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going outside = dilf hunting
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If this outfit doesn't make him want to bang my brains out idk what will y'know
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Alright folks, it's time for a Tumblr Community Cooking post. Just reblog and keep adding 1 ingredient or single instruction until we have something edible. I can't wait to see how this branches and what horrible/delicious/interesting things we create. I'll kick us off with:
2 cups of all purpose flour
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babe wake up new zodiac killer just dropped
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Are you in the true crime community??
Reblog this.
Let's find people to follow.
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"I like you, I wanted to kill you" written repeatedly by Yuka Takaoka in her boyfriend's blood, after stabbing him
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Dylan smile's </3✨
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Richard Ramirez rare pic
via ~  Jennifer Ramirez Sahs
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I'm convinced men point to Aileen Wuornos as “THE female serial killer” (instead of Juana Barraza, for example) is because she is the embodiment of women they hate.
Many people would use the excuse that they point to Wuornos because she is American. There are more than a handful of examples of female serial killers in America who have killed more people than Aileen Wuornos ever did (Christine Falling, Genene Jones, Nannie Doss, Belle Gunness, etc), so she is not special in that regard.
People would argue that her method was just so unspeakable. Most female serial killers murder by poison or similar less violent methods than their male counterparts. Her method of killings was by shooting her victims, which is not very atypical of female murderers.
Aileen Wuornos is singled out as “THE female serial killer” because she was a lesbian, she was a prostitute, and she killed when she knew she would be r*ped.
It is undisputed that Aileen was most likely raped by the first man she killed, Richard Mallory, because he has a history of s*xual assault and rape. People scoff at the idea of a prostitute being raped, but every time you make a person decide on food for dinner or not having sex with you, that is rape.
These men view her as “THE female serial killer” because she is the embodiment of women that are subhuman to them, yet they still believe they deserving of sex from.
Aileen Wuornos was mentally ill; she had a psychopathic personality and likely had ASPD and/or BPD as well. She was severely s*xually abused as a child. There are definitely red flags of someone who would become a disturbed individual, I'm not arguing against that. I'm just asking, “Why do they focus on Aileen Wuornos?”
Reason 1383929 I hate “true crime communities”
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jeff in prison writing to women: haha yeah sure that’s cool don’t actually care send me $10 tho :)
jeff in prison writing to men:
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Yes, absolutely yes. 
Oscar Isaac + Kissing
Star Wars Episode IX (2019) || Scenes From A Marrige (2021) || The Card Counter (2021) || A Most Violent Year (2014)
Taglist: @the-little-ewok @fisforfulcrum @mypedrom @prettylilhalforc
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coming out of hibernation to post some good takes ive seen on the new dahmer show/tcc culture in general i’ve found on tiktok
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I see a lot of theories saying that Jeffrey was a liar, that he interacted with his family and neighbors normally even though he was a murderer as if nothing was happening. In my opinion, this theory is partially correct, but I believe it is much more complex than that. When we see Jeffrey smiling in the videos, interacting with his family, or when he would go play cards with his neighbors, being a nice guy, saying "good morning" while he was walking down the hall of his building, it wasn't just a lie. In my opinion, this was a genuine ATTEMPT of him to feel like a normal person. He was REALLY TRYING to do normal things and feel part of the real world like everyone else.
He killed, raped and ate corpses, but he also went to a pet store to buy things to take care for his fish. When he was arrested, his neighbors were worried about him, they wanted to know if he was okay because Jeffrey Dahmer WAS A NICE GUY. And when they discovered the full horror of his crimes, everyone around him was extremely shocked.
Most ordinary people will think this is unimaginable because for them, when someone is evil, that person should be evil 100% of the time. It's hard to understand that human beings don't work like that, and that we are capable of being good and evil at the same time on the most subtle and frightening levels possible.
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