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Enoch Bolles (American, 1883-1976). Making a beau beep, Film Fun cover, September 1939. Oil on canvas.
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Film Fun magazine, Christmas, December 1918.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
magazine covers on film fun which ran from 1920-1960
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Just saw a post slandering KA Applegate for making it a point that sharks don’t jump in the Animorphs series like you do not understand the amount of vitriol this post had for this one factoid and how ‘lazy/sloppy/terrible is was for Applegate to put this in the books how dare you mislead the children you got paid actual money to write this garbage I’ve read better researched fanfiction’ like.
First off, chill out. Second off, I’m sorry you couldn’t suspend your disbelief about the particular behavior of sharks in a series about alien slugs and teenagers committing war crimes; I imagine literally any other childrens’ fiction books were equally if not more painful for you to read. Thirdly, have you considered taking a nap and drinking some water? Maybe eating a granola bar? That’s a lot of hostility to direct at the author of a series that ended years ago. Calm down.
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Film Fun Magazine - Cover art by Guy Hoff (1922)
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Film Fun, February 3, 1928 | Cover by Enoch Bolles
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Film Fun October 1922
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Film Fun - avril 1933
Illustration Enoch Bolles
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Seriously. What does it take to start up a museum?
#i want to make a video game history museum. it's my new dream jgsgjddgdgj#even just the thought of having a really good place to have archives available of everything I can get my hands on has me so excited#and maybe it'd be fun to keep it in current events by having local gaming companies (and anyone who wants to visit) to come give like#ted talks or showcase new things they're working on#and to be able to have events that host people studying gaming in whatever capacity... see what cool ideas they have..#and just to have this beautiful gallery filled with gaming history...#imagine like.. display rooms that are themed around certain times and it's like a kids bedroom in the 90s#and there's consoles and games and gaming magazines and posters everywhere and a little TV that plays old game ads from that time#and just to have an official and clear space to celebrate gaming so everyone can see the history and appreciate it#i could use my film degree to make nice informational videos and mini doco series on gaming and they'd all be available to the public#i can dream...#like augh how fun would it be to have a team of people who are equally passionate about gaming helping to set this up#imagine your job being like. PlayStation specialist lol#i dream of having those cool interactive displays where you can see a console pulled apart and it's labelled nicely#so you can see how everything works#and there's cool info on every game we can get#imagine you get a little ticket at the start and it's got some random game and you go find it and pick up some nice trivia for it#imagine walls of games lining hallways and you can literally walk through the history of a company's gaming history#AUGH ID JUST LIKE TO HAVE A REALLY COOL GAMING MUSEUM TO TAKE CARE OF SO I CAN SHARE IT#AND KNOW THAT I'VE DONE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I CAN WITH PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING TO PRESERVE GAMING HISTORY
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August 1915
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Open Air Movie Stars https://pulpcovers.com/open-air-movie-stars/
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c. 1928
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first base; eddie munson
prompt: going steady with eddie munson meant a lot of thing, but you couldn't have guessed his version of first base.
word count: 1.8k
warnings: perverted, filming sex, teasing including name-calling, domination and submission, fuck machines, let me know if i missed anything :)
an: sooooo this was written in one sitting after seeing the amazing @mypoisonedvine drabble, and it's a top tier kink for me so i figured i'd take a stab at it :p feedback is always appreciated
Tumblr media
“You want me to do what?”
Going steady with Eddie Munson meant a lot of things. It included going to his band's concerts, learning more about Dungeons and Dragons than you ever thought you would, and dealing with his outlandish personality. All these things made you like him even more.
The decision to take it slow wasn’t a vocalized one, but you guys had been together for about 3 months and hadn’t had sex yet, with a lot of just making out and fondling that lead to frustration on each end. 
While you knew Eddie had a bit of a perverted mind, you had come across his stash of magazine cut outs and a few pornos, but this wasn’t something you were expecting, not opposed to though.
“Does that sound fun to you or…” He questioned, sitting on the bed, fiddling with a packet of cigarettes. You stood still as the question rang through for a moment, “Was wondering if I could tie you up and toy fuck you, maybe even film it?”
It was almost like he thought you wouldn’t hear despite being a mere foot away, but you couldn’t lie, the thought was enticing. 
A twisted grin decorated his face as he stood, grabbing you to push you on the bed. You watched as he grabbed the pair of handcuffs from his wall, whistling absentmindedly as he opened his closet pulling out an odd machine with a dildo attached.
“Don’t even worry about it, this is like my version of first base.” He beamed, but you rolled his eyes at his comment, in what world would this be first base.
“Eddie! What the-” The words fell off as you sat up, shocked at his gadget that he was positioning at the end of the bed, “Where did you even get this?”
“I got real bored in shop class.” He remarked, watching you wince against his sheets, licking his lips already.
“You’re such a perv.” You whispered, his hand coming to your head to lean back, planting a sloppy kiss on your forehead.
“But I’m your perv.” 
Once he helped get your clothes off, the first time fully seeing you naked, he groaned. You laid on the bed as he put cuffs on your hands to his bed frame, stretching you out. Your body was on fire with nerves at this exposure still foreign to your relationship, but even he could see how wet you were getting. 
“Be a good girl and I won’t have to tie your feet down.” He taunted, grasping his new video camera with his left hand, sauntering towards you. You remembered how excited he was to get that, had he been planning this for a while?
His eyes turned soft as his face went closer to yours, kissing you gently, “Let me know if it’s too much, okay? Say the word ‘grapefruit’.”
You nodded, giving him one last peck before he stood up straight, strutting to the end of his mattress. You were all spread for him, the plastic cock just a few centimeters from your wet pussy, he was a bit jealous the material object was getting some before he did. 
His finger flicked the machine on, beginning with long and slow strokes, a gasp falling from your mouth at the intrusion. The camera beeped as he turned it on, focusing on where you connected to his old project. 
“You’re fucking dripping already, look at that.” He gawked, seeing how the toy shined when it would leave you. You whimpered at his words, forcing your eyes open to watch the fully clothed man shove the lens near you.
He backed up, using his right hand to turn it up a notch, watching it bounce faster. He smirked at your already withering demeanor. You were always put together around everyone, but he knew by the end of this, you wouldn’t have an ounce of composure.
“Such a good girl for me, hm? Letting me play with you before we even have sex?” He cooed, trailing the recorder up your frame before he cupped your cheek. You attempted to look away from the red light, but he kept his palm firm.
“Tell me, sweetheart. What does it feel like?” He interrogated, hand leaving your face to palm the growing erection under his jeans. The toy was then upped a notch by Eddie, camera still near your face as you inhaled sharply.
“It feels good, thank you.” You stuttered as it hit your deepest point with a loud moan. He went back to the foot of the bed, turning it up again as you whined, feeling your legs jitter. You could feel his gaze on you along with the silver camera, documenting your every move. 
You threw your head back as the plastic tip prodded at a certain angle, wetness trailing down your lips. His finger danced across your navel before combing through your tuft of hair, yanking gently to make you jolt. He laughed at your reaction, pulling on the coarse hair again to hear your pained whine.
“Look at that cunt, you’re taking it so well. Almost want a taste.” He declared, using his free hand to push your thighs further apart, feet planted on the opposite sides of his lower mattress. 
“Please” You begged, clit throbbing at the idea of his mouth anywhere near you. You had spent night after night imagining Eddie destroying you to tears, fucking you gently then hard, but you couldn’t have guessed that the little pervert wanted to see you fucked by a dildo first.
“Is that what you want? Want my mouth?” He was met with a drawn out cry before inching closer, stopping right above your throbbing bud. He breathed hot air onto it, making you shiver with anticipation and tug at the metal holding your hands up. 
He put his tongue flat against where you needed him most, holding the camera at an awkward placement to get your face in frame as you weeped tearlessly. Managing to reach his other hand beside him, he turned it up two more notches, pulling away to see it thrusting in and out at an intense speed. 
He sucked your bundle of nerves, letting his spit help him glide across the already silky skin. The toy occasionally grazed his skin as he adjusted his mouth, making him wish he had extra hands to stroke his cock at the sight.
He rose to watch you convulse, giving an insincere pout as he watched your hip flick up in the air. 
“You still need your clit played with, baby?” He cooed without an ounce of compassion, just pure arrogance as he watched your eyes haze with need. You nodded quickly, spreading your legs even further by bending them at the knees. 
Mimicking your moan as he rubbed your clit, exaggerating his face to further embarrass you, shoving the camera closer to your flushed face. 
“You’re so greedy, you can’t just accept getting fucked, can you?” He taunted, keeping his fingers at the same speed as the toy, the coil in your lower stomach blossoming. The way he was speaking to you should have made you angry, but it only made you more soaked.
He pulled his fingers up and slid them in your mouth, watching you suck them. He moaned, the same hand going to palm himself through his pants again. 
“Eddie.” You cried, watching himself grasp his cock made your mouth water, which didn’t go unnoticed.
“Awe, you wanna see my dick?” He teased, unbuckling with one hand and shoving his pants down. Once his length was in your sight, your back arched as you got closer. 
It bobbed against him as he turned up the device again, making your orgasm feel on the tip of your tongue. You began babbling incoherent pleas as he stroked himself, watching the precum gather at his tip.
He walked to you wordlessly and spat in your mouth, “Are you gonna come, all because I’m jerking off? You’re so pathetic, tell the camera, tell it how you're just a pathetic slut.” He commanded, shoving it in your face as you forced your eyes to stay open.
“I’m a pathetic slut, I’m a pathetic slut.” You quivered, body shaking as you approached your finish. Your mind began to get cloudy as it cusped, but you yelled as he turned it up even higher. You could hear his laughter at your distraught state, making you finally orgasm. But it felt different, it was more wet than you had ever experienced on your own. 
He set the device upon the machine, getting your whole body into frame
“Look at you,” He growled, yanking your hair up so you looked into the lens, “You fucking soaked my bedsheets, squirted, all cause you’re such a whore who can’t control herself. I do something nice and you do this.” 
You wept as the speed maintained its intense pace, the lewd noise of the fake balls hitting your soaked skin filled the room. He reached his hand down to smack your clit, watching as your release shot up at the friction. 
“What? Can you not handle it?” He scoffed, grinning nonetheless as he saw tears come down your cheeks, “Awe, crying about it? Just a dumb baby?”
You agreed, aches cascading against your frame at the overstimulation, “I’m a dumb baby.”
Pleased by your response, he stood again, backing out of the frame and getting off. He bit his lip as you squirmed from pleasure and pain, he felt his own finish reaching, making him pause. He glanced at your swollen cunt, watching it clench, knowing you were almost there.
“Alright, pretty girl, let it out.” He encouraged, turning the knob up all the way as you screamed, chest heaving at the pace. He quickened the hand on his cock, mimicking the intensity he was witnessing, muttering random words. 
The band snapped as white ropes covered his hand with a moan making you finish again while bawling, seeing his release slip to the floor. Taking a moment to clear his brain, he was snapped out by your yelp. He shut off the camera and then the machine, pulling you off and placing you in his lap. 
Sitting across, he tucked you in his chest and rocked you with soft hushing. Your body buzzed with the aftershocks, feeling so empty after being so full. 
“You did so good, I’m so proud of you.” He praised, stroking your hair as you thanked him, looking up to kiss him. 
Remaining seated until you calmed down, he eventually got you dressed and put all his equipment away. You insisted you could walk, but he carried you to the couch to rest while he changed the sheets.
“I didn’t even know I could do that.” You divulged while he placed the soaked bedding in the washer, he smirked and slammed the door shut to start it.
“I’m just that good.” He boasted, flopping next to you and pulling you in his lap. 
“You’re still a perv though.”
“Yeah, but I’m your perv.”
Tumblr media
an: oooo this makes me nervous to post lol, enjoy weirdos, dont judge
@steeldaisies @meaganjm @masterofmunson @downbythebay4 @wicked-wordy-witchy-witch @femalefilmaker @wiltedwonderland @yourthebrokengirl @jessyballet @iheartyouyou @gloryekaterina @missscarlettangel @variety-fangirl @wigglywoos59 @imsuchafriggensimp @thegirlblogstuff @lovelyladymayyy @strawwberrry @ktjmac @dovesnrosesnreblogs @fknemily @spn-obession @diaryofthedoll  @imagine-all-the-imagines
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Slumber Party | Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
Slumber Party | Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
Summery: You, Nancy, and Robin decide to have a slumber party, girl’s only. But when Eddie Munson comes knocking on your window, you’re not sure if you’re ready to tell the them that he’s your secret boyfriend.
Content: Just something cute because I wanted to get my sweet Eddie Munson feelings out there and I had this scenario stuck in my head for days. I keep picturing Eddie with braids and nail polish, happily embracing all the slumber party traditions.
I also wrote this in an afternoon, definitely didn’t proofread. I’m sorry in advance. Literally my first fic piece on here. Please gentle <3.
Tags: Fem!reader, fluff, subtle sexual tension, implied light-skinned reader. Overall, feel good, and cute.
Word Count: 3454
“Fuck, Marry, Kill,” Robin announces. She cradles a handful of over-salted popcorn in her hand, tossing one into the air for you to catch with your mouth. It bounces off your chin. You both giggle as she makes one last feeble attempt. It clips your lip, but tumbles to the floor. The land of lost popcorn and candy wrappers.
“This should be fun,” Nancy says with a less-than-subtle eyeroll. Nevertheless, she smirks, and opens her mouth for one of Robin’s popcorn airstrikes. It lands and you all give a quiet cheer.
You and the girls have been planning this girl’s night for a week. A secret getaway from the boys. Your house was the perfect spot. No brother, relaxed parents, all the snacks and beverages you could want, and enough music to tune out the storm raging outside. So far, it had been your quintessential slumber party. You piled into the family room to watch all the gory slasher films Robin could harvest from Family Video, braided each other’s hair, and ate your weight in pizza. Now you were lounging your room. Rain tapping against the windowpane while a mix of playful pop songs and rock-n’-rock drown out the wind.
You needed this. Everything has been chaotic between work, friends, parents, and everyday troubles, to the more supernatural aspect that bleeds into Hawkin’s. You needed a night to relax with your girls.
You almost feel bad. This is usually one of the nights you spend with Eddie. When you told him about your Saturday night slumber party, he pouted. His bottom lip quivering like a puppy begging for scraps. But in true Eddie fashion he quickly smiled told you it was fine. “One night won’t kill me,” he told you. He bit his lip as he eyed your frame. “Maybe.”
He’s been your secret for the last month and a half. You both agreed it wasn’t time to tell the group. Things can change so quickly, and you just wanted these beautiful moments to remain untainted.
Robin flips through one of a dozen magazines in search of potential FMK applicants. Unsatisfied with the options, she closes it, and flings into the pile. She claps her hands together. Her eyes go wide with a spark of delight as a mischievous thought rolls through her mind.
“Byers, Herrington, or…Munson.”
Nancy groans and Robin takes it as her volunteering to go first. She points to her. Nancy reclines against your bed’s headboard with her arms crossed over her chest. Her head rests next to the window. She peers out the glass, into the darkness and the rain as if this is the most important question of her life.
“This is a judgement free zone. What whatever is said in this room, stays in this room.” Robin sits on the carpeted floor, resting her elbows behind her as she glances at the two of you.
“Marry Jonathan, obviously.”
“Obviously,” you say with the sweetest of mockery in your voice.
She tosses a stuffed animal at your back. “Sleep with Herrington because been there, done that. Kill Munson. No brainer.” Nancy eases with a sigh. As if she got something off her chest.
You feel your chest tighten when she kills Eddie so easily. Despite his courage, charisma, self-lessness, and resourcefulness, the girls still see him as a joke.
It doesn’t matter. It’s just a stupid game.
“Y/N!” Robin calls. “You’re up.”
“Why not you?”
She rolls her head to the side and gives you a pointed look. “Because I said so.”
“Byers, Herrington, or Munson…I’d probably start by killing-“ A flash of lightning splinters in the sky, illuminating the yard for just a moment. In that second you see a figure dart through the front lawn. It gets a running start before jumping for a low-hanging branch. “Munson?”
“Wow really?” Robin chuckles.
“What? No! I uh…”
There’s a knock at your window. The familiar sound of metal knuckles tapping glass. Robin and Nancy look at you with the same confused expression. Their eyes go narrow with curiosity only to widen in shock that their joined revelation. Before you have a chance to explain, Eddie is knocking impatiently.
“C’mon, sweetheart, I’m getting drenched out here!” he calls in a loud whisper. Lightning flashes and you hear him gasp. “Babe, I’m going to get fried!”
Your mouth opens and close as the right words fail to make it past your throat. “One second,” you manage your flustered state.
Eddie pokes his head through the window as you unlock and slide it open. “What the hell, Eddie?” you snipe.
“It’s Saturday. We always…” his whiskey brown eyes scan your bedroom. He notices magazines, cassettes piled in a lop-sided stack, and the sleeping bags unfurled on the floor. Finally, with wide puppy-like surprise, he notices the extra occupants. “Oh shit. It was this weekend not…next…weekend. Hello.” He offers the girls a little wave and an awkward smile. His hair is wet, matted to his face, and his clothes are soaked through. There isn’t any possible way he got that wet just from walking from his van to your window. “I fucked up.”
“Did you walk here?”
“Well, you know how the van is. She needs her beauty sleep.”
“It wouldn’t start.”
His smile drops. He shakes his head, spraying you with icy water. “Not even a little tick tick tick when I turned the key. But I…uh…” Eddie watches Robin and Nancy stir with smirks on their lips. “I know how much you appreciate our weekly…uh…music appreciation meetings? So, I thought I could still drop by and give you something to appreciate.” His wink isn’t subtle in the least, but it doesn’t stop from filling your stomach with butterflies.
“Oh my god,” Robin chuckles behind her hand. Nancy follows, but you can’t bring yourself to laugh.
“Get in here before you freeze or fry.”
Eddie rolls onto your bed, careful not to get his boots on the sheets or blankets. He nods to Nancy as he slips past her, “Wheeler” and then to Robin, “Buckley.” With his boots still in the air, he began to untie them, and slid them under your bed. Just like usual. His jacket comes off next, revealing his Hellfire shirt, translucent from the downpour, and clinging to every rigid muscle. Your eyes skim his nearly bare torso in a moment of weakness.
Embarrassment stains your cheeks red. You can feel blood creep to your ears as the girls giggle. Eddie sits beside you. His legs dangling off the side. He keeps his hands in his lap, fidgeting uncomfortably with his rings.
You manage to sneak into the laundry room and pull out an old t-shirt and pajama pants your dad won’t miss. “Get changed and I’ll dry your clothes.”
Without thinking, Eddie begins to slowly peel off his shirt. “Eddie!” you call out. He pulls it over his head, throwing it to the floor with a wet slap. He shakes out his curls and rakes his fingers through the matted mess. Each tattoo and rippled muscle on display. His bicep flex as he shivers. “What, y/n?”
Your cheeks brighten. You shove the shirt and pants into his hands. “Get in the closet, Munson. Christ. A little bit of modesty wouldn’t kill you.”
“Sorry, sorry.”
He shuffles into the cramped space, as he’s done a dozen times before. He’s made a neat little spot for himself between your fancy outfits and discarded stuffed animals for whenever your parents wake up. You shut the door and turn to face the smiling reddened faces of Robin and Nancy.
It doesn’t take long before the onslaught of questions began. Before you can even form an answer, one of them is pressing you with another question.
“You and Munson?”
“How long has this been going on?”
“When did you even fine the time?”
“Have you guys, like, done it?”
“I thought he liked Steve?”
“Seriously, Munson?”
Their questions turn your stomach. You had a sliver of hope that they could be happy for you, but instead it feels like an attack. Why would someone like you waste your time with someone like him? The Freak. Nested with residual embarrassment, you can feel your stomach churn and twist like someone’s tangling your guts into knots. What’s worse, you know Eddie can hear them. The harshness in their tone.
“He’s really nice, guys,” you mutter nervously. You twist the dainty silver band around your thumb. A ring to took from Eddie’s collection. He claimed it didn’t fit him anymore, but the wink and smile on his face told you it was a gift. “And he’s funny. He can get excited sometimes, sure, but we’re all a little weird, right?” Tighter and tighter, your stomach coils like a nest of snakes. “It’s just…” You unleash an exhausted sigh and close your eyes. Maybe not having to watch their critical eyes loom over you will make it easier.
“We all know he’s nice,” Nancy says.
“So nice,” Robin echoes.
“It’s just y’know…”
Nancy nods. “Exactly, yeah! It’s unexpected.”
Robin leans over from her spot on the floor and places a gentle hand on your knee. Her fingers are slippery and warm from all the buttered popcorn. She gives you a loving squeeze. “The important thing is…does he make you happy?”
Your gaze dances between the two girls. They’re not mean. They’re your closest friends. You know deep in the writhing pits of your stomach that their criticism comes from a place of love. They’re both protective to a fault and would shoot, bash, and gut anyone who tried to hurt you.
“This year has been one disaster after another. It’s like living in a horror movie, but Eddie just keeps being Eddie. He’s been nothing but amazing to me. Comforting, caring, and just…amazing.” You find yourself smiling. Your cheeks warm, but not from shame or dread, just the radiant glow of happiness.
The girls exchange knowing glances and smile with you.
The closet door creaks like a soft whine. Eddie gingerly peaks his head out of the crack. “Is it safe to come out now?”
“Are you decent?” You ask.
Slowly, he nudges the door open. He holds the bottom of the extra-large shirt between his teeth, revealing the beautiful plains of his stomach and the trail of hair that leads your eyes down to the loose waistband.
He’s tying off the strings of your dad’s flannel pajama pants. Even at their tightest, they hang off his hips in a wonderfully distracting fashion. The sight of his happy trail nearly knocks you off the bed. Luckily, before you can drool yourself into another embarrassing situation, he pulls the shirt down, and covers himself. He looks eyes with you. His calm teddy bear eyes catching yours with a cocked brow. He offers a knowing wink and blows you a kiss.
“Well, the cats out of the bag,” he declares with a sigh. “Here, Sweetheart, I brought you a gift.”
He plops his wet clothes, complete with underwear, into your lap. Even his leather belt is damp. You toss it under the bed with his boots and wrap his clothes in a towel from the floor, then make your way to the door.
“Sorry to crash your sleep over. What are you girlies doing? Talking about crushes? Braiding each other’s hair? Comparing boobs or whatever.”
“Oh yeah,” Robin perks up with her sarcastic trill, “you’re just in time for the lingerie pillow fight.” She grabs her pillow and launches at him. He catches it, but not before Nancy whacks him with her own. “Don’t be such a skeeze, Munson”
You pause just before the door to watch Robin and Nancy pelt your defenseless boyfriend with pillows. He takes each hit in stride. Never striking back, just protecting his face and sensitive area, while muffling his laughter in the ditch of his arm. “Go, Babe!” he manages to say, “I’ll hold them off.”
To your surprise, both Robin and Nancy are laughing. The last hit comes from Nancy. A flat smack of feathers and fluff to Eddie’s back. He drops to his knees, holding his side like she cut him open. With classic Munson flair, he begins to gasp for air. “Baby, go, please,” he mumbles, “save yourself.” He sucks his teeth before “dying”. Limbs sprawled like chalk outline. A long-exasperated breath escapes his lips as he goes completely limp.
Your stomach steadily begins to unwind. Robin, Nancy, and Eddie are laughing and cracking jokes with each other. The smile on their faces makes the world seem a little less dark. You can’t even hear the thunder roaring against the clouds. Honestly, you wonder what you were afraid of in the first place. His charm radiates as the girls start asking him the same questions they pelted you with early. His wit and humor shining with each word that pours off his silver tongue. Still, you know if you leave them alone too long, the girls will eventually eat him alive.
You hustle to the laundry room and toss his things in. As long as you grab them before morning, you’ll be in the clear. You trot back to your room. Ease settling in your tight muscles as you hear nothing, but joy come the other side of your door.
Then, when you reach for the handle, it fades, like thunder receding into the night. Muffled laughter falls to silence, and you hear Robin say softly, “I don’t think we have to tell you, if you hurt her, we will kill you.”
“That’s not a threat, Munson, it’s a promise.” Nancy’s voice is sweet as sugar laced with venom.
Eddie sucks his teeth like he’s in pain. “Damn, Wheeler, not so hard. I know, I know.” He chuckles nervously.
You twist the doorknob as slow as possible, giving yourself the narrowest sliver to peer inside. Eddie’s sitting cross-legged on the floor. Both hands on his knees, fingers splayed as Robin paints nails his “Wine n’ Dine” red. Sitting on her knees behind him, Nancy brushes out Eddie’s matted mane. A fuchsia scrunchie around her wrist. She had his hair in her fist, knuckles white like she’s ready to rend his head from his shoulders. Despite the abuse and obvious threat, Eddie stays Eddie, and smiles.
Robin caps her polish and instructs Eddie to blow. “Wipe that smile off your face, this isn’t supposed to be funny. You such be terrified.” The threat feels hollow when she’s smirking herself, but Nancy is nothing but serious with his hair in a vice.
He hides a chuckle under his breath. “I know, I know.” He forces his lips into a thin frown, but the corners still twitch with repressed glee. “I’m just really happy that y/n has friends like you. She’s always gushing about smart, and cool, and nice you guys are. How she can’t wait for us to all get together for group dates.” He presses his lips together and blows on his nails. “She’s a tough girl. You are all. Honestly, you could all kick my ass is ways I didn’t know where possible, but, regardless of how strong she is, Y/N, deserves to have amazing people in her life who just want what’s best for her. She’s giving. Sometimes too giving, and when you’re with someone like that, you tend to forget that in order for them to give, you have to take. And she’s always there with that stupid gorgeous smile, ready to give her entire heart on a platter, and you don’t even realize that you might not have something good enough to replace it. She’s giving you gold and all you can give her is…I don’t know, sneaky hook-ups and a van to smoke up in.”
He admires his nails for a moment. The crimson polish has a subtle twinkle of glitter as the light dances over each speck.
“I don’t know…I’m rambling,” he chuckles, “just…thank you? I guess? For making sure she’s taken care of.”
He brings his knees to his chest, completely at the mercy of the two over-protective vipers in your room. His eyes are soft and glossy. His lashes fluttering, flicking back the sting of tears. And still, he smiles.
Nancy glances at Robin from behind Eddie’s shoulder. She raises her eyebrows. Robin raises her back and shrugs. Their talking in their secret language again. You can’t tell if it’s good or bad, but Nancy’s grip loosens. She rakes the brush through Eddie’s hair one last time. It’s nearly tangle free when she splits it into three sections and starts to braid it.
“Damn Munson, you’re going to make me cry,” Robin sarcastically coos. “Who knew you were such a softie?” She’s obviously teasing, but Eddie’s just musing at the thought of you.
“Y/N,” he answers. The softness in his voice is enough to melt your heart. Like he has to keep your name tucked inside a hushed breath or else it’ll shatter, yet it runs through your like a hot dagger.
You knock before entering. Eddie rubs his eye like he’s tired, flicking away a stray tear. “Oh good, you’re back. Look at what these delinquents have done to me!” He presents his nails. You simply take his hand, push back his bangs with the other, and plant a delicate kiss on his forehead. “Hey, Eds,” you whisper against his brow. Your hand slides down his face, cupping his cheek. You stroke his smooth jawline with your thumb. “Have you ever done a face mask before?”
He cocks a brow curiously. But as the three of you smile, mischief spread thick on your lips like honey, his eyes widen with unmistakable terror.
By the end of the night, Eddie’s been moisturized, polished, and indoctrinated into all things “slumber party.” You and Robin have him take a quiz from Seventeen magazine to see which Wahlberg was his soul mate while he soaks in the nutrients from some guava-bomb-milk-soap face mask. You  can tell from the way his smile hits his eyes that he’s genuinely enjoying himself.
Robins sleeping on the outside of her sleeping bag, limbs splayed like a dead octopus, while Nancy softly sleeps like a normal human being. You lay in your bed, Eddie snug beside you, as your back melds into his chest. He draws loving trails up and down your arm. His natural earthy scent is overpowered by artificial citrus and flowers. You almost miss the smell of cigarettes and cologne.
He nests his nose into your hair, gently kissing the top of your head. The storm has scattered. All is quiet. He whispers, “I think this might be a good look for me.” When he wasn’t touching you, he was fiddling with his braid, but now that he had you close, both girls asleep, he wasn’t about to let you go.
“I’m partial to the nails myself,” you reply, lacing your fingers together as he wraps an arm around your waist. Robin did an excellent job. So did Nancy. Neither of them tried to make him look bad or make fun of the fact that a boy was taking part in something feminine. They used this as opportunity to get to know him. Truly know him. To ease him into your trio and figure out if he was worth your time. Eddie never balked at the slumber party traditions. He embraced them. Fully. And enjoyed every moment of it. You even let him paint your nails. He chose the same shade of red so you could match.
The night had been a total success. Now, laying against Eddie’s warm body, you found yourself drained, and ready to drift off to sleep. “You have to go in the morning,” you whispered through tired lips.
Eddie groaned stubbornly in your ear. “Don’t remind me.”
“I’m making pancakes for everyone. Once you’re out, you can sneak back around the front and have breakfast with us. It’s the perfect crime.” A yawn takes you at the end.
“Ready for me to meet the folks, Y/N?” he pushes your hair to the side and kisses the back of your neck. Each kiss gentler than the last until they’re nothing but feathery pecks along your shoulder.
“I should get your clothes.” Your voice fades into a breath as the heavy sands of sleep caress you. You try to stir, but your blankets feel like they weigh a thousand pounds.
“Five more minutes,” Eddie whines. He squeezes you in his arm, locking you against him. You couldn’t move if you wanted to. And you definitely don’t want to.
“Five more…” you lazily agree just as you succumb to the soothing grip of slumber. Eddie’s breath against your ear is the perfect lullaby.
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A scene from the lost film "The American Venus" (Frank Tuttle, 1926). Published in Film Fun, June 1926. | src internet archive «Lady in the left window: I wonder why Helen of Troy had such a reputation for beauty.» « Lady in the right window: Why, that's easy to see. She got all her clothes from Paris.»
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