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hot girls love autumn 🧸🍂 | fall mood board’22
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Little Olive! 🫒🐐
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Thinking about making a Dropbox for those who spoil me...
Wishlist ♡ Buy me a coffee or lunch
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Today I got organized, which was a big win. I consolidated all my to do lists onto notion and it feels good to have one place to go to.
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♡︎naive little pup♡︎
Pairing(s): Peter Parker x afab!reader, Peter Parker x gn!reader, Naive!Peter x Dark!reader, Vamp!reader
Summary: Peter was having one of the most exhausting days of his life and he needed you to make it all better because in the end you were the only one who could —kinktober; day 3—
Word count: 1.3k+
Warning(s): Dry humping, m!receiving, dirty talk, dumbification, sub space, praise!kink, mommy!kink, Peter is a 18 year old senior in Highschool and language
A/n: —GIFs aren’t mine— You guys are gonna get two fic’s today because I missed yesterday I was really sick —food poisoning core— but we’re back now 🤭
Tumblr media
You had been laying around your condo for at least two hours now as you lied down on the longest part of your mineral grey sectional couch with your eyes closed along with the your blackout curtains that blocked out the sunlight from your vision
You were a vampire, yes. But you weren’t the ones that sparkled in the sun or burned at the slightest kiss from it either.. well you were kinda in a way
You had This pretty little thing called daylight jewelry it kept you from burning towards your temporary death, you were a original vampire one of the first of the vampires to exist but if you were being technical you were the first to transition along with your siblings that you couldn’t bring yourself to be bothered with
But the ring on your middle finger allowed you to walk in the daylight freely you weren’t pale and your eyes weren’t a crimson red unless you were feeding your body worked as the normal human minus the fact you consumed blood to survive, your blood could be used to heal things, you could hear thing up to a thirty mile radius, you had superior strength and speed to average human being x100, and you just couldn’t seem to die.
You’re also over 1000 years old but you know just one of the side effects.
The only thing that caught your interest in the time of day were a dinging notification from your phone that you had kept one do not disturb 92% of the time tweaking your settings to only get important notification’s that involved some emails from witches that had owed you favors, updates about a spell book you wanted In particular, and Peter your sweet little naive pup
Peeling your eyes open you feel around for the Device when the cool screen finally came in contact with your fingertips you took it in front of your face coming into contact with the mid brightness of the screen
I need you sent 3:06
You’d had read over the message at least fourteen times in the last two minutes it was short a simple but it was so much more behind it and you knew that’s
What’s the matter with my pup? Do you need me to come pick you up Seen 3:09
You waited impatiently staring at the three dots that repeatedly blinked on your screen you were already throwing on your closest pair of boots you could find before your phone dinged again
Please mommy I need you right now sent 3:11
Peter had been a little more reluctant of getting out of bed this morning especially peeling away from your chest he couldn’t seem to let a one man job be done by yourself like brushing your teeth, picking out clothes, doing you hair and makeup
I’m on my way. Seen 3:11
Sliding your phone into your back pocket and not bothering to lock your door you cursed to yourself as you rushed down the stair well forgetting the elevator how couldn’t have you noticed
When you finally reached The parking lot You unlocked your car and we’re making a ten minute drive with traffic five minutes.
“I’m here for Peter Parker early dismissal” You stated to the secretary who barely batted an eye at you before pointing to the clip board with sign out sheets clipped to them which you rolled your eyes at scribbling down the Information it asked
“Excuse me Miss I would really appreciate if you get of your ass and get my kid” You hissed at the women who looked at you with wide eyes picking up the telephone after reading off what you assumed to be Peters’s schedule on the desktop
“He’s on his way mam you can sit in a chair if you’d like” The women warily offered without another word you pushed your sunglasses down on your face from where they rested on your forehead before sitting in one of the uncomfortable chairs with your leg bouncing up and down while you watched the hands on the clock move
It was at least five minutes before Peter buzzed through the the double doors as you stood immediately from your seat with your arms open prepared for embrace while Peter fell into them without hesitation
Ever since your relationship with Peter you had been.. more open to physical affection it wasn’t your favorite but you could comfort and maneuver with it well
“Hi honey” You muttered into the boys hair his grip didn't loosen once as he started to whine at the loss of contact when you pulled away while you shushed him softly
“Hey I know okay? I know but we’d be very more comfortable in bed than right here it’ll be a fast drive I promise” You offered to the boy who reluctantly nodded slipping his hand into your own while the both of you stepped out of the door you felt a nudge on your shoulder to see Peter blocking his eyes from the bright sun
You couldn’t help but stare in awe with a small chuckle while your took you own sunglasses off your own face while placing them on the bridge of Peters nose the black lenses dulling the bright sun before you two began to walk across the street
Just like you made a ten minute drive five arriving you did the same driving back to your condo eager to get the clingy teen into the safety of your home
You and Peter had been cuddling and engaging with skin to skin for a short while the only thing blocking you both was your tank top and underwear and peters basketball shorts you’d both taken a shower and after you’d force Peter to eat something having picked him up before lunch you’d been happy to give your pup some affection
You had been watching something random on the Tv finally using the surprise me button on a Netflix but it seemed just to be background noise now as you repeatedly ran your hand through his hair while he rested his face in your neck
You felt small movements on the little of your thigh and at first you thought Peter was just trying to get comfortable but when more than 30 seconds passed and you could start to feel Peter’s breath deepen against your neck making the small hairs stand up you knew it was different
“Do you have something to tell me baby?” You questioned softly while Peter let out a soft whine slowing his thrusting hips against your thighs but not coming to a complete stop
“I need you mommy please” Peter sniffled as he began to work his hips into your leg this time with your hands on his hips guiding them as you set mid pace you could feel his breath hitch on your shoulder
Peter’s arms tightened almost suffocatingly around your waist as your precious little spider continued to thrust his hips up to meet yours and if it weren’t for you being a vampire and having inhumanly healing he would’ve lefts makes
Hiding into the crook of you neck to hide poorly concealed cries and desperate whines Peter panted into your ears by hot breath sobs soon turning into hiccuping gasps when the tip of his cock would rub perfectly up into the fabric of his boxers hips angling to catch that spot every time
It wasn’t long before a startled cry left Peters lips his back arching up suddenly and hips stuttering before he barely registered something sticky splattering against his thigh head still spinning with the sensations feeling overwhelmed Peter buried his face into the crook of your neck peppering your shoulder in small kisses between mumbles of apologies as he still rocked his hips up to meet yours in the aftershocks of his orgasm
“It’s okay you did so good for me baby” You muttered into his hairline bringing the soft covers over his back muttering sweet nothings into his ear You had both fell asleep not long after the only thing on Peter’s brain is how’d he repay you
He had a few ideas in mind.
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Autumn rain. So soothing to the brain. It hits the crusty leaves and mixes with the ground. It's smell lingers long after the last drop arrived. The relaxing sound against the window, tapping a rhythm that makes you sleepy. Combined with the whooshing of the wind for a real autumnal storm. Lucky to enjoy it from the comfort of your home.
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💞 Pink 💞
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Paolo Sebastian “Moonlight Serenade” fall 2022 couture
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• best time of the year
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fall needs to hurry up. i’m ready to wear cute, autumn toned, layered outfits but i can’t do that in 80 degree weather.
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