stricken boyfriend. Everything and everyone in the universe seems to go silent, a unanimous agreement to let Nazuna bask in this endearingly tender moment for all of eternity. He gently pulls you closer, soft fingertips tracing over your skin with the utmost love and care. When he has you so close, there’s nothing and no one that could take away just how happy and at peace he feels — mind wonderfully clouded with loving thoughts of you.
⤷ His quiet state of bliss goes on for awhile, finding himself reminiscing on your past endeavors together — your first meeting, your confessions, the first kiss, every milestone and important moment that lead up to where you both were right now. He squeezes you gently as his mind wanders elsewhere in his memories, resting his head upon yours, careful not to stir you. Nazuna had never known true peace before you, and he swears to always keep you close to his heart.
⤷ Whispers of sweet-nothings play across his lips, voicing his eternal love for you, his loyalty and dedication to you, and how grateful he is to have someone as amazing as you in his life, and as his lover no less. As he goes on, he hums a gentle tune, eyelids fluttering shut as he softly presses his lips to your cheek and temple. His forehead finds yours, and once more, he smiles.
⤷ After a long while of simply enjoying resting next to you, Nazuna finds himself growing tired as well, eyelids growing heavier and heavier with each time he lifts them to steal a glance at your unconscious being. It was alright if his time was up for the night — he’d have many more night like these to come, after all. A whole lifetime of them. And as his mind grew slower and his body grew heavier, he whispers a sweet and meaningful “goodnight, I love you”.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Tsukasa finds himself growing flustered at the sight of your sleepiness. You’re simply too precious for words — and he doesn’t know the right way to respond. He watches you with a boyish curiosity, his mind only able to think about the here and now. He can’t take his eyes off of you, and he hopes you’ll forgive him for being so terribly childish. He gently rests his forehead on yours for a few moments and presses his lips to the tip of your nose, a silent vow — to hold you close and to care for you in times of vulnerability, such as this one.
⤷ He intertwined your fingers with his, holding your hand as if it were porcelain, and would shatter if he held on too hard. It was almost as if Tsukasa believed this physical link would allow him to accompany you into dreamland, a world where nothing could possibly hope to reach the pair of you. It was perhaps a bit of a childish thought, but a pleasant one nonetheless. He hoped that you would dream of him — after all, he certainly dreamt of you.
⤷ The boy allowed himself the simple joy of gazing at you, cool knuckles fondly brushing across your cheek as he pondered a simple, mundane life together. To hold you each and every night just like this, to be met with the sight of you every morning — it all made him blissfully giddy. His cheeks bloomed with roses, a content smile peaking onto the edge of his lips. It was a far future, but a future nonetheless.
⤷ His life was terribly busy, and he was rarely afforded the opportunity to just rest and enjoy the company of his lover in their entirety, which made times like these all the more special to Tsukasa. His heart swelled with pride as his lips pressed against your forehead, so utterly proud of how far the two of you had come together despite both of your heinously busy schedules, and so joyously excited for what the future held for the pair of you. With you by his side, there was nothing he couldn’t accomplish.
⤷ Finally, Tsukasa decided to resign himself to your embrace, your arms subconsciously curling around his torso, as if even in your slumber, your mind was whispering “I love you”. He sighed — contently and lovingly — resting a palm on the back of your head and gently hoisting you closer. Despite the fatigue currently plaguing his body and mind, the young knight made an oath to himself — he would always protect you, love you, and he would always do whatever he could to help you flourish, hand in hand.
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vannrou · a day ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: You only had one wish every birthdays and holidays. A special magician decided to make it come true
PAIRINGS: Natsume Sakasaki/reader(Fem)
NOTES: Reader is Hokuto's sister(she/they) (Set on "!" Era)
Tumblr media
I never asked for anything in my life. No matter how famous, how rich, how many people praise me
I would only want to be one thing
To be an idol
But Gods can be so cruel no matter how good you are
"I'm sorry to say this but, the girl won't be able to sing nor can she overuse her voice"
The doctor explained how I got a vocal cord disorder. It's called Vocal nodules. "It may take years for her to fully recover, or worst. She may not recover at all." He said. Mother looked down at me with a pitiful expression on her face, as she hugged me tight. I didn't understand before, I was far too young
How tragic...
A father who is an idol, a mother who is a famous actress and yet. They have a daughter who is deemed cursed
I didn't gave up tho, I wished and wished but at what point? If I can't act or sing, what else can I do?
I spent all my time on arts, wood carving, paper crafting, prop making and others just to do something. Just so I wouldn't feel like a talentless child. But I soon have to let go a meaningless dream...
I sat on chair infront of my vanity desk, staring myself in the mirror. I'm no longer young. "Do you want me to style your hair?" I look at the corner of the mirror, there, my brother Hokuto Hidaka. "No thanks, I think I'll be fine with this" as I replied, he walked over to me and grabbed a brush. He gently brush my hair, "The car will arrive later, are you sure you're ready to go?" He then stopped, putting the brush somewhere. I just nodded as he left the room not before looking back to check on me
Sometimes I feel jealous of my brother, he had gotten the one thing I wished for. But this doesn't mean I hated him. Far from it. I can never blame him for something he didn't do
It's just another regular day for me. Ontop of Yumenosaki Academy, the rooftop was my own secret spot to be alone. I was carving a wood until...
Someone spoke behind me "Hmm... What skillFUL hands you hAVE", I turned half of my body around, eyes wide, mouth agape. A red head with a few white streaks on his hair and the most beautiful golden eyes I have ever seen. He came out of nowhere, almost like a fairy, a Magician
"What's wiTH the shOCK look? Is it because of my sudDEN appearance?" he smirked and said "No worries, a trouBLED soul like you are in neED of a wish" he then snapped his fingers, little dust of glitters suddenly appeared. You were in awe, can he really possess magical abilities?
Just like a child, you motioned him to do more tricks. He gladly do so as you clapped your hands to praise him. "Now, what seEMS to be the probLEM?" He finished his tricks, questioning you after. You held a stunned expression, do you really have a readable face? "I don't know what you mean..." You meekly replied
"Oh but you do! Hmm... I shoULD give you a nicknAME, you seeMed like a jumpy perSon" he put his his finger below his chin, almost like he was thinking. "Aha! How 'bout litTLE bunny? It seems more fittING than a kittEN"
You were dumbfounded, this stranger was giving you a nickname out of nowhere. "Can you really grant me a wish?" you blurted out, "Of couRSE! I am a MagicIAN who brings smiles to everyoNE"
"...Can you make me sing?" You looked down, twiddeling your fingers. "Ah... That I caN'T do..." he gave you a sad smile. Wait... Does he know your condition? But you only meet today!
"But I can graNT you a differENT wish. How abOUT you prodUCE and I sinG for you?" He said. You thought about it, maybe this is your chance to do something fufilling. You accepted his propersal. The air swaying both of your hairs. Almost like in movies.
That day was the start of it all
Your wish was granted
Natsume fulfilled every wish you made, no matter how simple, no matter how hard. He'd grant it
He was your salvation. The gift you always wanted. He was everything you always wanted
That also applies to you too. To him, you were the princess that he deeply cared for, the little angel he was infatuated with. He fell in love from the very start. Almost like in fairytales
It was another day at Yumenosaki Academy. But a different scenario, different location. You were casually carving yet another wood while Natsume was experimenting, until a person entered the room
He had a dark blue curly, tousled hair with large, black rimmed glasses. That day made an eventful tragedy
Just like in fairytale stories, they also have their struggles... Maybe it's a story to tell another time
Tumblr media
Omg first Enstars work (⁠人⁠*⁠´⁠∀⁠`⁠)⁠。⁠*゚. I'll do more on the future but now I wanna focus on another twisted wonderland fic
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katsuhiras · 9 hours ago
happy mystic fragrance monday
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clockworkspider · a day ago
I am very serious if a game both negatively impact your mental health and is the source of all your joy, it means you have an addiction problem and you need to delete your account and uninstall it and cry for however many hours you need to get it out of your system.
Your lifeline CANNOT depend on a mobile game they're predatory as fuck.
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mamadarama · a day ago
Tumblr media
heres this !!! ( also thanks for 200 followers !!!! )
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neolxzr · a day ago
that thing mayoi does w her voice reblog if u agree
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