#uh oh he’s having a bad one
edandstede · 5 months ago
ed: trying and failing to make tea the way stede used to make it for him and then sending his teacup hurtling against the wall before starting to cry with his head in his hands
lucius watching his breakdown in real time: 👁👄👁
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spearxwind · 3 months ago
speaking of httyd the more that time goes on the more I appreciate the first movie painted the night fury being weird as hell and as such the first plushies of toothless/the nightfury were fucking weird as hell too, I used to not super enjoy it but now i see the huge thick mega-cute NFs and think man. we have to go back to when they looked like this. they will never be more charming than this
Tumblr media
(And yes, I do have one. Pictures really dont capture how charming it actually is irl tbh. I love this lil guy so much)
Tumblr media
Also something this lil dude has is that the fabric is iridescent blue. It’s not straight black, which I think is great. Sure its missing a couple scales I guess but its supposed to be a little invisible shadow bastard. Idk I like him
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formulaonedirection · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
💖 long live the car crash hearts 💖
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secondbeatsongs · a year ago
*at the local democratic group info booth*
helpful volunteer: “...and you can follow us at [username] on all social media sites!”
me: “...all social media sites? even tumblr?”
helpful volunteer: *horrified look*
helpful volunteer: “...most social media sites. most.”
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quirkle2 · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hemaris · 17 days ago
a guy i've never seen before in my life tried to get into my apartment at 2am last night and i'm unironically so normal about it
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hraefngeyst · 4 months ago
We can say "I'm upset that John Mulaney turned out to be transphobic because I thought he was pretty funny" without forgetting that his comedy has always included very ableist and antisemitic jokes, yeah?
#tag rant uh oh#his first special genuinely makes me uncomfortable I don't even have dwarfism and I cringed at his like#intentional stubbornness on why it's ok to say slurs because they're not as bad as other unrelated slurs#and I AM Jewish and I was made uncomfortable by his ''I can make jokes about Jews because my wife is one'' attitude as a goy#saw a post that was like ''don't pretend you always knew he was shitty we all loved him'' and like.#speak for yourself if you're not a Jew or a little person right? I watched his specials I laughed at his jokes and I did it very critically#because parts of it made me uncomfortable because I am capable of thinking critically about what is antisemitic or not unlike goyim I guess#it's not faux-progressive Tumblr-style-activism to say ''yeah I'm Jewish and I knew he was antisemitic from his antisemitic jokes I didn't#need to wait until he was divorced to criticize that''#this eventuality has brought out some really particular issues with this site where white goyische able-bodied queer ppl like#only care about ''canceling'' a person once they prove themself to be a transphobe cause that's all they're capable of#seeing or thinking critically about. it's really the same thing with jk rowling tbh. yes her transphobia is the most damaging part of it#because she is spending money on it but nobody cared and ''everybody loved h*rry p*tter'' until that whole thing came out#even though Jewish people and POC have always known those books were racist and antisemitic because we're the only ones who are apparently#capable of analyzing text for racism and antisemitism#oy vey
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speedofagale · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
fuck it. hylian revali
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captainapplecream · a month ago
i just really love the trope where this very “joyful and bright and flashy” place is considered a place of great conflict. like wonderland in greater boston. it’s this big, beautiful theme park which is mainly associated in gb as, like, a place to escape to in the event of a tragedy.
what with nica taking leon there to help him “cope with his breakup,” or charlotte going there to take her mind of off her lack of direction, or the evicted residents of red line heading there for refuge after they’re torn out of their homes, and less notably, phil needing to use wonderland as a bargaining chip to get himself out of jail...
the place is typically associated with disaster and grief as well, since it’s leon’s death place, after all, and the history of tragedies it’s had (the burning robots...) just failure after failure after failure. it was renovated after leon’s death, and even AFTER that, the whole place becomes completely abandoned, once oliver, the current owner, “dies” after his wife divorces him.
wonderland’s place in the story is defined by escapism, grief, and disaster, and most of the time, when you go to wonderland, you don’t get what you’re looking for (nica took leon there to cheer him up, but he actually got so distressed that he died, charlotte went there and rode all of the rides and it didn’t do anything for her, and who knows what it might become for the new residents...)
with all of this in mind, it begs the question: what exactly does it mean, that ethan wants wonderland back so badly...?
#greater boston#greater boston spoilers#i yell into the abyss#love the way that wonderland puts a sour taste in your mouth over the course of the story#like. firstly. leon died there. oh no!#but. uh. it's not like he died because the roller coaster crashed or anything. he died because he was scared he only *might* die on it#and then you get charlotte trying to escape there. but still. not much of anything#then we see mallory get fired from there and it's like. huh.#then we find out that emily and ethan own it The Kind Of Person Ethan Is and it's like ''Oh?''#and then hear about the fires. and the degrading of emily and ethan's marriage and then oliver loses his family#and then wonderland is just dead. in an instant it's drained of all it's horrible energy moments before it was supposed to make a comeback#so many bad things in the story are associated with it that it makes one wonder if it ever really brought joy to anyone#and the evicted red liners flock there because it's a large mass of unowned property and yet there is still a sense of danger in it#like. ethan is dying to have it back. and if he does he'll eagerly raise it from the dead and watch as it bites at their ankles.#it's... really something.#wonderland is not a normal theme park.#in episode 1 it sure may LOOK like it is. but it isn't. and it's not even abnormal in a supernatural way.#the story doesn't go through special aches or pains to emphasize all of the misery it's seeped in#the characters don't have anything interesting to say about it (except ethan. obvs)#but you can still see it...#hopefully all of these tags stay on this post. one too many times i added too many and a bunch got deleted
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missmitchieg · 29 days ago
But yeah, I love that Julie says things like "no, no, that's the last thing that they wanted" and "they wouldn't stand me up again, they must have run out of time" with such certainty, like she just knows the guys learned their lesson the first time around so in her mind, it only makes sense that the boys that the guys are gone.
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djtangerine · 2 months ago
i think one of the tenderest forms of love is knowing how they eat. putting cream in their tea without having to ask, mincing mushrooms automatically cause you know she hates the texture, immediately saying “it’s spicy!” when she asks for a bite bc you know she can’t stand it, setting the pickles from your sandwich on their plate, grabbing their favorite fork, it’s all so intimate
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morgutio · 2 days ago
#oh god really bad nightmare. mistakes were made disaster was ushered etc#ok so if you’re in this situation don’t do what I did literally do anything differently.#ok so I was on this nice familiar beach boat thing with cool school friends and wer were like. going to perform a concert or something idk#and we were near like familiar dream neighborhoods I was so sure that I was in a safe place with friends and near even more friends#i think it all started getting bad when my friends were like ‘let’s climb onto the rocks beneath the scary cliff’#we tried to do that and suddenly we were being escorted to our assigned choir spots and it wasn’t even where all the other people had been#performing it was into a room like a dark wooden room with all the confusing woodwork and such#and we were told we couldn’t start yet but we had to stay quiet#but all of my friends were being fun and reassuring and I kept laughing and talking with them despite knowing it was against the rules#and I kept getting like jostled around and thrown up in the air for fun#and the uh? choir director? principal? captain? idk the guy in charge kept yelling at us and stuff#and I was trying to be quiet but at one point he was suddenly behind me picking me up and dragging me to a corner#and he was like. are you going to behave? you’re my special tool and I need you to behave. and I was like I am trying my best but if I’m#being honest I’m having a panic attack. hey I’m having a panic attack would you prefer I try to get through it or can I leave?#and he didn’t say anything just stared at me for a long time and then went back to dinner with a bunch of other adult men in suits#and then suddenly I was in a flying rocket chair like strapped into a flying rocket chair#and it shot me out of the inside and out away from everything super super fast and I was speeding up forested roads on the mainland#and going down dark and foreboding paths and trails and I couldn’t control it I was just being whipped around holding on for dear life like#seven feet above the ground. and then I finally found it I could barely comprehend what it was#i will try my best to explain. it was a baby. it was an organism. it was a pancake pie. it was terrifying and dangerous. it had imprinted#onto me. i had fallen in love with it as if it was my own child. it may have been a monster or alien and it was definitely harmful and#dangerous and could and wanted to inflict pain but I couldn’t focus on that because of the imprinting.#and so I picked it up and carried it so tightly and gently and headed back to the choir stage#and on the way back I suddenly could see so many creatures I hadn’t seen before and they were all small and cute to me I may have even#caught one who was being extra friendly idk. anyway.#i got back to the choir room with the baby creature and the director principal seemed very pleased#and was like. you are the star morgan you are the harbinger. tell your baby to begin. and the baby felt so comforting and good#and I started freaking out like holding the baby and trying to hide it in my jacket and screaming at#him and everyone else that they were gonna hurt the baby and that i wasn’t going to let them and that I needed to run away and they were all#evil and stuff. and this just made the director even more happy and made all my friends scared and confused and untrusting of me
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atrium-hq · a month ago
…..kinda sus of mynerva rn this doesnt feel right
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thunderwhenhepurrs · 9 months ago
Okay, got inspired to actually write my feelings on Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer’s dynamic down.
So I’ve said before that, D&D style, Jerrie is High WIS, Low INT, while Teazer is High INT, Low Wis.
How that works out practically is this:
Rumpleteazer is smarter than Mungojerrie in the academic sense. In a modern AU, Jerrie copies all of her homework to make it through school. She’s really good with problem solving, but tends to focus more on the ‘can I do this?’ and not the ‘should I do this?’. She’s not a bad person, but she’s also not particularly empathetic. How her actions will affect someone is an afterthought, normally only triggered by Jerrie.
Jerrie isn’t smart in the academic sense. He struggles with things like schoolwork (and remembering to bark on cue). But he’s much, much more street smart and emotionally intelligent than his sister. He is the one to point out when they’ve gone too far, and the one to get them out of trouble.
Which is, ironically, why he’s seen as worse than she is. Jerrie will be the one to take the fall for them both, because he’s generally the one spinning the tale to whatever figure of authority they’re apologizing to. Teazer does just as many bad things as Jerrie does — because most of the time, they’re doing them together.
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blueflyingturtleontheway · 4 months ago
I just watched Aladdin for the first time in years and my goodness I forgot how great this movie was
#yes we got him executed#my post#babbling blue#the og animated aladdin of course#now im wondering why we pronounce it as alladyn in Polish#even though the spelling isnt changed#but damn i forgot hiw dark those old disney movies were#as in i love how dark they were#dark as it#and while were at ut can we talk about HOW TERRIBLE IT ALL WAS TO JASMINE#whos an absolute queen and girlboss but thats a different topic#but really its just#in one day she decided she has finally enough and decided to ran away from her life leave her father and raja#then she almost got her hand cut off and was chased and realized just how bad life in agrabah is to rehular people#she met this really nuce guy maybe she fell in love maybe she just started ro like him because of everything they shared#AND THEN SHE LEARNS HES GIT EXECUTED BECAUSE OF HER#SHE DIDNT EVEN KNOW HIS NAME HE COULD BE HER FIRST REAL FRIEND BUT HE DIED BECASUE SHE WAS IRRESPONSIBLE#and then it seems like she has to marry another asshole and this one has really won her father over oh no#but hey its the guy!!! hes not dead!!! sure it uh kinda changes everything but it means they have even more in common and she can marry him!#AND THEN JAFAR HAPPENS#SHE THINKS ALADDIN HAS DIED 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO#THEY ARE TORTURED AND AT THE MERCY OF A MONSTER#WHO WANTS TO FORCE HER TO MARRY HIM#and she has to pretend shes into him and KISS HIM TO SAVE THEM ALL#(THIS is genuine heroism guys)#and THEN SHE ALMOST DIES#and its all in the span of??? THREE DAYS???#WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS#(yes i know this movue is 30 years old shutup)
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chisatowo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Some concept design doodles for a few main characters of my warrior cats story
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cidnangarlond · 2 months ago
hearing the familiar but always dreadful noise of being sent a /tell in ffxiv
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