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Thanks for the tag<3
Well, Mikasa and Jean… I wouldn’t even try tbh💀
@ anyone !
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All of them???
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To my best girl ever 💜thank you for your friendship, happy Valentine’s Day my dear friend 💜
And here a gif of your cute husband: Tomioka-san!
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Happy Valentine’s Day my girl !✨ And Tomioka is hot even if Obito>>>
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LOVE YOU BESTIE!💞 @aztecdragonwarrior
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@aztecdragonwarrior tagged me❤️
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I tag @yesamu 🙃
Look what I've found
Yeah, starting a picrew tag game bc why not!
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Yeah I changed my haircut a lil bit and my natural hair color grew back.
tagging: @legendarytreasurerhighway @ohlookitsnormannn @lovelii-ann @hanamura-manami @hopes-peak-cafe @karukaru + anyone else who wants to!
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I'm so glad you finally announced it ! ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄♡ Count on me to be the best wife I can be (๑╹ω╹๑ )💍
(And I’ll also beat you in this duel…😌)
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Rengoku-san will have his celebration… but what about us?😔
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I certainly haven't forgot our celebration, I was hoping to reveal it on valentine's day to add a bit more of a FLASH! to our reveal!
Everyone, meet my fourth flamboyant wife, Mel Uzui! She's certainly more than what meets the eye, even asking me for a duel. She sure is flashy, isn't she?
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There are a lot of kny rp blogs, sorry if I missed anyone.
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Heyyy Heyyy ~~~ how are you ??? I wanted to reach out cause it’s been a good minute. I hope you’re doing well. Take care and stay day babes 💗😗
Hello darling ! I’m great, a little cold here🥶 but I’m good ! How about you?? I hope that you’re okay, take care of you, love.💕
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Him.(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
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_(:3 」∠)_
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That was cute. That was very cute. My man Hakkai deserves everything.😔❤️
I dont wanna lose you again.
Tumblr media
Hakkai x fem!reader (angst to fluff)
Omg hey guys, it’s been so long since ive been on this acc and that bc i lost my password lol 🙁
But anyways I’m back again, school has been kicking my ass but I miss writing so heres me trying my best to fulfill this persons request who has probably forgotten abt it. I’m fr so sorry tho but here it is i hope you still like it even tho i didnt follow the request strictly i had a hard time 😭and lastly like always I’m sorry for any mistakes
CW: Mentions of hitting/abuse.
WC: 7.2k
You felt anxious, this definitely wasn’t the first time Emma dragged you over to a Toman meeting. Emma and you went to the same school since elementary, so of course you 2 became good friends, to the point where you met most of the Toman captains through her. You always knew about Emma’s love for Draken, and she would often ask you for advice about it even though you knew nothing about relationships. And recently you met a girl through Emma, named Hinata but she lets you call her Hina for short.
You walked alongside Emma as she made her way to Draken.
“Emma! why do you still make me come to these things?” you asked signing and pouting in annoyance as she grabbed your hand
“Emotional support, duh~” she said smiling
“Where’s Hina? I think we lost her..” you said, turning your head around to only see members of Toman, concerned
“Oh shoot…Oh! I see her standing over there!” yelled Emma as you turned your head to look at where Emma was pointing
“Hina!” yelled Emma
“I’ll go get her, I’ll meet you by Draken!” you said letting go of her hand and making your way to Hina
Afficher davantage
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« Feeling his rock hard abs » 👀 you gurrrrrrrrrrl-
Hii! I really like your writing could I please request Tengen, Kyojuro and Giyuu with a s/o who is very insecure about her appearance but it gets to the point where she isolates herself because she doesn't want people to see her or compares herself to every woman pillars comes into contact with, wanting to drag herself down.
I personaly have very hard time with it and I would love to see how pillars would react or support me at a time like this
Take care of yourself and have a nice day/night!!
Hi lovely anon! Thanks for your request, first of all I want to tell you that I think we have all been there; feeling insecure about ourselves. So I just want to tell you that you are beautiful, worthy, strong and amazing. Don't ever let any one tell you otherwise!
That being said, I have combined your request it with another one for our charming Uzui and I will be posting tomorrow the Giyuu's part <3 Hope you enjoy these 2 parts.
Tengen Uzui x reader (Reassuring S/O being insecure about her looks)
Kyojuro Rengoku x reader (Reassuring S/O being insecure about her looks)
Warnings: Slight smut, angst.
Tumblr media
Kyojuro has been worried about you lately, the count has risen to days now, in which you have found a wide variety of excuses for not seeing him. He noticed the change in your behavior especially when there were other female pillars around you two, changing your mood to be completely depressed; He couldn’t understand, though, the reason behind your emotions since all the pillars were so nice to you. Could there be another reason behind it?
He was a really respectful and sensitive man, so the more you kept isolating yourself, the more his fear increased. His mind kept imagining the worst; did he do something to hurt you? Or perhaps you did not fancy him anymore and were unsure of how to break up with him? He was a really respectful man, but that day he was not going home without answers.
He was very well known by everyone in your lodging as everybody liked him, by being the Flame Pillar and really handsome, he was allowed inside all the way to your room. With much nervousness he knocked and waited for a response with no success. He then spoke to you softly:
-”Y/N? Darling it 's me, Kyojuro. May I come in?”- He heard muffled steps getting closer to the door, you unlocking and opening it, but just slightly making you barely visible.
-”Oh, Rengoku-san I’m sorry but I do not feel really well right now.”- Rengoku-san? last time he checked, he was dear Kyo. He was now convinced that whatever was going on with you was worse than what he thought.
-”Please, Y/N…” He wasn’t the type to push you, but he felt that if another day passed by with you acting like that would probably be the death of him “It’s been a week now without letting me see you, you barely show up to your training sessions and I am afraid you might not be eating properly… Please, I am dead worried about you; Please, just let me in.”- He confessed, resting his forehead on your dorm door, looking at you with pleading eyes.
He could not brush off the idea of you not loving him anymore, but he did not wanted you to suffer on his behalf. So if he was the cause of your pain, even if that broke his heart, he would absolutely get away from you. For him, nobody and nothing was more important than you.
He was snapped out of his thoughts as you painfully started sobbing, his expression automatically softened as he forced himself inside your room without much effort. He gently grabbed your forearms and pulled you into a very warm embrace.
-”Shh, shh, it's ok now. I am here…”- He rested his cheek on the top of your head while tenderly caressing your back with soft strokes -“Want to talk about it?”- You were unsure of how to introduce the subject, it was something really painful to you and it only made it worse having your boyfriend begging at the door for you to allow him in your presence.
You didn’t mean to cause him any harm, but sometimes the insecurity you felt regarding how you looked was so overwhelming that you were safer shutting yourself away from the world. You were still sobbing while trying to get your ideas in order to speak up your mind but Kyoujuro talked first:
-”I’ve missed you so much. I’ve been carrying this with me all the time in hopes of seeing you” He took out a dazzling golden floral hair pin with which he gently picked half of your hair up.
-”Kyo,I-I just don’t..” Your voice was breaking due to your sobbing, he then pulled slightly apart from him to stare at you while clearing away some of your tears with his strong fingers.
-”You know you can talk to me about anything, right?” His gaze was tender but his tone turned sour “Even if it might hurt me… You are what I care the most in this world”- He concluded with a sad smile, he was preparing for the worst until you spoke:
-”How can you do it? I just do not understand, why do you choose me over other girls that are prettier than me? I-I mean have you looked at me? I am just plain…”- He rapidly blinked in amazement.
-”Hold on, I am going to stop you right there…” He had a really concerned but comprehensive expression, secretly relieved that you were not planning on breaking up with him and so he continued with a really soft tone “I can’t stand hearing you talking like that about yourself, because you are the most beautiful and amazing goddess that my heart could have been so lucky to fall for. But, even though I strictly do not agree, I respect what you are feeling.” His red and golden eyes were staring deeply into your soul as he tenderly kissed your forehead.
-”And I can only imagine how hard must it be to confess this to me” He said as he cupped your face with both of his hands ”Take my word when I tell you, that in all my travels, in this and in all my past lives; there could never be someone even close to you. Everything that you are to me, what you do to me, and everything I feel when I am with you; it's like I’ve always belonged to you. Since the first time I saw you I couldn’t imagine my life without you. You were pure poetry to all my senses, there is not a single moment my mind doesn’t travel back to you, especially when I am so far away from my beloved Y/N. And I will make sure to let you know how precious you are for the rest of my life.” You felt your heart full of warmness as Kyojuro kissed your lips.
His kiss was the physical proof of what he had just confessed to you, his breath was sweet, ravishing and desperately looking for you. His warm body was completely embracing you, strongly built but incredibly soft when you were looking for comfort, it was like every part of him was molded at your needs and will. As he separated from the kiss, he confessed:
-”You know the reason why I gave you this hair pin?” You slightly negate with your head.
-”Because I wanted to freely stare at the beauty of your face, without being hidden behind these locks.” He kissed a bunch of hair strands as he was holding them in his hand. “And to see my colors framing your hair” You blushed at the idea of him giving you something to let everybody know that he was the man that owned your heart.
He was so good at making you feel better that your mood had instantly changed at his touch.
-”I am currently thinking of another gift, just now…” He brushed your remaining hair back, leaving your neck uncovered “Also with my colors, a golden ruby heart locket necklace. How about that?”
-”It-It’s not necessary Kyo, the hair pin was more than enough. It's really lovely.” You said in a low voice, slightly gripping this uniform, feeling his rock hard abs.
-”I think it would perfectly match the hair pin…” He leaned over to kiss your neck, softly nibbling your exposed skin, causing you to softly moan and with a mischievous smile he said “That was for calling me Rengoku-san”- You were totally surprised by his teasing, it was the first time he had ever done anything like that since you were dating, but you honestly liked it.
-”Say, Rengoku-san…” You purposely teased him as he raised one brow, gently pinning you against the wall.- “I was thinking of…”-You were entirely drunk of feeling Kyojuro’s stunningly attractive and hard body against you.
-”Yes…?” His voice sounded velvety “Oh,how about a new kimono?”-
-”A new Kimono? No, umm, I don’t know. That wasn’t what I was going to say…- The nervousness in your voice made his arousal grow.
-”Though I will need some references for that, one of your old kimonos or I could take the measurements myself” His hands travelled from your shoulders all the way down to your hips, where he gripped you tighter to his body.
-”I believe taking measurements is always the most reliable method for choosing clothing…” He gave you a wide grin as he kissed you, opening the way for this tongue getting to taste you entirely.
As respectful of a man he was, that was the effect you had on Kyojuro, making him lose his mind and completely submit to you. From that day on, he made sure to deliver gifts that would let you know how much he liked that part of your body. Some of them were presents that everyone could stare at and some others, well, had a more private nature; only for his eyes. And whenever you felt at your lowest point again, you would look how quickly your kimonos collection increased its numbers.
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All these compliments for me? Oh, stop it you ! (≧∀≦)
Tumblr media
Hii! Can I make a request for Uzui and Kyojuro having a very insecure s/o that needs a lot of reassurance? Especially when it comes to appearance
Thank you and have a nice day!!
Hi dear Anon, of course! I think this boys will die to be able to let you know how precious and beautiful you are in his eyes. I totally understand feeling insecure about our appearances. But please remember that you are beautiful, strong and worthy <3
I have combined your request with other similar, hope you like both of them!
Kyojuro Rengoku x reader (Reassuring S/O being insecure about her looks)
Tengen Uzui x reader (Reassuring S/O being insecure about her looks)
Warnings: Slight smut
Tumblr media
It has been a really long and rough week. You have been waiting for your boyfriend to come back from his last mission, which took him longer than expected. Being alone in that immense state sometimes affects your peace of mind. When Tengen was around, the state was full of life, full of laughter and you could swear that sunlight was brighter at your now shared home.
Despite missing your beloved Pillar, you truly enjoyed your time alone; since the moment you accepted moving in with Tengen, he made sure to not only cover your basic needs to full extent, but to pamper you with anything your heart desired. Even the smallest request will be flamboyantly fulfilled.
Wanna learn how to play Shogi? Here, the best teacher in the Kanto area. Wanted a new kimono? Only the best pieces with imported silk directly from China. Do you love the sound of a Biwa? All your meals would be enlivened by a very skillful Biwa player. Were you interested in calligraphy? A brand new luxurious and expensive calligraphy kit will be waiting for you in the studio.
You were happy, really happy, he was everything you have ever wished for; but indeed, solitude can play the worst tricks to the mind. Insecurity started to grow in your chest like a water ripple in a dead still ocean. These intrusive thoughts always lowered your morale but you were really good at dissimulating them, it was more of Tengen's natural ability to help you brush all ideas off your head with a kiss.
But this time it was different, he had been gone for so long, that all the insecurities about your appearance were now controlling your ability to fake being ok. Tengen knew immediately that you were having a hard time; as his loyal, super beefy, ninja mice informed him and so, he prepared everything to expedite his return home.
There was nothing more precious or important to him than you, even though being a Pillar, you were always his priority. When he arrived home he yearned nothing more than to see your gorgeous face first than anything else.
-”I am home!” He claimed loudly, eagerly waiting to see you at the entrance, with a wide grin which started to disappear as you were nowhere to be found.
-”Y/N?” He asked, now with a more concerned tone, plunging deeper into his state looking for you.
-”Te… Tengen-san, welcome back.” Your voice was low and blue, as you appeared in front of him. You gave the best small smile your current state could manage but your boyfriend knew immediately that something was wrong, so he gently took your hand to pull you closer to him:
-”Here you are. Come, I want to show you what I bought for you in my last mission.” He said as he softly guided you to a very cozy studio, full of pillows and blankets, where you would warmly spend most of the cold winter days of the year.
His heart ached little by little seeing how the light of your face vanished by every second passing, he sat down over his favorite big pillow pulling you down in order for you to sit on his lap. And as he tenderly stroke your back he kindly said:
-”Y/N, you probably know it very well by now, but you are the most precious person to me. My heart aches when your expression shows so much sorrow…” He was now caressing your cheek with his thumb, rapidly switching his gaze from your eyes to your lips. He liked you so much that you made him go crazy; kissing you and feeling your body was the only thing he could think of while being so far away from you. So he continued:
-”So please have mercy on this man who is so madly in love with you and let me make you feel better.” He leaned over to deeply kiss you and since you were so close to him you could clearly sense how both of your fast racing hearts beat against each other chests.
You perfectly knew that there was no use in lying to the Sound Pillar, by now he knew you better than anyone else, but you were unsure of how to explain to him what was causing your insecurities. So with your face entirely flushed by a beautiful pink tone you took your best bet:
-”The thing is… Tengen-san, sometimes I don’t… Sometimes I am not really comfortable with what I see in the mirror. Sometimes I wish I'd look different, to look better…” And as you rested your head in the crook of his neck, he felt his heart break after hearing your words.
He was so taken aback for realizing how much he had failed in not letting you know how beautiful you were to him. How could you not know how every single trait of your face was pure poetry to his eyes?
How could he have failed you to let you know how he had developed an insane addiction to touching your body? He failed so terribly, that you could even consider the idea of wanting to look different. Different from how attractive you looked in his wildest fantasies.
He then thought that this was probably not a new feeling and he also knew that the tricky part would be to make you look at yourself the way he looked at you. So having a good idea he raised your head by gently grabbing your chin and speaking with a very deep voice, he said:
-”So tell me, what would you like to change?” You looked at him startled, feeling down little by little.
-”My hair, Tengen-san, it is not...” He interrupted you
-”You mean these precious locks, the softest I have ever caressed?” He said gently stroking the closest hair strand he got on hand and starting to feel as warmness invaded your face, you continued:
-”My face. Sometimes it looks like…” He interrupted you again
-”You mean this face with the most stunning profile I had ever laid my eyes on? You see, this face matches perfectly with these lips and hair. Perfect combination, so Darling, changing any of those won’t work at all” With a wide grin in his face he kissed you again. Really starting to like where this was going you continued, slowly feeling better.
-”My body, Tengen-san, it's just…”-
-”Now, isn’t that interesting…” he slightly opened your kimono right in the section of your cleavage “A body less attractive will help me to better keep my lust at bay, making easier the nights I am not with you” He concluded depositing a kiss in your right chest at the bare minimum skin exposed at your cleavage, working all his way up to your neck.
By the time he had covered all your neck skin, you felt heat expanding to the lowest section of your body, he then faced you with his signature seductive stare and asked you;
-”So please tell me, would you also like to change another part of your body? Such as, I don’t know, your thighs maybe? Or perhaps something deeper like…”
-”Tengen-san!!!” You said with your face absolutely red, feeling your arousal increasing every moment you kept sitting on his lap. Your boyfriend exploded in laughter and kissed you again to later whisper to your ear:
-”Please let me show you the reason why I wouldn’t want to change anything from you” as you agreed, he passionately made love to you all night long. Making sure to remind you why every part of your body was perfect and how perfectly it fitted his body.
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Currently sending each other scenarios with our respective crushes. FRIEND GOALS PERIODT.🥰
So, imagine you being the first person Akaza looks for after being punished by Muzan (bloody scene). You are already his darling and crazy over you.
Akaza: I am gonna kill that brat!
You: Akaza, don't...
Akaza: But...
You: No, you killed their Flame Hashira.
Akaza: K... not kill him but, beat him up pretty badly?
You: ummm, yeah fair enough.
Thanks to the awesome @obitosgurl how fuels me these fantastic scenarios <3
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Thanks for the tag ! ❤️
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Me IRL vs Me in Naruto after a cute date with Obito :3 (I wish...)
tagging : @icedcoffeeandcroissant @yesamu @h3ylufffy
this picrew was so cute, i just had to share, eee- you get bunny girl val and sugar baby val ‘cause why not.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
tagging : @svnzus @akirahira @lovetobios @princesatoru @eijiphoric @r1nf4iry @dilferen @kyoutxni @bontehn @nanakoii & anyone else who’d like to do it!
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Tumblr media
You guys just imagine going on a mission with Obito and him just waiting for you at Konoha’s gate. _(:3 」∠)_
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Thanks for the tag sweetheart! <3
1. Wallet, pepper spray, air pods, keys, lipgloss, lip balm, coins, perfume, my student card.
2. Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Spotify, TikTok.
3. Do not retake the school year. (Because college sucks💀)
@icedcoffeeandcroissant @kpc-usagisan
Year end ask game 🥰
1. What's in your bag?
2. Top 5 important apps on your phone?
3. Any new year resolutions?
You did well this year. I'm proud of you. Now send this to 5 people to continue the chain. The goal is to spread positivity!
hihi thanks for sending this !
1. in my bag, well, i don't carry bag but i do carry my purse around skksks. i've got some cash and coins, atm card, two antiseptic band aids, tissue paper, tylenol, aspirin, pen and paper, my phone, salt candies in case i get dizzy, and a hair tie / clutch !
2. ok so first one is google classroom lmao my future depends on it. then my sketching app, fitness record, calls and lastly, google.
3. not much except getting a hold of myself and keeping up with studies, health and diet. also, continuing piano and art is one of the most imp ones too
i'll just tag people : @rinesei @mysterystarz @animated-moon + anyone who wants to join !
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Tumblr media
Hello my dear !
I was wondering would you write for Kawaki finally opening up to y/n and falling in love with her because of how patient and gentle she is with him✨
Hi dear Anon! I really like Kawaki and I would love to write a fluffy story of him. Personally I think this will be a very challenging request, trying to write an OC Kawaki. I hope that you enjoy it and thanks for the ask <3
Kawaki x Fem!reader (Falling in love with reader due to how patient she is with him)
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
-”Kawaki-kun, should we drop it for today and continue tomorrow?” You said to your friend with concern who was obviously exhausted, you have been training with him for over 3 hours and his chakra control was not as skillful as yours.
-”What are you talking about? I’m barely getting started. A couple more tries and I think I might…” His phrase was interrupted by him sloppily falling to the floor, his sugar levels have dropped dangerously low so you hurried to his side, kneeling down while offering him a big chunk of milk chocolate with almonds.
-”Well, unless you want to keep practicing your katon from there…” You smiled looking at the ground “we should probably call it a day or not, it’s up to you.” you concluded raising both of your brows.
-”Tsk, alright… you win this one.” He said with nuisance but with a wide grin while you extended your hand to help him recover his ground. Surprisingly he took your hand, he typically reduced to the minimum the help he accepted from you even though he was the one who asked you to help him improve his ninjutsu. You pulled him steadily and answered him:
-”You are progressing really fast, for sure you will have a first class Katon in no time.” You said as you stretched both of your arms over your head and continued “Well, I’ll be heading home now, ping me if you would like to train some more tomorrow.” You said warmly, waving him goodbye.
-”I want to show you something, come with me.” Kawaki said in a very firm voice, grabbing your wrist and starting to walk ahead of you. You probably were unaware of how much he had been thinking during the day about the best way of inviting you to go with him; he picked the most “logical” option which will prevent you from rejecting him with the “I need to get home on time” excuse. If needed, he could walk you home if you felt unsafe due to the late hour, although he was sure you did not needed protection at all; being one of the strongest kunoichi around his age that he knew.
You also did not knew either how moody he had been at the Uzumaki household, to the point of totally ignoring Boruto when being frantically questioned about the reason behind Kawaki’s loud sighs. He felt that his head could explode at any moment if he kept thinking about you.
He did not understood why you would like to spend so much of your time with him, but what made him more uncomfortable was that he did not knew what to call what he felt when he was with you. It was a bubbly sensation that tickled the tip of his fingers and his stomach pitch, making his face warm especially when you smiled at him. Could he be losing his mind?
It was nothing like what he felt when being around Boruto or Nanadaime, it was something really strange but extremely pleasant; this confusion placed him in a very fretful mood. Though, he made sure to use his blonde adoptive brother as his only rage outlet as the one and only time he lashed out at you, you had disappeared for a week.
You clearly could understand why Kawaki reacted like that, it was comprehensible due to his lack of positive early socialization but you also made it very clear that you will never tolerate being mistreated especially when you were unaware of the reason for his moodiness. So, even though he felt his new feelings were a nuisance, it was way worse for him not seeing you.
-”Uh, Kawaki-kun? I am sorry, but I need to get home before…” You said in a very soft tone, trying not to discourage his initiative to wherever or whatever he wanted to show you.
-”It’s ok, I’ll walk you home when we are over.” He said still not looking at you, gently pulling you by the wrist, heart rapidly racing and completely anxious; he hoped that Himawari’s advice will help him settle these feelings once and for all.
-”Here.” He said coming to a halt at his only, but favorite, taiyaki shop. The attendant welcomed him, he seemed to know your friend very well.
-”Hey, you arrived just on time, I was about to close; tell me, what can I get for you two?” The older man asked with a very wide grin. At the beginning you were puzzled, wondering what on earth Kawaki could wanted to show you, but everything fell in place when you saw the shop. Your friend was trying to say thank you in a very original way, did somebody helped him with the idea?
-”Mister, this is Y/N” He said, softly pulling you to his side, turning his face in your direction; you bowed at the shop owner and then Kawaki spoke to you:
-”Pick up as many as you want, I do recommend the custard one.” Despite you already knowing what this was about you were completely startled by this sudden behavior, it was so… uncommon of him.
-”Then, I’ll have one with custard please!” You said with a smile, feeling a little overwhelmed by still being under Kawaki’s grip.
-”Then I’ll have a strawberry and a chocolate one”- Kawaki said, momentarily releasing you to receive the desserts and delivering yours at your hands with a very serious expression.
-”Ah, thanks a lot Kawaki-kun. Do you come here often?” You said as he grabbed your wrist, again, to guide you to a nearby desolated bench; sitting him first and kindly pulling you down to imitate him.
-”Only when I get paid. Here…” He offered you the chocolate taiyaki and you as looked at him with confusion he answered:
-”Taste it.”- He said with a very serious expression, you hesitated but took a small bite while placing a lock of your hair behind your ear.
-”Oh it is really good! Is chocolate your favorite?” You asked while you chewed, he then offered you to taste the taiyaki with strawberry fill.
-”No, my favorite is the one with custard” He explained as you took another bite from your friend’s Taiyaki.
-”Oh! So why did you pick chocolate and strawberry then?” You bit your own dessert before asking.
-”Somebody told me once that, if I invited a friend over I could taste more flavors at the same time” and with your full attention he asked you with a lower voice “Can I have some of yours?... I’ve been wondering lately about its taste…” You blinked in amazement, had he not just said that his favorite flavor was custard? Hasn't he tasted it before? Did they change the recipe?
With a lot of questions, you removed your Taiyaki wrapping as you raised it from your lap.
But to your utter surprise, Kawaki’s lips travelled smoothly to yours; in a very soft, sweet and tender kiss.
Your face turned entirely red, heart menacing to explode out of your chest while feeling the softness of his lips and as he slightly nibbled your lower lip you finally surrendered to his affection. He steadily opened his eyes as he slowly separated from you, turning his gaze apart from yours with a visible blush he spoke:
-”I… I did not understood why you have been so nice to me since the first time we met. Your kindness has puzzled me, you did not owe me anything and still you treated me like a very dear friend…” Your mind was racing with really wild thoughts, all at the same time, but you felt a really tight knot in your throat, was Kawaki aware of what he had done? You thought that you were starting to fall for your friend, so he continued:
- “But what puzzled me more was what I was starting to feel when I was with you, I did not knew what it was or what to call it. So I got mad” He was nervously tightening the grip to his Taiyaki “Until Himawari told me what to do.”
-”Did Himawari-chan told you to kiss me?” You asked softly as wanting to help him to order up his thoughts, but afraid his past actions were due to childish trickery.
-”No.” He said with a soft smile “She told me to invite you over to eat taiyaki together and then I will be able to discover what these feelings were.” He turned to face you with the softer expression you have ever seen on him as he continued “ However I finally understood it, Y/N. But I really want to know if you felt the same when I kissed you.” He questioned you with a barely noticeable anxiety in his tone and so you answered shyly:
-”Kawaki-kun, I’ve always thought that you were someone amazing since the first time we met and if you mean to ask me if I like you too… Well I do like you as well…” You said gazing at the ground due to how nervous you were feeling.
-”Even knowing all about my past?” He said in a very bitter tone, making you raise your stare to meet his:
-”You see Kawaki-kun, when you like someone, it doesn't really matter where that person comes from or what he did in the past. What matters the most, and only, is the present.” You confessed and so with a small side grin he responded:
-”Somehow I knew you were going to say that, so, can I have some more of that custard taiyaki?” He said, for then getting dangerously closer to your face again and trying to hide your nervousness you replied:
-”Yeah, well, there is plenty more from where this came from.” And as you closed your eyes, you two fused your lips in another kiss that will be marking the start of your relationship, being a couple of half eaten taiyaki and a clear starry night as your witness.
You could only think, thankfully, how smart Himawari-chan was.
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I guess it’s time for :
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