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A man in Burkina Faso is an environmental hero thanks to an ancient technique. Click to read the full fact.
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'Labbezanga, Niger River, Mali'. Georg Gerster. 1972.
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African white lion Ouwehand LF1A0027
African white lion Ouwehand LF1A0027 by safi kok
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Beautiful Queen ❤
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Desert of Sakkara
British vintage postcard
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Know a distraction when you see one.
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This is beautiful ❤️
Cr: checkoutafrica : IG
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Top TextBubble: Ima Keep it real with you Nestlé, Cargill, Barry Callebaut, Mars, Olam, Hershey and Mondeléz
Lower Text Bubble: This wont make people forget about the child slavery lawsuit.
Child Slavery Lawsuit is in a magenta color while the rest of the text is in black.
The image is very fried or burnt colored and has Kermit the Frog with his left arm extended over and has his hand resting on Pepe The Prawn Kings shoulder.)
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Southeast African Population Density
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“An analysis by Front Line Defenders and the Human Rights Defenders Memorial recorded at least 358 murders of human rights activists globally in 2021.
Of that total, nearly 60% were land, environment or Indigenous rights defenders.
The countries with the highest death tolls were Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.
Advocates say the figure is likely far higher, as attacks on land and environment defenders in Africa often go unreported.”
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African white lion Ouwehand LF1A0012
African white lion Ouwehand LF1A0012 by safi kok
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lemurwithaspine · 8 months ago
heyo! here’s a list of all the brands owned by Nestlé, Mars, and Hershey
Cerelac (baby food)
Gerber (baby food)
Naturnes (baby food)
Nestlé Pure Life (drinks)
Perrier (drinks)
S. Pellegrino (drinks)
Blue Bottle Coffee (drinks)
Nescafé (drinks)
Nescafé Dulce Gusto (drinks)
Nespresso (drinks)
Starbucks Coffee At Home (drinks)
Milo (drinks)
Nestea (drinks)
Nesquik (drinks)
Carnation (drinks/dairy)
Coffee-Mate (drinks/dairy)
Nido (drinks/dairy)
La Laitière (drinks/dairy)
Cheerios (cereal)
Fitness (cereal)
Lion (cereal)
Nesquik Cereal (cereal)
Aero (confectionery)
Cailler (confectionery)
KitKat (confectionery)
Milkybar (confectionery)
Toll House (confectionery)
Smarties (confectionery)
Quality Street (confectionery)
Orion (confectionery)
Nestlé Les Recettes de l’Atelier (confectionery)
Dreyer’s (ice cream)
Extrême (ice cream)
Häagen-Dazs (ice cream)
Mövenpick (ice cream)
Nestlé Ice Cream (ice cream)
Buitoni (food)
Herta (food)
Hot Pockets (food)
Lean Cuisine (food)
Maggi (food)
Thomy (food)
Stouffer’s (food)
Chef (food)
Chef-Mate (food)
Minor’s (food)
Sjora (food)
Boost (nutrition)
Nutren Junior (nutrition)
Peptamen (nutrition)
Resource (nutrition)
Alpo (pets)
Baker’s Complete (pets)
Beneful (pets)
Beyond (pets)
Cat Chow (pets)
Dog Chow (pets)
Fancy Feast (pets)
Chef Michael’s Canine Creations (pets)
Felix (pets)
Friskies (pets)
Gourmet (pets)
Lucky Dog (pets)
Purina (pets)
Purina ONE (pets)
Pro Plan (pets)
Spillers (pets)
3 Musketeers (confectionery)
Bounty (confectionery)
Dove/Galaxy (confectionery)
Life Savers (confectionery)
M&Ms (confectionery)
Mars (confectionery)
Milky Way (confectionery)
Snickers (confectionery)
Twix (confectionery)
Celebration (confectionery)
Ethel M. (confectionery)
Flyte (confectionery)
Maltesers (confectionery)
Munch (confectionery)
Revels (confectionery)
Topic (confectionery)
Treets (confectionery)
Flavia (drinks)
Ben’s Original/Uncle Ben’s (food)
Kind LLC/KIND Snacks (food)
Combos (food)
Dolmio (food)
Kudos (food)
Promite (food)
Tracker (food)
Seeds of Change (food(?))
CocoaVia (nutrition)
Eukanuba (pets)
Iams (pets)
Pedigree (pets)
Whiskas/Kal Kan (pets)
Catisfactions (pets)
Buckeye Nutrition (pets)
Cesar Canine Cuisine (pets)
Dreamies/Temptations (pets)
Crave (pets)
Dine/Sheba (pets)
Exelcat/Exelpet (pets)
Frolic (pets)
The Goodlife Recipe (pets)
Greenies (pets)
Chappie (pets)
James Wellbeloved (pets)
Nutro (Max, Ultra, and Natural Choice)(pets)
Royal Canin (pets)
Techni-Cal (pets)
Natura (pets)
Optimum (pets)
PrettyLitter (pets)
Advance (pets)
Chum (pets)
My Dog (pets)
Nature’s Table (pets)
Schmackos (pets)
Winergy (pets)
Mars Fishcare (API, RENA, AQUARIAN, PondCare) (pets)
and anything owned by the Wrigley Company:
5 (gum)
Airwaves (gum)
Altoids (confectionery)
Big Red (gum)
Doublemint (gum)
Eclipse (gum)
Excel (gum)
Extra (gum)
Freedent (gum)
Hubba Bubba (gum)
Juicy Fruit (gum)
Life Savers (confectionery)
Lockets (confectionery)
Orbit (gum)
Rondo (confectionery)
Skittles (confectionery)
Spearmint (gum)
Starburst (confectionery)
Tunes (lozenges)
Winterfresh (gum)
Hershey Bar (confectionery)
Hershey’s Kisses (confectionery)
Reese’s (confectionery)
Brookside (confectionery)
Ice Breakers (confectionery)
Breath Savers (confectionery)
Jolly Ranchers (confectionery)
Twizzlers (confectionery)
Good & Plenty (confectionery)
York Peppermint Patties (confectionery)
Almond Joy (confectionery)
Payday (confectionery)
Bark Thins (confectionery)
Lily’s (confectionery)
Dagoba (confectionery)
Bubble Yum (gum)
Skinny Pop Popcorn (food)
Pirate’s Booty (food)
Dot’s Pretzel’s (food)
Paqui (food)
ONE (food)
it would be awesome if we could buy less from these brands, and encourage friends and family to do the same :)
instead of buying from these brands, try:
buying from local brands/small businesses
buy from store brands: most grocery and box store chains have their own food brands that are more affordable than other name brands
buy from brands you know make ethical choices
make things homemade (some of the items on this list are things you can find recipes for online and learn to make yourself)
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Giraffe Manor Nairobi, Kenya
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Pope Francis thanks Polish people for opening homes to Ukrainians fleeing war:
"I cordially greet all Poles. You were the first to support Ukraine by opening your borders, your hearts and the doors of your homes to Ukrainians fleeing the war. You are generously offering them everything they need so that they can live in dignity, despite the drama of the moment. I am deeply grateful to you and I bless you from my heart!"
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