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Castle Finstergrün Austria
Burg Finstergrün consists of two castles. The old castle, today in ruins, dates probably from the 12th century. The new castle, built around the old castle was completed in 1908. However, it looks very similar to a historical castle because it was built in the style of the 13th century. Today Finstergrün is a youth hostel.
© Dartagnans
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So a while back I decided that I’d touch up or redo some of the knight drawings from last year in preparation of continuing the series!
This is an update of the previous one I did for the "Braids” prompt. It may not be more infused with braids, but I do like this one a bit better!
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Cloaktober 1-3
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sorry to bring this up on a makoto monday morning but if eichi had succeeded in breaking up trickstar and makoto went to knights then he would’ve taken leo’s spot. literally. bc iirc a unit can only have 5 people after the war restrictions and knights would be 5 people with makoto in it when leo was gone
anw how are you
do you think that thats what izumi wanted. to have leo’s old spot taken up by someone he could control and keep close and wouldn’t be allowed to leave. do you think
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The Abduction of Ydoire
by Loyset Liédet
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i’m doing okay!! i have a test on monday so it got me thinking 💪 can i request leo and chiaki distracting their s/o from studying? i could really use a distraction myself because i don’t want to study anymore HAHA
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“Baby, I really need to finish this essay…”
Even with your gentle, coaxing tone, the arms around your waist refuse to relinquish themselves from where they’ve settled. You must’ve woken him up when you attempted to escape his octopus grip. Talk about a ‘heat-seeking missile’…
“Is your essay more important than me…?”
A quick tug and you fall backwards, half back onto the plush covers of the bed, half on top of your boyfriend’s toned chest. He’s so nice and warm…mmm…and snuggly…you want to stay there forever. Which, you’re certain, is all part of his plan.
It doesn’t make the idea any less enticing though.
“Well, I don’t really want to get behind so…I’d have to say ‘yes’.”
Chiaki makes a noise akin to that of a high-pitched whine and buries his face into the curve of your neck. “Don’t gooooo…”
You sigh. As much as you love him, Chiaki is very much akin to a dog. A golden retriever, perhaps? Sena-kun even said as much when the two of you announced your relationship, warning you never to get a pet because (and you quote) ‘you’d have your hands full with this idiot. He needs constant attention, or he’ll die. Probably.’
Of course, he’s right.
You wish Sena-kun or Kaoru-kun were here…at least then you could pawn off your boyfriend to them for a few hours of peace and quiet.
“Look, how about you let me finish my essay and then I’ll spend the rest of the day cuddling with you. The whole rest of the day.”
Chiaki just shakes his head, not fully awake yet still determined to cling onto you for as long as possible, even while close to passing out again. “But I want to cuddle nowwwww… Besides, you don’t even want to work! So why force yourself?”
He’s not wrong, you think. You’ve been working non-stop on plans and designs with Ibara-san and the CosPro execs in preparation for the coming LiveFes for the past few weeks, on top of your usual schoolwork as well as studying for your exams and working on some things for StuCo, so you’ve been stretched even more so than you normally would be.
Somehow, Chiaki must sense that you’re slowly (but surely) losing your resolve because he hums, pleased. He tugs you closer, so that you’re lying on your side, with him spooning you properly. “Let’s stay like this a bi~it longer, okay ☆?”
Honestly, the things you do for him… But you can’t deny that the warmth of another body and the comfortable security of your boyfriend’s arms around you is contributing heavily to the allure of sleep. “Hmph, okay…I guess it can’t hurt…”
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You’re curled up in the corner of the Knights’ practice room, carefully sorting the sheets of paper strewn on the floor around you into orderly stacks and tallying up the numbers in your head, when a sudden weight drops onto your back and knocks the breath out of you. “Oof…”
“Whatcha doing?”
Leo-kun tilts his head upside down, a wide smile on his face as he scrutinises your furrowed brows.
“Leo-kun…” You blink. “I’m trying to work here… Besides, shouldn’t you also be working?”
“It’s no use,” Izumi-kun scowls briefly in your direction. “We won’t get anything done if you’re here.”
“...sorry?” You mumble, because seriously, what are you supposed to say? It’s not your fault that Leo-kun’s been dragging you around all day. You’ve been treated to more than a few pitying stares in the corridors as the other students witnessed you trailing meekly after the leader of Knights.
“Wahaha, Sena is always so grumpy ☆!” Leo-kun cackles brightly.
Izumi-kun rolls his eyes. “Ou-sama, you’re soooo annoying. Why don’t you make yourself useful for once?”
“Okay!” The other boy plops down unceremoniously onto your lap, knocking all of the neatly piled-up papers back onto the floor. You feel yourself tear up, just a teeny bit. All my hard work, you lament. My last connection to my sanity…
“Don’t cry~” A voice breathes into your ear, and you suppress a shriek. When you look back up, Leo-kun’s face is mere inches away from yours. You lean back, because you like your personal space very much, and it seems like Tsukinaga Leo also likes your personal space very much because he leans in even more.
“I wasn’t crying,” You say. “But I have to do work, you know. I can’t slack off all day, or Fushimi-kun really will hunt me down for sport.” You shudder. As kind as the butler is, he can also be very scary and you have no desire to be on the receiving end of the wicked glare that promises endless pain and suffering for troublemakers.
“He won’t even try.” Izumi-kun waves a dismissive hand. “Not if Ou-sama likes you this much.” His phone lets out a ping! and a frown appears on those unfairly beautiful features as he scans the screen briefly, then taps out a response. “Jeez, Chia-kun… I’ve got to go do some damage control. Ou-sama.”
Leo-kun looks up at the sound of his, er, title.
Izumi-kun continues. “Kuma-kun and that the others’ll be coming soon. Try not to break your new toy or whatever until they get here.” It’s not a question, and he doesn’t wait for an answer before he flounces out of the room.
“Bye, Sena!” Leo-kun waves after the other boy’s retreating back.
You pay him no mind as you collect the fallen sheets once again with the intent to arrange them into proper piles so you can say you’ve done something of value today.
“Hey.” A finger pokes your cheek. You ignore it. “Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, hey, hey.”
You can’t ignore it anymore.
You sigh. “Yes, Leo-kun?”
He pouts. “You’re not looking at me.”
“Ask Izumi-kun or Mikejima-kun to spoil you. Not me.” You close your eyes, like that will stave off your intense desire to burst into tears right there and then.
“You’re soooo interested in the papers,” He huffs and bats the sheets right out of your hand, where they rest limply on the floor. “but the genius who wrote them is right here ☆! So put those away and pay attention to meeeee.”
You have a sinking feeling that this is going to be your life for the foreseeable future.
Leo-kun, vying for all your attention. Your desire to have a calm and relaxing school life (and also to never see Fushimi-kun’s vicious smile, ever).
You, stuck in the middle.
Oh, no.
WC: 1k words
OK ik this looks sus but im telling u im NOT a knightsP i swear theyre not even in my top 5 faves.
‘but oh sunny’, u say, ‘then how do u explain the fact that ur knights fics are longer then any of ur other fics’. to which i say, ‘ur MOM’.
HI EI <3 i finished ur req!! ik u said studying but i chose to interpret is as ‘working’ sorz qwq but in my defense my orals are killing me rn sobs I HOPE U LIKE IT?? and that it was sufficiently distracting enough to distract u from ur work?? also good luck for ur test 💪💪!! ur gonna do awesome im sure <3 n e wayz if u think leo’s one seems a lil weird well ur riGHT but consider: if tsukinga leo ever showed interest in me i would simply burst into tears on the spot like i love him but mans is weird asf
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Dongni Hou on Instagram
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st. george and the dragon (1908-9) - briton rivière / the vigil (1884) - john pettie / vanitas still-life (1705) - evert collier / david garrick as richard iii (1745) - william hogarth / micro sff stories tweet
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clingyduo on patrol
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Fortezza delle Verrucole Castel
a castle that was built in the middle ages, in the high Garfagnana Valley, near to Lucca in Tuscany. This territory was divided and contested by two feudal lordships, the counts of Bacciano and the more powerful Gherardinghi who owned il castello delle Verrucole
© M.Lazzi
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Giant animals or tiny knights?
Like this project? help me create more! Consider supporting me on Ko-fi.
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A couple of non-European Arthurian knights
Esclabor, the wandering Saracen lord. In some versions he is described as the lord of Babylon, which would’ve been the area around Baghdad after Islam was brought to Iraq. His clothes are based on artworks from the Abbasid caliphate because the timing seems to be somewhat appropriate. The design of his robe is based on this painting of a robe of honour being gifted to the founder of the Turkic Ghaznavid dynasty, Mahmud Ghaznavi, by the Abbasid caliph Al-Qadir (x). The robe seemed a good fit because not only does it reflect his high status, but also the pattern on his sleeve is very similar to the coat of arms associated with Esclabor (x).
Next to him is his son, Palamedes. He’s wearing Abbasid style clothes with a pattern reminiscent of samite based on Sasanian and Abbasid ornaments. His armour is roughly based on scaled armour in the more Persian style of the period.
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Female Knights in Medieval History
While women have been fighting alongside men for all of history, they usually don't get the same recognition as their counterparts. Here are some cases where women did get accepted into chivalric orders, though they typically got a separate title. Some of the women were combatants, and some were not (but non-combatant men have been accepted in chivalric orders for just as long!)
Order of the Hatchet (12th century Spain) Orde de l'Atxa|Orden del Hacha was an entirely-female order created after women defended the Catalonian town of Tortosa from invaders. With most adult men off to war, the women fought with hatchets and other tools. Women of this order were given social and financial privileges, including tax exemptions.
Order of Saint-John (12th century Malta) A military religious order, the Order of Saint-John had female soeurs hospitalières and male frères prêtres who had essentially the same role in the order.
Teutonic Order (12th century Jerusalem) The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem accepted women primarily as consorores and hospitallers, in charge of supportive and medical services. However, these women did follow men to war to perform battlefield medicine.
Knights Templar (12th-14th century Jerusalem) The members of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon admitted women for a number of roles. We know that when the final got around to writing down their rules, it included continuing the already standard practice of admitting women. Most Knights Templar were noncombatant, especially financiers.
Order of the Garter (14th-15th century England) Dedicated to the patron saint of England, Saint George, the Most Noble Order of the Garter admitted women regularly, often due to blue blood. However, women without high birth were admitted as well.
Order of the Ermine (14th and 15th century France) The L'Ordre de l'Hermine was directly inspired by the Order of the Garter and dedicated to upholding one's personal honor. It openly admitted men and women of any social rank, including the only known instance in Medieval history of a woman serving as Officer of Arms. This woman, Katherine Potier, was titled "Espy Herault".
Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary (13th-16th century Italy) A unique order that took up arms to pacify cities in the fractured Italian states. It was centered in Bologna and would admit women as fighters called militissa (literally 'female knight').
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⚔️ Happy Sword Sunday! ⚔️
Today I’m really excited to share the first of many photos taken from the field at Midsummer.
I cannot express how good it felt to be back with a sword in hand, or how proud I am of the team for all the hard work they put in.
A huge thank you to Liv F.H. for capturing this moment between Sarah F, and myself during the first weekend.
Here’s to all my sword siblings. May your swords never rust, and your chain be bite-free.
Much love! ❤️
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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
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