squea · a day ago
hi um i dont know if you entertain asks like this but if not, pls ignore, can you list down your favorite skin blends? ur sims are really lovely. thank you and have a nice day :)
Tumblr media
ofc and thank u!! heres my 6 most used/favourite skinblends:
1. sweet pea 2. tinsel
3. mocha 4. kokoro (+ miscellany nosemask i forgot to remove)
5. dusty 6. aeonium
have a lovely day :)!
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simomo-cc · 2 days ago
hi !!! i hope youre doing well!! if i may wcif the skin for Zak?
Hey hey, I'm doing great, hope you're good as well!
Tumblr media
I already got many asks before what skin overlay I use for my male Sims, but I never could find it again. So I decided to reupload it now. (If the creator sees this, just let me know and I remove the link again.)
Skin Overlay (used for all my male Sims)
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dreamstatesims · 7 hours ago
everything you post is always SO gorgeous, I wanna be directly transfered into your game lol. may I ask what lot are you using for the fall festival? it seems so fun!
Tumblr media
hi! the lot was built by simspiration, and you can find the yt speed build for it here. roxxysims also recently built a fall festival lot that you can preview here.
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cinamun · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The old abandoned church as seen in today’s simstober post! Found it yesterday!
Check it out here (CC FREE! also tsr...) <-
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mandy-sims · 2 days ago
hellooo, i was wondering where i can find this pants ,shoes and socks(thanks in advance💕
Tumblr media
pants / socks + boots
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maelfe · a day ago
hi wcif the zombie skin details you used in the ‘i feel as if i’m always on the verge of waking up’ post? idk whether it’s like an overlay or just individual cc but yeah :-)
Tumblr media
hi! there's nothing really zombie specific so here's every skin detail + makeup i used
skin overlay + acne (+ the one that came w parenthood) + veins + scar + eyelids (n11) + contacts + nose mask (n4) + lips mask + lipstick + lip blood + eye bags 1 2 + highlight + others 1 2 3 4
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crazy-lazy-elder-sims · 2 days ago
GUYS PLEASE dont ask me for WCIFs in the comments of a post
i cant post links there please send me an ask even on anon or off anon its doesnt matter you can tell me to reply privately its okay!
But i cant give you links in the replies of the post tumblr will not post my replies.
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deedee-sims · a day ago
Hi DeedDee :) Can I ask you wcif the beautiful wall tiles used in Aspen's bathroom? Thanks a lot and have a nice day :)
Tumblr media
Hi! It's by Theatticbox, here :)
Have a nice day you too!
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pluto-sims · 13 hours ago
Hi! I promise I looked through your WCIF but I can't find the raccoon stuffed animal from your Full of Beans post. PLEASE tell me where to get it?
Tumblr media
hey!! I swear I use this little plushie in every build ever asdfghgfds i honestly ADORE it. it's by the incredibly talented and generous @anvilesi, and you can find it here. The entire set is full of some amazing clutter items that I use basically all the time!
Hope this helps, and I hope you have a lovely day!
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ratboysims · a day ago
this might sound kinda silly but how do you get the line between the wood and tile? (as shown in this post post/697189844763426816 ) like do you know what I mean? i'm not sure what it's called but the divider between the tile and wood floor lol
not silly at all, it's just this fence from get to work!
Tumblr media
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yooniesim · 2 days ago
Hi! Can you tell me WCIF the hat your sim's wearing on this post, please? (https://www.tumblr.com/yooniesim/696681769122004992?source=share) Thank you very much, have a good day 😉
Tumblr media
hi! it’s a little wip :3
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oatberrytea · 3 hours ago
Hi! Could I ask wcif the cute little chalk drawings (of the lighthouse and the cats) in this post? I've never seen anything like them before! Thank you https://oatberrytea.tumblr.com/post/688787062412984320/updated-the-dance-studio
Tumblr media
Hi! Of course, it's from the Rise&Grind Coffee pack by littledica, I think these are all three variations of the same wall art (the cats, the lighthouse, the hummingbird)!
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eulaliasims · 2 hours ago
Hi Eulalia :) . I'm sorry to bother you but can I ask wcif the fantastic yeti cardboard that you used in your last shop? Thanks a lot and have a nice day :)
Honestly, I can't believe no one has asked for Bigfoot before. If I could have only one piece of CC, it would be this Bigfoot cutout.
Tumblr media
Anyway, it's a 3t2 conversion by Honeywell and you can get it here. I hope you have a nice day and enjoy your new Bigfoot, nonny!
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mandy-sims · 2 days ago
Hey! I love the outfit in the Halle post! WCIF the pants?
Tumblr media
here 🤍
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kashisun · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
What I found - Headphone edition #3
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
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westernraspberry · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Pt.2 of where to find these eyes!! these aren't in a specific order, will do a pt 3 but I think pt 4 is natural eye colors 😅 Marked where everything is from and mentioned if its exclusive or not :) enjoy!
RMB corpse contacts (dropbox)
S-Club LL thesims4 Eyecolor 29 (TSR)
Ahmanet Eyes by Saruin (SFS or TSR)
EYES N25 by DDARKSTONEE (patreon)
Weeki eyes by Hayanbom (Patreon)
S-Club LL ts4 Eyecolors 202001(TSR)
Hellion Eyes N88 by Praline sims (TSR)
S-Club LL ts4 Eyecolors 202004 (TSR)
S-Club WM ts4 Eyecolors 202005 (TSR)
S-Club WM ts4 Eyecolors 201907 (TSR)
[ Feline ] - Eye Mask by SM (TSR)
Cupid eyes ✿ 22 colours by bunbunzsims (patreon)
[HYB] LUCID eyes (Patreon)
【333】VIVI&CICI&KIKI EYES (exclusive Patreon)
A GIFT by Yayax (patreon)
tagging creators here @rottenmothboy @saruin @hayanbom @sclub-privee @bunbunzsims1 @pralinesims @ddarkstonee ❤
Original post without numbers 💖
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chewybutterfly · 2 months ago
the lipgloss in the basics set? 😭
Tumblr media
you can get it here
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