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tranquiltatsumi · a day ago
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silly meme i made ft. airas secret stan account and one of my ocs
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amazinguu-sekai · 3 months ago
Types of Cuddling with the Eccentric's ★
kasumi: first writing for this blog and im starting it with the eccentrics! i love these five idiots sm and i feel like i don't really know how to write shu and natsume v well! i will improve on that one.
reader: (gn) ; requested: nope ! ; proofreading: yes ! it's double checked ~
Tumblr media
Kanata Shinkai 🐟 // The Lap Pillow
cuddling with kanata is always a lazy one! he's the one who's always in the mood to lie down at your lap whenever he is done with puka-puka(ing) at the water
kanata doze off at your lap without a warning after with the tremendous works around es and ryuseitai, even if he can just float at the water he sometimes thinks it's tiring to have a loooong walk~ so when he found you make sure to prepare yourselves!
please pat his head! kanata likes it when you pat his head humming any of his favorite song, he founds it relaxing and the feeling of your hand running through his head makes him happy..♪
Rei Sakuma 🦇 // The Arm Draper
i feel like sometimes when rei wants to have a cuddling with you he prefers it to be a romantic, he won't hesitate to either bring you to his bed (but mostly at his coffin which can surprisingly fit 2 people) and put his forehead against yours
rei loves your warmth! rei has a very cold body so when your body has a normal temperature he can't help it but nuzzle to you more and likes the warmth your radiating
when you've fallen asleep you might not see it but rei always watches you fall asleep, not in a creepy way but he adores how beautiful you look while sleeping! he will definitely kiss your forehead before heading off to sleep also~
Natsume Sakasaki ✨ // The Half Spoon
since natsume has a pride to take in, he only shows you his true self when its public, he hugs not too tight but not loose either, that's where he only shows his true color and you can't help but tease him which leads to him being flustered
he likes it when you're the one who hugs him, especially after a long day since he's now a 3rd year and must take things seriously and wants switch to take over the yumenosaki because the past 3rd years have officially graduated
it's rare for natsume but he's touch-starved, he will be grumpy when you don't hug him but it's just his pride will be in stake if he asks for cuddles
Shu Itsuki 🎩 // The Sweetheart Cradle
shu is mostly the one who'll be laying at your chest and be would let out a tired sigh, he's not the best when it comes to physical affection but he tries his best to return it to you
mademoiselle is the one who would tell you what shu is having problems and shu will try to make madonee shut up about it especially infront of you but when you heard it...he has no choice so he will lay flat at you his back at your chest
mika is already thankful enough that his teach found someone who would take care of him, also! mademoiselle sometimes joins the cuddles so that the three of you are cuddling~
Wataru Hibiki 💫 // The Spoon
this cuddling type is normal but with wataru it's double the fun! he spoils you so much with cuddles to the point it's almost every hour you need to hugged by him
his cuddles and surprise hugs will always involve surprise kisses at your cheeks, forehead, lips, and more! his list of surprises; there's no end to it and will always do the unexpected!
when you're having a bad day he will cancel all of his dramatica/practices and won't leave your side until you get better, he will hold you tightly in the bed while patting your head to make you feel atleast a bit better♪
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yume-fanfare · a month ago
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oh storm! sweep it all away with the wind
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sneakobee · a month ago
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How about we spin ourselves a brand new story? 🌬🌸🍃
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crossingxheart · 3 months ago
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This is how that went right??
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dailydouyin · a month ago
by 杏仁豆腐 @ Aa114514.1919810
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fortunebanquet · a month ago
The Runrun Conundrum
Tumblr media
Rinne: …Welp, I gotta go hit the new machine they put out ♪
HiMERU: Wait, Amagi. We aren’t finished talking yet.
Rinne: I’ll hear you out when I’m back. Look man, I can’t pass up the chance to strike gold on a day like this, got it?
So uh, yeah—Smell ya later, Himerunrun!
HiMERU: —Good grief. It’s almost certain he’ll be kicking up a fuss about food before getting to anything else when he returns.
Actually, what was that? He used “Himerunrun” instead of “Meru-Meru” this time…
It would be nice if he would stop doing whatever he wanted—which includes calling us anything that strikes his fancy—
Tumblr media
Mitsuru: Staaaare…
HiMERU: (Hm? It feels like someone is looking this way. They’re being discreet about it.)
(But HiMERU sees you looking at him from around the corner. The one from Ra*bits…)
—Tenma Mitsuru. I know you’re there.
Mitsuru: Wah?! You scared me! How’d you know I was there?!
HiMERU: Your entire upper body was leaning out. If you wish to spy on someone in secret, you’ll need to hide yourself better.
—Now, a question for you: Do you need something from HiMERU?
Mitsuru: Sure do! It’s like um, I really thought you being called “Himerunrun” was super cute!
So I was wondering, can I call you Himerunrun-senpai too?
HiMERU: …First, explain your reasoning. Why do you want to do that?
Mitsuru: ‘Cause it’s cute? Also ‘cause there’s no one else here with an English-y name, so I had no idea what to call you~
HiMERU: Is that so. You can just call HiMERU exactly that: HiMERU.
Mitsuru: No way! I can’t not use honorifics with someone older than me. That’s how it goes in sports, and I’m that kinda guy!
Umm… So how about “Hime-chan-senpai” then? That okay?
HiMERU: Hime-chan… It leaves a weird taste in HiMERU’s mouth, but fine, sure. The “runrun” thing is just too lively.
Mitsuru: I know, right? “Runrun” feels like you’re skipping or something! So it gives me this nice happy feeling!
I wanna be Mitsurunrun too, actually. Hime-chan-senpai is Himerunrun, so is it okay if I’m Mitsurunrun too?
HiMERU: —It’s not up to HiMERU to decide. Amagi probably gave the nickname to him without thinking because his name ends with a “ru” sound.
If the same rule is applied to you, then it’s not incorrect to go by Mitsurunrun.
Mitsuru: Oh boy! ☆ It’s official! I’m gonna spend the whoooole day as Mitsurunrun then~ ♪
Instead of dashing home, I’ll get to skip and stuff! Thanks, Hime-chan-senpai!
HiMERU: (…His steps were quite light as he left. But really, what does it even mean for him to spend the day as Mitsurunrun…?)
Tumblr media
the next day
Wataru: Oh? I spy with my little eye…
And with a pounce right onto your back—! Hello, hello! I am your Hibiki Wataru—now going by Watarunrun ☆
HiMERU: —?!
Wataru: Fufufu, did I scare you? You can jump quite far when you put enough force into a running long jump, did you know?
HiMERU: …Hibiki-senpai, hello. Did you need HiMERU for something?
Wataru: No no no, today I am not Hibiki-senpai: I am Watarunrun ♪
HiMERU: Pardon?
Wataru: It was yesterday, you see. I happened upon Tenma-kun skipping down the hallway. However, the person I saw yesterday was not, in fact, Tenma-kun—
HiMERU: He was Mitsurunrun…?
Wataru: Precisely ☆ Right on the money, Himerunrun-san ♪
I, too, am someone whose name ends with a “ru” sound. And so I took up the banner and became Watarunrun in his stead.
HiMERU: (It’s impossible to follow that logic.)
Wataru: And as a result of my rebirth as Watarunrun, Subaru-kun became Subarunrun, as well. We had quite the fun time in our room last night ♪
I tried calling upon Butler-san to join our merry band as Yuzurunrun, but he shot me down, smiling all the while.
HiMERU: (Of course he would; why would he want to get involved in that?)
Wataru: So how about you, Himerunrun-san? Does your heart pound whenever someone calls you that?
HiMERU: No, um. No, it doesn’t, because HiMERU’s name is actually HiMERU.
So please use his name. HiMERU is no one other than HiMERU, and it bothers him when people use other names for him.
Wataru: Hmm, really now? Speaking as an actor, I do think it’s fun to enjoy the relationships built with nicknames ♪
HiMERU: (—There’s nothing “fun” about it, but HiMERU will leave that aside.)
(If HiMERU stays in Starmony Hall, he’s sure to come across other people. He should go somewhere he can wind down…)
Tumblr media
HiMERU・Kaoru: ……
HiMERU: (…Even though it has to be a coincidence, it feels like too much of a prank to keep meeting this group of people. It’s as if they’re watching and waiting to see how HiMERU will react.)
Kaoru: Ahaha, sorry for being so on guard.
You’ve got to be going through it too, Himerunrun-kun, so I wasn’t really sure how to greet you.
HiMERU: …So you know about that too-cheery nickname as well, Hakaze-senpai.
Kaoru: People kept calling me “Kaorunrun” last night, too~ I’d be the guy who can’t read the room if I didn’t play along, y’know?
HiMERU: This is not HiMERU’s doing. However, he is sorry that you’ve been troubled because of it.
HiMERU has to go reprimand the source of this evil. Deeply so.
Kaoru: Huh?
Tumblr media
HiMERU: ……
Rinne: Oh! Meru-Meru ♪ You here for lunch? Kinda late for that, don’tcha think?
Well, I’m also getting lunch, so whatever. Whatcha eating, hayashi rice?
If it’s good, I’ll order some for myself. So gimme a bite, ‘kay? ♪
HiMERU: Please do not take a bite as if it’s a given.
…So you’re using Meru-Meru again today. HiMERU was sure you would have caught onto that by now—
Rinne: Hm? I’m pretty sure I’ve always called you Meru-Meru.
Wait, but if you’re pointing it out… that means you’re good with me calling you that, doesn’t it Meru-Meru? ♪
I’m picking up what you’re putting down~ You haven’t even complained about it recently. You like it ♪
HiMERU: It’s just a decision made with limited options to choose from. Don’t get too excited about it.
HiMERU is HiMERU. Please don’t create any other strange nicknames in the future.
Rinne: …So you say. But what you’re actually saying is that you’re sick and tired of my boooring nicknames and now you want a new one, right?
Tumblr media
At any rate, HiMERU does not want to invite any unnecessary issues, so Meru-Meru is fine. Just Meru-Meru.
…Honestly. Why do you want to make light of HiMERU so badly? He wishes you’d just stop making fun of him all the time—
eng proofing: soph
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if we were two feathers and we were on an ark would we ki
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hi yes what the hell does this mean
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flowerlian · a month ago
i was sad so i did this, now im no longer sad
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watanikis · a month ago
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wataru again, now featuring shu and mademoiselle ✨
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yume-fanfare · 2 months ago
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the mysterious witch from the woods turns out to be surprisingly easygoing
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sneakobee · 2 months ago
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old wawa doodle I forgot to post here ✨🕊
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velveteen-hajime · 8 months ago
The "Wataru and Hajime are long lost brothers" theory
I've never seen anyone talk about this on Tumblr before, only Twitter, and it's something I think about it a lot so I might as well bring it here too.
Let's start with the things most, if not all, people know: Wataru is adopted, and Hajime's family is very poor.
The theory suggests that when Wataru was born, Mr & Mrs Shino didn't think they could afford to raise a baby, and so they gave their first child away.
To back this up:
- Wataru and Hajime share all the similarities all the siblings in enstars share, that being same/similar hair & eye colors.
Tumblr media
- They share the same blood type, that being AB, which I should mention is not a common blood type, and as we all know blood type is inherited from one's biological parentage.
- They also share the same handedness, although being right-handed isn't exactly rare so...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- I would also like to take Wataru's height into account here, as Hajime's family is mentioned to be tall, and Hajime, at about 5'5" if i remember correctly, is the second shortest (this also means one of Hajime's younger siblings is taller than him, lol) and Wataru is about 5'10"-5'11" (can't remember which, so same difference)
- Lastly, while talking to Gatekeeper, Wataru implies that "Wataru Hibiki" is not his real name. Do with that what you will.
The funniest thing about this is that Hajime isn't very fond of Wataru, so imagine being Hajime and you've always wanted an older sibling to the point of calling multiple people older than you "nii-chan" or "onee-chan", and then it turns out you DO have an older sibling, and it's the one guy you don't like. RIP Hajime.
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lisxarchives · 7 months ago
    𖦹̸⠀𖧧︫ ࣪ 恋 は プ リ マ ヴ ェ ー ラ ، 𔘓⁩゠⭔
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