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darrell by adam washington
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pop of color
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James Lafferty : One Tree Hill
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Comic - Frank Miller's 300 25th Anniversary Edition
Art by Jock
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The Protien Shake
Tumblr media
Jamison peeled himself away from his football team as someone knocked on the door for the second time.
“For Christs sake,” he muttered, feeling the dull soreness from his previous leg workout ache in his quads. You’d think that most of this college city would be shut down on a Saturday. Their team was playing, and most people went home for the weekend anyway. Jamison walked down the hallway, past pinup posters, and his Roomate snoring loudly from the other room. Reaching the door and took a peak through the streaked window pane. He grimaced internally, gripping the door knob with his meaty hands
“Man what’s this guy doing here…” He swung the door partly open and leaned against the doorframe. His deep voice reverberating back into the hallway.
Tumblr media
“Hey man, whats up?” In front of him stood… well to be honest he didn’t remember his name. Some guy from his statistic class. Tall, clean shaven, Cardigan.. not exactly the guys he usually hung out with. The kid gave him a smile and stuck out his hand for a shake.
Tumblr media
“Hey Jamison! It’s great to see you man, how you doing?”
What the fuck - Jamison thought, trying to casually alter the handshake into a dap. It didn’t work at all, and they eventually landed on a clumsy fist bump together.
Jamison shifted his massive shoulders on the frame. “Sorry man, I completely spaced your name haha, what was it again?” He said, trying to get this interaction to come to an end as soon as possible. It sounded like the lions had just scored and he wanted to make it back to the TV in time for the field goal.
The kid in front of him smiled.
“Oh no worries man,” he said, with the same smile plastered on his face. “It’s Cole. I helped you with your test correction about a week ago, Remember?”
Jamison squinted, He didn’t remember… and he didn’t care.
“Oh yeah, hey thanks again for that by the way.” Between Cole and his roommates snoring, Jamison heard the TV cut to commercial break. Shit, he’d missed it.
“Hey man, I’m kinda in the middle of something right now haha, whats up?” Jamison feigned a grin, but he really needed Cole to pack it up.
Cole continued with his unwavering smile.
“Oh no problem man! You’re watching the game right? Wouldn’t wanna keep you from that.” Cole reached around into his leather side bag and pulled out a blender bottle.
“I was on campus a few minutes ago and there was a start up company handing out some free samples of their product. They gave me this protein shake, but I’m lactose in tolerant so I thought I’d stop by on my way home and give it to you. You drink these, right?” Cole offered the bottle,
Jamison squinted, grabbing the bottle. The frothy liquid inside sure as hell looked like a protien shake.
"Yeah man I do drink these, but isn't campus closed today? I didn't think there'd be anyone over there right now."
Cole paused for a second, smile drooping.
"Uh, well I have a few tutoring meetings I attend on Saturday, just for extra credit hours ya know?" Man this freaking kid
"Yeah man, I get ya" Jamison said, slowly starting to move the door. "Thanks for thinking of me man, this'll help me out in the gym." He popped a pec for added emphasis and threw the peace sign.
"I'll see ya later dude."
Adam grinned as the door closed.
"No problem man. Hey you should still have my number from our tutoring session, text me what you think of it big guy!"
The door shut and Jamison grimaced. Big guy? This kid was awkward as hell. He strode down the hall back to the living room where the game was back on in full swing. He threw himself down on the couch and listened to it creak under his massive frame. Cole wasn't wrong, at 6,4 and 260 pounds, the only reason Jamison wasn't on the team was because of his twice torn ACL.
He inspected the blender bottle in his hand and gave it a good shake. This may have been the weirdest gift he'd ever been given... but hey protiens protien.. right?
He popped the lid and sniffed the liquid. Carmel, chocolate, and other aromas greeted him warmly. He raised the bottle to his lips and began to eagerly chug.
Damn this shit‘s fucking good! The shake didn't have the normal stale protien taste, but was smooth, rich, and had a distinct flavor that Jamison couldn't quite put a finger on.
He didn’t take a breath as he shotgunnedthe shake, and set the bottle down on the couch leg. He belched.
Jamison settled into the couch, enjoying the football game and finding himself getting more and more drowsy with each passing moment. The shake Cole had brought over seemed to warm him from the inside.
The Lions intercepted, turning the ball over.
“I gotta figure out who makes that shit,” he murmured, watching a ref call a foul on the play. The flat screen TV was the only thing illuminating the living room, and Jamison couldn’t seem to keep his eyes open for more than a few seconds. The pleasant warmth from the protein shake still building in his stomach, and now starting to spread throughout his body. Even his previously sore muscles, seemed to be melting down into a blissfully relaxed state. A drip of drool escaped his lips as sleep began to overtake him. For some reason Jamison didn’t mind missing the rest of the game. His mind felt foggy and distant as exhaustion overtook him.
“I’ll catch up on the score later,” he thought, and sank into a dreamless sleep.
Jamison slowly opened his eyes, shaking his head as he registered that his Roomate was speaking to him.
“What’s up buddy? I didn’t even know you were home man.”
Jamison closed his eyes and groaned, stretching his arms over his head and his legs out in front of him.
“Ha yeah, sorry I fell asleep after I…” Jamison groggily sat up, running his hands up and down his smooth arms. What had he been doing?
Jamisons Roomate nodded and stared moving empty bottles and trash off of the living room table. Apparently trying to tidy the place up a bit
“ Yeah man, I hope you don’t mind I paused your show,” Jamison glanced blearily over at the TV. Lord of the rings Return of the king was paused near the end, Right at the good part! Jamison groaned again, How could he have fallen asleep during his favorite movie? Funnily enough, he didn’t remember turning it on in the first place…
Jamison stood up and started shuffling for the kitchen. He stood about a head and a half shorter than his six foot roomate, although for some strange reason he felt a little shorter today. He glanced in a hanging mirror, and started adjusting his hair. running his slender fingers through his bed head to get that perfect cute fluffy look again. His roomate kept talking.
“Anyway, I’m having some of the guys over tonight and were hoping to get lucky with a few chics. Was hoping that was alright with you?” Jamison rolled his eyes grabbing a snack from the fridge. His roommates buddy’s were total meat heads, and he didn’t really get along well with them. All they ever talked about was sports and how they were banging dumb sorority girls. It wasn’t like his roomate really cared what he thought, He just wanted jamison out of the way.
“Yeah I guess that’s fine.” Jamison said as he returned to the living room. He still felt bleary, but seemed to remember having evening plans. “I’m heading out to go play DND with a friend in a few hours anyway.” He found himself saying automatically.
His roomate smiled, obviously glad he didn’t have to deal with his nerdy roomate during his rager tonight. “Thanks a lot man,” he said.
“By the way, do you know who’s this is?”
Jamison glanced over as he started heading up the stairs. His roomate was holding a shaker bottle with the remains of a protein shake inside of it. Jamison dimly remembered drinking it.
“Oh yeah man it’s mine, Cole brought it over for me.” Jamison reached out and took the shaker bottle from his hand. His roomate cocked his head and lifted an eyebrow.
“I didn’t think that protein was really your thing Bro.” He said smiling. Jamison rolled his eyes and started heading up stairs.
“Have a fun party tonight dude.” Jamison examined the shaker in his hands as he walked into his room. His roomate was right, protein, weight lifting and gym stuff had never really been his thing. He had always been more into gaming and fine arts and the like. He shook his head, dang! For some reason, his brain felt so fuzzy and slow after that nap. The combination of that shake and lord of the rings must have really knocked him out.
Jamison caught a glimpse of his reflection in the hallway window. It’s not like he was in bad shape either, He had always just been a smaller guy. He went into his room and flopped down on his twin bed, under the collection of Magic and Marvel posters hanging on the wall. He flipped open his phone and pulled up one of his favorite photos of himself, just to make himself feel a little better after his roommates comments.
Tumblr media
Jamison examined himself in the photo, feeling like something was off for some reason. He had taken that photo after he had bought that pair or underwear. He had felt sexy, not that he would ever show any one.
“Freaking roomate ..” Jamison muttered in his light tenor voice. He was insecure about a lot of things, which is why he was still in the closet. Jamison was constantly torn between being annoyed by his jockish roomate, and being secretly attracted to him.
That train of thought reminded Jamison about how he had gotten the protein shake in the first place. Cole. Jamison rolled over on his bed and flushed a bit at the thought of him. Cole was a fellow student he had met at the tutoring class. Right?
Jamison rubbed his temples, his head still incredibly fuzzy. Wasn’t it Cole that was tutoring him? No that couldn’t be right. Cole was on the college football team and Jamison had been helping him through statistics homework. Yeah, that was right
He shook his head, wondering why he was having such a hard time remembering all this. From The moment Jamison had met Cole, he had been ridiculously turned on by him. Cole was the definition of masculine, with an amazingly muscular body, charisma, and a the most handsome face.
Jamison opened his photo album and scrolled up, until he found a picture of Cole that he had saved off instagram. Cole had been preparing for a bodybuilding show or something when the photo was taken, and it was one of Jamisons favorite photos to jack off to.
Tumblr media
Jamison shuddered, feeling an erection starting to bulge in his pants, when he remembered what Cole had said when he had dropped off the protein shake. He opened his messages and started texting him,
“Thanks again for the protein shake man! I tried it and it was really good lol. I’m not super familiar with them but I really liked this one!”
Jamison blushed as Cole started to text back
“Hey Jamison! Haha I can tell you tried it, I’m glad you liked it. There’s plenty more where that came from.”
Jamison couldn’t help from smiling as he texted Cole back, head still feeling fuzzy for some reason.
“Lol what do you mean I can tell? Your so crazy haha. What was that brand called again?” Jamison had to actively stop himself from being flirty over text. Cole typed back.
“It’s called Swapr, big guy. If you really liked it, maybe you could come to the gym with me sometime. I know its not really your thing but it might be fun to work out with together. I could show you the ropes?”
Jamisons heart skipped a beat as he read that last message. He bit his lip and he grabbed the bulge in his pants that was begging for attention. Spending time with a stud like Cole would be a dream come true - even if it was at the gym. He might to get to see more of Coles incredible body.
“I would love to do that dude! Thank you so much haha.” He typed back. He waited a moment before cole responded
“No problem Big Man,”
Jamison moaned softly, reaching under his bed for the vibrator he kept hidden from his roomate. Unaware of the previous life he had lived only a few hours before his world had been altered. Across town Cole examined his new body, flexing in the mirror. He was ecstatic that it had worked! The protein powder he had given Jamison had the ability to strip its drinker of their masculine traits, and give them to the owner of the powder. It also rendered the drinker Irresistibly attracted to them. As soon Cole had discovered it he new he would use it to take that jerk Jamison down a peg. He was so tired of being ignored by that Jock, and now he was going to be worshiped by him. Cole tore himself away from his own handsome reflection, and down at the still full bag of protein powder he had left. What to do with it next? He wondered - a devious grin forming on his face.
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