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superrisu · 2 days ago
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Drew my Locked Tomb faves!! Nona destroyed me and I want Alecto now.
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badasserywomen · a day ago
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And some gideon the ninth doodles. I’ve been relistening to the audiobook and sketch stuff from scenes
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crownleys · 2 days ago
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Quick lil Camilla warmup! ⚔🤺
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fateology · a day ago
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I love you I’m glad that I exist
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psyche-reads · 2 days ago
All this ~controversy~ over Paul is what happens when you negate the cultural impact of Steven Universe because of cringe. Back in MY day the stable joining of two souls in one body, creating a new person comprised-yet-independent of the original two, was considered the ultimate culmination of a relationship, platonic OR romantic, and we LIKED IT!
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itsalwayssawny · 2 days ago
I think about Pyrrha Dve and I want to scream a little. Imagine, being eaten by your best friend and then living in the back of his mind and in his body for thousands of years, during which you meet a beautiful woman hellbent on your destruction and let yourself fall in love, in fact you're ready to raise her daughter if she'd ask you to, and she just up and dies. Then fast forward to ntn, you finally get the domestic bliss you've been waiting for in the form of nona (a different person in the body that you spent a year watching your best friend try to kill) and camilla (another one of devotion's casualties) and palamedes. And you make breakfast for them, and you do nona's hair and walk to work with them and look for radio stations with music on them because nona likes them. But slowly you can see camilla, a woman you don't quite love but could see yourself loving in the future, get more and more lost in palamedes, losing herself to her necromancer . And you see them both fall victim to the total loss of self and codependancy that you saw so many of your old friends fall too, and you lose them both. Now they're a stranger in a body you recognise. And then Gideon, the child of the woman you loved, the child you mightve raised in another universe, being the saddest girl in the world and a reanimated corpse, a puppet for the empire that killed her (and yeah, you guessed it! She died for her necromancer). And then, just when you think it can't get any worse, there goes Nona. Nona, who loved being alive and loved to love things, literally dies in your arms, and is now in the unrecognisable body of someone who is the pinnacle of cavaliers being mistreated. They're all gone, but Pyrrha is still there, right where they left her. She remembers everything, she remembers that she was happy, if only for 6 months.
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harrowmarrowsoup · 2 days ago
i just know palamedes’s romance novel would have ate just from this line alone:
“i could never stop you from loving anything. i don’t have the right. nobody has the right to tell you who to love or who not to love, and equally nobody’s obliged to love you. if you were forced into loving them, it wouldn’t be love…”
like my necromancer brother in christ, that’s new york times best selling author material DAMN.
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augustine-quinques · a day ago
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it has occurred to me that there is a possibility that the stuff cam is eating is palamedes’ ground-up skull
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power-of-fluffy-boys · a day ago
Palamedes's "perfect lyctorhood" and Paul
I assumed, and I think a lot of people assumed, that the gap Palamedes saw in the Caanan House method of lyctorhood was what Jod had found which is to say some way to swap souls between two bodies without consuming either, making both people lyctors while avoiding the central tragedy of the process. Now we know that that's not what Jod did and it's not what Palamedes found. Jod apparently did the same thing the OG lyctors did. It's just that his "cavalier's" soul was big enough that he could take a lot of it, enough to become god, without taking all of it. Palamedes and Camilla on the other hand found something closer to the alchemical rebis, a perfect being created by the synthesis of opposing forces, traditionally man and woman but in this case cav and necro.
To the first point: Augustine, Mercymorn, and Cytherea hated Jod because he never shared his "secret technique" to becoming a lyctor without killing your cav, but he didn't have one. The secret was just to eat a planet instead of a person. Did they know what alecto was?
To the second: I wonder if Jod even knows that something like Paul is possible.
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promblums · 2 days ago
The Lyctoral Process remains unchanged for thousands of years with no alternatives, only for two 20-somethings in a trench coat to invent Paulymerization.
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naloo-art · a day ago
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wish her a happy birthday or else
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navninenona · 2 days ago
Pretty profound that it's "six for the truth over solace and lies" when Camilla and Palamedes discovered true lyctorhood, where nobody died, whereas Jod is out here burying his cavalier in secret and letting all of his friends kill theirs. Solace and lies indeed.
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demoluvers · 12 hours ago
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oh and btw i FINALLY get why camilla always calls him warden.
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artbyfee · a day ago
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Posted the wrong version of this to the wrong blog but, sisterhood of the traveling shades?
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thetragicallynerdy · 2 days ago
Weeping and wailing forever oh my god
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[ID: a photo of a page of Nona The Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. The text reads:
"You thought it was your agenda? Huh."
Clack. "I cannot bear the thought of using you."
Pause. "Love and freedom don't coexist, Warden."
Clack. "This is all there is to love? Simply by being in your life, I have added indelibly to its weight?"
Pause. "Yes."
Clack. "Camilla, I mean it."
Pause. "I meant it too. You used to say it to me."
"We are one flesh." Clack.
"I am your end."]
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so does this make cam & pal geologists
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pridepages · 2 days ago
Life is too short and love is too long.
Camilla Hect to Palamedes Sextus, Nona the Ninth
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